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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 10, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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the fallout for the insurrection at the u.s. capitol is about to hit a turning point. talk of impeachment is becoming a reality and only one way president trump can avoid it. thank you for joining us. i'm deon lynn. developing news out of washington where the calls for president trump's removal could lead to him being impeached a second time. nancy pelosi is giving vice president mike pence 24 hours to invoke the 25th amendment, and if he doesn't, she plans on moving forward with impeachment proceedings. this all comes as another republican senator is calling on the president to resign. >> reporter: with just ten days left in office, president trump is facing a second impeachment. >> you'll never take back our country with weakness. you have to show strength and be strong. >> reporter: house democrats
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drawing up one article of impeachment, accusing the president of, quote, willfully inciting violence against the government. they could delay sending it the senate for trial. more than 200 democrats support impeachment. some say one priority is to prevent donald trump from ever holding office again. >> if we allow insurrection with impunity, no accountability, we have inviting it to happen again. >> reporter: but a group of several republican law makers and other alliesare asking president-elect joe biden to stop any efforts, saying it's unnecessary as it is inflammatory. >> say stand down. this will destroy the country even further. the question is do you have the courage to do it? >> it's the full two-thirds of americans say trump shoulders much of the game for the capitol riot. 56% believe he should be removed from office, while 43% say he
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should not. >> i think the best thing for the country to heal would be for him to resign. the next best thing is the 25th amendment. >> senator pat toomey joining lisa murkoucwski in calling for the president's resignation. >> i think it's the best path forward, the best way to get this person in the rear-view mirror for us. that could happen immediately. >> abc news, washington d.c. also developing out of washington tonight a procession honoring fallen capitol police officer, brian sicknick. they lined up to pay their respects team sicknick who died after the siege on capitol hill. here in the bay area, democrats and republicans are reacting to news of a possible impeachment for the president. some question if it's the right move.
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abc 7 news reporter joins us live in the news room and thinks seem to be moving pretty quickly on this. >> you're right. california democrats seem to be on a fast track towards impeachment proceedings, demanding the president be held accountable for last week's riot. but one local republican says it's just the wrong move. from just 24 hours away from what could be president trump's second impeachment, nancy pelosi is making her case. >> sadly, the person running the executive branch is a deranged, unhinged, dangerous president of the united states. but he has done something so serious that there should be prosecution against him. >> reporter: they plan to enter a resolution, cue accusine president of willfully inciting violence against the government and demand he be held accountable for it. >> i think it's imperative we move on impeachment and do it quickly.
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>> he has to be held accountable. this cannot set a precedent for future presidents if they get away with it. >> if this is not impeachable conduct, nothing is. that's why we're introducing the article of impeachment. >> reporter: but the chair of the san francisco republican party believes it will only make things worse. >> it's a bad move, doesn't help the country and it exacerbates the problem as we have a new president about to be inaugurated. >> it was a night of rampage carries out in 1938 that the nazi equivalent of the proud boys. >> reporter: in a seven-minute viral video on twitter, arnold schwarzenegger links it to events leading up to the holocaust. >> he will go down in history as the worst president ever. the good thing is he soon will be as irrelevant as an old tweet.
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>> a long-time critic of president trump says you will never win trying to overturn the u.s. constitution. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> no mincing words there. many thanks. amazon has suspended parlor from the web service and plans to take it off line before midnight local time. it's been a hub for conservative users. they removed the parlor app, siting a lack of moderation of postinizecouraging violence. new developments with the coronavirus pandemic. california reported nearly 50,000 newly diagnosed cases today. another 468 people died. that's a big drop from yesterday when they set a single day record. the icu availability is 3%. which is why the stay-at-home order has been issued indefinitely for the region. an update on the story we first told you about last night on abc 7 news.
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they entered the red level. and this means they opened another ward dedicated to patients and it means more limitations on surgeries. to the south bay where walmart has temporarily closed the san jose super center for deep cleaning. you're looking at video from earlier today before the store shut down at 2:00 p.m. we're checking with the health department to find out if this was in response to a covid outbreak. walmart would only say this is part of a company-initiated program to allow cleaning crews to thoroughly sanitize the store. it will happen tuesday at 7:00 a.m. they lined up around the corner to receive free rapid testing in san francisco's mission district. those tests are for people who work in grocery stores, construction or restaurants, who haven't been able to shelter in place.
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it's a welcome in the district where positivity is as high as 10%. results are usually available within about two hours. >> not just because it's self serving for our communities but because it protects all of san francisco when we insure people can be identified and help can be isolated. >> the testing is made possible through a friendship with the latino task force. testing is available daily except thursdays and saturdays. and starting tomorrow small businesses will once again be able to apply for small loans to help them survive the pandemic. the paycheck protection program is relaunching, where they'll be able to apply tomorrow. and the u.s. small business administration says and women led businesses. as well as other minorities. on the national front, the
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united states has surpassed more than 22 million confirmed cases of coronavirus. more than 373,000 have lost their lives. the push to get more vaccines out, and the public is going critical. minnesota is now the ninth state to confirm case thos of the hig contagious u.k. strain of the virus. and by the owned of the week, they plan to have 160 locations open. arizona, which has the highest infection rate per capita, is turning a stadium into a 24-hour vaccine site. >> we've got to start getting the vaccines out. we're in the middle of a horrible surge. that variant is probably in every state or most states in the country. we've got to get people vaccinated quickly. >> president-elect joe biden says he plans to release all the available vaccine doses, rather than hold any back for second doses. on saturday, we saw the last
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episode of "jeopardy" hosted by alex trebek. and see who the next guest host will be. and see who's back. the most famous bald eagle is at it again. a look at jacky and the presents she may be bringing everybody in about a month. >> a pretty cloudy end for a lot of us to finish out the weekends and a high surf warning in effect on our coastline. - ( phone ringing )es offers - big button,alized phones... and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours. health insurance shouldn't be one of them.
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>> there he is. jennings haz a tough act to follow. trebek was the legendary host until his passing in november at the age of 80. jennings will be followed by a parade of interim hosts until a permanent replacement is selected. you can watch monday through friday right here on abc 7. we could see fresh local dungeoness crab at local markets as soon as next week. it usually starts in november but crab fisherman and whole sale buyers haven't agreed on a price until now. drop their traps monday morning and bring in the first catch monday at 8:00 a.m. which means you could have fresh ditchingeness on the table by friday night. and a landmark legislation that would allow college athletes to get paid. all after the league received a
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warning from the darnepartment justice about possible antitrust violations. they're considering a proposal that would prevent them from entering sponsorship deals. they could prevent one of the ath lets with striking a deal with another shoe. the league's president plans to meet this deal. it was no day at the beach in the bay area. we saw pretty big winds rolling in. the high surf we're tracking and dense fog developing overnight tonight. we have t
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a warning to beach goers today.
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a high surf warning is in effect until 9:00 p.m. this is a look at ocean beach in san francisco this afternoon. they reported the potential for 30-foot waves in some areas. last sunday a sonoma county man was killed after being swept n to the ocean. a large tree came crashing down in san francisco this afternoon, taking down power lines with it. the 45-foot tree toppled over on henry street at sanchez sometime before 1:00 today, even blocking the street. pg&e got to work fixing the lines right away. the large waves and wind playing a role there. lots to keep track of. >> and we're d tracking dense fog and warmer weather on the horizon. earlier this morning we had pock tsz of drizzle, mainly in the north bay. the drizzle has moved out but
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the cloud cover is hanging around for much of the region. here's the high surf warning still in effect until this evening. and for reference, on a calm day, wave heights are around four to five feet. and that west/northwesterly swell is still with us and could likely exceed 28/30 feet right now. and temperatures, 60 degrees in our warmest spots. and a lot of cloud cover in the north bay. only 52 that current temperature in santa rosa. cloud cover and temperatures in the mid-40s to mid40, there will be cause developing shortly after midnight and will turn dense in some areas.
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a dense fog will go into effect. and an area where you want to be careful and a low and we're tracking not dense fog overhead. midday, we may get more in the cloud cover. and temperatures mainly in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. but tomorrow a welcome back. so, we had a coastal flood advisory in effect starting at 3:00 a.m. and coastal flooding is possible. here are your high tides over the next couple of days. they're in the late morning hours and this is when we could
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see some coastal flooding in our low lying areas. keep your eyes on that, especially if you're close to the water and around the bay shoreline 58 in the city, 60 in oakland. 61 in san jose. 60 in concord, the same. the accuweather seven-day forecast, dense fog. tuesday a chance of a sprinkle in the north bay. unfortunately, no widespread beneficial rain. and looking at records in our warmest spots going to low 70s. >> more 70s from yesterday. thanks. with a preview of sports, let's get to chris alvarez. >> 49 fans, we go down memory lane. it's a play you'll never forget. plus with covid concerns popping up around the nba.
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the warriors and raptors are scheduled to tip off at the bottom of the hour in chase center. but earlier we had a constant reminder of the challenge of playing during a pandemic. the game was postponed because miami doesn't have the minimum eight players required due to ongoing contact tracing. steve kerr says if it gets to be too much, he believes the league will go into a shutdown again. >> i'm confident that if we get to a point where we feel like
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this is dangering people's health and lives, that we'll stop. if that point comes, i'm confident that decision will be made. so, we're trying to listen to the league, listen to our own people in our own organization, to our city officials and just do everything according to what's being laid out for us and then we'll go from there and see where it all goes. super wild card weekend continued today with three more playoff games as baltimore's lamar jackson looked for his first win against the titans. looking to get revichg on a titans team that knocked them out of the playoffs lasts year. what a play that was. tennessee jumped to a 10-0 lead. but lamar gets loose. he's so good in the open field and turns on the jets and he is gone. 48 yards to the house as he dives into the end zone.
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315 all-purpose yards and scored 17 unanswered to take the lead. 2:00 left. tannehill looking for a big play but he's tipped off by marcus peters and he'll take that back and get knocked down. but baltimore stomps midfield. ravens win 20-13. college football's national champion will be crowned tomorrow in miami. as number one, alabama takes on number five, ohio state. and harris won the award as top running back. he lead with 24 rushing touchdowns, racked up just over 1700 all-purpose yards and 27 total scores and says he couldn't have done it without his mom. >> of course, my mom has been there for me throughout this all started. words can't explain. she plays both roles for me.
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words can't describe how much she's done for me and how much i care. >> a play that forever changed the 49ers franchise happened on this day 49 years ago. dwight clark for a play simply known as "the catch." san francisco went on to win their first super bowl that season and a dynasty was born as the niners won four super bowls in the decades. they were the game of the decade. it is one of the best. >> even people who are not football fans, not to mention theying make it look so easy, right? always love a good flashback. and speaking of jacky and shadow are at it again. we
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one of california's most famous bird couples is at it again and the entire world is watching. a bald eagle, who goes by the name of jacky, laid an egg yesterday and is fiercely protecting her nest near big bear. it's stunning to see how it's all in high definition. there's a web cam that allows mom to return to her eggs. last week the pair lost an egg to some ravens. let's hope we can keep this going and have a good update for you in the days to come.
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that's it for abc 7 news at 5:00. thanks for tonight, the two new videos. shocking images from that deadly siege on the u.s. capitol, as house democrats move to impeach president trump for a second time. the chilling moment. this rioter seen punching and smashing glass windows. members of congress right on the other side. house democrats expected to bring that article of impeachment to the floor tomorrow. tonight, a second republican senator urging the president to resign. inside the siege. disturbing new video showing an officer dragged down the capitol stairs. that mob appearing to beat him with an american flag. it comes as fallen officer brian sicknick is honored. his hearse passing by the capitol building during an emotional procession. days after his death, flags at the white house now lowered to half staff. federal authorities continuing


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