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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 21, 2021 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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that's what's making right now on "america this morning," the new challenge for the u.s. economy, getting americans to go back to work. what more states are now doing to get people off unemployment and back into the office. breaking right now, a new wildfire erupting on the west coast, forcing evacuations, including at the local abc tv station. the new forecast on the extreme conditions ahead of this summer. william and harry lash out, slamming the bbc after a bombshell investigation finds princess diana was deceived into sitting down for that 1995 interview. why the princes say that interview eventually led to their mother's death. and new overnight, harry speaks out about his struggle with drugs and alcohol. plus the man who survived being mauled by a bear describes
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suffering not one bite, but two. the new research on walking and your health. how many steps you really need to take each day. and booking your summer vacation. the one they can save you big money. >> from abc news in new york, this "america this morning." >> good friday morning, everyone. we begin with the u.s. economy and a growing challenge as we recover from the pandemic. >> okay, first, the good news. for the first time since last june, we're seeing fewer than 30,000 new covid cases each day in the u.s., but the bad news, vaccination rates are slowing way down, forcing more states to offer cash incentives to get cash into arms. >> another challenge, businesses are reopening, but they can't find enough workers. so once again, states are turning to cash as incentives. this morning a new push to get people back to work with cash. as covid cases drop sharply and more restrictions are lifted, many businesses are facing a new problem.
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they say unemployment benefits from the federal government are working against themselv. >> while some people are working for work and some are not. >> reporter: in response, colorado is offering people up to $1600 to forgo unemployment benefits and return to work full time. connecticut and arizona are also planning to give out bonuses to people who go back to work. it comes as more states offer cash prizes to get more people vaccinated. in new york city, the governor announced lottery scratch tickets for people who are vaccinate, with a $5 million top prize. >> everybody wins. you have a one in nine chance of winning the lottery. but you get the vaccine and you win. >> reporter: and unvaccinated people in maryland have a chance to win $40,000 every day with a grand prize of $400,000. >> go out and gacnated for to w this $2 million. remember, maryland, get your shot for a shot to win.
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>> reporter: in west virginia, people 16 to 35 who get the shot can now register for $100 savings bond or gift card. >> our small businesses are crying for people to come back to work. and we got a bunch of people that are still on the sidelines. we got to get them in the game. >> reporter: president biden has set a new goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated with at least one shot by july 4th. but now that percentage is still under 50%, and vaccination rates are slowing down. meanwhile, the american federation of teachers has sent a new letter to the cdc seeking clarity on the agent's mask guidelines which are causing confusion. the union of 1.7 million teachers asking several question, including what to do when facilities mix with students who are eligible for the vaccine and those who are not. dr. anthony fauci says updated mask recommendations are coming soon. >> the cdc has already indicated they are considering right now rolling out further fine-tuning in a more granular way
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recommendations related to the original glooin of not requiring mask, not only outdoor, but indoors. >> meanwhile, iowa has joined texas in banning schools from requiring masks. the other big story this morning the ceasefire between israel and hamas appears to be holding after 11 straight days of deadly attacks. but here many this country, clashes broke out in new york city's diamond district, home to many jewish businesses. pro israeli and pro palestinian groups argued and scuffled. 20 people were arrested and the assault on one jewish man is being investigated as a hate crime. now with more on the ceasefire overseas, ike, good morning. >> good morning. after days of explosions and deaths and both sides agreeing to stop the fighting for now, a move that sparked cheers in jerusalem. overnight, palestinian families in gaza seen celebrating, igniting fireworks over the ceasefire between israel and hamas.
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the region seeing 11 days of fighting resulting in at least 260 palestinians killed in the west bank in gaza, with over 3300 wounded. 12 israelis killed and about 350 wounded. this morning, over 70,000 palestinians left homeless. the decision following days of intense international pressure, including egyptian mediation effort, and especially from president biden, who on the fourth call in a week with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu called for significant de-escalation. >> i believe the palestinians and israelis equally deserve to live safely and securely, and to enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity, and democracy. my administration will continue our quiet, relentless diplomacy toward that end. >> before the agreement, israeli strikes shaking gaza where they continue to bury their dead, like this 11-year-old palestinian girl. meanwhile, hamas also pounding israel with rockets. abcs matt gutman was there.
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>> you can see the iron dome right behind us over there. you can see it right there. those were the rockets that were coming in. apparently we just got the all clear. >> reporter: on this side, families' lives are also altered forever, like this woman in a shelter, her son remaining in their home when a gaza rocket destroyed their house. he made it out okay. >> he says mom, i'm fine. calm down. take a deep breath. antony blinken is scheduled to travel to the middle east to meet with israeli, palestinian and other regional leaders. >> thank you. a new hurricane forecast is predicting another above average season this year. the forecast calls for up to 20 named storms between 6 and 10 hurricanes in the atlantic. what could become the first named storm of the season is threatening bermuda right now. it's not expected to affect the u.s. meanwhile, on the west coast, a new wildfire is burning in southern california, california. a new sum foras calls for lalt
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drought conditions to get worse across the west. the mayor of rochester, new york claims cocaine and weapons charges against her husband are politically motivated. the mayor says it's an attempt to discredit her reelection campaign. prosecutor says warren's husband was part of a drug ring. he pleaded not guilty. new pressure this morning on former president trump and his top executive. we're learning the scope of the investigations into the trump business empire is growing. the latest development, a criminal probe into trump's chief financial officer. here is alex presha. >> reporter: this is allen weisselberg, the long-time officer or the trump organization who for months has been the subject of an investigation over possible tax fraud. sources tell abc news the investigation started with a referral from state tax authorities over his compensation and whether taxes were properly paid. donald trump's long-time cfo has
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faced a similar but separate investigation from the manhattan t in aus ofny wrongdoing. but pressure on the former president is growing. sources tell abc news the manhattan d.a. wants to use weisselberg as a cooperating witness against trump. weisselberg's daughter-in-law has already been interviewed. she said this to abc. >> some of the questions they were asking were regarding allen's compensation at the apartment at trump place. >> reporter: she was also asked about his spending habit. >> one of the questions both agencies had is allen generous or frugal? is he cheap? >> reporter: trump has long said these investigations are political. and after the announcement of this criminal probe, he released a lengthy written statement calling the investigation a political and partisan witch hunt. the manhattan d.a. won a supreme court battle to get eight years of trump's tax returns and other financial records. now he and the attorney
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general's office are working together, lawyers and accountants, poring over thousands of documents. alex presha, abc news, washington. >> thank you. time for a look at your friday forecast. so take a look at this. an unusual sight during late may. snow in reno, nevada. no more snow is expected today. but there could be some rain. looking at the radar more rain is expected from texas to louisiana, up to the northern plains. the gulf coast can see 4 more inches of rain and in the rockies and parts of montana could get 2 feet. checking today's high temperature, another summer-like day for the northeast. near 90 in chicago and detroit. around 70 on the west coast. 83 in miami. coming up, the new study on walking and your health. the number of daily steps you need. but first, prince william and harry now lashing out after
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that bombshell investigation into how their mother was deceived by the bbc. and new overnight, harry opens up with his struggle about drugs and alcohol. also dignity. it demands a rapid covid test, because we all deserve an answer. it demands your heart stays connected to your doctor, so you know it's beating as it should. and a rapid test to help evaluate concussion, in case something were to happen.
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back now with a mountain lion hiding up in a tree in san francisco. he was tranquilized and released back into the wild. his tracking collar showed he likely walked 80 miles before arriving in the city. ice cream trucks could soon be getting a new look, at least in connecticut. they're being retrofitted with safety arms like school buses along with flashing lights. state lawmakers have approved a bill requiring these new features. i was inspired by a death of a 10-year-old hit by a driver after buying ice cream. we turn to prince william and harry reacting to the
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bombshell investigation into princess diana's 1995 interview with the bbc. it found that reporter martin bashir convinced diana to do the interview by using false bank statements to make her think that the members of the royal family were paying people to spy on her. marci gonzalez has more. >> reporter: the bbc releasing the long-awaited results of an independent investigation, finding that journalist martin bashir deceived princess diana's brother in order to secure that bombshell 1995 panorama interview, watched by 23 million people. >> well, there were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded. >> reporter: former judge lord dyson leading the investigation, finding bashir arranged and initial meeting with diana by showing fake bank statements to her brother earl spencer suggesting two royals were being paid to gather intel on the prison. the 120-page report stating by gaining access to princess diana in this way, mr. bashir was able
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to persuade her to give the interview. >> it's quite clear from the introduction that i sat in september 1995, everyone was going to be made untrustworthy. and i think that diana did lose trust in really key people. the irony is that i met martin bashir on the 31st of august, 1995. because exactly two years later, she died. and i do draw a line betweine two events. >> reporter: the bbc offering a full and unconditional apology, writing in a statement, although the report states that diana princess of wales was cone on the idea of an interview with the bbc, it is clear that the process of securing the interview fell far short of what audiences have a right to expect. the network also apologizing to princes william and harry. >> it brings indescribable sadness to know that the bbc's failures contributed significantly to her fear,
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paranoia and isolation that i remember from those final years with her. >> reporter: bashir, who worked at abc and nbc news before returning to the bbc recently resigned from his position due to ongoing health concerns. in a statement bashir says he already apologized over the fact i asked for bank statements to be mocked up, call it a stupid thing to do. but he insists they had no bearing whatsoever on the personal choice by princess diana to take part in the interview. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> thanks to marci. prince harry called the investigation the first step towards truth and justice. meanwhile, harry is speaking again with oprah winfrey for his new apple plus series on mental health. he says he used drugs and alcohol to cope with his mother's death and suffered panic attacks. his wife pushed him to begin therapy. much more on that interview later on "good morning america." and coming up, the shocking attack at a busy train station. a woman is stabbed, but a good samaritan races to the rescue. also ahead, a man who
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>> i saw a substantially sized knife, yes, and i heard a woman scream. that's enough for me. >> reporter: he was waiting for a train in manhattan wednesday night when he saw a man come up behind an unsuspecting woman, stabbing her multiple times. security video shows the large knife in the suspect's right hand. that's when he jumped into action. >> jumped on his back. and that took us down to the platform surface. i'm trying desperately to keep him down, face down, because i know that if gets up, or if he can turn on me, and he has that knife, now i'm a potential victim. >> reporter: once the suspect was pinned to the ground, bystanders piled on top of him, the knife falling on to the tracks. moments later, officers arrived, arresting the suspect. this is the second attack at the union square station in two days. the mayor promising a safer environment as the city reopens after the pandemic. >> he said the other day recovery equals public safety
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and public safety equals recovery. i really believe it. >> reporter: transit officials also weighing in. this unprovoked attack is senseless and deeply disturbing, and another reminder of why additional uniformed police officers and mental health services are needed in the transit city. he fears that help won't come soon enough. >> new york is going to reopen. and expect people to go out to restaurants and theaters. you can't have this happen. >> the victim suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspect is charged with four counts of assault. mona, andrew? >> andrea, thank you. a man who survived a vicious bear attack in alaska is sharing his story. allen menish was surveying some land about 200 miles from anchorage when a brown bear charged at him from 30 feet away. after falling backwards, he reached up and grabbed the bear's jaw. >> he pushed his head so fast, it knocked my hand agree. when he did that, he lunged,
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grabbed my head, took the first bite, relaxed and then he took the second bite that was stronger. >> incredible. when the bear finally wandered away, he called for help. despite his gentlemen, he plans to return to work next week. coming up, one important tip to save big money on your summer vacation this year. >> also ahead, an important warning from the federal government. don't snuggle with chickens. promise. promise. we'll explain later. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. talk to your doctor about dupixent.
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next one tip that could save you big money on your summer vacation. airfares are rising quick as more americans try to get away so experts say you should book your flight no later than memorial day for the best deal. one major benefit, there are no change fees right now. next to a thing that people are doing that they probably shouldn't be doing and a warning from the cdc and it's got nothing to do with covid. >> but they want you to stop snuggling with your chickens. that's right. people are snuggling with their chickens and it may be linked to a salmonella outbreak in 43 states >> mona, is this why the chicken crossed the road. >> yeah, he wanted some loving. next the buzz surrounding angelina jolie. >> she was swarmed by bees "for life" world bee day covered for 18 minutes. get this, without a single sting and this was for national geographic.
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