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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  April 18, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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he died because he went upstairs to save his wife and his daughter. >> a father and young daughter are dead after a fire tore through their oakland home. other family members narrowly escape the flames. an investigation is underway to determine if it was set on purpose and connected to other crimes. good morning. itapril 18. we will have more on the house fire and the investigation in just a moment. first let's start with a look at the weather. temperatures have cooled down this morning. we are back to near the
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the north bay and there is patchy fog. that won't stop the warm-up. we will burn the fog backup quickly. we have mid-40s in san mateo. dwood city. pa. 51, santa rosa. there is a look at the fog. it sets up along the coast, but it will be a warmer day. afternoon sea breeze at the coast and upper-level winds out of the north allowing for the breeze and some of the warmer air to be brought to the surface. through the next several hours, 9:00, we will see more sun with 50s to low 60s. noontime, upper 70s inland. by the afternoon, we will see 80s from redwood city to san carlos. upper 80s by the delta and concord. the coast will be comfortable, in the 60s. we will talk about the cooling trend coming tomorrow. we are learning new details about the investigation into a fire at an east bay homes.
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flames destroyed the home yesterday morning. abc7 news matt boone spoke to family members who survived as they combed through the ashes. >> reporter: not much was left of the home on stearns avenue win east oakland. he found his tuxedo in june that he custom ordered burned to a crisp. he said he left to go to work when the house caught on fire. his family reported seeing a group of people during molotov cocktails at the house. >> the guy who died, the reason he died is because he went upstairs to save his wife and daughter. >> reporter: that man was his cousin and his daughter, who would've turned two this month. >> he saved his wife, but his daughter, she died. the police said they were together. >> reporter: his pregnant wife survived but was hospitalized with significant birds. police are investigating this is a double homicide. they believe it may be connected to a fatal shooting
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that occurred last saturday. >> the first homicide may have triggered other events, other violent events. >> reporter: according to the oakland police chief, that also included arson at the liquor store and wednesday. possible gang retaliation. >> other people may retaliate on their behalf or begin to target other people that are connected to the person who may have committed the homicide. >> reporter: police say a man related to the shooting turned himself in on thursday. mohammed said his family does own the building but doesn't operate the liquor store singing his family was not involved in the shooting but believes they were targeted nonetheless. >> they did the same thing with the liquor store. the same method. then after two days, they and crimestoppers are rewarding money in the shooting and arson
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cases. the tip line is on your scre. t information leads to an arrest. police say troubling acts of vandalism in santa rosa are connected to the witness and the derek chauvin trail. pigs blood is spattered in front of a home and on a downtown statue. vandals splattered the pigs blood on this home yesterday morning, and left a decapitated pig's head on the front porch. the home used to belong to former santa rosa police officer barry brodd. he testified last week on behalf of the defense saying chauvin was justified in pending george floyd to the ground. around 3:45 yesterday morning, police officers found vandals covered a statue in animal blood. a son left behind red oink, oink. they believe they are
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connected. barry brodd no longer lives in santa rosa. the city police chief said his testimony quote does not reflect the values and belief of the department. let's talk about covid-19. california will hit a milestone with vaccinations. just under 10 million are fully vaccinated against covid-19. the state reports having two weeks supply of doses on hand despite the pause with the johnson & johnson vaccine. on average, the state is administering 375,000 doses a single day. there is one sadder note in these headlines. the world passed 3 million deaths due to the coronavirus. as more people are rsecond experts are realizing women and younger people are having were side effects. abc7 news luz pena as part of the team. toan expe ppwhyou sho >> reporter: for 24 hours,
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these were the side effects she went through after her second pfizer shot. >> i had a high fever and my bones felt like sandpaper, they were sanding my bones. >> reporter: a specialist says these side effects after the second shots are normal because the immune response to the second shot is even stronger. >> it's a spike protein that they mra is tricking the cells into producing. that is what we wanted to do. >> reporter: in this cdc report, data shows out of 13.7 million americans vaccinated december and january, reports of side effects were higher among women. why is it that women and young adults are having more reactions to the second shot of the moderna or pfizer vaccine? >> women should have stronger immune responses because they have to protect pregnancies, they have to live to have babies.
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it probably has to do with the sex hormone. we know that immune system ages and collects problems as you get older. it's not surprising to me that the reactions are more common in younger people than older people. >> reporter: these side effects are mild and tend to last between two and three days. headaches, body aches, and fever in some cases. if you don't experience side effects should you be concerned? >> no. they have a better regulated immune system. >> reporter: a 34-year-old felt the side effects of the first moderna shot. he was hospitalized a year ago with covid and was given 50% chance of survival. he put the body aches of the shot into perspective. >> it mentally brings you back to having a fever. it to psychological. then you tell yourself it is nothing compared to covid.
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>> heads up from ac transit. tomorrow will be the last day it will be offering free shuttle service to the mass vaccination site at the oakland coliseum. since february, free shuttles have provided rides every 15 to 20 meals minutes. the service provided rides to more than 3500 residents in the time period. alameda county is providing hundreds of vaccines to senior citizens. the public health department teamed up with wellspring pharmacy to administer 300 shots at the senior center in alameda. report appointment were required. it's important to bring the vaccine to the most vulnerable residents who still haven't been able to find vaccine appointment. for the latest on vaccine appointment openings or if you have questions about the vaccine process, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team by going to
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let's get a check outside this morning. it was a nice day outside. it's 48 degrees in san francisco. well into the 60s today. plenty of sunshine but numbers coming up to warmer readings all around the bay. i will have the details next. a show of solidarity. a epi and african-american communities. taking a stand against hate. a challenge to shop local.
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welcome back. san francisco was commemorating 115th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. this is video from two years ago. they began the ceremony a few years ago at the fountain on market street. is served as a meeting spot for people to reunite with their loved ones after the quake. every year on this date, a moment of silence is observed at 5:11 to remember those who
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lost their lives and those who survived and rebuilt the city. it's followed by 30 seconds of fire engine sirens. the exact time the 7.8 quake struck. last year the ceremony was canceled because of the pandemic. a big clean is underway in one east bay city after an protest. hundreds were in oakland friday night protesting the police shootings across the country. the march ended in violence and vandalism to some local businesses. >> reporter: crews are cleaning up broken glass at volkswagen of oakland where managers say most of the dealership's windows were smashed and a car was set on fire friday night. cars were also torched at the honda dealership on broadway where windows were broken. >> it is frustrating. it's more sad than anything. you can't dwell on it. we've got to get better and come together as a community.
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we have to stop this pain. it's not one person. it's everybody. >> reporter: police say about 200 or 300 demonstrators marched through oakland friday night in protest the recent deadly police shootings across the country. some lit fires. others broke windows at this target store on broadway. >> it takes away from the message. >> reporter: chris jones calaveras restaurant. most of his windows were broken by some demonstrators. his security footage captured the march passing by. >> talking to you about the reason that we need to be protesting instead of why we are cleaning up glass right now. >> reporter: some city officials say they support the right to protest vandalizing his mrs. is not the answer. >> we cannot continue to build the city on one end, and then
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we are destroying it at the other end. >> reporter: he plans to s the police chief how oakland businesses can be better protected. in a message, the vandalism and attacks on businesses, many small and locally owned, is reprehensible. the police will investigate and hold those responsible accountable and we will assist the community as we build back stronger. more demonstrations could be planned over the coming days. in his san francisco, show of solidarity to unite the aapi and african-american communities. >> the bible says stand up in the presence of the elderly. >> city leaders launched what is being called a new campaign for solidarity to take a stand against hate, bias, and violence. when toolkits were distributed to stimulate conversations about the importance of standing together. the human rights commission launched a new commission last year to connect both
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communities. celebrating the life of prince philip. the royal family said their final goodbyes to the husband to a n,fa ngs anvod bl servi to the people of great britain. >> ♪ >> he has quite simply been my strength and to stay all these years. and i and his whole family oh him a debt greater than he would ever, or we shall ever know. >> given the most remarkable, devoted service to the queen, to my family, and to the country. >> much can be done by an individual but i am old- fashioned to believe a great deal more can be achieved by
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partnership and marriage. it has been a challenge for us. i think the main lesson we have learned is that tolerance is the one essential ingredient to a marriage. you can take it from me, that the queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance. >> when you go through life trying to make a legacy. if i can make life marginally more tolerable for people who come afterwords, i would be delighted. >> we have a look back at the life and influence of prince philip including a royal wedding archive. you can find it through the abc7 news bay area connected tv app available for roku and similar devices. san francisco mayorsint visito enthr money onon local businesses. no amazon or chain stores for 30 days starting may 1. abc7
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news says the mayor announced more support for small businesses is on the way. >> we survived. we made it. >> reporter: he is an owner of mayonnaise, small business owner in the mission district. it's a statement that only half of san francisco's small businesses can now say. 13 months after they were forced to close for the first time. among the hardest hit? establishments in chinatown. >> because of the expectation that covid was floating around chinatown. >> reporter: lawmakers quickly showed up to support these businesses, but these closures expanded to wall neighborhoods in san francisco, forcing the city to dig deep to support them by giving out grants and loans, and waving city fees and allowing them to permanently keep their park let's. total san francisco has provided about $75 million throughout the course of this pandemic. not including state and
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the mayor promised more financial support in the upcoming budget. today, as the city begins to i mom-and-pop shops that need our help the most. announcing a 30 day challenge to bolster sales. >> starting may 1, for 30 days, we will take this challenge. say to themselves i will only shop and dine at small businesses so we can have a fighting chance to survive the end of this god-awful pandemic. >> reporter: the challenge for these businesses is finding employees. some left the city or moved to another job. the term we are hiring will now become a welcome phrase. let's get a check of the weather with lisa. it got pretty windy last night. we had a good sea breeze. the coast held onto the cool air and then the sea breeze expanded.
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leading the way to a cool down for most of us on monday. if you were headed to the shore, we will break into sunshine, but it's not going to last. the sea breeze returns and it gets gusty at times. as we look at live doppler 7, there is fog. it's expanding along the coast . we will see a quick burn off this morning allowing for the warm-up and several degrees of warming forecasted today. 45, san ramon. 39, napa. 41, nevada. there is fog here from the city all the way along the peninsula and we are looking at patchy fog in the north bay. visibility about 2.5 miles. half moon bay. in santa rosa, three miles. elsewhere, clear conditions inland. the marine layer compressed as high pressure is the dominant weather feature that pushes down on the atmosphere. two to 5 degrees cooler in the north bay. as we look at the exploratorium
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camera, areas of fog this morning. sunny and warmer today with the tteek. weare looking for a patt change into next weekend. here's a look at the fog. there's not a whole lot of that. in the afternoon, this will instigate another pretty good rush of cooler air for a sea breeze locally. we will get some sun. temperatures in the 60s. late tonight, this happens, and into monday as the ridge retreats. there is a system offshore that will allow for a few more clouds and breezy winds. we will hold onto the warmth inland as we get into your monday afternoon. sunny skies, dry conditions the next several days. here's a look at the wind profile. light throughout the day, and into the afternoon, 5:00 or 6:00, there's the sea breeze. 20 to 25 miles per hour not only along the coast but marin
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and the delta. if you get one this afternoon, yet the sea breeze to look forward to. here's a look at monday. then by late in the day, very gusty winds. 30 to 40 miles per hour, and that brings in cooler weather. nine days away, we could see rain. we've said this before but it doesn't always pan out. 65, ocean beach. 78, santa cruz. 70 downtown. it's warmer for oakland. 80, san rafael. 83, san jose. 87, livermore. the seven-day forecast. pretty warm out there today. 60s, 70s, and 80s. the afternoon sea breeze. temperatures moderate tomorrow for most of us except if you are inland. then get into the cooler regime on tuesday. a little change on wednesday. by the end of the week, we are still looking at temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s.
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i sunday, monday, not only the bay area could see rain but shifting into southern california. we will show you that model next time. the oscars are making history even
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5:24 am
some are hoping this is real progress and hashtags like oscars so white, maybe a thing of the past. we have more ahead of next week's big award show. >> here are the all-male nominees. >> reporter: for years award shows have been criticized for lack of diversity for their nominees. >> cynthia did such a great job hiding black people that the academy got her to hide all the black nominees. >> reporter: this year, the oscars are already breaking barriers before the big night. >> ♪
5:25 am
>> reporter: viola davis with her fourth nomination becoming the most nominated actors in oscar history. her lead role in "ma rainey's black bottom". out of the 20 top acting roles, nine are performers of color and six are black after there was only one last year. >> harnessing all of our talent , all our ingenuity, and we are literally demanding to be seen. >> reporter: for the first time, asian-american and muslim best actor nominees. >> i am happy we get to see a business and reality now where we can see eclectic points of view. >> reporter: -- >> it changed me. it changed all of us who made it. >> reporter: and chloe zhao becoming the first woman of color nominated for best
5:26 am
director saying this at the awards. >> if this means more people like me that get to live their dreams, i am very grateful. >> reporter: together, for promising young woman, the first time two women have been best directing oscar nominees. >> so proud on everyone who worked on this film. >> reporter: many representing minority groups and their movies representative of a larger cultural moment. judas and the black messiah and the trial of chicago seven touching on social justice issues. >> a lot of these films share the social justice fiber that it feels contemporary even though all of these films are period pieces. all these movies feel timely because they are timely. we have been talking about the same issues for decades and generations. >> reporter: it's too early to celebrate a diversity win. the directing category. the new york times reports the first women of color ever nominated got $5 million to
5:27 am
make a movie. the most a woman has ever gotten is $50 million. that was kathryn bigelow. it is still not rare for a man to get tens of millions to make their movies. >> you can see who takes only oscars one week from today. you can watch them live next sunday, april 25, right here on abc7 starting at 5:00 p.m. still to come. as vaccine eligibility expanses we, covid cases are up in nearly have the country. where doctors say hospitals in crisis. indianapolis is mourni the victims of the mass shooting at a fedex facility. what we are learning about the
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and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired art teacher. i enjoy drawing, painting. every morning we do our exercises before we get into our routine. - as you get older, things just don't work as well as they used to. we saw a commercial for prevagen and we wondered if that might be a good solution. i noticed clarity. my memory was better. you really ought to try it. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. you buckle up, start the car, put it in gear and take off. next thing you know, the phone is in your hand. stop! you should be holding the wheel, not holding the phone. it's a busy world out there, and we're all in it together. go safely, california. thank you for joining us. we will start with a look at
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the weather with lisa argen. good morning. a nice warm day yesterday. temperatures will be even warmer today. even though the coast didn't warm up too much. we will see sun and 60s there. mid-40s, castro valley. 48, san leandro. upper 30s, novato. fog in the north bay. three-mile visibility, pacifica. there is a look at the fog along the coast. 2 1/2 miles, half moon bay. as we get which 10:00, there will be much fog left and temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s and even if you 70s. by 2:00 or 3:00, the oranges coming into play. that means a lot of warmth with upper 70s to upper 80s. san francisco should top out around 70. if you like the warmth, enjoyed today. changes arrive as soon as covid-19. increasing in nearly half try.
5:31 am
health officials say where in fourth surge. in the upper midwest, the number of people fighting the virus in the hospital is in the last week. 35 hospitals in michigan are at 95% capacity. all 50 states are planning to expand eligibility to anyone 16 and older by the end of the week. the pause on johnson & johnson single shot remains in affect after six women who recently got it suffered rare but severe blood clots. the cdc advisory committee will meet friday to potentially vote on a recommendation. coming up this week, dr. fauci discusses the latest on the u.s. vaccination rollout as the country sees a new rise in covid cases in hospitalizations. you can watch the interview on this week at with george stephanopoulos right here on abc7. community is in morning as investigators continue to search for motive in the mass shooting at a fedex facility in
5:32 am
indianapolis. the alleged shooter's family is quote sincerest apologies and heartfelt apologies to the victims and loved ones. >> reporter: solemn moment in indianapolis, two separate vigils honoring the victims of another mass shooting. >> show empathy. show love. >> we must support one another, not just in grief, but in calling policymakers and elected officials to make meaningful change. >> reporter: police say 19-year- old brandon hole, a former fedex employee, killed eight people at a fedex facility thursday wounding five others before taking his own life. police say he legally bought two assault rifles he was seen using during the shooting. the suspects family releasing a statement saying they are devastated at the loss of life, offering their sincerest apologies to the victims, and say they tried to get him the help he needed.
5:33 am
half where members of the local sikh community. >> i posted her picture everywhere because she is not going to be a statistic. >> reporter: the victims ages rain from 19 among the youngest, samaria blackwell. >> should two older brothers and one older sister. she was the baby. she was exploring her options as a 19-year-old just having graduated last year so life was ahead of her. >> reporter: two other victims from the same family. >> it's hard because you're not going to see the person again. >> reporter: police are unsure of the motive, but a spokesman for the sikh community fear the neighbors were directly targeted. >> fear of the unknown. people do not know about us because of our appearance. that is why most of the time, we are the victim of hate crimes. >> reporter: this is the third mass shooting this year in indianapolis. 's
5:34 am
>> tonight in san jose, there will be a vigil for thendleligh 7:00 tonight outside of sikh and the mayor is expected to be there. >> reporter: it was nice seven a protest in brooklyn center. minnesota, over the police shooting of daunte wright. demonstrators gather throughout the night in front of the police department. the officer killed him during a traffic stop. she's facing a 2nd degree manslaughter charge. police say the officer accidentally fired her gun instead of a taser. preparations are underway in minneapolis and around the country at a closing argument in the derek chauvin trial and a possible verdict. the mayor of minneapolis says 2000 national guard troops are in standby and ready to be deployed throw the downtown area if needed. fencing and barricades have
5:35 am
gone up in front of government buildings and police stations in anticipation of possible unrest. schools in minneapolis have transitioned to remote learning. similar preparations are underway in other u.s. cities including in the bay area. a man is dead, shot and killed by alameda county sheriff's deputies after authorities say he opened fire on them. one of the deputies was hurt, grazed by a bullet that investigators say flew past his head. the terrifying shootout happened yesterday morning on second street near campus drive. that's in the fairview area. sheriffs officials say neighbors called 911. reporting aiim is threatening them with a gun. responding deputy set up a perimeter and behind a fence. >> the subject at a gun. they said drop the weapon. that individual did not drop the weapon. he raised the apon d ream bein e izd the our deputy, nearly striking him in the head.
5:36 am
that would've been fatal. >> sheriffs officials say the man who was killed was a 26- year-old man who had a long criminal history for shootings and other crimes. he was on parole. the alameda county district attorney office, sheriffs internal affairs are investigating the shooting. still ahead. preparing for pre-pandemic days as people start heading back into the office. issues are expected to service because of safety concerns. we dive into a poll that looks at how this may affect traffic congestion. its take a live look outside . looking at the golden gate bridge. quite foggy out there.
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the first flight of nasa ingenuity mars helicopter could happen tomorrow. it is scheduled to take flight tomorrow morning. the original flight was supposed to take off one week ago, but there was a timer glitch that forced it to be delayed. the helicopter arrived on mars aboard the perseverance rover in february. if all goes well tomorrow, ingenuity will take off from a flat patch and fly 10 feet high before landing 40 seconds later. that's the sound of a newly commissioned uss oakland. the commissioning ceremony took place at the port of oakland. the navy said antisubmarine warfare will be the primary mission of the warship. it can deal with minds and swarming small craft. this is the third uss oakland. the first was a cargo ship in the second served in world war ii. >> it is with great pride i stand here to commission a warship.
5:40 am
our crew was committed to conducting the ceremony in oakland to forge a connection with the ship's namesake city as well as imbue the spirit and legacy of the former warships that proudly born the name oakland. >> the ship operates with 70 crew members and will be based out of san diego. lisa, let's get a check outside. it is cool outside. we have fog in the north bay and along the coast. yesterday's numbers, 10 to 50 degrees above average. we will see widespread warmth today. you can add on a couple of degrees for concord and livermore reaching near 90. the rest of the bay area? stay tuned. that's next. the warriors and celtics ba
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and for those who qualify, the freestyle libre 2 system is now covered by medicare. ask your doctor for a prescription. you can do it without fingersticks. learn more at freestyle libre 2 dot u.s. ♪ here is a live look outside. looking over the city. just gorgeous. love the view of the skyline
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and bay bridge. making a huge impact outside their successful careers. the chronicle reports their foundation eat, learn, play his served 16 million meals oakland kids in the past year. they recognized the urgent need the pandemic was creating. the foundation partnered with the oakland unified school district to help children get nutritious food through school meals during the pandemic. april 28, she is said to testify in front of congress about childhood hunger an need to keep school programs going during the summer and when schools are closed. in sports, the giants will try to avoid being swept in miami. alex is expected to start for san francisco. first pitch is at 10:10 a.m. in oakland, the a's will try to win . first pitch is at 1:07. tomorrow the they
5:44 am
o thfinal minute. less than a month remains in the nba regular season. the warriors fighting for playing position. stephan curry entered, 30 points or more in nine straight. a young steph curry fan. maybe he's the next. he spends in layup. watch the reaction. he loves it. oh, my goodness. late in the second quarter. pump fake from stephan curry. throws it up the left. hope in the foul from a distance. warriors led by six at the break. they one coat home's austin, th warriors in transition. the quick trigger. one of 11 threes in the game. the left an and tries to tough
5:45 am
out as he limps through. crazy play here. loose ball. goes over the table. steph curry hits a triple. take a look again. he flips over. he needed stitches. he was diagnosed with a concussion and will enter protocol. another triple. game-high 47. jayson tatum led boston. they retake the lead then walker , 3. celtics win. warriors seem good coming out of a tough loss. >> we can't hang our heads. we fought to get back into it. i am proud of the wawe fout. t better tonht e they understood, the young guys especially, got a lesson and now understand what a playoff game feels like and why everything matters.
5:46 am
>> on the ice, history for patrick tied gordie howe all for most games played. 1767. a nice ovation for him during the game in minnesota. he will break the monday record on monday. the sharks led then the wheels fell off. first off, obfuscate, then he knocks this one off of his chest. to-one, wild. then 3-1. he slides this one underneath jones. the referees couldn't find the puck. it ended up in his pants. the sharks lose. >> how about some baseball? bottom two. a man on. the former giant, first homer since june 2019. 3-0, oakland. next pitch, his third homer of the year. the a's win . second straight shutout of detroit. they will go for the sweep today on sunday.
5:47 am
the giants in miami. the giants are a. ground ball to short. he gloves it. throws and out. giants wants to have a look. watch the first man. he bare hands it. close play. bottom of the 10th. an out away from winning. he ends thing at two rbi. the marlins win in 10. that's the look at sports. let's get a check of the weather. it was a nice saturday but got a little windy. that's on the way again today. there's a look at much of the west where it is dry. everyone experiencing sunshine and above normal temperatures. 2 1/2 mile visibility, half moon bay. three miles in santa rosa. the fog is out there, but the marine layer is compressed.
5:48 am
we will look for quick burn off today. a warm afternoon, feeling like summer, especially inland. sunnyvale, 45. the rest of the bay area, patchy fog along the coast. 45, sevastopol. 55, brentwood. upper elevation winds out of the northeast that's allowing for the drier and warmer air to mix down into the service. oakland, into the 70s. areas of fog this morning. sunny and warmer with a cooler pattern developing tomorrow. you will feel the breeze tonight as the sea breeze kicks up. there's a look at the shallow deck of low clouds all along the coast. as we go through the rest of the day, it pulls back then gets were situated along the san mateo coast. we will see 60s there. and some sun as we go through your evening. here comes the breeze. it picks up and extra cloud cover through your monday morning. we break out into mostly sunny
5:49 am
conditions in the afternoon. temperatures around the band coast will be cooler. inland, still holding onto some e s . low 70s with light west wind back. beautiful day in oakland. as we look at the next several days, this is the first system that could bring rain to the sierra nevada on tuesday. it works to cool us off then awol as we get toward next weekend. the systems are in the pacific. then by the end of the upcoming weekend. as we get into monday, more moisture being fed into the system into the central coast and even as we get into tuesday, looking pretty active around here. forecast models are favoring thisutcothan not. it's looking a little better. we have been down this road before so we will have to wait to see. 83, san jose. 70 for your high.
5:50 am
upper 70s but look at the 80s from menlo park, palo alto, mountain view, 81. sea breeze comes in the afternoon. mid-60s and breezy at the coast. 70, downtown. 83, sonoma. east bay, 70 in san leandro. low 80s in union city and fremont. 89, antioch. the seven-day forecast, 60s coast. upper 70s around the bay. upper 70s inland. tomorrow temperatures cool off at the band coast. cooler on tuesday. wednesday we stay about the same. towards the end of the week, not a lot of change. still dry and coastal clouds keeping us temperate. the bay area will face old and new problems as companies develop plans to bring workers back to the office. giving the economy back on track as part of building a better bay area. david louie looks at a new poll
5:51 am
of bay area and how it will bring back traffic nightmares. >> reporter:'s company start to bring back office workers, no issues are expected to surface because of safety concerns. the bay area council supported by 350 employers surveyed 1000 people last month in english, chinese, and spanish and discovered 51% considered working at the office is unsafe and even higher number, 64%, believe public transit is unsafe. that's a red flag. >> this region wants to well if folks are willing to get on transit and according to the polar not quite ready. we have to do a great job ensuring the safety of folks who are on transit. >> reporter: if six foot distance it remains an accepted practice, they could take the masks at a mass transit. the poll indicates traffic congestion could resurface. in the months ahead, 74% or three out of four commuters expect to go back to driving alone which matches pre- pandemic patterns.
5:52 am
27% will walk or ride bikes. 20% will use public transit but that is down from 29% pre- pandemic. 19% were carpool, rideshare, or take taxis. 31% drop from pre-pandemic. even for proposals for hybrid work model with worker splitting the week at home and at the office, a new strategy may be needed to commute traffic. >> metering when they come back so they're not all there on the same day so we don't have light traffic one day but intolerable traffic another day is really important. >> reporter: who will decide was best for companies and for employees? his company tracks workers sentiment to guide executive leaders said bosses will need to tread lightly. >> what is the competition doing? that's another benefit and a big crier to area when people think where do they want to spend their talent. >> reporter: forecasting can be challenging. attitudes can change quickly as a result of vaccinations and what options workers are given.
5:53 am
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5:56 am
killed in a suspected arson at their home in oakland. what police are investigating possible links to other crimes. cleaning up, oakland businesses and assessing the damage after friday nights protests when vandals targeted storefronts.
5:57 am
5:58 am
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go back up! hang on! i am hanging on. don't mess up your deck with tex-mex. terminix. hi. the only way to nix it is to terminix it. he died because he went upstairs to save his wife and
6:00 am
daughter. >> a father and young daughter are dead after a fire tore through their oakland home. other family members narrowly escaped the flames. an investigation is underway to determine if it was set on purpose and if connected to other crimes. good morning. it sunday, april 18. thank you for joining us. we will have more on the house fire and investigation in moment. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. we have looped the satellite picture to show how the fog is filled in over the past few hours along the coast bringing about a mile visibility in half moon bay. better in the north bay. numbers in the upper 40s from san francisco to san jose. 47, oakland. the east bay, beautiful clear sky, warm day on the way. low 40s, santa rosa. the dry air


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