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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  January 23, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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can help as wezillions of peopl this country. >> reporter: in his later years he'd say he wanted to be remembered the most for the lives he helped change. >> i think that i want to be remembered as someone who was able to forget about baseball, but be able to help mankind. >> the great hank aaron was 86. and it was hammerin' hank who lived, he said, by a very simple motto. in baseball, like in life, when you're in a slump, keep swinging. that's
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covid-19 cases are going
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down in san francisco, but why are doctors highly concerned another surge could be approaching in the upcoming weeks? >> get ready for a week's worth of rainy, stormy weather. i will have the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: pg&e crews out trying to repair power to thousands that lost it earlier and people are worried about a second storm that could bring more damage. >> tonight it is megabillions, the pandemic not slows down lucky lotto players. abc 7 news starts >> we want to be very careful. it is not time to relax too much yet. >> covid-19 cases are going down in san francisco, but doctors are not letting their guard down. the health impact of the pandemic is something we are focused on at abc 7 as we work
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to build a better bay area. >> medical experts said this gap of time may only be a short reprieve and that the spread of virus variants across the globe is concerning them. >> reporter: it is the sight of relief that san francisco had been hoping for. >> our numbers are down overall in the hospital. >> reporter: mayor london breed tweeting san francisco's covid-19 reproductive rate is back under 1 at 0.99. for every person that gets covid-19 on average they are passing it to less than one other person. we are slowing the spread. if this continues we could still start reopening under california guidelines. the chief of the emergency medicine tomorrow is seeing firsthand covid-19 cases drop. >> icu capacity in the city is approaching 15% and we are
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starting to vaccinate some of our patients in the outpatient setting over the age of 65. >> reporter: as they catch their breath there is a new concern looming over. >> we have seen a lot of variants of the covid-19 virus and some of them look like they are potentially more transmissable, even more than the original form of the virus. >> reporter: the director of the stanford clinical i haverology laboratory is tracking this data. >> uk variant is in over 60 countries now. the south african variant is in over 20 countries. despite limitations on travel. >> reporter: this doctor is part of a group of infectious disease researchers who are studying the virus as it mutates. >> in the entire california region we are having a call tomorrow to plan the strategy to study the variants. >> reporter: the best way to
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prevent the virus is to vaccinate as many people as possible fast. >> i think it is quite reasonable to infer that we could see a surge. san francisco's first covid-19 mass vaccination site is up and running and abc 7 news went by the city college of san francisco where about 500 people received their shots. san francisco finds themselves dealing with the same problems, a shortage of doses. california is promising to deliver another 10,000 next week, the number of people mayor london breed wants to vaccinate every day. the priority list could be changing with age moving past some of the sectors. >> our schools are still closed. we need to prioritize our educators. our police officers are on the front line making arrests and dealing with the challenges of the city. >> the college site will be open
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this weekend but you must have an appointment and you cannot just show up. >> taking a look at the weather. a rainbow stretched across the sky in pleasant hill after rain. we will be seeing much more wet weather in the week ahead. spencer. >> reporter: okay. the storm we had today just has about gone. starting at midnight there will be a few clouds moving over the area and maybe a sprinkle or two. but the storm is gone. we will start with sunshine. no more sunny days for a while. on sunday, we have a series of very weather storms coming through, sunday, monday, a stronger storm tuesday to wednesday, accompanied by low snow levels and heavy downpours.
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what can we expect from the series of storms? rainfall totals of 2.5 to 3.5 inches of rain, higher totals in the higher elevations and this will be the heaviest rain we have seen all season long and the strongest wind. the snow levels down to 2,000 feet. >> spencer, thanks a lot. spencer is talking about the winds that are coming. in santa cruz county thousands are without electricity after the wind storm caused damage to power lines on tuesday. they are marked by green dots thaw see here and more than 2,000 people could be without power until sunday and more than 14,000 had been affected by the outage. more wind is coming. matt boone spoke with the residents in bolder creek two say after 2020 this is not how they wanted to start the new year. >> reporter: at the pg&e
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resource center rachel anderson came to charge her phone. >> we can't charge anything. we haven't been able to shower, cook or do anything. >> reporter: her power has been out since tuesday. they do have a smalliganerator, her pet fish are the priority. >> the animals actually are getting the little electricity we have. we are just uncomfortable. >> reporter: after a difficult summer when the fire tore through the valley. >> it has been one thing after another. >> reporter: pg&e says tuesday's wind storm was the strongest in the area in ten years damaging several hundred poles, transformers and wires in the santa cruz mountains. in boulder creek many stores remained close. the red pearl chinese restaurant had a two-hour wait. most homes do not have gas to cook with either. >> we had no heat. the
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refrigerator is out. >> reporter: nick williams said he hasn't had wi-fi making working from home challenging. >> going with my phone and turning it on for a few minutes to check my e-mails and turning it back off. >> reporter: pg&e expects everyone back up by sunday but with another storm on the way he is worried. >> i hope i can catch up on some of my work in between now and the next power outage. a memorial service was held for the victims of a deadly new year's eve hit-and-run in san francisco. family and friends gathered at the crash scene at 2nd and mission season. hana abe's mother met with mayor
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breed. they are calling on city leaders to make the city safe again. >> she did not deserve to go like this. what happened here could have happened to anyone, your mother, brother, sister, child crossing the sidewalk at that moment. >> letters spelling out the names of both victims. a 45-year-old parolee who was speeding away from a burglary has been charged with her death. that man has pleaded not guilty. >> the man at the center of oakland's deadly ghost ship fire is avoiding a trial after pleading guilty. he previously stood trial in 2019 but the jury deadlocked. released from prison last year because of covid and has been on house arrest. he will not face civil
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penalties. he is scheduled to be sentenced on march 8th. >> the south bay streets are back own after a spill. the haz-mat team contained the spill. one person was treated for a medical issue at the scene but no other injuries. >> baseball legend hank aaron has died. president joe biden sharing his memories of watching hammering hank. >> the new administration is trying to boost the economy and the new benefits coming for struggling families and workers. >> and someone is $1 billion richer. bay area residents was hoping it would be one of them. find out where the winning ticket was sold. >> first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." >> thanks dan and ama. tonight's show is unimpeachable. >> i went to washington d.c.
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just got back. >> what were you doing there? >> a parade.
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>> president joe biden signed 30 executive orders since taking office and today he signed two more. one of them focuses on expanding food assistance and delivering stimulus checks and the other requires a $15 minimum wage for the federal workforce and plans to provide a path for citizenship for people without legal status. republicans are criticizing the move. >> that is why i was disappointed to see within hours of assuming office the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than helping our own citizens. >> yesterday president biden signed an order to ramp up supplies for covid-19
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vaccinations and vowed to add minister vaccines during his first 100 days in office. >> henry hank aaron died at the age of 86. hitting 20 home runs in 20 consecutive seasons and shattered babe ruth's all-time home run record. aaron began his career in the 1950s faced racism, death threats and had to travel with bodyguards and spent most of his career with the milwaukee and atlanta braves. president joe biden wrote each time henry aaron rounded the bases, he wasn't just chasing a record he was helping us chase a better version of ourselves. 23 seasons in major league baseball. i remember him in the middle 70s as a kid. we talk about it a lot. he was so important for what he did, not just for baseball and
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records but what he did for racial integration in the country. >> yeah spencer, you had nice words about him earlier today as well. >> yeah. i interviewed him in 1982 after he was elected to the major league baseball hall of fame. we all know what a great baseball player he was. he was just as great human being and a class act. can't be matched. >> let me give you a look at what is going on with the weather. the showers are winding down and things are clearing out a little bit. looking back at san francisco, temperature readings just about everywhere in the 40s. and looking back across the from emeryville, a lot of clear skies. low tore middle 40s in these locations. on we can, we had a view. it is dark now. these are our forecast features.
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showers ending overnight. cold air moves in. a dry, sunny break for tomorrow. a series of storms beginning on sunday and continuing through next week. here is tonight's forecast. you can see the showers clearing away. we will start the day tomorrow morning with sunshine, but as we look at the overnight conditions, lower temperatures in the inland valleys, lower 40s near the coast and bay. highs, sunny skies on the cool side. upper 50s near the bay and inland. now we skip ahead to the forecast animation beginning on sunday. it will be a wet five or six days ahead. sunday in to monday. a break from monday into early tuesday and then another stronger storm comes in with periods of heavy, steady rainfall. snow levels down to 2,000 feet. it will not only snow in the sierra but the bay area peaks as well. rainfall totals range from two
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and a half to three and a half inches of rain generally across the bay area. it will be a soaking week. here is what we can expect. the highest rainfall totals of the season so far will occur next week. the strongest wind gusts will be on tuesday and wednesday with the stronger storms and snow levels down to 2,000 feet. it will be a week of active and interesting weather. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. the first couple of storms ranking only 1 on the abc 7 storm impact scale. but that one late tuesday rank 3. it will temper off to weaker storms or moderate storms on thursday and friday. winter weather is here or it will be here dan and ama. >> big time. it is coming. thanks, spencer. >> tonight's megamillions jackpot is a huge estimated $1 billion. not bad for a friday. >> we don't know who the winner
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is just yet, but we do know the winning ticket was sold in michigan. >> it is a billion dollar prize. the winning numbers are 4, 26, 42, 50, 60, 24. abc 7 news reporter kate larson spoke with happy lotto hopefuls in san francisco about their dream for this enormous grand prize. >> i got the winning ticket. >> reporter: was it won? >> i saw you on the street with a camera and thought i won. i did win but only $2. >> reporter: the megabillion jackpot just too tempting for people that picked up tickets at knob hill liquors. >> we have been buying one ticket for every drawing. >> reporter: the signs do not even go to a billion. people lined up, myself included. thank you. the odds of winning 1 in 302
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million. why do we play? >> it could be me. >> it could be me. >> yeah. but i want it to be me. >> what would you do with a billion dollars. >> i totally would buy property and help out people. >> would you quit work? >> absolutely. are you kidding me? of course. sorry job. >> how many tickets did you buy? >> $100 worth. just for me. >> i love it. >> rough day at work. trying to win. >> reporter: giant jackpots always attract big crowds but the pandemic made people double down on this one. >> everyone needs something to hope for and having a tough time. we would love, you know, something. >> someone has to win. i hope it goes to someone that needs it or someone that wants to give back. >> reporter: for those that didn't win, according to california lottery, 95 cents of every dollar spent goes to
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schools, prizes and retail compensation. as of friday morning california sales generated nearly $99 million to benefit public education. >> i bought one lonelily ticket and got one lucky number. lucky number 42. i am sure there are people that matched five numbers. they get $1 million. none of those tickets were sold in california either. i got nothing, dan. >> one more number than i got. the next jackpot is now only $20 million with a drawing on
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and we are gonna play a tiebreaker. [ applause ] >> jeopardy wrapped up the week with a nail biting finish. two contestants were tied and the game came down to sudden death. the first ever jeopardy tiebreaker in a regular game
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happened in 2018.
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>> sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> imagine having to be at your best every day while receiving constant death threats. hank aaron lived it every day.
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his signature moment breaking babe ruth's home run record in 1974. >> fastball and a high drive to deep left center field. back, to the fence and it is gone. what a marvelous moment for baseball. what a marvelous moment for the country and the world. >> vin scully on the call. aaron finished with 755 homers, a 25-time all-star. but he did not like the spotlight of chasing the record and was just happy to survive it. >> he was the subject of death threats and hate mail and just the fact that this is the dream of america and what america tells us to do. go out andul yourselfp at your boot straps. you are at the top of the profession and worried about being assassinated. >> willie mays said i enjoyed our friendship over the years, a very humble and quiet man. a good guy. i have so many fond memories of
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hank and will miss him very much. the sharks and minnesota. devan dubnyk was trying to beat his old teams. empty seats in minnesota covered with sweaters of old teams. that's fun. matt nieto scores and this is the type you don't want. zach parise, right place and the right time. his first of the year past dubnyk on the rebound. sharks, a great chance to tie. whiffs. he had an empty net. minnesota adds two empty netters themselves. top ten battle in women's hoops. stanford coming off of their first loss. haley jones, look at the moves here, the spin, the stop, the jumper. charisma osborne. great name and a rainbow jumper. charisma went for 24 points. stanford is down by two.
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fran, throws it away. ucla wins 70-66. stanford now lost two in
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>> we are not winners but we
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have the weekend. >> for all of us here, we apprecececececececececececececec >> "localish bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪
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on today's show, cool plant vibes. >> i can pull up, buy a plant, buy some coffee, chitchat with the ladies. >> dinner is served. >> i've never had the paper-thin layers like this, the flavors. >> the ultimate funnel cake. >> if this is all it takes to make it, i should have been making it a long time ago. >> but first, inspiring art. ♪ >> i think just like every person has their own story, every piece has its different layers. ♪ when words escape me, painting feels like a way that i'm able to tell my story. i grew up in the philippines, and even in the philippines, having darker skin was dismissed. and when i emigrated from the philippines to here, just to be seen was probably the biggest thing. ♪
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my series of kayumangii, it was almost as if i was, like, telling children like me like i was growing up how proud we needed to be, how i see the color of our skin, and how important that is. i want to honor my ancestors, the people before me, the women before me in a way that just shows their resilience and their beauty and, also, their femininity. as a child at 5, in the philippines, there's so many palm trees. i would just draw them freehand. that was really fun for me to do, so art was always part of me. when i emigrated, it meant more -- a way for me to connect with what was going on inside of me. it was healing. it was definitely healing -- like my safe space that i could express myself. and then now with my children and my family, it's definitely a more rejoicing part of it, so --
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about two years ago, quinn, my daughter, was doing a self-portrait. she was frustrated, and she was like, "mama, i can't make this look like me." and i asked her why, what was the problem. and, you know, she was telling me about the skin color. and i said, "you know what? we already have all the tools. we have yellow. we have pink. we have brown." all these colors are in everybody's skin tone, and then how we layered all these colors to achieve her skin tone. the excitement in her face of getting to that was so beautiful, and that was really how my series of kayumangii started. she always facetimes with her cousin gabriel, and they would do art together. and then, one day, she came up to me, and she's like, "mama, can you show gabe how to do the skin color like you taught me?" next day, i called my sister, and i was like, "can you do art classes with me? we're not gonna make any money. we're just gonna offer it for free. but it's for kids." now, here's something i want you to do, okay? it's gonna take a little bit of time to let the other side dry.
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we called it color together: self-portrait series, but also talk about their skin tones. go ahead and just add a layer of brown on that one side. it reminded me of my childhood and how art had changed me. all the women that i paint, it's a very thoughtful process that i just really enjoy. it's making my own paints. it's painting on wood, looking at the wood. when i pick these wood panels, i actually look at the grain. it makes me "yeah, there's charcoal in there." i honestly have to let the wood tell me and the paint tell me where i should be going with this piece. my best hope would be for the little girl like i was to see who she is as being represented and just celebrated and somehow be inspired by it as she moves through life. i want to do this forever. i want to keep being able to express myself. to be able to share that i think is really empowering.


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