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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 6, 2021 7:00am-7:59am PST

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good morning, america. deep freeze. arctic blasts in the midwest ready to send temperatures plunging with dangerous windchills that could reach up to 50 below as the east coast braces for another winter storm. the watches and warnings across the country this morning. coach's crash. kansas city chiefs assistant linebackers coach britt reid, son of the chiefs head coach, reportedly involved in a series multicar accident. a 5-year-old suffering major injuries. what authorities and the chiefs are saying this morning. superspreader sunday. the concerns for a coronavirus surge from football fans gathering for the big game.
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reversing a downward trend in hospitalizations as president biden tries to jump-start the economy. >> i'm going to help the american people who are hurting now. >> what he's saying about that $1,400 promise to americans looking for financial covid relief. dramatic rescue. toman whfe nders sent sc through the ice clinging by his fingertips. their life-saving efforts all caught on camera. and remembering a hollywood legend. celebrating christopher plummer's long and illustrious career on the stage and screen. >> do allow me, will you? >> his memorable roles delighting generations of fans and how julie andrews is remembering her co-star this morning. hey, good morning, everybody. we're going to start with breaking weather news.
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millions of americans bracing for snow and for plunging temperatures this super bowl sunday. >> this comes nearly a week after parts of the northeast received over two feet of snow. >> and in the midwest a polar blast of air will bring dangerous life-threatening windchills there. that's over this weekend and rob is here tracking all of it. rob, good morning. >> good morning. we had a relatively mild december and january. february certainly making up for lost time. this arctic air coming already over the great lakes,la new york. and the next sys it is. midwest, winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings for parts of the northeast. windchill alerts with that arctic blast coming down. it will be a prolonged life-threatening cold event, i'm afraid, for the midwest. snow coming out ahead of it from chicago down through st. louis today. some severe weather across parts of northern florida, as this thing gets itself together, a fast-moving coastal low,
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tonight, tomorrow morning, d.c., philly, new york, probably will be snowing around this time. two inches per hour and it's going to come down heavily for a short amount of time. and should be out of here for the second half of the game, i think, tomorrow night. anywhere from 3 to 6 inches from d.c. to philly. might see 6 plus inches. could see more than half a foot of snow on top of what we've seen in new york city and locally in some spots in southeast new england could see a foot of snow. and here comes that arctic air, brutal, dangerously low windchills and talk more about what is coming on sunday in a little bit. over to you. a developing story out of kansas city. as the chiefs prepare for the super bowl, outside linebackers coach britt reid was involved in a car crash that
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left one child with life-threatening injuries. abc's will reeve is in tampa where the big game is just a day away with this story. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, eva. we're learning 35-year-old britt reid was reportedly rushed to the hospital following a multicar accident thursday near the team's training facility. sources telling espn that reid will be in the hospital for days and is not expected to make the trip here to tampa with the team, ahead of tomorrow's super bowl. details on the incident are scarce. kansas city police saying that two children were injured in the crash and taken to the hospital. a 4-year-old and a 5-year-old. the 5-year-old suffering life-threatening injuries. the police report states, quote, impairment is being investigated in the crash, but no charges have been filed. the kansas city chiefs say they are aware of the incident writing in a statement in part, quote, we are in the process of gathering information. our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved. dan. >> will reeve, thank you very much. let's switch to politics now, and the question of whether americans will be receiving more stimulus checks anytime soon.
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president biden says struggling american families simply cannot wait for lengthy bipartisan negotiations over his massive covid-19 bill. he wants action now, he says. also overnight biden made news about whether his predecessor, donald trump, should continue to receive intelligence briefings. abc's alex presha is covering all of this from washington. alex, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan. so democrats are saying absolutely more covid relief is on the way, and we're getting a clearer look on their time line. and president biden's latest comments about these briefings are happening just days int trial. overnight president biden taking aim at former president trump days before his impeachment trial is set to begin. in an interview with cbs, biden saying he doesn't think his predecessor should receive intelligence briefings because of, quote, erratic behavior. >> what value is giving him an intelligence briefing, what impact does he have at all other than the fact he might slip and say something.
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>> reporter: this as the clock is ticking on capitol hill as n of americans amid a faltering economy and devastating pandemic. >> so, i'm going to act, i'm going to act fast. >> reporter: president biden calling for swift action on his nearly $2 trillion plan, with or without republican support. >> i'm going to help the american people who are hurting now. >> reporter: at the core of the package, $160 billion for vaccinations and testing and help for small businesses as well as a 1,400 direct payment to many americans. the house now pushing forward with biden's plan after senate approval and the way the bill is framed they don't need any gop votes. >> they're not interested in doing the hard work it takes to build consensus. >> reporter: but the president making it clear the payment amount is non-negotiable. >> they're going to be $1400, period. >> reporter: friday's dismal jobs report only adding to the urgency. nearly 18 million americans are
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claiming some form of unemployment, and more than 50 million people including one in four children, are going hungry. for some that next round of relief can't come soon enough. months after getting covid, tony bowens is still recovering and hasn't been able to work. >> the hardest part has been trying to get by every day, and so you're looking and now you're looking for work and a lot of jobs are gone because places are closing. >> reporter: with the house passing this budget resolution the next steps begin, congressional committees working to get a bill on the president's desk before those federal jobless benefits expire march 14th. whit. >> as you pointed out, so many americans still struggling waiting for that aid. alex presha for us, thank you so much. we want to turn to the latest on the pandemic. hospital admissions are falling across the country, but the number of patients in icus remains high in several states. a studny in britain finds the
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oxford astrazeneca vaccine was 75% effective against that highly contagious uk variant and so far 8% of the u.s. population has received at least one dose of the vaccine but many americans, millions, are still struggling to get appointments. abc's trevor ault joins us now from yankee stadium, home to a newly open mass vaccination site. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. you know, with the super bowl tomorrow and the nfl season coming to an end, every nfl stadium will also become available to become a mega vaccination site just like this one here at yankee stadium because while a number of coronavirus metrics are heading in the right direction, the need to vaccinate the american public is as dire as ever. this morning, more positive signs the holiday coronavirus surge is dissipating. hospitalizations nationwide falling 30% the past three weeks and cases nearly havld from their peak a month ago, but deaths remain high.
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th tampa, officials are urging people to stay safe for the super bowl. 7,500 vaccinated health care workers will be at the game there. but everyone will be masked and in pods with all contactless transactions. >> we hosted over a million fans this year at various stadiums and we've learned a lot from that experience. we think all of those measures plus the open-air environment will keep everyone safe. >> reporter: this as the cdc reports mask mandates have shown to be associated with a decrease in coronavirus hospitalizations and the vaccine rollout is slowly gaining steam. about 8% of the american population already receiving their first shot. in new york, yankee stadium opening as the latest mass vaccination site, hall of famer mariano rivera urging the bronx community to take advantage. >> now, it's time to support you and let you know it's okay to be vaccinated. i'm in line, okay? when my time comes, i'm in line to get it.
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>> reporter: but with considerable demand and a limited supply, many are struggling to get it. t is new jersey grandmaiv >> are seniors, a year is a lot. >> reporter: and overnight the supreme court issued a new ruling on coronavirus restrictions. in a 6-3 vote they're now preventing a ban on indoor church services in some california counties. the court ruled the state can place a cap on the number of people inside. they can even ban singing but they cannot block those services altogether. eva. >> trevor ault for us, thank you. joining us is dr. dan barouch, the doctor who led design efforts for the vaccine alongside johnson & johnson. thank you so much for being with us this morning, doctor. >> thank you, eva. pleasure to be here. >> well, first let's start with the question i think a lot of us
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are wondering, do you anticipate that this emergency use authorization that johnson & johnson has now filed will be granted? >> well, as you know j&j applied for emergency authorization last week, and the fda will independently review all of the data and reach its own decision. but we are very happy with the data set. we think it's a very large and strong data set so we are optimistic. if the fda does grant emergency use authorization, this will be the third vaccine to be rolled out in the united states. >> now, you were involved in the development of this vaccine. how confident are you in its ability to protect people from these new variants that we're seeing? >> well, that's an incredibly important question because over the last several months, we've seen the emergence of viral variants some of which are more contagious than the original one and some of which are actually resist tapt or partially resistant to antibodies. so we were very pleased in
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our study that showed although there was a slight decrease in overall efficacy, the efficacy against severe covid disease was 85%. and that was actually seen in across the different geographic regions in the united states and latin america and in south africa. in brazil over 70% of the viruses were a circulating resistant variant and in south africa over 95% of the viruses were a circulating resistant variant, so we can be very confident this vaccine even as a single shot vaccine provides very strong protection against severe covid disease, and there were no hospitalizations or deaths in the vaccine group after day 28. >> when you say those numbers a lot of people start to think about the numbers that the other vaccines have released and that the numbers you just gave are actually lower than some of those other vaccines. what do you say to those people who are concerned that this vaccine may not protect them as much as, say, pfizer or moderna? >> well, the pandemic today is a much more complex pandemic than
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it was several months ago. so trials conducted now are really a very different ball game than trials conducted last fall. last fall there were no concerns of these emerging variants that are more contagious or even resistant to antibodies, so our study was conducted during the peak global surge in multiple regions of the world. and our study was conducted in the setting of these variants that will likely reduce the efficacy of any of the vaccines. >> dr. barouch, thank you very much for being with us. we appreciate you. dan. >> some encouraging news there, eva. thank you. we also have news this morning on the investigation into that riot at the u.s. capitol. abc news has obtained video from the day of the siege showing roger stone, a confidant of former president donald trump flanked by men wearing insignias of a militia group. abc's faith abubey has more now from capitol hill. faith, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, good morning,
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dan. that video raising questions as congressional investigators try to figure out whether ex-president donald trump and his inner circle were directly involved in the preplanning of that capitol insurrection. now, roger stone, trump's close confidant, has admitted that he was in washington the day of the deadly riot. but he has repeatedly said he never left the site of his hotel room until that afternoon to head to the airport. the new video obtained exclusively by abc news putting him outside a hotel here in washington on the morning of that violent insurrection. you can see in that video, stone who was recently pardoned by then president donald trump near men in militia gear. two of them with oath keepers' insignias. and then you hear a man asking stone this --weavthis toda rht >> we shall see. >> reporter: well, it's not clear what exactly they were discussing there, but stone telling abc news people he doesn't know volunteered to provide security for him and his
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family after he received threats. the fbi has since arrested five people associated with the oath keepers for their role in s well with roger stone associated with people or posing with people in those photos and those people have now been linked to the riots as well but stone saying that he had no advance knowledge of the insurrection, and that he played no role whatever in the january 6th events. abc news sources also telling us that congressional investigators were poring over that specific video along with several social media videos as they piece together their case against the former president. that impeachment trial beginning in just three days. whit. >> and so many of these videos from that day continue to come out. faith abubey for us in washington, thank you so much. we do want to turn now to celebrating the life of ummer passintor christopher c'el joingfr a look astous care chris, good moin >> reporter: hey, good morning, whit. he did everything from
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shakespeare on the broadway stage to "the thorn birds" on tv, but there's little doubt what christopher plummer will be best remembered for, his role in a movie musical that's won the hearts of audiences as few films ever have. while enjoying a long career on the stage and screen, canadian actor christopher plummer would be forever associated with the beloved 1965 film, "the sound of music." >> do you mean to tell me that my children have been roaming about salzburg dressed up in nothing but some old drapes? 46 >> uh-huh. >> reporter: his performance as captain von trapp alongside julie andrews' maria making him a legend to generations of moviegoers. >> do allow me. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: helping to make "the sound of music" as one of the most successful films in hollywood history. the world has lost a consummate actor today, and i have lost a
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friend, said julie andrews on friday. i treasure the memories of work taught and the humor and fun we shared through the years. in performances that spanned an amazing 75 years, plummer deployed shakespearean acting skills and on occasion that sly wit. >> in an old house in paris that was covered with vines -- >> reporter: younger audiences would come to recognize his distinctive voice as the narrator of the animated version of "madeleine" and in pixar's "up." >> any last word, frederickson? come on, spit it out! >> reporter: plummer would earn his only academy award in 2012 oldest winner ever of an acting oscar at 82. >> you're only two years older than me, darling. where have you been all my life? >> reporter: most recently plummer delighted audiences as the scheming author at the center of "knives out." >> all those nuns kind of drove me to drink. you know? >> reporter: he was unafraid to be irreverent. >> i remember having to wait for hours before shooting that bloody song. >> reporter: yet as julie andrews would recall their days on set to diane sawyer. >> we became the best of
7:18 am
friends, and that's lovely. >> reporter: and 85-year-old christopher plummer would show another side on the film's 50th anniversary at the piano. [ playing "the sound of music" ] >> reporter: ah, an extraordinary career and julie andrews also saying, my heart and condolences go out to his lovely wife elaine and his daughter amanda. eva. >> chris, thank you for that report. so many good memories watching movies that he was a part of. >> yeah. let's switch gears and get a check of our weather with rob marciano, and the cold that is coming, it's in the midwest now. >> it is in the midwest. it is going to be sharing love, so to speak, here over the next few days. this gives you a taste of it. crystal lake northwest of chicago. winds blowing across the tundra there causing dangerously low levels of visibility. and we talked about the low levels of the ice across the great lakes because it's been such a relatively mild winter. well, it's starting to pile up outside of chicago on lake michigan. some pancake ice
7:19 am
as we like to call it to give you an idea how cold it is getting. it will only get colder as this polar air mass comes down. minus 31 in chicago by sunday morning. minus 42 in minneapolis, but what's striking about this is not so much how cold it is but for how long it's going to be cold in february. so, we don't typically get them this long. all week long for the upper midwest and even down to the deep south, 10 for a windchill in shreveport. 19 for a windchill potentially friday morning in houston. that will get you shaking in your boots and ten gallon hat for sure. some spreads to the good morning, everyone. saturday here dawning with a lot of sunshine. it's certainly cold in theor bay. a little fog there, but for everyone above average again today. looking more likely we could see some showers into the middle and the latter part of next week. 67 today in oakland. how about that 70, livermore, san jose near that in santa
7:20 am
rosa. slightly cooler tomorrow with the wind shift and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows numbers back toooooooooooo i know eva has the big ooooo parka, the electronic gloves keeping her warm. so get that gear out. >> rob, i was having an intense discussion with my 6-year-old this week who was asking me whether the groundhog is right about the six more weeks of winter. i said, no, you should actually talk to rob, madeline's dad, and he said he would stick with the groundhog. >> wise kid. [ laughter ] wise kid. my daughter does the same. >> it's a numbers game, you know. you've got a high batting average. >> thank you, robert. we'll see you in the next half hour. speaking of the icy conditions, they are causing some really dangerous situations out there and janai norman is here with details of a truly harrowing rescue caught on camera.y,an mni. >>eygo morni. a ll about aisrman who to the
7:21 am
edge with his fingertips. police were hanging on to a rope tethered to two firefighters who made their way 75 yards into the pond to help the 67-year-old fisherman. rescue crews say the man was incredibly lucky that todd peterson happened to be out for a morning walk that day and heard his cries for help. >> and i just heard these faint calls for help, so i kind of knew the direction, and i just knew someone was in the water. >> peterson called 911 prompting the quick response. first responders got there within about ten minutes, but imagine, in the ice, in the water, holding on by your fingertips for more than ten minutes. the fisherman suffered hypothermia and was treated at a local hospital and is now home safe with his wife saying she is grateful an angel showed up that day to help him but very scary situation. >> absolutely, thankfully the right people there. janai, thank you so much. still ahead, the family of the adopted father of two missing boys is speaking out about the threats received since the boys mysteriously disappeared.
7:22 am
their exclusive interview with abc news, plus the latest on the search to find brothers orrin and orsen. also, hilaria baldwin apologizing. what she's saying to social media users who accuse her of pretending to be spanish and the star sticking up for her. plus, the protocols in place to keep fans and players safe at the super bowl. and another sneak peek at the halftime show on "gma." we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. "good morning america" is sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so feed them like family with blue. blue. (bill vo) our boy blue really was a member of the bishop family. he was part of everything we did. and he really did inspire us to start blue buffalo. we just weren't happy with the foods that were out there. we thought we could do better. and now millions of dogs and cats enjoy our healthy recipes. they are made with the finest natural ingredients and real meat first. and no chicken or poultry by-product meals. that's the promise we made to blue and...
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good morning, everybody. happening today, a drive through covid-19 vaccination clinic will open today vaccinating those
7:28 am
most vulnerable to hospitalization. it is being held at golden gate fields racetrack in berkeley. these appointment only vaccinations are available for people in the 75 plus age group seeking their first dose. vaccinations will take place through monday, february 8th. you can make an appointment onli of the weather with lisa. >> good morning. chilly out there, especially in the north bay. nevada, can't see it a with a lot of fog. this is the south bay where it is chilly. look at the clear sky here.ut c 30s in the north bay. slightly cooler for
7:29 am
7:30 am
good job. >> that is cute. welcome back to "gma" on this saturday morning. everyone is getting into the super bowl spirit, we know, even pebbles and keeny there, two african-american penguins from the florida aquarium that got an exclusive tour of the super bowl experience in tampa and there you can see the duo even got to waddle the 40-yard dash, pose with the lombardi trophy and take in all the sights. pretty cute. >> that's like the only thing that makes me interested in football. >> that's right. >> it's kind of like your 40-yard dash. >> and there's no penguins during the game, dan. >> all right. let's take a look at the other big stories we're following. happening right now the pentagon is investigating a major security breach at joint base
7:31 am
andrews in maryland, home, of course, to air force one. authorizes say an an unauthorized civilian was able to make his way onto a military aircraft. this breach has triggered a review of security at air force installations across the world. also right now, bond has been set at $3 million for former columbus, ohio, police officer adam coy charged with hill.r in the fatal shooting of last december hill, a black man, was walking out of a friend's garage when he encountered police. coy opened fire within seconds saying he thought hill had a gun. hill was unarmed. and no matter what the outcome, history will be made at this year's super bowl. sarah thomas will become the first woman to officiate during a super bowl. thomas became the first full time female nfl official back in 2015. congratulations to her. >> we have female coaches on the sidelines there, all kinds of girl power happening. >> yeah. we start this half hour with the intensifying search for two young brothers who went missing from their backyard almost seven
7:32 am
weeks ago. the reward for their whereabouts now increasing. this morning abc news getting an exclusive interview as we learn about some threats allegedly being made against the boys' adopted family. abc's zohreen shah joins us with more. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, eva. for the first time we're hearing from the adoptive dad's family. look, it's been over 40 days since these young boys have been missing, but the small california city determined to find them. this month the family of the adoptive father of the two california city brothers volunteer vanished speaking exclusively to abc news. >> i just know that they were really good parents as far as i was concerned. >> we offered a reward out of our own pockets. >> reporter: that reward for 4-year-old orrin and 3-year-old or sen increasing to $120,000 contributed by multiple parties. authorities receiving more than 2,000 tips and using imaging devices at their adoptive parents, twi jacqueline's meto
7:33 am
search for the boys. but now the adoptive dad's family says they're targets, not from authorities, but from the public. >> it is misguided to blame uncles and aunts and grandparents for children who are missing that we love and care about and are trying to find. >> right now there are people outside the home talking about where are the boys? >> reporter: police have not named any suspects. >> i am working so hard literally day and night trying to find these kids. >> reporter: the boys were adopted in 2019 and disappeared late december. the adoptive parents saying the. >> came inside the house, searched the house, me and my wife. once that hadn't panned out, i got in the van. >> reporter: neighbors' surveillance showing trezell jumping into that van looking for his boys. the couple then calling police. the chief maintaining hope but still suspects foul play. the biological mother devastated. >> i don't have not one evil bone in my body and for this to happen to me is a lot more me. >> reporter: as a community
7:34 am
continues holding vigils, the family reminding everyone they are in deep pain too. >> it's like the people don't realize that we are grieving. we are hurting just like they are. >> reporter: the wests have four other children. they are in protective custody. the chief saying this is protocol because the two other kids disappeared under the parents' care. dan. >> a wrenching story all the way around. zohreen, thank you very much. we move on to an apology overnight from hilaria baldwin. the yoga instructor and wife of alec baldwin, she posted this on social media. this is the first time we're hearing from her since she was accused of misrepresenting her heritage and abc's stephanie ramos has more on what baldwin is saying. stephanie, good morning. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. this all started back in december when someone on twitter posted a long thread about hilaria thomas now baldwin faking her spanish heritage for years. hilaria went on social media, she defended
7:35 am
took a break for awhile but she is back trying to clear up any misconceptions about her identity. this morning, hilaria baldwin, a yoga and health entrepreneur and wife of actor alec baldwin returning to social media with an apology after a month-long hiatus. after being accused of pretending to be from spain and faking an accent, baldwin revealing in a new instagram post that she's spent the last month listening and reflecting adding, my parents raised my brother and me with two cultures, american and spanish. and i feel a true sense of belonging to both. the way i've spoken about myself and my deep connection to two cultures could have been better explained. i should have been more clear and i'm sorry. the 37-year-old facing criticism online last december when viral tweets called her out for, quote, presenting herself as spanish when, in fact, she was born and raised in boston by american parents. baldwin says she spent much of
7:36 am
her childhood visiting spain. she denies the accusations. in december she defended changing her name to hilaria. >> i think that we can all be really like clear that it's the same name, just a few letters different. so i don't think we should be so upset bit. >> reporter: husband alec baldwin coming to her defense and taking issue with the criticism. >> some of it is so spectacularly false. >> reporter: once known as hillary, the mom of five says she changed her name to hilaria before meeting alec. actress salma hayek who worked with alec baldwin on "30 rock" addressed the situation on sirius xm's radio andy. >> we all lie a little bit. i don't care -- not about person -- not a bad person, a good person, a good mother and a good wife. >> reporter: so there have been sop puzzling scenarios over the years that has really blown the story up. for instance, hilaria's bio on her agent's website at one point
7:37 am
said she was born in mallorca, spain. that has since been taken down, also her accent has fluctuated over the years and she says if she speaks a lot of spanish, she tends to mix both language, english and spanish. here's one thing we know for sure, hilaria clearly loves the spanish culture. whit. >> interesting evolution there. all right. thank you so much, stephanie ramos for us. let's get a check of the weather. rob watching those chilling temperatures, and it's not just in the midwest, here in the east coast as well. >> that's true and not quite cold enough has it been, sounds like yoda, the last couple of weeks in the northeast, going out on the ice, janai shared this story of the people in ohio that had to be rescued. well, a woman and her 2-year-old child were out walking on the ice on the passaic river just across the hudson and the park police chief had to get out and rescue them. don't go out there until fully checked, and it's not always that thick. all right. we had the ice, we had snow. the fresh pack of snow that came into the northeast yesterday. this is mostly well north of the city but a couple of inches of fresh snow to brighten things up and in the west, they got
7:38 am
snow across utah, cottonwood canyon, you had a fresh dump of snow but caused traffic to pile up because they had to do avalanche control and get the plows out. you'll have to keep the plows out here. from the northwest through the midwest, omaha could good morning to you, 30s, 40s and even 50s this morning all due to the upper self-vacation wind. it kd of warm when we hit near this weather report sponsored by state farm. snow coming down on super bowl sunday. not a bad way to spend a covid super bowl at home with everybody. >> yeah, inside. >> no choice but to stay home now. well, coming up on "good morning america," the safety protocols for the super bowl and what we're learning about the weeknd's halftime show. not gonna lie, jake from state farm, that "daniel deal" got me some sweet savings
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7:43 am
abc's will reeve is in tampa ahead of tomorrow's action at raymond james stadium. good morning again to you, will. >> reporter: hey there, eva. even under normal circumstances, this would be a super bowl unlike any other. the ageless wonder tom brady facing off against patrick mahomes, the one who might one day take brady's title of greatest of all time. then there's the pandemic, and we've arrived at the culmination of an nfl season unlike any other. with kickoff just a day away tampa is ready for a super bowl like none before.0 seats inside raymond james stadium, only 22,000 will be filled with fans and 30,000 will be filled with cutouts, part of the nfl's fans in the stands program. all attendees are required to wear a mask, maintain social distancing and will be given a ppe kit. a promo video on the stadium website showing off those safety protocols as well as digital
7:44 am
tickets and cashless food and beverage transactions. and while just one team will leave the stadium sunday night as thenner the nfl is declaring victory in getting to this point. with postponed games, virus outbreaks, even fines for noncompliance. >> it's a big relief and a big, you know, feeling of excitement that we've made it this far in the season. >> reporter: because of covid the league debating last year whether there would be a season at all. what was necessary for the nfl p.a. to get over those ethical and moral hurdles to play a season? >> we did not want to be taking resources away from the general public. we didn't want to be taking testing resources away, in particular. >> until we were assured that we wouldn't become a burden to america, that was the only time that we started thinking about what to do. ♪ ooh i'm blinded by the lights ♪ >> reporter: and the halftime show also expected to have some twists and turns this year. the weeknd teasing ahead to his big performance sunday night
7:45 am
releasing this clip showing him caught in a downpour of pigskin. the singer recently revealing his show will be influenced by past performances from icons like prince, michael jackson beyonce and his favorite -- ♪ set me free why don't you babe ♪ >> reporter: -- diana ross' 1996 show featuring exit by helicopter. the super bowl experience is a huge outdoor event, one of the biggest draws of super bowl week. it's still happening this year but different. it's scaled down. fans are controlled and limited in their arrival times and they have to wear face coverings at all times but there still is a festive atmosphere in tampa. behind me that pirate ship the bounty shoots off lasers and fireworks, quite the spectacle here at super bowl lv. eva. >> clearly better weather than we're seeing here in new york, will. thank you, will. well, coming up on "gma," your game day preview. how each team hopes to dominate on the field. preview. how each team hopes to dominate
7:46 am
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♪ ♪ welcome back to "gma." with both teams in the super bowl hoping to make history in their own right, this will be the third year that espn deportes will be airing the super bowl in the u.s. in spanish, and joining us right now is sideline reporter john sutcliffe. john, good morning to you. it's good to have you with us. so the super bowl we know, it's not just a sporting event, it's a cultural phenomenon, a business driver attracting millions of viewers every year from all around the world. how important is it for the nfl to reach out to its spanish speaking audience in this way? >> buenos dias, whit. there's no question the largest minority in the
7:50 am
united states is the hispanics. when commissioner goodell went down to mexico city for a game, he told me, we need to take care of our market of hispanics in the u.s., so last year you had shakira, j. lo, bad bunny, well, maybe, with the weeknd. no question it is a big business and the market that can grow the most, whit. >> absolutely. you mentioned the halftime show. we're still waiting for surprises for this as well. let's talk about the game, the young superstar qb patrick mahomes taking on the great tom brady. what excites you most about this match-up? >> historical. history. imagine when willie mays faced joe dimaggio or jordan against magic. if we would have seen maybe tom brady against joe montana or nicklaus against tiger. i think tha the most
7:51 am
excitement. it's like yoda against baby yoda. you don't know who is going to win but for many years we'll be talking about the greatest ever played the best for the moment, so is it going to be grogu or is it going to be yoda? >> i love that analogy. that's with some big "star wars" fans here. thank you so much. yoda versus baby yoda. all right, of course, don't forget espn deportes will be televising super bowl lv live in spanish tomorrow evening at 6:00 p.m. >> i'm going with baby yoda. he has a hider midichlorian count. >> midichlorian. back with our "play of the day." >> lorian. back with our "play of the day."
7:52 am
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7:56 am
two desert towers outside moab, utah. that is performance art. pretty incredible. "good morning america" is now two hours on saturdays, and coming up on the show, the latest on the covid relief package from washington and what is when you might receive those checks. and gigi hadid opens up about motherhood, giving birth and raising their new daughter. and then it's "deals & steals," great bargains on fun activities for you and the kids all to enjoy. stay with us. >> announcer: monday, michael b. jordan is live on "gma" and katy, luke and lionel are all live too. monday on -- good morning, everybody. up to 3500 people are getting vaccinated in solano county by the end of today. the mass vaccinations are only available to eligible county
7:57 am
residents. that group includes health care workers, first responders and those over the age of 75. today's vaccination event is in vallejo at the county fairgrounds. appointments are required. also happening today, san francisco's furry residents cani park. the newly renovated golden gate park area opens today near the bison paddock on the west end of the park. it includes bravend new agility equipment, improved fencing and synthetic turf and a special spot for smaller dogs. for the humans, there are new picnic tables, benches, dog waste bag holders. the california state national resources agency funded the bulk of the $2 million renovation and city leaders say the park is simply possum. let's get check of the weather now with lisa. good day to get out there and let your dogs run around. >> yeah, for sure. even head to the coast right
7:58 am
now. 44 in oakland. upper 40s in san francisco. 40 in mountain view. this is a gorgeous shot, clear sky here over into the east bay with 35. novato, 34. livermore, 45. so it's been a cold start and we're looking at the fog up in the north bay. highs today, well above average, anywhere from 5 to 12 degrees above average with 70 in san jose and livermore. 64 in richmond. downtown we're in the mid 60s. slightly cooler, a few clouds tomorrow, my body is truly powerful. i have the power to lower my a1c. because my body can still make its own insulin. and trulicity activates my body to release it,
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♪ good morning, america. it's our second hour and happening right now. president biden's covid relief plan. cow be getting a check soon and for how much. the details from d.c. britt reid, son of kansas city chiefs head coach in the hospital after a multicar crash. sources telling espn he's not expected to travel to the super bowl. what we're learning. ♪ baby love ♪ new mom gigi hadid opening
8:01 am
up about motherhood and gracing the cover of "


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