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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  January 31, 2021 9:00am-9:59am PST

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one year ago today the first covid-19 case was found here in the bay area. now of course there are hundreds of thousands of cases in the region. it comes as more and more people are getting vaccinated, bringing what they say is hope and relief. good morning. it is sunday, january 31st. i'm kate larson in for liz kreutz. much more to get to on how we are doing with covid cases and vaccines but we start with a look at weather. meteorologist lisa argen. good morning. >> good morning to you. some pretty views out there this last day of january bringing in a dying front to the north of us. it hasn'tneachinguch of
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marin county, but we had a few showers overnight. the possibility exists for the north bay today but otherwise it's a mix of clouds and sun and that next system offshore is going to bring widespread rain for your monday. 51 downtown, 52 in san jose, 54 in half moon bay. southerly winds are keeping us milder this morning. it will get warm they are afternoon. mid-50s in napa, a mix of clouds and sun today for partly to mostly cloudy skies, numbers in the low to mid-60s in the east bay and south bay where we have more sunshine. it will be dry tonight, and we are tracking a level 1 system that will bring over a half inch of rain in some neighborhoods, and that's in a few minutes. kate?one-year anniversary since the first confirmed case of covid was detected in the bay area. it happened in santa clara county on the same day that the u.s. declared a national public health emergency. now a year later, the ten bay area counties have more than 385,000 confirmed cases and 4,300 reported deaths.
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santa clara county has been the hardest hit with over 101,000 cases of the virus alone. the county has seen 1,300 covid-related deaths. now to the state. california is reporting both encouraging and disappointing coronavirus numbers. coronavirus is killing at a record pace with the state reporting more than 40,000 deaths as overall cases begin the taper. deaths are often the last metric to decrease after a surge. johns hopkins data shows 1 in every 1,000 people in california died from the virus. there is some reassurance, though. the number of infected people in the hospital continues to drop. the latest positivity rate is now at 6.9%, the lowest in some time. last saturday it was at 8.5%. this is the first weekend of outdoor dining for san francisco in some time, but there is still some concern as the new covid variants were found in the bay area and restaurant owners are
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once again caught in between, trying to make ends meet and keeping everyone safe. doctors say there is a way to do it, and abc7 news reporter luz pena was in the marina district where restaurants welcomed back customers. >> reporter: after nearly two months, this is what this group of friends had been waiting for. >> we get tested. we're very on top of everything. it's just knowing your bubble and being strong and supporting everybody. >> reporter: as more plates of food keep rushing out of the kitchen, the owner, stella, is feeling hopeful for their future. a week ago, they were not too sure they were going to survive. >> i don't think if one more time we'll need to close, we're done. >> reporter: but seeing groups of people eating together is also concerning for some san francisco residents who say more safety guidelines should be in place. >> in many cases, there are six
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people together, none wearing masks. >> reporter: at least at this restaurant, they're staying vigilant. >> they cannot come to the restaurant without the mask. >> reporter: that excitement is keeping many of these restaurants alive, and the other, infectious disease doctors tell me, there are three covid-19 variants circulating the bay area. >> i think that at least the big british variant, the one that seems to spread more quickly, is very susceptible to the vaccine. >> reporter: even with these mutations of the virus, dr. rutherford is optimistic. he's helping the san francisco department of public health with a case study on covid-19 and outdoor dining. what are you hoping to find with this data that you're collecting? >> in real time, to go back and look at, you know, obviously say let's figure out where the last 100 people got infected, right, that would be pretty helpful. then you know what you have to tweak. >> reporter: in san francisco, luz pena, abc7 edp r ence to ge9
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vaccine on the peninsula. the free clinic provided that highlykov itted shot to low-income seniors and caregivers. many told abc7 news reporter cornell barnard this gives them hope. >> well, i feel good. i feel good about it. >> relief? >> big relief. >> reporter: 83-year-old clara jackson got vaccinated. so did rose jacobs gibson at long last. >> i'm feeling good about it. i'm feeling good about the fact that it's available and i had the privilege of taking it. >> reporter: the health center in east palo alto hosted the clinic after securing 1,100 moderna vaccine doses from san mateo county for local seni seniors. >> we also heard that the community has been waiting for a while, so we've opened it up to our neighbors as well that are not our patients. >> are you the caregiver? >> yes. >> do you want to get the shot as well? >> yeah. >> reporter: the line outside was long. caregivers and health care workers were invited to get the shot. brenda triplet brought her mom.
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having the vaccine gives us much more assurance and it's very relieving for us to know that it's done. >> reporter: h-o-p-e. hope. >> reporter: the mayor says that hope is coming to this community. >> this is an issue of equity, an issue of social justice and economic justice. we can do that by providing free vaccinations for people who don't have access to health insurance. >> looking at our senior population hit hard, may not have internet for access to digital services, so to have this moment here to get vaccinated is historic. >> reporter: clinic organizers weren't sure how many people would show up. they hoped to have enough vaccine for everyone. >> we would be okay running out. at least we would be able to vaccinate 1,100 people today. >> reporter: everyone who got vaccinated on saturday will come back on february 27th for the second shot. ravenswood family health center hopes to have more vaccination clinics in the future.
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cornell barnard, abc7 news. we do are some new details on a lafayette vaccine clinic that will be shut done after complaints of vaccine misuse. that's according to the "san francisco chronicle". the pop-up clinic seen on january 16th vaccinated more than 600 people. contra costa received a complaint alleging that vaccinations were given to people who shouldn't have received them. dr. rebecca parish, who ran the clinic, told the chronicle that a doctor who volunteered at the clinic filed those complaints. she added she expected to be cleared of any wrongdoing. we are tracking california's vaccination progress on our website, and you can too. you can check out where distribution stands and when you might be eligible to get the shot that's on our website, and starting tomorrow, a new cdc order will require that all passengers and transit workers nationwide must wear a mask, not just in planes, trains and buses but in transportation hubs and term nams as well.
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abc7 news reporter matt boone explains much of the support came from bus drivers who say their industry has been hit hard by covid-19. >> i've been complaining from the get-go this should have been mandated from the federal government. >> reporter: john costa runs the amalgamated transit union representing transit workers across the country. he says they've had at least 15 members die from covid-19 in california. >> in the bay area alone i believe it was six members. >> reporter: here in sa wn eari mask is already required to get a fare on the buses. they have these simple infographics trying to make it as clear as possible. but compliance is not always there. >> i don't think that anyone should feel like they're above anyone or have some type of god complex and think that they shouldn't wear a mask. >> reporter: she takes b.a.r.t. several days a week for work and says she still sees people wisk >> absolutely. i feel that because now we have
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new variants of the virus that are spreading or it's becoming prevalent, i think that it is essential to have a mask, currently, especially in my condition. >> reporter: others were skeptical a federal order would have much impact at this point. >> someone's got to enforce that. so it's a matter of who's going to do it. >> reporter: drivers worry it's still going to be them. >> when you have to enforce a mask policy because a passenger is not wearing a mask, you cannot concentrate on the road. >> reporter: jon court knee is a former bus driver and president of the local union in san jose. >> our drivers are scared to death because of the upsurge we've had recently. they're really afraid to drive. >> reporter: still it's a policy the union had been fighting for and one they hope will create a unified approach across the country. >> if it was already here, i think we would have saved more lives. i believe this initiative today will save lives. >> reporter: in san francisco, matt boone, abc7 news. lisa, i'm looking at the shot behind me and it looks like
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an absolutely beautiful morning here in the bay area. >> it is. we'll have more sun for the first part of the day, and as we look live, emeryville, numbers are mild in the mid-50s, but oakland 57 degrees. we have south winds and mix of clouds and sun to start your sunday. we'll finish with a few more clouds and leading to some rain for monday and even tuesday. we'll plot that out for you. also next, today's sunday "san francisco chronicle" has phil matier's final column.
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congratulationf 's last days in the chronicle newsroom at 5th and mission. how does it feel? >> it feels a little bit like getting out of school for the summer, you know? there's only so much time in life, only so much time in the day, and right now i'm at the point where i get to choose what it is i'm going to be doing and where i want to have my interests. i've enjoyed for writing for the newspaper for lo these many years, a challenge, a joy, never a shortage of controversy, comedy, corruption, and characters in the bay area to cover. but time to move on. in this case, as you said, i have some time on my hands, how will i spend it?
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doing the things i really enjoy and one of the things is working with abc7 covering not only the issues but some of the news behind the issues and how they affect people's lives in a real way. >> absolutely. and, phil, i know your phone is already ringing this morning. your sources aren't going anywhere. i want to jump into today's column that you wrote about an uptick in oakland violence. it's become a problem this year. it wasn't just the pandemic year. in 2019 it was becoming a bigger problem too. >> yeah. we get these reports in the news business about, for example, homicides and there's been 14 so far over in oakland in this year alone. th this is only the first month. there were 50 gunshot wounds treated at highland hospital, which is sort of the center for trauma in the east bay as well. that shows you that while not everyone winds up in the statistics we report about, how many lives are impacted? and the number of shootings that is going on in the east bay, the
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high caliber of weaponry shattering people's windows, sending kids under their beds, some getting hit in the cross fire, it's really getting out of hand. now, all of this is being done while we are talking about defunding, refunding, and reimagining the police. and there's what makes it important. while we have our aspirations for change and we want to make things better, we have to keep an eye on the ground and people's lives, people being directly affected by our decisions, not just sort of the lofty ideals. and i think you've been covering it in san francisco where there's been a push to let's say decrease the jailing of people for nonviolent crimes. and what'sha nghrh you've been covering? >> absolutely. i was going to say the violent crimes in oakland are certainly super problematic, but i live in san francisco, i'm from here, and i'm hearing frustration from folks about property crimes in san francisco seemingly on the rise. not as terrible as a shooting in your neighborhood, but i don't
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think folks should have to assume that their car is going to get broken into. this is happening in neighborhoods all across the city or that we've covered, the dog who was snatched in russian hill and the dog's owner was assaulted. i know several people whose garages have been broken into. so there's just a ton of frustration. phil, i'm curious where you think this is going. >> we're at a very significant turning point in california. there is a big push for what we call judicial reform and the justice and equity movement within the judicial system, to make up for past inequities. it's very valid and repolicing and de-escalating police presence all very valid. the idea of sending say professional mental health people out to handle homeless situations and drug problems rather than police all very valid. but how do we do that in a balanced way that keeps people safe? and that is a real challenge and we'll be seeing a lot more of that in this year. here in san francisco, we have
9:18 am
reform movement, and we're starting to see questions arise about people that are in jail, let out of jail, not charged, waiting to make court appearances. are those valid? is it continuing to be safe? and it's going to be something that is going to be on the top of the agenda statewide as we move forward. we've got to keep an eye on it because change is change, but you have to make sure it's change for the better. >> absolutely, phil. we've been asking the tough questions here on abc7 of the district attorney and of governor newsome. a recall movement is picking up. never a dull moment in california politics. newsome said this when asked a question about whether the prospect of a recall was influencing his decisions about the pandemic and lockdown. take listen. >> yeah, it's just complete, utter nonsense, so let's just dispense with that fundamental, foundationally nonsense. >> well, foundationally
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fundamental, the governor is undergoing a cleat shake-up of of staff andis t people in shos that he erd the t unemployme department, which had trouble getting checks out to people and was billed billions of dollars for fraudulent claims because they didn't have a check system to check whether people were in prison. 35 states have it. we don't. the latest is his team is very concerned and one of the reasons for the shake-up is the vaccination effort. it has not hit the numbers that it was supposed to. it's not just california. but this is the biggest thing on the table right now is vaccinating people. and i will tell you that his camp has polled and found vaccine is at the top of the li, ttg enomyack ischooown further. you've been covering the vaccine
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tewh a seeing o there? whey do you think it's slowing down? >> well, phil, i've spoken to folks at county health departments, the experts, doctors on california vaccine commit detees and i'm hearing t science, so much investment, billions to of dollars into these vaccines, which i'm told is typical of u.s. health care, but there was absolutely no investment, money or time, to the actual logistics and distribution of those vaccines. so there's clearly a problem when it comes to the u.s. public health care system and how to roll this vaccine in a mass way, especially here in california, such awe huge state, such a diverse state. but then this blue shield distribution plan comes out of the blue, the middle of last week. i was caught off guard. i'm talking to my sources. they're surprised. there's no information about how much blue shield is being paid, why they were chosen, and what is the plan to get this vaccine
9:21 am
out to the masses of california. and, you know, phil, blue shield is a huge insurance company, major player in sacramento. they donated to newsome's campaign. >> and a number of other campaigns. >> yeah. >> you know, it is interesting. i guess we could sum it up by saying this. it was like we're out there drilling for oil looking for the vaccine, and we drilled down, drilled down, and bam, we hit the geyser and found the vaccine only to find out we never set up a pipeline to distribute it, to move it around. and so we sort of got this and despite months of sort of it's coming, it's coming, california isn't alone, but other states are doing a better job of it. now we've reached out, the governor reached out to blue shield to help in administering it or spreading it around. again, there is a lot of confusion going on. who is going to be eligible for it? depends on where you are in the state. is it over 75, 65? police aren't getting it but firefighters are.
9:22 am
teachers, are they going to be at the front or not? when are schools going to open? all of this is in there. as you said, it hasn't been clear. and if it doesn't clear up, i think governor gavin newsom could be in trouble because that's what's going to get people to sign the petition. it won't be whether he's a democrat or republican or philosophically where you stand. it's practically on the ground, are you getting a vaccine or are you not. the next two months are going to be very telling for him and the virus containment as well. >> then there's the variant, the uk variant. seems to d well with the vaccine but not so much the south african variant. it would have been nice if we were farther ahead in the vaccine process before we get into more trouble with needing multiple covid vaccine solutions to this. >> we've been running against the clock since the beginning of this. questions about how wedon't, what data was used to progress. we've been very lucky or either very conscious in the bay area because we are lower than southern california and other
9:23 am
parts of the country. can we maintain that? can we maintain it and still bring the businesses back? that's a challenge we'll face across the board. >> well, phil, on to a hopefully lighter topic, we lamented yesterday when we were on the phone that we don't like the question what was your favorite story because most reporters like whatever they're working on. but you have had the privilege of knowing and getting to know a seriously important cast of characters here in the bay area and california. we'd love to know about some of your favorite memories the billy brown, dianne feinstein, london breed, kamala harris, you know them all. >> i do. they've all sort of come out of here. don't forget jerry brown and a host of other people that have come out of the bay area. willy brown, every time he does something right he does three thingsinfuriat it keeps you hopping.
9:24 am
i have to tell you, he once said, you know, we were talking about it, he said, you know, phil, i have been investigated by every initial agency, abc, fbi, cia, you name it, i've been investigated by. and they've never found anything. did it ever occur to any of you guys in the press that i might be honest? that was pi response as well. dianne feinstein, she led this city through some of its darkest hours. it will be interesting to see how she finishes out what is indeed going to be her final term in the u.s. senate. london breed, young, coming up, and faced one of the biggest crises any politician or leader has faced. all of them coming out of san francisco. we'll see them as they move on. kamala harris, well, she came to us from oakland and she made a star. she has become the story of the year as she's moved up to break so many ceilings and make her way up to be the vice president. and i think we're just beginning
9:25 am
to see her career as it really takes off in a national spotlight. >> absolutely. we're all looking forward to that. phil, thank you so much for spending your sunday morning with us. we all want to congratulate you here at abc7. >> thank you. >> i hope we're still in semilockdown that you have a chance to celebrate whether via zoom or, i don't know, a stroll. >> the biggest celebration you can get is knowing that you've done your best and people have been affected by it. we're going to keep doing that because that is what the celebration is. it's not champagne. it's making change in the right way. >> thank you, phil. i always enjoy seeing you in the newsroom and can't wait to see you around the abc halls even more. have a great day. >> all right. >> see you soon. >> take care. 's final column i today's "san francisco chronicle." he will be back on abc7. we do have to get to meteorologist lisa arge good ou
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there, but we do have a little more rain on the way this week. >> we do. and we're tracking that to come in midday tomorrow. a few showers up in the north bay. we saw them overnight. live doppler 7 picking up on that, so there still is an isolated chance of maybe santa rosa seeing showers, but we have a huge storm coming into the eastern seaboard while a moderate system will visit us today and tomorrow. that's a level 1 system. 7 to 10 inches of snow in chicago. now, this is going to continue to slide to the east and a coastal low is going to take over for over 100 million people under watches and warnings for snow. we're talking 1 to 2 feet in northern new jersey. new york city will see snow. everyone expect d.c. it's snowing right now in d.c., t ra is goi arriveall, thoughbi, along the eastern seaboard. we have this view with numbers in the low 50s downtown, san jose 52, 55 in half moon bay.
9:27 am
look at the sun at the shark tank. more sun in the east and south bay today, 47 with the clouds up in santa rosa, upper 40s here at the beach. you can see a few clouds in the distan. clouds and sun, warmer for everyone today. looking at our level 1 rainmaker arriving tomorrow with light to moderate rain and breezy south winds. those winds are warming us up today. we'll see increasing clouds throughout the afternoon. then looking at this system arriving midday tomorrow into the evening hours, and then ending overnight into early tuesday. so rainfall totals have come down aittle bit. it likes to do this with our systems, a third of an inch to a half inch, upwards of perhaps a ih the coastal hills. that's a respectable system. snowfall amounts 1 to 2 feet along the crest, but right here the tahoe basin looking at anywhere from about half a foot to over foot. highs today, partly to mostly cloudy, in the 60s, and your accuweather seven-day forecast looking at the rain arriving
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another school on the list to be renamed is the elite lowell high school, the subject of many school board meetings in recent months. now there's a proposal to permanently end its selective admission. in october, the board voted in favor of a laundry system for the next school year. according to "the chronicle," four board members have signed on to permanently switch to the lottery citing racist incidents at the school. the board will discuss the proposal on a tue vote expected a week later. still to come on "abc7 mornings," the push to vaccinate. a new covid variant continues to spread as the u.s. surpasses 26 million cases. plus, covid relief battle. joe biden facing his first real
9:31 am
test as president, urging congress to pass his nearly $2 trillion relief bill.
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9:33 am
building a better bay area for a safe and secure future. this is abc7 news. good sunday morning. we'll start this half hour with weather. we've got meteorologist lisa argen here keeping track of everything we can expect on this hopefully sunday fun day. >> that's right, kate. we have the sun here this morning and a nice view from ocean beach, a good surf spot, kelly's cove where numbers have been pretty mild this morning, 52 downtown, 57 oakland, due to overnight southerly winds bringing in milder air and the grinl ther golden gate bridge there, a mix of high clouds. a warm start with 50 in livermore. as we get through the afternoon, the rain clouds stay to the we willud afternoon, but the milder weather is with us fayf a
9:34 am
syhat arrives tomorrow, sweeping through the bay area into tuesday. i'll track it for you when we see you next. the push to get as many americans vaccinated as quickly as possible is growing more urgent as new variants of the virus have been identified in at least 30 states including california. abc news reporter faith abube has more on a third vaccine that could be on the way in the next month. >> reporter: the u.s. is in a race against time to vaccinate americans. at least 434 cases of the uk variant have now been detected in at least 30 states. >> i assume at this point that the variant is everywhere across the nation. it would be helpful if we were doing ongoing genomic surveillance. that's something we have to ramp up. >> reporter: there are at least two confirmed cases of the p1 variant from brazil, one case of the south african variant confirmed in maryland and another two in south carolina. >> we may never know exactly
9:35 am
where these folks got it. we're focused on preventing further spread. >> reporter: the u.s. is vaccinating about 1.2 million people a day. so far only seven states have vaccinated more than 10% of their populations. long lines of cars at this vaccination site in denver. and in houston, veterans began lining up hours before this va medical center opened its walk-in vaccine clinic. vaccine supplies are running low in many places, but a third option could soon be available. johnson & johnson expected to request emergency use authorization as early as next week. >> the data look robust enough that they likely go go ahead with it, which means probably by sometime mid to end of february we start to be getting some doses in. >> reporter: unlike pfizer and moderna's vaccine, johnson & johnson's is a single-dose one and done shot and it doesn't need to be stored at subzero temperatures. >> these properties may be useful in a mass vaccination campaign because complexity is the enemy of efficiency.
9:36 am
>> reporter: johnson & johnson says trials for its drug show e of ka si takes hold in seven to ten days. it's 66% overall efficacy is lower than its counterparts, but it's shown it could be up to 100% effective this presenting hospitalizations and death. abc news, washington. dodger stadium mass covid vaccination site was shut down when protesters blocked the entrance. people were carrying signs and american flags and marching past cars shouting "scam-demic." some were members of anti-vaccine and far-right groups. governor gavin newsom said we will not be deterred or threatened. dodger stadium is back up and running. it was reopened after about an hour. l.a.'s mayor says despite the interruption, no appointments were canceled. m who died hours after getting the
9:37 am
covid vaccine had covid-19 already. the sheriff's office provided new details in the case. the 64-year-old man worked in health care and had been recently diagnosed with covid. investigators say he did have underlying health issues and showed symptoms of illness the day of his appointment. vaccination has been ruled out as a contributing factor in his death. president biden is making a case to the american people for his covid-19 relief package. he says the $1.9 trillion bill is need knead ed now more than with or without republican support. andrew denver reports from ep orter: president biden now urging congress to pass his $1.9 trillion covid relief package. >> i support passing covid relief with support from republicans if we can get it. but the relief has to pass. there's no ifs, ands, or buts. >> reporter: the package includes $160 billion for vaccinations, more help for small businesses and another round of direct payments to most
9:38 am
americans for $1,400. but republicans are not on board. senator lindsey graham tweeting, apparently very little is being shown by the biden worried abo the growing cost of inaction. >> economists agree if there's not more help, many more people will lose their small businesses, the roofs over their heads, and the ability to field their families. >> reporter: small business owners have been struggling. >> i'm saying the same thing for almost a year now, which is that we're okay for now. but barely. and i never know how much longer it's going to go. millions of americans are worried about paying their rent and putting food on the table. this soup kitchen in new jersey feeding hundreds of families. >> now there are more working poor, people who have lost their jobs. we're not -- or, you know, have not been unemployed before but are now unimployed or
9:39 am
underemployed. >> reporter: in ohio, the national guard handing out more than 40,000 pounds of food. >> tremendous feeling inside, you know, to see the appreciation from the people. you know, everybody that comes through is thanking us and really letting us know that it's really appreciated and they really need the assistance. >> reporter: with democrats holding that narrow control of the senate, they likely don't need republican support. senate majority leader shum shoom says they're prepared to move ahead without it. here at abc7, we are launching a special series called "california dreaming." throughout this coming week, we'll be looking a t some of the issues that threaten the california dream and introduce you to people finding solutions. here's a preview. >> i think the california dream is changing. the idea of driving out to l.a. and sort of making a go of it on a waiter's salary maybe isn't as realistic as it once was. >> over the past few years,
9:40 am
california's population growth has slowed, while other states have picked up. >> when people say things like the dream is over because we're not growing as fast as arizona or texas, that's comparing, as it were, apples and oranges. >> we will be taking a closer look at the state of the state and examine the data behind the numbers. why has our population slowed? and if so, where are people going? the experts answered those questions and more and join us each night for a special series "california dreaming" or stream it. the full series is on demand on our abc7 bay area connected tv app. you can download the free app now on fire tv, android temperature, apple tv, and roku. still ahead on "abc7 mornings," you can take a look, it's a live look from santa cruz. we'll talk about the weather with lisa argen. this is the break water lighthouse. beautiful out there this morning.
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super bowl excitement, if you can believe it, has taken over tampa, florida. arrived signalling the opening of the super bowl experience. pandemic can't stop it. the massive three-mile site allows fans to find out what it's like to be at a game from running through a maze of defenders to kicking a field goal and much more. the nfl hasn't said how many people will be allowed in at once but masks will be required. super bowl liv takes place one week from today. the big game is always the biggest advertising event of the year, and this time expect to see some companies that don't typically get a primetime spot. miracle-gro. you saw people have a renewed interest in gardening. doordash speaks to the time, obviously restaurant delivery has become hugely important. >> heavyweights like anheuser-busch, coca-cola
9:44 am
pepsi dmounsed they're sitting this super bowl out, clearing the field for new advertisers. those three are choosing to redirect money from megapricey ad buys into other efforts including promoting covid vaccination. lisa, i've been mentioning the blue skies behind us. curious what this day has in store for us. >> a storm watch tomorrow with 8 to 18 inches of snow expected through tuesday with gusty winds. more snow in the mountains and more rain here tomorrow. but, yeah, the second half of the weekend, we'll talk about it. also next, the splash brothers reunite. klay thompson interviews steph curry after a war
9:45 am
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9:47 am
the suns on thursday, march 4th. it was only nally scheduled to be played two weeks ago, but the suns wouldn't have had enough players due to contact tracing. last night, the doves faced the pistons with a special reporter helping out on the tv broadcast. abc7's sports anchor chris alvarez has that and more in this morning's sports. >> good morning. hey, it's klay. if we can't get him on the court, the next best thing is reporter, klay. 19 game sbs into the season, the warriors 10-9 overall, an up-and-down season. but klay has been around the team more and more as he rehabs his torn achilles. hey, again, reporter klay, hashtag it. it's on there. louie the steal to draymond green. that's a green dunk. good stuff there. first quarter winding down, doves up 10, oubre jr., watch me fly. look at the pass from draymond to andrew wiggins, the easy two-handed flush. steph curry always in range.
9:48 am
warriors go up 23 on the deep v. third quarter off the detroit miss, draymond, a michigan native looking like a lions quarterback. steph goes slash again and then draymond alley-ooped to his guy, the rookie james weizman. lands hard but would be okay. draymond had six assists. back to steph, dribble drive and score. beats the shot clock. curry had a game-high 28. finds his brother-in-law damion lee for three. warriors win. afterwards, reporter klay with the postgame interview. >> how much longer until you break the three-point record? >> i mean, you're in the booth right now, so it's your job to know these stats to do the quick math. >> i don't know. what do you think? 40 games? he's 400 behind, klay. two seasons. who is a better color commentator, dell curry or mychal thompson? and it's one guy's birthday today --
9:49 am
>> your pal's birthday? >> i'm not saying names. >> happy birthday to papa thompson. i have to go dell curry, though. >> oh, my -- >> what's wrong, man? >> that's funny. bill walton the candle on the birthday cupcake. the cardinal didn't have a field goal till nine minutes of the second half but led after this allaire shot. 40 seconds to go, he blocks the layup. but because it was after it went off the glass, goaltending is called and the sun devils take the lead. final seconds to go, oscar da silva driving for the tie. it'sors garden manion cardboard cutout watching his wild cats hosting cal. matt bradley had three triples, 13 points in the first half. cal trails by 15 at the break.
9:50 am
bradley had a 15-high. dropped you have for a two-handed hammer. the wild kalts running away. the bears went four minutes eoa.2-nconferen,off the miss. 71-5 that sports.all rit. te is sll closed until at least tomorrow because of the recent stormstorms. starting on february 8th, people will need a reservation. this is video from highway 1 that got washed out in the storms. obviously that road is closed until further notice. yosemite, the park is closed so that they can control the number of people due to the pandemic. not only is there snow, here we go, but fallen trees have done a lot of damage to the park. park officials posted these images on instagram. there's a number of mature giant sequoias that fell in the mareko is a grove and they believe none of the fal trees are the
9:51 am
named sequoias but there's no time for when that grove will reopen. so we could be waiting a bit for that to get all cleaned up. here we go. those are those giant trees that fell, 15 of them. quite a mess. it's unclear when it will be cleared so that visitors can go back to that area. so, lisa, these storms are certainly causing a lot of damage around california, and we know that, but we also know we so badly need it so we can avoid as many fires as possible. >> yes. you know what, kate, the central d owe seem tee doing better. 71% of average for snowfall. than the northern sierra at about 64% of average. southern california looking about 55% of average in terms of snow pack. we'll add to that. live doppler 7 showing the cloud cover kind of bisecting the bay area. as we look up to the north, there have been a few showers and returns off the coast near santa rosa, far south into marin county overnight. there still is a chance. otherwise, a mix of clouds and
9:52 am
sun and waiting for this system to queue up. it is getting a little delayed. this will be our rainmaker for your monday. but, boy, there is a huge storm encompassing over 100 million people from the midwest, from iowa, where it's snowing, to new jersey. now, we're going to see a big snowmaker out of this one, 7 to 10 inches in chicagoland. then we'll get a coastal low setting up along the eastern seaboard. a that will make the snow turn into rain around d.c. but a lot of snow accumulating around new jersey, new york city, but we're also going to have some very gusty winds. so a lot of folks will be affected by this while we are enjoying this from our exploratorium camera. some high clouds, 52 downtown, 58 in mountain view, 48 in morgan hill, 55 in half moon bay. and the view from emeryville where it is nice and mild this morning, partly cloudy, 50 by the delta, 52 in allowing
9:53 am
for that mald milder start toda milder afternoon. in santa cruz, it's 50 right now. numbers will be in the pupper 5 at the beaches. clouds will increase later on and then we're looking at that level 1 system kind of slowing down a bit. it's going to impact us tomorrow afternoon into tomorrow night, into early tuesday, and it's out of here. looking at light to moderate rain with breezy south winds scaling back bit on the rainfall totals. here's the morning. we will look for the clouds this afternoon, but a lot of you in the east bay and south bay experiencing more sun. still an outside chance of a herwe, ae g we're dry. monday afternoon, here comes the rain and the cold front. the breezy winds for your evening commute if you are commuting. then it's all over by early tuesday with rainfall anywhere from a third of an inch to upwards of an inch in the coastal hills of the north bay. so you can see maybe a half inch from mountain view and redwood
9:54 am
city and in the sierra nevada, we have the snow on the way by monday night into tuesday, 1 to 2 feet, upwards of 3 feet by the national park and about a foot, foot and a half for some of the ski resorts in the tahoe basin. so 60s for some of you today with the clouds in the north, partly to mostly cloudy, low 60s in palo alto. the accuweather seven-day forecast, mild day today, rain ending tuesday. sunshine returns with very mild 60s for the rest of the
9:55 am
9:56 am
for skin that never holds you back national park and about a foot, 60s for the rest of the week and for anyone missing the experience of in-person games, the golden state warriors have found ways to bring back dove nation virtually. the dove hubs you ultimate control with access to four cameras and the ability to see yourselfuring the broadcast. idea was born, where else, in the nba bubble. love it. the warriors have recently invited first responders and educators into the dove hub
9:57 am
along with local celebrities. you can find the link to sign up on our web site, how fun is that. lisa, you look great right there on one of those screens d t center milder temperatures, upper 50s to low to mid-60s today, maybe an isolated shower in the north bay, but widespread rain arrives midday to late afternoon tomorrow. it ends on tuesday, a half inch to an inch expected around the bay area. we'll dry out and keep it sunny and that trend going through the rest of the week and weekend. >> all right. thanks so much. thank you for joining us on "abc7 mornings."
9:58 am
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