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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  April 29, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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i kind of want to do vip. >> you deserve to be vip. do you have good morning, america. biden's big plan. the president laying out his vision to drive the country forward in his first address to congress. >> america is on the move again. a sweeping initiative to transform the economy coming with a hefty price tag. biden calls on the wealthiest americans and corporations to biden administration calls on the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill, also touting progress on the pandemic and also highlights the dangers of white supremacy. >> we won't ignore what our intelligence agency has determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland today, white supremacy's terrorism. >> as the republicans accuse biden's party of dividing the country. vice president kamala harris joins us live this morning in an exclusive interview only on "gma." also this morning, the race against time to get more americans vaccinated. thousands of vaccine doses set
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to expire this afternoon and the surprising costs of covid. why getting sick now could cost you thousands. rudy giuliani now at the center of a major criminal investigation. federal agents raiding his new york city apartment and office, what authorities seized and the new fallout this morning. cracking a cold case. the new twist in the unsolved murder of two teen girls in indiana. police arresting a kidnapping suspect who lives just miles away. could he be the man on the video at the center of the case? also, a real-life scene straight out of a hitchcock movie. thousands of birds invading this quiet neighborhood, all caught on camera. abc news exclusive. draft day. nfl commissioner roger goodell is live with just hours to go until the big event. how they're letting 50,000 people participate in person, and what he's saying about the league and vaccines. and we cannot wait for this.
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the first generation philly cllege student who has had to overcome so much, fighting hard to get into the school of her dreams. she has no idea she's moments away from a life-changing “gma” moment. join our surprise live on "gma." and we do say good morning, america. grateful that you're starting your thursday with us. >> today president biden is marking his 100th day in office. just hours after delivering his frst address to congress. ambitious in scope, intimate in tone, he was whispering at times and like everything else it was transformed by the pandemic. just 200 people in the room that usually holds about 1,600. >> and take a look at this powerful image during the address. behind president biden for the first time, two women, vice president kamala harris and house speaker nancy pelosi. >> and vice president harris is standing by to join us live. we'll speak to her in just a moment. but first, mary bruce is at the white house with the latest on the president's speech. good morning, mary.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. well, i was in the chamber last night and this really was just a surreal scene. a joint address like we've really never seen before. the president, though, seizing this moment to outline his ambitious and costly agenda to remake america. he says the country is in a once in a generation moment and that we are on the move and the u.s. can't stop now. with fist bumps and elbow jabs, the president entering the chamber for his first joint address relishing in the history of the moment. >> madam speaker, madam vice president. >> reporter: for the first time women.esident flanked by two - >> no president has ever said those words, and it's about time. >> reporter: on the eve of his 100th day the president touting his successes so far highlighting his strides to combat the pandemic. >> everyone over the age of 16, everyone is now eligible to get vaccinated right now right away.
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go get vaccinated, america. >> reporter: biden then pushing his plan to reshape the economy and the role of government. >> we have to prove democracy still works, that our government still works and we can deliver for our people. >> reporter: the president urging congress to pass his ambitious infrastructure bill. speaking directly to american workers. >> now, i know some of you at home are wondering whether these jobs are for you. american jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint to build america. that's what it is. >> reporter: and he's tasking the vice president with leading the charge. >> i'm asking the vice president to lead this effort if she would because i know it will get done. >> reporter: the president outlining a sweeping new child care and education plan calling for universal pre-k, paid family leave and tuition-free community college. >> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. >> reporter: but his expansive vision comes with an expensive
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price tag. over $4 trillion in new spending calling on only the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill. >> i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. we're only going to affect 0.3% of all americans by that action. >> reporter: republicans largely stonefaced in their seats opposed to the tax hikes and steep price tag. biden says he's open to bipartisanship but not a blockade. >> i'd like to meet with those who have ideas that are different, that think are better i welcome those ideas. but the rest of the world is not waiting for us. doing nothing is not an option. >> reporter: the president also highlighting the dangers of white supremacy, the stark contrast from his pred >> we won't ignore what our intelligence agency has determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to the homeland
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today, white supremacy terrorism. >> reporter: senator tim scott a rising star in the republican party delivering the response, branding biden's agenda as another example of wasteful government spending. >> our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams. it will come from you, the american people. >> reporter: scott, who is leading a bipartisan effort to pass police reform, speaking of his own experiences with racism and warning against using race a a political weapon. >> america is not a racist country. it's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. >> reporter: the challenge now for the president, of course, is going to be selling this plan. he is off to atlanta today for a rally there to begin a big push to do just that. but, look, he's taking a real gamble with this sweeping plan, and, guys, he's now relying on the vice president to help carry
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this across the finish line. >> why should you mention that, mary, because vice president kamala harris is now joining us live. e good morning to you. >> good morning. >> that historic image seeing you and house speaker pelosi, so much reaction to the president's speech last night. what's your main takeaway? >> i believe that the president yet again has reminded us to be optimistic and believe in america, believe in america. he was very clear, he's going to bet -- we're going to bet on americans and america every day and the work that he has been doing and the words of his speech, i think, really rallied the country to remember that we are competitive by nature. we believe in investing in working people. that is how we have grown. that is how we have grown our economy. that is how we've grown our standing around the world and this is a president who is prepared to continue to invest,
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knowing the great potential and the great role of leadership that our country plays in the world. >> thank you for joining us, madam vice president. the president's specific proposals are broadly popular but our new poll shows a majority concerned about the size and scope of the package. they want the president to work with republicans. how much are you willing to compromise? how much time will you give them before trying it with democrats alone? >> right, well, george, as the president even mentioned last night, we have been in many meetings in the oval office with republicans and democrats together, talking about all of these issues and inviting their feedback, inviting their ideas. we're very serious about that and very sincere in our hope and that we can reflect the bipartisan nature of the american people on these issues and come together in a way that is about, again, investing in families, investing in job creation, investing in the competitiveness of our country, vis-a-vis the world and the president specifically mentioned china as an example. >> but the president talking
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about immigration, he did not lay out a concrete plan with dealing with the surge of migrants, especially at the border, and that's your task. that's a job that he has handed you. so can you be specific with immediate plans that you will have in facing this issue? >> so, robin, what he mentioned is that i am responsible for and have been taking on the responsibility of dealing with the root causes of migration. here's how i think about it. listen, when you look at the northern triangle, which is the area of focus, the geographic area of focus, you have to ask and realize that i think most people don't want to leave home. they don't want to leave their grandmother. they don't want to leave the place where they grew up, the place where they're familiar with, the culture and the language. when people leave home it's usually for one of two reasons, because they don't have opportunities there to fulfill their basic needs like feeding their children or keeping a roof over their head or they're fleeing some kind of harm so the way that we are then dealing
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with this is to say, hey, let's, one, understand these are our neighbors in the western hemisphere and let's do what we can to give the folks there some hope, that if they stay, help is on the way. so i've been convening, for example, members of our cabinet including secretary of commerce who is going to have a virtual trade mission with the folks in guatemala and in the region, our secretary of agriculture, tom vilsack, where we're looking at the fact that among the needs and the harm in that area, it includes that they've had two gigantic hurricanes and now drought. we're talking about economies that are in large part based on their agricultural production so this is the work we're doing. i have convened american foundations to renew their emphasis and priority around the northern triangle. i've been talking with foreign leaders. i met right in this room with the prime minister of japan to talk about renewing our friendship on many levels including an investment in the northern triangle.
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similarly, i've talked heads of state around what we can do including giving th to renew its focus on the northern triangle through our great u.n. ambassador linda thomas-greenfield so this is the work that we need to do. it will not be fixed overnight. look, if it were easy, it would have been fixed a long time ago. it's not a new issue but we are prepared to make the investment and to get in there for the long haul to do what is necessary to address the reasons people flee. >> senator tim scott said last night that america is not a racist country. do you agree with that and what do you make of his warning against fighting discrimination with more discrimination? >> i believe that we need to -- well, first of all, i don't think america is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today, and i applaud the president for always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it.
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he spoke what we know from the intelligence community, one of the greatest threats to our national security is domestic terrorism, manifested by white supremacists and so these are issues that we must confront and it doesn't -- it does not help to heal our country, to unify us as a people, to ignore the ralities of that and i think the president has been outstanding and a real national leader on the issue of saying, let's confront the realities and let's deal with it knowing we all have so much more in common thanra what sepates us. and the idea is that we want to unify the country, but not without speaking truth and requiring accountability as appropriate. >> have more in common than not. madam vice president, i don't have to tell you, 100 days, today marks 100 days of this administration. >> yes, yes. >> so how would you compare where we are as a nation today as opposed to when you and the president took the oval office?
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>> well, 100 days in today, when we came into office on january 20th, we were looking at, you know, essentially a fraction of americans who had been vaccinated. we now -- as the president has rightly said have vaccinated over 200 million americans, the majority of adults in america have been vaccinated. folks got their $1,400 checks who desperately needed them, trying to make it work. 10 million people were unemployed and helping them get through this moment. we have done the work of getting schools re-opened and now everyone from 16 on up can get vaccinated and that means our teachers and our school bus drivers and kids are back in school. so these are the things that are happening and also we have made a real serious commitment and investment to job creation in america and we are as -- the president said last night, america is back and we're here to stay. >> madam vice president, thank you for joining us on this 100th day. >> thank you all, be well. thank you. >> michael?
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now we turn to the latest in the fight against the pandemic. that's just about 55% of the u.s. adult population. but the demand for vaccines is dropping and thousands of doses are set to expire this afternoon. marcus moore joins us from tulsa, oklahoma, where they're averaging fewer than 200 shots a day. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: well, michael, good morning. health officials here in tulsa are concerned about that. they can give thousands of shots at this vaccination site every single day here but right now people are trickling in to get vaccinated. this morning, health officials concerned as demand declines for covid-19 vaccines. thousands of doses going unused across the country. in oklahoma, a state where the average daily death toll is rising, a startling reality. at this fema site here in tulsa, oklahoma, they can do 3,000 shots a day, but look at this. absolutely no line and officials
7:15 am
here tell us they're averaging fewer than 200 a day. fema going door to do. in philadelphia, the clock is ticking. 3,000 doses set to expire this afternoon at the pennsylvania convention center. after vaccinating 7,000 people a day there, the average has dropped to the low hundreds. >> i don't want to do it but i'm going to do it because i want to go see my grandson and daughter. >> reporter: overall, cases across the country are now dropping and states are rolling back more restrictions. in georgia, this park will be open to 100% capacity next week. in new jersey, governor phil murphy signing an executive pory camps to re-open this summer. but as life returns to normal, an alert, some insurance companies are changing policies and no longer waving some covid fees. >> people who get covid now could be facing huge deductible payments of $1,000, $2,000, even more than that. >> reporter: one provider aetna telling abc news that while some
7:16 am
of their waivers like in-patient treatment expired in january and february they are still waving fees for covid testing and vaccines. while back here in oklahoma the effort to vaccinate continues. michael? >> hope those numbers pick up. marcus, thank you so much. george? >> thank you so much. we'll get the latest on the fbi raid of rudy giuliani's new york city home and office. authorities seized electronic devices including a cell phone from president trump's personal attorney during his time at the white house. jon karl reports from giuliani's apartment building in new york. >> reporter: rudy giuliani, former president trump's personal attorney who attempted to dig up dirt on his client's political rivals, is now at the center of a criminal investigation. federal agents raided giuliani's manhattan apartment waking him up at 6:00 in the morning. they searched his office too, seizing electronic devices including his cell phone. according to giuliani's lawyer, investigators are after information related to his activities in ukraine in 2019 when he was pushing the country's government to investigate joe biden's son hunter, the focus of donald
7:17 am
trump's first impeachment. giuliani has downplayed speculation he could be in legal jeopardy and insisting he's only been fighting the good fight. >> i started my career and maybe i'll end it rooting out corruption at the highest levels of government. >> reporter: but now he finds himself investigated by the u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york. giuliani's lawyer denied he's done anything wrong, while his son reacted to the raid by lashing out at the justice department. >> this is disgusting. this is absolutely absurd. if this can happen to the former president's lawyer this can happen to any american. >> reporter: in a sign of just how quickly and aggressively the fbi is moving on this, federal agents also seized the computer of giuliani's longtime personal assistant and, george, they issued a subpoena for her to appear before a federal grand jury in the coming weeks. >> and new york prosecutors continue to investigate president trump as well. thank you, jon. michael? we are following a lot of
7:18 am
other headlines this morning, including that possible new twist in the unsolved case of those two murdered indiana girls and suspect authorities now believe might be connected. but first, let's go to ginger. >> reporter: michael, you had softball sized hail in texas. this damage south of oklahoma city. an ef-1 among the many, right, four reported all the way to illinois and now, with flash flooding as part of the threat, we see the severe storm forecast from birmingham, alabama, all the way up to scranton, pennsylvania. a majority of today will be about damaging winds. if you are in this highlighted area back through west virginia and kentucky, be weather aware. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the rainy cities sponsored by amazon.
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good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nico. you are seeing the beginning of a cooling trend. that won't touch inland areas today. tomorrow morning will look a lot like this with a may gray weekend. mid-60s to upper 60s for san francisco enrichment. 80s, inland. look at the 50s at the coast. tonight, mid-40s to mid-50s. nfl commissioner roger . goodell coming up. we'll be right back.
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with 30% off everything. at zales. the diamond store. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. the mass vaccination site at the san mateo county event center is going to reopen today. it was forced to close earlier this month because of low supply. they plan to hold multiple vaccination clinics per week. take a look at the roads now with jobina. reggie we are looking backed up and foggy. a live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed, yo cat ha foin the arthe map.
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good morning. temperatures a little milder in the 40s and 50s this morning. you can see below cloudiness. some fog in the north bay. windy conditions in the delta all the way back to the golden gate bridge. choppy on the water for the evening commute. high amounts of tree pollen. uv index will be a little less today. the coast and bay cooler today. the coolest day thank you. coming up, if you're planning a
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( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one-gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health! ( abbot sonic ) they took everything from me. i'm going to make it right. >> yeah, you are. back here on "gma." michael b. jordan. new action thriller, "without remorse," and we don't have any remorse with him taking us behind the scenes in our next tmi u following a lot of headlines as well including president biden delivering his first joint address to congress. he called on the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot a bill for his sweeping infrastructure bill. on the other side the republicans say it is dividing the country. also, these three men
7:31 am
indicted on federal hate crime and attempted kidnapping charges in the shooting death of ahmaud arbery out jogging last year when they chased and fatally shot him. no trial date has been set. take a look at this. this is the first time we are seeing alexei navalny and he's now ended his 24-day hunger strike. he appeared in court via video to appeal a defamation conviction. navalny blames the kremlin for the attempt on his life which the russian government has denied. and take a look at this. a bird's-eye view of a scene in australia straight out of an alfred hitchcock movie. this huge flock of cockatoos invaded a small neighborhood in new south wales. thousands of birds taking over the streets. apparently the birds can be, quote, incredibly destructive. >> see. >> yep. but they're a protected species so not much can be done to stop them. if you own a car wash in the area, business is booming. and we've got a lot more ahead, everybody. nfl commissioner roger goodell is going to join us live for an exclusive interview ahead of tonight's nfl draft. there he is right there in his
7:32 am
comfy chair. we'll hear he's saying about vaccinations for the players and staff, robin. >> he liked your line too. you can see his expression. we'll continue with a potential new break in the unsolved murders of two girls in delphi, indiana. authorities now saying they are looking into a possible connection between a kidnapping suspect and a 2017 killing that rocked that small community. amy is here with the latest details for us. good morning, amy. >> good morning. investigators have been searching for more than four years to find a double murderer who they say could be hiding in plain sight. this morning, a potential new lead in the unsolved murders of 13-year-old abby williams and 14-year-old libby german, two eighth grade girls last seen snapchatting on a hiking trail in 2017 but despite the video and audio of the suspect taken from libby's cell phone -- >> guys, down the hill. >> reporter: -- their killer has never been more than
7:33 am
investigators say they are looking into a person they believe might be connected to the murders. last week police arresting 42-year-old james chadwell, charging him with the kidnapping and attempted murder of a 10-year-old girl in lafayette, indiana, about 20 miles away from delphi. the sheriff telling abc news, there are several factors leading them to look into chadwell in connection with the delphi girls, but declining to go into detail. chadwell has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him and has not responded to requests for comment regarding that possible connection. the murders of abby and libby have haunted the town for years. >> i think of abby and libby all the time. i have their names etched in my desk. >> reporter: in 2017 authorities releasing this grainy photo of a suspect they said was on the trail the same day the eighth graders went missing with no arrests, later releasing this video footage recovered from libby's cell phone along with audio believed to be the suspect's voice. >> guys.
7:34 am
down the hill. >> reporter: police saying they believe she recorded it because she feared they were in danger. >> watch the mannerisms as he walks. do you recognize the mannerisms as being someone that you might know? >> reporter: believing the killer was likely a local, investigators initially released this sketch of the suspect, but in 2019, they released a new younger looking suspect sketch based on a witness recollection. potentially placing the man between 18 and 40 years old. >> to the killer who may be in this room, we believe you are hiding in plain sight. >> reporter: now, chadwell is due back in court to face charges on june 10th but certainly we hope those families get some answers soon, george. >> okay, amy, thanks very much. we move now to that looming gas shortage this summer as many families across the country get ready to hit the road and gio benitez has more on why it's happening, what you can do to plan ahead. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning.
7:35 am
yeah, this gas station behind me has plenty of gas, and so do most of them across the country right now, but come this summer some experts say that some stations may be seeing delays. this morning, a warning from the tanker truck industry saying some stations may run out of gas this summer and not because of a gas shortage, instead a trucker shortage. >> last year during the pandemic, many of the drivers were tired or they went to different industries and that created a shortage. >> reporter: according to trucking trade group, national tank truck carriers up to a quarter of all tank trucks in the country that carry gas are parked because they don't have the drivers. so far it's only affected some stations in las vegas and northwest arkansas, but come this summer, experts say we may see shortages in vacation hot spots. >> what we're looking at is this summer in terms of this happening most likely in spots that are very popular in terms of travel destinations for the summer so beaches, mountains. >> reporter: truck driver jeremi johnson doesn't carry gas but
7:36 am
he's seen the problem firsthand. >> through the pandemic there was a lot of people, a lot of guys that were single operators that went out of business because the rates went so low. >> reporter: demand for gas is already reaching prepandemic levels. in fact, if you look at just the week of april 12th from last year, we saw people taking about 4billion trips under 25 miles. compare that to the same week this year, nearly 6 billion. so do you think that people should be panicking and sort of going out there and buying as much gas as they can? >> there is no reason to panic. i can tell you that much because when this has happened the few isolated incidents that we've seen it's happened to a chain or a brand in a market, not the entire market. >> reporter: experts tell us a good tip to keep in mind is, don't wait until you're almost on empty to fill up the tank. go ahead and fill up when you
7:37 am
have maybe a quarter tank of gas left. that way you have time to go from one station to another if you have to. guys. >> makes a lot of sense, thanks very much. coming up, nfl commissioner roger goodell is going to join us live for an exclusive interview ahead of tonight's big nfl draft. be right back. lie nelson ♪ ♪ ♪ we're delivering for the earth. by investing in more electric vehicles, reusable packaging, and carbon capture research. making earth our priority. thought i'd seen it all. ♪
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7:41 am
the man himself is joining us live from cleveland. he is out of the basement where tonight's draft will take place. good morning, commissioner. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, stra. >> good morning. >> my pleasure. glad to be here. >> we are happy that you're here and we're happy that it's draft day, a lot of excitement out there. last year you did it from the basement. but this year, you're back on stage and you will announce picks on stage but brought something from home, which you're sitting in right now, you brought the chair from your basement. why did you do that? >> i did. you know, i got used to it last year. it was fun to have it and a lot of people said let's bring it back so we'll have a fan sitting in it tonight. it should be fun. >> something else that's back, the fans, 50,000 fans at different draft locations will be present to watch this go down so how important was it for you to mak the draft as big as it's been in the past? >> well, michael, you know, the thing we miss the most from the
7:42 am
2020 season, whether it's a draft or our entire season and the postseason super bowl were fans. we all felt the lack of energy without the fans, so this year i think we're going to be able to have the energy of our fans and having them back which they love being here and being a part of this draft. and then, we're going to be able to combine it with a lot of technology and some of the things we did to give people and our fans an inside view of our players, of the coaches, of the general managers and the inside of access that people really want from the nfl. >> i love seeing that backstage access. as a player you don't see that. one big tradition, fans greet you with boos when you walk onto the stage. i know you missed it last year with the virtual boos it didn't feel the same. are you looking forward to getting booed in person tonight? >> it's a lot better in person, i will tell you, i had someone named michael strahan booing me
7:43 am
last year. >> i enjoyed it. >> when you walk out on the stage and you feel that, it's great because it's just the fans being a part of the event which is really become a tradition and i love it so i can't wait. >> and this is one of the biggest moments in these players' lives. last year we didn't get their big reactions when they heard their names called with the crowd cheering for them and we missed the famous hugs. it's going to be different this year, so tell me about that. >> well, you know, this moment, michael, you know it, you were drafted back in '93. you know, you work so hard for this opportunity. and your dream comes true and it's an emotional moment. and it's a real privilege for me to be there and experience it with that young man and his family and to be able to see him start his career in the nfl. so whatever happens at that moment is really up to that young man and how he feels at that particular moment but it's really maybe a little bit of
7:44 am
relief, excitement because as you know the anxiety building up to this as you wait to figure out what team you're going to play for in the nfl is tough on these kids and so this is a great moment for them tonight. >> and i'm sure when they hug you, you can feel the relief or shaking they're doing at that moment because they're full of emotion. let's talk about what happens next year or next for these players and all of the nfl for that matter. in 2020 five games postponed, ten gamed were moved but none were cancelled, and even with 600 players and staff testing positive, that's pretty amazing so were you satisfied with how the season went last year? >> i really was, michael. i don't think there are too many people who thought we could play a full season on time and that really was something that we were focused on but i tell you i give so much credit to our players and our coaches and our medical experts to come up with the protocols, to apply the
7:45 am
protocols, to adapt the protocols, and all of us had to adjust. we were dealing in uncertainty and they did it but most importantly, our teams played at the highest level. as you know, the competition last year was extraordinary. we had record scoring, we had record competitiveness of our games, and that's tough to do in the environment that they were dealing with, so, obviously, we're prepared to do this again next year. we think that the environment is going to be a lot different, the protocols will be different but we think the same quality football will be out there. >> and that's what we're hoping for. this year it's mandatory for staff to get vaccinated. what led to that decision and do you think it should be the same for the players to get vaccinated as well? >> you know, michael, for us, we're encouraging everybody to get vaccinated. i've been vaccinated. we just think it's the safest thing you can do for yourself and your family and, of course, those around you. and so we had tiers last year where no one was allowed to be involved with the actual players unless you were actually tested
7:46 am
on a regular basis. that will continue this year but all of those 150 people will need be to vaccinated so the players are safe and make sure that we do everything to ensure their safety. >> well, roger, good luck tonight. get ready for those hugs and hopefully you loosen up. those guys are strong when they're excited, man, so be careful. >> i will. i will. thank you, michael. >> all right, thank you. that chair looks pretty comfortable. you can see the first round of the 2021 nfl draft tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc and, of course, on espn. robin. >> what do you remember most about being drafted? >> the big subway sandwich we had to feed like 12 people and the second -- the second that it was over i went to sleep. i was exhausted. >> no kidding. >> yeah. >> you were able to sleep? >> i was too tired not to, george. we'll be back. >> we'll be back. uy this plant at walmart, they can buy more plants from metrolina greenhouses
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. good morning. let's check in with jobina for a look at the roads. >> reporter: thank you. we are going to get right to san rafael were we have a sig alerts. injuries have been reported and there is a backup. also moving over to the sig alert on eastbound 80, that is cleared. that's why i'm giving you the thumbs up. such a huge backup and also one in the san lorenzo and hayward area from earlier this morning. mike. hi, everybody. cooling for the coast especially. a little bit for the bay nothing inland.
7:57 am
outdoor activity will be a little breezy through the delta this afternoon. you can see the temperatures from 59 at half moon bay to about 87 in antioch. cooling conditions all the way through saturday. reggie. coming up on gma, an incredible scholarship surprise for senior who has overcome adversity. can't wait for that. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow. but you can work out anything with comcast business. get fast internet on the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. flexible tools — like wi-fi you control. voice solutions that connect you from anywhere. and expert advice here, here, or even here. be fast. be flexible. bounce forward with comcast business. get started with a powerful internet and voice solution for just $64.90 a month. plus, for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. switch today.
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the president lays out his vision to drive the country forward in his first address to congress. >> america is on the move again. >> a sweeping initiative to transform the economy coming with a hefty price tag. he also touts progress on the pandemic as republicans accuse biden's party of dividing the country, vice president kamala harris talks to "gma" this morning. race against time to get more americans vaccinated. thousands of vaccine doses set to expire this afternoon. and the surprising covid costs, why getting sick now could cost you thousands. dax shepard gets candid.
8:01 am
the actor revealing how he and his wife kri recenvealing how h kristen bell told their kids about his recent relapse. why he's calling it an opportunity and how to talk to your kids about addiction. behind palace doors. as william and kate celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary this morning, the new photos and the big question for the couple about their future. ♪ you can ring my bell ♪ michael b. jordan one on one. his new action thriller and what he's saying about "black panther 2." michael b. jordanen. one-on-one, his new action thriller and what he's saying about "black panther 2." and our new american idol. stra takes on kelly clarkson. what got him singing along? we're all gone as we say, good morning, america. ♪ still moving on, yeah, yeah ♪ did not realize kelly clarkson fan over there. you're not going tsior >> nope. you got enough in that open. you don't need any more than that in the morning. i don't want to disturb anybody.
8:02 am
>> more later. >> after the show i'll give you a little. >> a taste, all right. >> i'm a big fan of kelly clarkson since "american idol" and also a big fan of this high school senior who we're going to surprise as we celebrate national college decision day. and fan of this high school senior, we celebrate national college decision day. she thinks she's a finalist for a life-changing scholarship giveaway but she's actually our winner and will find out live on "gma" in a little bit. >> that is going to be great. we begin with president biden marking his 100th day in office after that prime time address to congress where he laid out his vision to drive the country forward transform the economy as the republicans accuse biden's party of dividing the country. mary bruce at the white house with the latest. good morning, mary. >> reporter: good morning, again, george. this certainly was a joint address like we have never seen before. the president, though, seizing this moment to outline his sweeping ambitious agenda arguing this is a once in a generation moment and declaring america is on the move again. with fist pump bumps and elbow
8:03 am
jabs, the president entering the chamber, relishing in the history of this moment. relishing in the history of the moment. >> madam speaker, madam vice president. >> reporter: for the first time flanked by two women. >> no president has ever said those words and it's about time. >> reporter: on the eve of his 100th day, the president pushing his plan to reshape the economy and the role of government. >> democracy still works and our government still works and we can deliver for our people. >> reporter: the president urging congress to pass his ambitious infrastructure bill, speaking directly to american workers. >> now, i know some of you at home are wondering whether these jobs are for you. the american jobsobsobsobs collar blueprint to build america. that's what it is. american jobs plan is a blue collar blueprint to build
8:04 am
america. that's what it is. >> reporter: the president outlining a sweeping new child care and education plan, calling for universal pre-k, paid family leave and tuition free community college. >> we also need to make a once in a generation investment in our families and our children. >> reporter: he's tasking the vice president, kamala harris, with leading the charge. earlier on "gma" harris telling robin these investments are needed to carry the country into the future. >> we believe in investing in working people, that is how we have grown. that is how we have grown our economy. this is a president who is prepared to continue to invest. knowing the great potential and the great role of leadership that our country plays in the world. >> reporter: but his expansive vision comes with an expensive price tag, over $4 trillion in new spending. calling on only the wealthiest americans and corporations to foot the bill. >> i will not impose any tax increase on people making less than $400,000. we're only going to affect 0.3% of all americans by that action. >> reporter: senator tim scott, a rising star in the republican party, delivering the response, branding biden's agenda as another example of wasteful government spending. >> our best future will not come from washington schemes or socialist dreams.
8:05 am
it will come from you, the american people. >> reporter: scott who is leading a bipartisan effort to pass police reform speaking of his own experiences with racism and warning against using race as a political weapon. >> america is not a racist country. it's backwards to fight discrimination with different types of discrimination and it's wrong to try to use our painful past to dishonestly shut down debates in the present. >> reporter: this morning harris responding. >> senator tim scott said last night that america is not a racist country. do you agree with that? >> i don't think america is a racist country, but we also do have to speak truth about the history of racism in our country and its existence today and i applaud the president for always having the ability and the courage, frankly, to speak the truth about it. let's deal with it knowing we all have so much more in common than what separates us. >> reporter: the challenge now for the president and his team, of course, is going to be selling this ambitious plan, not
8:06 am
just on capitol hill, but also to the american public. the president is hitting the road today. he'll be down in atlanta for a rally to begin the big push to try to do just that. george. >> mary bruce, thanks very much. robin? now to the demand dropping for covid vaccines. thousands of doses are set to expire this afternoon. marcus moore joins us from tulsa, oklahoma, where they're averaging fewer than 200 shots a day. good morning again, marcus. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this is a state where the average daily death toll is on the rise, but people are only trickling in to get vaccinated. i'm at a site where they can do 3,000 shots a day but as you said fewer than 200 are coming in to get shots. fema planning to go door to door to get the word out about the availability of vaccines and in the meantime, the clock is ticking in philadelphia where 3,000 doses there are set to expire at the convention center because of a drop in demand. now, at the same time overall cases across the country have been dropping and states are rolling back their restrictions
8:07 am
and insurance companies, they are changing their policies. some are no longer waiving covid fees meaning that some people who get sick could have faced a deductible payments of $1,000 to $2,000, robin, and some even more than that. >> thank you. michael? >> thank you, robin. we are celebrating the life of an american hero and a apollo 11 astronaut michael collins this morning who passed away at the age of 90. he was part of that famous three-man crew that landed on the moon in 1969 but unlike neil armstrong and buzz aldrin, collins never actually walked on the moon. he stayed in the command module as the pilot orbiting above the first moonwalk in history. american hero indeed. >> sure was. coming up, dax shepard coming clean to his young kids about relapsing after 16 years
8:08 am
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8:12 am
do good by you. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ welcome back to times square. on ballo classic for our series "rise and shine" celebrating america as we make our way out of this pandemic.
8:13 am
time for "pop news." good morning, lara. >> hey, good morning, robin. you know, we want to begin with one of our favorite funny women taking her talents to mtv. miss leslie jones will host the 2021 mtv movie and tv awards and she might go home with a statue of her own. nominated for best comedic performance for her role in "coming annie murphy, eric andre, issa rae and jason sudeikis. you can watch all the action when the show airs from l.a. on mtv sunday, may 16th. 9:00 p.m. eastern with the very funny leslie jones at the helm. buckle up, everybody. also in the news, the creator of spanx, the og frankly of all shapewear sara blakely has started an amazing new trend. it's a new take on the sisterhood of the traveling pants, only this time with wedding dresses. seeing her dress there. but she lent that wedding dress, her own dress to friends and strangers alike to wear on their own wedding days. she shared these photos you're looking at on our instagram of the five bride was have worn her
8:14 am
dress so far writing, i had already loaned my dress out to a close friend and stranger i met on a hike prepandemic. so during the pandemic it only felt natural to keep sharing. she put out a call to brides in need on her instagram and now she is featuring the latest bride to join the sisterhood, renata from new york city looking gorgeous in that dress. sara says the dress has good karma and plans to continue to lend it out. so check her out on instagram. sara, that is a great idea. and finally, guys, did you ever wonder if "gma" was an all-star football team who would play what positions? well, michael strahan was asked just that question by kyle grant on the ten questions with kyle grant podcast and here's what he thinks. >> well, robin would be the quarterback. george would be -- george would be the running back. >> uh-huh. >> i would be -- >> what do you get to be? >> the entire defense.
8:15 am
amy -- >> i thought you would say wide receiver. >> no. amy robach, that would be her position because she loves to run. ginger zee would be like a utility back. t.j. holmes would be a cornerback. >> uh-huh. >> because he's pretty and he's smooth. >> lara spencer? >> lara spencer would be the kicker. >> the kicker? how come? >> because she just wants to have fun. >> you know, the kicker is a high pressure job, michael. i just want to point that out. >> but you handle -- >> i want to send it to you in the studio. what do you think about the positions? >> i'll take running back. >> saquon barkley, we got tom brady up in here. kicker is the most pressure position outside of quarterback on the team so that's why you're -- you'd be a great kicker. let it be known. >> i don'tno you can can you tell me off.
8:16 am
if you can roll this here's another reason that michael truly chose me to be the kicker. >> ah. >> oh, yeah. >> you know what -- >> penn state, baby. that's what i'm talking about. way to cover that up for me, lara. i appreciate it. is getting candid about his recent relapse after 16 years of sobriety revealing in a new podcast how he and his wife kristen bell told their two children. zohreen shah is in l.a. with the story. >> reporter: this morning, actor dax shepard revealing how he and wife kristen bell told their girls about his recent relapse after 16 years of sobriety. >> when i relapsed we explained, well, daddy was on these pills for surgery and then daddy was a bad boy and started getting his own pills. >> reporter: shepherd sharing on chelsea clinton's podcast. he shared the relapse turned
8:17 am
into an opportunity to be honest. >> they know that dad goes to an aa meeting every tuesday and thursday. this has been like a second chance to confront all those things that have been building up. >> reporter: addiction is a family disease because everyone is impacted. >> the family needs to be part of the solution. it is the biggest opportunity, family, they're the most important group in that person's lifelong term and their recovery. >> reporter: shepard first publicly opened up on his podcast last september about relapsing with prescription pain pills following a motorcycle accident. >> i'm making you feel crazy and i'm making kristen feel crazy and then i tell you guys everything. >> yep. >> and i give you the remaining stuff i have and i say, please help me because i'm not doing this well. >> you will run into almost nobody who doesn't have one person in their life that's addicted. people like dax, they have a big megaphone and they can make a big difference. >> reporter: a big difference for fans while potentially setting an example for his kids. >> the proudest i am of my children ever is when they admit something and say, sorry.
8:18 am
it's the bravest thing to own your shortcomings. >> reporter: now the addiction specialist we spoke to also said there are no secrets when it comes to kids. it is about speaking to them in an age appropriate way and just making them feel comfortable. george? >> good advice. zohreen, thanks very much. we'll move on to our series behind palace doors. prince william and duchess kate celebrating their tenth wedding anniversary this morning releasing these photos. amid new questions about the royal family. james longman is at westminster abby with the story. god morning, james. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, george. right outside westminster abbey where ten years ago today will and kate got married, we all remember that dress. sort of like grace kelly coming dow the aisle. i almost fainted she looked so good. it looked like a fairy tale but the last tenbe iked
8:19 am
as the bells of westminster abbey rang that day, the house of windsor rejoiced. the second in line to the throne had found his bride, soon after a son, the succession was secure. >> i think they were seen by the royal family as the ticket to their survival. they had the approval of a lot of young people. they had the approval of a lot of people in the commonwealth. >> reporter: attention turned to harry. when he married meghan, the new royal generation seemed complete. but now the sussexes are breakaway royals and the fab four as it was briefly known is no more. >> i think prince harry and meghan leaving the royal family has created a dichotomy and put them both at odds with each other, these two couples, and i think a lot of people see meghan and harry representing the kind of progressive modern side and william and kate being kind of old fashioned right now and that's die spite their relative youth. >> reporter: william and kate still hugely popular but harry and meghan's departure hit the family where it hurt. >> i think for a lot of young people of ethnic minorities in
8:20 am
this country watching the first person of color in the royal family having to leave, that is going to change a lot of people's opinions. >> reporter: when prince philip died hearts around the world broke for the queen and we were reminded after her decades of public service of inevitable changes on the horizon. >> it's not a job you can just retire from or stand down from and i think they'll find a way and the prince of wales can support her and one day she will be gathered and he will be king. >> reporter: unbelievable thought, britain without elizabeth. >> i think after the queen dies there will ab intense period of questioning of the royal family and anti-monarchist sentiment is growing in this country, especially among the younger generation and i think the queen will have to do a lot of hard work to gain the trust of the british people. >> in the shock of that moment he will be the stability by being the continuity of an institution that has been going for a thousand years around
8:21 am
which the nation can move forward constantly modernize and make sure its political democracy remains vibrant. >> reporter: in the age of king charles, william and kate will be the next prince and princess of wales and will have to carve out new roles. >> the monarchy is always changi changing. it has to reinvent itself in order to survive. >> they'll have to do something seen as a break with tradition that is seen as a break from the establishment which so many people have a problem with at the moment. >> reporter: the british monarchy has survived a thousand years of uprisings, rebellions and one short-lived revolution. the next challenge surviving modernity. now polls say about one in five would abolish the monarchy which means they're still very popular, even after that oprah interview with meghan and harry. there is still a generational divide and still so much resting on will and kate's shoulders. >> james, thanks. let's go to ginger. >> reporter: george, when we
8:22 am
warn about monster hail, we're serious. listen to this from haslet, texas. listen to this. at least golf ball size hail but up to softball size doing damage all over the plains. look at the pictures out of norman that's a car dealership. they'll have some repairs there. all slides east and from tupelo all the way up to scranton and even into philadelphia, you've got chances for damaging win good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nico. you are seeing the beginning of a cooling trend. that won't touch inland areas today. tomorrow morning will look a lot like this with a may gray weekend. mid-60s to upper 60s for san francisco enrichment. 80s, inland. look at the 50s at the coast. tonight, mid-40s to mid-50s. time for "deals & steals." mother's day is around the corner, tory johnson has great
8:23 am
gift ideas for all the moms, special care givers in our lives. point your cell phone camera at that code on your screen to head right to the deals and let's head right to the deals right now. tory, good morning to you. how about a little breakfast in bed for mom. >> absolutely, robin. this is printfresh. you can let momma lounge in style and comfort. 100% cotton poplin fabric that gets softer with every use, whimsical prints. lemon zest as well as tiger queen and i love that the line is size inclusive. extra small to 4x. your choice of robe, sleep shirts and sets today are 50% off and start at $49. >> i love how you said let momma lounge. what if momma has a sweet tooth? >> christie cookie has her covered. hand crafted in nashville for 35 years using the finest ingredients in small batches. we've got three different tins from them with all of their fan
8:24 am
favorite, chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, white chocolate macadamia nut and triple chocolate brownies. your choice three options start at $19. >> if momma is a tory, what have you got for her? >> we've got a luxury handbag for her. this is a beautiful new style from lulu dharma. a snake embossed vegan leather. we've got six spectacular colors. it's a sturdy bag for every day but incredibly stylish and you get a lot of bang for your bag buck on this one because the deal on this today is $38 and free shipping from lulu dharma. >> we love free shipping, and i love these wrist bands that are not just wrist bands, but also keychains. >> yeah, this is a sweet company called jilzarah and they make all kinds of just smart functional and go hands-free and all the beads are beautiful.
8:25 am
they're handmade with clay and they're strong,strong,, industrial strength elastic cord so you know it will be dudu it will last. your choice today $12. >> and momma loves skin care products. what do you have here? >> oh, yes, she does including this momma right here. made in america strivectin, a "gma" favorite. because it delivers real visible clinically proven results. we have their whole collection of tightening favorites and then i've got to give a shoutout. they have a super c retinol serum. i credit it personally with helping to brighten and even out my skin tone and it's just all of their products are winners and today's a good day to indulge because everything is 50% off and stafrt starts at
8:26 am
$19.50 and free shipping. >> very popular. so what is your vision for this deal? >> i like that. peepers, we've got a huge assortment from peepers of their stylish durable frames and what i love for the first time ever is we also have their kids blue blockers so kids and mom can match in blue blockers to protect our eyes during screen time plus for adults a brand-new assortment of readers and sunglasses. everything is slashed in half. the whole assortment is $10 to $13.50. robin, we're not ending there. we have 12 more digital bonus deals online. there's 12 different brands, awesome mother's day options so head over there to shop. >> love those bonus deals. love seeing you, tory. thank you, as always and we have partnered with all of these companies on these great deals. you can get these and even more from tory's 40 boxes o coming up, huge surprise for a very deserving high school ni. come on back.
8:27 am
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♪ get ready. we're kicking off national college decision day which is this weekend. we all know it's an important moment for high school seniors all across the country as they decide where they'll be heading to school. an incredible giveaway. one student you see here is about to receive a $10,000 scholarship to the college of their choice but first we want to hear from these young ones. good morning. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good to see you. we know you picked drexel in philadelphia and you want to help those struggling with substance abuse in your community. how would the scholarship help
8:31 am
you move forward with your college career? >> well, starting off with this scholarship helping me continue to trend on bettering myself through education i chose the prestigious university of drexel because it is in philadelphia, my hometown. the town -- my home city, the city that helped create who i want to be. excuse me. it helped me create a better individual and it will help me better myself through not only helping those tackle substance abuse but starting programs that will help -- excuse me. i'm so sorry. not only to help tackle substance abuse but by also tackling some of the social issues that my community deals with starting with substance abuse. >> very good. >> yes, we admire what you want to do, lyric, and we accuweather actually have a surprise for you right outside your house so we need your mom to help you get
8:32 am
downstairs and we can't be there. they're getting outside on their way. >> what? >> wow, that was fast. >> come downstairs, okay, we're going to try to keep our distance. so overwhelmed. lyric, it's okay. you're still on "good morning america." oh, i have goose bumps. take a second. catch your breath. we'll show america your story, okay? >> okay. ♪ >> philly native lyric wise fought hard for this moment. >> success is inconvenient. it doesn't worry about the sacrifices had you to make, the things you had to jeopardize. >> reporter: the first generation college student and salutatorian's road to drexel was tough. >> we had serious hiccups and unexpected challenges that would make a person break. lyric did not do that. >> reporter: a string of sudden losses for lyric, firster t a m
8:33 am
attack four years ago. >> her education has always mattered to her. and i know her father is extremely proud of her right now. because i am. i am beyond proud of her. >> reporter: then when the pandemic hit, her mom's work hours were cut short, impacting her family's finances. >> they would not renew my lease and i -- in the end i had to separate my children just so i could get back on my feet and get us stable again. >> lyric like countless students across the country were affected by the pandemic personally and financially. her passion to continue to get success in life was add mir rbl. >> reporter: for her the classroom has always been an escape. >> she said i'm coming to the school, that's it. our teachers would say she is not satisfied with any grade
8:34 am
that she gets. that is short of an a plus. >> lyric, they can't stop you. they're not ready for you. >> you deserve this. i'm so proud of you. >> congratulations and reach for the stars. >> lyric, you are destined to be successful. >> i'm so excited to see where this next chapter in your life takes you. >> no matter what, i will always be your biggest supporter. i love you. >> okay, so, lyric, we have gathered your family here. the drexel cheerleaders and mascot. i'm sure as you can imagine, we know you're going to drexel right up the street. i'm sure you can imagine you're the $10,000 scholarship. our friends at tallo is gifting you with a $50,000 scholarship towards your future. >> thank you so much!
8:35 am
>> congratulations. >> oh, my gosh. thank you so much. >> and, lauren, we know that you had a hard time even figuring out how you would pay the deposit for her school. does this change everything? >> everything. everything, everything. oh, good morning, america. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. >> lyric, how do you feel? >> i'm overwhelmed. i'm happy. i'm delirious, i'm everything, i'm great. good morning, america. >> it is a good morning. you have earned it. we are so excited for you. >> oh, myh. y to thererlrs.ryin it's just the rain. >> she was nervous at first but that is all gone now. >> the way her mom -- that chair and down the stairs. >> we didn't know what we were seeing. >> it doesn't just impact her, the entire family.
8:36 am
what her mother, what they went through means so much. >> that is what you call sheer happiness. >> uh-huh. >> that is happiness. >> yeah. >> happiness is michael b. jordan taking us inside his brand-new action thriller. >> keisha, why you looking so
8:37 am
8:38 am
>> announcer: tomorrow, "ri "rise & shine" from on top of the world.
8:39 am
so much hope for a brighter summer as the country re-open, we celebrate tomorrow soaring in the skies with hot air balloons. see the spectacular event live tomorrow on abc's "good morning america." >> tell them. back now with our exclusive first look at disney cruise line's new ship. the theme is enchantment. a special partnership with disney imagineers for a next level experience. it will set sail next year. take a look. >> this morning, a sneak peek at disney cruise lines brand-new ship, the disney wish setting sail in the summer of 2022. here the first look inside. a three-story grand hall. the chandelier inspired by the fairy godmother's spell that created cinderella's ball gown. and speaking of that famous dress, there it is.
8:40 am
a bronze statue welcoming guests. cinderella's story a reminder that any dream can come true. >> our guests are going to experience the fantastic world of disney, marvel, "star wars," pixar in complete new and very innovative ways. ♪ >> reporter: and in just a few hours, you can be among the first to explore all the details at a cutting edge virtual event, disney using 3d computer generated environments to welcome everyone aboard. you can stream the premiere event at the disney park's blog starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern. i want to share with you wildfire issues big time. heat building in the west so let me show you pictures, this one out of california fire that's burned 650 acres. thankfully we've now seen the evacuations there lifted but when people were evacuating out
8:41 am
of this new mexico fire, really scary situation. thankfully they ended up okay but we always hate to see it coming up right on where people live. oh, my goodness. that unfortunately is all from the drying, the heating and this prolonged drought and we've got more of it especially going into the latter half of this week into the weekend. look at some of the numbers, hottest of the season for some, phoenix could see its first good morning. i am abc7 news meteorologist mike nico. you may have noticed the difference already this morning. low clouds are back and that memememememememememememememememe it's time now to go memememe one-on-one with michael b. jordan. the "black panther" and "creed" star taking on a classic tom clancy hero in his new action thriller. janai norman had a chance to talk to him, and she is right back with us, janai. good morning. again. >> reporter: hey, michael. yeah, not only is michael j.
8:42 am
borderen "people" magazine's sexiest man alive and "the new york times" calls him one of the top 25 actors of the 21st century and seen him in "black panther," "creed," "just mercy," now starring in a new action thriller showing us he can do it all. one of the hardest working names in hollywood and with no plans of slowing down, michael b. jordan starring in his first action thriller, tom clancy's "without remorse." >> i'm going to make it right. >> lots of explosives and artillery. how did you prepare for this role and how is this role e differently. >> we had to train specifically for it. john kelly, you know, he suffered great loss, i mean, being able to take that pain and that hurt and unleash it on anyone and anything that, you know, comes his way was an interesting role to play. >> and one of the those scenes
8:43 am
you're doing an interrogation inside a burning car. what was it like shooting that scene. >> very, very hot. like you would think, okay, cool, i'm like 15 feet away from the flame, i'm fine and slowly feel like your eyebrows are starting to singe and curl up. >> breaking on to the scene as a teen, first recurring role on "the wire". >> i appreciate all the roles you've played. whenever i see you i still think of wallace. >> wallace. >> wallace. >> that's a huge compliment. you know like 20 years later it's still, you know, you know, people are still impacted and they still see little wallace, lets me know i haven't changed the way i look too much so that's good. now no stranger to playing tough guys like in "black panther." john kelly and killmonger, both u.s. navy s.e.a.l.s. could you see how without remorse could be kind of like an origin story or prequel to
8:44 am
killmonger's story. >> we serve the country that didn't love us back. because we believed in what it could be. we fought for what america could be. >> i could see something like that, that would make sense. i could see how you connected those dots. >> reporter: as creed's adonis now gearing up for the third installment, jordan is making his debut in a new role as director. how do you think that you will take on your directorial debut gentleman. >> from the first time i stepped on the set in "fruitvale station" and saw young black men close to me in age directing a movie, man, okay, cool. it can be done and he pushed me, you know, to want to direct. >> as the world continues to mourn the loss of chadwick boseman, jordan continues to be inspired by his late friend. >> you see in his performance in "ma rainey" inside looking at it, so emotional. looking at the last performance
8:45 am
that he gave, you know, and that's -- that's -- says a lot and i think -- i think, you know, oscar or no oscar i think he won, you know. i think he, you know, the way he inspires people in the way he inspired us around the world, you know, it's something that changed me for the rest of my life. >> the "black panther" franchise moving forward with a sequel slated for release next summer but jordan tight lipped on whether killmonger will make a second appearance. wink twice if you know the plot. so tom clancy's "without remorse" premieres tomorrow on amazon prime video. fshetried. i tried. he gave me nothing. >> you know, probably -- he can't give you anything. i don't want to know ahead of time but what i do want to know and i knowatou did he say?
8:46 am
>> okay, so he said that it wasn't really a fair question. he said creed would be at age b a hands guy and said between john kelly and killmonger it depends on whether killmonger has the suit. without the suit john kelly, the new character in tom clancy's "without remorse," with the suit, killmonger all the way, michael. >> boy, that was complicated but i agree with him. thank you so much for that. we always love seeing michael b. jordan here on "gma." coming up, a super bowl surprise for a small book store oner helping out her community.
8:47 am
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8:49 am
now and we're back now with tonight's nfl draft and the dreams of young football players come true and it's the same way for a small florida book store the way they're helping young readers dream big sponsored by verizon which helps small businesses get back on their feet teaming up with a super bowl champ togive one special book store a big surprise. nestled on 22nd street in st. petersburg, florida, a book store with a purpose. >> we really want to focus and highlight stories that are positive and uplifting about black people and people of color. also with black history, it doesn't begin in slavery and does not end in the civil rights era. >> cultured books is focused on giving boys and girls the chance to see themselves in the books they read. >> it just lights something up in them. they can see themselves as anything they want to be, whether it's a farmer or astronaut, a doctor. >> reporter: located in a poverty stricken area with low literacy rates, the store owner
8:50 am
found i way to keep books in the hands of kids through the book report project. >> children can do a book report whether written, created with a collage or even a podcast episode and then use that as payment for a book of their choice. >> the project is a way to give kids the opportunity to fall in love with reading. >> we don't use the word free at all. we want children to read because they want to. we want them to be inspired by a book. >> reporter: fresh off the super bowl win, chris godwin decided he wanted to help cultured book keep the pages turning. >> when you're able to have businesses like this give back to the community, i think it's so important for the group of the people around here. >> godwin who is a spokesman for our sponsor verizon is helping to kick off their small business days program giving business owners personalized tech advice and for this book store owner, that meant a big surprise.
8:51 am
>> hello. >> hello. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> i'm well. how are you doing? >> i am great. such an honor to meet you. >> thank you. >> i'm so familiar, you know, with what you're doing and i think it's so awesome. i'm partnering with verizon business and they're going to give you a year's worth of services. >> amazing. >> to help boost, you know, the success of cultured books. >> reporter: verizon businesses donating over $7,000 worth of devices, connectivity, security and tech support to the book store and that's not all. >> we're going to give you $10,000. >> wow. >> to be able to, you know, to recover and to grow and we just hope that it really helps you. >> oh, it will. it will help. >> it will help indeed. and we'll be right back on "good morning america." "gma's" open for business is sponsored by verizon. built right for business.
8:52 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. i sure do love saying that. thank you for watching. you can see the first round of the nfl draft tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc and on
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espn. oh, our big winner from the scholarship surprise. congrats again to she's heading toel. thank you, janai fringing us thank you, janai fringing us this story.
8:56 am
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>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the serious, "pose," award-winning actor, billy porter. plus, a spring cooking class with a chef eric ripert. plus, we will meet a canadian hockey mom who gives us our "good news story of the day." alnext o"le! ers and applsea d ryan seacresheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: good morning! deja, kelly. what's up, again? [cheers and applause] it is so nice to have a fellow d.j. radio personality here in the house. [cheers and applause] >> kelly: in the battle of the djs, who would win?


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