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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 18, 2021 6:00am-6:59am PST

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vaccinate,. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future this is abc 7 news. >> there is an variant, l had 52 r which is being identified by our sequencing >> how it may be connected to an outbreak at a local hospital. >> shoring up security at the capitol with two days left until joe biden's immigration. more national guard troops are patrolling washington, d.c., and sacramento. we honor the life and legacy of martin luther king jr. today, the celebrations taking place many online. >> welcome to monday, january 18th. we will get to those stories in a moment, but we check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> hey, reggie, jobina and liz, and hi to you too.
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thanks for joining us. the winds, 6:00 tomorrow evening, we've got a long way to go, all of us under a wind advisory, gusts up to 35 miles per hour, even in some of the higher elevations up to 1,000 feet, up to 50 miles per hour. what's going to separate themselves tonight are elevations above 1,000 feet when winds could gust 80 miles per hour like we've seen already and experienced on mt. diablo, 82 miles an hour, 6:00 today through 7:00 tomorrow and one more "w," winds and warm weather and waves eventually. look at the record highs in the 70s. reggie? >> thank you. we're counting down to immigration day and joe biden will officially take the oath of office at noon eastern, 9:00 a.m. our time in just two days. as we get closer to the immigration, security is getting tighter in d.c. officials, of course, do not want a repeat of what happened january 6th when supporters of president trump stormed the u.s. capitol. jobina is at the live desk with
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the preparations in place hopefully to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. jobina? >> thank you, reggie. our nation's capital has been transformed into a heavily protected fortress. we're going to take a live look in washington, d.c., you can see the capitol and a good amount of american flags hanging in front in preparation for the immigration. a green zone perimeter is set up there, the same name given to the heavily fortified area in baghdad during the iraq war. things time it's the core of washington, d.c., home to the white house, congress and the national mall. up to 25,000 national guard troops are there this week, each now being vetted for fears of a potential insider threat. authorities have already stopped multiple potential incidents. at least three people were arrested including two men trying to sneak in guns and ammo over the weekend. today rehearsals for president-elect biden are expected to begin after they were delayed because of security concerns.
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reggie? >> thank you. here's a bird's eye view of the california state capitol being heavily guarded amid security concerns. the championship player p is pa grounds. they were called in following the threats in d.c. and attacks across the country. one biden/harris support was there and he said it was calm. >> i expected to come out here and see a crowd. >> as you can see some people taking photos despite the presence of armed guards wherever where. lawmakers are hoping it stays this peaceful through immigration day. oakland native and vice president-elect kamala harris will officially resign from her u.s. senate seat. aides say she has started the process notifying governor newsom. she was elected to the senate in 2016 after serving as california's attorney general. in two days she will be grated as the first female, black and first south asian vice president in u.s. history.
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new this morning heiarris i out with an op-ed, a heartfelt farewell to the california political world she's been so entrenched in for essentially her entire career and writes in her new role presiding over the senate she hopes to find common ground rather than serving as a tie breaking vote. a new variant of covid-19 has been discovered in santa clara county, a different variant than found in the uk and is being linked to several large outbreaks, including the one from the kaiser permanente holiday party in san jose. amy, good morning. . what do we know? >> hi, good morning, liz. they say there's no indication that it brings any more serious symptoms. they're very interested in it. they are studying it and very interested that it appeared in the outbreak here at san jose medical center. that outbreak caused a couple of
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dozen infections and also led to one death. officials are looking into whether a fan powered inflatable christmas costume played a role in officer says this was definitely an unusual outbreak and she says they are trying to understand if that was because of this variant or because of factors at the hospital. >> if founded in santa clara county perhaps in part because we're doing more looking, but to really understand whether these outbreaks are behaving as they are because of the virus or because of some other conditions, we don't know. >> reporter: it's not clear when the variant arrived in the bay area, but health officials say they really started seeing it frequently in december. they say it's a red flag it has been identified in several large outbreaks in the bay area and means we cannot let our guard down.
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reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. marin county is vaccinating teachers and school staff. your health as we help to build a better bay area and that includes the covid-19 vaccine reallyout. more than 1200 school members got vaccinated. nearly 82% of schools in marin county are open for in person classes and they haven't had an outbreak yet and teachers say the vaccine brings them hope. >> i feel so relieved, yeah. and i feel grateful. part of the motivation for me going back was because it just, as hard as wtried, we just weren't meeting the needs the way that we could in person. >> low income seniors will be next in line to get vaccinated in marin county. sonoma county is working to get 9,000 teaches and campus staff vaccinated within two weeks, a couple carve yates including how many doses they can get from the state and want
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to make sure health care workers get their shots first. we're posting updates on our website so far just over 30% of doses received have been administered. you can also compare our state's progress to the rest of the country and see where you fall in line to get vaccinated. here's a live look at the bay bridge which is now open. coming up an update from police on the deadly side show which shut down the bridge for hours yesterday. >> justice and hope. those are two points that i think king would focus on in his reaction or in his critique of what's going on today. >> we're taking time to reflect on the teachings of dr. martin luther king the legacy he left behind and a virtual event celebrating him today. i know our beaches are destinations on a holiday for multifamily events. please, just don't go. it's going to be pretty dangerous. if
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high winds and high surf, dramatic video from the national weather service shows the fierce power of waves near caramel. you see a person almost get knocked off the rocks on saturday. the weather service added the warning to stay off the rocks which you should do any time there's a high surf advisory which there is all along the california coast through 6:00. it's been extended this evening. that person, those people, so lucky. let's talk about temperatures out there. and you can see we're double digits up to 24 degrees in santa rosa. up there where it's 65 degrees right now. napa 63, american canyon 67.
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sheltered valley south of say petaluma and southward in the 40s. we've got 64 in fairfield and san ramon, 48 redwood city, and 62 san jose. here's a look at your planner for today and everything is pretty cautious because of the waves te beaches and winds kicking up dangerous conditions whether you're walking around or on the water. let's talk about temperatures today. 50s and 60s through 7:00, upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon. even though few mid 70s around 2:00 to 3:00 when it's going to be warmest. let's talk about the commute this morning, say hi to jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you so much. good morning, everyone. because we have the mlk day holiday, we are not expecting a lot of traffic out there on our roads. i'm going to begin with the map here. you can see a lot of green across the board and we have a high wind advisory for al ad oot wor lineths.e so civg
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vi of not have metering lights on. to our second live picture the golden gate bridge which is even lighter. i will let you know if anything picks up out there liz? >> thank you. today is martin luther king, jr. day and despite the pandemic oakland will continue its celebration of the civil rights leader's life. the keeping the dream alive multicule turl rally will with be held virally. represent lee, mayor shaft and willy brown among others will speak on mlk's legacy and held at the martin luther king, jr. freedom center and streamed live starting at 10:00 a.m. other leaders say because today's celebrations aren't in person doesn't mean his message isn't less powerful especially what we've gone through this year. glide memorial church honored dr. king with a virtual sunday service full of song, prayer and a special video of his speech.
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this year the norcal mlk foundation is asking the public to be part of an interactive video answering what does justice and hope mean to you. >> those are two points that i think king would focus nonhon is reaction or critique of what's going on today. the mlk foundation is putting on a virtual health and wellness and music festival. it will reflect on the year following the police killings of george floyd, breonna taylor and others as well as the monumental black lives matter protests. coming up the popular cities silicon valley workers are moving to. >> we have a saying in the house we say happybey, hpy nd cfs on e w theurnehe $00
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city hall and the city's police department have been vandalized with anti-police graffiti. this happened yesterday around 5:30 in the evening. city officials say a peaceful o tagged on an elevator on the inside of the building. no one got hurt during the incident and police have not made any arrests. police did make multiple arrests after a side show on the bay bridge turned deadly. wrong-way drivers led to a multicar crash and a massive backup. the deadly crashed happened on the lower deck before 5:30. you can see the traffic in this video if you look closely, you'll see that white headlights are driving in the wrong direction. here's a closer look. chp tase a passengsays a passent bike injured from an earlier accident got thrown from the bike and killed. the driver of the dirt bike was
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arrested. a group of dirt bike and atv riders continued with the side show. two bay area chefs are sharing their story after an investment in tesla stock put them on the road to success. stefan stephane saint louis and stevan vargas own table culture provisions in petaluma. they took over the space opened by three cooks cafe. they used the first round of stimulus checks to buy tesla stocks believing they could double their money. they turned $2400 check into $17,000 in a few short months. then cashed out the stock and opened tc provisions. >> we're very hungry. we really wanted it. we really, you know, believe in our vision and where we could take things, very confident about the food that we're cooking, the quality of the food that we're cooking. tx v provisions menu is 100% locally sourced from food anduc. e stauras
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takeout thursday through sunday. new at 6:00, we know a lot of people have left the bay area during the pandemic and now we're learning where they're going. some cities set up recruiting programs to lure workers. according to move buddha, a site that compiles data on moving the first pick for people leaving san francisco is austin, texas. that is followed by seattle, new york, portland, chicago, and denver. have you been to usa sfn. >> i've been once to austin. it's a great place. it's land locked. there's no water really. i mean there's a lake. i wouldn't choose it over san francisco, personal opinion. >> no. >> i think it's fine for a long weekend. >> right. >> and then what? that was my -- i know a lot of people love it. i just remember looking around like -- and now what do we do? >> right. exactly. >> they'll soon realize when they show up. >> yeah. >> see, the university of texas
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is there. >> yeah. >> and having, you know, attended the university of kansas, can't step foot in that city. >> yeah. that's fine. >> haven't yet. i might. i might. i don't know. let's take a look at what's going on. you got to love those college rivalries. from sutro tower, today is windy, rough waves and record warmth. the winds will increase, gusts to 82 hour on mou on mou on moun deblo. the winds are going to be faster where we live, make sure anything you have battery powered it's charged and make sure you have flashlights ready in case we lose power. a lot of weakened trees because of the drought and all the fire and burn scars we've had and those could come down and take power lines with them. much cooler this weekend with a chance of rain friday into saturday. 20 degrees cooler than today. we've got winds up to 36 miles
6:20 am
per hour in fairfield. those are our fastest winds. 74 in debrlo. that's when some of the faster winds will come down where we lt south bay, to reg station today excep for santa cruz at a record high, downtown san francisco, 72, 76 at napa, san ra fell 76, 73 at richmond and 72 at oakland and hayward and head over to the east bay 76 in concord and 74 livermore. tonight is our last mild night, upper 40s to middle 50s. the temperatures back in the 60s tomorrow, cooler breezes take over. not until friday, saturday and sunday when locked in the 50s temperatures back where they should be. rental and liz. >> thank you. we'll bring in ginger zee with a look at what's ahead. >> great to be with everybody
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this morning. coming up on "gma" the nation on high alert two days until president-elect biden's immigration. this morning there are new concerns as the capitol is nearing lockdown we'll tell you about. at least 21 states have activated national guard troops and there are the new videos that have emerged from inside that angry mob that stormed the people's house on january 6th. the commanding general of the d.c. national guard will join us live with how they are preparing to prevent new unrest. also ahead here, the latest on the vaccine roadblocks and th biden team is promising to speed things up. the nation now nearing 400,000 lives lost to the coronavirus. plus, we are of course honoring martin luther king, jr., the inspiring and profound insights from our nation's next generation, fourth and fifth graders, they've got some advice for all of us adults today. wait until you see what they have to say. coming up right here on "gma." >> it's hard enough to give a speech as an adult. these kids are really doing
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nothing better than getting the family together or multigenerations of the family. you see it all the time at our beaches on holidays. today, it's going to be a little different. you need to be way back away from the water near the cliffs because we have a high surf advisory, sneaker waves, rip currents, coastal erosion, long run ups on to the beach by the waves until 6:00. that's all the way through sunset. please be careful there. don't let your dogs off their leash. now the fire danger it's heightened. we have everything except for the exceptionally dry fuels and thankfully that little bit of rain we had in december is keeping us from being in a red flag warning. you need to be vigilant today, tonight and tomorrow as heightened fire danger will
6:25 am
continue. a red flag warning, south into the big sir. not here in the bay area. >> all right. thank you. happening today, the united kingdom will start requiring all incoming travelers to present proof of a negative covid-19s test to enter. airlines will ask to see the test result before taking off. the test has to be taken in the 72 hours before leaving. all travelers must have to quarantine for ten days and show a second negative test result within that time. children under age 11 and people traveling for u medical treatment are exempt from the order. virgin orbit has successfully launched its first rocket into space. yesterday the 70 foot projectile detached from a retrofitted boeing 747 plane nicknamed cosmic girl and you saw it right there, fired itself into earth's orbit. that's pretty wild. the rocket also put nine satellites into space and the satellites were actually designed by high school and college students and built by nasa. virgin, which is based here in
6:26 am
california, is now the third new space company to reach orbit after spacex and rocket lab. you at 6:00, look at this incredible drone footage of a paraplegic climber in hong kong attempting to scale a 300 meter tall skyscraper. the 37-year-old strapped into his wheelchair using a pulley system to climb up the massive building. after more than ten hours he reached 250 meters and called it a day becoming the first man in hong kong to scale a building in a wheelchair. >> wow. impressive. scary but impressive. >> that is something else. next at 6:30, parler briefly returned online after getting banned from amazon's web hosting service. the message from the site's ceo. washington is on high alert with two days to go until president-elect biden's immigration. i'm elizabeth shul zi, the latest on the security efforts coming up. a group of ucsf doctors and
6:27 am
health care workers vouch for the reopening of
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future this is abc 7 news. now at 6:30, washington, d.c. on lockdown. this is new video this morning of national guard troops resting on cots in the capitol. what appears to be the biggest security risk as we count down to immigration day. since september there have only been seven campus-based covid infections, covid transmissions, so that's really reassuring data. >> uscf doctors pulled marin county to support reopening schools. the recommendations they're making this morning. >> and here's a live look outside through our sutro tower cam. lots going on in the bay area
6:30 am
from rough surf to high winds and record warmth, one more day. >> good morning on this monday january 18th, all that and the windy conditions and start that with mike. >> all right. thank you, reggie, liz, hi, everybody, thanks for joining us on this martin luther king, jr. day. the winds have been calm for more of us through the overnight hours. they will be fastest tonight and all of ruus are under a wind advisory. separating themselves will be faster winds and higher elevations. we have a heat warnihigh wind w 4:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. the gusts will be faster than what we're dealing with this morning. 70 to 80 mile per hour wind gusts on mt. saint helena and mt. diablo, 4800 and 3800 feet respectively. let's focus on the heat, low to mid 70s, wouldn't be surprised if upper 70s hit where you live
6:31 am
also. >> thank you. two days and counting to immigration day and washington, d.c., this morning security is intensifying. abc news reporter elizabeth schulze has the biggest security risks and what's being done to ensure a peaceful transfer of power. >> reporter: two days to go until president-elect joe biden's immigration, a fortified washington on high alert. streets blocked, barricades set up and thousands of national guard members on patrol. >> the mission is about protecting our republic itself. >> reporter: up to 25,000 national guard members will be in d.c. this week, some setting up kotsz inside the capitol, each one getting vetted because of concerns about a potential insider a t bstrisk, not just in shington, but at state pi nationde. >> how sio is our count going to take domestic white extremism? i think what we saw here last week is that we didn't take it
6:32 am
seriously enough. >> reporter: the capitol building's perimeter tested with three people arrested in separate incidents including two men carrying guns and ammunition. now new footage of the insurrection filmed by "the new yorker." >> it ain't safe for you guys. >> reporter: rioters looking for lawmakers banging on doors. >> defend the constitution, defend liberty. defend your stugs. defend your liberty. >> reporter: a capitol police officer begging the mob to leave the senate chamber. >> want to let you guys know this is the sacredest place. >> i'm going to take it -- this share. >> reporter: jacob angelly arrested with dozens of others and the fbi is combing through more than 150,000 pieces of digital evidence as investigations into the insurrection continue. >> reporter: rehearsals are set to begin today after they were delayed because of security
6:33 am
concerns. elizabeth schulze, abc news washington. new this morning the commander of d.c.'s national guard major general william walker is on "good morning america" detailing that vetting process for national guard troops. >> we have the technology, we do that every four years as well. what happens is they're screened before they leave their state and what it is, is a credentialing process so they're screened and then repeatedly screened until they are actually put on the street. >> general walker says the enhanced background check ahows the fbi, secret service and others to make their own layered reviews. he says he's confident he has the situation secure. his full interview with george stephanopoulos is ahead at 7:00 a.m. president-elect joe biden will be in philadelphia for martin luther king, jr. day. his wife jill will be joining him to volunteer with a hunger relief group. today is a national day of service and the inaugural
6:34 am
committee has. pushing people to volunteer. kamala harris and her husband will spend today volunteering in d.c. the president-elect plans to roll outn fir ten days in office. jobina at the live desk with that. >> the president-elect's team says that orders are meant to signal a turning point for the united states. there are many that deal with the coronavirus pandemic that includes issuing a mask mandate for federal property and interstate travel. another way to extend the pandemic related limits on evictions and student loan payments. other orders are rebuke of the trump administration. they include rescinding the muslim travel ban, rejoining the paris climate accord and canceling the permit for the keystone xl pipeline project in addition to these orders biden is pushing for a $1.9 trillion stimulus package and sweeping immigration legislation that would allow a pathway to citizenship for about 11 million people. liz? >> thank you. south korea's president moon says he is encouraging the biden
6:35 am
administration to not deprioritize regulations -- excuse me relations with north korea. >> biden -- ienino biden a tol po re can resume talks on ending its nuclear weapons program. moon stressed that biden should build on the achievements made under president trump. and now to the pandemic, the u.s. could reach 400,000 covid-19 deaths today. in california we're seeing a few trends that may be an indicator things are slowing down. the state reported more than 42,000 new cases sunday, which is above the daily average for the past couple weeks. but hospitalizations dropped by nearly 400. the number of patients in the icu also went down. the seven-day positivity rate continues to fall. it's at 11.3% now and of course the positivity rate is a good indicator of the transmission rate of the virus.
6:36 am
back to school in just two weeks, not just for elementary school students, all students through high school. that's what some doctors at uscf are pushing for right now and they say they have the data to back this up. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in san jose. hi, amy. >> hi, reggie. the push comes as researchers are setting a new variant of the virus that has been found here in the bay area is found in the outbreak that happened here at san jose medical center, but this new variant does not discourage these doctors who say kids need to be back in school. this new variant is not part of their concerns. a group of more than 30 doctors and health care workers at ucf wrote a letter saying kids should be back in school february 1st. we have plenty of evidence to show that schools are safe. >> we have good data from our marin county here in the bay area which is really the only county that successfully opened
6:37 am
schools in any significant number following those 40,000 students k through 12 and 5,000 teachers back in the a classroom since september. there have only been seven campus based covid infections, covid transmissions. that's really reassuring data. >> these doctors also point out tlids there is a danger keeping them out of school and an impact on kids mental health. children's hospital in oakland are seeing twice as many kids coming into the er with thoughts of suicide. with the variant found at san jose medical these doctors say this should not impact whether schools open, saying that variant does not seem to change transmission rates. reporting live in san jose, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. still ahead the rush to get morgan hill of americans vaccinated. the problems many cities are running into.
6:38 am
more than halfway through january but some holiday packages have not arrived. when the backlog will finally be sorted out. and today is going to be a windier version of yesterday. that is for sure. i know, if you don't have your gifts by now, i mean, like, give me that refund. >> right. >> right. >> it may be too late for the refund depending on when the gift was purchased and mailed. >> true. >> that's not -- that's really not funny but how i deal with things like that. i mean, some of these things have a 30 to 60-day refund. if you mailed it in middle december you're pushing it. a look at our temperatures you can see we're double digits, especially in the north bay, the east bay valleys and the south bay where it's 17 degrees warmer in san jose, 62 degrees right now, the valley floor a lot of low 60s. in the hills a little bit into the 50ss in places like cupertino and los gatos and 42
6:39 am
in novato. 67 in napa and 64 in se bastn sb poll. we're all over the place because of the winds. your day planner for this martin luther king, jr. day. temperatures in the 50s and 60s still at 7:00. the upper 60s and low 70s at 4:00. between about 1:00 and 3:00 that's when we'll hit the mid 70s, few upper 70s are possible today. back in the 60s this evening as the winds will increase and kees and 60s. a few 40s in our valleys. a look at your commute planner and it's all about the winds whether choppy on the bay or have a cross breeze on our bridges. now i want to show you what's coming up into friday. one medium ranged model says this cold front will bring us a chance of rain up to a quarter of an inch friday. keeping an eye on the commute is jobina. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you very much. good morning.
6:40 am
because of the martin luther king, jr. holiday, today lots of people have it off and we're noticing that on o roads. we're going to bring in a live picture right now showing off the bay bridge toll plaza. we do not have metering lights on here. you can see it is very light. so if you need to make your way into san francisco you're in good shape bringing you over now to the san mateo bridge showing you our live camera there, traffic did begin to p people making their way towards the peninsula. brake lights there as people make their way towards the mid span but no major issues on our roads. as we take an overall look at the map as we head to break, lots of green, so that's good. not even a slowdown out of advanced non-small cell lung cancer can change everything. but your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination
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flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur at the same time and some more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance for more horizons. a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all involved in our clinical trials. welcome back. we are tracking the vaccine rollout in california and across the u.s. and many cities say here's reporter mona kosar abdi. >> reporter: as hospitals struggle with the surge of covid patients they're struggling with
6:43 am
the chaotic vaccine rolloutp p. >> at this point what's keeping you up at night? >> vaccine rolling out fast enough and people not getting too ahead of it. >> reporter: mass vaccination sites are popping up from hard rock stadium to citi field and disney land. appointments are now overbooked. >> i'm hearing word there is a shortage of trained medical personnel all over the place and we're going to have to look to see if different vaccine sites can train people and this will take more funding and better coordination so people know when to show up to their appointments and where to go. >> reporter: the government is pushing for at least 50 million doses to be distributed by the end of january. only 31 million have gone out. with a transition of power in washington days away joe biden's team is promising to address the vaccine bottlenecks. >> we're inheriting a huge mess but we have a plan to fix it and make the vaccine supply go farther. >> reporter: another challenge, at least 20 states have
6:44 am
confirmed cases of the contagious mutation of covid-19. hospitals in england are seeing a new patient every 30 seconds. mow nar kosar abdi, abc news new york. >> we're posting updates on our website, so far about 30% of doses received in the state have been administerd. you can compare our state's progress to the rest of the country and see where you fall in line. data apps are swiping left on suspected capitol hill rioters, they are using profile images taken from the siege to ban accounts according to the "washington post." users have used the data apps to report rioters to the fbi themselves. many cases they are gathering potentially incriminating photos or confessions that they're getting through their private messages. new at 6:00, the website for the social media platform parler is back online but appears to be having some technical
6:45 am
difficulties. a message from the ceo reads, we will resolve any challenge and plan to welcome you back soon. amazon suspend the site from its web hosting service. cnn appears parler appears to be hosted online by the platform epic which supports other far right platforms. facebook is shutting down the creation of certain events through immigration day. menlo park based company won't allow anyone to set up an event with a location near the white house, u.s. capitol building or 50 state capitol buildings across the country. facebook says its goal is to keep its social media platform free from being used to organize violent a attacks andmigr rel et and removing any that violate facebook's rules. a musical tribute
6:46 am
>> that was some of the performance by terrance kelly and the gospel choir. this was living jazz's 19th annual event yesterday and the performance titled "in the name of love" went virtual because of the pandemic. congresswoman barbara lee was on hand to present the oakland citizen humanen award to dr. obaleta the founder and ceo of roots clinic, a nonprofit community health center. special guests on "gma." the children that are keeping the spirit of dr. king alive through the power of speech. >> if he found out what was happening today he would say, my work is not done. >> adults, you do know we see you, right. we see the name calling, the fighting, the social media, grownups climbing over walls to steal votes just because your friend lost. >> they're all inspiring words on why dr. king's message resonates to them. coming up on "good morning
6:47 am
america" right after abc 7 mornings. to your morning money report. the u.s. stock market is closed today in observance of martin luther king, jr. day, the market in the second largest economy is and seeing major growth. today china's government reports its economy jumped by 2.3% in 2020, growing beyond expectations. it's the only major economy to avoid a contraction during the pandemic. hot pockets are being recalled over concerns they may contain pieces of glass and hard nerepared foods is recalling 760,000 pounds of hot pockets after multiple complaints. the u.s. department of agriculture says products shipped and produced in november are part of the recall. one person has reported an injury. >> i have never eaten a hot pocket without burning the top of my mouth, right? >> into it's impossible basically. >> it is impossible. i hope everyone is safe otherwise, of course. it's january 18th and it appears there are still a lot of
6:48 am
people who didn't get their christmas gifts. according tol wrsn the philadelphia area, hundreds of thousands of boxes are just sitting inside processing in delivery centers. employee availability and covid precautions are contributing to the issue. "good morning america's" becky westerly says the back long could take months. text messages promising refunds and cash back for shipping delays if you click the link. spoiler, don't click the link. >> this is common right now right after the holidays when people are expecting a lot of packages. >> if you receive a text or e-mail with a link, don't click it. instead, logon to your account where you bought the item and file a complaint or call the shipper and ask for a refund. >> the ftc says phishing scams are an easy way for criminals to get your info. how would you like to take a cross country road trip and get paid? sounds pretty good, right. good news you can, if you want
6:49 am
to be a hot dogger. all you have to do is drive the famous oscar mayer wienermobile. craft heinz is assembling a team for the task. the hot doggers will attend more than 200 events in cities across the country and create social media content and do news interviews. the company is looking for outgoing college graduates who love adventure. not a bad gig post-college gig in a pandemic. >> right. it's a lot of them. all the people in that photo. >> right. >> yeah. >> what are the covid precautions? q. are they getting tested? >> i mean what's the deal? >> we need to know. >> really. >> that's what i was thinking you're going to group these strangers and stick them in a wienermobile and drive across the country. that's challenges on its own. >> my bologna has a first name andc-o-v-i-d. >> nice one, reggie. i like that.
6:50 am
all right. let's take a look at what's going on. we have to get serious about a minute and 15 seconds, 30 seconds or so. because we have a lot of serious weather to talk about. record warmth is the easiest part. the rough surf and inz are the most dangerous part and that will continue tonight. the winds could get faster tonight which is hard to believe. it will be mild again tonight. our last real mild night moving forward. a chance of rain possible for friday, definitely much cooler this weekend up to 20 degrees cooler than today. so the rough surf until 6:00. it's been pushed back about three hours. it was until 3 but in the weather service updated after seeing the data. you need to stay away from the water or sunset. winds at the surface from 24 to 36, mainly across the north bay going to spread across our neighborhoods this afternoon and we're seeing a lull in the north bay and east bay. 70 to 80 gusts on helena and diablo down to 40 and 50.
6:51 am
temperatures mid 70s just about everywhere. low to mid 70s along the coast and south san francisco and the north bay coast with mid 70s across the north bay. we've got low to mid 70s along the east bay shore. look at every single one there, is every reporting station officially and every one of them except for santa cruz has a record high today. all right. tonight how about upper 40s to mid 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 50s starting friday and mid to upper 50s this weekend. it's going to be quite a bit different. back to you. hawaii seeing massive waves right now. video from the north shore. oh, some of the biggest surf of the season. officials are urging people to stay away. of course the surfers flock to this opportunity. some of these waves reaching 40 to 50 feet high. this is video shows surfers gliding down the face of the wave, some of them wiping out and you know that hurts. even seasoned veterans say that some of these waves are too big.
6:52 am
life guards in hawaii reported nearly 100 rescues on saturday. >> wow. that is impressive to look at but terrifying to imagine being inside. phil spector has died at the age of 81. he died in prison over the weekend of natural causes. spector was sentenced to 19 years to life for the shooting death of actress lana clarkson. before his conviction spector was a groundbreaking record producer, musician and songwriter and produced recordings including the beatles, tina turner, cher and the ramons. justin timberlake and jessica beil are welcoming their second son. fin knees you. timberlake did not reveal when he was born. the couple has been married since 2012 and they also have a 5-year-old son named silas. not to be with reggie's day. >> hey silas. good morning.
6:53 am
a professional tennis player marcelo gonzalez is getting in some practice against a mattress. he was heading to the australian open saturday when he was told two people on his flight failed a covid test. he now has to quarantine in his hotel room for two weeks. he is practicing to the song "eye of the tiger" and playing with the mattress there. >> i know. i was wondering is this allowed and then, you know, like should we allow this and then looked up, we can only see him from one angle, so i looked him up, not that familiar with tennis, and he's allowed to do whatever he wants. >> rules don't apply. >> where it comes down to. there's the apple watch and then the fit bit, but now there is a new wristband that is for your employer to monitor your emotional state. it's called the mood beam and it only has two buttons, yellow, you press if you're happy, blue you press that if you're sad.
6:54 am
the information goes to your manager in real time. mood beam is billing this as a way for bosses to check in on the well being of their staff who may be working from home. new at 6:00 a.m., say hello to one baby monkey born at the philadelphia zoo. oh. i wasn't expecting it to be this cute. this is quebo which means precious in vietnamese. no. look at this. drinking from a syringe it's too much. an appropriate name because she is a part of an endangered species of monkeys and they're native to vietnam and china. the zoo staff says the baby and her mom are bonding well and the monkey family doing great. the first of the species of monkey born at the philly zoo. >> i love that story came after the mood beam story. yes, happy, immediately happy. seeing this baby monkey. this morning, we are meeting
6:55 am
america's new top dog. >> the whippet. >> mrs. bourbon, the whippet, crowned best in show at the akc national championship. chesley and her winning dog are on "good morning america" this morning and she says bourbon can be a bit of a diva. >> yes. she's the diva of the family. her brother is a little more of man's best friend. we have to kind of cater to her. >> what's her reward after a win? >> oh, well she doesn't know if she wins or loses. we always spoil her. >> i hear she may have puppies this year? >> yes. so we're very excited. we actually find out in just a couple weeks if she's going to be a mom this spring, so -- and whippets can have up to ten puppies. >> winning runs in the family. her sister whiskey was best in show in 2018. reggie, whippet. >> whippet good into shape. really miss the opportunity to
6:56 am
name this dog devo. >> that's a good point. puppies are coming. >> more opportunities. also why do we have t new year's resolutions come and go. so give your business more than resolutions... give it solutions, from comcast business. work more efficiently with fast internet and advanced wifi. make your business safer with powerful cybersecurity solutions. and stay productive with 24/7 support. make this year's resolution better solutions. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today.
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6:58 am
welcome back. it's 6:58. if you're just joining us seven things to know this morning. number one, tight security in washington, d.c., ahead of immigration day. thousands of national guard troops are being vetted now over fears of an insider threat. authorities maintain the main risk is domestic extremists. number two, kamala harris is set to resign from the u.s. senate today to make history and become vice president on wednesday. overnight she released an op-ed message to california voters in the "san francisco chronicle." number three nt foun santa counties is linked to outbreak in san jose last month. health officials say the variant is different from the one first seen in the uk. oakland will continue its longest running celebration of the life of martin luther king, jr. today. the 29th annual keeping the dream alive multicultural rally will be held virtually at 10:00
6:59 am
a.m. number five, be prepared fon more so tonight. you can see that orange from 4:00 to 7:00 tomorrow morning. gusts for us could be up to 50 miles per hour on top of our ridges 80 miles per hour. number six, we're taking a live look outside in walnut creek showing off 680. traffic has remained light throughout the morning because of the holiday. the chp has issued a high wind advisory through the altamont pass. two members of the biden family are now inaugurated. more than 10,000 people attended the virtual dog immigration for champ and major yesterday. major makes history as the first ever shelter pup to become a first dog. >> look at that. >> love it. >> i love dogs. it will be nice to have pets again in the white house. the trumps didn't have a fish or anything, right? >> it will be nice. two dogs and a cat are coming to the white house. >> somehow i didn't know about the cat. >> oh.
7:00 am
>> mike, they're representing. >> yeah. what's going on there? >> i demand a story on the cat. good morning, america. high alert. the capitol locked down. 25,000 national guard troops expected to be in place by the inauguration and at least 21 states activating national guard troops to protect their own capitols. this as new disturbing video emerges from inside, of the angry mob storming the capitol. >> you are outnumbered. there's a [ bleep ] million of us out there. >> searching for the speaker of the house. the commanding general of the d.c. national guard joins us live. with how they're preparing for the new unrest with just two days until president-elect biden's inauguration. >>. the whithouse. second impeachment trial. the new reports he could issue 100 pardons on the way out of office and overnight, the


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