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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 29, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PST

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now at 5:00 rain still hitting the bay area hard. overnight a pg&e truck caught in a landslide. what we know. and mike tells us how long the rain will last and what the weekend looks like. and lake tahoe dealing with the biggest snow storm of the year. the condition conditions in the is sierra. good morning everybody. friday january 29th. >> let's see what the weather has in store. hey mike. >> good morning, reggie, kumasi, jobina. we've got a 1 for the morning hourls. we'll keep it going. the storm just won't let up, lingering a couple hours longer than we thought. and solano county pulling into the napa valley. napa county. and you can see it going down 780 and 680 into the tri-valley. and showers in the sclar valley
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and snow on hamilton. temperatures hover around 50 this morning with pockets of sunshine developing this afternoon and a chilly evening, temperatures mid- to upper-40 business 7:00. rain this weekend. i'll show you where and our next bay area-wide storm comes monday. more on that too. thank you, mike. heavy rain overnight caused a dangerous situation. a landslide took out a road and a pg&e truck with it. a live look at the video. we just got in. jobina? >> yes. so the chp has not said whether or not the driver of the truck was hurt. rain washed out the road just
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before 1:00 this morning. a pg&e truck was pushed about 150 feet down a hillside. the landslide also took out several trees including one that came down near a home lifting its front deck. the tree is blocking the home in front of the home in both directions. the chp has closed the road and working to clean up the trees and debris in the area. so be careful. this morning, cal tran says if you are thinking about making a trip to lake tahoe, do not. interstate 80 has reopened. chains are required. it was closed yesterday afternoon until early this morning because of several jackknifed big rigs, multiple spin outs and heavy snow. highway 50 is open with chain controls over the summit. lake tahoe is dealing with the biggest snow storm of the year. so this is what the backup looked like along i-80 yesterday afternoon. the conditions in the sierra caused all sort of issues for drivers. while the snow pack is piling up the california ski company in
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berkeley has been packed with customers preparing to head to the sierra. >> maybe friday night when the blizzard clears. >> this is our first time really getting out of the state for the first time. >> that is what everybody has been waiting are for. >> barts of the sierra have already received several feet of snow. live look at zephyr cove in lake tahoe. you can watch this feed through our app. search abc7 bay area to download it and start streaming today. in the east bay alameda county health officials are on board with the state's plan to get students back in the classroom. education just one of the things we are focusing on here at abc7 news to build a better bay area. amy hollyfield live with more on what comes next. amy? >> reporter: good morning, kumasi. with the stay-at-home order being lifted the cdc saying kids need to be in school. and they can be in school, safely. bay area districts are feeling
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the pressure. and parents and students here in pleasanton turned that heat up a little more with a rally pleading with the district to open the classrooms for inperson learning. and then alameda county released guidelines for local schools for a return to school. well the pleasanton district met last night. at first the proposal was focused on bringing elementary school kids back, not middle and high school students but the older kids say they want to go back too. >> i want to go back now. i will do whatever it takes. i'm bring my hand sanitizer. i'll wear gloves. i'm wear a mask. i'll stay six feet apart. whatever it takes. we need to go back to school. >> reporter: well the board voted late last night to bring kids back. they will return after alameda county has been in the red tier for two weeks. it is currently in the purple. 3rd through 5th grade will return after three weeks in the red and in a surprise decision
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they decided they will work on a plan to bring back middle and high school. they will release those details at a later dated. but a big vote out of the east bay district and some of those kids who showed up at that rally who you heard from are going to be pretty happy today. live if pleasanton, amy hollyfield. abc7 news. thank you amy. national leaders are talk about when and how schools should reopen. president biden has vowed to reopen most schools within 100 days. and here is what dr. fauci said in a talk with the big teachers union. >> the american rescue plan is something that hopefully will provide the resources for masking, for better ventilation, for whatever resources the schools might need. >> this is a talk with multiple unions and some of the unions including the united educators of san francisco have said teachers would feel a lot safer if they were vaccinated. governor newsom has outlined a
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plan to focus on reopening schools next month for students in k-2nd grade. real concerns right now at another possible surge of covid-19. the first cases of the more contagious covid variant have been detected in the u.s. jobina istracking the variants and know how many on the vaccine front this >> two cases of the south african variant were detected in south carolina in two different parts of the state. neither person has had history of travel here with no connection between the two people. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky talked to gma this morning. saying the sprumgs both people game infected from other people in the community. >> we assume there are contagious varnlts in every parent of the country right now? >> yes, i think we should be treating everyone as if they have a variant. we should be treating everyone as if they should not be giving
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any disease to someone else. that is the way we're going to control this pandemic. >> early tests show the south african variant may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. moderna is already studying a possible booster shot. pfizer says they are ready to make changes to its vaccine if needed. the president of research and development at novavax says it appears their vaccine will work against the south african variant. >> like flu these viruses change. the work we've done on the current strain is directly applicable to a new strain. kind of what we call "plug and play". >> dr. glenn says the novavax vaccine, which is still in the trial stages, has about a 49% efficacy against the viruses south african variant. kumasi. rent relief on the way more thousands of struggling californians. governor newsom is expected to sign a bill today that would also extend the state's eviction
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moratorium. but abc7 news reporter explains some advocates worry it doesn't go far enough. >> we had a very specific goal by this week to extend eviction protections here in the state of california. we have a deal. >> reporter: governor newsom says california will freeze evictions for struggling tenants for another five months impacted by covid. more stimulus funds to help with rental assistance. >> -- billion dollars focuses on low income renters. >> reporter: the state will cover 80% of the rent missed between april 2020 and march 2021 as long as the landlord forgives the remaining 20 porkt and does not purse evictions. >> we made to make sure folks are not being evicted and going into long-term debt base on a pandemic they have no control over. >> reporter: oakland renter tara thomas lost her job last year to
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the pandemic. she says landlords have the right to decline the rent relief program. tnts could still apply for assistance under the bill but many families could suffer. >> leaving the program in the larnd lord's hands can lead to a lot it have most marginalized people being left out in the cold. >> we are going can to have to monitor this aggressively. >> reporter: he doesn't want any families left out. he says the legislature may consider extending the moratorium again this summer. cornell bernard. abc7 news. sthoo. and this morning cooler. up to 11 degrees in some areas. the east bay rain to contend with right now and temperatures mainly low- to mid-40s, about 42-54. clears in santa rosa, that is your 38 and the rest of us mid- to upper-40s.
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sutro tower just a little over two winches of rain. if you are at home at least the pavement will dry out in the afternoon hours so you can go outside or let the kids outside. but still going to be very soggy on those yards. and going up to the high country? not supposed to. but we know you are going to. so let me fetell you, it is too soon. you need to wait until possibly tomorrow. you can see the showers continuing but they are definitely going to lose a lot of their coverage and intensity as we head towards the end of the morning commute. and just a few random showers possible, especially in higher elevations and valleys next to nem in the east bay and south bay through early afternoon. but the evening showers move into the central valley and fall away. what the showers will do is leave just enough moisture behind that it will keep things slippery for the morning commute. let's talk to jobina about that and get her in here right now. hey jobina. what are you saying outside?
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>> hi mike, we just had a brand new update about a second ago, literally that the sig alert i've been following in oakland has cleared but we still have a second sig alert in lafayette. i want to show you first off that we have -- well this was the one canceled. so this just happened a second ago but east bay 580 at avenue. the sig alert though in lafayette still stands. eastbound 24 before oak hill road. a crash that's blocking the eastbound lanes. live cameras now, a live look outside in oakland showing 880 the coliseum camera there. because there will be residual delays on 58 o 0, i would reck if you are going to be moving through oakland that you try 880 if this is a part of your morning commute traveling eastbound and a live look
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showing off i believe the san mateo bring know -- actually san jose 101. but i wanted to show you this because such a big difference from yesterday and the downpour in the morning commute. coming up two women here in the bay area filing a lawsuit ghebs subway. why they are unhappy with the sandwich. a riot wall street all gamestop stock. and stuck in the mud. intense rescue to f
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enrollment ends january 31st. . trail blazing act recess sici sicily tyson has passed away at 96. gained name in the 1970s. and some of her best known work includes sounder. and the autobiography of miss jane pitman for which she earned two emmy's.
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she also won a tony award. granted the presidential medal of freedom and just publish ad memoir this week. her cause of debt has not yet been released. hearing from the man behind the reddit page wall street beths. it is what let to the chaos on wall street with the gamestop stock. >> reporter: as wall street buckles up for another wild ride, according to the man who helped pave the way for the next generation of investors. >> it is going to be a game of cat and mouse. >> reporter: in 2012 jamie rogizinski founded the reddit page wall street bets. now posts on that forum lead to a big move in stocks and a standoff between wall street veterans and --s. in main street versus wall street, he says small investors are here to stay. >> there is a new category and they are in town and they are staying in town and they are a
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force that is powerful enough to knock out hedge funds. >> reporter: and coming up at 7:00 a.m., we are tracking every aspect of this story including what congress is with your gma first look i'm rebecca jarvis. two alameda county women are suing subway claiming there is something fishy about its tuna sandwich. according the a lawsuit the women couldn't find any tuna in what subway is serving so they are taking issue with the chain marketing the fish as a premium product in its sandwiches and wraps. subway is calling the claims baseless. a horse and opponepony are after being stuck in the mud nearly 18 hours in monterey.
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so the animals were trapped by a debris floe in salinas. when the owners found them they flagged down a passing fire department for help. crews were able to use this bulldozer with ropes attached to lift each animal out of mud. the rescue was definitely a team effort they got help from the county works department and six local fire departments. the clinic is now caring for the horse and the pony. this was a project. >> whew. >> oh my goodness. so glad they are okay. >> me too. that's interesting how they put the hood over their heads so that, i'm assuming to keep them from panicking so they don't see what's going on. i would need that too. >> right. yeah, so they don't get spooked or panic or kick, and yeah just an easier way to keep them calm during such a stressful ordeal. nice to see such a happy ending. hi everybody. we're still a 1 for the morning hours.
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you can see why on live doppler 7. still one last push of some showers, some light to moderate showers, more on the light side as we are squeezing out the last energy and moisture out of this system and you can see the rainfall is not heavy at all. 0.13 inches per hour. up towards willow glen on 85 and 82 and possibly 280 a few puddles possible. through the altamonte for super computers and into the tri-valley rain is even lighter, about 0.01 per hour. not a lot of that is even reaching the ground. across 4, it is about 0.05 so light rainbow there. and moderate from solano county on 680 or 780. few puddles there. the pressure spinning over top offs and as it moves away it is going push showers throw the east bay in early afternoon and
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south bay but by the we get to the middle of the afternoon pretty quiet throughout and temperatures range from 54-46 degrees. tonight upper-30 toss mid-40s. expect widespread fog to develop. you can see the moisture. we still have a southwesterly flow and because of that, marin county and northern sonoma lake and mendocino counties have a chance of wet weather saturday through sunday morning and then all of us will get wet weather a in the traditional north/south trajectory with that one storm on the sail for monday and tuesday. >> gm is going green. the country's largest auto maker vowing to be carbon neutral by 2040. the push includes getting gas and diesel cars out of its showrooms by 2045.
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makers of the ring video doorbell have a new less expensive version. the big difference? it can only be used as a hard-wired doorbell. costs about 60 bucks. listen to this. four minutes. that is how long it took for beer lovers to buy up all of the -- available this year. the annual release from russian river brewing usually drawings long lines. but because of the pandemic everything was online this year. the company's >> i was expecting it to sell out quickly but we weren't expecting that volume of people to be trying at the same time. but then again, the effort to do it was pretty minimal. you didn't have to get in your car and drive to santa rosa or windsor and stand in line eight hours in the pouring down rain. >> well the brewery is now
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focused on shipping out all of that beer. and they say they are looking forward to bringing the tradition back in person next year. four minutes. >> four minutes. we warned you yesterday. we gave you the tips. and we said good luck. >> but eric said he was in line and he didn't get any. so do you have to get in line like -- we needed a strategy for people. >> i mean this is like getting beyonce tickets. it is like that. some people aren't going to win. sorry eric. coming up next the seven things to know this morning. also a mother who doesn't have a hard time bragging about her growing son, especially when she gets a chance to talk to the mayor. >> and a live look outside right now. looks like
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. it is 5:23. and good morning if you are joust just noipg us here are the seven things to know. leftover light showers keep us on the impact scale through the morning commute. lit keep things slippery out there and even snows possible especially on hamilton. >> two, we just learned the driver of a pg&e truck is safe after getting caught in the landslide.
5:24 am
it happened overnight in santa cruz county. the trick was watched 150 feet downhill. three, chains are required on interstate 80 and highway 50 if you are headed to laiktd. c caltrans trood's from about 30 minutes didn't show any cars on the road. >> four, we are dealing with residual delays in oakland due to a canceled sig alert. pg&e was on the is scene on eastbound 580 at 35th avenue because of downed wires. that has now cleared but be aware of delays. >> and alameda county back on boord to get students into the classroom. they voted in favor after parents and students held a rally. santa clara's first walk-up vaccination colin sick now open at san jose's mexican heritage
5:25 am
plaza, open tuesdays and thursdays serving healthcare workers over the age of 65. >> and robhood will allow limited buying today on site like gamestop and others. after a temporary stop yesterday that came after a frenzy of amateurs buying up stocks to outsmart professional investors. when you are proud, you are proud. a mom waiting in line for covid vaccine could not help but gush over her son's piano skills. >> he happens to be a fantastic piano player. >> so i'm a pianist -- >> -- >> that is mama joan cutting off the mayor to tell her that her son has worked with elton john. the mayor was assisting when he met joan. her son, say,s his
5:26 am
him at any time, to anyone, no matter what. people there saying it is fine. let joan talk. >> what are you doing? you can't rush our elders. >> let her tell her story. a founding member of the never miss the super bowl club is not letting the pandemic keep him from this year's big game. don chrisman from maine has attended all 54 super bowls. at first he wasn't quite sure he'd be able to get ticket this is year because the nfl is limiting the capacity. but the league made room, and he is heading to tampa. he turns 85 this year. he's had one round of the covid vaccine. he says he's a patriots fan but will be rooting for tom brady's buchholz. buccaneers. o we're come back with another full 90 minutes of news including how one of the
5:27 am
upcoming "jeopardy" guest hosts landed the gig. now data johnson and johnson revealing the effectiveness of its covid vaccine. and a live look at 5:26.
5:28 am
5:29 am
test the cdc urging americans to avoid travel. what this all means for our current vaccines. >> johnson and johnson revealing brand new details about its covid-19 vaccine this morning. the effectiveness and how soon it could be rolling out. >> a local district working out the details to bring kids back to class. the plan the board just voted on following coronavirus in the community. >> and a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, walnut creek and san mateo bridge. mike tracking rain this morning what. we can expect the rest of the day and over the weekend.
5:30 am
>> good morning, it is friday january 29th. >> want to get straight to mike for a look at that forecast. hi mike. >> good morning kumasi. reggie, hi everybody. nice to have you join us on this friday. we still have some leftover showers. we'll keep a 1 on the storm impact scale through morning commute. there is a possibility of a moderate shower but for the most part it is going to be very light. and you can see in the south bay it is pretty quiet until you get right on 101 south of 280 in san jose. a light shower there. the tri-valley. a light shower and snow trying to fall on diablo right now. and through solano county is where our best radar returns are right now. watch out on 680, 780 and 80. nearly two inches of rain across the bay into san francisco. temperatures upper-30s to low-40s for most of us. we'll hover around 50 in a
5:31 am
mostly cloudy sky, pockets of sunshine, drier as the day unfolds but doorway have more rain camming up in the seven day forecast. monterey county office of emergency services says that a sand levee that was holding back the carmel river breached, flooding hopes in the air. water got into this house and work crews worked yesterday to clear the downed trees and remove mud from the road. cal transit sending a team to assess this damage today. a section of highway 1 south of big sir collapsed. another section is closed near the monterey county line. the area is barely passable because of mud slides. and you can track the weather where you live. live dmer 7 available on demand on your tv. search abc7 bay area and you can download our happen, and watch.
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schools in alameda county are making real plans to go back to the classroom. education has been a major focus of ours as we try to help to build a better bay area. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in pleasanton to explain this morning. hi amy. >> reporter: reggie, big vote here last night. they voted to bring the kids back to school for inperson learning and not just the younger kids. the middle and high school students. and they were not originally part of the proposal, that they changed their minds last night to include them. and parents and kids showed up before that vote to let them know how they felt. they held a rally to try to influence the district to let them all come back. kids at the rally said they would do whatever it takes. they would wear a mask, flufs, use hand sanitizer. they said they just want to see their teachers and zplends what i was really excited about my old school was to make new friends and i really miss that. >> not everybody wants to go back to school.
5:33 am
that is fine. people can stay at home if that is what they choose but the kids that need to be in person, they should be in class now. >> well the board voted late last night to bring kids back. tk through 2nd grade will return after alameda county has been in the red tier for two weeks. it is currently in the purple. 3rd through 5th grade will return after three weeks. and in a surprise decision they decided they will work on a plan to bring back middle and high school. they originally had not planned to include the 6th through the 12th grader. they don't have the details yet. they will work on that plan next. but the older kids will be included. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield. abc news news. >> amy, thank you. and hay werth, police officers will no longer be signed to patrol schools. trustees with the school district decided having the officers on campus intimidated student, especially students of color. instead the district will
5:34 am
consider hiring counselors and train school em employees on dealing with conflict. >> reporter: concern covid cases could soar again. another more contagious strain found in the u.s. and the strain from south africa was discovered in two people in south carolina. abc news reporter alex korea shay is tracking it. >> reporter: jan already the deadliest month on report in the pandemic and so many states are struggling with their vaccination efforts. this morning, cause for concern, officials confirming the first cases of that highly contagious south african variant detected in the u.s. two people in south carolina infected. dr. anthony fauci saying this about the strain. >> the one in south africa, george, troubles me. >> reporter: early tests showed the south african variant may chip away at the effectiveness of the pfizer and moderna vaccines and now the cdc urging americans to avoid travel. and in the race to add more vaccines to the market a possible setback. drug maker novavax reporting
5:35 am
less than 50% efficacy against the south african variant. another variant from the uk now in at least 29 states only adding to the urgency to vaccinate amid limited supply. in this extraordinary scene in oregon, county health workers stuck in a snow storm managed to save six doses that were about to expire, setting up an implomplt clinic going car to car administering shots to thankful drivers. >> we would have been going door to door until we couldn't give them anymore. >> reporter: abc news washington. we've been waiting to hear about johnson and johnson's vaccine and just got new information how effective it is against covid-19. this is the one that only requires one dose. so it is a big deal to hear about this. jobina at the live desk. >> johnson and johnson says its vaccine is 85% effective against severe disease and 100% effective against
5:36 am
hospitalization or death. we are also learning here another key peace of data. the company says the vaccine has the same protection against a new variant that first appeared in south africa. the team of scientists say the vaccine is also save to take. volunteers experienced mild reactions after the shot with less than 10% experiencing fever. the fda's advisory committee is expected to evaluate the findings some time in mid to late february. johnson and johnson says it will deliver 100 million doses to the u.s. by june if the fda gives the green light here. >> in the south bay santa clara counties first walk-up vaccination cite is open. going to be serving healthcare workers and people over the age of 65. the site is at san jose's mexican heritage plaza in the heart of a community really hit hard by community. the five surrounding zip codes make up 31% of cases reported in santa clara county. >> my mom is 92 and she's got
5:37 am
diabetes. and she lives in a multi family home. so these are very important factors. >> vaccines are administered on tuesdays and thursdays. you do not need ab appointment but if you go it is recommended that you get there early so you can get a wristband. that wristband guarantees that you get a shot. if there are doses on the side by the mid afternoon, gardner health services which is helping run the site will identify community members who meet the criteria just to make sure that nothing goes to waste. >> in the east bay, san roman valley district firefighters are helping vaccinate residents in long-term care facilities, visiting all 54 facilities in contra costa county in a mobile vaccination clinic. they have county support, trained paramedics and enough staff to deal with other calls. >> the goal is take care of the people we sign up to take care of. the community in a whole, everyone is more than cooperative with us. we've had to go through some bureaucracy to get here today
5:38 am
but we haven't met any challenge yet we haven't been able able to overcome. >> firefighters also helping out at drive-thru clinics. abc7 news monitoring the roll out. and last check about 60% of the doses received in california have been given out. you can find this tracker on our home page at well this is definitely aun forgettable statement. you almost had me murdered. right now a live look at washington, d.c. one lawmakers strong message to another following the security breech at the capitol. and. >> i texted richard white, my agent and i was like richard. my 15-year-old said people are talking about this. and here we are. >> making her mark on "jeopardy" as a guest host. this actress turned scientist explains why she was made for this role. we'll get to that. but first meteorologist mike nicco. thank you, reggie. kumasi, hi everybody. live look at doppler 7. and our system won't let go.
5:39 am
still producing a few light showers all over the area keeping things slippery in the morning commute. temperatures little cooler from 41 in san land droe to union city 49 ong the east bay shore with mostly cloudy. most of us mid- to upper-40s. the morning commute is going to be slippery only this mornin. the evening will be much drier. and with just light showers falling i'm not expecting any ponding on the roadways. in fact here is a look at some of those leftover showers and what they did to san jose. nearly three inch of rain in san jose. atmospheric river definitely left its mark on the south bay. mostly in a positive way. the commute plan for other areas, revolving around the colder conditions this morning and the damp condition this is morning. in fact here is a look at future radar. by 9:00 the showers are dividendinging. once the low gets past it is
5:40 am
going to blow wind back at us. and you can see when it hits, those hills and mountains will lift it and create a few light showers possible during the early afternoon hours and into the evening you can see it is pretty quiet. rainfall amounts are definitely going to be light. if you get under a shower it is going to be a couple of hundreds of an inch. that is it. rain in the north bay over the weekend. and one more storm monday and tuesday before a long period of dry weather. i'll wrap that upcoming up next. first want to bring in jobina and more details on the morning commute. hi jobina. >> we've had a couple of issues this morning but so far things seem to be improving. a live look at the san mateo bridge, for people that are traveling eastbound we were seeing some flashing lights to be bridge. they are gone now. everything looks fine so that is good news. but look at the brake lights as people make their way westbound there. it is definitely slowing use make your way towards the
5:41 am
peninsula. moving now to a live picture, the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm going the keep an eye on this. because the toll plaza has been weird. sometimes the metering lights come on. sometimes they don't. we have no advisory there is this morning, which is good news. and lastly, as we head to break, i just want to point out the map because we do have some slowdowns to talk about on 680, also as you come out of tracy which is our usually spot. then i zoom in here, i do want to point out while oakland is still an issue along 580 from an earlier sig alert. be aware eastbound and westbound directions and that was because of power lines down not because of a crash.
5:42 am
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she's been tapped to be a guest host what. you might not know is shaes real live scientist. he she has a ph.d. from ucla. she says she was made for this role. >> it really is my wheelhouse in terms of, you know, where i spend my free time. like i'm a game person. i'm board game -- like i'm a geek. i got it all down. this is like the most iconic thing i've ever within asked to do. >> beeialic says if she was a contestant she would crush any category about music, especially bob dylan lyrics but as for history she will leave that to the experts. "jeopardy" airs week nights at
5:48 am
7:00 here an abc7 news. >> i really like her, but i am going to have to argue with her about something. this is the most iconic thing she's ever done? blossom with the hat and the sunflower would like a word. >> i know. i like blossom. >> don't sell her own work short. >> but listen. she put in 12 years of word. >> she did. >> she has a ph.d, she said i worked for this moment. >> true. >> it is all helping. >> she's a smarty pants the -- >> -- ph.d, big bang. >> ph.d? >> yes. >> she doesn't need to look at the answers she already knows'em. >> -- please tell me there is a whole blossom category. and all the answers are joey. >> whoa, whoa. >> never watched the show. did watch all, i think just about every episode of big bang think, that appealed to me a lot
5:49 am
more. she's fun. i hope she has a great time and i know she'll do a great job. here is a look from sutro tower. little over two inches of rain in the san francisco. compare that to san jose. had nearly three inches of rain. yeah. congratulations south bay you really got good soaking out of this. few showers this morning. we'll keep it on the storm impact scale through the morning commute. partly cloudy, tonight more fog is going to form. next storm widespread monday. this morning, light showers out there. even mountain snow. couple of inches possible. diablo, to a lesser extent diablo than hamilton. and once it will keep things slippery through the morning commute like here on highway 4, 680, 780 and even 80 heading through solano county where the precipitation rates are definitely dropping as storms are starting to lose a lot of their start. area of low pressure over us
5:50 am
squeezing out the remaining moisture by the afternoon the cloud deck opens up and mid- to upper-50s. tonight the clouds epiup places like living room. tri-valley drop to the mid 30s and the rest of us the low-40s. this weekend, this is one of the drier models and bringing rain to ma rib county t usual southwest facing places and also sonoma lake and mendocino counties. the rainfall is going to be light. less than couple hundredths in marin county and less than a tenth in others. some models are stalling the rain in santa rosa and trying to bring an inch to inch and a half of rain but i'm not quite buying that. saturday and sunday low-60s. monday the rain moves from north so south. traditional trajectory. leftover showers tuesday and dry
5:51 am
sunny pattern develops into wednesday. now at 6:00, new chances to ride the ferris wheel at golden gate park since the pandemic shut it down but don't worry. we're learning the attraction may be around for a while. an adorable interruption very relatable for parents working i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with... just 2 medicines... in 1 pill,... dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable. research shows people who take hiv treatment as prescribed...
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5:54 am
uc berkeley set its own record with 28% increase this applicants, same as ucla. today on "getting answers," live talking about these trends and what that means. that is at 3:00 here on abc7 news. questions swirling act whether the covid vaccine is safe for pregnant women. the cdc director addressed this issue on "good morning america." >> i think the configuration is really simply a lack of data. we don't have the data in pregnant women right now. what i can say is that, you know, there are different organizations, different agencies making different guidance in the absence of data. we have had -- we have a registry now of pregnant women who have been vaccinated, often many in healthcare. we have over 18,000 women enrolled in that data base. so that we are i'm hopeful there have data on pregnant women soon. >> she recommends that pregnant
5:55 am
women wait until their second or third trooims tore get vaccinated. you can see this full interview starting at 7:00. if you are working at home and with kids you can relate to. this our meteorologist from our sister station in l.a. had an impromptu >> -- we'll talk about the storm. he walks now guys. >> drop the graphic. let's see the baby. tis happened on air yesterday. viewers sent in a lot of comments thanking for her what it's like to work from home with little kids. also shout out to her setup. >> that whole setup. it doesn't look like she's at home. >> she's got a whole green screen. the lighting situation. look. does she ever lose the light?
5:56 am
no she does not. >> and that baby's onesie is cute. >> how fun. had a great time with her and madeline from our fresno station yesterday. madeline evans talking about our atmospheric river and how it affects the different regions. check it out. we had a great time. nice people. really nice people. here a look at our rainfall season today. you can see about 39-45% even with all the rain we're still way behind. so you are wondering about the drought? the monitor will come out monday when we are getting our next chance of rain. moves in in the morning and continues to rain all day. reggie, kumasi. >> new at 6:00. spotify wants to pick better songs just for you and the patent it just filed to make recommendations based on the sound of your voice. rent relief for california the bill a governor is expected to sign today that would impact
5:57 am
landlords and tenants. plus we now know what
5:58 am
5:59 am
building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future this is abc 7 news. now at 6:00, a live look outside through our bay bridge toll camera. and you can see right now, the roads are wet, but a break from the rain is coming soon. cleaning up this mess from the storm, a pg&e truck got
6:00 am
caught in a landslide early this morning. the company has an update on the driver's condition. getting a grip on the covid crisis. an east bay county laying out how it plans to reopen schools for in person learning. lots to talk about on this friday, january 29th. we're going to start with weather and mike nicco. hey, mike. >> good morning, reggie. kumasi, jobina, hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. friday, a little wet. we'll keep the storm impact scale going through the morning commute for light showers. maybe a little moderate intensity in the santa cruz mountains. will keep things slippery throughout the morning commute. 80 in solano county. bridges showing best chance of being wet along with highway 4 in northern contra costa county. you see the pink there, that's a wintry mix falling on diablo. better chance of measurable snow around mt. hamilton, a little deeper into the cold layer. in the south bay, you got morgan hill and guy rilro


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