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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  April 18, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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daughter. >> a father and young daughter are dead after a fire tore through their oakland home. other family members narrowly escaped the flames. an investigation is underway to determine if it was set on purpose and if connected to other crimes. good morning. it sunday, april 18. thank you for joining us. we will have more on the house fire and investigation in moment. let's start with a look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. we have looped the satellite picture to show how the fog is filled in over the past few hours along the coast bringing about a mile visibility in half moon bay. better in the north bay. numbers in the upper 40s from san francisco to san jose. 47, oakland. the east bay, beautiful clear sky, warm day on the way. low 40s, santa rosa. the dry air allowing for al
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cool down overnight. upper 40s in conquered. a beautiful view of san francisco. the coastal walk not with us for long. through 9:00, temperatures out of the 50s and into the 60s. 70s, noontime around the bay. 4:00 temperatures, 80s around union city. mid-80s to upper 80s inland. we will talk about a milder coast and a cool down for monday when we see you next. this morning we are learning new details about the investigation into a fire at an east bay home. flames destroyedho rlin abc7 news matt boone >> to family members who survived as they combed through the ashes. >> reporter: not much was left of the home on stearns avenue. mohammed al samma found his tuxedo for his wedding that he custom ordered, burned to a crisp. >> it took two months.
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>> reporter: he just left to go to work when the house caught fire. his family reported seeing a group of people throwing molotov cocktails at the house. >> the guy who died, the reason he died because he went upstairs to save his wife and daughter. >> reporter: cousin and his daughter who would've turned two this month. >> he saved his wife, but his daughter, she died. the police said they were together. >> reporter: his pregnant wife survived but was hospitalized with significant burns. police are investigating this is a double homicide. they believe it may be connected to a fatal shooting that occurred at a liquor store last saturday. >> the first homicide may have triggered other events, other violent events. >> reporter: according to the oakland police chief that included an arson at the liquor store and wednesday. possible gang retaliation. >> other people may retaliate on their behalf begin to target
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other people that are connected to the person that may have committed the homicide. >> reporter: police say a man related to the shooting turned himself in on thursday. mohammed al samma said his family owned the building but doesn't operate the liquor store saying his family wasn't involved in the shooting, but believes they were targeted nonetheless. >> they did the same thing with the liquor store. the same method. then after two days, they came here. >> the oakland police department and crimestoppers are offering reward money in the shooting and arson cases. the tip line on the screen. for the arson case, the report could be up to $40,000 if the information leads to in the north bay, police say troubling acts of vandalism are connected to a defense witness in the derek chauvin trial. the images you are about to see our pigs blood splattered in
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front of a home and on a downtown statue. handles splatter the blood on this home and left a decapitated pig's head on the front porch. the home used to belong to former santa rosa police officer barry brodd. he testified last week on behalf of the defense saying chauvin was justified in pinning george floyd to the ground. yesterday morning, police officers found vandals had covered a statue at the mall animal blood. a son left behind left oink, oink. police believe they are connected. barry brodd no longer lives in santa rosa. the city police chief said his testimony does not reflect the values and beliefs of the department. now to the pandemic. california will hit a milestone with vaccinations. just under 10 million people are now fully vaccinated in california. the state reports having
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weeks supply of doses on hand despite the pause with the johnson & johnson vaccine. on average the state is administering 379,000 doses every single day. there's one sad note on the headlines. the world past due to the coronavirus. is more are getting their second pfizer and moderna shots, medical experts are realizing women and younger people are having more side effects. luz pena spoke to a ucsf expert who expands what's happening and why you shouldn't worry. >> reporter: for 24 hours, these were the side effects she went through after her second pfizer shot. >> a high fever and my bones felt like sandpaper, they were sanding my bones. >> reporter: the infectious disease specialist dr. rutherford said the side effects after the second shot are normal because the im response to the second shot is even stronger. >> the spike protein that the mra is tricking cells into
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producing. that's what's being detected. that's what we wanted to do. >> reporter: in this cdc report, data shows that of 13.7 million americans vaccinated during december and january 2021, reports of side effects were higher among women. why is it that women and young adults are having more reactions to the second shot of the moderna or pfizer vaccine? >> women should have stronger immune responses because they had to protect pregnancies, they have to live to have babies. it probably has to do with the sex hormone and the immune system ages and collects problems as you get older. it's not at all surprising to me that the reactions are more common in younger people than older people. >> reporter: the side effects are mild and tend to last between two and three days. headaches, body aches, and fever in some cases. if you don't experience side effects, should you be
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concerned? >> no. there's nothing wrong with them. they just have a better regulated immune system. >> reporter: this 34-year-old felt the side effects of the first moderna shot. he was hospitalized a year ago with covid, and was given 50% chance of survival. he puts the body aches of that shot into perspective. >> it mentally brings you back to having a fever. it is psychological. then you tell yourself it is nothing compared to covid. heads up from transit. tomorrow will be the last day they will offer free shuttle service to the mass vaccination set at the oakland coliseum on. since february, free y 15to 20 sttransit center. the service provided rides to more than 3500 residents in the time period. alameda county is providing
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hundreds of vaccines to senior citizens. the public health department teamed up with wellspring pharmacy to administer 300 shots at the senior center in alameda. apartments were required. organizers say it's important to bring the vaccine to the most vulnerable residents who still haven't been able to find a vaccine appointment. for the latest on vaccine appointment opening so if you have questions about the vaccine process, you can ask the abc7 xe news team by going to,/vaccine. lisa, yesterday it was gray and look how beautiful it is out there. we are sing the marine layer washout. 63 degrees. well into the 70s yesterday. this is about 2300 feet up. as we look to the rest of the bay area, widespread warmth today. more 80s in marin. even dear 90 in contra costa county. the seven-day forecast is
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welcome back. today san francisco's commemorating the 150th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake. this is video from two the mayobegan the ceremony this morning at five: a.m..
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is served as a meeting spot for people to reunite with their loved ones after the quake. every year on the state, a moment of silence is observed at 5:11 trimmer those who lost their lives and those who survived and helped rebuild the city. it's followed at 5:12 by 30 seconds of fire engine sirens. the exact time the quake struck. last year the ceremony was canceled because of the pandemic. it be clean is underway and one east bay city after protest. hundreds of demonstrators win oakland protesting the police shootings across the country. the march ended in violence and vandalism to some local businesses. >> reporter: crews were cleaning up broken glass at volkswagen of oakland where managers say most of the windows were smashed and the car was set on friar retin-a. cars work torched at the honda dealership on broadway where windows were broken.
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>> it's frustrating. it is more sad than anything. you can't dwell on it. we got to get better. come together as a community and stop this. it's not one person. it is everybody. >> reporter: police say about 200 to 300 demonstrators marched friday night in protest to recent deadly shootings across the country. some lit fires and others broke windows at this target store on broadway. >> it takes away from the message. >> reporter: chris owns the calaveras restaurant. most of his windows were broken by some demonstrators. his security footage capturedh to be protesting instead of why we are cleaning up glass. >> reporter: some city officials said they support the right to protest, but vandalizing oakland businesses is not the answer.
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>> we cannot continue to build the city in one and destroying it at the other end. >> reporter: he plans to ask the police chief how oakland businesses can be better protected. in a statement, the mayor's spokesperson said the vandalism and tax on businesses, many small and locally owned is reprehensible. the police will investigate and hold those responsible accountable and we will assist the community as we build back stronger. more demonstrations could be planned over the coming days. in san francisco, show solidarity to aapi and african- american communities. >> the bible says stand up in the presence of the elderly. >> city leaders launched what is being called a new campaign for solidarity to take a stand against hate, bias, and violence. toolkits were distributed to stimulate conversations about the importance of standing
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together. the human rights commission launched a new initiative last year to connect both communities. atfe of prince philip. the royal family said their final goodbyes to the husband of a queen, father and grandfather to future kings, and devoted public servant to the people of great britain. >> ♪ >> he has quite simply been my strength and stay all these years. i and his whole family owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim that we should offer no. >> given the most remarkable, devoted service to the queen, to my family, and to the country. >> much can be done by an individual, but i am old- fashioned to believe that a
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great deal more can be achieved by a partnership, marriage. >> it's been a challenge for us. i think the main lesson we have learned is tolerance in the one essential ingredient of a happy marriage. you can take it from me that the queen has the quality of tolerance in abundance. >> when you go through life trying to make a legacy. >> no. if i can make life marginally more tolerable for people who come after, i would be delighted. >> we have a look back at the life and influence of prince philip including a royal wedding archive. you can find it through the abc7 bay area connected tv app available for roku and similar devices. at home, san francisco mayor is calling on both residents and visitors to spend their money only on local businesses.
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no amazon or chain stores for 30 days. mayor anunce di, >> rvived that is the owner of mayonnaise. a small business owner in the mission district. it's a statement that only half of san francisco's small businesses can now say. 13 months after they were forced to close for the first time. among the hardest hit or establishments in chinatown. >> because of the expectation that covid was floating around chinatown. >> reporter: a year ago, lawmakers showed up to support these businesses. these closures expanded tall neighborhoods in san francisco, forcing the city to dig deep to help support them by giving out grants and loans and waving city fees and ng them to permanently keep their park let's. >> total san francisco has provided about $75 million
6:18 am
throughout the course of this pandemic, not including state and federal resources. >> reporter: the mayor promised more financial support in the upcoming budget. today, as the city begins to recover, the mayor says it's his mom and pop shops that need our help the most, announcing a 30 day challenge to bolster sales. >> starting may 1, for 30 days, we will take this challenge and say to themselves i will only shop and dine at small businesses so we can have a fighting chance to survive the end of this god-awful pandemic. >> reporter: the challenge for these businesses is finding employees. some left the city are moved onto another job. the term we are hiring will become a welcome freeze. let's get to check outside. lisa, but a smart idea to have that challenge. it will be hard for a lot of people, but hopefully a lot
6:19 am
will try it. >> i was going to the bookstore and my daughter was begging me to go to a small bookstore. good morning. we are looking at the shallow deck of low clouds. behind me, the golden gate bridge. high pressure is built into the bay area and we are looking at a dry pattern throughout the day today. the warmest day of the week, and already bright conditions, away from the coast. santa cruz, there is a low cloud deck. we will be into the 70s. upper 70s this afternoon. the sea breeze kicks in through the later afternoon and that will cool everyone off. 48 in the city. 47, mountain view. 43, morgan hill. look at this. gorgeous shot from mt. tam. you can pick up the golden gate bridge. low-lying fog this morning. 41, santa rosa.
6:20 am
we have patchy fog getting shallower along the coast. upper 30s in napa. low 40s by the delta. 48, concord. here is a look at the fog where you can see there's not much of it. the flag not blowing. the afternoon, we kick in the sea breeze. areas of low-lying fog this morning. sunny and warmer today. cooler pattern develops this week. as we get to the cooler conditions, numbers will stabilize to your seasonal levels. than we have an interesting twist by the end of the weekend. here is a look at the fog. it pulls back then it goes closer to the coast around san mateo, half moon bay. is a look at tonight. higher clouds, gusty winds and the sea breeze allowing for winds kicking up to near 40 miles per hour as we get into your monday afternoon.
6:21 am
that will be the source of the cool down. cooler and damp air from the pacific as the system sets up off the coast. 3:00 monday afternoon, 30 mis r conditnshwest all across the , o everyone, still holding onto the heat in inland valleys. nine days out beyond the weekend, the system will set up offshore. we have seen this before and it doesn't materialize. we are hoping with more the models coming into consensus that we will see rain next weekend. 66, half moon bay. 78, santa cruz. 88, concorde. 85, santa rosa. lots of 80s on the peninsula. 76 in oakland today. san francisco in the low 70s. the accuweather forecast seven- day forecast, 60s and half moon bay with partly cloudy skies. upper 70s around the bay.
6:22 am
we keep it warm inland tomorrow but then everyone cools off throughout the afternoon. much cooler tuesday. you can see temperatures staying seasonal after that midweek toward the end of the week. we will be watching for the pattern change. the oscars are making history even before the first winner is announced. we will explain. - hi, i'm steve. - i'm lea. and we live in north pole, alaska. - i'm a retired art teacher. i enjoy drawing, painting. every morning we do our exercises before
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watch this. here are oscar nominations,ogss oscars so white may be a thing of the past. we have more ahead of next weekend big award show. >> here are the all-male nominees. >> reporter: four years they
6:25 am
have been criticized for lack of diversity for the nominees. >> cynthia did such a great job in harriet hiding black people, that the academy got her to hide the black nominees. >> reporter: the oscars are already breaking barriers before the big night. >> ♪ >> reporter: viola davis with her fourth oscar nomination coming the most nominated black actors in oscar history. for her lead role in "ma rainey's black bottom". out of the top acting roles, nine this year our performance of color, and six are black after there was only one last year. >> we are harnessing all of our talent, all of our ingenuity, and we are literally demanding to be seen. >> reporter: for the first time, asian-american and muslim best actor nominees.
6:26 am
>> i am happy we get to see a reality now where we can see eclectic points of view. >> reporter: stephen furman ari and percent of middle. >> it changed me. it changed all of us who made it. >> reporter: and chloe zhao becoming the first woman of color ever nominated for best director saying this at the awards. >> if this means more people like me that get to live their dreams, i am very grateful. >> reporter: together, the first time two women have been best directing oscar nominees. >> so proud to everyone who worked on this film. >> reporter: many representing minority groups and their movies representative of a larger cultural moment. several phone films touching on social justice issues. >> a lot of these films shared the social justice fiber, that of his contemporary, even
6:27 am
though all of these films are period pieces. all of these movies feel so timely because they are so timely. we have been talking about this same issues for decades and generations. >> reporter: it's too early to celebrate a diversity win. the directing category. the new york times reports the first woman of color ever nominated that $5 million to maker movie. the most a woman has ever gotten is 15 million and that was kathryn bigelow. it is still not rare for a man to get tens of millions to make their movie. >> you can see who take home the oscars one week from today. you can watch it live next sunday, april 25, right here on abc7 at 5:00 . all eyes were on the falcons per hatched a. this is video from in the past cam. at least one of the chicks has already emerged. you can see it underneath the
6:28 am
mom. you can see part of an etiquette. we are told the shell contains important nutrients. a naming contest will be held next month for the chicks. still to come. as vaccine eligibility expands, covid cases are up in nearly half the country. where doctors say hospitals are in crisis. indianapolis is mourning the victims of a mass shooting at a fedex facility. what we are le are you managing your diabetes... ...using fingersticks? with the new freestyle libre 2 system, a continuous glucose monitor, you can check your glucose with a painless, one-second scan. and now with optional alarms, you can choose to be notified if you go too high or too low.
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♪ ♪ ♪ get exclusive offers on select new volvo models. contact your volvo retailer to learn more. good morning. thank you for joining us. we will start this half hour with a look at the mother weather. starting out, san jose, a beautiful shot. the sun coming up. we will get set for a warmer day. fortier, san francisco. mountain view, 45.
6:31 am
88, san jose. from the tower camera, clear conditions. yesterday a lot of gray out there. with thus far, we are a little cooler. 41, santa rosa. 47, livermore. 10:00, 60s and 70s. look at the yellows turn into oranges. that indicates a warmer air from the east bay and into the southbay, mid-80s at 3:00 santa rosa to san jose. the sea breeze kicks in. will cool us off tonight. we will look at the week ahead in a few minutes covid-19 cases are increasing in nearly half the country. health officials say where in fourth surge. the upper midwest, the number of people fighting the viruses at 14% in the last week. at least 35 hospitals in
6:32 am
michigan are at 95% capacity. all 50 states are planning to expand vaccine eligibility to anyone 16 and older by the end of the week. the pause on johnson & johnson single shot remains in effect after six women who recently got it suffered rare but severe blood clots. the cdc advisory committee will meet friday to potentially vote on a recommendation. coming up this week, dr. fauci discusses the latest on the u.s. vaccination rollout as a country sees a new rise in coby cases. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning on abc7. community is morning as investigators continue to search for emotive in the mass shooting at a fedex facility in indianapolis. the alleged shooter's family is offering their sincerest and most heartfelt apologies to the victims and loved ones. abc news reporter has the details. >> reporter: solemn moments in indianapolis, two separate
6:33 am
vigils honoring the victims of another mass shooting. >> show empathy. show love. >> we must support one another, not just in grief, but in calling policymakers and elected officials to make meaningful change. >> reporter: police say 19-year- old brandon hole, a former fedex employee, killed eight people late thursday, wounding five others before taking his own life. police now say he legally bought two assault rifles he was seen during the shooting. the suspects family releasing a statement saying they are devastated at the loss of life, offering their sincerest apologies to the victims, and say they tried to get him the help he needed. have the victims are members of the local sikh community . >> i posted her picture everywhere because she is not going to be assisted sick. >> reporter: the ages range from 19 to 74 years old.
6:34 am
samaria blackwell. >> she is two older brothers and one older sister. she was the baby. she was exploring her options. just having graduated last year so life was ahead of her. >> reporter: two other victims from the same family. >> it's hard. you know you will never see the person again. >> reporter: police aren't sure the motive, but a spokesperson is pointing to the victims and fears his neighbors were targeted. >> people do not know about us because of our appearance, what we wear, beard, turban. that is why most of the time, we are the victim of hate crimes. >> reporter: this is the third mass shooting this year in indianapolis. >> tonight in san jose, there will be a vigilant for the victims that died in indianapolis. a candlelight vigil starts at 7:00 outside of sikh and the mayor is expected to be there.
6:35 am
it was not seven a protest in brooklyn center, minnesota, over the police shooting of daunte wright. the reverend jesse jackson was there. demonstrators gathered throughout the night in front of the police department. an officer shot and killed him during a traffic stop. she is facing a 2nd degree manslaughter charge. police say the officer accidentally fired her gun instead of a taser. preparations are underway in minneapolis and across the country i do closing arguments in the derek chauvin trial and a possible verdict. the mayor of minneapolis says 2000 national guard troops are on standby and ready to be deployed through the downtown area if needed. fencing and barricades of gone up in front of government buildings and police stations in anticipation of possible unrest. schools in minneapolis have transitioned to remote learning. similar preparations are underway in many u.s. cities including the bay area. a man is dead, shot and
6:36 am
killed by alameda sheriff's deputies after authorities say he opened fire on them. one of the deputies was hurt, grazed by a bullet that investigators say flew past his head. the shoot out happened around 3:40 yesterday morning on second street near campus drive in the fairview area. sheriffs officials say neighbors called 911, report a man was threatening them with a gun. responding deputies set up a perimeter and found the man hiding behind a fence. >> the subject had a gun. they said drop the weapon. that individual didn't drop the weapon and raised it and fired multiple rounds i'm being told at one of the bullets whizzed by the head of our deputy, narrowly striking him in the head. >> sheriffs officials say the man who was killed was 26 years old and had a long criminal history for shootings and other crimes. he was on parole. the alameda district office and
6:37 am
are investigating the shooting. still ahead. preparing for pre-pandemic days as people start heading back to the office. new issues are expected to service because of safety concerns. we dive into a poll on how this will affect traffic congestion. let's take a live look outside. you can see all the fog. it's a beautiful start to the morning. we will check in with lisa . this cgm has truly changed their lives. you actually have a sense of direction. you know where you're i can be proactive instead of you actualreactive. sense of direction. the accuracy in which glucose number readings on the g6
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for as little as $25 a month. but when you bring a friend every month, you get every month for $5. so i'm bringing everyone within 12 degrees of me. bam, 12 months of $5 wireless. visible. as little as $25 a month. or $5 a month when you bring a friend. powered by verizon. wireless that gets better with friends. welcome back. here is a live look. not too many sea lions hanging out there. let's talk about more news of the days. first flight of in a genuity mars helicopter could happen
6:40 am
tomorrow. it is scheduled tomorrow morning. the original flight was supposed to take up one week ago, but there was a time which that forced it to be delayed. the helicopter arrived on mars aboard the perseverance rover in february. if all goes well tomorrow, the ingenuity will take up from a flat patch and fly 10 feet high for landing 40 seconds later. that's the sound of the newly commissioned uss oakland. the ceremony took place at the port of oakland. the navy says antisubmarine warfare will be the primary mission of the warship. it can deal with mines and swarming small craft. this is the third uss oakland. the first was a cargo ship and the second served in world war ii. >> it's with great pride that i stand here in oakland to commission the warship.
6:41 am
power crew was committed to conducting the ceremony in oakland to four connection with the ship's namesake city as well as imbue the spirit of the former warships. >> the ship operates with 70 crewmembers and will be based out of san diego. it's a pretty sunrise this morning. the deck of low clouds is still with us, but it is only a couple hundred feet so it's being compressed by this ridge of high pressure bringing sunshine to most of us. temperatures maybe 15 degrees above average. numbers in the 80s. we will talk about the bay area and the quick cool down that comes next. the
6:42 am
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in the past year. last year they recognized the urgent need the pandemic was creating. the foundation partnered with the oakland unified school district to help children get nutritious food through school meals during the pandemic. on april 28, ayesha curry set to testify before congress about childhood conker and the need to keep meals going during summer and when schools are closed. the giants tried to avoid being swept in miami. alex wood is scheduled to start for san francisco. first pitch is at 10:10 a.m. in oakland, the a's will try to win . first pitch at 1:07. the warriors will be in philadelphia to face the 76ers. last night they battled the celtics in a game that came down to the final minute. less than a month remains in the nba regular season. the warriors fighting for
6:45 am
position in the west. stephan curry scored 30 points or more in nine straight. a young stephan curry fan. andrew wiggins, spin and watche he loves it. late in the second quarter, pump fake. he throws it up. hoop and the foul from a distance. warriors led by six. they went on 828-five-run. jayson tatum slams at home's boston, then the warriors in transition. that's one of 11 threes in the game. right here, left ankle, clayhein treand tries to tough loose ball, goes over the scorers table. matt boone hits the triple. jta flips over.
6:46 am
he needed stitches and diagnosed with a concussion. four minutes to go, another triple. game-high 47. jayson tatum led boston. they retake the lead. celtics win. warriors seeing some good coming out of a tough loss. >> we can't hang our heads. we gave up the lead. i'm proud of the way we fought. >> i feel we got better tonight. the young guys especially got a lesson and no understand what a playoff game feels like and why everything matters. >> on the ice, history for the sharks. tied gordie howe for the most games played. 1767. a nice ovation during the game. he will break the record on
6:47 am
monday in vegas. the sharks led then the wheels fell off. first off the skate of burns. then joel arison knocks this one off his chest. he slides this one underneath jones. the referees couldn't find the puck. it ended up in his pants. the sharks lose. >> how about baseball? bottom two, man on for garcia. first homer since june 2019. 3-0, oakland. next pitch. his third homer of the year. a's win. they won seven in a row. they will go for the sweep today on sunday. giants in miami. it's a good ball game. giants are up. he gloves it and throws, out. giants wants to have a look.
6:48 am
watch the 1st base man. he bare hands it. they call him out. giants get a run. bottom of the 10th. he ends thing, two rbi game- winning neck. the marlins win. that's a look at sports. let's get a check of the forecast with meteorologist lisa argen. nice and sunny out there as we look at live doppler 7. allowing for the marine layer to be pushed to the surface. none here at all from our exploratorium camera. a beautiful start to the sunday. numbers cooler in spots with a cool start start. 47, oakland. upper 40s, southbay. low 40s in morgan hill. this is what's left of the fog, just under the deck. maybe 200 feet. what a gorgeous view. numbers elsewhere looking cool
6:49 am
from north bay. upper 30s, no lotto. winds are calm and 48, concorde. livermore, 47. we have a sunny and warm day on the way for the communities north of the golden gate. the peninsula warming up to 80 today. you will get a sea breeze but it will be later today. the fog is dissipating. sunshine and warm weather. cooler pattern arrives for monday. the fog isn't going to go too far. it sets up again from point reyes later today. 3:30 and that's when the sea breeze should get going. late sunday into monday, extra cloud cover. more wind and looking at the cooler monday. still going to hold onto some other warmth. in oakland today, in the 70s. beautiful day. getting warm under the sun with a light west wind.
6:50 am
toward the pacific, we have seen this pattern, systems go up and over the ridge. that's what happens tuesday. maybe a few showers in the sierra nevada. the rest of the week it is quiet and seasonal. sunday looking at perhaps a situation to the north of us. there is a typhoon way out there and it will gather moisture. by the time it makes its way to the eastern pacific, monday and tuesday looking interesting here for much of the west coast. desperately needing that rain. 82, santa clara. 82, cupertino and sunnyvale. san mateo, 78. look at the 80s from menlo park . 81, mountain view. 60s at the coast with partly cloudy skies. 70 downtown. mid-60s in the sunset. widespread 80s from calistoga. 80, san rafael.
6:51 am
mid-70s, oakland. 80s from san ramon and toward the delta. as we look at the forecast, we cool off starting with the bay and coast side tomorrow. everyone comes down tuesday. it gets quiet, partly cloudy, or seasonal temperatures. as we go from summer today back to spring midweek, and hopefully spring showers by the end of next weekend. the bay area will face old and new problems as companies develop plans to bring workers back to the office. getting the economy on track as part of building a better bay area. our news reporter david louie looks at residence and will likely bring back the traffic nightmares of pre- pandemic days. >> reporter: as companies start to bring back office workers, new issues are expected because of safety concerns.
6:52 am
the bay area council supported by 350 employers surveyed 1000 people last month in english, chinese, and spanish and discovered 51% consider working at the office isn't safe and higher numbers, 64%, the public transit is unsafe. >> this region won't do well if folks aren't willing to get on transit and they're not quite ready for that yet. we have to do a great job ensuring the safety of folks on transit. >> reporter: if six-foot distancing remains in practice, that could take the mass out of mass transit. the poll also indicates traffic congestion could resurface. 74% expect to go back to driving alone which matches pre- pandemic patterns. 27% will walk or ride bikes. 20% will use public transit. that's down from 29% pre- pandemic. 90% will carpool, rideshare, or take taxis.
6:53 am
31% drop pre-pandemic. even with proposals for hybrid work model with workers splitting the week at home and at the office, a new strategy may be needed. >> metering when folks come back so they are not all there on the same day so we don't have light traffic one day and intolerable traffic another day is really important. >> reporter: who will decide what's best for companies and employees? his company tracks workers sentiment to guide executive leaders said bosses will need to tread lightly. >> what is my competition doing? that's another benefit and eb criteria as people think about where they want to spend their talent. >> reporter: forecasting can be challenging. attitudes can change quickly as a result of vaccinations and what options workers are given. last call for discounted meals. details on the last avenue san francisco
6:54 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time.
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today's the last chance to snag good food. it celesta the spring edition of restaurant week. lunch deals start at $10 for two courses and dinner deals range from $25 to $65 for three courses. more than 100 are taking part this year. for more information visit us of restaurant it has everything you need to know on which are offering take- out, and indoor and outdoor dining. the weather is good for a little outdoor dining right now. >> always hungry at this hour and that didn't help. a beautiful day out there. you can see a little bit of fog a cooler and pattern starts tomorrow and lasting throughout the week. 70, downtown today. 76, oakland. 82, fremont. 83, san jose. upper 80s toward the east bay
6:57 am
valley. we have a few 80s. 5 degrees cooler inland tomorrow. much cooler elsewhere. the breeze will k-cup tonight. we are dry and seasonal all week long but hoping for the pattern change at the end of next weekend. thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues at 9:00 a.m. have a great day.
6:58 am
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new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. good morning, america. tributes to lives lost, how relatives of the victims of the fedex shooting are remembering their loved ones. >> she's not going to be a statistic. >> she just cared about people. >> what the family of the alleged shooter is saying this morning as questions are raised over why he was allowed to buy his assault rifles. the new photos released by the family of adam toledo, the seventh grader shot and killed in chicago by police. how his brother is describing him this morning in an abc news exclusive amid growing calls for justice. paying for the parties? the increasing number of patients flooding emergency rooms. >> and what we're seeing now, i
7:01 am
believe, is attributed to that spring break travel.


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