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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 15, 2021 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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announced a vaccination plan for san francisco. the city is aiming to vaccinate 10,000 people per day, yet there are so many questions on how this will get accomplished fast, and if there will be transparency and how many doses are being administered on a daily basis. after ten months of a pandemic that has rav vacced san francisco today, there was finally insight into the city's vaccination plan. >> we have a plan. we are moving these vaccines forwa forward. >> reporter: the plan includes a network of high volume vaccine sites and community-based locations in partnership with health care providers. the sites will be one in the moscone center in. the second city college of san francisco's main campus in the ocean view merced heights ingle view area. the third, the san francisco market in the bayview. along with these sites, the city also announced a website, notify.
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a vaccine notification website when people can find out when it will be their turn to get vaccinated. >> starting on tuesday, enter your information and when it is your turn to be vaccinated, you will be contacted with what you should do to make that happen. >> reporter: mayor breed mentioned several times that san francisco has a limited amount of the vaccine. today the department of public health confirmed to abc7 news that san francisco has received in fact 33,975 doses to date. 16,575 of the pfizer vaccine. 17,400 of the moderna vaccine. mayor breed says she will continue to follow the state's guidelines to distribute those doses. >> the federal government and the state are distributing the vaccines. in california, the state is giving vaccines directly to health care providers, which includes providers like kaiser permanente, dignity, ucsf and
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sutter pcmp, as well as our own department of public health. >> reporter: dr. colfax confirmed cases continue to surge, and right now 26% of icu beds are available in the city. >> we are still seeing an increase in cases and hospitalizations. unfortunately, our case rate is higher than it has ever been. >> and even with this plan, dr. colfax said most of the general public will not receive a vaccine until later in the year. well did get confirmation from dph that next week the city college site will open and the other two will follow in the weeks to come. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc7 news. there. >> has been a lot of debate about holding back doses. do you know if the city is holding back any? >> mayor breed said the city is not holding any doses back from people. dph confirmed to us that they have administered 13,566 vaccines so far, and yes, they
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do have doses in the freezers waiting for people who have appointments for those second doses. >> all right. good to know. luz pena, thank you. >> you can get your groceries and the covid-19 vaccine at safeway. stores with pharmacies will be offering shots to those who are eligible. a store supply depends on how a county is distributing a vaccine. people also need to make an appointment before they show up. safeway working to hire more pharmacy staff to keep up with demand as the vaccine becomes more widely available. oakland is one step closer to getting a mass vaccination site, and that would be in the parking lot of the oakland coliseum. the board that oversees the stadium met this morning and decided to move forward with the plan. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story. >> reporter: the oakland a's are offering full support to the idea of turning the coliseum parking lot into a vaccination set, with the a's president even agreeing today to join the task force created to make this happen. the coliseum authority hopes
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that support will translate into some money as they look at the details on how to execute this idea. >> we have a desperate need. certainly people know that the vaccine roll-out has been going incredibly slowly in california. and that is putting people at risk. and the vaccine only does good when it is actually administered. >> reporter: the coliseum authority board members said today they are looking at the mass vaccination site at dodgers stadium to learn from the logistical plan there before setting up here in oakland. they also need county health officials to sign off on the plan. but with no games or events scheduled here, they think this is a god place to settle in to for a while. >> this cannot be a one-time event to serve the needs of the community. this probably would have to run for several weeks. maybe several months. we need to work all of that out. >> reporter: so now what happens? more meetings. the interim director says he plans to meet with the county health officer next to get approval of the plan and work
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out some details. they know they know they need to act quickly, saying this will take pressure off hospitals and doctors offices. they are saying this should be open by february, maybe even a little sooner. in oakland, amy hollyfield, abc7 news. one of the largest vaccination sites in the country opened today at dodger stadium. los angeles mayor eric garcetti says the site has the capacity to vaccinate up to 12,000 people a day. right now it's only welcoming health care workers along with residents and staff workers at skilled or long-term care facilities. but governor news newsom says opening sites this one is an important step. >> we've got increase the pace of distribution in the administration of these vaccines. the reality is we need to get these vaccines out of the freezer, and we need to get them into people's arms. >> governor newsom says california's on track to meet its gel of administering one million vaccines in ten days.
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the state has partnered with 3500 providers across every county to make that possible. abc7 news is monitoring the covid vaccine roll-out in california with our vaccine tracker at as of wednesday, the state had distribute about 33% of the total doses received. you see the tracker and find out when you may be able to get vaccinated. it's on the home page of some unfortunate numbers today from california when it cops to the pandemic. the state reported 637 deaths. that is the second highest single day total. there are more than 42,000 newly diagnosed cases of covid-19. that's slightly above the daily average for the past week. the seven-di positivity rate dropped to 12%. that's a good indicator of the spread of the virus, and this number has been slowly droppg the past few days. friends of one of the victims of a new year's eve double fatal hit-and-run in san francisco are trying to keep her memory alive.
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vandalism to their tribute to keeping her memory alive. abc7 news anchor dion lim brings us the story of a community wanting to move forward. >> i'm kind of very overwhelmed and shocked by how someone could do something like this at such a time. >> reporter: this is all that remains of the streetside memorial for 27-year-old hannah abe. for her friend jason and others passing by, seeing it in this state is like reliving the horror of what happened on new year's eve all over again. >> that is so sad turkey, me it's a sign of disrespect. >> that's exactly what it. exactly what it is. >> reporter: police say troy mcallister, a repeat offender was out on parole and driving a stolen vehicle when he hit and killed hannah and elizabeth platt. his next court appearance is wednesday. sfpd are look into what happened to the memorial. and asking pour the public's help, which is what one merchant is already doing. > everybody going crazy, to see the flowers and then just drop
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it in flower. when i see the flowers and the flora, i go get it, fix it. because i want to make sure it's good. >> reporter: every person we spoke with agreed. the memorial seems to be a symbol of a much bigger issue in the city. >> some level of mutual respect between human beings which is severely lacking in this city, but needs to be addressed. we all need to be kinder to each other and respectable to people who don't know. >> the issue is even more complicated than what we could imagine. but we need to figure out what to do to improve. >> reporter: meantime, loved ones hope to drum up support for renaming this nearby street hannah abe way, a permanent way for hannah's spirit to live on. >> this is just a starting point. this is a conversation for change in the city. >> reporter: as they fight for justice for their beloved friend. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. a bus driver and seven passengers are recovering this afternoon after a really bizarre accident in the bronx, new york. check this out. it's an articulated bus that's
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hanging some 50 feet off an overpass after it crashed through a barrier around 11:00 last night. it looks like a scene from a movie or something. the front end landed on an access road. the other half landed on the overpass. the 55-year-old driver broke his jaw in the accident, then refused a drug and alcohol test at the hospital. passenger injury said to be minor. it's a money mishap that's getting a lot of attention on earlier this week we brought you the story of san francisco resident stefan thomas. he can't remember the password to his digital wallet which hlds bitcoins worth $22 million. the password is in a hard drive that locks forever after ten guesses. right now he's got two guesses left. a lot of people have asked to hear more about the story since abc7 news anchor liz kreutz interviewed him on wednesday. so today here it is. what interesting thing thomas never paid for the bit coins. the currency was an award for a
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project he had worked on. >> when i first discovered that i had lost the bitcoin back in 2012, there were a couple of weeks where i was just -- just desperate. i don't know any other word to describe it. and you sort of question your own self-worth. what kind of person loses something that important. and then i had this -- i remember very distinctly, i had this moment after not sleeping for a few weeks and trying everything to recover that wallet where i sort of took a step back and i said, okay, we made the video. we submitted. we won the bounty, but that just money that we earned. that's just something that we achieved. there is so much more that i can still work on, other ideas i still have. i still haven't realized that dream of making payment super frictionless. that's what i'm still working on today, ten years later. i just didn't want the story to end there because of this loss. and so i looked ahead and moved
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forward, and i'm very, very glad i did. and i think that if anyone is in that same situation where you've lost something or you feel desperate or you question yourself, you just have to look ahead and think about the things that you haven't done yet that you're closing the door if you give up. that's how i made my peace with it and it's worked very well for me. i've barely thought about the wallet in the last eight years. a lot of people are offering various solutions. everything from one person suggest have you tried the word password. that was one. some people have recommended various mediums, psychics, prophets that i could talk to. some people are suggesting memory enhancing drugs. i think most of those approaches probably don't have a lot of success chance because it's not the kind of password you can really remember. it was meant to a password that i write down. in some ways i kind of don't want to recover, as weird as it
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sounds, i've long made my peace with it. it's only opening up an old chapter in my life that i'm very comfortable with having it be closed. i'm very happy with where i am in my life. >> i've long made my peace with it. wow. right? >> i would undergo hypnosis to see if i could have the hypnotist extract whatever it is. but it's one of those things that it's not something recognizable. nowadays you have an automatically generated password that's a gobbledygook of numbers and letters. you're never going to remember that. if that's what it, he is never going to get. >> hi is so okay. i'm amazed you. watch the full interview with stefan thomas on, the abc7 news bay area app. if you don't have the app yet, fire up your roku, amazon fire or apple tv and search for abc7
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bay area. >> glad he is at peace after it, because kristen and i would be dying every night. tomorrow marks 31 years since sea lions arrived at pier 39. kumasi aaron shows how the aquarium and the bay is celebrating with help from artists all across the bay area. >> reporter: you've probably seen these sea lions at the marina at pier 39. but for the last year, we've seen these painted sea lions statues, all along the embarcadero. >> i feel proud and accomplished, like oh, hey, i did this. >> reporter: that's how aria luna feels when she walks by the one she painted. at 9 years old, she was the youngest of 30 bay area artists selected to be participant of this display by the aquarium and the bay. the perfect fit because she loves sea lions. >> i love how they swim. >> reporter: and the environment they call home. >> i work on art projects for
4:17 pm
social and environmental issues. so that's basically like an artivist. >> her statue is called deep blue. >> it's the whole ocean. and the rock the seal is on is the migration path of the seals. just put him there as a fun thing to do. so people can learn. >> reporter: deep blue is one of 30 statues put up by aquarium of the bay last year to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the st. louis' arrival in san francisco. >> no one really knows why they started coming here. the best guess is the pacific herring and anchovys were moving in this direction, so they were chasing food. >> reporter: george jacob is the aquarium's president and ceo. he says the statues not only make people smile, but make them think. each has a message sharing how to protect and preserve our environment, especially sea lions. >> we enjoy frolicking sea lions who are loud and smelly and hang out on pier 39.
4:18 pm
but they do have lives and they do have a place in the fragile existence of the bay and the surrounding areas. >> reporter: the sea lion statues offer way for the aquarium to connect with the community in a time where the pandemic has forced it to close, cutting off the nonprofit's main source of funding. >> we care for about 24,000 animals. and the care comes at a cost. >> reporter: but they pivoted, finding new ways to raise money to operate. the aquarium offers virtual tours and educational programing and of course a little sea lion swag. the goal? to celebrate what is precious and be aware of what needs to be protected with the help of artists like aria luna. >> it's their generation. it's calling for the younger generation to not just i cpick the brush, but also take some bold steps in making a difference in the environment. >> in san francisco, kumasi aaron, abc7 news. >> the painted sea lions will be on display for a few more months
4:19 pm
if you want to check them out. they are spectacular. and they'll go up for auction as a fundraiser on june 8th, which is world oceans day. as for the actual sea lions that. >> love basking in the sunshine and howling. they're going enjoy this weekend. >> they sure are. i think they live quite the lives, don't you think? they just lie there and they're admired by all for doing nothing. >> indeed. much like larry. >> oh! ow. >> spencer, spencer, you know what's funny? spencer, my kids say the same thing. the exact same thing. they call me elephant seal, because all i want to do is sit in the sun. you're right. totally accurate. >> okay. well, you'll find lots of sun in which to sit this week. right now we're look at mainly sunny skies over the bay, looking down from mount tam. 67 in san francisco. upper 60s at mountain view, san jose and oakland. and 72 on the coast at half moon
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bay. here is a few looking westward from emeryville under partly cloudy skies. 69 right now in santa rosa, napa 64. mid-60s at fairfield, concord and livermore, and the view from sutro tower looking over san francisco. these are our forecast features. it will be mild to warm tomorrow through monday with record high temperatures likely. dangerous surf is with us and will be through tomorrow evening. and then we have strong gusty wind developing in the hills with an increased fire risk sunday night through monday, perhaps even into tuesday. now let's talk about that high surf advisory that's in effect until 7:00 tomorrow evening. we still have large northwestern swell with risk of dangerous sneaker waves and rip currents, and maybe even some coastal erosion. on we do now to the winds. a high wind watch will be in effect from 10:00 p.m. sunday to 6:00 p.m. monday. this is mainly for elevations of a thousand feet and higher. so the hills and the mountains, steady winds will be about 40 to 45 miles per hour with gusts 50 to 55 miles per hour.
4:21 pm
that, of course, can increase the fire risk. here is our wind gust animation starting sunday night, going into monday morning. we'll see a gust in our inland areas. down at the surface from 20 to 30 miles per hour. up in the higher elevations we'll easily see 45 to 55-miles-per-hour gusts or even higher. and it doesn't appear a significant decrease in the wind speed until tuesday. forecast animation for tonight. passing high clouds. a hatch or two of fog. and sunny skies tomorrow. overnight lows look for mainly mid- to upper 40s. so fairly narrow range, uniform range of lows around the bay area. and highs tomorrow, low 60s on the coast. upper 60s around the bay. low 70s inland. here is the accuweather forecast. sunday will be much like tomorrow. monday will likely be the warmest day in the seven-day forecast with mid-70s inland and low 70s around the bay. and then there will be gradual
4:22 pm
cooling wednesday and tuesday with a sharper drop of temperatures on thursday and friday. larry and kristen? >> you know, spencer, it's a skill to have people just gawk and admire. there's larry. he's yawning. you know, you can't get that everywhere. >> oh my god. do they throw food at you too? >> gawking. when does the admiring start? >> it takes a while. it takes a while. >> you two need your own show. but we're going move foreign now. all right. >> the odd couple. >> indeed. there are several wildfires in southern california right now. up next, state experts talk
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biologists at yellowstone are excited about this video. remote trail cameras used to monitor the park's cougar population recently spotted a wolverine outside the mammoth hot springs area. it's the first time cameras have ever spotted a wolverine in the park. it's pretty big right there. the animals are rarely seen there at all. they're carnivores, part of the weasel family, and typically live in high elevation, alpine and forest habitats. cal fire is currently battling active wildfires in riverside, ventura and san diego countys. as fire season expands, so does research on fighting them and on the impact on our health. david louie looks at how experts are working together.
4:26 pm
>> reporter: as the state's fire season becomes year round, the burning question is what to do after wildfires ravaged 4.2 million acre, damaged or destroyed over 10,000 structures, and killed 33 people. experts from seven cal state campuses gathered online to take a whoholistic approach looking land management and health impact. no one can forget how bay area skies turned orange in september from wildfire smoke. >> what lands on your skin and enters your lungs will forever have a damaging effect on those people that are exposed. >> reporter: researchers already are tracking the impact of smoke among firefighters and the coughs some have developed after 2018's campfire. smoke exposure could be a risk with the covid-19 pandemic. >> that exposes you to all kinds of respiratory irritants that make you potentially less able to fight off a respiratory illness or a disease like the
4:27 pm
covid-19. >> reporter: san jose state's fire and smoke forecasting system is considered the most advanced in the country to predict risk. the center has the only mobile doppler radar in the west. experts said early warning for people to evacuate fire and smoke is needed. >> we've seen a number of companies copping out with apps to try to help keep us with cutting edge knowledge on who needs to evacuate when. >> reporter: the research on the seven csu campuses could influence future land development and where housing is built as fires blur the lines. county expanding its vaccination efforts. so who is eligible and able to sign up for shots r i'm susan and i'm 52
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and i live in san francisco, california. i have been a sales and sales management professional my whole career. typical day during a work week is i'm working but first always going for a run or going to the gym. i love reading. i love cooking healthy. it's super important to me. i was noticing that i was just having some memory loss. it was really bothering me. so i tried prevagen and it started to work for me. i wish i had taken prevagen five or ten years ago. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. >> vaccinations are ramping up big time in the east bay with contra costa opening up appointments to anyone 65 and older. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley talked to health officials today about what to expect. >> contra costa county is expanding vaccination potential exponentially. >> all contra costa residents who are 65 and older are now eligible to be vaccinated. >> we project that by the end of next week, the county and its partners will be giving 3600 shots per day on average. in a month from now, we expect to be giving 5800 shots a day. they don't include vaccinations that will be done by private health systems that serve most of the people living in contra costa. >> reporter: registration is done online. those under 65 years old and
4:31 pm
essential workers and those with underlying health conditions cannot register for a vaccine yet. those 75 up and those living in viral hot spots get priority over the 65 to 70-year-olds for now. a mobile vaccine clinic stopped at small board and senior care homes this week. next week we hope to launch into the low-income housing complexes, hud housing complex, complexes where low income seniors live and start deploying vaccinations in their complexes. >> we're working with fire agencies across the country so paramedics can give vaccinations to eligible people. and we're also considering housing a max vaccination site. >> locations could include concord pavilion or craneway pavilion in richmond. rite aid and safeway will also be sponsoring locations.
4:32 pm
>> the county is optimistic that everyone, age 65 and older could be vaccinated by tend of february. in contra costa county, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a team of health care heroes in alaska is stopping at nothing to deliver covid vaccines to some of the most remote places of the world. they're taking planes, sleds, and even snowmobiles. the all female team is traveling with the vaccine in hand to small villages of just 200 people, mostly seniors. the team includes just four people, a doctor, a pharmacist, and two nurses. they fly between villages on small bush plane and get help from the locals on where they need to go. in one day the team can vaccinate 65 people, al of whom would have no other way to get the shot. >> wow. impressive. members of a south bay congregation turned out by the dozens today in support of their
4:33 pm
pastor. he's been defying local health orders, keeping his church open. >> we love you, pastor mike! >> pastor mike mcclure from cavalry chapel in san jose in court today. he has continued to hold in-person services during the pandemic. a temporary restraining order has been issued ordering pastor mcclure to comply with county rules. he has filed a motion to reconsider. church members say they do not feel unsafe going to services, even though they're packed with 500 to 700 attendees. >> we just decided that we were going to live by faith, not by fear. and that's what the bible calls us to do. >> the court is still in session. so no decision yet on whether the restraining order will stick or pastor mcclure, if he'll have legal kweg consequences. he is facing contempt charges, a million dollars in fine and possible jailtime. the federal prosecutor leading into investigation into
4:34 pm
last week's siege at the capitol says authorities have no direct evidence that rioters were plotting to assassinate officials. the statement comes one day after court papers filed in the case of jacob chansley, the hat wearing man claimed there was strong evidence the mob intended to capture and assassinate elected officials. al watkins says he his client wants president trump to pardon him. chansley loves trump and, quote, felt like he was answering the call of our president. the national mall in washington, d.c. is now officially closed to the public, and it will stay that way through the inauguration, closed. the move part of the unprecedented security measures being taken ahead of next wednesday's inaugural. and in response to the siege at the capitol, as well as ongoing threats, a new fbi bulletin obtained by abc news warns of the possible use of explosive
4:35 pm
devices during potential upcoming protests. we also learned that sunday's inauguration rehearsal has been postponed until monday because of security concerns. more than 20,000 national guard troops will help provide security in addition to capitol and d.c. police. you see all the fencing and barricades as well as all the other agencies called many to help. abc news will have coverage and it's wednesday and begins at 6:00 a.m. right here on abc7. you have a few more hours to buy some lottery tickets. the huge jackpot is up for grabs, and it's not the only big money available this weekend. >> hey, friends, i'm kumasi aaron, and here is what to stream on the app this weekend. >> we're gathered a at a time when d crisis. >> they broke the glass.
4:36 pm
>> shots have been fired inside the capitol chamber. >> now we all saw videos of the riot at the u.s. capitol, but you may not have seen them like this. abc7 news reconstructed a minute-by-minute record of the day using social media videos. it is 11 minutes of nail-biting must-watch tension. >> i wanted someone who was strong and who was ready to be president on day one. >> will you pronounce your name for me, please? >> it's kamala. >> kamala. >> and we told you about this one before, but if you still haven't watched our original documentary on kamala harris, check it out before the inauguration. it is 25 minutes long. so good. julian did this story, and it explores her deep bay area roots. >> even in the philippines, having darker skin was dismissed. and when i emigrated from the philippines to here, just to be seen was probably the biggest thing. >> and this gorgeous piece from
4:37 pm
our localish team shows us the unique material that a bay area artist paints on to make these incredible pieces. all of those stories and more is in the featured section right at the top of the app. and if you don't have the app yet, you can fire up your roku, amazon fire or apple tv and search abc7 bay
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we always have a big party, it's a big thing for us. everyone gets together... to just have fun. the happy chaos... a lot of noise and... for me, i just enjoy it all... ♪ ♪ ♪
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all right. time now for the four@4,
4:40 pm
everyone. we have dan and spencer joining the conversation. an east bay mother and daughter are both battling covid-19 at the same hospital. abc7 news reporter jr stone spoke to them. >> right now 38-year-old jackie who is connected to an oxygen tank is battling covid-19 at kaiser permanente in oakland. . >> you know, it's always you could die. but, you know, just getting through what we can. >> while jackie lynn is alone in her room, she is not without family in the building. her mom, who she lives with, as covid-19 and is hospitalized on a different floor of the same hospital. >> i was about to go home last i think yesterday, but i don't know. all of the sudden my oxygen is dropping again. >> jacqueline came monday. her mom came tuesday. the two believe bing came into
4:41 pm
contact with someone who had covid-19 while working at walgreens. doctors have told them both to lay on their stomachs, and they've been doing just that. >> they are reassuring us. every day they come, in the nurses and the doctors, they're so optimistic. >> reporter: and that positivity here at kaiser permanente has rubbed off. >> we can do it. >> yeah. >> we're going to survive it. it's just covid. stay home, guys. be safe. this covid is no joke. >> i'm so happy to see that they're in pretty good spirits and are doing better, because it's so hard when two members of the same family have covid at the same time. a friend of mine was in the situation with her daughter, and her mother having covid, and she was running back and forth trying to take care of them both. it is just so challenging, spencer. >> wow. >> yeah, i echo what you said about the positive energy. it's just so great the see that, given what they're up against.
4:42 pm
it's just amazing. >> right, dan? >> yeah, it is. we need to hear some stories of -- and we have heard a number of stories, but it's nice to hear a story of people who are making the best of this, and they are doing relatively well. but it's a good reminder that this pandemic is still so very serious, and things tip very quickly. it's easy to drop our guard, but we just can't do it. >> that's a great point. all right. moving on. a specially designed helmet that claims to protect the wearer from covid-19 getting a less than stellar review from a blogger with sf gate. now if you haven't seen this thing, it's called the microclimate air. it features a clear acrylic visor and hepa filters that purify the incoming and outgoing air. the thing was too good for the blogger to pass up. he shelled out $300 and waited two months to get it. it basically looks like you're wearing an astronaut helmet. his headline calls it the
4:43 pm
dumbest ppe of all time. he admits when he wore it, he felt painfully aware that he looked ridiculous. i love that shot right there. my daughter actually has a little cat carrier, and that's what it looks like. they just slapped that on his head. but -- >> wow. >> you know, i don't know. who's to judge what's stylish or not stylish, spencer? >> right. i don't think i'd worry about looking painfully ridiculous, because i've done that many times, as long as i felt safe and protected. but i wonder about this air purification thing. if you keep this thing on in flight for five or six hours, are you going to be sweating? are you going to feel all cramped up and moist? how does it work? >> i like it. it makes its own atmosphere. i think i saw george clooney in a space movie wearing something similar not long ago. >> exactly, yes. actually, i think he died in that movie. so maybe not. maybe not.
4:44 pm
>> people are trying to innovate and make some money on this. you look at the mask business. something has become hundreds of millions of dollars a year industry since the pandemic happened. >> hey, whatever you think of how it looks, i hope it truly is effective and that it's cleaning the air going out too so other people don't get what you're expelling there. today is the 12th anniversary of the miracle on the hudson, the moment that made a bay area pilot a celebrity. captain chesley sullen berglunded on the river likely saving the lives of all 155 people on board. the us airways plane had just taken off from new york's la guardia when it hit a bunch of birds, knocking out the engines. the danville resident then glided the plane to the river, which was the correct decision according to the national transportation safety board. sully retired from us airways in 2010. and dan, i know you go way back with sully because you interviewed him, one of the
4:45 pm
first people to do so in the whole country after the miracle. >> that's right. i think katie couric interviewed him, and i was the second person. i've interviewed him many times since. he has become a consultant and lecture in the days since, but he's continued to have a significant impact on aviation safety in the years since that happened. and he's a guy of great integrity and incredible intellect. and i'm just reminded watching these pictures again from 12 years ago. he was an example. and one of the reasons he was so celebrated of doing the right thing, self-sacrifice, putting yourself at risk and helping others. and look where we were a week ago, what happened at the capitol, and people behaving so poorly. >> you know, dan, this is exactly why. i think there are some out there who are saying let's drop sully for the biden administration to make the faa safer and take charge. >> he could certainly contribute. he could certainly contribute. >> that would be a great idea. i'd like to do this in a clint eastwood voice. do you feel lucky?
4:46 pm
well do ya? you have about 750 million reasons why tonight. that's the jackpot for the mega millions drawing. the second largest in the game's history. if you decide to take the cash option, that will pay out a cool $550 million. they take a lot in taxes, don't they? why stop there? a powerball drawing tomorrow night, jackpot 640 million. cash option, 480 million. the mega millions drawing will take place at 8:00 p.m. i stand by what i said earlier in the week. i would immediately give each of you a million dollars if i were to win either of those. but what -- i would opt if i got it for a private island. not too gaudy or too big, but something where i could just, you know, relax. how about you? what would you want? >> first, if i won, just to continue your clint eastwood, that would make my day. >> yes, very good.
4:47 pm
>> but what i would do, larry, if i won enough, of course i have to buy a ticket to win, but if i did win, i would buy you that island so we could put you on it. >> oh! >> far away island. >> i so hope you win. i so hope you win. >> i am teasing. i love you. i don't know what i would do. certainly i would in sincerity give some money away. i know spencer, you could do that as well to help cause yoz ucare about. i remember oprah winfrey saying one time the best thing about having money is not having to worry about money. >> that's so true. >> i think we should pool our money any way and try to buy an island for larry where there is no direct flights, no commercial flights in or out. >> yes. >> i'm for this. i'm for this. and i could still broadcast from the island. i could just -- i would be happening out. i got a couple of lights, that's all i need. throw me a coconut every now and then. >> that was pretty god.
4:48 pm
spencer, what do you want, nothing in? >> my life is totally enriched by working with you, larry. i don't need anything. >> in that regard, you're already a wealthy man. >> we are. >> that was so sincere, it touches my heart. >> that's great. >> all right. i think that's a good place to stop. let's go to the weekend already. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. ♪ ♪ ♪
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we have the power to harness california's abundant solar and wind energy, but it's not available all day long. use less energy from 4 to 9 pm for a cleaner california.
4:51 pm
deadheaders are getting things done despite the pandemic. this is going on at san jose's beloved municipal rose garden. dozens of volunteers pitching in to deadhead. that means to prune the bushes for spring budding. of course, nothing is quite the same this year. instead of one large event, the pruning is being done in small groups. >> this garden has been taken care of by volunteers in partnership with the city for 13 years. we have smaller groups of people. we've been doing it over the past couple of weekends. but we had 4,000 roses that needed to be pruned. >> volunteers can sign up on the city's website. tools and training are provided. so as we turn to the weather, whether you want to help prune, spencer, or eat prune, whatever it is, it's going to be beautiful. >> you're right about that, larry. great pruning weather. great all kinds of outdoor weather, or just looking out the window. my caution, though, as we celebrate all this lovely weather coming our way, there is
4:52 pm
a high wind watch that will be in effect from sunday evening to monday evening because of the potential for strong damaging winds with gusts up to 50, 55 miles per hour in the higher elevations during that period of time. meanwhile, looking at the accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see we've got some lovely weather ahead through early part of next week with the potential for record high temperatures on sunday and monday. monday by the way mlk day. but there will be a sharp cooling toward the end of next week. larry and kristen? >> all right, thank you. indeed. nice for pruning. nice for larry to just lie around in the sun. thank you, spencer. super heros in the suburbs. up next, inside marvel studio's first original series wanda vision. and dan is here with what is coming up at 5:00. >> hi, kristen. the crashing of sutter health's website and kaiser putting people on hold for hours. new at 5:00, the frustration over the vaccine roll-out now reaching new heights. plus, the grassroots protest to save what's left of the high school sports season. coaches and players are now
4:53 pm
pleading with the governor. and bring on the crab. one chef's culinary celebration of the inauguration. those stories and a lot more
4:54 pm
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4:56 pm
comic characters and classic tv sitcoms figure into the show. our reporter from our abc sister station in new york explains. >> he is the android next door. she is also known as scarlett thanks to her magical powers. both find themselves within classic sitcoms. each week a different show from a different decade. >> you see how different they are from where we begin in the '50s to where we end. so we start with the dick van dyke show and then bewitched and then sort of malcolm in the middle and modern family. >> reporter: the guy directing all this is a former child star named matt shactman. >> i grew up on sitcoms. >> reporter: for those too young to have grown up watching these
4:57 pm
classic shows, episodes were screened for the cast. >> we're trying to tell these storie storie storiesa thentically through sitcom. >> reporter: those who made the original shows were consulted and the first episode was filmed in front of a live audience just as they were done back in the day. >> there's so much detail that went into what you see. >> reporter: the idea is to feature characters that don't get much screen time in the marvel movies. >> i play monica rambo who we were introduced to in captain marvel where she was a young girl. there's a lot to cling onto and just hold on for this ride, guys. >> reporter: i'm sandy kenyan, abc 7 news. >> holding on. it looks great. again wanda vision is now on
4:58 pm
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the central issue is we simply aren't receiving enough vaccines. >> it's an issue from one end of the state to the other. where's all the vaccine? vaccination confusion for north bay seniors. they thought they could get a shot right away. the reality it's a bit more complicated. >> also a bay area county moving ahead with the vaccination sites even if it doesn't have all the medicine it needs. and the crawl to bring back high school sports, coaches and parents make their case. from the north bay to the south bay and across the state officials now admit there's just not enough vaccine to go around. >> we need more doses. we need a clear plan. >> we simply aren't receiving
5:01 pm
enough vaccines. >> the


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