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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  January 23, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning america. it's our second hour and happening right now, president biden's battle plan gets underway. signing more than 30 executive orders and action since entering the white house. from entering americans to mask up for 100 days to launching a covid-19 pandemic board to boost testing. plus the latest on the impeachment trial. the coronavirus crisis uk prime minister boris johnson saying a newly discovered strain could be more deadly. january on track to be america's worst month for a daily cases and reported deaths. we've got the latest right here on the pandemic. the inauguration's buzziest moments. the stylists behind michelle obama's show-stopping hair, plus
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all agent ella hemoff's eye catching coach and masie eye catching shoes. eat smart. which foods give you a major energy boost and when you should eat them. and how to curb thing stress eating. expert advice on how to make working from home work for you. the simple steps for making a delicious dinner and turning it into a hardy breakfast. from a sheet pan steak to crispy potatoes to a steak and hash brown brie know in the morning. your new favorite dishes await. all that and more as we say "good morning america". >> it's saturday morning. this is "gma". >> we might be able to eat on the set this morning. >> our open always makes us hungry somehow on saturday
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morning. >> we're underfed. help us. welcome today. an expert's tips for eating smart that gives you extra energy and curbs unnecessary snacking. >> i love snacking. first, the top stories. president biden focusing on the economy, saying we cannot and will not let people go hungry. the president signing executive orders to help feed american families hit hard by the pandemic. >> biden laying the groundwork to raise the federal minimum wage while urging congress to do more as the senate announces a february 8th start to trump's second impeachment trial. >> it clears the senate's schedule to consider biden's cabinet nominees and the nearly $2 trillion covid-19 relief package. let's go back to andrew dimbert in washington d.c. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it's been a legislative blitz by
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president biden in his first couple days in office. most the initiatives are focussed on fighting co-vid. >> with a burst of executive orders -- >> first is the economic relief related to covid-19. >> joe biden's plan takes shape. gng his fit three days in office, he's blazing a trail, highlighting a problem for millions of americans reeling from the paentd. >> we're in a national emergency. >> he's asking americans to mask up for 100 days and is launching a covid-19 board to boost testing with the goal of making 100 million shots available in the first 100 days. biden is calling for another sweeping economic stimulus package in the range of $2 trillion. it includes another round of direct stimulus payments to most americans. this time to the tune of $1400. >> $600, which is passed is not enough. >> he's calling for extended
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unemployment benefits, more money for small businesses and $160 billion for vaccine distribution and testing. so far president biden has signed two actions including a food assistance program to help feed hard hit programs and an order requiring federal contractors pay their workers a new minimum wage of $15 an hour. with the stroke of a pen, biden undoing several trump era initiatives like halting the controversial keystone pipeline. after championing union, republicans seizing the trump rollbacks as partisan politics. >> this is literal cay going down the wish list of the far left and checking them off. >> reporter: the white house says it's hopeful the senate impeachment trial of donald trump set for february 8th will not interfere with senate confirmation hearings for cabinet picks or stall the covid-19 relief negotiations. >> andrew, thank you.
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the first month of 2021 is on track to become the deadliest on record. the u.s. seeing more than 4.5 million covid-19 cases and nearly 64,000 deaths. hospitalizations in 24 states are down more than 10% from last week. abc is at the center in new york city with the latest. good morning, adrian. good morning. it's not just hospitalizations. we have more good news. with many states reporting fewer daily cases, the numbers declining. january is set to be one of the worst in terms of reported deaths in regard to co-vid. in the uk, prime minister boris johnson saying that there's a new variant of the coronavirus that could be even more deadly. the vaccines have been proven to protect against that. and everybody is talking about the vaccine around the world. who can get it, where you can get it. crazy long lines in valencia, california where they turned six
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flags into a vaccination site. set to treat up to 4,000 people a day. in florida it's monday tory to show proof of te allegedly were crossing state lines into florida and georgia to try to get one. the government officials are telling abc news, the federal government saying there is help on the way for patients with 10 million doses a week being provided from both pfizer and moderna and it doesn't include the single dose of the vaccine from johnson & johnson. that still has to be approved. but the cdc issuing new guidance saying if you have six weeks between the first and second doses of the vaccine, you're good. as a last resort, if you can't get the original vaccine you had the first dose of, that you can switch brands and, again dallas is a last resort. back to you guys. >> adrian for us.
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thank you. coming up, the inauguration's buzziest moments. we're talking to the stylists behind michelle obama's inauguration day hair. a look the internet went crazy for. and chef jason goldstein is making a delicious dinner you can turn into a filling breakfast. clever recipes you'll make again and again. tori johnson is here for two rounds of deals and steals. it's a rock block. she has super savings on super comfortable products including apparently muffins and pancakes. as a result of the research that i've started to do on ancestry. having ancestry to fill in the gaps with documents, with photographs, connecting in real time means that we're having conversations that are richer. i have now a closer relationship with my grandfather. i can't think of a better gift to give to my daughter and the generations that come after her. bring your family history to life like never before.
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i get a response when i hear that music. time for pop news. i have one question for janay.
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i'm nervous to ask this. >> what is it? >> what's popping? >> lord, may must keep giving you that toss to me. it is time for pop news. first up this morning, dr. jill biden may be our country's newest first lady, but michelle fifer is playing betty ford. the wife of gerald ford in show time series, the first lady. fifer say, quote, it's an honor to be a part of telling betty's story. she joins viola davis on board to play michelle obama in a show which focuses on the personal and political lives of mrs. ford, mrs. obama, and mrs. eleanor roosevelt. re-examining the families who lived in the white house through the eyes of the first ladies. no premier date, but it's sure to be a first-rate series. this is my opportunity to be on record saying michelle obama, everyone behind her look, we are not worthy. our jaws were on the floor when
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she came out like lord, have mercy. in music ,eishde fst inith leah. the name translates to "you're going to forget". take a look. ♪ >> writing on instagram, quote, i love this song so much. now here it is for you to enjoy. and her fans are loving it, making the song the top trending video on youtube and 24 hours of the release. the track set to appear in a special episode of "euphoria". we'll have that ahead in "binge this". she doesn't really know spanish like that, but she nailed it. nicely done. the meme that keeps on
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giving. senator bernie sanders' inauguration outfit along with a stance in the bleachers. you've seen it everywhere. during pd biden's inauguration, it made memes explode. his own baseball card and the national bobble head hall of fame turning the masked up senator into his own figurine. bernie sanders is selling a chairman sanders sweatshirt with 100% of his proceeds going to meals on wheels. >> i love it. i spend a lot of time on instagram going through the memes. they were getting better and better. >> it was cold, in his defense. it was actually really cold on inauguration day. >> we need graphics to take this shot and get senator sanders over here. >> yeah. love the mittens, too. >> thank you so much. well, of course, that
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hilarious photo of senator sanders, not the only buzzy moment. we're revisiting the inauguration's most talked about moments. we have the story. >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. >> reporter: there's some of the biden inauguration's buzziest moments. within seconds of her first appearance, former first lady michelle obama's show stopping curls sent the internet into overdrive with headlines like michelle obama's hair won the 2021 inauguration. one person tweeting whoever did michelle's hair deserves the presidential medal of freedom. and it wasn't long before the owner of a salon was revealed>> i worked with her family since 2009. not exclusively with her. it was myself and johnny right, but i don't know. i'm a firm believer that when god says it's your time, it's your time. >> she keeps her celebrity
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client's information confidential but is giving her followers a look at how she creates her signature bouncy curls. >> looking back at tweets, i'm like wow. the power of social media, the power of black twitter is amazing. >> reporter: inauguration day, kamala harris stepdaughter, ella emhoff choosing this coat with glittery embellishments and a cinched waste. and for the man they call pops big day, the biden granddaugh granddaughters winning for their looks. but masie rocked her air jordan smokers and then later for the celebrate -- sneakers and then dawning a different pair later to compliment her brush pink dress. for good morning america, abc los angeles. thank you. time now to make work from
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home work for you. registered dietitian and nutritionist has tips to help us eat smart and make healthy choices all day long. oh, i'm so glad you're here this morning. thank you for being with us. >> oh, thank you. working from home, let's do it well. this is always the tricky part. you have all the access to the things at home including the bad food. you have a trifecta you follow every morning to boost your energy and immunity. tell us about it. >> okay. here's the trifecta. first, water. you wake up dehydrated in the morning. boost your immunity and drink the water and it puts a good dentd in all the water you need to drink throughout the day. it gets you started on the right foot. the second part is move your body. your body needs to know that it is awake time. i actually love jumping rope. i think it's so fun. and even a couple minutes, or
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stretch. i think that doesn't have to be much, but just hello, good morning all body cells and it will get you going. and then come on, man. we need to have a balanced colorful breakfast. so if you are somebody who is like a savory eater, maybe that's avocado toast with eggs and spinach or if you're a sweet eater, maybe it's -- i love this, it's like peanut butter and jelly style oatmeal with oatmeal and mashed berries. they are power houses to get your day started right. >> about 3:00 in the afternoon, i'm like totally flat. what can you snack on in the afternoon when you're starting to lose steam? >> here's the dynamic duo for snacks. it's produce and protein. and those two things come together to get you full, keep you full, but most importantly, balance your blood sugars so you have steady sustained energy through the afternoon. so that could be like an apple
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and a hand full of nuts. something simple, but it's really powerful. i also love to make diy emergency drinks. and this would be something like a latte with less caffeine than coffee but a jolt. or a diy electrolyte drink or a low sugar green juice. >> good tips, dawn. thank you for being with us this morning. >> thank you very much. rob now over to you. >> makes me want to slice up an apple, dip it in peanut butter. that's my go-to in the afternoon. love it. i love this. not this picture, but what i'm about to show you, the before and after. this is the lake charles, louisiana next rad doppler radar. it got ripped apart during hurricane laura five months ago with 145 miles per hour winds. they were ahead of schedule and managed to fix it, and just put on the new ray dome. i think it weighs about 8,000 pounds. it's operational, protecting the
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lives of the residents there. snow, we're watching this from des moines to chicago to detroit, even new york good saturday morning. a cool but dry day on the way today. we're looking at temperatures that will be in and around average before our next round of rain arrives tomorrow but then heavier rain arriving into the middle of next week. so, highs today from the mid 50s at the coast, 57 in san francisco and about 60 in santa rosa after that fog burns back. 58 in san jose and the accuweather seven-day forecast level one mid day tomorrow and ends on monday and late tue we're still working through the halloween chocolate. it doesn't go bad over the peanut butter in the apple in the afternoon for a snack. >> i appreciate the confession, rob. you wear it well. we'll see you in the next half hour. time for deals and steals to help you kick back and relax. tori johnson has savings on all
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things comfortable and comforting. all the products are from small businesses. tori, good morning. what do you have for us first? >> good first up we're starting with fluffy pancakes. this line, gluten free pancakes. she decided to create a recipe to satisfy herself. it is now extremely popular because it delivers that kind of fluffy old fashioned perfect on a saturday morning. you get a four pack to make waffles, pancakes crepes or muffins. 50% off, $17.50. also a comfy and cute way to stay warm for kids. >> yes. and i would add to all of those words, cuddly. it's like cuddly. it's cuddly. i don't know if we left you behind a little fox to open up, but these products from cup coats are so awesome. it starts or ends your choice, as a cuddly little creature and
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opens up into a delightful hoodie for kids. there are sherpa jackets, zip up hoodies. there's regular pullover hoodies. ten styles to choose from. sizes range from two toddler to ten. for some kids, having that little friend with them is important and for parents to know there's a warm alternative in there as well is great. today is the day to buy them. they're 50% off. >> love it. they don't have my size, but we can discuss that off air. you also know of a great product that blocks pain. >> this is a really great company. it's called pain care labs. it was created by a scientist physician, and she has a patented technology that uses both cooling and vibration to end kind of pain relief right on contact. so it has so many different rm aches aagn,gre alternative
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to pain relief. they start at $22.50. >> tori, thank you so much. you can get these deals on good morning america's website. we have more deals and steals coming up in the next half hour. dan, thanks. coming up, breaking down the most binge worthy entertainment. >> simple ways to reduce waste. every day actions that can make a big difference fortunate planet. jason goldstein is making meals with ingredients that work for dinner and breakfast. the night to morning dishes you need to know about. stay with us.
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taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk. side effects include indigestion, fatigue, belly pain, decreased appetite, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting which can lead to dehydration and may worsen kidney problems. i have it within me to lower my a1c. ask your doctor about trulicity. building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everybody. i'm liz kreutz. first covid-19 mass vaccination site is up and running. city college of san francisco where 500 people received their shots. the city finds itself facing a
8:28 am
shortage of doses. california is promising to deliver another 10,000 next week. the city college site will be open this weekend, but people must have an appointment to get their shot. let's get a check of the weather now with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, liz. check out the sky in san jose. sunny and clouds and partly to mostly cloudy and 40 in morgan hill and san francisco plenty of sun today and only in the 30s in the north bay. we still have fog in the north and east bay valleys and be careful out there. it's kind of stubborn but we get into some afternoon sun or i should say late morning sun and then tomorrow morning level o
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this breaking news just in, larry king's wife and verified twitter account announcing that the media legend has passed away. his media company tweeting, quote, he believed concise questions usually provided the best answers and he was not wrong in that belief. king's media career spanned more than 60 years in television and radio. 25 of those spent hosting cnn's "larry king live." larry king reportedly died at cedars-sinai hospital in los angeles hospitalized with covid-19 earlier this month. his cause of death has not been confirmed. larry king was 87. >> a big, big loss. we do have other headlines we're following as well with many state governments struggling to meet the covid-19 vaccine demand, alarming news about the highly contagious
8:31 am
coronavirus variant from the uk. early evidence showing the uk variant which has been spreading through the united states could be more deadly. that's according to british officials. this as january is on track to become the deadliest month-long record for americans. >> one more covid note, dave chappelle is the latest celebrity to test positive for covid-19. a spokesperson said he is asymptomatic and quarantining. chappelle was expected to perform in austin, texas this weekend. those shows are now canceled. i've made no secret of being a gigantic, perhaps the biggest dave chappelle fan. so, dave, hang in there. we want to turn to some lighter news here with "binge this." [ air horn ] there it is. janai in the house. what's going on? >> not sure what to watch? we have you covered. lawrence k. jackson co-host of people the tv show is here to tell us what's bingeworthy right now. thanks for being here, lawrence. let's get started with movies. what should we watch this weekend? >> thank you for having me, and good morning, america. i'm sorry, shameless, i know, but i've always wanted to say
8:32 am
that. let's start with "the white tiger." now, "the white tiger" is a film adaptation of the best-selling book of the same name released yesterday on netflix. executive produced by ava duvernay. the film is centered around balram, also the narrator. it's epic, darkly humorous and touches at your emotions. a lot of different things going on in this film. detailing his rise from low caste villager to high caste entrepreneur. society has trained him to be one thing and one thing alone, a servant, but after a night of betrayal, he realizes the lengths that people will go to put him under and save themselves. it stars priyanka chopra jonas. i highly suggest. like i said, a lot of different emotions in this film but impressive. >> lawrence, i'm so glad you didn't tell us how it ended. me and my husband were watching it last night, but i couldn't finish it because i had to go to
8:33 am
bed. so good. so i'm going to finish it today. there is so much great tv right now. what do you recommend? >> i mean, who would i be if i didn't say "euphoria: part 2," one of the biggest shows out right now. the second special episode really focuses on jules, and she's going through a spiral and realizes she's now on her own away from home. her father ruled her suburban life and she's really backtracking the events that brought her to where she is. the role being portrayed by zendaya, and hunter schafer, who betrays jules, actually co-wrote and co-executive produced this episode marking her on screen debut for both. directed by sam levinson. that premiered yesterday as well on hbo max. you got to check out "euphoria." >> i've had so many people say, you got to check it out. it's on the list. pixar has gifted us new short films. tell us about those. >> yeah, if you have kids or you just are a kid at heart, these are for you. it's a collection of ten mini shorts featuring characters from some of your favorite pixar
8:34 am
films like "toy story," "finding nemo," "cars," "soul" which was amazing if you watched it recently, "coco" and "the incredibles," a personal favorite of mine. really quick films. this premiered yesterday exclusively on disney plus. jamie foxx, ellen degeneres, a lot of great stars and the same director as "monsters inc." and "up" which was a little sad but i loved it. a director with some experience. a lot of stuff to binge this weekend. >> for any parent who has a quick zoom call to make, pop the kids in front of the tv with some of these shorts and you're good to go. >> i like that. >> lawrence, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you can watch lawrence k. jackson on "people, the tv show" weekdays on and pick up this week's issue of "people" on newsstands nationwide. guys, back to you. >> "the white tiger"? worth watching? >> it was really good but i had to go to bed otherwise i would be grumpy this morning. >> grumpier than usual. >> dan, i mean as grumpy as you. >> teed him up on that one, janai. >> i did.
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♪ just because it's over ♪ back now with another round of "deals & steals." tory johnson back with us with some seriously amazing deals on product to make you more comfortable and better yet they are all from small businesses, hey, tory. >> hi, eva. so we're starting with k.t. tape. they are a leader in both pain management and injury treatment. largely for athletes. however, they make products now for everybody to take advantage of. all natural, drug-free alternatives to pain relief that promote healing, which is awesome. we have a huge assortment of their products from therapeutic tape to recovery patches. there are cold andotllers.s a gm because the whole assortment is 50% off so the prices range from $2.50 to $20.
8:40 am
>> so a comfortable pair of shoes is a total game changer as we all know. what do you recommend? >> that is true. so therafit is a line where comfort meets science and all of these are designed with very specific benefits. we've got more than two dozen styles for both men and women that you will find online. largely designed to improve posture, relieve lower back pain. every pair has very specific construction that delivers benefits and results. again, good day to buy them because everything is 50% off. they start at $65. >> and finally nothing says comfort like pajamas and robes. got some pretty ones for us. >> cozy, so cozy, mahogany, everything from this line, it's vibrant, beautiful patterns, 100% cotton. they wear and wash well, which is one of the signatures of the line. the night shirts have a nice loose fit. the robes have pockets, a lot of robes don't have pockets.
8:41 am
we love pockets in robes. a big assortment you'll find online and a fun day to shop them because they're all 60% off and start at $14. >> you can never have too many pjs. tory, thank you. of course, we partnered with all these companies on these deals. you can get them on our website, now over to rob. i think i want to go back to my pjs now. >> some viewers are still in their pjs. i hope you are. good saturday morning. dan was talking about thin cirrus clouds at the higher levels, ice crystals last hour. here you go. this can often cause a halo around not just the sun but the moon as well and we're seeing this out of london, kentucky, a little bit of atmospheric optics for you. cold enough for that and also cold enough to just make you go brrr. these are some of the windchills earlier this morning. 17 in new york city. minus 13 at saranac lake and tomorrow things don't get any warmer. as a matter of fact, colder in northern new hampshire. minus 22 for a windchill that sets the stage for the potential of seeing some snow later this week. that's a check on what's
8:42 am
happening weatherwise nationally. good morning, a cool winter day on the way. plenty of sunshine. mid and upper 50s and sun setting at 5:23. clouds increase tonight and level one system tomorrow and then a much strongerrrrrrrrrrrrr dan, i know you so desperately want to break down the trigonometry for how halos are formed. we don't have time so you and i can talk during the break. >> i was told when i took this job that there would be no math. i'm relieved to hear that. now to "sustainable u." last year 86% of respondents to an ipsos survey said they wished to see a more equitable sustainable world following the pandemic. "health" magazine editor in chief amy conway is here to get us started with tips for reducing waste in our daily
8:43 am
lives. amy, good morning. >> good morning. >> before you even start grocery shopping, how can you minimize waste before you even head out the door to the store? >> sure, well, you want to really dive right in to your trash. do a trash audit and see what you're throwing out a lot of. those are the things where you can start cutting back first. for me it was paper towels, but the paper towel shortage of 2020 really helped me break that habit so now i either use cloth towels or these. it looks like a normal roll of paper towels, goes on your paper towel holder but they're made of bamboo which is a renewable resource and can be used over and over and even thrown in the wash. for other families, vegetable scraps are really filling up the garbage cans and so that's something where you can cut back too and try root to stem eating, that means eating the whole vegetable and broccoli stalks are a great starter snack. peel them, slice them and snack on them or toss them into salads. if you haven't comparted composting yet now is a great time because if you start your compost now, you'll be ready for
8:44 am
the garden you'll want to start this spring. and water bottles are another big one. 57 billion water bottles are purchased in this country every year. 70% are not recyclable but it's super easy to avoid that. just get yourself a cute water bottle and have it be your accessory. >> once you're at the grocery store, how can you make green choices there? >> okay, well, once again, being green actually started before you get into the store. you want to do some prep beforehand. do meal planning and make a good list to avoid impulse purchases. bring your reusable grocery bags, bring containers for the bulk bins and bring produce bags like these which will be great for your fruits and vegetables so you can skip those plastic bags in the produce aisle. speaking of that, you probably know that shopping the perimeter of the grocery store is where you'll find your healthy foods and find the foods that have less packaging. >> and when it comes to leftovers how can we be smart about leftovers? >> sure. well, what you want is a good set of glass food storage
8:45 am
containers because you can see what's in them when they're in the fridge, nothing will get lost in the back of the fridge. they are microwaveable and going to last forever. you can actually take one or two of those when you go out to eat instead of asking for a doggie bag, just bring your leftovers home in your own container and pop them in the fridge. bring your own to-go cup. a lot of places, when you get copy, if you bring your own cup will give you a discount which is great and always byos, bring your own straw. that metal one is actually collapsible. has its own little case that fits on a keychain and always have it with you at all times. >> plenty of tips. thank you very much, amy. appreciate it. coming up on the show, we're making dinner with ingredients that work for breakfast as well. chef jason goldstein is showing us how it's done. keep it right here. keep it right here. ever wonder what retinol dermatologists use to fight wrinkles? it's what i use! neutrogena®. the #1 retinol brand used most by dermatologists. rapid wrinkle repair® visibly
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8:49 am
a dish that keeps on giving, a delicious dinner that you can easily then turn into breakfast and a feast at that. chef jason goldstein of chop happy is here to show us two for one kitchen wizardry. jason, good morning to you. good to have you. we have our taste testers ready to go. already getting started. but first up for dinner, though, you're going to show us how we make this mouthwatering sheet pan steak and crispy potatoes. how do you get this thing started? >> well, good morning and i'm so grateful to be on. so we are going to take yukon gold buttery fluffy potatoes and boil them in chicken stock for 11 minutes. that automatically soaks in flavor into it and then we're going to take these hot potatoes and we're going to drain them and put them on the sheet pan. so to get started we actually season the sheet pan first with olive oil, salt and pepper. this way you don't need to flip the potatoes to season them so it saves a step. we will crush these potatoes.
8:50 am
no need for fancy equipment, just use a glass. so take the bottom of the glass and we're going to crush all our worries from the day away so we have an awesome, awesome dinner. just like that and we crush all those potatoes and then what we're going to do is take olive oil and this is how you get them to crisp up in the oven, all over the potatoes and salt and pepper. best friends forever right on top with a kiss of garlic powder. it's that simple to prepare the potatoes. >> all right. let's talk about the meat. how do you prepare the steak? >> all right, two juicy new york strip steaks. i take the steak and put it in the refrigerator overnight and put lots of salt on it. this way it seasons all the way through. the salt is not just on the surface. it's right through the steak and then i take smoky citrusy chili seasoning right there. it has paprika, oregano, garlic. it's so good and put it right on both sides of the sec then what
8:51 am
i do is put it in the oven and on 500 degrees top rack and four minutes per side and y a want this to be vegetarian or vegan use tofu and veggie stock instead and you have an awesome meal for everybody. >> love that. dan harris' ears perked up a little tofu action. everything smells fantastic. we'll walk over to the next table because this is my favorite part here. we'll pull double duty and give us breakfast the next morning. how do you turn this dish into steak and hashbrown breakfast burritos. >> so we are going to make handheld breakfast steak and hash brown burritos. we'll use burrito ingredients a th i add the potatoes and the steak and i let it go for about 30 seconds, cook through and we
8:52 am
have salsa and cheddar cheese and we'll mix this altogether so it does the burrito dance just like that and everyone gets together. and then what we're going to do is a very important step so that your burrito rolls out really well. you'll take your tortilla and put it in a microwave for ten seconds, you'll make it pliable and won't break your burrito. so are you ready to get going? >> i'm following along. walk me through it. >> all right, here we go. autting b our bur we are going to take our mixture and put it right in the center and you want to leave about a one-third inch so this way between so you can fold it up. now take left side and right side and keep rolling, do the burrito roll just like that. >> i'm still piling but i'll catch up, all right. >> you're doing a great job. you don't need to speed through this. this is leftover fun. >> there we go. >> and then when you're done you'll take this and put it on a
8:53 am
pan, 30 seconds on medium high to seal it altogether and then you get carb happy juicy steak burrito. how cool is that? >> i'll eat this because it's already premade. jason, thank you so much. we appreciate it. thanks for breakfast. for these recipes and more go to we'll be right back. ♪ b
8:54 am
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8:56 am
sleep walking. >> sleepwalking. >> well, would you remember this? >> you just murdered your wife. >> while he was sleeping. the new "20/20"'s event whit overstuffed that burrito. >> oh, my gosh. >> i'm doing my breakfast burrito dance right now. >> like a chomping lobster. we'll see you back here tomorrow morning. thanks for joining us. l see youw morning. thanks for joining us. abc7 mornings. >> all news, all morning. >> i'm liz kreutz. the annual walk for life march will make its way through downtown san francisco. an in-person event this year. start at the planned on mu lensia street and mark from civic center to market
8:57 am
street to embark deara plaza. now today is a time that only comes around once a year and a marvel for nature lovers. the annual magnolia bloom in san francisco more than 200 rare and historic magnolia trees in the botanical garden typically peak starting in mid january. the perfect day to check them out and blossom into pink, white and magenta flowers. free for san francisco residents to check it out in golden gate park but just be sure to keep your distance and wear that mask. lisa, a good day because today no rain. >> that's right, liz. we're starting out with fog in parts of our valleys and another hour or so and novato and better in napa and santa rosa and livermore not great but down the road in walnut creek, it's just fine. this is a view of the south bay where we have partly cloudy skies. 52 in oakland right n
8:58 am
floating bheas up i the north bay. so, we've got temperatures colder this morning. it's going to get even colder in the days ahead and wet tomorrow with the level one system today, though, upper 50s. liz. >> all right, lisa, thank you. up next, breaking news broadcast legend larry king has passed away. we'll look back at his career. also, covid-19 cases are going down in san francisco. why doctors are now concerned that another surge could come in the next few weeks. managing type 2 diabetes? you're on it. staying fit and snacking light? yup, on it there too. you may think you're doing all you can to manage type 2 diabetes and heart disease... ...but could your medication do more to lower your heart risk? jardiance can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so, it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and it lowers a1c. jardiance can cause serious side effects including dehydration,
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9:00 am
good evening, welcome to the last larry king live, hard to say that. >> remembering larry king. the talk show legend passed away at the age of 87. good morning, everybody. sat, january 23rd. i am liz kreutz. we'll have much more on that story in a moment. let's start with a quick look at the weather. lisa argen, no rain today, we'll see it in the coming days. >> yes, it will intensify toward the middle of the week with a level three system. live doppler 7, some clouds are around. yesterday's rain is moving into southern california from l.a. to san diego. beautiful view of san rafael. 52 in oakland, 48 in half moon bay, and the city,


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