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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 29, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PST

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caught in a landslide early this morning. the company has an update on the driver's condition. getting a grip on the covid crisis. an east bay county laying out how it plans to reopen schools for in person learning. lots to talk about on this friday, january 29th. we're going to start with weather and mike nicco. hey, mike. >> good morning, reggie. kumasi, jobina, hi, everybody. thank you for joining us. friday, a little wet. we'll keep the storm impact scale going through the morning commute for light showers. maybe a little moderate intensity in the santa cruz mountains. will keep things slippery throughout the morning commute. 80 in solano county. bridges showing best chance of being wet along with highway 4 in northern contra costa county. you see the pink there, that's a wintry mix falling on diablo. better chance of measurable snow around mt. hamilton, a little deeper into the cold layer. in the south bay, you got morgan hill and guy rilroy getting wet.
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cooler 30s and 40s, we'll end up in the low to mid-50s with pockets of sunshine and dry conditions this afternoon. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. heavy rain overnight caused a really dangerous situation in santa cruz county. a landslide took out a road and a pg&e truck with it. jobina fortson with this video. >> pg&e says the driver is safe, so that's the really positive update right now. but, chp crews cannot get that truck out from the scene there. you're going to see why through this video. that truck slid some 150 feet down a hillside, it happened on valencia school road in aptos. chp says it will recover the vehicle once it is safe. right now they're still cleaning up the aftermath of the landslide, including downed trees. one came down near a home, lifting the front deck of the home there, you can see. the tree is blocking valencia school road in both directions
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so it is closed until further notice. reggie? >> thank you, jobina. cal trans says if you're thinking about going to lake tahoe, don't. interstate 80 reopened but chains are required east of sacramento. conditions in the mountains are very dangerous. highway 50 is open with chain controls over the summit. lake tahoe is dealing with the biggest snowstorm of the year. and here is a camera. it is still pretty dark there. by the way, you can watch this through our connect the tv app, available for roku, apple tv, android tv, search abc 7 bay area to download it and start streaming today. in the east bay, alameda county health officials say they're on born with the state's plan to get students back in the classroom. education is just one of the area we're focused on here at abc 7 in our effort to build a better bay area. abc 7 reporter amy hollyfield live in pleasanton with what comes next. amy? >> reporter: hi, kumasi. the pressure is on, alameda
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county has released a statement, a road map for schools, telling them what they need to do to reopen. and then here in pleasanton, parents and students turned up the heat, they held a rally, telling the district they really, really want them to open the classrooms for in person learning. the pleasanton district met last night to discuss whether to allow in person learning. at first the proposal was focused on bringing elementary school kids back, not middle school and high school. but those older kids said they really want to go back too. >> i want to go back now. i would do whatever it takes, i'll be -- i'll bring my hand sanitizer, wear gloves, wear a mask, i'll stay six feet apart, i'll do whatever it takes. we need to go back to school. >> reporter: the board voted late last night to bring kids back. preschool through second grade will be able to return after alameda county has been in the red tier for two weeks.
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third through fifth grade will return after three weeks. in a surprise decision, they will work on a plan to bring back middle and high school. they will release those details at a later date. but they will let them come back. alameda county said in its statement it will not add any extra requirements for schools, they just need to meet the state's guidelines to be able to reopen. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. thank you, amy. santa clara county clearing up some confusion over what school sports will be allowed now that it moved to the purple tier. the county originally wanted athletes to stay 25 feet apart, which would have ended most school athletics. it will now match the state's guidelines, which says six feet apart. that still means though that football and basketball are banned, but track and field, cross country, golf, skiing, snowboarding, tennis, swimming and diving all will be allowed with this exception. >> youth and athletes should wear face coverings when
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participating in sports including when they are doing physical conditioning. face coverings should also be worn during activities with heavy exertion unless the face covering becomes a hazard. >> the county will also require students to quarantine for ten days if they travel outside the county. new concerns about another possible covid surge. the first cases of a more contagious covid variant now detected in the u.s. jobina is tracking the variants, we also have some new hope on the vaccine front this morning. jobina? >> yeah, so some not great news and some positive pluses here, reggie. the two cases of the south african variant were detected in south carolina. these two people have no travel history and no relationship between the two of them either. so what we're seeing here is that early tests show the south african variant may reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine, moderna is also studying a possible booster shot. pfizer says they are ready to
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make changes to its vaccine if needed. and johnson & johnson just announced its phase three trial data was 66% effective at preventing symptomatic disease and 85% effective against preventing severe illness. even against the south african variant. the president of research and development at novavax says it appears their vaccine will also work against the south african variant. >> like flu, these viruses change. the work we have done on the current strain is directly applicable to a new strain, like what we call plug and play. >> the doctor says the novavax vaccine has a 40% efficacy against the south african variant. we'll have more on this story on "gma." governor newsom expected to sign a bill to provide rent relief for thousands of calans impacted by the pandemic.
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the state will cover 80% of the rent missed between last april and this march as long as the landlord forgives the remaining 20%. plan will be bolstered by more than $2 billion in federal stimulus funds to help with the rental assistance. >> we need to make sure folks are stably housed, make sure folks aren't being evicted and going into long-term debt based on a pandemic that they had no control over. >> chu says the legislature will monitor the plan aggressively so no family is left out and they may extend it again this summer. the edd is being heavily criticized for its handling of unemployment claims. still ahead, the results of a recent state audit. we're getting an inside look at a stanford lab where researchers are trying to find covid variants. and here is a look at live doppler 7, you can see solano county, northern contra costa county, our best bets for wet weather over the next hour or so. once that passes, we're off the
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good morning. let's look at some neighborhood temperatures at 6:10 on this friday. 39 in half moon bay. everybody else in the low to mid-40s. most of us in the low to mid-40s until you get to los gatos and santa rosa. fog across the north bay. visibility good for now. walnut creek, nearly an inch and a half of rain. 68 680 south, slippery from a shower that passed through there. morning showers if you're running errarun running errands today. if you're at home, the pavement will be dry so you can get outside this afternoon. high country, too soon to think about heading up there. let's look at what's going on -- i have to put this disclaimer, you're not supposed to go up
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there, but we know you are. you can see the showers quickly dissipating after the morning commute. still a slight chance in the east bay hills and the diablo range as we head into the afternoon hours. and then we'll start to focus on the north bay for some rain this weekend before all of us get a chance of rain monday. more on that coming up. let's get over to jobina and talk about the morning commute. hi, jobina. >> hi, mike. thank you. good morning, everyone. things are definitely improving on our commute as far as the roadways. it is still slick in some spots out there, a couple minor crashes, earlier sig alerts this morning but things are looking much better. slow as you make your way to san francisco this morning as you come across the bay bridge. we do not have mitering lights on there. want to move over to emeryville now and points looking like. all the headlights are traveling westbound right now. so the speeds are just not amazing, but also we have no blocking issues to report. the biggest problem right now is the commuter alert. i have for b.a.r.t., there is an equipment problem now causing a
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20 minute delay impacting the antioch line that is traveling in the sfo direction. the equipment problem is on a train at the walnut creek station, right now i'll let you know when that clears. reggie and kumasi? >> thank you, jobina. coming up, two women in the bay area filing a lawsuit against subway. why they say they are not happy with the sandwiches. the technology spotify wants to patent to make better song recommendations for you, how it uses the sound of your voice. and as we head to break, let's take a live look outside now at the
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santa clara county has become the first bay area county to reach more than 100,000 diagnosed cases of coronavirus. and it has been almost a year since the county reported its first case of coronavirus that happened on january 31st, 2020. abc 7 news got an exclusive look
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at the stanford lab where researchers are on the hunt for new covid variants. high tech robots identify positive covid tests and doctors study the results. the researchers have not seen the south african strain in california, but they have seen the uk variant and a brazil variant. as for tracking the new california variant, in last few weeks -- >> it is in about 17% of the samples that we sequenced. which is in line with other -- what others have been reporting, maybe a little bit higher. i think the concern about that variant is that it was associated with a large outbreak in san jose, there is question about whether it is more transmissible. >> dr. benjamin penske says people need to continue to exercise caution. there is room for optimism as cases decline, and vaccinations increase. our team has been tracking problems with the edd for months. and now the state auditor has
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released a second report blasting the agency saying that false claims are filed because edd ignored signs of massive fraud. thousands of people from san jose to florida received mail addressed to complete strangers. it turned out fraudsters were using their addresses to file phony claims. all of them tried to report the suspicious mail, but the new audit says the edd didn't notice the pattern until september. six months into the pandemic. >> we now have two audits that i think demonstrates that edd was in fact a rat's nest of incompetence, they brought the fraud on. >> the edd has now shut down 344,000 suspicious accounts. in the process, it has swept thousands of legitimate workers into the crackdown and now they can't get their money. two alameda county women are suing subway claiming there is something fishy about the tuna sandwich there.
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they say the tuna is not real, according to the lawsuit, the women claim independent tests could not find any tuna in what subway is serving. so, they're taking issue with the chain, marketing the fish as a premium product for its sandwiches and wraps. now, subway calls the allegations baseless and insists it serves 100% wild cod tuna. spotify working on new technology to create your favorite play list. it could one day use an algorithm to recommend songs based on the sound of why ayour voice. they were granted a patent to use audio signals to suggest what to palay. it will know if you're in the mood to cry it out to adele or have a lizzo dance party. >> i'm here for this. >> are you? i'm just kind of confused how -- you're talking to the spotify app. >> it can tell if you're, like, how you're feeling. maybe it is just listening to you, your whole conversation and
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knows that you're sad and then says this is what she needs. >> so it is eavesdropping on us. >> leave me alone. >> now i said it like that, i'm not excited. >> see what i'm saying? you got to the listen to your -- i jumped off the train. >> right. get out of my business. >> yes. >> play what i want. >> all right, let's -- let's switch gears here now and talk a little bit about the wet weather. hopefully the fact we're going to have some opportunities to get outside will make you a little bit happier next day or two. san jose, 101 and 880 with that atmospheric river stalling over the south bay. we jump from three quarters of an inch of rain the first day to 2.95, nearly 3 inches for the storm total. yes, it made things difficult to get around, but we desperately needed it.
6:19 am
so a.m. showers today through the morning commute. we'll stay a 1 on the storm impact scale. and then dry this afternoon with some sunshine breaking through the clouds. you'll want to grab the sunglasses this morning. partly cloudy tonight and cooler, a lot of 30s in our valleys and more fog than we're dealing with this morning. and rain across the north bay this weekend, the rest of us will get a traditional north to south storm for monday. it is a 1 right now. area of low pressure, upper level low, squeezing what remaining moisture is in the air over us, that's why we have the showers showing up on live doppler 7. most of those right now are in contra costa county. i just checked the snow level, it is 31.5 degrees. 31.5 degrees on mt. diablo. the best chance of steady lighter rain is solano county. carquinez bridge, all wet now. how about today, 53 to 56 degrees, a little cooler than average. tonight, upper 30s to mid-40s. looking at this weekend, marin
6:20 am
county, sonoma county, lake mendocino counties, you'll have rain throughout the weekend. the rest of us will be mostly cloudy, with temperatures climbing into the upper 50s, even low 60s by sunday. the storm now from monday and tuesday is a 1, but it is showing promises that it could get up to a 2. so we'll keep an eye on it. have a good weekend. here is reggie and kumasi. >> thank you. we're bringing in ginger zee with a look at what's happening at 7:00 on this friday on "gma." hi, ginger. >> hi, reggie, hi, kumasi, nice to be with everybody. coming up on "gma," i'll talk about your storms, but also the growing concern as the first cases of that new south african covid variant has been found here in the united states. so we're all being urged now to not travel. cdc director rochelle wolensky will join us with the latest on all that. also, how about the wall street mayhem, the amateur investors at
6:21 am
the center of the seismic shake-up, rocking some of the biggest firms, they're driving up the stock prices of struggling companies but then shut out of trading by the same apps they were making work for them, and making them rich. we'll have the latest on the backlash that is brewing this morning. and then we're also celebrating the life of legendary actress, pioneering hollywood icon cicely tyson. she passed away at 96. we have the tributes from all over the world and we'll look back at her life. and incredible surprise of a lifetime. a big one. some everyday heroes that we will be celebrating, you'll see that and so much more coming up right here on "gma." have to apologize, my hair is a wreck because i was outside, it was 7 below this morning and i had a hat on. so -- >> 7 below. >> that's too -- >> we don't like that. i think the hair looks really cute. i'm into it. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> just kind of flattened. i don't know what's going on.
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>> yes, rock it, flip it, toss it! i love it. i love it. all right, happy friday to if there's anything that this year has taught us, it's the things that matter: family. health. that's it. we found help at covered california. now we have a plan we can afford. enrollment ends january 31st.
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all that rain we were received and most of us are still not even caught up for where we should be in january. look at this, since october 1st we're still anywhere from 36 to 45% of average. so good soaking, i'm glad we got it. we still have a long way to go to get back to average. we'll try again monday. here we are at midnight. through the morning hours, best chance of rain is going to be in the north bay. then afternoon and evening hours, starts to move across the rest of our neighborhoods. by tuesday, it is just about over. some lingering showers. kumasi? >> thank you, mike. a horse and pony are safe after being stuck in mud for nearly 18 hours in monterey county. >> lift up. >> are we good? >> oh, my goodness. so the animals were trapped by a
6:25 am
debris flow in salinas. the owners found them, they flagged down a passing fire department to get help. crews used a bulldozer with ropes attached to lift each animal out of the mud. and that rescue as you can see was a team effort. the sbca got help from monterey county's public works department and six local fire departments and now they're being cared for and loved on. thank goodness. okay. this is probably happened to you at some point, your mom, your grandma is real busy talking to strangers, bragging about you, and you want to move things along. that's what happened to an 83-year-old southern california mom waiting for her covid-19 vaccine. just so happened that the mayor of l.a. was there to talk to her and she just kept bragging about her son's piano skills. >> he happens to be a fantastic piano player. >> please help me. >> i'm a pianist by training
6:26 am
too. >> that is mama june talking over the -- he said i planned piano too. she said my son played with elton john. the son in the story, adam, says his mom brags about him to anyone, anywhere, anytime, no matter what. and at one point, people got kind of impatient, started to honk their horn and the mayor gave them a signal, like it's fine, let this lady talk. >> not at mama joan. >> oh, joan. san francisco's rec vacation and parks department is hoping to keep the 150 foot high ferris wheel that is currently at golden gate park for another four years. these amateur reports that rec park officials are seeking an extension until march 1st of 2025. the proposal scheduled to first be heard next thursday by the rec and park commission's operations committee before going before the historic
6:27 am
preservation commission. the sky star observation wheel was installed as part of golden ga gate park's 150th anniversary. it barely has been open because of all of the covid restrictions. we were there the day that the wheel closed. remember how long that line was? >> it went from, look at that, why are these people in line? we know. >> people were flocking to it. we haven't had a chance to get on it. i hope it does stick around. >> me too. i have a vision of us in the wheel. >> me too. >> okay. coming up next, a new video of a cougar spotted roaming around a neighborhood on the peninsula. plus the surprising confession from a burglary suspect
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building a better bay area, for a safe and secure future, this is abc 7 news. now at 6:30, live doppler 7 where you still see some green on our radar. mike knows how long we can expect this rain to last and what is ahead for the weekend. kids that need to be in person, they should be in class now. >> parents eager to send their kids back to school in pleasanton won't see an immediate change, but there is a new plan to start in person learning. we have the school board's final decision. and we have information about johnson & johnson's single dose covid-19 vaccine. the company just released its phase three trial results this morning. good morning, everybody. we made it to friday, january 29th, mike is here with a look at the forecast today and for the weekend, mike? >> checking out some of the rain totals in the santa cruz mountains, 7 to 9 inches, no wonder we had a few issues that kumasi will talk about.
6:31 am
you can see our green blob is starting to really dissipate, so we're a 1 on the storm impact scale, that's mainly for the morning commute. as we still have some light showers, mountain snow and some slippery conditions to deal with. you can see our best chance of wet weather continues to be over solano county and mountain snow on diablo where the temperature is just below freezing. a better chance of measurable snow on hamilton this morning. so that will be a beautiful sight to see. santa clara valley, we find the best radar returns. more than two inches of rain fell in san francisco. and we have got temperatures in the upper 30s to mid-40s at 7:00. we'll see pockets of sunshine develop and hang out in the low to mid-50s this afternoon. we get a little bit of a break this weekend, all of us getting rain monday and more on that coming up. here's kumasi. >> thank you, mike. cal trans is sending a team out to assess this damage today. you can see a section of highway 1 south of big sur just collapsed. and it is not clear at this point when it will reopen. another section is closed near the monterey county line and you
6:32 am
can see this area is just barely passable because of mudslides. this is not the first major issue along highway 1 near big sur. a huge landslide in 2017 wiped out the entire road. that ended up closing a section of highway 1 for months. >> making real plans to go back to the classroom and it is not just for the younger kids. education has been a major focus of ours as we help to build a better bay area. abc 7 reporter amy hollyfield is live. >> reporter: a big vote here in pleasanton, brought a big surprise, they decided to bring kids back for in person learning and they included middle and high school students. that was not part of the original plan. but, parents and students showed up. they held a rally to try and influence the district to let them all come back. kids at the rally said they do whatever it takes, war a mask,
6:33 am
gloves, use hand sanitizer, they just want to see their teachers and their friends. >> it is hard to learn online because i'm not getting the same interaction. >> i was excited to make new friends and i really miss that. >> not everybody wants to go back to school, that's fine. people can stay at home if that's what they choose. the kids that need to be in person, they should be in class now. >> reporter: the board here in pleasanton voted late last night to bring kids back. tk through second grade will return after alameda county has been in the red tier for two weeks. third and fifth grade will return after three weeks. and then in a surprise decision, they will work on a plan to bring back middle and high school. they have not originally planned to include the sixth through 12th graders, but decided to do it. they don't have the details yet for those kids. they're going to work on that plan next, but some progress made for all the kids who want to go back to school here in
6:34 am
pleasanton. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you, amy. in hayward, police officers will no longer be assigned to patrol schools. trustees with the school district decided having the officers on campus intimidated students. especially students of color. instead the district will consider hiring counselors and train school employees on dealing with conflict. a world health organization team investigating the origins of coronavirus are visiting a hospital in wuhan, china, today. they also plan to visit hospitals and markets like the seafood market. that were linked to many of the first cases. a possible focus for investigators is the wuhan institute of virology. it built an archive of genetic information about bat coronaviruses after the 2003 outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome. this morning, there is concern that covid cases could start to soar again. another new more contagious strain has been found in the
6:35 am
u.s. the strain from south africa was discovered in two people in south carolina. abc news alex tracking it. >> reporter: so many states are struggling with vaccination efforts. this morning, cause for concern. officials confirming the first cases of the highly contagious south african variant detected in the u.s. two people in south carolina infected, dr. anthony fauci saying this about the strain. >> the one in south africa, george, troubles me. >> reporter: early tests showed the variant may chip away at the effectiveness of the pfizer and moderna vaccines. and now, the cdc urging americans to avoid travel. in the race to add more vaccine to the market, a possible setback. drugmaker novavax reporting less than 50% efficacy against the south african variant. another variant from the uk now in at least 29 states, only
6:36 am
adding to the urgency to vaccinate amid limited supply and this extraordinary scene in oregon, county health workers stuck in a snowstorm managed to save six doses that were about to expire, setting up an impromptu clinic going car to car administering shots to thankful drivers. >> we would have been out going door to door until we couldn't give them anymore. this morning, news about another vaccine to fight covid-19. johnson & johnson just revealed phase three data for its one dose vaccine. jobina fortson tracking the developments. >> johnson & johnson started its trial with 40,000 volunteers in september. it took place in the u.s., south africa, and in latin america. here is a look at the numbers for everybody. the company says its vaccine is 85% effective at preventing severe disease. and 66% effective at preventing
6:37 am
symptomatic disease. volunteers experienced mild reactions with less than 10%, experiencing a fever. the fda advisory committee is expected to evaluate the findings later this month. the fda said it won't consider a vaccine that is more than 50% effective. so johnson & johnson does meet the threshold. if it gets the emergency use authorization, shots could begin as soon as next month. as far as ramping up production, johnson & johnson says it would be able to deliver 100 million doses in the u.s. by june. in the south bay, santa clara county's first walkup vaccination site is now open. it is serving healthcare workers and people who are over the age of 65. the site is at san jose's mexican heritage plaza. it is in the heart of a community hit really hard by covid. the five surrounding zip codes make up 31% of cases reported in santa clara county. >> my mom is 92. she has diabetes. and she lives in a multifamily home. so these are very important
6:38 am
factors. >> vaccines are administered on tuesdays and thursdays. an appointment is not required but if you go, it is recommended that you get there early, so you can get a wristband and that guarantees you'll get a shot. if there are doses unassigned by midafternoon, gardener health services, which is helping to run this site, will identify community members who meet the criteria to make sure nothing goes to waste. abc 7 news is monitoring the vaccine rollout. at last check, 60% of the doses received here in california have been given out. you can find this tracker on our home page at the u.s. capitol police chief is calling for permanent fencing and backup security around the capitol to prevent future violence. nancy pelosi is calling for great protection for members of congress saying they now face a quote enemy within. pelosi didn't mention any names, but her words were likely a veiled reference to newly
6:39 am
elected congresswoman margy tayl marjorie taylor green. >> we have members of congress who want to bring guns on the floor and threatened violence on other members of congress. >> meanwhile, congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is calling for senator ted cruz to resign. he responded to a tweet that aoc sent, saying he agreed with her and she replied, i'm happy to work with republicans on this issue where there is common ground, but you almost had me murdered three weeks ago, so you can sit this one out. if you want to help, you can resign. cruz didn't respond to that tweet. still ahead, the backlash against robinhood after the app temporarily stopped the buying of gamestop -- they're going to make us say this how many times today. >> you have been saying it more than me. >> i've said it every time correctly until now. stopped the buying of gamestop
6:40 am
stock. the ceo defends his decision. let's look at the big board right now at the new york stock exchange. you can see we're down 360 or so points, 370. another update on how the markets are doing and how the gamestop stock is doing next. >> there it goes again. an unexpected visit in san francisco, a burglary suspect returns to the victim's home to apologize. the encounter caught on camera. >> that's interesting. >> well, i don't want to spoiler alert, she doesn't get her stuff back. >> is it the intention that counts? >> is it what? >> the intention that counts? >> no. break into my place and take my stuff, if you come back, you're going to return it. >> and don't do it again? yeah. glad you two mastered that one. i'm going to talk about the weather and not do the gamestop
6:41 am
stock. 37 in los gatos, everybody else in the low to mid-40s under partly cloudy and ever drying condition down in the south bay. a little bit of fog forming around novato, we'll keep an eye on that. most of us low to mid-40s. 37 in half moon bay. little caution needed this morning, even if it is not raining, still slippery from the rain we received. and any rain we get is going to be light. it is not going to cause any ponding on the roadways. 101 and 880 in san jose, starting to clear out. look at that, nearly 3 inches of rain down in the south bay. congratulations. that was much needed. so for your commute, yeah, i have caution, but it is only for the morning hours. because of the dampness out there. and the cool temperatures also. you want to dress for that. future radar shows pretty much by 9:00 the showers are in the central valley. as that low with its counterclockwise flow pushes some wind back against our hills and mountains, you can see some scattered light showers are still possible, especially in the east bay and the south bay. they will be few and far
6:42 am
between. as far as what is going to happen the rest of the day, enjoy some sunshine between the clouds. the north bay has some rain this weekend. all of us have a chance of rain monday and i'll talk about that ing could up in the accuweather seven day forecast. my cat just came in. what's going on, jobina? he's screaming at me. >> good morning to you, oreo. good morning, mike. good morning everyone watching wherever you are. thank you. i'm going to check in here on traffic. we have a good update from b.a.r.t. they were experiencing a major delay earlier this morning due to an equipment problem on a train at the walnut creek station. they are recovering from that now. about a ten-minute delay that will impact anyone on the antioch line and the sfo direction. we do have a crash in milpitas that cleared, still causing a slowdown in the area on southbound 880 before 237. speeds track around 23 miles per hour. because that has cleared, hopefully it will pick up shortly. live look outside now at our bay bridge toll plaza camera, we do
6:43 am
not have mitering lights on yet, but i do see some people slowing down as they get toward the toll plaza. we'll check back in on that for you. as we head to break, looking live in walnut creek at 680, beginning to get busy as people make their way southbound, which is where
6:44 am
6:45 am
-- and confessed to the homeowner saying he's a parolee. as dion lim learned, this highlights how the district attorney is offender cases. >> if there is no deterrence, we may as well have everything is free sign boyfrieabove our door.
6:46 am
>> my son is 9 years old. that's something that keeps me up at night, is that my son was literally on the other side of the window, had his headphones on. >> reporter: cyan's chicken cam caught the suspect taking the items. >> computers, lap tops and a camera. >> reporter: and a power washer in a matter of minutes. >> this is the first game he came through. >> reporter: what makes this case so bizarre, is what happened the next day. >> i opened the door. it wasn't the police. it was my perpetrator. >> reporter: heard on camera, a full confession, including he's on parole. >> i'm going to get punished more. i know that. >> reporter: and that he was taking his daughter to school and he would make things right. >> i'm going to find everything. i'm going to hunt it down and i'm going to bring it. >> reporter: when cyan's belongings never returned, she called police and started
6:47 am
following other cases and arrests involving parolees, changing her twitter profile to recall chesa boudin over his handling of the crimes. why are you blaming the parole office instead of taking direct accountability here? san francisco supervisor catherine stephanie and mayor london breed asked police for numbers on rearrests for those on probation and parole. i obtained the report which clearly shows a change from 2019 when suzie loftus served as d.a., an 18% increase in cases sent to parole, probation or post release community supervisi supervision. the amount of time spent in custody also dropped 51% to just 18 days. the request for comment to the office was not returned. in san francisco, dion lim, abc 7 news. this morning, the investment app robinhood will allow limited buying on so-called hot stocks
6:48 am
like gamestop and amc, with trading just under way, gamestop's price is hovering around 350 bucks a share. that's up from about $120 earlier this morning. this time yesterday stocks were about $330 per share this is all amid a wall street frenzy with amateur investors boosting struggling companies. jobina is going to try to explain to us. this is a tough one to get through. >> this story is like wait a minute, who, where what? so follow me here, everybody. today's limitations come after the ceo of robinhood decided yesterday to restrict transactions for gamestop and other shorted stocks. so some targeted by reddit traders, may have caught that part already, and he explains what he calls a risk management choice. >> we're in a historic situation where there is a lot of activity and a lot of buying concentrated in a relatively small number of
6:49 am
symbols. >> and amateur investors have banded together in an attempt to overthrow wall street hedge funds who were shorting struggling stocks, betting they would fail. founder of the reddit page wall street bets says they're beating the experts at their own game. and many did it through the robinhood app, based in menlo park. the company's ceo says yesterday's move to temporarily pull the plug was made because of volatility, not to protect anyone. >> this decision was not made on the direction of any marketmaker or other market participants. >> lawmakers were critical of the crackdown, and the new york attorney general says her office is looking into the situation. the frenzy left robinhood strapped for cash and it had to pay investors who were owed money for the trades. so overnight it called in a favor from several venture capital firms here and raised $1 billion in funding. >> thank you, jobina. now to your morning money
6:50 am
report, southwest airlines has reached a settlement on an allegation that it violated oakland sick leave law at oakland international airport. this agreement calls for southwest airairlines to pay $53,000 in penalties. the company will have it modify its sick leave policies as well as restore sick leave for ground crew employees. some airport employees were not accruing sick leave as is required under oakland's sick leave law. let's look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets under way this morning. we're down about 378 points. new at 6:00, a homeowner on the peninsula wants to let you know there is a cougar on the loose. check out this home surveillance video. there it is. the cougar wanders into the shot in front of their garage. this video recorded wednesday night along loyola drive in millbrae. the homeowner says animal control referred him to the california department of fish and game, but they only take
6:51 am
messages twice a week because of covid, so bottom line, the cougar is still out there. be careful. >> they can't make a special visit? >> they're on break. >> okay. we all need self-care and rest. that's important. >> yes, and we have been inside for too long. how about we get outside this week and outside the north bay, we have a chance of doing that withouting are to wo worrying a. concord on the low side, little over an inch and a half. everybody else more than two inches, look at dublin, four inches there, more than four in los gatos. more than 7 1/2 in ben loehmann, 3 and a third in san rafael. very impressive totals. the storm definitely lived up to its billing. inch and a half in walnut creek. about 1.52, about the same in the east bay hills as we look back to mostly cloudy san francisco this morning.
6:52 am
little bit of fog developing there. a.m. showers, 1 on the storm impact scale this morning. this afternoon, sun will breakthrough the clouds, partly cloudy and cooler tonight. watch for more fog tomorrow morning. we have a chance of rain across the north bay, a better chance for all of us monday. this area of low pressure is our last bit of energy and moisture with this system and it is moving off to the east. you can see it taking most of the moisture with it right now. we have solano county in the delta and receiving the most amount of rain and it is light rain. you have a rainfall rate of .04 of an inch per hour that's not much. it keeps things slick. there is a possibility of a little bit of snow on diablo and couple inches on hamilton this morning. temperatures this afternoon, 53 to 56. we'll be in the mid-30s to mid-40s tonight. so little bit cooler. here is a look at the weekend, and you can see, marin county, the usual spots, we have a southwest wind, we'll continue to have light rain. and sonoma county, and northern napa, lake and mendocino counties, the best chance of rain as we head through the
6:53 am
weekend. and it is going to be very light. the rest of us will be mostly cloudy, temperatures warming to near 60 tomorrow. some low 60s sunday. and then the rain rolls in and our traditional north to south trajectory monday and it could be heavy at times. we may have to put that up to a 2. drew will take a look at that and lisa over the weekend and make that determination. have you seen the snow pictures from the sierra? there is so much up there, we'll send it over to jobina now and talk more about that. >> yes, mike, it is time for our toyota tahoe traffic report. but i do want to be very clear here. cal trans as well as the chp are not advising you drive up to tahoe this weekend. please do so when it is safe. you see chains are required for all of our roadways there. and a huge difference in the drive times for any resort that is north of the lake here. for north star and squaw alpine, 4 hours and 26 minutes, 4 hours
6:54 am
and 13 minutes to get up there. on the south end, heavenly, 3 hours and 13 minutes. to our second round here, sugar bowl and sierra at tahoe and kirkwood, look, sugar bowl, north of the lake there, 4 hours and 41 minutes. that's speaking to the conditions on our roadways there. so please avoid the area for now. and enjoy it once it is safe. kumasi? >> thank you. new at 6:00, one of mesh's greatest playwrights now has his own forever stamp. the u.s. postal service is honoring august wilson, his stamp is the 44th in the black heritage stamp series. wilson is being honored as a trailblazer for bringing drama to the forefront of american theater. his play ma rainy's black bottle was adapted into a film and released on netflix. have you watched that movie? >> i have not. >> you need to watch that. have you watched "fences"?
6:55 am
>> no. >> you still my friend. >> i have a question for you. i did pick the wrong tea today? >> what did you get ? >> i got the chamomile tea. >> friend, this is basic tea. >> i thought it was sleepy time. >> no, chamomile is what you drink at night so you can soothe into sleep. >> so why do we have it here? >> i don't know. we don't need to be sleeping in the newsroom. >> i'm confused. i'm used to spilling, but not used to drinking. this is a new thing for me. >> have you felt relaxed? >> i haven't had it yet. >> i have ginger. that's giving me a little heat, a little -- that's going to be me right before midday live. i'm going to have to do this and then follow up with some caffeine. >> please do, friend. >> on this friday. >> coming up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> also, abc 7 launched new streaming apps, so wherever you
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6:57 on a friday, here are seven things to know before we go. this morning we're still a 1 on the storm impact scale. scattered showers out there, but they are quickly diminishing. look for more sunshine tomorrow and through the weekend outside of the north bay, a chance of rain this weekend. >> number two, picture into our newsroom shows the extent of damage to part of highway 1, south of big sur. whoa. it collapsed in a mudslide. cal trans sending out a team to assess that damage today. we don't know how long the highway will be closed. >> number three, if you are thinking about heading to lake tahoe this weekend, cal trans officials say just don't do it. interstate 80 reopened overnight, but chains are required because there is so much snow. >> number four, we're taking a live look right now at the bay
6:59 am
bridge toll plaza, yes, that is it. the backup from the mitering lights, they came on at 6:42 this morning. >> number five, johnson & johnson says it is one dose vaccine is 85% effective at preventing severe disease. they hope to get fda authorization next month. >> number six, alameda county health officials say they are on board with the state's plan to get students back in the classroom. the pleasanton unified school district voted in favor of in person learning last night after parents and students held this rally pleading to go back. >> and number seven, if you were hoping to get russian river brewing's 2021 release of pliny the younger, you may have to wait. it sold out in four minutes. four. >> mm-hmm. >> there is next year. >> barbara tried. she was in line, she was denied.
7:00 am
>> oh, goodness. >> you needed a whole strategy. >> have you all tried good m. breaking fuss for our viewers in the west. jo johnson and johnson have released new dethat. how soon it may be available. with hundreds of millions still waiting for the shot. plus, an alarming discovery. the first cases of the highly contagious south african covid variant detected in the u.s. americans urged not to travel. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky joins us live. wall street showdown. those young investors rocking some of wall street's biggest firms as they drive up the stock prices of struggling companies. shut out of trading by the same apps that were making them rich, the major backlash brewing. the northeast bracing for the coldest temperatures in years. windchills below zero for millions as a powerful storm pummels the west coast from dangerous whiteout conditito


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