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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 3, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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joining us. i am dion lim. this fourth of july is the first major holiday since california reopened its economy after a challenging 15 months. news reporter cornell bernard says the fourth of july festivity comes with words of warning. >> reporter: block party happening this fourth of july weekend at chase center hosted by the lawyers. >> i'm going to have fun. >> reporter: the sun was out and the girl sizzling with free burgers for fans who were ready to party like this hendersons. >> it means independence. >> being out with the family for the first time in a year. enjoying the beautiful weather normal. e okg up : thblock party gs will continue on into independence day from 11:00 and until for him for the first time in two years, fireworks will light up the waterfront on july 1, thousands expected.
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pleading with folks to leave pyrotechnics to the pros but they know not everyone will listen. >> fireworks in san francisco are illegal for everything. >> reporter: the san francisco fire department made this public service announcement after illegal fireworks caused 100 grass fires last july 4 firefighters drove through a barrage of bottle rockets responded to calls, they share with drought conditions so bad, they urge people to think and be careful. >> the sparks, flashing lights, the loud booms going off, every single one of those have an ber >> reporter: on friday, firefighters demonstrated how fast a simple sparkler concerning gas-fired on a dry hillside. >> we saw fires at a point no homeowner with a garden hose could extinguish them. >> reporter: extra firefighters on duty across the bay area this holiday weekend. most expect to be busy.
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in san francisco, cornell bernard with abc7 news. the hardest working man in show business this weekend is off to his next gig. that is pyro pat as he is known in the black polo sht. after successfully putting on last night fireworks display at the oakland coliseum, he is onto his next big show, tomorrow's big extravaganza along the san francisco waterfront. his team was is he loading fireworks on one of the two barges that will be floated to the north waterfront. >> we have a lot of beautiful shells, things people have never seen before, all patriotic music, the old standards everybody loves on the fourth of july, 22 minutes, 16 seconds of. glory. >> i love his enthusiasm. how do you not? showtime tomorrow night at 9:30. the east bay, ice cream truck selling a lot more than sweet treats according to
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pittsburgh police. they showed pictures of numerous fireworks officers found including m-1000s. the drugs and are from a different last. police were tipped off by a parent. like many other bay area cities, fireworks are banned in pittsburgh. live look at the embarcadero certainly a popular hotspot for the fourth. the big question is, will we be able to see tomorrow's fireworks? weather anchor spencer christian in for drew. >> nice, clear starry skies tomorrow night for the fireworks , that is not the truth. here is a look, middle of the day lots of sunshine, early evening hours, marine layer will make a surge from the coast over the bay. chances are pretty good we will have our view of the fireworks a bit obscured by the marine
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layer tomorrow evening if you're in san francisco. the further away you get from the coast, and then fireworks displays should take place under mainly clear skies. good luck. the fog will be present in the city. i will have the full forecast later. sounds good. we put together a list of events happening around the bay area or the fourth. go to the homepage to check it out. the number of people traveling through airports hit it pandemic record yesterday. the tsa screened more than 2.1 million people on the move for the fourth of july weekend. >> reporter: by now, most americans who plan to travel this holiday weekend may have braved the fourth of july frenzy on the roads. >> i think it will be busy and congested. >> reporter: at some of the nation's airports, many of which seem to be bursting at the seams on friday. aaa expecting 48 million people will have traveled either by rote or air by the time the fourth of july weekend comes to a close. most of them, 43 million opted
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to drive to and from their destinations according to andrew gross from aaa. >> the biggest difference is the number of people traveling by car and a number of factors, international travel is still down, cruising has not picked up yet. people may generally feel more safe traveling by car. >> reporter: gross expects rising fuel prices are not keeping most families from long- overdue post pandemic get away. it is not cheap with the cost of a gallon of gas averaging $3.12 nationally, the highest in seven years. experts say not only is summer demand to blame, a shortage of fuel truck drivers let some service stations empty. flying this weekend, adhere to aircrew instructions or face hefty fines. the federal aviation administration received over 3000 reports of unruly passengers this year alone. a majority of incidents related to noncompliance of the federal mandate requiring mask wearing on flights. hoping to address people who
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don't listen to crew instructions, the agency wrote that a video message for those who should know better from those who do. >> they keep doing that stuff. >> the kids certainly know, don't they? while we're on the topic sentence is the airport expect the crowds this weekend. live look as you can see, sso projects it will be the busiest weekend since the pandemic began. the airport has already broken the 40,000 passenger mark per day and for comparison, sfo reported 565,000 passengers of last july. meantime, oakland international anticipates 160,000 travelers will pass through this holiday weekend. that is more than triple the amount of passengers the airport saw during the same time in 2020. opening new long-term parking r
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added hundreds of new spots in april to meet growing demand. shifting gears to developing news, there are nine wildfires burning to the north of us right now. among the largest, the lava wildfire in siskiyou county and just south, the salt fire in shasta county. time-lapse video of the salt fire, it has burned nearly 7500 acres and is 5 % contained. firefighters have been strengthening containment with on-site interstate highway 5. the fire has destroyed 41 buildings including 27 homes. evacuation orders remi in place for communities near the fire. lava wildfire 26 % contained, it was sparked by lightning strike and has scorched more than 24,000 acres. the fire is burning partially on the flanks of mt. shasta and forced the evacuation of 3500 people. firefighters are facing extreme conditions with temperatures expected to reach over 100 degrees over the weekend.
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in the south bay and number of deaths due to covid has dropped significantly in santa clara county because of a change in methodology. the new number just under 1700 instead of 2200. we should explain the revised way of counting deaths is similar to what alameda county switched to a month ago. only deaths from covid will be counted from now on. since the pandemic began, if someone died from something else but tested positive for coronavirus, that that was included in the covid count. just ahead, test results are in with drinks that make people sick people say they became ill after drinking drinks served in south lake tahoe establishments. what eight toxicology report found. they are being recognized for the first time in 75 years. honor long-overdue.
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new developments tonight, toxicology without the yesterday showed no harmful substances in the drink the four people who sought emergency treatment fearing
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there drinks were tampered with at bars in south lake tahoe. sacramento beat reports in the the gators do not believe the drinks were drugged or a crime happened. even so, police remind people always be cautious when drinking in public. in the north bay, police say a mountain lion is becoming a common visitor. police say the animal was seen on the east side of the luma late last night, wow, that is the big one, following a series of sightings this past week. if it is the same big cat, it is managing to cross highway 101. footage from when state shows probably around a man's backyard. joe spotted the cougar jump over a fence into his backyard before leaving. chinese americans who served our country in world war ii are finally receiving recognition for their sacrifice. more than 400 veterans are receiving the congressional gold medal this weekend. although many who were honored are no longer with us, their
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surviving families were eager to tell us about their dedication to america's values. >> we are so proud to represent his country to the united states of america, the generation to have their freedom. >> we are so proud of them as well. allen's father, curtis joe wong emigrated from southern china at the age of 13. when he was 22, he enlisted in the u.s. navy and was decorated with several medals while serving in the south pacific. the search is over, what the creators of treasure hunt say about the loot found. taking live look outside, tracking the fog, the accuweather forecast is just ahead. coming up in sports, halfway through the giants regular season. halfway point and take a quick halfway point and take a quick trip down memory
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the treasure hunt, the santa cruz treasure mountain hunt has a winner. this group found the box with the trophy and $1000 inside. you may remember, organize posted the details on the instagram page, the official treasure hunt. two men who organized the treasure hunt wanted to encourage people to go outside. they gave treasure seekers to lose to take them to the hidden money in a state park, it has been such a hit, organizers say they will do it again. how fun is that? congratulations. the clear skies would be a treasure, wouldn't it? looking for fireworks tomorrow night. let me give you look what is going on weatherwise, it is breezy and pleasant. mild conditions around the bay area, surface wind speeds generally 20 to 25 miles an hour and brasier spots have gusts 26 miles an hour. looking toward san francisco, you can see clouds stocking up,
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low clouds with marine layer building, mid-level and high clouds, pretty cloudy evening, 60 degrees rit now at san francisco, 70 mountain view, 71 san jose, morgan hill 82, 59 at half moon bay. the view of the golden gate where you can see a sliver of clearing to the northeast otherwise it is cloudy. these are other readings santa rosa, novato 79, napa 68, 79 fairfield, 80 concord, 76 at livermore. here's a clear view from the rooftop camera, abc7 looking across the embarcadero over the bay. forecast conditions, mild to warm days through the holiday weekend, clouds of the coast and an for the fourth of july fireworks tomorrow evening. expecting wave of intense summer heat by next weekend. right now, we are looking at developing marine layer during the overnight hours, see it expand across the bay along with movement of high clouds ever had.
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7:00 tomorrow morning, begin the day with lingering low crowds around the bay and inland areas. low clouds run back quickly to the coastline and give us mainly sunny day going into the early evening. the early evening brings a return of the marine layer and that threatens to obscure partially our view of the fireworks tomorrow night. blows tonight mainly mid to upper 50s and highs tomorrow under mainly sunny skies over the bay and inland. range from 60 at the coast to mainly low 70s near the bay inland areas warm-up low to mid- 80s tomorrow. not a very warm day. here is the 12 hour planner tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun early, sunny skies earlier in the afternoon, the marine layer surges in, between 9:00 p.m. and midnight, expect increasing low clouds and not the greatest viewing conditions for fireworks the accuweather 7-day forecast, i mentioned the range of high temperatures will not change much going to the middle of next week. you can see the
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warm-up coming our way near the end of next week and by friday, mid-90s inland, upper 70s around the bay. next saturday, if the forecast holds up and it might, it will be warm to hot inland with triple digit high temperatures to that is the accuweather 7- day forecast. one year ago today, july 3, 2020, the giants opened summercamp to prepare for 60 game pandemic shortened season. i remember the excitement of attending my first sporting event in what was months. fast forward a year later, san francisco is rolling last year, the giants it three home runs snapping four game losing streak won 11-4 over arizona took san francisco hit 121 home run so far this year, second- best in all of baseball. halfway through 162 game marathon, the giants are majorly best 51-31 overall. >> our players said their goal was to win the national league
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west. right now we're halfway there and a long way to go. obviously, we feel good about the position we are in and we feel like we have a chance to accomplish that at this point. >> rooting together great plans here. i think it also shows the trust the players have in our coaching staff and what they are sharing with us. we are staying aggressive and running off that approach in the game and it is showing for us. a's and red sox try to flip the hat, hair. i don't know how he gets a hat on his head with so much hair. two on with a chance of a big inning, matt olson james, popped to second, bad baserunning, double play, oakland fails to score. autumn two, triples to center field, oakland would manage one run leaving guys on base. top of the third, murphy tries to back pick throw to first, the ball gets away from olson. xander bogaerts around 13 motorhome. often takes the lead on a sac fly. top of the five, 3-1, boston
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pick j.d. martinez with the liner to let that right now, 3-2, boston. full set of highlights at 11:00. 49ers open the season in detroit will add three new members to the holiday inn ryan young, john taylor, and patrick willis. willis played eight seasons in san francisco. you could make that argument he is the best niners linebacker all-time. he is happy to carry on the legacy of turner, wilcox, and reynolds. number 52 likes what he sees from the current generation of guys like fred warner. >> the defense is rising, the offense is great. they have done a great job leading the linebacker corps. for me, i'm excited to see the next passage, to be a part of linebacker legacy, you know, to leave something behind others can grab a hold of and make their own. it feels really special. tennis, eight time
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wimbledon champ roger federer. the great backhand, 6-4? i can set, federer at the near court, patented backhand rips it down the line, won the second but dropped the third set. on the far court, federer serving out and the return is in the net. all england club for record 18th time as he continues his quest for 21st major. he keeps doing it. ticket, euro 2020 quarterfinals england and ukraine. the kind of intensity dion lim brings to every newscast. harry kane, 1-nil. he was not done, three-goal lead, kane with the header. first european championship semi in 25 years to will play denmark for the right to play in the championship. circling back to baseball,
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sports and abc7 sponsored by river rock casino. one year ago today, facebook reminded me i was at the ballpark in months, the picture without the mask and social distancing reminding ourselves. full house and fourth of july baseball, everything feels right with the world. >> i have to say your sport cast is a little different because i remember how sad you were when there were no sports. it was kind of depressing actually. >> months and months. i don't know how we did it. >> you watch ping-pong and a lot of obscure sports. >> a lot of flash backs from a year ago. >> it is good to have it all back. thanks. just ahead, imagine having billions of dollars and losing it within a matter of days. that is exactly what happened
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coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, fourth of july fireworks shows are back. we take a look at lingering concerns over covid-19 and should we be wearing masks even outdoors? plus, long waits at the airport for rental cars.
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why so many people were not able to count on their online reservations. join us for abc7 news at 11:00 tonight. finally, a man in baton rouge shares his brief time as a billionaire. chase mistakenly deposited 50 billion, that is what the b into his chase account. he reported it right away and took the bank four days to correct the error. for a few days, james and his family were one of the richest families in the world. he said there was never a ques
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