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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  June 14, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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pre-pandemic show. i don't know what i said. [ laughter good morning, america. as we start the new week together, the president in brussels meeting with nato allies. >> america is back at the table. >> the president on the world stage in europe for that nato meeting after wrapping up the g7, agreeing with allies on taking on covid and climate change, as president biden prepares for that face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. we're live in brussels with the latest. vaccine milestone. this morning marks six months since that first covid shot outside u.s. trials. as cities and states open up, fans pack wrigley field in chicago over the weekend. california prepares to drop its mask mandate for vaccinated people. now, the new warning from officials about that delta variant. abc news investigation into the origins of covid.
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our team going to the u.s. and w.h.o. officials leading the inquiries into the lab leak theory. what we learned this morning. dangerous heat wave in the west. tens of millions from california to montana on alert, record highs expected. topping 115 degrees in some places, and wildfire evacuations overnight. ginger is there live tracking it all. murder mystery. two members of a prominent south carolina family gunned down. a 22-year-old and his mother, killed at the family's hunting lodge. the search for answers right now. midair scare caught on camera. an off-duty flight attendant subdued after allegedly threatening to take down the plane. what the passengers are saying this morning. soccer scare. the moment a player collapsed in the middle of a match. cpr administered right there on the field. the team doctor saying, he, quote, was gone, brought back to life with a defibrillator. the latest on his condition.
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♪ you're simply the best ♪ and meet the best in show. wasabi the pekingese, named top dog at the westminster dog show, beating out conor, striker and bourbon. wasabi is live with us this morning. i thought striker was going to take it. >> striker is pretty great, but i got a soft spot for wasabi. >> yeah. that's a lot of -- a lot of spirit. >> i can't get you to watch an nba playoff game, but you'll give me the highlights from the dog show. >> yeah. so what's your point? >> it's a lot earlier in the day. >> look, wasabi, there is wasabi. wasabi is here late night with an early morning here with us to talk about the big win and his owner. the hair, a lot of work.
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>> right upstairs. that's a little bit later. but we begin with president biden on the world stage in brussels this morning for that nato summit after spending time with queen elizabeth on sunday, and getting ready for that face-to-face meeting with russian leader vladimir putin. let's go to chief white house correspondent cecilia vega who is live in brussels this morning for us. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. happy monday. so so much of this first foreign trip for president biden has been really about trying to convince allies that the era of donald trump is over. these differences, they are on full display here this morning in these meetings under way right now. president trump, he said nato was obsolete. just a few minutes ago, president biden said these nato alliances are a sacred obligation. this morning, president biden in brussels where he'll try to convince leaders that america wants to be a leader after trump four years bashing the alliance. on the agenda, ensuring stability in afghanistan after u.s. and nato troops withdraw by
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september 11th. climate change and russia. biden says he and putin agree on one thing, relations between the two nations are at rock bottom. >> he's right we're at a low point. >> reporter: and new details about that high stakes summit, it'll be split into two sessions, and unlike that shocking moment following president trump's meeting where he held a joint press conference, and told the world he trusted putin's election interference denials over his own intelligence community's findings. >> he just said it's not russia. i'll say this, i don't see any reason why it would be. >> reporter: president biden says he'll be alone at his press conference. >> i don't want to get into being diverted by, did they shake hands? how far did they -- who talked the most and the rest? now, he can say what he said the meeting was about, and i will say what i thought the meeting was about. >> reporter: in england, saying america wants to lead by example, donating 1 billion
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covid vaccines to poorer nations, but there was disagreement on just how tough to be on beijing. a whirlwind eight-day trip, the president and the first lady also met the queen. later telling reporters he had such a good time, he invited the 95-year-old monarch to visit the the white house. >> she reminded me of my mother. in terms of the look of her and just the generosity. i said, i wish we could stay longer. she was very gracious. >> reporter: well, as for that putin summit, president biden has been pretty tight-lipped about the details. we do know that among the issues, they are going to discuss cybersecurity and arms control. for president biden, putin called him a different kind of person. >> let's bring in jon karl. the administration doing what they can to set expectations. for is summit.
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the u.n. ambassador out saying it will be tough and it won't be a summit of smiles. >> reporter: it's extraordinary, george, to hear the white house announce that after a one-on-one meeting with a foreign leader, that the president will come out and do a solo press conference. i have covered a lot of these one-on-one foreign leader meetings. i have never seen that. it's an indication of what you just heard. that is that both putin and biden agree that u.s./russian relations are at a low point. you're going to hear a very tough tone from biden on all the issues cecilia just mentioned, ranging from cybersecurity to human rights, but the question here is that although the tone is tougher towards russia, will the policy coming from biden actually be tougher towards russia? because the bottom line here is that joe biden is not looking for some big confrontation with vladimir putin. he wants to engage with russia, and as far as he sees the world, the number one foreign policy concern is not russia. it's china. >> meantime, jon, it seems like
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every day we're getting a new revelation about the trump justice department. revelation yesterday that the fbi was secretly seeking the records of the president's own white house counsel don mcgahn. >> reporter: i mean, this is just bizarre, george, coming after you heard the trump justice department had sought records for democrats in congress. now the top lawyer in the trump white house. the bottom line on this one is that we really don't know what is going on. we know this was a part of some kind of a leak investigation, but we don't know what leak they were investigating, and, you know, we don't even know if don mcgahn was specifically or intentionally targeted or was he caught up in a much wider search? but this is already in the investigation by the internal invest gator at the doj, and congress will be looking at it. >> his family records were sought as well. thanks very much.
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we turn now to the coronavirus emergency, today marking the six-month anniversary of the widespread rollout of the vaccine here. where have we come? now 62% of the eligible population has received at least one dose. our stephanie ramos has the latest for us from new york. >> reporter: this morning, with cases plummeting, more restrictions loosening as the country tries to recover from the devastating impact of covid-19. this weekend, chicago lifting capacity limits for bars and venues. wrigley field packed with fans for opening day. >> reopening day, 100% capacity. there's nothing like going to a game at wrigley field with everybody here. >> reporter: california preparing to drop mask mandates and social distancing for those who are vaccinated tomorrow. bars and restaurants set to open at 100%. owners in the hard-hit industry like jason eisner relieved. >> the last 18 months have been devastating and we can't wait for june 15th to come fast enough. >> reporter: but the reopening comes with a warning from experts to the unvaccinated. the delta variant first discovered in india, likely to
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lead to a new wave of infections this fall. this as the u.s. circles a dark milestone, 600,000 lives claimed by the virus since the beginning of the pandemic. the country still averaging more than 300 deaths daily. michele preissler lost her husband last month. >> it's not over, and there are plenty of people with covid in the hospital very sick and dying still. >> reporter: jennifer nash was hospitalized this spring and put on a ventilator while pregnant. doctors performing an emergency c-section last month, and she's now urging others to get vaccinated. >> don't stop now. get vaccinated, and be smart. >> reporter: icu nurse sandra lindsay was the first person in the u.s. to get the vaccine outside of the trials. six months ago today. >> we really need to be each other's keepers, be good citizens, be socially
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responsible, be humanitarians for each other. >> reporter: and that nurse getting that first covid vaccine at the hospital right behind me. as for the delta variant, it has doubled here in the u.s., and currently believed to be responsible for an estimated 6% of covid cases in about two months. robin? >> all right, stephanie, thank you. now to the dangerous heat wave in the west. temperatures well into the triple digits, topping 120 degrees in some areas. ginger is live now in salt lake city tracking it all for us. good morning, ginger. >> robin, it's windy here already and you can hear the dry heat coming through of oven-like air. there are all-time june records possible from montana down to the mexican border. the most imminent threat, that's fire, wildfire, here, mandatory evacuations you can see those huge flames billowing above the
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tree line. 54% of this state is in exceptional drought. not only could we see that 105 record tied tomorrow, but utah is one of the top five fastest warming states in this country. the more intense duration heat waves. some of the high temperatures just for today the fire danger will be high for many states. robin. >> you're keeping an eye on this. thank you, ginger. we're going to go overseas now to israel where the reign of benjamin netanyahu came to an end sunday. ousted by an unlikely coalition. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell has the latest. good morning, ian. >> reporter: good morning, george. that's right, a new prime minister, the first in 12 years. netanyahu is not prime minister. he was the country's longest serving leader, close ally of the united states, but an
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unwilling partner for peace, but just by one vote he was cast out by parliament. he's been replaced by the slightly unwielding coalition. led by two prime ministers. the first naftali bennett is even more hardline than netanyahu, but for now he's calling for ideological restraint, but not much sign of that. protests calling him a traitor. this comes on the back of that bloody war between israel and hamas, but it was netanyahu's ongoing trial for corruption and bribery that appears to be his final undoing. don't expect any changes with america though. president biden was the first to congratulate the new prime minister saying he's looking forward to strengthening all aspects of what he's calling the close and enduring relationship between our two nations. george. >> ian pannell, thank you very much. t.j.? back here in the u.s., another weekend of gun violence. growing fears now we could be heading into a violent summer. more than 270 mass shootings in 2021.
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30 in june alone. we're barely halfway through this month. our alex perez joins us now from chicago. alex, a violent weekend there as well. >> reporter: hey, good morning, t.j. it was not a good weekend for a lot of people in several cities across the country. more than two dozen shot right here in chicago. now, i want you to take a look across the country over the weekend. at least 39 people were wounded, and at least 6 dead in separate bloody shootings. here in chicago, since friday night, at least 32 people shot and 3 people killed. in austin, texas, a nightmare unfolding saturday night in the city's entertainment district after a gunman opened fire on a crowd. one victim dead. 13 others injured. savannah, georgia also gripping with gun violence this weekend. one killed there, and at least seven others wounded including a toddler. three people dead, and four others injured in cleveland. two children among the victims in cincinnati, and a security guard shot at a mall in atlanta. in several of these incidents, the suspects remain at large, and invetigators working to
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track them down. now the weekend comes as police departments across the country are bracing for what could be a deadly, violent summer as pandemic restrictions are eased across the country, t.j. >> alex, as you said, what are they telling you? police departments, that they're trying to do about this rise in gun violence. >> reporter: yeah, t.j. we've talked to at least five police departments across the country. they are very concerned about the next few months, and most of them tell us they're investing in community policing strategies, and also targeting the most violent offenders hoping to get a grip on things before they get worse, t.j. >> all right, alex, in chicago for us. thank you so much. george? t.j., we'll go to that shocking moment in the middle of a soccer game over the weekend. a player collapsed and went into cardiac arrest on the field. kenneth moton tracking the story. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, george. the world is talking about this. let us repeat.
7:15 am
danish soccer star christian eriksen is okay this morning. it was a packed house at the european championship opener against finland saturday. eriksen collapsed right there on the field after a short pass, and get this, the team doctor said eriksen was, quote, gone. suffering cardiac arrest, the midfielder had to be resuscitated using a defibrillator and what happened next, also incredible, his visibly distraught teammates recognizing the emergency, and circling the 29-year-old as medics worked on him. he was carried out to a loud ovation, where fans from both teams chanted his name. even after almost losing his life, denmark's coach said that eriksen wanted that match to continue. it did, a 1-0 win for finland. eriksen released a statement and said he's feeling better this morning. >> we're glad. that was so frightening. now best in show. wasabi crowned king of the westminster dog show overnight. janai norman is here. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning, robin. i heard you saying you were
7:16 am
going for striker, but nobody was quite as hot as wasabi. you're waiting for the bad dog puns. his great-grandfather was a 2012 best in show winner, and his mother sushi also a pekingese showing, that he was bred to be a champion. this morning, wasabi the pekingese crowned the new king of westminster. >> wasabi takes it. wasabi is the best in show winner. >> reporter: wiggling his way to best in show at the 145th kennel club dog show. >> looks like a goldfish moving through the water. >> reporter: don't let his size fool you. wasabi is a fierce competitor. the prize-winning pekingese won the american kennel club, and like any truly pampered pooch, he likes to save his energy. >> what does he get in terms of treats tonight? >> reporter: celebrating his win with a meal fit for a champion. >> he can have a filet mignon.
7:17 am
>> introducing the seven group winners competing for best in show. >> reporter: wasabi with rough competition in the ring. this year's final, a clash of the titans including connor, striker and bourbon who repeated her title as runner-up. >> tonight for best in show goes to the lovely whippet. >> reporter: no stranger to the spotlight, bourbon won her 100th best in show title last year, welcoming a litter of puppies. three months ago. but out of the seven champion canines competing, only the pekingese from pennsylvania had what it takes to be top dog. >> he's just a wonderful dog. he has that sparkle that sets a dog apart. >> ladies and gentlemen. >> reporter: this weekend, for the first time for more than a hundred years that the top prize wasn't handed out in madison square garden. this sprawling outdoor space at
7:18 am
this historic estate allowing the show to go on while following social distancing and public health guidelines, and these perfect pups just happy to compete. bad puns aside, the westminster dog show, serious business. it's the second oldest continuing sporting event in country behind the kentucky derby. >> did you really say rough competition? >> ruff competition. >> wasabi is here live. he's the king. there's wasabi. >> very chill right now. following a lot of headlines this morning including a mystery in south carolina. a mother and son from a high-profile family were found dead on their estate. we'll tell you about the search for answers this morning. first, let's go back to ginger. and we'll get you to those select cities sponsored by amazon.
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good morning, california is approaching a major milestone. the states economy is set to fully reopen tomorrow and most covert restrictions are going away. the state will stop using the color-coded. system, facemask requirements will be dropped for fully vaccinated people, and social distancing requirements will be lifted. for now california osha are requiring mask at work, they will revisit that later in the week. it looks like we are having a report of a fire in emeryville on westbound av. just a heads up if you do see any of that.
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some droplets on the camera, we have a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. you may need to usual wipers. letting you know that the crash we were following in san jose has cleared, you will face residual delays before oakland road. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see you volvo retailer for details.
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[ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait. enter the golden state, with real california dairy. good morning. waking up to partly cloudy skies. low to middle 60s in oakland and mountain view. you can see a few hints of blue from our exploratory and camera. middle 60s in concord and sunshine in the south bay. temperatures coming up to the 70s and 80s inland with breezy wind. best in show, was sobbing the pygmies live on gma after
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taking home top prize at the westminster kennel club dog show. we will have another update
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seresto. more on ♪ ♪ you have no style or sense of fashion. >> well, um, i think that depends on what you are -- >> no, no. that wasn't a question. >> um, i was editor-in-chief of "the daily northwestern." i also won a national competition for a college journalist for my series on the janitor's union -- >> that's all. >> that's all. back here on "gma." unforgettable scene from "the devil wears prada." there were so many, many classic lines. now the movie is celebrating its 15th anniversary. meryl streep, anne hathaway, emily blunt, stanley tucci, the entire cast reuniting. we have a first look at the cast reunion.
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that's in our next hour. >> just a classic. a lot more on that ahead, but we're following a lot of headlines as well. including president biden on the world stage in brussels for the nato summit after wrapping up the g7. he agreed with allies on taking on covid and climate change, and meeting with vladimir putin. also right now, the covid emergency. now more than 173 million americans have received at least one dose of the covid vaccine. that's 64% of the eligible population, but officials are warning of a delta variant. and a heat wave. california to montana on alert with record highs expected to top 115 degrees in some places. there were wildfire evacuations in the west, and ginger is tracking that. and a stunner at the french open. not that djokovic lost, but he came back and won this thing. he was down two sets in this match and comes back, wins the final three, and he picked up his 19th major men's singles title of his career.
7:32 am
he's only one behind nadal and federer. look at that kid. that's how he celebrated. oh, my goodness. oh, my goodness. this is our "play of the day." >> that's great. >> i wasn't going to try it. a whole lot more ahead. this midair scare. have you seen this, this video? this off-duty flight attendant allegedly threatened to take down the plane. we'll hear from the passengers on board that flight, but just a scary situation. that is coming up, but right now, the mystery in south carolina. a mother and son from a prominent family were found dead. investigators are examining whether the son was the intended target. eva pilgrim is there in south carolina with the latest. good morning, eva. >> reporter: robin, this is where the murder happened. this property is remote. it spans hundreds of acres, and
7:33 am
the feeling in the community, whoever killed them didn't end up here by accident or randomly. double murder mystery. this morning, investigators trying to find who killed two members of one of south caroli carolina's most prominent legal families. paul murdaugh and his mother maggie were at their hunting lodge last week. investigators turning the case over to state law enforcement. paul had been awaiting trial accused of being under the influence in 2019 while crashing a boat, killing 19-year-old passenger mallory beach. murdaugh had pleaded not guilty in the case. >> all five of us are on the same boat and we're missing one person. >> reporter: her family devastated. >> there's moments that we have that things remind us of mallory, and we break down at times, like, that's -- that's normal. that's part of the grieving process. i never knew nothing -- i never knew what it would be like to go through something like this.
7:34 am
>> reporter: now, as far as the murdaugh case, there have been no arrests and no suspects have been named. law enforcement are being very tight-lipped about this investigation. the family releasing a statement saying, they are devastated by this deaths, but appreciative of law enforcement's ongoing efforts to find whoever is responsible for these heinous crimes. >> all right, our thanks to eva pilgrim. t.j.? all right, robin, we turn now to that midair scare. incredible video here. passengers subduing an off-duty flight attendant who allegedly threatened to take down the plane. this incident comes as air travel is hitting a new high. tsa screening more than 2 million people in day for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. our transportation correspondent gio benitez has this and more. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. we're talking to someone who knows the inner workings of an aircraft. now we're hearing from those passengers onboard that plane.
7:35 am
watch as passengers and crew members on this delta flight hold down an unruly passenger after authorities say he threatened to take down the plane. >> help me! >> he clearly had some sort of breakdown. >> reporter: police say the man is 34-year-old stephon jamar duncan, a man on leave who allegedly made terrorististic threats and assaulted two on-duty flight attendants. the pilot making an urgent announcement. >> he very forcefully said, i need all able-bodied men to come to the front of the plane immediately for an emergency. >> reporter: the plane making an emergency landing in oklahoma city where it was swept by police and cleared. the parngs say the man's appearance raised eyebrows before the flight. seen wearing a helmet, elbow and knee pads and acting strange, authorities pointing to signs of mental health issues. >> he had a bunch of plastic bags that he was putting all, like, scattering through the overhead compartments and he had all these tennis balls, and he
7:36 am
kept saying things about tennis balls. >> reporter: as air travel increases, the faa is seeing a spike in passengers misbehaving. since january 1st, the faa has received around 2,900 reports of unruly passengers. they now have a zero tolerance policy with fines up to $35,000, and potential jail time. and in this latest case, the man was taken to a local hospital. the fbi is now questioning him, and delta is thanking those crew members and passengers who sprung into action, guys. >> incredible. gio, thank you so much. coming up, our abc news investigation into the origins of covid. we reveal new details about the lab at the center of so many questions. ♪ ♪ thinking i can make as many songs 'bout a lady ♪ ♪ when i haven't met her ♪ ♪ but she on me heavy, on my cerebellum ♪ ♪ thinkin', thinkin', thinkin', thinkin', thinkin' too hard ♪
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♪all i'm askin' is for a little respect♪ excuse me ma'am, would you like to have my seat? ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t♪ ♪find out what it means to me♪ ♪r-e-s-p-e-c-t♪ ♪take care. tcb, oh♪ ♪(sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me, sock it to me)♪ ♪a little respect♪ we are back with an abc news investigation into the origins of covid-19 as calls grow for answers about how it started and whether it leaked from a chinese lab. terry moran is in washington with the story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's a scientific question that's ignited a political fire storm. where did the virus come from? the expectation, it came from nature like most viruses do. most scientists still expect that answer, but there are growing calls for a thorough investigation of another possibility, an accidental lab leak. so the abc news investigative team reached out to the people leading multiple inquiries around the world, and several of them told us their eyes remain
7:41 am
fixed on that lab in china. the wuhan institute of virology is one of the leading centers of research on coronaviruses. for years the lab has been collecting potential ly data on dangerous viruses, some from an abandoned mine in china. >> in 2012 there were six chinese miners who were sent down to clean out the bat manure. they all got infected with what now looks like covid-19-like symptoms. three of them died. >> reporter: researchers collected viruses from those caves, but they say none matches the virus that caused the pandemic. >> there is no virus that's close enough that you could use any type of research to get this. now you could hypothesize i suppose that the investigators at the wuhan institute of virology had something closer, but they weren't telling us about that. >> do you believe that this virus spent any time in a laboratory? >> before the pandemic, absolutely not.
7:42 am
>> reporter: and that remains the consensus among most virologists that this coronavirus has none of the telltale signs of fingerprinting. the u.s. intelligence community reporting there may have been research taking place at that lab that the public doesn't know about. in january, the state department issued a fact sheet on activity at the wuhan institute of virology that alleged in the past the lab collaborated in projects with the military that were kept secret from the world, and learned that the u.s. government was aware of financial accounts tied to the chinese military that were funding the wuhan lab, but this march, one of the lab's directors, known as the bat woman for bat coronaviruses, that the allegation was being conducted for the chinese military. >> we heard the rumors that
7:43 am
claimed that our laboratory, we would have some project blah blah with the army blah blah, but this is not correct. >> the question is, was she telling the truth when she stated emphatically there was no chinese military involvement prior to the outbreak at the wuhan institute of virology? if there was, her credibility flies out the window. >> reporter: now all eyes are turning to the next step in this global investigation. experts bent on parsing fact from speculation. >> it's important to stay open-minded because we don't know exactly what happened. they are scratching the surface. >> reporter: a final note, more than a year ago, top scientists published a letter in the prestigious medical journal "lancet" that dismissed this calling it a conspiracy theory. abc reached out to all scientists who signed that
7:44 am
letter, and a dozen responded saying they're not so sure, is one scientist flipped entirely, and he believes that now the lab leak theory is more likely. george? >> you have to wonder if we're ever going to know one way or the other. terry, thanks so much. you can see the abc news investigation tonight on "nightline." t.j.? coming up here, a very special "play of the day" that includes a live guest, wasabi. ♪ [golf swing] -fore! andy, you seen my ball? it's by those t-shirts. nice. [golf sounds] so, what do you think? i'd go with the 9 iron and try to lay it up by the yetis. i like those. [golf sounds] hey, charles. how's it going out there? good. almost done with my list for father's day. [golf sounds] he's gonna like those. how did kellogg's combine crunchy oat clusters with a touch of honey... plump, juicy raisins and tasty fiber
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♪ you're simply the best ♪ simply the best indeed. back now with our "play of the day." best in show edition. t.j. is with the winner of this year's westminster kennel club dog show, with wasabi. >> yes, there he is, robin. wasabi the pekingese here with his owner david fitzpatrick. and it was a late night, so thank you for being here. you were here in our studio almost a little over a year ago, a year and a half. >> yes. >> when he had won the american kennel club dog show. at that time you said he's young and you were surprised. what do you think now a year and a half later picking up this title? >> he's in his prime now, but i'm still surprised because it was such a great lineup, and we had, you know, such a fantastic living legend judge, and, you know, it's just always a surprise to win. it's such a wonderful occasion like the westminster kennel club. >> everybody is fascinated by that coat.
7:49 am
tell me, what is it about wasabi that makes wasabi stand out? >> i think he really has that image of a lion-like image. that's what's in the standard is they're supposed to exude boldness and also just be very -- have a full self-esteem, and if you saw him going around the ring last night, you can see it. he is really on. >> he has a big personality. it's a personality contest as well. >> he's from the toy group. he's not delicate. >> okay. david, explain the hair. it grows. how often -- what's the maintenance on this stuff? >> well, their coat is their crowning glory, and he gets groomed every day. he gets fed purina proplan dog food to enhance his coat. it's a lot of work, but it makes the -- the dogs are so beautiful, and for this kind of competition, they have to look their best. >> so, what's next? you said he's in his prime now. >> he is in his prime. he'll be retired from most competitions. there might be a large show in the future he goes to, but he won't go to the regular dog shows anymore.
7:50 am
>> and as we wrap, what's the personality this morning? is this normal? he's kind of chill. it's the early morning. how's he doing? >> it's early morning, but he's pretty chill anyway. he's just really a cool dog and he's enjoyed being at the shows and, you know, has a great temperament. >> it was a late night, and we appreciate you being here with us for an early morning. i guess maybe we'll see him again in his prime, picking up some more titles, but robin, there you have it. i know jeanette in wardrobe, she's ready for my suit. >> i want to know what wasabi looks like coming out of the shower. >> i can only imagine. tank you for that image, george. coming up here on "gma," the egot winner force of nature joining us live. come on back, folks. . come on back, folks.
7:51 am
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well, as the relative humidity drops today here in utah to around 6%, that dry air is nothing compared to what's happening -- look at this. this is the two areas that we're watching both in the gulf and the atlantic for a development of tropical weather. we'll be watching that through the end of the week. so much more coming up here over the years, mercedes-benz has patented thousands of safety innovation. crash-tested so many cars we've stopped counting. and built our most punishing test facility yet, in our effort to build the world's safest cars.
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good morning, we are going to check on traffic. >> good morning, everyone. we are looking at a crash causing a bit of a slowdown. it is going to be westbound also, bringing you a live picture from the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights came on at 6:10 am. we have not seen that backup let up north of fog move out from the gate bridge where there is a fog advisory in effect. a little further north things are getting brighter. you can see some of the fog dissipating. still muggy out there, some sunshine, also middle 60s
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president biden on the world stage. >> america is back at the table. >> in europe to meet with nato after wrapping up the g7, agreeing with allies on taking on covid and climate change as he prepares for that face-to-face meeting with vladimir putin. we're live in brussels with the latest. also this morning, vaccine milestone. today marks six months since that first covid shot outside u.s. trials. now the new warning from officials about that delta variant. "the housewife & the hustler." erika jayne's husband accused of stealing millions. the never before seen deposition tapes of tom girardi, who stands accused of pocketing a fortune
8:01 am
from his clients. that money allegedly being used to fund the lavish lifestyle of his now estranged wife. ♪ we are living in a material world ♪ and "the devil wears prada" cast together again after 15 years. >> all right, everyone. guard your loins. >> your sneak peek at the star-studded reunion. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ and meet the queen of basketball. >> number 45, lucy harris. >> she reigned surpreme, inspiring a generation of athletes, myself including. the first woman officially drafted by the nba. this morning, we're one-on-one with lusia "lucy" harris. and rita moreno joins us live, and the woman you know as daphne from "bridgerton," phoebe dynevor is here. plus, he's been called the future of american soccer. soccer star christian pulisic joins us. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this monday morning. >> we've got a lot ahead. i'm so happy that people are
8:02 am
going to meet lusia "lucy" harris. that was my first hero. i adored her. and we're excited for that first look. "the devil wears prada" reunion, the one and only meryl streep talking about how her character miranda became a role model for both men and women. >> yes, meryl, anne hathaway, stanley tucci, the whole cast sitting down celebrating 15 years of that movie. >> are we going to tell on t.j. or not? >> he's never seen -- >> i haven't seen it. >> watch it with sabine. >> i will watch it after the clippers/jazz game. >> always make time for that. >> well, you can watch the reunion. >> okay. we have a lot of news to get to. we'll start with president biden on the world stage. he's in brussels this morning at that nato summit. getting ready for his summit with russian leader vladimir putin. cecilia vega is in brussels with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning again. the president -- and these
8:03 am
meetings are under way. the president is talking to these allies and he is telling them that these nato alliances are a sacred obligation, and george, that is basically the opposite message that they have heard from the white house for the past four years. this morning, president biden in brussels where he will try to convince nato leaders that america wants to be a partner following four years of president trump bashing the alliance. >> nato is critically important for u.s. interest in and of itself. >> reporter: on the agenda, ensuring stability in afghanistan after u.s. and nato forces withdraw by september 11th. climate change and russia. president biden says he and vladimir putin do agree on one thing, relations between the two countries are at rock bottom. >> let me make it clear, i think he's right it's a low point. >> reporter: and now, new details about that high-stakes summit. it'll be split into two sessions and unlike that shocking moment following president trump's meeting where he held a joint press conference and told the world he trusted putin's election interference denials over his own intelligence community's findings, president biden says he'll be alone at his
8:04 am
press conference. >> i don't want to get into being diverted by did they shake hands, how far did they -- who talked the most and the rest? he can say what he said the meeting was about, and i will say what i think the meeting was about. >> reporter: a whirlwind eight-day trip, president biden and the first lady also met the queen at windsor castle. ♪ where the president inspected the guards, later telling reporters he had such a good time. he invited the 95-year-old monarch to visit the white house. >> she reminded me of my mother in terms of the look of her and just the generosity. i said, i wish we could stay longer. she was very gracious. >> reporter: the president's got a busy day here in brussels. he's sitting down with a number of world leaders including turkey's president. he's also holding a press conference later this afternoon, and he will be facing a lot of questions headed into that summit on wednesday. >> cecelia, thank you very much. robin? now to the coronavirus emergency. today marks six months of the widespread availability of the vaccine. 62% of the eligible population
8:05 am
have received at least one dose as more states open again. stephanie ramos is back with the latest. good morning again, stephanie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the covid vaccine here in the u.s. as you mentioned was administered six months ago to the day. it was actually administered right here at the hospital behind me, and the country is now just actually 6% shy of hitting the president's goal of having 70% of u.s. adults vaccinated. with the number of covid cases going down, more restrictions are loosening. california for instance is preparing to drop mask mandates, and social distancing for those who are vaccinated tomorrow. bars and restaurants set to open at 100%, but the reopening comes with a warning from experts from -- for the unvaccinated. the delta variant first discovered in india is likely to lead a new wave of infections in the u.s. by the fall. the biden administration urging americans to get that shot. robin? >> they are. okay, stephanie. thank you.
8:06 am
t.j.? robin, we turn now to actor ned beatty who has passed away. tributes pouring in for him. first made his mark on the big screen in the 1972 thriller "deliverance." he was nominated for an oscar for his work in "network," and played executive author jensen, and he's also well-known for "superman," where he was lex luthor's sidekick. on he was in "toy story 3." he spent time on stage. ned beatty, 83 years old, and it's something. "deliverance" was his film debut. >> very powerful. it was. >> he was. coming up here, we're going to turn to erika jayne, the "real housewives" star. her husband is accused of stealing millions. what the never-before-aired deposition tapes reveal. plus, that "the devil wears prada" reunion 15 years in the making. we have a first look, and it's really a first look for t.j. and christian pulisic joins us live to talk about his history-making wins. all that and more.
8:07 am
right here on "gma." we'll be right back. ♪ [music and sound effects played in reverse] our shot. the covid-19 vaccines are ready. and so is walgreens, with pharmacy experts ready to make it easy for you to get it safely, for free. because this is our shot... getting back together.
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monitor, check and lock down you money with security from chase. control feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. welcome back to "gma." nice monday morning here in times square. big day tomorrow here on "gma." ryan reynolds and salma hayek join us live to talk about their new comedy. >> i've seen the trailer. it looks good. looks good. our "gma" cover story right now. first look at the estranged husband of "real housewives" star erika jayne. thomas girardi is accused of stealing millions from clients. and this morning we see that video of him facing questions in the case. deborah roberts joins us with that.
8:12 am
good morning, deb. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, for decades tom girardi was one of the fiercest names in legal circles, a champion of the underdog he was called. a man who raked in hundreds of millions of dollars for victims of tragedy, but stunningly investigators now suspect that he and his reality star wife may have used that money to fund their high-flying lifestyle. >> do you solemnly swear that the testimony you are about to give in the matter now pending will be the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? >> i do. >> reporter: you're watching a never-before-aired deposition of high-powered lawyer, 82-year-old thomas girardi, husband of reality tv star erika jayne. >> at one point, i had about $80 million or $50 million in cash. that's all gone. i also had a stock portfolio of about $50 million, and that's all gone.
8:13 am
>> it's, like, wow. like, broke? like broke broke? but not the clients' money, right? >> reporter: girardi stands accused of pocketing a fortune from his clients who oftentimes won major financial settlements. >> tom's being accused by his own clients, by people who trusted him and hired him, for stealing money. >> reporter: that money allegedly being used to fund the lavish life of his wife. >> the question is, did she know? >> any of the lawsuits, like, did you have a heads-up? is that why you got divorced? >> no, i did not. >> i think what intrigued people on "the real housewives of beverly hills" franchise was that they seemed to be this incredible power couple. she's hot and beautiful and confident, and then tom girardi is this rock star attorney who fights for the little guy, makes hundreds of millions of dollars.
8:14 am
>> reporter: now, girardi's stunning fall from grace profiled in a new abc news original documentary on hulu. >> it's very disappointing when you find out your lawyer basically robbed you knowing that he knows everything that i have been through. i just don't get it. >> reporter: joe ruigomez badly burned in a 2010 gas pipeline explosion was represented by girardi, but the family now claiming their lawyer stole millions from their settlement, forcing them to sue girardi to get it back. >> girardi said we were his favorite clients and i never wanted to be his favorite client, but i definitely want to be the client he never forgets. >> reporter: this mother joining forces with another mom, they say to expose the truth. >> i always try to tell people, never underestimate the love of a mother. you want to find something out, i mean, don't call the fbi. call a mom. >> reporter: many of those victims haven't seen a dime of
8:15 am
their settlements years after they were awarded. they'll have to get in line behind so many others as the courts try to liquidate girardi's estate. so far his wife erika jayne hasn't seen any charges, but as they say in the reality show world, stay tuned. >> stay tuned. you beat us to it. deb, thank you. you can see the whole story, "the housewife & the hustler," right now. it is streaming on hulu. george? now to "the devil wears prada" reunion. the entire cast down to celebrate its 15th anniversary. kaylee hartung has the details. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, george. meryl streep has played some unforgettable roles, but none like this. putting fear into kids like myself on the first job out of college. they reflect on the fun they had 15 years ago. >> all right, everyone. guard your loins. >> reporter: it's been 15 years since miranda famously stepped
8:16 am
out of that elevator. meryl streep playing the glamorous and cutthroat fashion editor at "runway" magazine. >> you have no style or sense of fashion. >> well, i think that depends on what you are -- >> no, no. that wasn't a question. >> reporter: "the devil wears prada" becoming a cult classic. >> florals for spring. groundbreaking. >> reporter: just as quickly as anne hathaway's character gets that iconic makeover. >> are you wearing those -- >> the chanel boots? yeah, i am. >> reporter: now, "entertainment weekly" is giving "gma" an exclusive sneak peek into the first reunion in 15 years from the cast director and costume designer. >> is anybody wearing the chanel boots? >> i'm not. >> stanley, i thought you would be the one who would have them on. >> i am wearing thigh-high boots for the occasion. >> reporter: the 2006 box office hit helped launch careers to new heights.
8:17 am
>> at the time, anne hathaway was mostly known for movies aimed at teen girls and this totally changed the industry's perception of her. this was a mature adult role. the film made a true superstar out of emily blunt who was relatively unknown at the time. >> i love my job. i love my job. >> reporter: there are bloopers that still make these stars laugh. >> there's the scene in the closet where he's trying to imply that it's going to take a lot to squeeze andy into these dresses and stanley must have done ten versions. it was so funny. >> will that fit me? >> oh, yeah. a little crisco and some fishing line and we're in business. a little pea soup and handcuffs. a little vaseline and an ice pick. a little chocolate sauce and a bayonet. >> reporter: the film breaking barriers. >> this is the first movie i've ever had that men have come up to me and said, i know how you feel. it is the hardest thing in the whole world for a man to feel his way through to the
8:18 am
protagonist of a film if it's a woman. >> our society has conditioned women to see the world through men's eyes so often, and particularly in cinema, literature, and this started to make that change. >> reporter: the humor, style and struggle, timeless. >> it connects to that relatable work/life balance issue where the movie has nine lives. it has a new life now as culture is changing. >> that's all. >> reporter: fans have been begging for a sequel, but there are no plans for miranda to continue her reign over the fashion world. you can watch the entire hilarious reunion now on and read more in the june issue of "entertainment weekly" out friday, and we can't wait for t.j.'s review. >> this week. i promise i'm going to watch it this week. >> the pressure is on. let's go to ginger. >> reporter: sounds good. how about this? we've already got these warm breezes blowing through here in utah, mandatory evacuations and fires here, but look at this fire.
8:19 am
the fire in california, this is riverside county, and we're seeing these fires and the fire danger pop because there are at least 28 wildfires across this nation and serious heat. that big high pressure system is going to be a dome, and it's going to keep the heat here for salt lake city, easily above 100 for the next couple of days. phoenix could see 115 plus for a long stretch, and just so you know the connection to climate change, this is from the new normals from the epa. heat wave in the season of heat waves gets longer and longer. more intense, and longer heat waves. all right, that's the big pictur good monday morning. low clouds and fog with a pretty big marine layer, even missed and drizzle. sunshine and breezy wind this afternoon and triple digit heat inland wednesday and thursday,
8:20 am
excessive heat watch for the delta. 71 in oakland today, upper 70s in san jose, middle 80s in well, it is an absolute treat to bring in our next guest. big screen legend egot winner rita moreno is starring in the new documentary about her remarkable life. it's called "rita moreno: just a girl who decided to go for it." she is standing by to talk to us live, but first, take a look at her story. ♪ everything free in america ♪ >> reporter: she's the oscar winner from the original "west side story." ♪ everything is coming up roses ♪ >> reporter: and now in a new documentary, called "just a girl who decided to go for it" -- >> hello, cutie. >> reporter: rita moreno is opening up about her life like never before. >> at the age of 16 years old she was the sole breadwinner for
8:21 am
her family. >> little puerto rican girl who nobody thought much of and then mgm with a contract. >> reporter: some of hollywood's biggest stars, including many of her co-stars, from morgan freeman to gloria estefan, shared the impact of this trail blazer. >> she made me feel like she could do anything. she did. she was a latina like me. >> reporter: the documentary produced by tv exec norman lear and lin-manuel miranda shares her activism during the civil rights movement and how she learned to use her voice. >> wear your nationality like a flag. be proud of it. >> reporter: the doc also reveals how she carved out her place in hollywood against all odds. >> she comes up with what she calls the universal ethnic accent. >> she was auditioning for the russian girl, and she would talk like this. then they would go okay. can you audition for the cuban girl? she would talk like this. nobody knew the difference. they're very different
8:22 am
countries. >> we thought there was no place for us in this world of arts to get into, and we could look up and see rita and say, okay, she can do it. how close can i get? >> and here she is now. the one and only rita moreno. so good to have you with us, and look, i was looking at some older interviews when you would go be a guest on some shows. you would always come out dancing no matter what it seemed. are you still dancing these days? >> of course. absolutely. you know, what's not to dance for? i love it. i love to move. i think it's important to stress the fact that i'm going to be 90 in a couple of months. >> wow. and still dancing. >> you're looking at an 89-year-old. >> well, let's go back. we're looking at you now, and you're going to be 90 this year. but when you were young, a teen
8:23 am
when you were auditioning for roles, the first one you did with mgm, you actually didn't have latina stars to look up to. so you said your mom dressed you up to try to look like elizabeth taylor? >> well, this is when i went to meet louis b. mayer, and we tried very hard, and i enhanced everything i possibly could with my mom's help, and yep. yep, yep. that's kind of how i tried to look, and he said, oh, my god. this looks like a spanish elizabeth taylor and i thought -- >> nailed it. >> that's it, and sure enough, i got a contract there. >> things have certainly -- >> it helped me. >> but at that time you didn't have anyone to look up to that looked like you. what do you think? times have really changed, haven't they? >> you know what, there was no such thing as a role model, not for children like me. i say children because i was 16, 17. there were no mentors for people like me. you just -- everybody always said, well, who supported you? who helped you?
8:24 am
nobody. that's how it was, and i guess that's what, in a way, toughens a little bit of your exterior, though i've never thought of myself as a tough person. i'm a resilient person. >> and here you are, and of course, the breakthrough role was "west side story." but we talk about the film will get into some of your activism, but you almost didn't -- you took the role, but almost wanted to back out because of what? there was a particular lyric that was disparaging to puerto rico that you almost backed out of this role because of that? >> my character anita is a person who loves america and wants nothing to do with puerto rico, and the verse of the song originally was really quite disparaging to puerto rico. and i completely forgot that, and then i got the part after working very hard to get it. screen tests all over the place.
8:25 am
and i realized, oh, my god. this verse to america, i don't think i can do this. i don't think i can do this to my people. and i was this close to calling my agent to say i can't do this. i knew he would kill me. it just happened honestly that just about that time stephen sondheim changed the lyric. made it possible for me not knowing of course, that i could now do that film. i was heartbroken. i thought, my agent's going to kill me. >> but you stuck to your guns and it worked out for you anyway. last thing here, you're going to be in the remake. what a full circle moment. steven spielberg's remake of "west side story." what was it like being back? >> unbelievable. so fabulous. the girl who plays my part, anita, is wonderful. ariana is fabulous, and i have a part. i have a real part in it. i even sing one song. i can't believe it.
8:26 am
thank you to tony kushner who wrote the script. >> they wrote the script and they wrote you in it in particular. rita moreno, it is an absolute pleasure. you keep dancing. thank you for that advice today. we are going to see you down the road and you will be dancing whenever we see you. you have a good one. >> thank you. the same to you. bye-bye. >> it called "rita moreno: a girl who decided to go for it." it's in theaters this friday. coming up, phoebe dynevor is live as well. a girl who decided to go for it." it's in theaters this friday. coming up, phoebe dynevor is live as well.
8:27 am
this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, we're going to get straight to the roads. >> thank you, good morning. we are still following a crash in concord causing a bit of a slowdown on westbound 4 right before the port chicago highway of ram. speeds are low from bay point onward then once you make it to the bay bridge toll plaza we face a back up there as well. metering lights came on it 6:10. also his luggage ride on the bridge. your traveling westbound.
8:28 am
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is coming up. we chat with tyrese gibson about his latest movie fast and furious 9. that is at 9:00. good morning to you. check out this dramatic view of our roof camera. winds will pick up, 59 downtown, 70 in mountain view. 60s elsewhere. starting to brighten up around the bay 16 santa cruz. mid-70s today. gorgeous there. we will get partial clearing at the coast. today, and joey it. low 70s oakland. upper 70s livermore and then we
8:30 am
heat up beginning tomorrow. >> we will have another update in about 30 minutes. you could always find the latest in art news app. we should just tell the truth quickly. they're going to cut us off. >> be careful what you wish for, right? >> there is a cost to success and fame. >> you're a dead man. >> said the corpse. >> it's all going to work out. >> don't tell me it's going to work out. people deserve to know the truth. >> nobody likes a gossip. >> there's been a lot written about the morning show. >> do you feel that the important issues have been addressed? >> i can't wait. oh, my -- hope your monday is off to a great start. that was an exclusive first look. season two of "the morning show," coming to apple tv in the fall. they made us wait for all that. >> they did make us wait.
8:31 am
>> the cliffhanger at the end of the season one. >> ali hates watching that show with me. >> why? >> it's the morning show, so i talk through the whole thing. >> it's too accurate sometimes. we're excited to bring in our next guest. she's the queen of "bridgerton," the series that became a massive hit with an incredible 82 million viewers. let's welcome in phoebe dynevor. thank you for joining us this morning. >> hi. thank you for having me. >> let's start with one of the signature lines of the show, we want to show our audience. >> it is you i cannot sacrifice. i burn for you. >> what i want to know is how did so many fans around the world get the idea that that was the duke of hastings' line? >> i don't know, but honestly so many people said it that i started to think that it was his line as well. i completely forgot it was mine,
8:32 am
but i guess, because he says it back to me in his very deep voice, which probably sounds a lot better than mine. that's what i'm guessing. >> you have to say it a certain way. you can't just say, i burn for you. >> it has to come from -- yes. somewhere deep. >> i don't have that. you not just on set, but fans felt a certain kind of way when they found out rege-jean would not be coming back for season two, but what's it like now to be doing a season two without him? >> well, it's different, but i think the beauty of the show is that every season is going to be so different. there's going to be a different love story, and it's going to be a completely new sort of story line. so i think it's exciting firstly for us all to be back together, and obviously it's sad that rege isn't with us, and it's honestly just so lovely to be back.
8:33 am
>> i bet it is, and the new love story is your older brother on the show, lord anthony as his quest for love. so what was it like for you to see romance unfold from the other side this season? >> it's really exciting for me. it's so different. it's such a great story line. i think the fans are going to love it, and johnny is amazing, and we have loads of new fantastic cast members which is so exciting to watch as an outsider. so -- well, an insider as well, but from the outside. so yeah. i'm just so excited for people to see the show, and i think they're going to be so thrilled. >> so you all are filming again. you said it's lovely to be back on set. give us a sense of what life is like behind the scenes. >> what it's like behind the scenes. well, it's -- it's covid now, so we have -- we have masks on.
8:34 am
so it's slightly different to the first season. we wrapped the first season right before the pandemic. so it's slightly different, but we have all the crew back, and all the cast back, and i think we're just overjoyed to be with each other again, and get to film -- get to do another season because it's honestly just a really joyful experience, and yeah. we love -- we love it. >> we certainly don't want any season two spoilers, but i'm sure your people sent you here with a nugget of season two. so go ahead and give us a little gossip from season two. >> i wish i could. i wish i could. i would love to, but i cannot. my lips are sealed. >> okay, we'll try this. we'll try another way. we have a lightning round we're going to try to go with to see if we can get something out of you. you ready? >> okay. >> okay. yes or no? will fans be okay with where the
8:35 am
duke of hastings ends up off-screen? >> on mars? yes. they will. >> will julie andrews make a cameo on camera? >> we all would love that. we say that all the time to all the execs of the show. let's keep our fingers crossed. >> okay, this is going to be another -- >> you're good at this. >> very good. >> does anthony actually find love? you can tell us that. we don't know how he gets there, but does he actually find love? >> i can't tell you that. no, that's the fun of the show. >> okay. one word to describe -- we hope so. he deserves it. >> one word to describe season two. >> one word to describe season two. i think just joyous. that's the best way to have describing season two. >> we can't wait for it. thank you for joining us this morning. "bridgerton" season one is streaming on netflix right now. season two as you heard is up and coming, and when we come back, robin talks with the queen of basketball, the only woman ever drafted by the nba.
8:36 am
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♪ back now with a new documentary about one of the greatest basketball players ever, lusia "lucy" harris won three national titles, an olympic medal, and one of the first women inducted into the basketball hall of fame, and was even drafted by the nba. i got a chance to talk to my childhood hero, the queen of
8:39 am
basketball. >> lucy with the rebound. >> reporter: her name, lusia "lucy" harris. >> number 45, lusia harris. >> reporter: and she reigns supreme as the queen of basketball, dominating the game, inspiring a generation of athletes. >> you are a living legend to have won back to back to back, three national championships at delta state. what do you remember fondly of those days? >> the type of crowds that we had, to have such support, it was support from everybody. i got the chance to travel all over the united states, out of the country, and i really enjoyed it. >> reporter: her story, now the focus of a new documentary short premiering at the tribeca festival. >> the director, and i'm going to quote him here. he says, you are one of the most important american athletes of the 20th century. what was it like when they called you, and they said, the queen of basketball, we want to
8:40 am
do a film on you? >> when i got the call and they said they wanted to do this documentary, and i, you know, i was really kind of surprised. that was just unreal. >> reporter: during her college years at delta state, the 6'3" south mississippi native was the center of attention. >> attention, you know, to me is saying that a lot of people are interested in what we're doing. >> reporter: then in 1977, lucy's talents led to her being the first woman officially drafted by the nba. >> you were drafted by the nba, the new orleans jazz, and you said, no. no thank you, and you have no regrets? no regrets? >> no regrets. i had to have my time as a player, and as a person that traveled all over the world, and i was ready to just settle down with my family. >> reporter: lucy spent more time with loved ones who helped her take charge of her mental health.
8:41 am
>> there are different forms of mental illness. my form is bipolar. it didn't surface until after i stopped playing. i had a nervous breakdown. i had to return home, and i began to pick myself up. >> reporter: her proudest accomplishment? her four children and grandchildren creating a lasting legacy on and off the court. >> christopher is a lawyer. eddie has a masters. christina received her doctorate. christa has a doctorate in education. >> what do you want people to learn from your story? >> i especially want the young people to understand that if you work hard, really willing to work hard, anything is possible. >> can i tell you? i'm as proud of her today as i was as a small child in mississippi watching her play,
8:42 am
and the film is beautiful. she waited to watch the documentary for the first time at its premiere last week here in new york, and she received a huge standing ovation. "the queen of basketball" is showing at the tribeca festival and will be released on later this month. i hope you get a chance to check out. let's go back now to ginger. ginger? and robin, a heads up for you and anybody on the east coast because damaging winds are possible not only in delaware, baltimore, down to d.c., but up in philadelphia and definitely up through new jersey. seabright, you would be in there. just almost there to new york city, so keep that in mind if you have plans tonight. that's the b good monday morning, looking at gray skies across the bay, sunshine and breezy wind in the city. upper 60s there, and getting hot
8:43 am
we now turn to the man known as captain america. no, that's not chris evans. i'm talking about christian pulisic. we're talking about the captain america of soccer. he's won two major championships within eight days. the champions league crown with chelsea, and then kicked the winning goal to take the nations league championship with team usa. christian, good to see you, my man. what do you think of that, people calling you captain america? what do you think when you hear that? >> i don't know how i feel about that. obviously there are some other captain americas out there, but it's an honor i guess. >> you have been picking up some hardware here lately. what is it like for a kid from hershey, pennsylvania, to pick up a champions league -- first american to play in and win, in the champions league. you're a kid from hershey, pennsylvania. >> yeah, it's unbelievable. i never thought i would be able to play on this stage. so i feel extremely lucky, and being able to take a big championship like this home, it makes me proud, and for all the
8:44 am
americans. >> people have been talking about you since you were a teenager, and talking about you being the face of u.s. soccer, you have delivered on all of that and more in a lot of ways very early on. do you always feel that weight? i know you had dreams as a kid of playing soccer, but now are you seeing where you have a larger role, and you feel that weight of almost carrying u.s. soccer to another level? >> i really just love the game. i love soccer so much. that's how i try to think of it and i try to enjoy every single moment that i can. i try not to put too much pressure on myself, and yeah, try to enjoy it. >> what was it like being back home? you grew up and started playing soccer at 4, but the place you learned to play soccer, you went back there recently. tell me what you did. >> yes, so, being able to go back to pennsylvania, my hometown classics, i was able to build a new little facility there, and some new fields out there. hopefully the kids can enjoy that, and it's just really
8:45 am
special to me to give back to the club that, you know, gave me my first start in the game. >> i keep giving you these names, captain america. your name is christian, but you're also the most expensive american soccer player ever, and what that means is never before had a european club paid so much for a transfer fee just so they could get the rights to you to join that team. that was some $70 million plus, folks. i know that label sounds crazy as well, but what do you think about that as well? that you have made it to that point that a club wanted you that badly? >> yeah. it's nowadays with all the numbers going around, it can be a bit crazy, but it's really about just sticking to what i do, and like i said before, trying to enjoy it because i think that's the main thing. >> people want to learn a little bit more about you here. you live in london now, right? >> yes. >> a quick lightning round stuff here. favorite english food? >> fish and chips. >> fish and chips. when you are there in london, do you say fish and chips? what's the right way to order it there? >> i think you have to have an accent and say, can i have the
8:46 am
fish and chips please? >> okay, next question, what should did you binge during the pandemic? >> i would say "queen's gambit." >> have you ever seen "the devil wears prada"? >> no. >> george, robin, i hope y'all were listening downstairs. what's your guilty pleasure? >> i would say maybe watching "gossip girl." >> okay, and who would you say in your life is your biggest fan? >> my biggest fan is probably my brother. got to be my brother. >> okay, well, you told me you only get about three weeks off during the year and this is in that window. enjoy your time off. been watching you for a while, and you are just delivering. you really are. congratulations on the success. kid from hershey, pennsylvania. right? >> thank you so much. stay with us. coming up, we have fashion mogul rebecca minkoff on the trends for the summer. stay with us. fashion mogul rebeck is rebec rebecca minkoff
8:47 am
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♪ back now with fashion mogul turned debut author rebecca minkoff, and her brand-new book called "fearless." "the new rules for unlocking courage and success." she's up there on the big screen here in new york city. good morning. congratulations. i can't wait. we're going to talk about "fearless," but first, life is starting to get back to normal as you know, and as we ditch our, you know, that work from home look, what fashion trends are you most looking forward to this summer, rebecca? >> oh, man, i am so excited to finally wear a tiny heel. not something big, but we have these incredible heels that are about two inches. so as we emerge from flats, this is a good gradient, and loose-fitting dresses. i think they're forgiving, they're breathable, and we have all been in our lounge wear for a long time, and this is a great way -- i wish i could show you
8:50 am
what i'm wearing today. it's a loose-fitting dress and some thin heels. >> just easing back in. that's what we have to do. >> yes. >> let's talk about your book, and congratulations again. "fearless" is all about courage. it's not about -- not being afraid of challenges and not being afraid to break the rules. what do you think the key is to being truly fearless? >> so first, i want to say, we're all going to experience fear. you don't read this book and you magically don't have fear. the goal is you don't let fear stop you from achieving your passions and your pursuits. key things. we're adults and we don't need to ask permission from other adults to go forward and achieve our path. we need to trust our gut. that term is famous for a reason, and networking and great communication skills are key. i think you can always communicate a problem or communicate what you want if you get good at practicing that. getting what you want along your path is going to be far easier. >> and there's something else. this is all great advice that you talk about in your book. designing your purpose, not your
8:51 am
paycheck. designing your purpose, not your paycheck. now, for those who may feel like, they aren't able to pursue their dream job because of a lack of resources, what's your advice there? >> i want to say that we all have this instant gratification. we push a button and our car arrives or a package arrives, but your career is not that. it's a journey. it's important that you make a plan, and you might have to sacrifice. i had a colleague who started as a receptionist, elizabeth leonard now helps me run my nonprofit. she made a plan, she was patient and she made sacrifices that paid off, and i think if you take it as the long view that your passion is what is going to make you happiest, then it's worth those things that might, you know, take longer. >> yeah. be patient, and persistent. that's what i always say. you shared a picture of the corner of prince street and greene street here in the city and it's a really special place
8:52 am
for you and your career. why is that? what does it feel like to walk by that corner now? >> i mean, first of all it feels surreal. i lived on the corner of thompson and spring in soho where i couldn't pay my rent. i was sleeping my egg crates making my famous i heart new york shirt thinking i made it where i was avoiding my roommate because i couldn't pay rent, and to walk by there now is surreal because we're at 900 points of sale, we're a global company, and it was a dream i had, that, you know, lots of people have dreams, but it became a reality. >> you worked really hard at that, and you're making your book available to many aspiring young entrepreneurs? can you tell us more about that? >> yes. we have an incredible free event actually tomorrow on book launch day, and we're supporting a couple of incredible organizations like girl up and nxt, and we want to be able to give these books for free to these women and men who are joining us tomorrow.
8:53 am
if you head over to the linkedin my bio on instagram, you can register, but only the nonprofit partners get the free book, and pinterest has been a great underwriter for the event. we're grateful for them. >> we're grateful to you. thank you for sharing and being here, and we're very, very happy for you. you're an author now. it's got to be a great feeling. >> i'm an author. >> yes. "fearless" is available everywhere tomorrow. thank you, rebecca.
8:54 am
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good morning, everyone. checking in now for look traffic. >> it feels like a welcome chime. i love that. good morning. we are starting with a live look at the golden gate bridge which we cannot see. we haven't been able to see all morning long because of the fog advisory. i'm sticking with this because it's our biggest story on the traffic front. look how sunny it is at the richmond san rafael bridge. it is slow. it's crawling going westbound and will pick up until across the bridge and slow in the east bay. >> i'm going with that seem too with the golden gate bridge, mid 60s to low 70s. you know where it's cloudy in the city at 59. santa cruz 60. sunshine on the way with 60s at
9:00 am
the coast breezy to near 80 inland. speck now it's time for a live look, co >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, one of the stars of the new action film, "f9", tyrese gibson, and if you are planning a getaway, we have tips for avoiding the latest summer travel scams, and your comments and questions in an all-new edition of "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> ryan: hey, morning, deja. >> kelly: morning, days if you're in morning, morning. >> ryan: it is already rating rg here in new york city. it is flag day. >> k:


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