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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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next at 5:00, 41 days that's how long it will take before the state reaches herd immunity. what's behind the new surge in confidence. two teens have been found guilty until the death of a police officer in italy. safety in at the chief just the city. also ahead here students unite after one of their own says he was racially profiled. they hope to turn a horrible event into a show of support. and rare records are lost in a suspicious fire in redwood city. up next, you're going
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from the owner. and we begin tonight with the reason for optimism about the pandemic. good evening i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. california will reach herd immunity by june 15th. herd immunity is mission. if the virus can't find new hosts, it will taper off. stephanie sierra is here with why health officials are targeting june 15 and stephanie that's encouraging to hear. >> it sure is. june 15th is a month earlier than what we've been for the next several months. doctors believe steady vaccination rates and transmission will continue and get us there even sooner. >> reporter: itof us. when will california finally
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reach herd immunity. >> i'm predicting that governor newsom is actually right and june 15th is when we'll have herd immunity. >> reporter: june 15th is 6 weeks away. dr. monica gandhi expects by that time vaccination rates will overpower transmission and the result will get us more freedom. >> this is the green tier that we're off restriction and he's going to have to open up more. and then we'll see the cases are not going up when enough is immune. >> it means that they through a combination of acquired infection from disease from people getting infected and vaccine immunity they're really
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seeing a turn down in people getting infected. >> reporter: san francisco and most of the bay area are leading the way. 17% of the 16 or older population is vaccinated with at least one dose. that percentage is54% for l.a. county. california ranks 11th in the u.s. for the percentage of the population that's received at least one dose. that's around 50%. new hampshire, vermont and massachusetts are ranked in the top three. but rutherford says we're on track to keep moving up. >> we will reach herd immunity midsummer probably something like that. >> reporter: great news, now dr. rutherford says any area that may have issues getting to herd immunity is california's central valley. he says vaccination efforts must be heavy concentrated there to stop infections from
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variants. >> yeah the central valley seems like a big concern right now. which strain is causing the most problems now. >> the uk variant is coming into california at a higher rate. it could be a concern down the road since it's more transmissible. too soon to tell now but one to watch. two bay area college students have been sentenced to life if prison for the murder of an italian police officer in 2019. a panel of judges and civilians issued the guilty verdict for 21- taylor merodiano. they had claimed self-defense saying officer mario shuchela was in plain clothes and had
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not identified himself. also new developments today in the stabbing of two women as they waited for the bus on market street in san francisco. police have made an arrest in the case and are committing to stopping what the police chief calls random violence. abc 7 news reporter matt boone spoke to the family of one of the victims who is still in the hospital. >> reporter: the family of 85- year-old phong said she had been waiting for the bus tuesday evening after buying groceries in china town. >> she's independent, she's very head strong. if he has to do something she's going to do it. so that's just her. >> reporter: drew is her grandson. he says he didn't want to show his face feeling his family has sudden listen by thrown into the spotlight. >> i was in shock and in disbelief that i can't belief this happened to my grandma, right. because you don't think this ever could happen to you until it does. and that's why, it's so important to stay aware about all these things and be vigilant. >> reporter: phong was stabbed along with another 63-year-old
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asian woman. both are expected to survive. phong though remains in the hospital. >> i was told the knife nicked her lung and rib cage. it was a very long knife. >> reporter: police have not said yet if it's a hate crime. >> regardless of whether we can prove it's racially motivated this has to stop. >> reporter: the group has received reports of more than 900 anti asian hate crimes. >> nobody should fear having attacked. >> reporter: the city tries to bring back workers and tourists and it's already having an effect. >> it's not good for business. our business has been suffering since the pandemic. >> reporter: san francisco police arrested the suspect 53-
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year-old patrick thompson and say he was known to enforcement from prior contact. they will be increasing foot patrol in the area but understand the larger discussion about how the city should best use its resources. >> me and the department including our police officers association would like nothing more than other entities who are better suited to handle some of what we get called to. to have those entities handle those calls. >> in san francisco, matt boone, abc 7 news. tu phong's grandson have started a go fund
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and chesa boudin released a statement. he said his office is reviewing details and will release a statement tomorrow. a protest in support of a young man who says he was racially profiled and suspected of stealing a sandwich at a local safeway. what makes this story so different is he's an honor student and 11 years old. as abc 7 news reporter wade freedman says the story has prompted a forceful response from the local community. >> reporter: we've seen the signs before and heard the refrain. >> black lives matter. >> reporter: but rarely from people so young. students from the harvey milk civil rights academy in the castro showing support for one oftheir classmates. jamari who had a negative experience while buying a
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sandwich at the safeway. >> he said he showed them his receipt and they kept antagonizing him until the manager told them to leave him alone. >> reporter: back to the place where all this happened on april 26th. a show of support. >> a kid went in to buy a sandwich and they totally broke his spirit and he ended up crying all the way to school. >> reporter: after the incident the family says safeway tried to make things right by giving them a $25 gift certificate. initially they took it then they sent it back in protest. later safeway issued a statement which read in part. >> clearly this instant fell short of our expectation. the manager was unaware of what happened until the boy returned back to the store with his mother. our investigation is ongoing. >> it's not right. >> what did you say to them when they stopped you. >> i didn't say anything i just showed them the receipt. >> reporter: now jamari's mother says he's scared. he says he's seen injustice on
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television and now he feels he's lived it. many people have seen injustice but rarely so young. a fire damaged a long time record store in redwood city. the owner of the record man says the cause is arson. the fire started early this morning outside the store. gary saxon credits the fire crew for getting there so quickly. he did lose some hard to find record. >> jack benny, there's all radio shows. and they're 16-inch records, larger than average because there's a whole show on it. saxon says he's amazed by
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has successfully landed a prototype of a rocket it hopes to send to the moon moon moon m spacex successfully hraufrpbled launched the prototype from texas. elon musk says he hopes the
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starship could be flying people by 2023. >> amazing. a landmark project has cleared a hurdle after being approved by the city council. but its high price tag has people wondering if it will be built and others are wondering if it should because of what it looks like. here's what we're talking about. it's called breeze of invasion. it's a cluster of rods de to promote clean energy. we want to know if you love it or have an opinion about it. an iconic landmark is one step closer to rising in san jose. >> it's the right time for the invasion. >> reporter: the breeze of invasion was approved the last design standing out of nearly 1,000 entries from more than 70 countries. scott neese says it's time for the city to ceagain have a landmark to call its own.
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>> you think about the st. louis arch or the space needle in seattle and these are a number of private citizens that said what can we do. what can we fund to bring a tremendous gift. >> reporter: in honor workers, the piece will hold rods that will illuminate the guadalupe river. sam licardo says the initiative which has been completely community driven is reflective of the value's spirit. >> i think it's an appropriate place to put something that respects the future, that's iconic that will give a chance to enjoy our skyline. nearly $150 million has raised concerns amongst some who believe it will be a waste of
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money. the city council also heard from advocates and residents who oppose the project over equity as well as light pollution. but with the go ahead, city officials will spend the next year or so drafting up the environmental report that will provide solutions. >> i don't know if there's somebody that will be willing to contribute $150 million to build this thing but it's beautiful. those with the ambition and aspiration should be given a chance to do exactly what their heart drives them to do. >> reporter: if all goes as planned the goal would be to complete the project by 2025. >> we have the wealth in this community. we now have the vision, we now have the public approval. the fund raising begins. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. again, go to abc 7 to let us know if you like this structure or not. and take a look at this mome 55% say love it. no opinion about 11%, hate it,
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32%. you can vote until 7:00 tonight. we would love to hear from you. google today said it now expects 20% of its employees to work from home after its offices reopened this year. that's a change from last year when google said it planned to have workers come back in september. now it expects 50% of employees to be on-site for a few days a week. 20% working in new office locations and 20% working from home. going beyond margaritas. coming up a look at an iconic holiday. plus sky 7 took some lovely shots of
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marketed to celebrate. but mexicans want to make it clear, it's not independence day and it's not a someday to get drunk. >> reporter: many remember cinco de mayo as a military victory. mecha wanted to highlight the mexican culture on different california campuses. most mexicans have a different perspective of this day. >> thinking about our roots, culture and being with family. once it was commercialized beer it took a different meaning. >> reporter: today disney organized a conversation suggesting that corporate america change the narrative.
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>> you have an amazing opportunity in everything you do to portrayers of what we are. positive contributors to america. >> in san francisco's mission district the day marked 1 food began distributing food during the covid pandemic. community activist roberto hernandez says this day should be a celebration of the mexican resilience. >> covid again you know it invaded our community. latinos were the most affected here in san francisco and throughout the country. we as a community, we were resilient. >> reporter: and yes he says let it be known mexicans good sensible celebration. in san francisco, lian melendez. >> great day to celebrate cinco de mayo. let's get a check on the
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weather forecast. >> yes meteorologist sandhya patel has a look at what's coming our way. >> we're going to have even cooler weather coming our way. it was absolutely bebebebebebe first san francisco is some where under that fog. it will continue to deepen will continue to do so into tomorrow. 5 degrees drop in san francisco. 6-degree cooler in oakland. don't tell that to people who live inland because it was hot today. we had low to mid-90s. there was a 42-degree spread other half-moon bay in the mid- 50s to fairfield in the mid- 90s. so it's feeling like summer out there. 42-mile an hour winds. on shore winds in san francisco. you can bet this breeze will continue to blow into some of the bay side and inland areas. which means tomorrow even cooler weather for all areas. from our golden gate bridge
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camera you can see how socked in it is. right now 56 in the city. 61 in oakland. san jose 78 degrees. 60 degrees chilly in half-moon bay. beautiful view san jose camera showing you a beautiful view, that will change tomorrow. much cooler weather bay and inland. warmer pattern is setting up for mother's day weekend. the hour by hour forecast, the high level clouds going into tomorrow morning. more areas will be covered by that. basically after that they'll strike the return of the fog a little bit less on friday. so not as much fog on friday. tomorrow 40s, 50s tpás going to
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be cooler. 56 in half-moon bay. windy conditions downtown san francisco 60. 67 in oakland. 72 san rafael. 75 in santa rosa. 72 san jose. up to 80 in antioch and 77 in concord. i want to show you what's going to happen with those wind. yes it's a little breezy tonight. not nearly as windy as what's to come. tomorrow evening we're going to see those winds 34, 40 miles per hour. especially near the coastline and around the bay winds will be gusty as well. gusty and even cooler on the accu weather 7 day forecast. sunny, breezy, friday. we're looking at a much warmer pattern with 90s returning inland for mother's day weekend. 50s, 60s coast side. something for everyone. ama and dan. >> indeed it's nice. thank you sandhya. season
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before we go, music with an important message. an unusual group teamed up to release a new single cinco de mayo. for the brand the message is personal, they lost lost lost l covid-19. >> ♪ ♪ the group sings that getting vaccinated is easy and it's for everyone's good. the state wants to remind people that regardless of immigration status everyone 16 or older in california can get vaccinated. great message. great collaboration there dan. >> great band, great message. wonderful. >> yeah. world news tonight with david muir is next. thank you for joining i'm ama daetz.
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tonight, the coronavirus in the u.s. and the eye-opening new headline from the cdc. and the breaking news tonight involving two young americans found guilty a short time ago in italy, now facing life in prison. first, the virus tonight, the cdc out with a new report and new projections tonight on the pandemic. saying if vaccinations continue in the u.s., we could very well see a, quote, sharp decline in cases by july. cdc director dr. rochelle walensky saying the variants remain the wild card. and tonight, the major league teams offering free tickets if you get a vaccination at the game. also tonight, that verdict just in for two american college students on trial for what authorities say was a deadly
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attack on police in italy. news from the courtroom coming in now.


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