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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 9, 2021 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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wednesday. house speaker nancy pelosi is signaling she is ready to take action and it comes as police are hunting down suspects from the attack. >> reporter: president trump facing growing outrage following wednesday's attack on the capitol building. twitter cutting off the president's account. democrats threatening to impeach the president for a second time, accusing him of, quote, willfully inciting violence against the government. house speaker nancy pelosi speaking out with "60 minutes". >> sadly the person that's running the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the united states. but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. >> president-elect joe biden leaving the decision up to congress. >> the quickest way that that will happen is us being sworn in on the 20th. >> reporter: even some in the president's own party calling
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for his resignation. lisa murkowski saying, i want him out. he has caused enough damage. others calling for the 25th amendment to be invoked. >> all indications is that the president has become unmoored not just from his duty or his oath but from reality. >> reporter: police receiving thousands of tips after receiving bolo posters. >> there are a myriad of federal laws that can be utilized in cases like this. firearm defenses, crossing state lines, explosives, crossing state lines. >> reporter: so far 25 people have been charged in federal court. richard barnett featuring federal charges. he's now turned himself in to authorities in arkansas. authorities are also looking for this man accused of planting pipe bombs near the rnc and dnc headquarters. >> we have just learned apple
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has removed the app parlor from its app store. that app is popular in right wing circles. and on the heels of that previous story, one more arrest to tell you about. you have probably seen pictures of a man carrying house speaker nancy pelosi's one leader in the south bay is being accused of suppo the insurrection at the capitol. cornell bernard joins us live from the news room. you spoke to the man behind this post. >> i did. he is an elected member of the santa clara republican party. he says he got emotional watching the storm of the capitol and posted that the war had begun. two south bay officials say that was inciting violence, calling
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for him to resign. the world was watching wednesday with disbelief. phil reynolds was watching, too, posting this on his facebook page. the war has begun. citizens take arms. freedom shall prevail. we must defend our constitution to the death. >> i could not believe that this was coming out from an elected representative in santa clara county. that's why when we see something, we need to say something. >> evan low posted this comment, to denounce the violence incited. >> this is poisonous and it's important that we hold our public reptives accountable. >> reporter: remember nalds asked his followers, drumroll please, civil war or no civil war. >> as senator romney said, we need to confront the lies by telling the truth. there was no stolen election. the president incited the
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violence. >> no. he had nothing to do with that. >> reporter: phil reynolds denies the president was responsible for wednesday's right. >> i felt the storming of the capitol was wrong. i denounce that. >> reporter: meantime, both assemblyman lowe and ellenberg are calling for him to step down from the gop. pen nol >> i spoke from the heart. i was emotional, and i'm not going to retract my comments. they were not anything derogatory to any individual. they were not inciting violence. >> reynolds says he is not stepping down. in fact, he's calling on them to resign their post because they haven't been effective in office. no comment from the silicon valley gop, but in a tweet it says republicans are unified in condemning the violation of the u.s. capitol. we are against political violence or civic disorder of any kind from the left or from
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the right. in the news room, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> we will see how this all unfolds. thanks. a few dozen protesters gathered in san francisco to condemn the attack on the capitol. they rallied for people to organize saying they must fight against fascism, white supremacy and capitolism. they believe the incident at capitol will be the first of many. some of its officers participated in posts. while it is unclear what is posted, oakland police don't allow oakland police to affiliate with subversive groups or anything that disgraces the department. it could result in discipline, including termination. in a statement, the interim police chief said, quote, the trust of our community is our highest priority. we will not tolerate any breach
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of that trust from any member of our department. new developments with the pandemic where the stay at home order is officially being extended. all of this is because of icu availability remaining well below the state's threshold of 15%. san francisco already took action and extended its order indefinitely. california set a record today with noor lnearly 700 deaths be of covid-19. that eclipses the 585 reported on new year's eve. and the number of newly diagnosed cases is 53,000, the second highest daily total we have seen. a san bernardino hospital allowed a camera inside to show how hospitals are being pushed to the breaking point. st. mary's medical center said it is seeing a constant stream of new patients, most of them with covid-19. the staff is treating 50 icu patients with just 20 icu beds. nurses and doctors say they are working daily to the point of
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exhaustion. >> people don't take it seriously until they're here with us or until they're on the other line of that phone call talking to their family member for the last time. it is real. it is serious. and most of what we're seeing is preventable. now, the nurse you just saw says she is accustomed to see death and dying on a daily basis, but never to this scale. the county has seen more than 1,500 people die of covid. stanford called off plans to bring hundreds students back after the winter quarter. this comes the day after the university announced that 43 students on campus tested positive for coronavirus. freshmen, sophomore and incoming transfer students will not return later this month, despite repeated assurances from the school. undergraduate, resident assistants and students with special needs already on campus will be allowed to stay. well, things did not go as planned today in oakland. we have more of this dramatic video as a helicopter tried to lift a cooling unit but then
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now this is a sight. a large cooling unit was being lifted off the ground by a helicopter when it suddenly broke loose and fell to the street below. it happened on clay street at about 10:15. the good news no one was hurt, but it did send workers scattering from the scene. todd was standing 150 feet away. >> it took a split second to realize what was happening and that the cable was failing. then it just smashed on to the ground. there were guys that were running out of the way of that. i would estimate there was some guys that weres as close as 10 r 15 feet away from where it hit. >> talk about close call. the company brought in a crane and ultimately removed the
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damaged unit away. well, people around the bay area were picking up their tickets for tonight's big power ball drawing. they're hoping to turn a few bucks into hundreds of millions. tonight's power ball jackpot is about $470 million. nobody picked all six numbers in last night's $540 million megamillions drawing, and that means tuesday's jackpot soars to $600 million. the combined jackpots are over a billion. be sure to the abc news app to you because we will send out tonight's numbers as soon as we get them. a redwood city grandmother is turning sidewak doodles into works of art. she was busy coloring in a beautiful phoenix with the phrase, hope rises. mitchell began her chalk artistry when the shutdown first
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began. >> i got really bored and i got my son's chalks out and i drew a sign on my sidewalk that says, when this is all over, what will you remember? and then i looked at it and went, what am i going to remember. >> good question. her own phrase pushed her to discover the newly discovered passion. she has been inspiring neighbors ever since. it is a work of art. prepare to experience a winter wonderland that hasn't happened in 50 years. the major city that has been brought to a standstill because of a rare snowstorm. for us in the bay area, we could see record high temperatures. meteorologist drew tuma coming at you next with the forecast. coming up in sports, the warriors honor a member of the family that homicide been with them for six decades. and how did jared goff do?
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horse racing will resume at golden gate fields next friday. the track halted racing late last year because of an outbreak that sickened people at the
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track. one person had died. keep in mind, crowds are not allowed in, and horse owners cannot attend training or the races. spain is getting walloped with snow, and it has brought things in madrid to a standstill. the capital received about a foot which is the most since 1971. at least four people have died and thousands trapped. the military was called out to rescue travelers stuck at train stations and even in their vehicles. airports suspended services as the snow kept falling. the national weather agency warned there would be more than 24 hours of continuous snow. maybe i can say we had more than 24 hours of continuous, what, warming temperatures, drew. >> yeah, dion. i think we will see several days where those temperatures warm over the next week. we're talking about a ridge unfortunately building back over california, and that will push the storm track to our north over the week ahead. so rain is really going to be hard to find unfortunately as we
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look at the forecast. live doppler 7 right now giving the active sweep. we are dry this evening. today was a gorgeous day. he had tons of sunshine. temperatures in the upper 50s, lower 60s. here is the picture tonight. it is a quiet evening right now. mainly clear skies, but we will find increasing clouds overnight thanks to an approaching cold front. temperatures are slowly falling back through the 50s right now. 52 in the city. 53 in oakland and san jose. 51 that current temperature in napa. here's live doppler 7. what we're tracking over the next 24 hours, there is a storm system moving into the west coast. you can see some showers approaching seattle and portland right now along the cold front. and that cold front will move through california. unfortunately, as it does, it really just falls apart. so we're not anticipating any beneficial rain as it does. it will really just increase the cloud cover tonight and kick up
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our surf. mainly clear skies right now. but we will find the clouds thickening overnight. temperatures mainly in the mid-30s to low 40s for overnight low. so hour by hour we go on future weather. i want to stop the clock at 4:00 a.m. as the incident moved through, it will try and bring a sprinkle to points to the north. but we're not talking about widespread rain fall. it's really just a mixture of sun and clouds throughout the day. and temperatures very close to average in the afternoon. but, again, this front will kick up our surf. we do have a high surf warning that will go into effect at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning lasting through 9:00 p.m. where this long period west northwesterly swell could have breakers, anywhere from 23 to 28 feet high, and that combined with strong rip currents and the risk
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of sneak away. you want to stay out of the ocean tomorrow because of that active ocean front. 58 in the city tomorrow. 61 in san jose. 60 in santa rosa. 59 the high in concord. so the seven-day forecast. there is that chance of morning sprinkle in the north bay. otherwise partly sunny skies. tuesday, again, there is that minimal chance in the north bay of a warning sprinkle. most areas stay dry. and then we'll focus on thursday where record warmth is possible. our warmest spots going to the low 70. now abc 7 sports. it is super wild card weekend in the nfl. alex smith inactive with a calf injury. tom brady's first playoff game not in a patriots uniform. jared goff did not start because of a thumb injury, but john wofford took a big hit here and was eventually taken to the hospital as a precaution.
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the rams defense did step up. russell wilson for the seahawks. the quick pass and darius williams reads it and there he goes. a pick six. rams go up ten. what a perfect play that was for the defense. wilson shows you flashes of why he's a good player. an absolute perfect pass to metcalf. a wide open wood here. rams win. they will play either at green bay. bills hosting their first playoff game taking on the colts. man, the fans were ready. josh allen ran for a score through. look at this. to stefon diggs 24-10 buffalo early in the fourth. bills mafia loves it. rivers to a wide open jack doyle. got behind the defense in the two-point conversion. all of a sudden, it is a three
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point game. final play of the game, colts down three. but too far out for a field goal. so they need to dial up a hail mary. rivers going to air it out, be you the bills defense, they come up big. they knock it down. bef low wins 27-24. tears of joy for buffalo fans. they will find out who they play tomorrow after the afc game. curry earlier in the week named the western. curry caught fire in the third quarter as the dubs close that definite to six heading into the fourth. then it was all golden state after that. curry scored a game high 38. he hit nine from beyond the ark. the warriors win by ten. good momentum for a team with a quick turn around with a game tomorrow night against toronto. >> we obviously made shots and that gave us a lot of confidence that, hey, get stops, good things are going to happen.
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flipped the game on its head. great for us to get back into the game and then, you know, keep that momentum into the fourth quarter. so pretty awesome. awesome night, considering how the first 28 minutes went. >> the warriors g league arena, that's stanford's home away from home. stanford spencer jones forced the turnover. get it back to jones for the slam. stanford by 11 at the break. second half stanford. watch out for williams. the highly ranked freshman continues to show why he's such a good player. he will be in the nba maybe next year. williams with 16. stanford wins 75-60. they're 4-1 in conference play and 8-3 overall. frustrating season for mark fox and the cal bears. hosting washington. 59 all in the second half. joel brown the steal and he goes coast to coast for the score. go ahead. and 61-59 cal. they go on a 12-0 run thanks in
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part to two threes. he'll bury this triple. he finished with 14. andres kelly had a team high 22. cal finally gets that first conference win. they snap the three-game slide 84-78. did you see this? cool moment last night. warriors official scorekeeper called it a year after 58 years. the team honored him and one amazing final comeback win. the 81-year-old took a photo with the team and made one final shot. 23 playoff appearances, four nba titles and six different arenas. you can tell how much he meant to the warriors. >> who knew he had those skills, chris. thanks. just ahead, a deputy showed up at a south bay high school and found some teens skateboarding.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, the icu surge plan by a bay area hospital prepared for a post holiday rush sglrchl. also, a group of trump supporters attack a black woman. one man in the group is credited for keeping her safe. the story in her very own words tonight at 11:00. trespassing call in the city
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of coopert irino turned into a skateboarding competition. santa clary county sheriffs office officials tweeted out this video where you can see one deputy tries to land an oli, even a kick flip. and the teen in the red sweater, they do a little dual. yeah, a little bit betterment comments on twitter praise the deputies for their response to the situation saying this is how community policing is done. and that's it for abc 7 news at 6:
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