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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 15, 2021 6:00am-6:58am PST

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getting this message when trying to set a date to get the covid vaccine. it led to gon with the vaccine rollout. >> a heightened state of security in the nation's capitol ahead of joe biden's inauguration. details coming up. >> and the taco bell announcement that is getting a lot of buzz this morning. the fan favorites returning to the menu. what is happening. >> good morning, everybody. it is january 15th, also friday. happy you're with all of us and hopefully doing well and we're going to start with mike and a look at that forecast. hi, mike. >> hi, jobina, reggie, sue. hi, everybody. let's talk about a little bit of fog out there right now. it is mainly up in the north bay, especially in napa and solano chiantis, you see from sutro tower there, clear everywhere else. we do have a dense fog advisory, meaning visibility will be dangerously low, especially at
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highway speeds up until 11:00. so that does encompass the for. here is a look at our afternoon forecasta canopy of high clouds will dim the sunshine just enough to keep us from reaching record highs today. 64 to about 69 degrees. plenty of records possible this weekend. i'll show you the warm temperatures coming up. reggie? >> mike, thank you. this morning there are some encouraging signs when it comes to california's overwhelming covid surge. it could actually be subsiding. now, i say that at the same time i say that we are not out of the woods. so here is the little bit of good news. the state's seven-day positivity rate, the percentage of coronavirus tests that come back with a positive result dropped from last week. so now we are at12.6%. and the number of hospitalizations in icu patients declining, slightly. however, yesterday alone the state reported 552 deaths. and that means someone in california is dying from
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coronavirus just about every two and a half minutes. and santa clara county is now also the first bay area county to top more than 1,000 covid-related deaths. we are tracking the bay area as a whole, every day, and you see the rolling average here, that yellow line on the graph continues to go up. >> seeing that makes it clear there is no time to waste when it comes to delivering the covid-19 vaccine to the masses. but healthcare websites are slammed, phone lines are seeing serious weigait times and local counties don't have enough doses right now. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco as bay area seniors are so frustrated about this, amy. >> they are, jobina. the city of san francisco is in talks to possibly create a megavaccin heret orark that can't come soon enough. seniors are frustrated. they're having a hard time. we're hearing story after story of seniors trying to get the vaccine, with no luck.
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sutter health and caser permanente, they set up vaccine phone lines, but they were overloaded with calls. governor gavin newsom says california can now start vaccinating people who are 65 and older. but bay area counties say they aren't ready for that. they are still struggling to vaccinate these 75 and older crowd. >> so my father's been calling to try to get the appointment to get vaccinated and he's been on hold for two hours and still hasn't spoken to anyone. but, yeah, i'm pretty worried. i really want my parents to get vaccinated. i don't want them to die from covid. >> reporter: we have heard success stories too. one marin couple got a call from their healthcare provider to sign up with a sutter clinic in berkeley. they got the shot, but they did cross county lines for it. and the marin county health officer says he can see why people would county hop. marin doesn't have enough doses. he says he would love to see a more uniform state wide approach
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so there wouldn't be disparities between counties. that's the issue here in san francisco. the space would be great. san francisco is trying to find enough doses to meet the need and the demand at a site this large. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc news. >> amy, thank you. president-elect joe biden plans to give his more specific plan today for administering covid-19 vaccines nationwide. it comes just a day after he released his administration's full nearly $2 trillion pandemic rescue plan. >> the crisis of deep human suffering is in plain sight. there is no time to waste. we have to act and we have to act now. >> here are some of the key items the proposal would provide an additional $1400 in direct payments to most americans, that's on top of the $600 checks many just received. $170 billion would go to help schools reopen safely. and $160 billion would create a
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national vaccine program and boost testing. president-elect joe biden is set to speak around 12:45 this afternoon. you may soon be able to store your vaccination records in one place online. mo they're joining forces to create a digital vaccine passport. this passport lets users prove they received the covid-19 vaccine with just the push of a button. developers say this tech will be useful for people entering schools, workplaces, airports, and other businesses. abc 7 put together a helpful tool to let you see how california and the country is doing in the vaccine rollout. you see where you fall in line to get vaccinated and tips how to make an appointment when it is your turn. that's all at a new abc news washington post poll this morning surveyed how americans feel about the last insurrection at the capitol last week. nine in ten people oppose the attack. nearly seven in ten say president trump bears at least some responsibility. 56% favors efforts in congress
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to bar him from holding elected office again. 42% say they should not. the national survey also finds 54% say trump should be charged criminally for inciting the riot. 43% said he should not be charged. the fbi is stepping up security ahead of joe biden's inauguration, abc news reporter faith abube has the latest from washington. >> reporter: authorities say they're sifting through more than 140,000 digital media tips ahead of the inauguration. this morning, the nation's capitol looking like a with razr wire now surrounding the capitol building and behind it, some of the 21,000 national guard members, deployed for inauguration. more american troops in washington now than in iraq and afghanistan combined. officials considering keeping crowds out of the national mall for biden's swearing in.
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>> it is kind of scary. >> reporter: fbi director christoph christoph christoph christopher wray is tracking individuals. investigators say so far 80 cases have been charged in federal court. and 34 people have been arrested in connection with the riot. the fbi has identified more than 200 suspects. >> anybody who plots or attempts violence in the coming week should count on a visit. >> reporter: at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, new images of the transition in action. moving trucks and the white house. president trump's aides seen packing up. >> i'm sure we have a safe inauguration. >> and during the inauguration, the fbi says it plans to operate around the clock command posts at each of its 56 field offices and its headquarters. in washington, faith abube, abc news. abc news will have continuous live coverage of the inauguration on wednesday, it begins as early as 6:00 a.m.
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here on abc 7. coming up, the hot ticket items you can buy in vending machines at oakland international airport. >> getting ready for the safe return to school, state officials launched a new resource to keep parents informed. >> and many of us will enjoy record warmth this weekend, but it will come at a price. we do have dangerous winds, gusting up to 55 miles per hour
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we always have a big party, it's a big thing for us. everyone gets together... to just have fun. the happy chaos... a lot of noise and... for me, i just enjoy it all... ♪ ♪ ♪
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roinferver the sky0 to52 ouds degrees. there is the possibility of some fog later this morning. as you can see, we have plenty of it across the north bay and some of that just like yesterday could filter into san francisco
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in the next couple of hours. temperatures running from 39 in pleasanton, all the way to 62 in the hills around pacifica. all right, east bay hills at 60 now. great day to be outside. take breaks if you're going to be at homeworking or learning. the bay is going to be calm, a little hazy in the morning, though. beaches unfortunately dangerous surf is back and it starts at 11:00 this morning. and goes through 7:00 tomorrow evening. breakers up to 20 feet, possibly 30 feet around mavericks.wel ta weather this weekend coming up. let me get over to sue and find out about the commute. hi, sue. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. it is very quiet out there this morning on this friday. my producer was telling me there have been no mitering lights at the bay bridge since the holidays, or before the holidays. so that's good news for commuters coming in from the east bay. let's look at right now at the richmond san rafael bridge, very light, a few headlights coming in towards marin county. and we'll flip over to the
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golden gate bridge, no fog. if you're coming over the waldo grade, that isooking clear as a bell. you have four lanes in the southbound direction. and two lanes in the northbound direction. and quickly a look at your drive times if you're headed out, this is what we call light, very friday light. less than 30 minutes westbound 580 to dublin, highway 4 to concord looking good, under 15 minutes. and that ride san rafael to san francisco still less than 20 minutes. >> thank you, sue. this is really cool. vending machines with covid-19 tests are being installed at the oakland airport for first time. they'll dispense at home rapid antigen saliva and pcr tests similar to what you see at uc san diego. kits start at $130, but here's the thing, you get results in 15 minutes. you can start seeing them in terminal 1 as soon as next week. >> look at the innovation out here. >> that could really help a lot
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of people who need to have that test before they get on the flight. >> absolutely. and love the safety there. still ahead on our show, californians file a lawsuit against bank of america and how they say they lost millions of dollars in unemployment benefits. >> it is a new year with new possibilities. >> i cannot take this. you're not still asleep. this is not a fever dream. this is a talking potato. the announcement from taco bell that is getting a lot of attention this morning. >> and as we head to break here, we're taking a live look outside at the embarcadero and the bay bridge. traffic is pretty lig
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new this morning, santa rosa city schools say they'll be ready to open the classrooms by the beginning of march. the question is if the county will be ready. the superintendent announced the date to reopen last night,
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following the release of the righow sona county isdnesday. 48. state officials have launched a school reopening website to help teachers and parents find information about the state's planned resumption of in person classes. it also allows them to report health and safety concerns related to covid-19. the website accompanies governor newsom's safe schools for all plan, which will focus on reopening schools next month for students in tk through second grade. higher grades would start somewhere later in the spring. grocery delivery app instacart is announcing it will pay workers $25 to get a covid-19 vaccination starting next month. the san francisco startup says to shi leanfuvi oprs.joe's i o ince
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to give workers time to get their shots. employees would get two hours of extra pay per dose. new at 6:00, taco bell is bringing back some beloved items that you apparently missed. >> we have some big news today. as of march 11th, potatoes are officially back at taco bell. give us a minute to get them back to most restaurants but know we're working hard to make things right. >> so that means items like cheesy fiesta potatoes and the spicy potato soft taco are making a comeback. the they were initially removed when the restaurant chain went to drive through only during the pandemic, but the people were angry, taco bell listened, it is now saying it is sorry. they planned on expanding their vegetarian menu this year. happy to hear that. i for one had no idea that taco bell served potatoes. >> me either. and did you all see the way he said potatoes.
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potatoes are back. mike, help us. what region is that? th?>> hs a potato. >> he's a potato. >> he's going to sacrifice for us? >> that doesn't make sense either. why is he -- why is he crossing his own people? >> i don't know. >> right. that's what i was thinking. snarky mood i'm in this morning. all right, let's talk about what's going on weatherwise while you ponder that thought. and so will social media, i'm sure. let's take a look at what's going on from mount tamm where the winds are relatively light, compared to how we end the weekend with the high wind watch. su, chance of record highs lle y tomorrow through the holiday monday. and those gusty winds monday and they'll be blowing tuesday also,
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but they'll be bringing in much cooler weather. today, because we're starting cooler, and we have got dimmer sunshine, we're not going to be quite as warm as yesterday. we'll be close to records but we won't set any today. 67 to 71 in the south bay. 65 to 68 on theast. to mid-60s in downtown, south san francisco. 64 to 69 just spread through beaches.the north bay valleys, 64 to 66 along the east bay shore with 65 in oakland. and 65 to 69 in our east bay valleys with livermore the warm spot at 69. tonight, you can see, temperatures will be milder, mid to upper 40s in most neighborhoods with fog across the north bay and little bit along coast once again. here is a look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, temperatures rebound tomorrow, near record highs. sunday, same thing, with mid to upper 60s at the coast. low 70s, even a few mid-70s will start showing up sunday inland. and then we'll have mid-60s to
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near 70 along the coast and low to mid-70s for the holiday. mlk day, martin luther king jr. day on monday. slow to mid-70s almost everywhere, but it will come at a price with the breezy conditions and then they get colder. those breezes do tuesday. 60s and then 30s return for lows wednesday and thursday with highs in the 50s and 60s. enjoy the touch of spring this weekend. back to you. >> mike, we're going to turn to ginger zee live with a look at what's coming up on "gma" at 7:00. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, jobina, hey, reggie and mike, nice to see everybody this morning. coming up on "gma," we'll start with president-elect biden revealing that new coronavirus rescue plan. what is in it? is it going to help? we'll get some answers to those questions and then the clock ticking down to president trump's historic second impeachment trial as more than 20,000 national guard troops are descending on our nation's capitol. all to protect from potential
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violence before the inauguration next week. our political team is standing by with more on all fronts. also, we know that death rates are skyrocketing, like never before, from coronavirus. so people trying to get those vaccines are now going to the next level, right. they're starting to do something called vaccine tourism, where they flock to cities that have a better rollout. we will get into that. and then we also want you to meet the all female team of healthcare heroes braving the alaskan wild. you never think about this. but you have to travel hundreds of miles in sub-zero temperatures just to get covid vaccines to the most vulnerable. they are going to be live with us with their incredible story, you don't want to miss it, so much more coming up here "gma."w,ng, jobina and i have a question for you. we have worked all over the country, i know you have too. we just aired this taco bell story where they said potato. have you ever lived anywhere where potato was an acceptable
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pronunciation? >> yes, i think so. i think that would have been fine where i grew up in michigan. at least in parts of it. potato. >> potato. >> why not? >> is the plural potatoes? >> yeah, potatoes. no e, yeah, i'm trying to think about it. yeah, but the soda and pop was bigger where i'm from. they do pop. and that was -- that sounds jarring when i say it here. >> nice cold pop and some potatoes. okay. well, every day here on abc 7 mornings, we like to solve something, we just solved that. we appreciate you.
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new at 6:00 a.m., a lawsuit has been filed against bank of america and the u.s. district court in san francisco. it alleges that b of a failed to protect unemployment benefits for thousands of californians.
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last month 7 on your side's michael finney reported on hackers stealing money out of people's accounts. for some, reimbursing the money, bank of america locked their accounts. the complaint alleges b of a did not provide security safeguards for edd payments. the lawsuit says the bank failed to respond to defrauded customers in a timely way. michael finney and 7 on your side, they have been investigating problems with the edd for months. you can find those stories on our website, 2020 returns, the irs free file alliance program is now available. provides fre tax pren mex season will likely begin in late january, but taxpayers can use free file now, once the irs officially kicks off tax season, der will
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submit your returns. happening today, marvel releases its first series for disney plus, wanda vision. the show begins like a sitcom and pays homage to tv comedy classics like the dick van dyke show and i dream of jeangenie. it is like nothing we have seen before. >> i think the dna through and through in our show is 100% marvel. i believe the way we are unraveling a story about these two characters is -- it is completely unique and unlike what we're used to. >> disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> i don't know the characters at all. but i really like elizabeth olsen and so i'm in. >> yes to all of that. it looks very cool, just -- >> it does. it is stylized. it is giving us, like, i don't
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know. old school '50s tv vibes. >> with the robot. >> with the robot. okay. we'll be watching. next at 6:30, two bay area entrepreneurs get a shot at impressing the sharks. the local businesses who will be on shark tank tonight. the push for vaccinations, why one california hospital is paying its staff to get the shot. plus, an announcement this morning from the biden administration, you work hard for your money. stretched days for it. juggled life for it. took charge for it. inisexof j. morgan either with an advisor or online, through chase. after all, it's yours.
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now at 6:30, a possible mass vaccination site in the bay area is up for discussion today as health providers deal with crashing websites, error messages and overall lack of supply. the biden administration announced some key nominations just a few hours ago.
6:30 am
the picks to lead major federal agencies. and if you're feeling lucky, tonight's mega millions jackpot reached 750 million bucks. and it is not the only big lottery coming up. >> let's make some money, honey. good morning, everybody. it is friday, january 15th. i know, mike, you're ready for it. did you buy a ticket? >> i have not. my wallet is empty of cash now. i think i will be running to the atm or you can use a debit card to buy them, you cannot use a credit card, i learned that recently. so -- >> that's probably a good idea. >> right. it is, isn't it? we have a one in 300 million chance of winning, so some of us, yeah. probably not going to play. dense fog advisory out there and it is mainly for solano chianon now, visibility up to a quarter of an mile through 11:00. it is an inability to see a car stopped in front of you or slower and your inability to
6:31 am
stop in time. be careful there. this is slow as you look at the winds spreading to the east across 37, to san pablo bay. like yesterday, it could end up making it as far south as the bay bridge. right now, looks pretty clear from mt. tam, you see a warm sunrise about to develop. a look at the temperatures, 41 to 48. cooler this morning for sure. low to mid-60s noon to 4:00 with high clouds and 50s, mid to upper 50s, enjoy a wonderful evening. we'll talk more about the record temperatures coming up. here's reggie. happening today, authorities will discuss turning the oakland coliseum parking lot into a mass vaccination site. the coliseum is one of several sports stadiums in the bay area that are now in talks with government officials. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is outside oracle park, another place being considered for the mass vaccines. amy? >> reporter: hi, good morning, reggie. the stadiums make a lot of sense they need space. stadiums have them and the giants say the city can use this
6:32 am
as a vaccination site. the city is worried they don't have enough vaccinations for a site this size. that is the issue now in the east bay. they're working to make all of these factors come together. they are looking at the oakland coliseum as a super vaccination site and they will discuss that possibility in its meeting today. city counsel members say they vaccination process. >> right now in california, the holdup is actually getting the vaccines out to people. and so working to open large scale vaccination sites like the oakland coliseum is a crucial part of how we protect people's lives and protect public health. >> reporter: the giants have offered up their stadium, the city of san francisco is optimistic more doses will be heading this way once joe biden is iugured next week. the san jose sharks, earthquakes and the san francisco 49ers are also offering up their stadiums and arenas in the south bay as well. the issue is coordinating it all
6:33 am
and getting enough doses. no word on when these could reopen with everyone agreeing this is a very complex process. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. dodgers stadium is opening as one of the largest mass vaccination sites in the country today. according to l.a. mayor eric garcetti, the stadium will be able to vaccinate up to 12,000 people a day. eligibility remains limited to healthcare workers and seniors and nursing facilities. one in three people in the county has been infected with covid-19. contra costa county health services will provide an update today. expected to talk about how residents can make appointments in the coming weeks. the county recently opened up eligibility to people 65 and up. and their update starts at 11:00 this morning. possipot you te e country's leading hotel grade group, the american hotel and lodging association sent a letter to joe biden's transition team. they say more than 50,000 hotels
6:34 am
have the ability. the letter points out the cleanliness of hotels and infrastructure and refrigeration capabilities. last year the organization made more than 2 million hotel rooms available for temporary housing for healthcare workers. a major source of frustration when it comes to getting the vaccine is making an appointment. people were reported hours on the phone to get an appointment with kaiser. they expect to have an online self-service tool where people can schedule appointments by the end of next week. so many people trying to sign up for a vaccine at sutter health yesterday that my health online was temporarily offline. a phone recording alerted patients that the call system was at capacity. >> your sutter provider is not able to schedule a vaccination or provide vaccination at this time. >> if you're eligible to get the vaccine, and shots are available, county health officials basically say wait. >> we will be getting notices
6:35 am
out when or at least word out when vaccines will be available for the age group. >> san francisco mayor london breed, director of health dr. grant koufax will update today. hospitalizations have shown to be slightly decreasing around the bay area recently. on monday, mayor breed and dr. koufax said it appears the surge in cases has not been as bad as it was following thanksgiving. we'll stream the mayor's update on our website, beginning at 12:30. officials are warning about the accuracy of curative covid-19 tests. the fda said the oral swab test may be generating an ainaccurat results. they said they will continue to offer the curative tests, there using the mouth swab tests at pop-up sites. a hospital in oak dale is paying workers to get the
6:36 am
vaccine. oak valley hospital management says only 40% of employees initially signed up for the shot. so they started offering $300 to workers to increase participation. some wonder is it bribery? >> you don't look at it as bribing. we look at it as a -- more of a positive incentive. i think you're putting a value on someone's safety. people's lives are at stake. >> workers can only get the money after they show documentation. they got the second dose of the vaccine. more people have already signed up. we're counting down to inauguration day as you're about to see on your screen. or not. joe biden will officially take oath of office at noon on wednesday. i'll just tell you. president-elect joe biden is tasking dr. david kessler with leading the operation warp speed, the white house initial tiff to speed up covid-19
6:37 am
treatments and vaccine. he helped speed up the development and approval of aids drugs in the '90s. kessler has already been serving on biden's covid-19 advisory board. and the president-elect also announced five more picks for key administration posts. janet mccabe, nominated for deputy administrator of the epa, the other nominations are shah landia young, deputy director for the office of management and budget, jason miller, deputy director for management within that department, and david cohen as deputy director of the cia. also deanna chriswell as fema administrator. new this morning, airlines and travel companies are taking steps to prevent potential violence on inauguration day. united, american, delta, alaska and volunteer airlines are banning firearms from checked luggage on flights to and from washington, d.c. through inauguration day. american airlines is also going to stop serving alcohol on d.c. bound flights. the faa has established zero
6:38 am
tolerance policy for disruptive passengers. violators could face a $35,000 fine or prison time and lodging companies like airbnb and hotel tonight are canceling reservations made in the d.c. area. abc news will have live continuous coverage of the inauguration on wednesday. it begins as early as 6:00 a.m. here on abc 7. this is tough to hear, we're going to hear from those currently sick with covid-19. they describe what they're seeing in bay area hospitals. >> looking live at big board, new york stock exchange, another update on how the markets are doing coming up. an engineer shows off her homemade ironman suit. it is going viral on tiktok. we'll show it to you late fie wt to check in with mike on this forecast for this weekend. >> all right, thank you, jobina, reggie, hi, everybody. thank you for joining us on this friday. going to be really warm this
6:39 am
weekend. get outside, shake off the cabin fever. temperatures in the mid-70s, all the way into the bay as possible. this morning we're starting off a little bit cooler up to double digits cooler like 18 degrees cooler in places like half moon bay, 11 in livermore, 12 in santa rosa. that puts low to mid-40s in the soth bay. once you get to the hills, 61 in los altos hills. let's talk about your commute, by going back to san jose, you see how bright it is. grab the sunglasses. the fog in the north bay, your commute weatherwise should be very nice. let's look at our microclimates. san francisco, average high 56, you'll reach 70 at least by monday. all right, over in the east bay, 56, but look at those upper 60s, mid-70s this weekend. and as we head into the peninsula, upper 60s to low 70s, also, well off your average high of 58 degrees. now it is going to continually get warmer here. the north bay, 69 to 73 this
6:40 am
weekend with average high of 58. the south bay, 71 to 74 degrees possible. your average high is 58. in the east bay valleys, in the upper 60s today, look at the mid-70s tomorrow through monday. your average high is 56. that's why we're going to set some records. this will come at a cost, we have dangerous surf and dangerous winds. i'll talk about those next. here is sue with a look at your morning commute. >> good morning, everyone. beautiful weekend to take a noise drive and enjoy the warm weather. currently it is pretty quiet out there for your friday morning drive. heading into a long holiday weekend, i suspect this afternoon might be a tad busier. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. cars are filtering quite nightly through there and just a little bit of slowing toward the tunnel westbound. we take a look elsewhere, we have a look at 880 by the coliseum. taillights headed in the northbound direction, slowing there, there is some late road work yet to be picked up. but otherwise you're moving at
6:41 am
in towards highway -- from highway 238, in towards the maze. 15 minutes. 101, sfo, toward the airport, 11 minutes in the
6:42 am
6:43 am
rescuers are looking for survivors following a 6.2 magnitude quake in indonesia. at least 42 people were killed after the powerful quake flattened homes and a hospital and triggered landslides. disaster officials expect the number of casualties to grow as they receive information from areas that have been cut off. this morning, signs that california's overwhelming covid surge may be subsiding. the state's seven-day positivity rate, the percentage of coronavirus tests that have a positive result, has dropped. it is 12.6% and the number of
6:44 am
hospitalizations and icu patients are declining slightly. we are very far from being out of the woods. for example, in alameda county there are more than 400 people in the hospital with covid-19. abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone spoke with a mother and daughter who are in the hospital. >> reporter: right now, 38-year-old jackylyn zarandona is battling covid-19 at kaiser permanente in oakland. >> it is a horrible thing. but just got to do what we got to do. >> reporter: while jackylyn is alone in her room, she's not without family in the building. her mom, bing sarmiento, who she lives with, has covid-19 and is hospitalized on a different floor of the same hospital. >> i think yesterday, but i don't know what happened, all of
6:45 am
a sudden my oxygen started dropping again. >> reporter: jackylyn came to the hospital on monday, bing on tuesday. the two believe bing came into contact with someone who had covid-19 while working at walgreens. doctors have told them both to lay on their stomachs and they have been doing just that. >> doctors are reassuring us every day they come in, the nurses and the os here at kaiser permanente has rubbed off. >> we can do it. we're going to survive it. it is just covid. besafe.ste, a 7 of them. several rallies are planned around the bay area and state today, frustrated parents want to get their kidsinin highch sp. organizers have started a private facebook group called
6:46 am
let them play ca. schools are listed where simultaneous rallies will be held today or this afternoon. locations include de la sal in concord, sarah high school in san mateo, and danville. the state requires counties to be in at least the orange tier for many sports such as football to resume. the news is dedicated to telling stories that help build a better bay area. that includes education. this week, many educators have been changing their curriculum to discuss what happened at the capitol. history, government, civics teachers are discussing the attack to help their students understand thisdes need to recognize how we got to this place, and how they can provide solutions for their communities in the future. >> if you don't think about the weaknesses, and don't talk about those, whether with your students or with other people in your community, you can't address them, you can't make sure we find ways to strengthen our democracy. >> teachers say they're discussing whether america will be able to end the era of
6:47 am
division and eventually come together. as kamala harris makes history as the vice president, twitter created a new second gentleman account for her husband doug inhofe. on wednesday, the current at second lady account for karen pence ended, the new second gentleman account won't inherit the followers from second lady, but followers will get a notification to follow new accounts with the biden administration. now to your morning money report, disney land is ending its popular annual passport program. the company says it is because of the uncertainty of the pandemic and limitations around the reopening of disney land and california adventure theme parks and anaheim. if you have a pass, you'll get a refund, the company says it is also working on new membership for the future. for now, disneyland is serving as a massiveing aive look now at the new york stock exchange. trading gets under way this morning. you see we're down about 123
6:48 am
points. shoppers will soon have to go outside of san francisco to visit marshalls. this is a sad one for some people. the san francisco chronicle reports marshalls will close its store on market street by the end of this month. this was its only store in the city, marshall's says 84 employees will be laid off or transferred to another location. a tin tin drawing set a new record for the most expensive comic book art in history. the cover sold for a whopping 3.1 million bucks at an auction in paris. the depiction of a large red dragon on a black background never graced store shelves because it was deemed too expensive to reproduce on a wide scale. belgian artist herge created that drawing. we're hearing from a marvelous young woman. she's a huge hit on tiktok after creating a full functioning ironman suit. "good morning america" is talking to emily the engineer about this creation. she said she decided to share the video on tiktok before
6:49 am
graduating from clemson university. >> that was wild. i spent about three days making this tiktok video about behind the scenes of me making this suit and i posted it about two hours before i went to my graduation ceremony. and it had absolutely started to blow up. honestly forgot about the fact that i graduated to be completely honest. first of all, i got some back flaps that open up. every time i press a button in and en i got a laser, in my arm, every time i pull my wrist down. >> wow. emily says she built her first ironman suit when she was 14. she'll explain why she did it coming up on "gma" at 7:00. t to mention her background. wa >> i want to be her friend. that was cool. >> she's on the leading edge of
6:50 am
technology there, now, she didn't mention how many job offers she's gotten now, engineer that was able to do that. that was a good resume you're >> bank. >> congratulations to her. >> yes. >> we have some warm weather on the way. you can almost see it in this morning's sunrise from mt. tam, yellows and oranges out there. i put the winds on at 61 degrees on mt. tam. there is warm weather out there. just in the high early vacations. i put the winds on, that's how we end the weekend, with some really breezy conditions and heightened fire concern. not critical, but just heightened. right now around 9 to 16. they could be up to 50 to 55 by sunday night to monday morning. that's what's going to round out the holiday weekend, where we have near record highs. for today, parou of degrees cooler this afternoon. no records today. dangerous surf if you enjoy the
6:51 am
mild temperatures at the beaches today and tomorrow. high clouds, little foggy in the coast and north bay again and well into northern canada. completely bypassing us, other than a few high passing high clouds which keeps us around 64 to 69 degrees. 10:00, 11:00 this morning, 7:00 tomorrow, up to 20 feet, not as powerful as the last round of breakers where we saw at mavericks. you can get up to 30 this time. tonight, temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. here is a look at our wind advisory. above a thousand feet. if you don't have it locked down or brought inside, sustained winds around 40 to 45 will knock it down or take it away as winds can gust up to hour. will be a very noisy high elevation sunday night into monday. temperatures with that dry offshore breeze and heightened fire concern monday will be our
6:52 am
warmest. the breezes continue, but they're cooler on tuesday. and then 30s for lows and 60s for highs getting back closer to average wednesday and thursday. have a great holiday weekend. back to you. >> mike, thank you. happening now, some roads in ventura county are closed while firefighters work to put out hot spots from this 250 acre brush fire. it requires evacuations last night in thousand oaks. high winds fueled the fire after it broke out around 5:00 last night. crews managed to stop all four in progress and just a few hours by 9:00. evacuations are lifted now, but the fire is still burning. this morning, actor dustin diamond best known for his role as screech on "saved by the b bell" is in the hospital. he has stage four cancer. tmz reported the 44-year-old went to a florida hospital over the weekend after feeling pain all over his body. diamond's representative told entertainment weekly the actor is undergoing chemo. no details are available on his type of cancer. work to build a better bay area means fighting for racial and social justice.
6:53 am
and that means in our schools, our workplace and our communities and basically everything else in between. that includes our daily commute on b.a.r.t. and the push for fair and thoughtful policing. b.a.r.t. has unveiled an updated plan to position 20 unarmed crisis intervention personnel throughout the system. they'll be based out of six stations, walnut creek, fremont, and powell street. nearly 40% of all police interactions in 2020 were related to well-being and medical assistance. that's a key data point driving the program. b.a.r.t. directors say it is a way to make passengers feel safe without feeling threatened. >> we know that some of our riders are unhappy about the experience on b.a.r.t. and what we have been doing hasn't been working. >> not everyone is on board with this plan, saying it is $8.5 million price tag is too costly. the full program isn't expected to be in place until next year. do you have your lucky numbers ready? tonight's mega millions jackpot
6:54 am
swelled to $750 million, that is a cash value of more than $550 million. the jackpot is the fifth largest in lottery history. and the game's second largest ever. the chances of matching all five numbers and the meganumber are 1 in more than 302 million, but, you know who is counting. if you don't win, try again tomorrow. powerball's jackpot has swelled to 640 million bucks. bay area entrepreneurs won't need to hit a jackpot, they're going to be on shark tank tonight on abc 7. they will be featured on the episode, the company sells love bracelets. they're a reminder to love and be loved and celebrate diversity and women's empowerment. next week watch for ora bora from san francisco. the company offers sparkling water made with herbal extract, fruit and flowers. find out if these bay area entrepreneurs get a deal, you can watch "shark tank" tonight at 8:00 here on abc 7.
6:55 am
>> have you ever had an invention idea? >> you know, i feel like i do anden this then i immediately ft by the end of the "shark tank" episode. how about you? >> i had one in college and i just -- i don't know why i didn't do anything with it. it is funny, it exists today. >> what was it? >> i w come up wtoithand aten app so that you could pay for your food before you left the table. and didn't have to bother, like, the waiter or waitress or something like that, you know, because my friends are always on the go. but now during covid times, we had outdoor dining, they basically have that, where you scan the qr code and you can pay. i thought about it. should have done it. >> jobina, like, you would be, like, scrooge mcduck right now when he jumps off the diving board in the gold. you know what i mean. that would be you. and you can watch all the rugrats you would want to watch now that i know that is your thing. >> i know. you know what, everybody. send us your ideas, maybe you give us --
6:56 am
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it is 6:57. if you're just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, breaking news now, san jose police are searching for a person who shot at officers in the area of lynette and duffy way. police were responding to reports of a man firing a gun near that corner. a portion of south king road and san antonio street is closed. no injuries have been reported. residents are asked to stay in their homes. number two,he f is stepping up security ahead of the inauguration wednesday. 21,000 national guard members have been deployed. officials also considering keeping crowds out of the national mall. number three, just a day after releasing his pandemic rescue plan, president-elect joe biden plans to release his vaccine distribution plan today. you can watch him speak this afternoon. we'll stream it online at and on our app. number four, in the east bay, city and county leaders working to make the oakland coliseum a super vaccination site. it would open up the parking lot for hospitals and healthcare providers. the coliseum authority will
6:59 am
discuss this when they meet this morning. number five, will you get spring fever this weekend? record warmth and it starts tomorrow, low to mid-70s in our inland neighborhoods. look at some of the 70s move into the bay sunday. and then low to mid-70s just about everywhere for the holiday monday. and number six, following your friday morning drive, the chp issued a fog advisory for the north bay, we have a lovely shot of the bay bridge right here. and there is a little bit of fog, though, let's move on to our north bay maps. you can see it is really affecting highway 37 in the north bay. and number seven, taco bell makes a major announcement, potatoes or potatoes are back on the menu. the chain says items like the cheesy fiesta potatoes and the spicy potato soft taco will be back on march 11th. and, you guys, you missed it, sue knows how to say potatoes the right way. >> say it. >> it is potato in idaho, which
7:00 am
is the potato state. just >> s oe more? >> potato. >> potato. >> "gma" good morning, america. breaking overnight -- >> the very health of our nation is at stake. >> massive rescue plan. president-elect biden unveils a nearly $2 trillion package for schools, vaccines and the unemployed. what it could mean for every american. all this as president trump's historic senate impeachment trial looms. key republicans refuse to rule out convicting him for lighting the fuse to that insurrection, inside the white house this morning. capitol crackdow more national guardsmen pouring into d.c. for the inauguration as the fbi warns of potential violence across the country and more rioters are arrested. a retired firefighter charged with lobbing a fire extinguisher at police and this morning for the first time the firsthand accounts from some of the heroes at our nation's capital.


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