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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 17, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc 7 news. well gone this year is the traditional train ride in march, burt the essence and spirit of the cause will be strong, honoring martin luther king jr. during the pandemic. race and social justice are among key topics in building a better bay area. and this year honoring a civil rights pioneer will be vastly different. but as abc 7 news reporter explains, the message of king's work remains powerful and will still be celebrated. >> reporter: this year's celebrations are pivoting to virtual events. but many believe the message is as important as ever before. san francisco's live memorial
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church honored dr. martin luther king j monday. >> i want you to know the night that we, as a people, will get to the promise land. >> this year the pandemic has forced the canclation of many in-person events, like the annual mlk celebration train ann the march to buena gardens. and instead, they're switching to a virtual celebration. and following black lives matter protests. >> justice and hope. those are two points that i think king would focus on in his reaction or his critique of what's going on today. >> reporter: he says they want the public to take part in an interactive video project by answering this question.
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>> what does justices and hope mean to you? >> may the circle remain unbroken. >> reporter: the antipolice terror project held this event called black women respond. organizers say they're dead kited to building an equitable community that would make dr. king proud. >> where humanity is held sacred, communities are free from violence and black people can breathe free. >> reporter: many say the message of mlk is powerful. ♪ today ♪ >> and cal train has been a partner for the celebration train event for years and they hope to bring the tradition back in 2022. >> that spirit is still so alive. many thanks. to the weather now. switching gores.
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pretty calm as we take a live look outside. but powerful and potentially dangerous winds are blowing our way. they're under a wind advisory beginning tonight. pg&e are planning potential power shut offs and could effect 2100,000 customers in the following counties. fresno, kern, moderna, mariposa, santa barbara, pg&e says dry conditions and high winds increase the risk of damage to power lines. high winds and surf go together. both dramatic video from the national weather service shows the power of waves yesterday. you can see there a person nearly knocked off the rocks. the weather service added a warning to stay off those rocks. high surf advisory has been issued for the california coast through tomorrow afternoon. meantime, people flock to the beach on this warm january day.
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social distancing is required. that warm weather, waves and the wind got to expect we'll have a doozy tomorrow. abc 7 meteorologist, drew tooma on top of it all. where do we begin? >> reporter: you know, i know it's january. i know we need rain. but boy, was today gorgeouses. sunny with the surf causing issues along the coastline and overnight we're going to see issues with the wind. right now it's a calm picture this evening. you see winds across the region. light, if not calm across the bay area. that is going to change while we're sleeping overnight tonight. it is for that fact a wind advisory wilt go into effect for the entire bay area, starting at 10:00 p.m., lasting until tuesday evening. winds likely gusting over 35 miles per hour.
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we're going to go hour by hour and show you those winds. the full accuweather forecast. >> sounds good. thanks. you can track the winds and check weather conditions anytime on abc 7 and our free abc 7 news bay area app. to developing news now. security is beefed up and tight around the u.s. capitol. the entire nation is on high alert ahead of the inauguration. >> reporter: across the country, authorities taking no chances. at least ten states activating their national guards. plexiglass going up in boston. the fbi receiving information about pro trump groups, calling for the storming peing thre >> and they're working togetrnse t dgeus, illegal, and
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disgraceful actions. >> reporter: the united states postal service temporarily removing mail boxes in at least 17 states, including the nation's capitol. and 25,000 national guard troops will be on the ground by wednesday. >> our mission is to protect our people and property. we're going to do everything we can to make sure we're successful. >> reporter: a woman, who claimed to be law enforcement and they took a 22-year-old virginia man, spotted with a holstered glock pistol into custody. >> we're preparing for any scenario that should arrive afternoon on january 20th. >> reporter: sources telling abc news, dominic of rochester, new york, accused of smashing the capitol window, allegedly has plans to kill vice president mike pence and nancy pelosi.
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and a far right media personality, allegedly spotted on video, inside the capitol, chanting patriots are in control. there are at least 300 open investigations. the faces of suspected rioters plastered around d.c. with the fbi asking people to come forward with any tips that could lead to more arrests. abc news, new york. national guard troops and the chp are guarding the capitol in sacramento, amid security concerns. they're patrolling the california state capitol grounds and they're covering multiple city blocks, including the capitol building. and threats of attacks, at capitols across the country. one issue we focus on is your health and that includes a covid-19 vaccine rollout. sonoma county is undertaking a massive effort to get the campus staff vaccinated within two
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weeks. there are a couple of caveat though. including how many doses you get from the state. and schools have been closed in the county since last march and sonoma county has named a vaccination czar in charge of the vaccine rollout. marin county is vaccinating the first of its staff. they're inviting those who nkt interact with students to get vaccinated first. to the latest state figures on the pandemic. california health officials report more than 2.9 million confirmed cases of covid-19 to date. that's up 32,000 from yesterday. the seven-day positivity rate is trending down. it was around 13% last week.
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the 14-day positivity rate is 12.5%. less than half of the number of doses shipped to the state have been administered. a park ist b tt the new name for an officially nameless park could become a tribute to the state's native american roots. that story ahead. ♪ plus, the bay area event today that used art to uplift and celebrate our nation's vice president elect. a look at a virtual inauguration bowl host bid
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phil specter a 1960s music producer, and convicted murder has died at the age of 81. he died of natural causes yesterday. he was sentenced to 19 years to life for the shooting death of actress, lana clarkson. he was a record-breaking music producer and songwriter, including the beatles, ike and tina turner and the ramons. they're expected to rename a park that was named in honor of president andrew jackson. jackson park was stripped of its name last summer. he was a slave owner and forcibly removed native americans from their homeland. the city's recreation and park commission recommends the name of the alony people and another is mable tatum, a black woman who advocated.
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and the oakland symphony held an inauguration ball to celebrate oakland native, vice president-elect kamala harris. ♪ ♪ >> the free live streamed show included music from the symphony, oakland's youth orchestra and jazz mafia and more. it was hosted by the port of oakland commissioner and close friend of harris. tomorrow, the vice president-elect will resign from her california senate seat. we are getting serious surf along the coast but it is nothing compared to this. coming up next, where surfers brave jaw-dropping monster waves. >> i'm meteorologist, drew tooma. not only tracking the surf and warm temperatures. we'll have the
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washington's north shore is seeing some of the biggest surf of the season. they urged officials to stay away from the shoreline, but surfers saw it as an opportunity to reach monster waves. this video shows surfers gliding down the face of the wave only to eventually wipe out. even seasoned veterans said it was too big. they reported 89 rescued yesterday. >> beyond warm temperatures today and winds will make a
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comeback overnight. a live look this evening. and some pretty mild temperatures. here's that high surf advisory until 10:00 p.m. tomorrow. we cann see the northwesterly swell. and rip currents through tomorrow afternoon. today we set nine record-high temperatures l in the mid-70s, so well above normal for this time of year. and right now we're still sitting pretty in the mid-60s to low 70s. so, certainly a warm evening out there. we'll gradually cool off and the winds developing. and a wind advisory that will go into effect at 10:00 p.m. for the entire bay area. overnight, while a lot of us are
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sleeping, the winds will strengthen. this is 7:00 a.m. monday morning. we'll likely have wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. and tomorrow, it's a breezy, if not gusty day and it's a dry, warm wind. that's going to create another warm afternoon and likely more records for our monday. look at that. all in the saebts, even on the coatesline. 76 in san jose. 75 the high. in cloverdale. but as we get into monday, tuesday morning winds, especially in our hills, we'll strengthen even more. so, we have a high wind warning that will go into effect tomorrow afternoon, lasting through tuesday morning for the north bay mountains, the east bay hills and santa cruz mountains. that could bring down trees and
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power lines and could cause isolated power outages. it looks like monday and tuesday will feature the strongest wind and you can see why. 4:00 a.m. tuesday, we're still seeing the winds. 45, close ---mile-per-ho miles . so, tomorrow it is windy and a warm day in the 70s. those winds are strongest in the morning on tuesday. and then they relax in the afternoon. that wind advisory will expire 6:00 p.m. tuesday. and right now, deon, friday, we have a chance of showers. it's trending dryer. it looks like the dry patter will continue for a late chance of a shower. >> we could use that rain, drew, thanks. getting to sports. chris alvarez standing by with a preview.
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>> could the chiefs hold off the browns without patrick mahomes? he was out due to an injury. and steph curry
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now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. >> in a few hours, the nfl's final 4 will be set. the winner will face aaron rodgers, packers in green bay. chiefs hosting the brown today. defending super bowl champs
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jumped to a lead early in the second. the 20-yard score. and third quarter returning play here. mahomes, option keeper. decides to keep it. run it for the first down and he lands hard on his head, reportedly suffering a concussion right there. clearly was woozy. did not return to the game. so, we'll have to wait and see how concussion protocol goes in the week for mahomes. bruns down 22-10. hunt down and the browns fans that were there, well, the dog pound loved that. penny airing it out and it go as little too far. carl joseph with the interception and momentum on the browns sidelines. third and 11. mayfield a quick pass to hunt. going to turn it up the field and tackled to cleveland, forced to punt. so, chiefs have the ball near midfield.
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and first down, bell game. chiefs win 22-17. kansas city will host buffalo next week. vanderveer, under a mined to go. tied at 65. hailey jones drives and scores. she had 16 points. 25 seconds to go. cardinal inbound. still up two. but jalen to steal and the score. skaevl-all in and we go to overtime. 10 seconds to go. cardinal down two. hull grabs a loose ball but her shot is blocked and colorado with the upset. stanford loses the first game of the year, 77-72. the warriors return to the court tomorrow night at staples center. stephen curry's wife posted a a video of their son, cameron,
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while watching the warriors on tv. >> what did you say, buddy? >> euro step. >> euro step. >> my wife was at home watching and obviously damon lee hit the euro step and he went nuts talking about it and i was celebrating. so, he put my celebration and the euro step call into his own little vibe. i can't tell you how many times i watched that video. it was pretty -- it was hilarious. >> and i finally got the opportunity to ask steph about the euro step. and he loved it. what a vidio that was. and we'll share more at 6:00. the guy who made the euro step is actually cameron's uncle. so, it's all family related in the curry household. >> oh, i could watch that all day. >> i'll send you the link. >> deal. well, ahead, speaking of
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a professional tennises player has come up with a constructive w pasth men quarantine he's getting into practice against, yes, a mootress.asdwo flight failed a covid test.
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so, he's practicing to the song "eye of the tiger." whatever works. that's it tonight, as the nation prepares for the transition of power, the new video, the clearest look yet at what happened inside the deadly capitol siege. the stunning new footage from "the new yorker" showing pro-trump supporters as they stampede past police telling officers, quote, you are outnumbered. the raging mob rushing into the senate chamber. never-before-seen footage of what they said and did inside the capitol. outside, the chilling threats of more violence. one man telling the crowd, quote, we are at war and storm your own capitol building. because of that, the nation on edge. 25,000 national guard troops moving into washington, d.c. less than 72 hours before president-elect biden's in


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