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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 7, 2021 1:06am-1:42am PST

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now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> chaos erupted on capitol hill
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today. mobs of protesters storming the building, breaking the doors and windows. >> they were pounding on the doors of the chamber and they had barricaded with a piece of furniture. and then they drew their guns. >> bay area lawmakers rushing for coverage. president-elect jiedoe biden calling the riot an assault on zmok si. >> i am generally shocked and saddened that our nation, so long the beacon of light and hope for democracy, has come to such a dark moment. >> tonight lawmakers reconvening to finish counting electoral votes. >> may god bless the united states of america. let's get back to work. >> is the cradle of democracy -- >> and they did. right now it is 2:00 a.m. in washington. the senate has adjourned until tomorrow morning but the house is debating an objection to
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overturn the election in arizona. a curfew remains in effect. the mayor has declared a public emergency for the next 15 days. d.c. officials say four people are dead, including one woman who was shot. three others died of medical emergencies during the riot. good evening to you, it's so hard to put into word what is we witnessed today because we just haven't seen it before. bef we're in washington taking you through the events. >> reporter: a dark day for democracy. pro-trump extremists seizing the national capitol, one woman shot and killed. lawmakers hiding, journalists hiding, a curfew in place, the national guard deployed. >> this is a very scary moment. >> the violent pro-trump demonstrators stormed congress as lawmakers were ratifying joe
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biden's decisive electoral victory. as the situation spiralled out of control, democrats and republicans alike urged president trump to condemn the violence. multiple sources told abc news trump slowed efforts to call in the national guard and it wasn't until a few white house officials intervened for the sake of the country that trump signed off. the video removed from twitter because trump continued to stoke the fire by falsely asserting he won the election. >> you have to go home now. we have to have peace. >> president-elect joe biden with strong words for the outgoing president. >> threatening the safety of dually elected officials. it's not protest. it's insurrection. >> reporter: leading up to the violence, trump had been demanding vice president mike pence somehow prevent joe biden's win after it had p already been certified by the states. >> if mike pence does the right thing we win the election. >> reporter: but after four years of unwaivering loyalty to
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donald trump, pence saying in a statement he does not have unilateral power to change an election. then following hour of violence and destruction, lawmakers returning to the senate chamber, undaunted to finish the people's business. >> to those who wreaked havoc in our capitol today, you did not win. >> reporter: even some of the president's staunchest supporters, like mitch mcconnell, breaking with trump. >> we will not bow to lawlessness or intimidation. >> reporter: and multiple sources tell abc news that there have been discussions among some of trump's cabinet members about possibly invoking the 25th amendment which would be a vehicle to remove him from office. but it's unclear how extensive those conversations have been or whether vice president mike pence is supportive. abc 7 news. >> that is a long road. we'll have to see what happens. many think it's unlikely, but we will see. to j.r. stone with reaction
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from bay area lawmakers who were on capitol hill today during all of that chaos. j.r., you've heard some really harrowing stories from them. >> certainly did, dan. the law makers that i talked with describe that moment that people began banging on the doors of the u.s. capitol. shortly thereafter, they were inside. >> they were pounding on the doors, so they told us to lie down on the marble floors, which we did. and then there was a shot. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie speier describing the moment. speier saying she quickly learned there are gas masks under each seat of the chamber. >> there was an announcement made that the capitol had been breached, that we should get out the gas masks. i have one to show you. it's in packing like this. then when you open it up, you -- you can hear this thing taking off. >> i heard people pounded on the
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doors. >> congressman mark desaulnier described what happened as an attack and drubed those inside the capitol building as part of a mob. >> i don't know how anyone could anything about the american constitution and how it's founded and formed to believe they're doing the right thing by attacking the u.s. capitol, attacking the people that the people represent. >> speaker of the house nancy pelosi addressing the situation wednesday evening. >> to those who strove to to us from our responsibility, you have failed. to those who engaged in the gleeful desecration of this, our temple of democracy, american democracy, justice will be done. >> reporter: representative barbara lee tweeting wednesday for president trump's removal, something echoed by desaulnier and spireier. >> he has to be stopped. i'm afraid of what he's going to do in the next two woks.
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>> senator dianne feinstein took to twitter saying president trump must stop inciting violence with false claims of election fraud. >> j.r., thanks very much. on that subject, in an unprecedented move, silicon valley social media giants facebook, twitter and instagram have locked president trump's accounts. we spoke with analysts to explain why. >> reporter: on wednesday, president trump suspended from twitter for 12 hours, banned from instagram and facebook for the next 24. >> in some sense, what president trump did today was he incited that violence that we saw on the capitol. >> reporter: matt cabin is professor of public relations, says it was the right thing to do. >> when we use social media as the primary tool for important information, then these companies do have a big responsibility. >> you'll never take back our
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country with weakness. >> reporter: this is the tough ens stance these social media plaintiffs have taken against the president. among the videos deleted was trump's address to supporters to storm the capitol. he says they shouldn't be in the business of policing free speech, but they had to act. >> they can get away with just saying this is misinformation. but when that misinformation incites people to violence, i think the right thing to do is lock down those accounts. >> continuing to press violent or unconstitutional or illegal activity like this off of the main platforms is a >> reporter: professor dawne mccrane worked on capitol hill for years. she says when misinformation isn't challenged, it's legitimized. she argued suspending the president isn't about free
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speech. >> twitter is a company that makes a profit. if the government was turning down my free speech, that's the problem. >> sad, embarrassed, appalled. those are just some of the words used by people across the bay area describing how they felt witnessing today's rioting. >> it hurts my heart as an american. it hurts my heart as a black american. >> i think one of the things that's lacking in politics today is it seems people are very closed minded. there was a time when we could all come to the table and we could all try to hash out our indifferences. >> i'm embarrassed to be american, i'll tell you that much right now. >> many of the people we spoke with agree that violence is simply not the answer. well, the fact that a large group of people could so easily breach the capitol has raised a lot of questions, as you can imagine, not just from a security standpoint but from one
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of racial justice. matt boone spoke with local activists about what they saw today versus past black lives matter protests. >> reporter: as the group of trump supporters stormed the capitol, local activist gene bridges had one thought. >> any racial justice protest p that ugo you go to, there's a v heavy police presence and firm boundaries. experience is night and day. >> especially being at the nation's capitol where she says she's always felt scrutinized. >> i've been there with colleagues where we are not able to carry food in our purses. >> black lives matter demonstrations with protesters with showered with tear gas and what happened in washington are not disconnected, argues university of san francisco professor james taylor. >> if african-americans are allowed to advance socially, there's an equal and opposite
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reaction. >> reporter: whatever the internal motivations were, this was the end result, chaos as a mob broke windows, destroyed barricades and made it into secure areas of the capitol. even from a law enforcement perspective, something was off. >> i was so startled. >> reporter: former fbi agent rick smith says authorities in d.c. were clearly not prepared. >> there should have been better planning. little disappointed there wasn't better planning for the eventuality. it was allowed to get out of hand. >> reporter: matt boone, abc 7 news. we sent this push alert when protesters first breached the capitol this morning. the app is free to download in the app store and features live streaming of breaking news events like we witnessed today. i'm dan noyes. no one tried to break into the state capitol today but there were clashes. i was there and have the story. georgia is sending two democrats to the u.s. senate. a look at the national implications.
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as an angry mob stormed the u.s. capitol building, supporters of president trump held stop the steal rallies across the country. from the east coast to the west, crowds gathered honesty streets and outside state capitol buildings waving american flags and trump 2020 flags. trump supporters also rallied at the state capitol in sacramento, the proud boys, 3%ers and self-described militias. dan noyes was right in the middle of it all. >> reporter: about 1,000 trump supporters started the rally by listening to the president's speech. >> they've used the pandemic as a way of defrauding the people in a proper election. >> we know our votes were stolen even here in california. >> they support the president continuing the fight despite his clear loss and they don't believe tensions will ease after inauguration day. >> i will fight on because i do believe wholeheartedly. i'm not going to turn by head
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and walk away from facts. >> about two dozen counterprotesters showed up. >> everything is counted, everything is valid, everything is legit and we've worked hard to get to this police. >> sacramento police tried a different tactic, detained people from both sides and con fis skated cans of bear mace and pepper spray. several fringe groups came, 3%ers, self-described mailitias and the proud boys. the proud boys held a dance off. the tensions inevitably rose, arguing and squirmishing broke out. >> you better get your [ bleep ]. >> proud boys followed counterprotesters away and at one point police surrounded the antifash u.s.s and helper sprayed them. >> a hard rain blew through and seemed to douse the tensions.
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for the iteam, dan noyes, abc 7 news. >> former president obama issued a statement on today's violence saying histoly will rightly remember today's violence at the capitol, incited by a sitting president who has continued to lie about the outcome of a lawful election as a moment of great dishonor. former president george w. bush also issued a statement. he said this is how election results are disputed in a banana republic, not our democratic republic. i am appalled by the reckless behavior and lack of respect shown for institutions, traditions and law enforcement. so with all of that as a backdrop, how realistic are the chances that vice president pence would invoke the 25th amendment and remove president trump in office with just a couple of weeks left in his term. the amendment says if the president is unable to discharge
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the powers and duties of his office, the vice president shall immediately assume the office as acting president. uc hastings law professor joel paul says it could happen if trump is considered a danger to the republic. >> he has basically mobilized militia groups to act in violation of the law and to endanger the lives and property of other people. >> and tonight more than three dozen democratic congressmen and women are calling for the president's impeachment. during the siege on the capitol, there is one image that is drawing an awful lot of attention. it shows an unidentified man carrying a confederate flag in the capitol. stanford professor sam wine berg said that had never happened until now. >> the people who are wielding this flag and waving it proudly are not innocent. they're making a statement about white supremacy. and hopefully we will see in the next four years a period of
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healing. >> protesters also raised a confederate flag outside the capitol building. abc news projects jon ossoff and reverend raphael warnock have won the georgia senate runoffs giving democrats control of the senate now. warnock will be the state's first black senator, and ossoff will be the youngest democrat elected to the senate since joe biden, interestingly enough, in 1972. each party causing the deciding vote to be cast by vice president kamala harris. sandhya patel is here with the forecast as we inch a little closer to the weekend. sandhya. >> yeah, san. and tonight we are dealing with heavy fog as you notice from our exploratorium camera. it's like pea soup so watch out. here's a look at the dense fog advisory just issued for solano
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county. it's in effect until 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. allow extra time to get to work. 3/4 mile visibility, half a mile in half moon bay. we did get some rain. it wasn't the storm of the century. we got anywhere from 0 to trace of an inch in san jose, .19 in santa rosa, and less than that in oakland and concord. temperatures in the 40s and 50s. we do have quite a bit of cloud cover in addition to the fog, so those temperatures are not going to fall a whole lot. as a matter of fact tomorrow morning upper 30s to upper 40s with clouds and fog to start off the day. tomorrow afternoon you're going to still see a lot of cloudiness as the next system starts to approach. so, we're looking at high temperatures in the 50s and 60s under partly cloudy skies. level one system friday morning brings us scattered showers light to moderate in intense at the. we should get the last showers.
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.1 to .33 of an inch. tomorrow night the storm system approaches at 11:00 p.m. it's 2:00 a.m. you see pockets of moderate showers slicing across the central bay. damp spots frud morning for the commute. so, plan accordingly. showers long gone by the lunch hour. rainfall totals with the system, about .12 of an inch in san jose, .16 in concord. here's a look at the accuweather 7 day forecast and it does feature dense fog tomorrow morning. level one system, early morning showers for friday followed by dry pattern and milder conditions at least for the afternoon with some low to mid 60s going into next week. but it's certainly going to be a chilly winter morning, especially sunday if you're looking at the next 7 days. dan. >> nice looking days though. crisp out there,
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obviously we focus much of our coverage here tonight on the chaos and what's happened in washington today. but we want to take a look at the covid-19 headlines before we move on. nationwide the cdc says it's discovered at least 52 cases of the fast spreading coronavirus variant first identified in the uk that is spreading so rapidly there. that includes 26 confirmed and 4
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probably cases in california. 459 new deaths in california, nearly 2% increase from the day before. but icu capacity in the bay area improved slightly to 7.4%. the coronavirus key he
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good evening. after watching a day of some wild scenes in washington, nice diversion tonight. warriors trying to make it three straight wins as they hosted the
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clippers. both teams kneeling before the game frustrated over the events in d.c. and milwaukee. 21 points and 12 boards, the clips got off to the early lead. steph curry hounded long by patrick beverly. 8 of 30 on threes. this is a combo we're going to see a lot in the future. draymond to james wiseman. the dubs take the lead. who is that masked man? kawhi leonard, the claw. clips up 10 late in the third. curry drives dishes to the green. 6 assists for draymond. warriors with a run in the fourth. dubs up 5. all clips, nicolas bah too many. couple of late 3s. clippers, 108-101. before the game, steve kerr on what we all witnessed in d.c. >> pretty clear reminder that
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the truth matters in our country and anywhere in any circumstance because of the repercussions if we allows lies to spread. >> peaceful protests all around the nba. milwaukee teams took a knee after no charges were filed in the
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security checkpoints and talking about how this felt akin to one
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of those war zones really drove this home. >> when i was covering the state of the union, you couldn't even get onto certain parts of independence avenue because of that reason. i want to also point out that a tweet that president trump sent out back over the summer when there were protests going on over racial injustice and there were riots in portland, protests in portland. he said protesters who vandalize or damage our federal courthouse in portland or any federal building, he threatened them with a minimum ten years in prison. coming up, a historical perspective on these stunning events. plus, the president is suspended from posting on both twitter and facebook as many of his critics say it's about time. later, the correspondent who got caught up in melee. giving us an inside look at the storming of the u.s. capitol.
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