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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 8, 2021 4:30am-5:01am PST

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news in america this morning. right now on "america this morning," trump under pressure. the president facing new calls to resign amid claims that he incited the deadly riot on capitol hill. another member of his cabinet stepping down. but this morning, a new message from the president calling for healing and reconciliation. will it be enough to squash talk of impeachment? what we're learning. also breaking overnight, a fifth person dies after wednesday's violence. this time a police officer. new details about the growing manhunt for the rioters who stormed the capitol and the concern about sensitive documents that may have been stolen. vaccine victory. what pfizer and moderna are now revealing about the coronavirus vaccines just as more states confirm cases of that new
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mutation of the virus. behind bars, police arrest the woman seen in this viral video falsely accusing a black teen of stealing her phone. the new accusations against her. boeing pays up. the massive settlement after the two deadly plane crashes involving the max jet. and later, jumbo jackpot. the lottery fever on this friday morning. and good friday morning to you. i'm mona kosar abdi. >> i'm alex presha. kenneth is off. we have several breaking headlines stemming from the violence in washington this week. >> we learned overnight that a capitol police officer has died from the injuries he suffered during wednesday's chaos. his family saying, quote, after a day of fighting for his life, he passed away a hero. more on the officer's death in a moment. in the meantime, president trump has released a new video in which he admits losing the election, but this morning he's
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under growing pressure to resign, and now another member of his cabinet has resigned in the wake of the capitol hill riots. this morning, president trump's attempt to overturn the election appears to be over. >> serving as your president has been the honor of my lifetime. >> reporter: in a video posted online last night, trump acknowledged his defeat for the first time. >> my campaign pursued every legal avenue to contest the election results. my only goal was to ensure the integrity of the vote. a new administration will be inaugurated on january 20th. my focus now turns to ensuring a smooth, orderly and seamless transition of power. >> i come before you -- >> reporter: in his message 30 hours after a mob of his supporters stormed the capitol, the president condemned the deadly riot but also defended his response. >> to those who engaged in the acts of violence and destruction, you do not represent our country. and to those who broke the law, you will pay.
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i immediately deployed the national guard and federal law enforcement to secure the building and expel the intruders. >> reporter: but sources tell abc news the president initially rebuffed efforts to call in the national guard until white house officials intervened. the president didn't name the group behind the attack and did not acknowledge criticism that he fueled the riot. and this morning "the new york times" reports that trump initially resisted taping the video but then agreed after the u.s. attorney in washington said that prosecutors looking into wednesday's riot are looking at all actors including whether there was some sort of, quote, command and control. critics claim the president incited violence with this statement wednesday. >> we're going to walk down to the capitol because you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength, and you have to be strong. >> reporter: at the same rally the president's lawyer, rudy giuliani, called for trial by combat.
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in the meantime, growing backlash from within the president's cabinet. overnight education secretary betsy devos resigning calling the capitol siege an inflection point. transportation secretary, elaine chao, senate majority mitch mcconnell's wife also resigning and former attorney general bill barr calling trump's conduct a betrayal of his office and supporters. now, there is a growing call to force trump out of office before his term ends in 12 days. >> removing donald trump as president is urgent. he has stopped the responsibilities of president. for the last two months since the election he hasn't been dealing with the pandemic. he's been tweeting and golfing and spinning up conspiracy theories. >> reporter: former chief of staff john kelly also supporting trump's removal, and the editorial board at the "wall street journal" calling on trump to resign saying what he did was impeachable writing, when some in the crowd turned violent and occupied the capitol, the president caviled and declined for far too long to call them off.
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when he did speak, he hedged his plea with election complaint. as for the president, he hasn't been seen in public since the day of the riot. he spent thursday at the white house awarding the medal of freedom to three golfers. meanwhile, sources say the president has discussed with his advisers the possibility of granting himself a pardon before he leaves office. more on that later this half hour. the president posted his new video on twitter last night, but he remains banned from facebook at least until his term ends. ceo mark zuckerberg says the president creates too much risk. now to the investigation into wednesday's violence in washington. the fbi overnight releasing more pictures of suspects just hours after the capitol police chief resigned amid outrage over how that mob was able to storm the capitol and police are investigating the death of a capitol police officer as a homicide. abc's faith abubey is here with the very latest. faith, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, mona. the capitol hill police officer who died is 42-year-old brian sicknick.
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law enforcement officials telling "the new york times" he was hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. and now he is the fifth death connected to the violent attack on the u.s. capitol, that attack now the subject of a massive and growing investigation. breaking overnight, police launching a manhunt for the person who planted pipe bombs around the capitol wednesday. investigators offering a $50,000 reward for any information and releasing this image of the suspect. that person, one of dozens of suspects wanted for their role in wednesday's chaos. the mob taking over the capitol erecting effigies and hanging nooses. some rioters armed with pepper spray. others using stolen police shields to block the cascade of mace and bashing windows with makeshift battering rams. once inside rioters ransacking the building destroying offices, stealing furniture, even taking official letters from speaker nancy pelosi's desk. >> i put a quarter on her desk
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even though she ain't worth it. >> everybody down. everybody down. >> reporter: inside the house chamber a surreal scene. >> shots are being fired inside the capitol. >> you could hear from the windows the yelling and the shouting and the protesters. >> i was thinking in my mind if there was a broach of security and somebody came in with a semiautomatic, what do we do. >> reporter: lawmakers jumping in to help police barricade doors. >> they were kicking on that door. i mean, they wanted in. the scary point in time is when they started breaking the glass on the door. >> reporter: and now we're learning just how dangerous the situation was. >> help. >> reporter: five firearms were recovered including a military style assault rifle. two powerful and functioning pipe bombs, as well as 11 molotov cocktails authorities say were, quote, ready to go. the capitol building now surrounded by seven-foot high fences and thousands of additional national guard troops
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are headed to washington. but new questions are swirling after images emerged of officers seemingly opening up barriers for the mob. this one even stopped to take a selfie with one of the people in the crowd while another person was allowed to walk away despite breaking into the senate chamber. >> we can't allow terrorists to come in and invade the capitol of the united states. it's completely unacceptable. >> reporter: the chief of capitol police now resigning amid backlash over the failure to control the situation. >> there was no intelligence that suggested there would be a breach of the u.s. capitol. >> reporter: still some officers are denying they knew of any security threat despite intelligence documenting messages on social media pointing to potential acts of violence. >> we were told that was all in place and that this was -- there was no doubt that they were completely able to keep us secure in the capitol.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, concerns about the risks to national security. prosecutors say the rioters stole a trove of items including potentially sensitive documents, and now officers are using social media to try to identify the suspects in that violent attack. more than 80 people now arrested. mona. >> faith abubey in washington, thank you. now to the pandemic. for the first time more than 4,000 americans have died in just one day from the coronavirus. the more contagious mutation of the virus has now spread to eight states but overnight some good news. pfizer says its vaccine appears to work against the mutation, and moderna says its vaccine can offer protection from the coronavirus for two years. los angeles, the epicenter of the covid crisis, reported 259 deaths from the virus wednesday. ambulances are waiting up to 17 hours for a bed to open at hospitals. the mayor is requesting more help from across the country. nearly 90 refrigerated trailers are being deployed across california to be used as
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temporary morgues. doctors are warning americans about new challenges when it comes to slowing the spread of the virus. new data suggests 59% of covid cases are likely spread by those who are asymptomatic. earlier i spoke to dr. alok patel about why this was so important. >> and one of the biggest take homes is that those temperature checks and those symptom screening measures are not enough, and if the pandemic is really being pushed on by people who are asymptomatic or presymptomatic, then you need every single protective measure in place. >> and dr. patel says until most of the population is vaccinated, people should assume any new contact is a potential exposure to the virus. and time for a look at the weather this friday. we're watching two storm systems in opposite corners of the country. the storm system in the southeast will bring heavy snow to the mountains of georgia, north carolina and virginia with rain along the coast, and the
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other storm is moving through the pacific northwest bringing rain and heavy mountain snow with a threat of landslides along the coast. seattle gets to 47 degrees today. 35 both in chicago and kansas city. mostly in the 40s across the east coast and 77 in miami. coming up, a jumbo jackpot, the lottery fever on this friday. but first, paying up. boeing agrees to a massive settlement after two deadly plane crashes. and up next, what we're learning about the woman who was
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welcome back. we are learning more about the woman shot during the capitol riot. her family is speaking out. here's abc's andrea fujii.
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>> reporter: this morning new details about 35-year-old ashli babbitt, who was shot and killed by a capitol police officer. video captures the moment she fell to the ground during the chaos. >> he's got a gun. >> reporter: as others warned of the danger, medics then rushing her to the hospital, but she later died. a documentarian says he witnessed the shooting. >> she was going, like going strong, and the next thing i know, she was shot. i do remember yelling guns when i saw guns and trying to warn her from going in but like it was very slow motion because i was trying to in my mind trying to capture the scene. >> reporter: inside the house chamber -- >> they broke the glass. >> reporter: -- lawmakers were hiding including congressman markwayne mullin who is defending the officer's actions. >> he didn't have a choice at that time. the mob was going to come through the door. there was a lot of members and staff that were in danger at the time. >> reporter: babbitt was a 12-year air force veteran living in san diego with her husband. her family describes her as loving and says she was a
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staunch supporter of the president. >> she's the only granddaughter. i'm sorry. >> reporter: her grandfather says babbitt attended every trump rally she could. >> a patriot, an avid donald trump fan, and she served time in the military and she's passionate about everything, particularly donald trump for some reason. >> reporter: the u.s. capitol police officer who shot babbitt is now on leave pending an investigation. mona, alex. >> our thanks to andrea. coming up, can president trump pardon himself? a top expert weighs in. also ahead, the woman seen on this viral video falsely accusing a black teenager of stealing her phone is taken into custody. what happened when police tried to arrest her. u're often tired during the day, you could be missing out on amazing things. sunosi can help you stay awake for them.
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simon & schuster has canceled publication after hawley objected to the presidential election results and was seen raising his fist in solidarity with the crowd outside the capitol wednesday. hawley called simon & schuster's move orwellian. the political fallout from the capitol hill riots remains unclear for the president. >> calls to remove trump from office using the 25th amendment are growing. it comes as he discusses the possibility of a self-pardon. earlier i spoke with law professor kate shaw about that. in the history of this country, no president has ever pardoned himself, but now we are hearing that the president is considering using that presidential power to his own benefit. what would this entail, and what would the implications be? >> as you say, no one has ever tried it before, so in some ways we are in uncharted territory. but the president certainly could try to pardon himself. the real question is, would that pardon actually shield him from criminal prosecution and whether the president actually might face prosecution is going to be in the hands of a biden justice department, and if that
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administration decides that they do want to pursue criminal charges against former president trump, then they will do that regardless of the existence of a self-pardon and try to get a court to rule that that pardon is invalid. >> and, kate, let's turn now to the 25th amendment in which vice president mike pence and members of the cabinet could remove the president for being unfit for office, but there's one big question here, several remaining members of the cabinet are acting members, so that would make their role unclear, correct? >> that's right. so we know that the vice president has to be involved in order to invoke the 25th amendment, and then the amendment says it needs to be a majority of the cabinet, but in some ways it doesn't much matter because if acting secretaries don't count, then they don't count in the denominator either so as long as you have a majority of secretaries, whether that's 8 of 15 which would include the acting secretaries or 7 of 12 if you take away the acting secretaries, you would still need, you know, half plus one of the members of the cabinet to agree with the vice president that the president is unable to discharge the powers
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and duties of his office, and if they say that, they decide that and they put it in writing and send it to congress, then the vice president automatically becomes the acting president. >> let's talk about impeachment. it does seem like that's a long shot given he has less that two weeks left in office but there is a little known rule to prevent him from running again in 2024 for president. how could that happen? >> that's right. so there are two potential consequences of impeachment, there can be a conviction and congress can also decide to disqualify and impeached official from holding any public office again so it wouldn't just be president but any federal office he would be disqualified from ever holding again not just the presidency in 2024 but ever again. >> our thanks to legal anise kate shaw. okay, coming up, the new richest person in the world. also ahead, a preview of alex trebek's final "jeopardy" tonight. thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer,
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breaking overnight, the woman who falsely accused a black teenager of stealing her phone has been arrested. video from last month shows miya ponsetto tackling 14-year-old keyon harold at a new york hotel after making the accusation. her phone was later found by an uber driver. ponsetto was arrested in california last night. officials say she was forcely removed from her car after refusing to pull over. she's being held without bail and will be returned to new york to face an assault charge. president-elect joe biden has selected judge merrick garland to be the next attorney general. garland was president obama's pick for the supreme court, but republicans blocked his nomination. he's promising to bring back a commitment to integrity at the justice department. biden says garland will be loyal to the constitution, not to him. >> restore trust in the rule of law and equal justice under the law, and i fully expect
4:54 am
discussions that i have had that he will receive a fair hearing and swift confirmation. >> now if confirmed garland will oversee the investigation into biden's son hunter. boeing will pay $2.5 billion in a settlement over its 737 max planes. the justice department accused the company of misleading regulators about the jet's automated flight control system. investigators have tied that system in the jet to two deadly crashes. tesla and its turning stock price made elon musk the new richest person in the world. he's worth more than $185 billion overtaking amazon's jeff bezos. musk tweeted a two-word reaction, quote, how strange. a jumbo jackpot is up for grabs tonight. the mega millions drawing is $510 million. that's the eighth largest jackpot in the game's history and when combined with tomorrow's $470 million powerball, nearly $1 billion will be up for grabs.
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now at 5:00, the fallout
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from the riots at the u.s. capitol. a police officer now among the five people dead in the violence. the fbi launching an intense search for the mob that broke through police lines. we'll show you the new photos. >> he's a threat to the security of this country. calls right now to remove the president. a local constitutional expert talking about what we might actually expect to see next. also this morning, mega millions living up to its name with a mega jackpot on the line in tonight's drawing. good morning, everybody. how happy am i to say it's friday. yes. january 8th. >> and the roads are a bit wet this morning. be careful out there. mike, what does the forecast look like. >> yeah. it is wet. especially north of the san mateo bridge. we're going to have another round of light showers. we talked about two initial lines. the first one steady and heavier. that one moved through. now we have scattered


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