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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 9, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. and i heard a smash, i'm about 10 or 12 feet away from them and i instantly realize that they're breaking into this car. >> seconds later this good samaritan in san francisco had a gun pointed in her face. the brazen daylight encounter in the city's alamo square neighborhood was all caught on camera, it's a story you'll see only here on abc 7. good morning, everybody, it's saturday, january 9th, i'm liz kreutz, thank you for joining us after such a busy and historic week. we'll have more on that break-in, but first let's get another quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> hey, liz, it doesn't look too bad behind you in terms of fog but visibility has been reduced in the north bay and out towards the delta.
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live doppler 7, we've highlighted the area to the east of us but locally, look at novato, can't see anything, quarter mile in napa, eighth mile in delta. foggy at the airport, quarter mile there. better in the east bay and south bay. y ukiah has a mile. rio vista looking at dense fog on top of north/north easterly winds. combination of radiation fog with the air cooling to the surface, cooling to its dew point and then these easterly winds kind of pushing in the extra fog layer. 36 in novato. 33 in santa rosa. 38 on the peninsula. look at the city, the fog down below, high clouds today, full look at the week ahead coming up. liz? >> breaking news this morning as well, a passenger airplane has gone missing in indonesia. the boeing 737-500 classic lost contact after taking off from jakarta. this is a file image of a
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similar plane. flight radar 24 reports it lost more than 10,000 feet of altitude in less than one minute after departing. you can see that in that flight tracker there. 56 passengers and six crew members are on board. a search for the plane is now under way. and the situation is under investigation. now back here at home, a brazen car break-in in san francisco's alamo square could have turned deadly. the woman who confronted the thieves who pulled a gun on her spoke exclusively to abc 7 news reporter luz pena. >> they grab a bag and i yell, you know, hey, that's mine, hey, you're stealing, you know, give that back. >> reporter: you were just trying to stop them. >> just trying to stop them from, you know, stop them in -- before they could take too much. >> reporter: and in a blink of an eye this alamo square resident had a gun pointed at her. were you scared for your life?
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>> i -- yeah, to some extent. >> reporter: a moment she's still processing. she agreed to speak to us while keeping her identity private. she says during the pandemic there's been an uptick of car break-ins in this neighborhood but now thieves are more brazen. >> oh, my god, to take it that far. >> reporter: san francisco police data shows city wide in 2020 there were 13,553 thefts in vehicles, it was in broad daylight at 12:30 p.m. and the thieves took with them passports and personal documents from inside a tourist's vehicle. it's gotten so bad the city has signs like this one on the sidewalk and also on light poles. reminding residents not to leave anything of value in their vehicles. many telling me it's just not enough. john has lived in this area close to two decades and is also noticing two to three car break-ins in a day. >> i think it would be good to
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get cameras in these light poles. >> reporter: the suspects fled the scene and no arrests have been made. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. the bay area stay at home order isn't expected to be lifted and will likely be extended indefinitely, you can see why. icu availability has dropped to 3%. the lowest for the region since tracking started. but since the state's order hasn't officially been extended yet restaurants seized on this gray area and decided to reopen for in person dining, matt boone spoke to owners who argued outdoor dining continues to be unfairly targeted. >> reporter: the patio at side track bar and grill filled up quickly as word got out they were open. >> i didn't know what to expect. >> reporter: todd owns the place. he says he's been planning for this day, the day the bay area regional stay at home order was set to expire. alameda county has not extended it on their own.
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without word yet from the state he decided to go for it. >> we stocked up our food. we hired back some staff and we felt let's be back open outdoors. >> reporter: the owner of side track says about 30 other restaurant owners expressed interest to him in reopening, in total, only about eight of them did but he says unless they're allowed to reopen soon this stretch of downtown pleasanton could lose a lot of local businesses. >> we are literally a month or two away from going out of business. >> reporter: barbara mckay owns mckay's tap house with her husband. they opened their patio as well insisting that outdoor dining has not been proven to be the source of outbreaks. >> we would never make this decision if we didn't feel that it was not a health risk to our community and it was not the morally right thing to do. >> reporter: alameda county did not respond to our request for comment, but they did issue a statement saying, quote, for the order to be lifted the state's projections must show that our region is expected to meet or
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exceed 15% icu capacity in the next four weeks, we cannot communicate next steps until the state formally announces our region's status. in pleasanton, matt boone, abc 7 news. in the north bay the napa fire department is sending medical staff to southern california to help with the surge of covid patients. the nap at a team includes four emts and paramedics who will work at a hospital. the first time the department has sent medical help to another area. the crew will work 12 hour shifts for 14 days. >> they're doing various duties. they could be doing ivs, working with patients, helping nurses in the e.r. >> the need is so great, funeral homes and morgues are being overwhelmed with covid victims these aerial images show victims being placed into refrigerated storage at the los angeles county coroner's office. yesterday was the county's deadliest day since the pandemic began. and in sonoma county a refrigerated truck has arrived at the coroner's office in santa
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rosa. a spokesman for the sheriff's office says it can hold 56 bodies. right now the truck is empty but the county says it wants to be prepared just in case. now developing news, president trump is trying to get back on twitter now after his account was permanently suspended yesterday. the president tried to evade the ban by using the potus account, the team trump campaign account and an account belonging to an aide. they were all either blocked or suspended. twitter said it made the decision because of a trump tweet that posed, quote, the risk of further incitement of violence. >> i think why twitter and facebook are realizing is that this is a loaded gun. it is something that is not just mouthing off on the internet and it went off on wednesday. >> the president issued a statement saying twitter was trying to silence him and suggested he may build his own platform. facebook and instagram had already banned the president's account for as long as he remains in office. google blocked the social
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networking app parlor which is popular with far right conservatives. it called the app an urgent public safety threat. apple has given parlor 24 hours now to start moderating its content or it could face expulsion from the apple store as well. now house democrats plan to introduce their impeachment resolution on monday. we talked with san mateo congresswoman jackie speier who says if president trump doesn't leave office immediately he could topple our democracy. >> if we allow this act, this unholy act to desecrate the temple of democracy, if this doesn't warrant an impeachment, what other conduct does? >> she says trump's second impeachment will be different than his first but it is still up to the republican controlled senate to convict him of wrongdoing. meantime, oakland police are investigating allegations that employees were
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involved in online hate speech, while it is unclear what was posted oakland police did not allow employees to affiliate with subversive groups as they call them or do anything that disgraces the department. any violation of department policy could result in discipline, including termination. in a statement interim police chief susan manheimer said, quote, the trust of our community is our highest priority. we will not tolerate any breach of that trust from any member of our department. all right, lisa, what a week. people are going to need to go out and take a run, take a walk just to kind of clear their minds. >> oh, for sure. and the weather is cooperating, beautiful shot here, isn't this gorgeous? you can see the fog in the foreground, our sutro tower camera, it's 45 year in the city but 35 in some of the areas where we have dense fog. so it's a chilly, foggy start for some, and sunny skies prevail for pretty much everyone today. we'll talk about it in detail next. >> thank you, lisa. also ahead, the san francisco board of supervisors has a new president, we'll explain how he's making history
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and delivering the goodness of nature... from one generation to the next and from seed to slice. ♪ welcome back, the san francisco board of supervisors has elected a new president, supervisor shamann walton was elected in unanimous vote on friday. he will be the first black man to serve as board president. walton represents district 10, which includes neighborhoods like the bay view hunter point, and dog patch. walton will hold the position for two years. he joins a list of notable former board members, including mayor london breed and governor gavin newsom. governor newsom, meantime, released his $227 billion budget proposal. the plan comes with a one time wind fall leading to 12% more spending than last year. but the center piece of it all is immediate funding for the
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state's covid-19 response, reporter wayne freedman takes a closer look. >> our budget understandably represents and reflects the realities of this recession. >> reporter: that budget acknowledges the pain felt by californians who've suffered the most, low wage workers, small business owners, and renters. the governor wants to augment those coming $600 checks from the government with $600 more from california. >> we think there's you shall generalsy to get money into people's pockets. you recall that first slide. that's why we're proposing a golden state stimulus, to basically make those $600 checks that people are starting to receive from the federal government, to get them to be $1,200, we want to get roughly 4 million checks out within three weeks of me signing this package. >> reporter: as for fighting the virus and getting vaccines into arms the governor still hopes to see 1 million people immunized total within the next nine days. he proposes spending $1.7 billion for contact tracing and $372 million for vaccines,
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as for the delays in people getting them the state is relaxing some of those guidelines. >> it's when the vaccines are produced at scale and made available to the state, then we can answer the question 20 plus million californians can have access. what we did yesterday is we updated the guidelines, recognizing some of the bottlenecks in terms of this cohort, and now we are allowing people more flexibility at the local level. >> reporter: among the more unusual questions, why a governor who's gone into quarantine twice refuses at this point to be vaccinated himself. >> my humble opinion is, i don't think that will sit well with people. and i am happy to wait my turn. >> reporter: also in the budget there's more money for an earthquake early warning system. it's been in budgets before, remains for a few million dollars the governor figures he can buy a few seconds warning
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before the big one hits, that could save lives. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. and nearly $86 billion of the budget is for public schools, education, of course, is one of the things we are focused on here at abc 7 as we work to build a better bay area, some of the record investment would go toward addressing equity in reopening for in person learning. abc 7 news reporter kris reyes spoke to local superintendents who have fired off a letter asking for a meeting on the governor's proposal. >> there needs to be from the state actual state standards concerning what is safe. >> reporter: that concern prompted this letter from seven major urban school districts in california, including sf unified and oakland unified. in it they say a patchwork of standards across more than a thousand school districts would impact low income schools. last week governor newsom announced an optimistic plan to reopen schools as early as february. in the letter the superintendents say the plan fails to address the need of urban school districts that serve nearly a quarter of
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california students, almost all of whom live below the poverty level. the governor sounded pretty hopeful about opening up schools in february. do you think that's realistic from where you stand? >> i think that a big part of opening those schools are state standards. >> reporter: state standards, a plan to help special ed students and a vaccination timetable. announced to later than february 1st. the superintendents say they also need clarification on the governor's promise of $2 billion. >> we shouldn't be taking funds out of the classroom to fund other initiatives, those dollars should definitely not come out of prop $98. >> reporter: in a statement superintendents said we need to continue to work together to refine the approach of the needs of urban school districts and equity in mind. the governor talked about addressing equity but no details on how it will be applied to schools reopening. >> to deal with the disproportionate impacts of this
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pandemic on the issues impacting our low income communities. >> reporter: superintendent, what response are you hoping for? >> it's a sitdown with the governor. >> reporter: we asked the governor's office if that meeting will take place, we haven't heard back yet. in san francisco, kris reyes for abc 7 news. a south bay organization is donating $75,000 to help repair the lick observatory that was damaged in the scu lightning complex fires. friends of the observatory, a local organization, designated the money to aid recovery efforts. crews were able to protect the main structures and telescope domes that have sat at the top of mt. hamilton since 1888. but the fire damaged buildings like employee housing and critical infrastructure. all right, lisa, a foggy start to this morning. >> it is, liz, just in spots. not everywhere. we have a little bit of north wind out there in the upper elevations helping transport that fog and also the radiation fog where the air temperature cools to the dew point right near the surface. we're looking at better
6:18 am
conditions in parts of the south bay. but it's going to be with us for a while and, in fact, a dense fog advisory out towards the delta through noontime where most of the fog sits. here's a look at live doppler 7 in that gray area, stockton, modesto, that's the dense fog advisory. big picture, the storm track deflected to the north and once this system is with us this high pressure it's going to be a little bit hard to budge. it will weaken from time to time as a few storms just grace extreme northern california. that's a snapshot of the week ahead. we'll get to the details right now where we're looking at zero mile visibility, novato quarter mile for you in napa, also at sfo, looking at a half mile by the delta, four miles in concord, nine miles for our friends in san jose, looking pretty good right now in hayward, half moon bay and santa rosa, as well as the san carlos airport. north/northeasterly winds gusty in elevations.
6:19 am
a lot of elements coming together that could allow for the fog where you have it to stick around, right on through the late morning hours. it's cold out there, ten to 13 degrees chillier from oakland to santa rosa, five to six degrees colder compared to yesterday in san jose. it's cold on the peninsula in the upper 30s, palo alto, pretty view here, you can see the fog there, city lit up and that sun setting after 5:00 so that gives you an idea that we're gaining a little bit of sunlight but that sun angle kind of weak these days so when we do warm up it's for that short period of time. but areas of dense fog, chilly this morning. we'll have the sun and high cloupds and then by next week we're looking at record warmth thursday, friday, even wednesday is warming up nicely. let's take a look at the weekend where the high clouds are pushing through today. 8:00 we still have the fog. the fog lifts, and then the high clouds, with high pressure allows for filtered sunshine throughout your saturday, weak frontal passage to the north on sunday allows for a few sprinkles, otherwise back into
6:20 am
the same pattern into the second half for your weekend. the week ahead, the rain is in the pacific northwest, we may get a few sprinkles into san francisco, overall, though, maybe on tuesday a tenth of an inch down through santa rosa, otherwise we're dry into your tuesday afternoon. low 60s out there for some, upper 50s in the north bay. this begins our warming trend on wednesday and thursday, we could see numbers near 70 degrees. highs today from 62 in concord, 61 in san jose, 59 san mateo. the accuweather seven-day forecast, a string of partly to mostly sunny afternoons, the fog in the morning, that chance up north on tuesday and then much milder by the end of the week. liz? >> lisa, thank you. just ahead, hawaii's plan to keep covid out is causing issues for some tourists. a bay area man explains why he was
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morning america". coming up here on gma, president trump facing backlash at the deadly riot on the capitol. twitter permanently suspending his twitter account. more republican lawmakers condemn the president's actions. plus, coronavirus cases surging to new record highs, how president-elect joe biden plans to alter the vaccine rollout. two major lottery jackpots to kick off the new year still growing, nearly a billion dollars combined up for grabs, all ahead here on gma. we're hearing from a bay area man forced to quarantine in hawaii despite getting negative covid test results two hours after landing. "7 on your side's" michael finney has the story and a warning to anyone traveling to the aloha state. >> reporter: the allure of hawaii remains tempting for many. the number of visitors plummeted
6:24 am
as covid gripped the country. some 12,000 travelers still land on the island each day, many come from california despite travel restrictions in place in the golden state. one of those is reyes ramos, a concord man seen here on the left with his two traveling companions. >> they were pretty good about social distancing on the plane, the plane probably held about 30% or 40% capacity, which is really good. >> reporter: hawaii requires all visitors to get tested 72 hours before departure. lieutenant governor dr. josh green explains. >> they get that test successfully, then it's negative, it's top flight test, then they don't have to worry about quarantining. >> reporter: reyes said he did that, got his test 72 hours before departure. he tells us he received his negative test result two hours after he landed. too late. test results must be in before departure. they ordered him to quarantine for ten days. >> it's not my fault. took so long to deliver the
6:25 am
test. why do i have to quarantine if i have negative results and she said, sorry, that is the law. >> reporter: but the lieutenant governor says strict protocols are necessary to avoid having to put even more people under quarantine. >> and then they find out later they were positive, the two rows around them all now were close contacts, the individuals themselves and their family are going to have to isolate for ten days in hawaii, at least. >> reporter: reyes received his test from kaiser which is a partner in hawaii's safe travel program. kaiser told us we sympathize with mr. ramos, turnaround times for results may vary. staying home is the best thing to do to protect yourself and your loved ones. ramos says hawaiian airlines told him it would be okay to board without test results but the airline told us test results are not a requirement for boarding and that it encouraging passengers to stay informed of all requirements. reyes thinks all parties need to talk to each other.
6:26 am
>> yeah, i mean, there are some big miscommunication going on between all the parties involved. >> reporter: i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." new developments in a seafood standoff, local crab fleets and wholesale buyers have come to a price agreement, negotiations centered around the amount of money the fleets were receiving for their hauls. this delayed the start of crab season. the san francisco crab boat owners association expects fishermen to begin setting their traps in the water on monday. till to still to come one california university is trying to fight the spread of covid-19 with vending machines. it's the first of its kind allowing students to be tested quickly and easily. the continuing economic impact of the pandemic, some owners of east bay businesses big and small fearing they'll have to close forever if the shutdown continues.
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good morning again, everybody, we're going to start this half hour with a look at the weather a foggy morning, lisa. >> it is. by the delta we have a dense fog advisory until noon. cities like novato and towards napa, quarter mile and fairfield, that half mile. airport, quarter mile there, up to ten miles, hayward and san carlos, not an issue on the peninsula or the south bay for the most part, but as we look at vallejo and benicia, there's a problem until noontime. 30s from napa to novato, san mateo and san ramon as well as livermore. mid and upper 30s, a chilly start, towards 9:00, mid-40s, even 50 half moon bay. by 2:00, high clouds, near 60. another nice afternoon as we go through the evening hours. the fog will come back, and as it does once again pretty much
6:30 am
same scenario for sunday. warmer numbers, a chance of showers in the accuweather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. liz? >> all right, lisa, thank you. president trump's twitter account has been banned. he has used the social media platform to announce policy changes, challenge opponents, insult enemies, praise his allies and himself, and to spread misinformation. abc news reporter karina mitchell has the details. >> reporter: president trump permanently suspended from twitter, the social network says it's because of remarks over wednesday's raid on the capitol and that his comments could further incite violence. the president reacted to the decision in a statement saying he will not be silenced, teasing a new platform. twitter's move follows facebook and instagram which also suspended the president's accounts, those bans are indefinite, lasting at least through the inauguration. the american civil liberties union expressing concern saying although the president can turn to other media outlets, those less fortunate won't have the same opportunity. it's calling for transparency
6:31 am
saying the rules should be applied equally to everyone. five people died in wednesday's rioting, including one police officer just hours after the president held a rally and urged his supporters to march to the capitol. and with more than a week left in office democrats appear to be moving forward with impeachment. already drawing up an impeachment resolution. president-elect biden says that's up to congress, but adding there is an alternative. >> the quickest way that that will happen is us being sworn in on the 20th. >> reporter: but south carolina senator lindsey graham a trump supporter tells fox news' sean hannity, the president-elect should take action. >> president-elect biden, it's up to you, pick up the phone, call nancy pelosi, chuck schumer and the squad and tell them, stand down, this will destroy the country even further. >> reporter: karina mitchell, abc news, new york. president-elect biden is 11 days away now from taking office but this morning president trump says he will not attend biden's inauguration.
6:32 am
>> one of the few things he and i have ever agreed on. it's a good thing i'm not showing up. i've been saying for now, well over a year, he's not fit to serve. >> trump would be the fourth president to not attend their successor's inauguration. he joins martin van buren, woodrow wilson and richard nixon. it comes as the president faces a new impeachment effort in his role on wednesday's riots, calls for violence among right wing extremists have only intensified ahead of inauguration day. that's something we'll be watching, which of course that's on january 20th. now to the covid crisis. there are now more than 368,000 americans who have died from the virus, and more than 3,800 deaths in just 24 hours. doctors and emts say patients on ventilators are now having to share oxygen because there just aren't enough resources, abc news reporter kaylee hartung has the latest. >> reporter: with hospital morgues and funeral homes
6:33 am
overflowing, los angeles bringing in refrigerated trucks to store the bodies. >> we're just coming off the travel and the congregating and social settings of the holiday season, virtually every day another record is broke. >> reporter: los angeles hospitals buckling. >> we've taken all of our resources and tried to give them to the patient that's in the most desperate and imminent need. >> reporter: ventilators and oxygen in short supply. >> they literally had the oxygen tubing and had a connector so that two patients were using basically the same oxygen flow at the same time. so it's -- resources are really low. >> reporter: that was your best option? >> that was the only option. >> reporter: paramedics telling us ambulances are waiting up to 17 hours outside hospitals because there are no beds. the mayor pleading for federal help, and more vaccines. >> give los angeles what we need. and just as we sent doctors to new york and ppe to other parts of the country, early on when they were peaking, this is our peak. >> reporter: with that highly contagious variant confirmed in
6:34 am
eight states, promising signs, a new study from pfizer and university of texas medical branch, net yet peer reviewed found its vaccine likely protects against those two variants, only 30% of the 22 million vaccines distributed have been administered. to speed it up president-elect biden plans to break with the trump administration and starts to release available vaccine doses immediately, instead of holding second doses back, something some governors are pushing for. >> vaccines give us hope but the rollout has been a travesty. >> reporter: and fda commissioner stephen hahn has new recommendations. he says if there is some risk of vaccines going to waste they should expand to lower priority groups that make sense, elderly, first responders, and people with preexisting conditions. kaylee hartung, abc news, los angeles. a southern california university has rolled out covid-19 test sending machines, testing is required weekly at ucsd, the automated machines are the first of their kind on a u.s. college campus.
6:35 am
they allow students to access the test easily and quickly and after self-administering and returning the swabs, results can be received in less than two days. so far the university has installed 11 machines across campus. the reality of 2021 is becoming clear for many business owners realizing the lockdown isn't ending soon. abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley met many in contra costa county fearful for the future. >> ghost town out here. >> reporter: this cafe owner says he's on the edge as he sees no end in sight to the shutdown. >> we're not doing good to be honest. not doing good at all. i let off six people the last three weeks. >> reporter: businesses say in the spring shutdown they had a sense of somehow we'll get through this. they say it's totally different now this winter, they've shifted into desperation mode. >> we're going to be opening our patio and limited indoor dining. >> reporter: in desperation the
6:36 am
chef and owner of the hideout in lafayette went on social media to say he was going to defy the health order and pay the fines to stay afloat. but the county threatened to have his license revoked. >> the threat of permanent closure is greater now than it has been in the last ten months. >> we're talking to businesses every day and we're hearing a lot of struggles. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office has issued 14 fines since november for violations of the health order. >> it's a really grim prospect. >> reporter: the owner of flashlight books in walnut creek is hanging on, around her there are so many closures. >> we're anticipating maybe a few more that will just not be able to make it through. so some of our downtown businesses that have closed include cost plus world market, and neimann marcus will be closing at the end of january. >> reporter: the only business that sounded optimistic was 24 hour fitness, 41 locations are currently closed but six others have opened outdoor fitness.
6:37 am
>> we're actually seeing more and more members and team members show confidence in our ability to run a safe space for them and an increase in the number of workouts. >> reporter: after an uptick during the holidays walnut creek businesses say even takeout orders are flat lining. it looks to be a grim winter ahead in the east bay, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. all right, still ahead on abc 7 mornings, alex trebek's final show as the host of "jeopardy" aired this week, former bay area contestants shared their memories with us. and here is a live look, outside as we head to break, the embarcadero there, the bay bridge, the ferry building, it's a foggy morning, please drive safe if you're hitting the roads. we'll talk to lisa on what to expect this weekend.
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here's a live look outside. so pretty, as you can see the sun coming up there behind the bay bridge, it's gorgeous. check this out. a row boat that's endured hundreds of days on the open ocean is now up for sale. lia ditton rode alone for 86 days from san francisco to hawaii last year in this boat. "the chronicle" reports she's now selling it for $48,000. it's ten years old and designed to carry just one person. now her goal is to row solo all the way across the pacific ocean from japan to san francisco. she hopes to set sail in 2023. but she will need a newer, lighter boat. that is amazing, lisa, i can't even imagine that solitude of being out there alone in the pacific for that long. >> yeah, good for her, wow, very impressive. good morning everyone, a live look outside. 43 degrees on top of mt. tam.
6:41 am
winds up to 22 miles an hour, offshore helping transport some of that fog from the delta. but we also have damp pavement out there that's adding to the moisture and fog. we'll put it all together for you with my accuweather seven-day forecast next. >> lisa, thank you. also next, bouncing back, a rematch between the warriors and clippers but this time steph curry was cooking. it's time for the lowest prices of the season on the sleep number 360 smart bed. can it help with snoring? i've never heard snoring... exactly. no problem. ...and done. don't miss our weekend special. the queen sleep number 360 c2 smart bed is only $899. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday. i have the power to lower my blood sugar and a1c. because i can still make my own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it like it's supposed to. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it's not insulin. and i only need to take it once a week. plus, it lowers the risk of cardiovascular events. trulicity isn't for people with type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis.
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only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. here's another live look outside, this one from santa cruz, the lighthouse there so pretty this morning at sunrise, 6:43 on this saturday. let's talk sports now. the warriors in sports the warriors return to action tomorrow. the dubs will take on the toronto raptors at chase center, tipoff at 5:30. last night the warriors staged a furious second half comeback against the clippers. here's abc 7 sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. the warriors were looking to bounce back, they lost to the clippers on wednesday, paying them back in game two, epic comeback in this game at chase.
6:44 am
and james wiseman's mom was at the game, the son would make his presence felt. warriors down 20 in the third. the rookie relentless here with authority, nine points and six boards, the clippers seemed to have the game under control. paul george, the drive, and one, goes for 25, clips led by as many as 22, late in the third, the dubs catch fire, steph curry contested three, catch, release, splash, warriors close the gap, down six, curry goes to the bench, eric paschal, three of his 12. the dwubs hit twenty-threes in this game and they're up three. and another triple buried, warriors up six, curry loving this 40-6 outburst. the clips held steph to 14 points on wednesday, the reverse, soft touch in the lane, 38 points, 11 assists for chef curry. six-point game, a minute left, andrew wiggins, dubs close it out on a 52-20
6:45 am
run to win it 115-105. man, that was fun. women's college basketball, top ranked stanford missing three players because of covid but fran belibi was rejecting shots left and right. cardinal has been on the road for a month. anna wilson 11 against the 11th ranked duction. playing in santa cruz. haley jones led the way with 18 points, bounce pass right here, jones threading the needle to belibi for the lay-up, stanford 10-0 after a 70-63 victory. nfl news, they announced the all pro team, 49ers linebacker fred warner is regarded as the best linebacker in the league, no surprise he was first team all pro named by the associated press, led the 49ers in tackles and the good news for fred, he's going to get a nice payday this offseason. in contrast, raiders tight end darren waller had a monster year and somehow, some way did not make first or second team all pro. that second spot was listed as vacant. i guess because all the first team votes went to travis kelce of the chiefs.
6:46 am
if waller had gotten one vote, he would have been regarded all pro. certainly deserving, no question. that's a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. the warriors have laid off #% of its staff, including 39 full-time workers. four others were furloughed. most of them worked in ticket sales and game presentation. this comes ten months after the organization laid off 1,700 part-time event workers. before the week the warriors were one of few nba teams not to let go of full-time employees because of the pandemic. continuing to feel the impacts. lisa, let's get another check of the weather this morning and the weekend forecast, no rain this weekend looks like. >> no rain this weekend but we are looking at the dense fog, the advisory from the delta through sacramento. now, this is going to move a little bit westward. it has been, the fog that is, due to the north/northeast wind but we also have moisture on the ground. that's radiational cooling when the temperature kools to the dew
6:47 am
point, and high pressure building in, allowing for this storm track to push up to the pacific northwest, but by tuesday we could see it flatten, the ridge that is, we'll get to that in a moment. quarter mile visibility getting better in novato. couldn't see anything for a while there. napa at a quarter mile, fairfield a half mile. six to nine miles from the east bay to the south bay, walnut creek, look how nice this is, nice and clear out there, temperatures are cold. right now it's 44 in the city, 41 in oakland, 39 in mountain view with 41 san jose. 43 for you in morgan hill and 50 at the coast, a look here from sutro where you can see getting light out there, 7:25 is the sunrise, setting after 5:00, the sun that is, low 30s, freezing in novato, with upper 30s in napa. the delta is cold in our east bay valleys upper 30s out there. much colder start this morning. add in the wind, gusty on top of mt. tam.
6:48 am
and that's allowing for tule fog and radiation fog this morning. 16 degrees colder in novato, ten degrees colder in oakland, five degrees colder on the peninsula. this is our foggy san rafael camera. above, we've got the clear sky, cold, with areas of dense fog, mostly sunny, a few high clouds this weekend near record warmth wednesday, thursday, and friday. as we get through your hour by hour forecast we've got plenty of high clouds, but enough sun throughout the afternoon for temperatures to near 60, a frontal passage tonight allowing for a few sprinkles in the north bay, pretty much the same set-up for your sunday afternoon. monday we're warmer and milder. monday night, into tuesday, and wednesday, yes, we could see just a few sprinkles here. so this is your tuesday into wednesday, our best opportunity for a little bit of rain, you can see where the line stops but it's still going to be sunny throughout the afternoon on tuesday. so that system really washing out. numbers coming up, mid and upper 60s for your wednesday, average highs in the upper 50s.
6:49 am
look what happens on thursday. we're near 70 in napa. by the delta. 70 in san jose. and into friday, just as warm out there so we're going well above average, and with the high clouds over the weekend, we'll increase the probability of our only chance of rain coming in tuesday night. but other than that we're mild, we're a little bit above average today, 58 for you in san francisco, it's going to be 60 this afternoon in oakland, low 60s in santa rosa, and then remember the high clouds today with that weak frontal passage overnight tonight, the accuweather seven-day forecast, mid-50s to low 60s out there, so a little change, in fact, monday we get warmer and by tuesday, we're still going with that trend as that system washes out to the north. we could see a few sprinkles, santa rosa, otherwise it's winter warmth, it's going to feel like springtime temperatures thursday and friday. not unusual to get what we call a mid-january, midwinter dry spell but this is a little
6:50 am
ridiculous. we have a drought going on, and we haven't seen much rain at all and that trend continues. >> we certainly will hope we get some rain soon. thank you, lisa. alex trebek's remarkable 37-year run as host of "jeopardy" as come to an end. >> this is "jeopardy," and now, here is the host of "jeopardy," alex trebek. >> thank you, johnny. merry christmas to you and all of you, ladies and gentlemen. >> trebek's final episode aired last night. he lost his battle with pancreatic cancer shortly after the taping. while fans of the show mourn his death dozens of bay area residents who competed on the show are sharing their memories. abc 7 news reporter david louie spoke with two who competed on this week's final trebek hosted shows. >> here's the host of "jeopardy," alex trebek. >> reporter: over the years "jeopardy" as featured a large number of bay area contestants, two in this people week with alex trebek, their memories of
6:51 am
meeting him even more touching because of his death. >> i realized i was going to be on some of the last games that were hosted by alex trebek. and it just gave me goose bumps and i feel so honored. to be in that historic position. >> reporter: san francisco state english professor jim gilligan tried out over 20 times to get on the show, he made it on trebek's final broadcast. >> i've been trying for over 30 years, i'm glad i never gave up. not only did i get to meet alex who is an icon in the industry, and one of the world's classiest men, but i got to be on his final show. which is pretty special. i was struck with such admiration for him that he would continue to do it, you know, not only after he'd been diagnosed, but, you know, he did not miss a show in the two years that he'd been battling pancreatic cancer. i knew it was a struggle for him.
6:52 am
but he did not let that affect his performance. once the cameras started rolling, he was giving it everything he had. >> reporter: jj harris from petaluma competed on jeopardy in 2018 shortly after trebek made public his cancer diagnosis. she tried to console him. >> i, you know, wanted to wish him good health. and, you know, i got a little emotional, my voice started to quaver a little bit, and he held onto my hand and closed his eyes, and we just had a moment of connection, i felt. >> reporter: retired berkeley professor dan melia discovered during several matches he shared something unique with trebek. >> for some reason we got to talking about summer jobs and discovered that both he and i when we were in college had summer jobs as garbage men. and it was an odd thing to have in common. >> reporter: some contestants might have asked trebek for an autograph. melia got it on his marriage certificate.
6:53 am
in 2005 when melia and his bride dara got married on the jeopardy stage. >> alex was the official witness who signed the marriage certificate, he was right there on the stage. and stayed around for the entire reception. and happy to have his picture taken with all the guests. >> reporter: garrett kermoto, a library manager used the adjectives warm, genuine and affable to describe trebek. >> even though our time together was very short, he had an ability to make you feel like you were friends, that you were close, that he truly cared about you. >> reporter: in a connection that sadly comes to a close. >> certainly it will never be the same and we will always miss him. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news. >> end of an era. to see more memories and moments of alex trebek, including clips from our archive, go to connected tv app, search for abc 7 bay area on your roku, amazon fire and apple tv devices. all right next, from park
6:54 am
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6:56 am
okay, here are the winning numbers from last night's $520 million mega millions drawing, 3, 6, 16, 18, 58, the mega number 11, nobody picked all six numbers in tuesday night's jackpot. which soars now to $600 million. the sun dance festival is coming to san francisco, sort of. san francisco's historic roxie theater was selected as one of 30 presenters for this year's film festival. it will happen simultaneously across the country. normally the festival takes place in park city, utah. the special drive-in theater screenings take place from january 28th through february 2nd, outdoors at fort mason, since indoor theaters are still not allowed. tickets are on sale right now.
6:57 am
that should be a fun thing to do. pretty nice. and lisa, right now, no rain in the forecast, although maybe in the coming days? >> yeah, and liz, you know, maybe the north bay. we don't have fog everywhere this morning. heard from some of you in the south bay ask you're clear there. but look at the north bay. dense fog advisory by the delta. quarter mile visibility for marin county through napa. even at the airport. later on today we're sunny with high clouds, upper 50s to low 60s and the accuweather seven-day forecast in near repeat performance on sunday, monday we're milder, tuesday maybe north bay showers, and then dry and spring-like, liz. >> all right, lisa, sounds good, thank you. thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings, i'm liz kreutz, along with lisa argen. we're back at 9:00 a.m. "good morning america" is next, have a great saturday.
6:58 am
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good morning, america. pressure on the president. democrats threatening to impeach donald trump for a second time accusing him of willfully inciting violence against the government. more republicans calling for him to resign. the president-elect weighing in. >> he's one of the most incompetent presidents in the history of the united states of america. >> twitter permanently banning trump's account, his final message before the plug was pulled. the nationwide hunt to locate the rioters who stormed the capitol. the new arrests. this man at speaker pelosi's desk, and a state lawmaker. plus, the search for the person suspected of planting pipe bombs nearby. and the now-deleted video posted by donald trump jr.


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