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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  January 30, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PST

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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> theity. meaning that it's being spread from person to person. well, it is official. two highly contagious covid variants have been found right here in the bay area. samples collected by stanford reveal the two strains first identified in the uk and brazil showing that the virus continues to mutate. good morning, it's saturday, january 30th. thanks so much for being here. i'm julian glover in for liz kreutz. hope on the horizon inhe et sta with atthhig. we turn our attention to meteorologist lisa argen. lisa, dry for the weekend hopefully. >> julian, for the most part. we are looking at maybe a chance of showers up in the north bay
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as a weak weather system visits our friends well up in sonoma county and maybe perhaps into parts of marin county but otherwise we're dry and cloudy and 44 in san jose. good morning,cuperto, saratoga 42. 47 downtown and low 40s in novato. with the clouds around keeping us more insulated and 40s near 50 at 9:00 and slight chance of showers throughout the afternoon with mid to upper 50s for most perhaps a spotty shower but we are bringing back our storm impact scale for monday and tuesday as a level one system arrives. we'll track it for you in the next few minutes. julian. >> thank you,lisa. now to the big headline this morning. two covid variants found here in the bay area. this comes nearly a month after a ucsf lab detected a california variant. luz pena has more on how the variants were detected. >> reporter: believed to be highly trance miscible and contagious and now they' i the
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>> reporter: stanford's clinical laboratory the uk and brazil variants were found. >> 17% of the samples that we've sequenced. >> reporter: abc news got an exclusive look at the stanford lab where researchers screened hundreds of samples collected across the bay area. dr. pinski led this effort. >> i'm not too surprised at its progression, but certain leall the twists and turns have kept, i think, everyone on their toes. >> reporter: almost a month ago ucsf dr. charles chu found the variant in the bay area. he said it was just a matter of time for researchers to detect these two variants in our region. now, what's the difference between the california, the uk and the brazil variants? >> one of the key aspects of the variants that they have in common is all have mutations in the spike protein and is the critical region and allows the virus to infect cells.
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as a result, mutations in that region in the spike protein have been associated with possibly making a virus more transmissible. >> reporter: what gives dr. chiu some hope is more people getting vaccinated. he said this is the only way to stop these variants from spreading. >> it's not unexpected that we will start to see cases and very likely will start to see an increasing number of cases in the days to come. >> now medical experts tell me we need to strategically prioritize those regions where variants are dominant. in the newsroom, luz pena, abc7 news. the contagious new variants are adding to the sense of urgency for va j.r. stone ex weapon on the horizon in the fight against the virus. >> you're looking at the all-new johnson & johnson covid-19 vaccine that could receive emergency authorization by late february in the united states. >> this is a single shot vaccine
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in which you start to see efficacy anywhere from seven to ten days following the first and only shot. >> reporter: in test trials, johnson & johnson says their vaccine was 66% effective overall in preventing moderate disea disease. 85% effective against severe disease and 100% at preventing hospitalization and death. pfizer and moderna are about 95% effective at preventing moderate disease. >> there were essentially no hospitalizations or deaths in the vaccine group. this really tells us that we have now a value added additional vaccine candidate. >> reporter: unlike pfizer and moderna, the johnson & johnson vaccine was tested in south africa where a highly contagious covid-19 variant has surfaced. there the efficacy fell to 57% for moderate disease, but johnson & johnson says storage requirements are more convenient for this vaccine and stanford
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doctors say that could be a game changer. >> this can stay in the refrigerator. it would actually be much more like your annual flu shot which you could get at your local pharmacy. >> reporter: if authorized, johnson & johnson says they could have 100 million doses available by june. j.r. stone, abcp news. in the south bay while santa clara county remains focused on getting people vaccinated, it reached a sober milestone. >> one year later we're now surpassing 100,000 cumulative cases. it's quite a milestone which none of us ever nt >> county health officials say they're vaccinating 6,600 people a day and they got an ambitious goal over the next seven days. get shots into the arms of 60,000 people over the age of 65. happening today, a large covid-19 vaccination effort for underserved and vulnerable
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communities in east palo alto. ravenswood family health center plans to vaccinate 800 to 1,000 people. they will include the center's registered patients that are older than 65 and health care workers, too. a valid i.d. is required to be vaccinated. the vaccine clinic from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. at 1885 bay road. in the east bay, alameda county revealed new details about its mass vaccination sites. the plan focuses on both the oakland coliseum and alameda county fairgrounds. right now the county says it's receiving 10,000 to 15,000 doses per weekth wld be to administer 5,000 doses per day at each site. but like other counties, it's facing a supply shortage. >> we are planning for a bigger distribution network than we actually have vaccine right now. and keeping our fingers crossed that we will get that supply. >> county officials hope to have the large sites up and running by some time in mid february.
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there are a lot of questions about the vaccine since the rollout. questions you've sent us personally. abc7 reporter leeann spoke to get answers including this one. >> haven't had the flu vaccine since mid 1960s. two times i ended up with high temps, 103, 104 degrees within hours of the shot. what do you suggest i do? a lot of people asking that. a reaction to a vaccine is normal according to the doctors because it means your body is responding to the vaccine. that vaccine is working for you. now, health experts say there should be no reason for anyone not to get the vaccine, especially older people. >> the question we get the most often is just how to get vaccinated. the answer is be persistent, you want to register everywhere you possibly can. the county, the state and, of course, your health provider, too. if you have questions about the vaccine, go to
5:08 am and then you'll see a big blue box and click on that and it will take you to the form that will send your question to our vaccine team. you are likely seeing people sharing pictures of their vaccine card on social media, but officials are now warning that scammers are targeting these posts. vaccination cards which are issued when you get that covid-19 vaccine, they got personal information on it like your name, birth date and where you got the vaccine. the better business bureau says scammers could also use real cards to make copies that are fake. instead, officials say just share a photo of your vaccine sticker or a selfie of you getting the shot instead. well, of course, we're tracking california's vaccination progress. it's up on our website and you can track it, too. our vaccine tracker is available any time on our home page at if you're just joining us, you'll want to get another look at the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen.
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>> hey, julian, waking up in temperatures in mid 40s to 50. over in oakland and intervals of sun here and there and, you know, only 38% of normal with all that rain we had last week. we'll talk details and what to expect for the first week of february, next. also ahead, another bay area city poised to take up hazard pay for grocery workers. when that proposal will be discussed. plus, a santa clara county deputy is in jail. why prosecutors say he faked shooting himself. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been
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information being offered for the person responsible for her disappearance all those years ago. some new developments here, a santa clara deputy who said he was shot in an ambush last year while on patrol facing a felony charge. prosecutors believe he made it all up. matt boone details the saga and what led prosecutors to start doubting the story. >> reporter: a night that caused panic along local law enforcement. that call coming in from a santa clara county deputy claiming he had bipartiseen shot. >> he was very lucky, he was very brave. >> reporter: sheriff laurie smith the day after it happened pointing to the body-worn camera that was struck by a bullet crediting it with saving his life. after an extensive manhunt, the assailiants were never found and prosecutors say they never
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existed. the entire story was fabricated. >> when you take a close look at the evidence, the story didn't add up. >> reporter: he's leading the prosecution against deputy deputy sukdeep gill. falsely reporting a crime. >> deeply disappointing and disturbing. >> reporter: he wouldn't reveal any specific evidence yet but the analysis of the bullet was an important factor. in a statement sheriff smith wrote, if the allegations hold true, deputy gill's actions are not representative of the upstanding men and women of the sha sheriff office office who risk their lives every day to serve and protect our community. if convicted, he could face up to four years in prison. we were unable to reach gill for comment. according to the sheriff's office, deputy gill is still under administrative leave. he's expected to be arraigned in the coming weeks. reporting in san jose, matt boone, abc7 news. the oakland city council will consider a proposal on tuesday that will require large
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grocery stores to pay workers hazard pay during the pandemic. the increase would be $5 per hour according to a report on that proposal. the proposed ordinance defines large stores those with 500 employees nationwide and city staff have not talked to large chains to get their opinion on this. some are now recommending that the council wait to take up that vote. for people who have kept their jobs during the pandemic, a lot of them are working from home. this could have an impact on the taxes you file this year. rob heys from our sister station in los angeles explains. >> reporter: as if the pandemic hasn't already been physically and mentally taxing, now we're going to find out how literally taxing it is going to be. the countdown to tax day, now ticking. and be on the look out for some twists this year. >> it is going to be completely different. >> reporter: that of saying, our already complex tax filing process is going to be even more complex.
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but certified public accountant eric yen is here to settle some nerves. >> i don't want to scare the taxpayers. >> reporter: let's look at that stimulus check you were so happy to get last year. >> you do not pay taxes. >> reporter: and even more good news, if you didn't receive one last year because you earned too much in 2019, there's still a chance you can cash in if your income took a big enough hit last year. >> if your income dropped below the threshold, you can actually claim that credit back on your 2020 taxes. >> reporter: unemployment another big factor for so many people. >> unemployment is taxed at the federal level. you do not pay taxes to california. >> reporter: but this is where you can get into some tax trouble. while california generally dulls out up to $450 a week in unemployment, for a while congress added an extra $600 a week called pandemic collected
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face a big tax bill, even if you chose to have taxes withheld. >> based on tax for the $450, which is your regular unemployment as opposed to the additional $600. so, most of the time, there will be a withholding. >> reporter: working from home could throw a wrench into your taxes. if you worked from home in a second state, you might have to pay income taxes there, as well. >> for the taxes you pay to the other state, you will get a credit from california. it eliminates double taxation. >> reporter: but it does mean filing a second tax return for that other state and a lot more paperwork. you know in a year filled with ppp and edd and pua, perhaps a three letters you should turn to are cpa. in glendale, rob hayes, abc7 news. >> lots of good advice there. ,gins the first full weekend of outdoor dining
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again here in the bay area. since we're drying out from a wet week, restaurants are eager to welcome back customers. a scene that hasn't played out in months. look at it right here. this was last night at honor kitchen and cocktails. laughing and having a good time. customers all bundled up to finally enjoy a night out. >> the guests are so excited. you could see it in their face. you could hear it in their tones. just really thankful people that we can be able to provide the service and still be able to let our guests come in and dine and have a good time with their friends and family. >> covid-19 safety protocols are still required at restaurants. of course, if you're planning on dining out this weekend, remember to wear that mask and prepare for social distancing, but nice to just see people having a good time for once. developing news on the central coast here. governor newsom declaring a state of emergency for san luis obispo because of the damaging storms.
5:18 am
drone video and heavy rain caused a section of the highway 1 along the big sur coast to just fall into the ocean. that looks terrifying there. the road was closed down and by yesterday the entire section was just washed away. >> so, this is going to go on and they're going to keep on rebuilding the roads because we love this area and the people who come down here just need to realize that there are certain stretches that can be a little dangerous, especially in bad weather. >> cal trans says the area will be closed until further notice. the blustery weather was too much for yosemite national park now closed for nearly a week to clean up. according to the "l.a. times" the park is looking at $200 million in damage largely because of this. park rangers say winds knock down giant sequoias. before they could clear the trees and stabilize the area, it started snowing. the supervisors says it's the worst damage he's seen in 30
5:19 am
years. >> now they've got three, four, five six feet of snow on top of that damage and it's just, it's heartbreaking. it's tough. it is unimaginable. >> park on monday. lake tahoe saw plenty of snow this past few days. plow drivers were out in full force cleaning up 2,200 miles of road in north lake tahoe. tahoe city didn't look much different. snow piled up and sidewalks there. blocking in cars. homeowners spent hours shoveling out those driveways. >> you're not going to get to work on time. you cannot go anywhere. the snow will win every time. you have to shovel, you just have to do what you have to do. >> the snow will win every time. work for some meant play for others. check it out. line of skiers at heavenly before the slopes opened and look at this, 11-year-old maria
5:20 am
having a great run on the cosmic wave while her dan mans the camera there. man, that looks fun. want to check in now with meteorologist lisa argen tracking the forecast this weekend. lisa, you're saying most of us will be dry for the weekend. >> that's right. as we look at live doppler 7 a lot of cloud cover and we'll continue to see intervals of sunshine here and there throughout the weekend. but overall, the front that will flirt with the north bay could see a few sprinkles there. but this system that we're watching to bring in more widespread rain as we get into monday and tuesday. our level one system actually lasting into early wednesday. it is 46 right now in hayward. good morning. 47 in fremont w 43 up in santa rosa and on the coast 46 degrees as we look live outside our exploratorium camera. cloudy skies this morning. we'll see a few possibilities up well to the north in sonoma, not even marin is expected to getor
5:21 am
bay and more widespread rain as we get into monday and tuesday. here's our forecast animation as we go through the hour-by-hour forecast your saturday. plenty of cloudound, but we'll continue to see maybe those sprinkles so you can see lining right up to the north here. here it is 5:00 into your sunday afternoon. we've even got some sun in the east bay, the south bay, the peninsula, but the north bay will hold on to the clouds, the cooler temperatures and then by late sunday, maybe could see a shower as far south as santa rosa. so, keep that in mind. weekend plans look cool and cloudy for most. some sun for others. monday into tuesday, our level one system light to moderate rain and occasional downpours and winds gust 40 to 50 miles per hour as we transition into late monday afternoon. that's when we're going to see some shower activity. in fact, it will sweep through the bay area monday night lasting through your tuesday. you can see the sierrainr storm watch and as we get into early
5:22 am
wednesday, the system is south of us. so, we are looking atet through wednesday, over an inch in oakland and 1.3 in hayward and you would think we would make a dent in our drought but really overall, san jose is about half of what they should get for the season and everyone else maybe 30% to 40% of average. we'll take this takes us throug and the snow looking anywhere from one to two feet above 6,000 feet for the west slopes and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. so, once again, a good snowmaker for the mountains. highs today under the clouds and look for 56 in san francisco. 57 in fremont and upper 50s for you in san jose with about 53 in san rafael. the accuweather seven-day forecast possible sprinkles in the north bay and this contincoo your sunday. level one system monday and tuesday and gusty winds and as we get towards the end of the
5:23 am
week, more sun and temperatures are milder. so, a lot of ground to make up, julian. but, we'll take that rain and we like the breaks in between. >> good to put it in perspective. even after the drenchings we had this week, we're not out of the woods when it comes to this drought. just ahead thousands of teachers,
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don't miss our weekend special. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed, now $1,799. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. tens of thousands of parents and students right here in california are now involved in a campaign called let them play. it's all about a push to try to convince the state to let school sports resume. practices and games have been off the table for young athletes since the pandemic started. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has more. >> allow these babies to get back outside and be kids again. >> reporter: coaches joined forces with thousands of parents and students friday morning in a virtual plea to the california
5:26 am
governor to open up youth sports as they showed off a new physician's letter to bolster their case. >> a three-page document with 57 different positions from across the entire state of california that show support for the return of safe play for our students. >> this is not a political issue.athles docra do is play. we want to work with both sides of the legislature. >> reporter: they say the closure of sports during the pandemic is doing irrepairable damage to kids. >> our churches are closed, our gyms are closed and our recreational parks are closed and gated pup. what else do we want these kids to do? >> the kids are finding more suicides and kids are going back into gangs. >> these kids are bore would the zoom check-ins and bored with
5:27 am
the motivational group text chat and we're seeing more guns on social media. i'm losing my boys and every school in oakland is dealing with it. >> i trust my teammates and i trust my coaches and i trust my community and i trust whoever it is to just make it safe for us so we can have at least the class of '21 can have one last opportunity. >> reporter: i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. still to come on abc7 mornings. a new mask man got goes into effect in just days where the cdc is requiring everyone to mask up. president biden's covid relief bill why he's ready to tackle it alone if he doesn't get support from both democrats
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. good saturday morning. thanks so much for being here. 5:30 as you wake up.
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i i'm julian glover joined by lisa argen. >> good morning, julian. dry for the most part. a weak frontal band that could bring a few sprinkles into the far north bay over the weekend but as we start out, cloudy skies here in blackhawk. 43. it's 42 in lafayette with 43 in pleasant hill. with the cloud cover we are a little milder. 45 novato and fog not so much an issue. 42 in mountain view. as we look at our 9:00 temperatures still in the mid to upper 40s. you can see a few sprinkles up by cloverdale going through the rest of the afternoon. the rain stays to the north as 2:00 today we're in theer t owin pha f a milder bay and south bay today while the north bay could see a shower. we'll track a stronger system as soon as monday and tuesday a level one and details on that in a few minutes.
5:31 am
julian. >> thank you, lisa. the cdc will now require people to wear masks while using any form of public transportation. the new federal mandate goes into effect on monday at 11:59 p.m. it includes airplanes, buses, trains, taxies or any ride share vehicle. masks must be worn on the ride and while waiting. children under 2 and people with a disability who cannot wear a mask are exempt. the cdc says it has the right to enforce through criminal penalties but hopes people will just follow this voluntarily. getting vaccinated is so important as we know, but the supply is hitting a new low all across the state. members of kaiser despite meeting every qualification. digging into the concerns from viewers all across the bay area. >> how do i get my mother scheduled? >> as far as county health, i haven't heard anything from
5:32 am
county health. >> reporter: meet margaret, george and cynthia. they're all trying to secure appointments to get vaccinated. but each of them is getting dealt a very difficult hand. george lives in san jose. >> contacted kaiser and i sat on the phone for about 45 minutes. >> reporter: george has been trying for two weeks to get an appointment through kaiser permanente for his 72-year-old wife. he spoke to a nurse. >> she was pretty blunt about it. we don't have enough and we'll notify you when we have it in there. >> reporter: kaiser told abc7 the very limited supply of vaccine california is receiving from the federal government is limiting appointments. we only received enough to vaccinate 4.5% of our california members. >> but my wife was very frustrated. >> reporter: his wife got back on the phone and tried stanford health care. >> she called them and said, no, we can't administer the vaccine to you unless you have been a patient here or you're an existing patient. >> reporter: turns out stanford is requiring members to have
5:33 am
received care at least once in the last three years in order to get vaccinated. >> they were completely full. no appointments available through 2021. >> reporter: for the past two weeks, cynthia rodriguez has been trying to get her 88-year-old mother vaccinated in san francisco. how many different times have you been redirected for information and told to go here, here and then somewhere else? >> one, two, three, five times. >> reporter: after trying sites through the county and her private provider, she was told -- >> take her to a pharmacy. her local walgreens and they said, we won't have any vaccines until april maybe later. >> reporter: margaret elmer of walnut creek was told the same. battling misinformation from contra costa public health services. >> i was told i was too young at 72 to have the vaccine even though i'm suffering right now from severe asthma. that i was out of luck.
5:34 am
>> reporter: stephanie sierra, abc7 news. now to the million of americans waiting for help. president biden says he wants democrats and republican support for his covid relief bill, but he acknowledges he is ready to ne sin it has to pass. abc news senior white house correspondent mary bruce has more this morning. >> reporter: president biden seeming to acknowledge that he may have to abandon his hopes for a bipartisan covid relief bill. >> i support passing covid relief with support from republicans if we can get it, but the covid relief has to pass. no if, ands or buts. >> reporter: his nearly $2 trillion proposal includes $160 billion for vaccinations and testing. help for small businesses and $1,400 direct payments to most americans. but republicans argue the price tag is just too steep. many asking what is the rush since they just passed a $900 billion package last month. >> i'm not sure i understand why there is a grave emergency right
5:35 am
now. >> reporter: but today in the oval office, biden and his new treasury secretary insisted the need is there. and that the longer washington waits, the deeper the crisis will grow for american families. >> economists agree that if there's not more help, many more people will lose their small businesses, the roofs of their heads and the ability to feed their families. >> reporter: mary bruce, abc news, the white house. help is on the way for california renters who have been hit hard by the pandemic so far. we want to tell you more about this story. governor newsom signing legislation extending the state's eviction moratorium and setting aside more than $2.5 billion to pay back rent. one of the people who was a part of yesterday's event is a mother of three whose family has been hit hard by covid-19 and has been struggling to make ends meet. she became emotional, expressing her gratitude. >> my kids are at the university
5:36 am
and i wanted them to get better life. i wanted them to be better than me and my husband. and with his help, we're going to get it. thank you so much. >> the current moratorium was set to expire this coming monday. it will now run through the end of june. a disruptive week on wall street ended with markets taking a big hit yesterday. the sec now investigating after amateur traders joined forces to battle wall street hedge funds. chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis has more on how this could impact your retirement investments. >> reporter: the sec reviewing that extreme volatility rocking wall street. the dow plunging more than 600 points. >> it's really a casino atmosphere there. >> reporter: but companies like amc and gamestop saw their stocks shoot back up with amateur investors buying again after trading apps like robinhood lifted some restrictions. frank fritz decided to jump in. >> really weird time we're
5:37 am
living in. i had never thought i would invest in stocks casually like that, but i saw the opportunity and downloaded the app on my phone and did it. >> reporter: the newcomers going online to swap stock ideas with each other on reddit and trade on apps like robinhood. they spent weeks buying up shares in struggling companies like gamestop betting against the same companies to pay to cover their bets. >> the sec will probably look at two things. one, to what extent do platforms have some sort of obligation to warn or to educate new investors about the riffs of investing in these types of stocks. and, two, does this type of volatility inject systemic risk into the markets? >> i'm rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. more bay area families will be putting hot and healthy meals on the kitchen table thanks to food give away in the east bay. the food bank of contra costa and solano are handing out
5:38 am
meals. it's running from 9:00 this morning, starting 9:00 this morning at st. anthony's church in oakley. the food bank is providing a box of food and produce for each household. you do not need to be a resident of the city of oakley to get that food. still ahead on abc7 mornings. from sobriety to shark tank and beyond. how one business owner who started in san francisco is now finding sweet success even while her stores are closed. and here at 5:38 as you wake up with us on this saturday morning. taking a live look here at what is happening here in san francisco. chilly start to the morning. some of us might be seeing some rain over the course of the next rai'm morgan, and there's morext couple dto me than hiv. more love,... more adventure,... more community. but with my hiv treatment,... there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor... and switched to... fewer medicines with dovato. prescription dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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diarrhea, trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato—i did. welcome back here at 5:40. you're watching abc7 mornings. a live look at the golden gate bridge this morning. a bit of moisture out on the camera there. meteorologist lisa argen back in
5:41 am
a second to time out when some of us may see some rain. coachella is canceled. the public health officer for riverside county tweeted the announcement. the stage coach festival is also canceled. both were among the first festivals to get the acts last year. they were rescheduled for october and then rescheduled again for this april. well, back here in the bay area, one of the biggest music festivals is on apparently for now. outside lands plans to hold its annual music festival this summer. organizers have not made any announcements about canceling. lizzo, vampire weekend are all scheduled to headline. outside lands is set for august 6th through the 8th at goldengate park.tu ifouook so. finally. a massachusetts company roadable aircraft. check it out here. it's clear for takeoff.
5:42 am
it created the transition, that's what they're calling it. a two-seat aircraft and automobile and the company announced it obtained an ear worthness certificate. that means it's clear to be flown here in the u.s. it will produce and sell flight only versions of their aircraft as it works to get the driving portion approved. it hopes the transition will be legal in the sky and on the >> hey, julian.ear. c wckn wh good morning to you. lots of clouds around and keeping numbers in the 40s right now in san francisco. we are 47 degrees. we'll see about 56 for your high. few peeks of sun east and south. we'll talk about rain chances increasing as we start february. my maccuweather seven-day forecast is next. the sharks are headed to san the sharks are headed to san jose earlier than
5:43 am
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thnd of maskless fans packed forhe australian open. of course, this is unusual given the pandemic and we haven't seen crowds like this pretty much in a year. 4,000 people showed up to watch serena williams and naomi osaka play ahead of the first grand slam of the year in melbourne next month. players must quarantine for 14 days before they take the court. officials say australia has gone 12 days without a local infection in any of its states or territories but just looks so weird to see that many people packed in the stands. wow. hopefully everyone is safe and healthy. happening today, san francisco giants legend barry bond is, once again, doing his part in building a better bay area.
5:46 am
don't we love to see it. the barry bonds family foundation will make a $25,000 donation to the san francisco marin food bank and mlb's home run king will visit the drive-through distribution center on kerner boulevard in san rafael. he will volunteer and present the portion dedicated to marin. earlier this week bonds donated $15,000 to harvest food bank and also joined volunteers in handing out food at a drive-through distribution event and so many people in our community are in need and look at him stepping up to help those who need it. in sports tonight, the warriors are back in action at the chase center. tipoff set for 7:00 p.m. here's chris alvarez with a look at how the warriors are performing as they hit the quarter pole of the season. >> an up and down season for the warriors. 10- 9.
5:47 am
yet to put together a winning streak of three games. had a chance to do that against phoenix but blown out on the back end of a back-to-back. phoenix seven players scoring in double figures as the suns pulled away for 114-113 win. continuing the overall theme of looking for consistency. >> probably eight of those nine are just getting blitzed. whether you win or lose, you put yourself in a much better position to become a more consistent team. that's where we have to get to if we're really trying to establish ourself. >> we can do things well periodically, but we just haven't put it together and that's why we're, you know, just bouncing up and down from one night to the next. women's college hoops number six stanford looking for the sweep of washington state and final seconds haley jones and a triple is true.
5:48 am
stanford led by double digits right there and jones a willia the tri stanford pulling away and hall hits a three. san jose sharks won't have to play home games after all. sharks games february 1 and 3rd were scheduled in apses a postponed due to contact tracing. four members of the golden knights including three coaches are in isolation as part of league protocols. the two february games now postponed for later in the season in san jose. super bowl lv will be played a week from sunday. the chiefs look to defend the title against tom brady and the bucs. espn adam shaftner reports that coaches and players bedail will be scheduled for sunday february 7th in tampa bay. according to multiple reports, the st. louis cardinals are trading for colorado third
5:49 am
baseman nolan arenado. some details to work out but this will be good news for the giants. he's always done well against san francisco. that's your look at sports, let's send things back to you. >> thank you, chris. it is 5:49 right now as you wake up on this saturday morning after all the rain we saw, will we get drenched again this weekend? we check in with lisa for that answer. >> good morning, julian. we'll get a drenching after the weekend but we'll be dry throughout the weekend. a slight chance of showers up in the north bay. overall, though, we are looking at a pretty good break. live doppler 7 picking up on the cloud cover that wil allow for an area of low pressure to sweep through the bay area into monday and tuesday. as we look at the current numbers, it is 50 in oakland. so, kind of mild out there. 46 in hayward, 44 in napa with all the cloud cover and temperatures have it drop too much and a look at the golden gate bridge and sun l longer.
5:50 am
looking at cloudy skies this morning. sprinkles and a light shower and we're talking snow mountain and maybe napa and don't even think marin county will see anything out of this. by monday and tuesday widespread rain and we're looking at inch plus totals out there. so, hour by hour notice the cloud cover and into say livermore and danville from cupertino and looking at some sun today. the clouds in the north bay here and as we go through the rest of your saturday, you can see how the line of showers tries to sink down a little bit further south as we get into your sunda morning. so maybe a sprinkle from cloverdale to santa rosa stopping this at 7:30 tomorrow and you can see the green really just north of point reyes and as we continue into your sunday afternoon we call it partly to mostly cloudy with a ■dry day on tap. bringing in your storm impact scale, level oney into tuesday. with light to moderate rain looking at occasional downpours turning breezy and at this point, still looking like a
5:51 am
level one but it looks like a decent system as we go through your monday morning. rain starts in the north bay in the afternoon pushing through the bay area monday night into tuesday. the winds get quite gusty anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour. you can see the snow piling up in the sierra nevada and this is out of here by tuesday looking at partly cloudy skies into later on tuesday. look at the rainfall amounts through early wednesday. we're talking over an inch half moon bay and 1.3 in san francisco and hayward and even in san jose where you're sitting at 50% of normal which is obviously not where we should bd f f t e ate tueay west slopes. about 20 inches for maybe kirkwood and maybe looking at some very dpgusty winds. highs from 56 in san francisco
5:52 am
and 57 over in oakland and mid 50s in vallejo and sprinkles north today and same deal for your sunday and milder. south wind should bring temperatures into the low 60s and level one system ending on tuesday and over an inch of rain for most and looking at sunny skies and milder conditions the rest of the week. julian. >> looks good. thank you, lisa. well, back in 2019 we introduced you to an entrepreneur in san francisco who was about to showcase her business in primetime. the owner of doughp went from sobriety to the hit show "shark tank." her business is better than ever. dion lim has her story. >> cinnamon, snicker doodle. >> reporter: to say a lot has changed for kelsey moreira the owner of cookie dough company doughp. >> i feel like i did a bunch of
5:53 am
cartwheels through the whole year and just kept jumping into what was working. >> reporter: we visited with kelsey at her store front in the spring of 2019. right before her episode of shark tank was set to air. >> you can do it. you can turn your life around and be whatever the heck you want to be. >> reporter: kelsey's journey of becoming a business owner happened in 2015 when she decided to get sober. her love of cookie dough helped her battle alcoholism. >> i formed the doughp for hope in hopes of raising awareness around mental health. >> reporter: despite not getting a deal on the tank -- >> i just started hyperventilating. full panic attack. i lost it. it was an emotional cliff dive. >> reporter: an investor reached out and helped her open a new store in las vegas. but just as doughp was beginning to take off, ccovid happened an she made the decision to shutter all of her physical stores. >> every day i stay on this path of recovery and every day i try
5:54 am
to make the best choices i can for me and the company. >> reporter: with encouragement of her new husband. the company started shifting to more e-commerce in the end of 2019 and moving to las vegas cut operating costs. doughp was reaching more customers than ever. >> we were shipping around 30 boxes a month in november of 2019. by april of 2020, we were shipping 3,000 boxes a week. the growth was incredible. you know, we did $50,000 online in 2019 and we did 2.5 million online in 2020. >> reporter: safe to say more people are seeking that comfort food during the pandemic? >> absolutely. a gift of cookie dough is like this nostalga. >> reporter: what is next for kelsey and doughp? kelsey seems to be well on her way. in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> proceeds from doughp's sales go to she recovers a nonprofit
5:55 am
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we're made for. ♪ usaa ♪ the 49ers have launched a virtual tour of the team museum. the tour includes 11 galleries and exhibit spaces featured in the 20,000 square-foot museum. check it out here and you can click around. it opened yesterday on the 26th anniversary of the 49ers last super bowl win. so close last year. the full tour will launch in conjunction with the team's anniversary and fans can check out the sneak peek of the tour now. live at easy to find. next up on abc7 mornings here at 6:00, two worrisome variants have been found right here in the bay area. what a doctor says you should expect. plus, a new vaccine could receive emergency use authorization
5:58 am
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building a better bay area for a safe and secure future, this is abc7 news. >> the virus is in the community. meaning that it's being spread from person to person. well, it is official. two highly contagious covid variants have been found right here in the bay area. identified in the uk and brazil showing that the virus continues to mutate. good morning, thanks so much for being here on a saturday, it's january 30th. i'm julian glover in for liz kreutz. we check in with lisa argen for a look at the forecast on this saturday. >> good morning. we have cloudy skies and that allowed temperatures to stay pretty much in the 40s. livecueneids from


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