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millions around the world. frya, born prematurely, living with multiple disorders including epilepsy and cerebral palsy, but not letting anything slow her down. that's a dance of joy. that's "nightline" for tonight. see you back here tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america. or staying . good night, america.
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for the first time the city of alameda is taking action to limit
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police response to nonviolent emergencies. coming up, who will respond to those can calls. illegal fireworks are likely to blame for the fire that tore through this home. community members were able to save the family inside. heat is about to hit the bay area. i will have it in my forecast. building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. we are looking to an alternative to police response with mental health expertise and behavioral health experience. tonight, another bay area city is taking concrete steps to reimagine how the police respond to mental health crisis calls. the city of alameda wants to deprioritize police officers in favor of medics and mentalathy professionals. good evening, thank you for joining us. abc 7 news reporter takes a
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closer look at the plan. >> two days before the police killed george floyd in minneapolis. the police arrested molly watkins for exercising in the street. >> you are dancing in the street? >> what? dancing in the street? >> 14 months later the city council voted to deprioritize the police department's response to mental health emergencies by launching a pilot program. >> someone calls because they saw somebody dancing in the street. make sure the calls are directed to this pilot unit. >> it will be with the fire department. an university formed firefighter paramedic and emt would response to the emergency in an unmarked car. later, a social or mental health care worker would help the person with follow up services. >> will not be showing up in firefighter gear. no lights. the whole idea is to deescalate. >> voting in favor of the pilot from nonvoy length criminals and services. >> armed police officers are not needed in every call that comes into the
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city. >> watkins, who lives in alameda says he needs to see improvement before reacting to policy change. >> they start making strides to knockdown that thing we call white supremacy. call it mental health and this and that as i have teeth falling out of my face and i have to get my entire mouth replaced because of what happened. >> representing watkins in a lawsuit against alameda. most of his cases are result of inappropriate police response to a mental health emergency. >> to the extent the city is considering the private entity, i think that is a very positive step and i am hopeful at some point that it is adopted so you can minimize this contact that the police have. >> reporter: the trial program is expected to launch at the end of the year. new at 11:00, heart- pounding moments captured on body camera of what
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the deputies say was a shootout that ended with a gunman's death. >> you got the gun. i got a gun. >> he got a gun in his hand. >> do not move. do not move. do not move. do not move. keep your hands down. >> drop the gun, drop the gun. [gunfire] >> alameda county sheriff's deputies say he was hiding behind a fence and fired at them. they shot him to death. a deputy was grazed in the head by a bullet. this video was released today. the shooting happened in hayward hills back in april. also new at 11:00. multiple sideshows pushed the police to the limit on the 4th of july. some of them drawing hundreds of people as cars took over over over over o intersections. >> as officers move inside on one of them they say spectators threw firecrackers and one person was arrested for
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blocking first responders. the gunshots were heard as officers had some of the vehicles towed. after a chaotic 4th of july weekend a rally is planned this weekend including a march around the lake. other city leaders are expected to attend. during a 15 hour period they saw multiple shootings that left at least one person dead. new developments where cracking down on fireworks. on the 4th of july someone lit a bunch of fireworks in a garage can outside of a city councilmember's home. a neighbor alerted them that his trash can was on fire. he tried to put it out on his own. firefighters doused the flames. tonight, the city council moved forward with putting a measure forward to ban all fireworks, even safe and sane ones on the same ballot as the recall election in september. tonight we are learning
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more about an oakland house fire that the police say was likely sparked by illegal fireworks. now, the family living inside managed to escape, thank goodness, with the help of good samaritans that rush inside to troy to save -- tried to save him. we spoke to a family friend of those living inside. >> reporter: this is all new video of the damage after a 4th of july house fire in oakland. one where the officials told family members this. >> that it was probably irresponsible illegal fireworks that went up on the roof. >> reporter: she is a friend of the family who was inside which included two seniors, a husband and wife who are blind and their daughter who can not hear very well. all throw were in their rooms on the top floor directly below this roof that caught fire. >> the daughter was awake. she started seeing red flashes. and then she heard banging. but she did not know what it was. >> reporter: it is likely those noises came from neighbored who were trying to
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help. >> i started kicking on the door and while i was kicking on the mygirlshgr threw atwi ge stand there and watch it. we just wanted to make sure whoever was in the house was going to get out of that house. >> reporter: thankfully they were able to get out with the help of those neighbors. the husband suffered smoke inhalation. as of late the family inside had not left their home much due to concerns out there over asian hate crimes. they were thankful to escape with their lives. >> that is what the daughter said. she said if the neighbor his not been banging they would never have known. the daughter, the one that lives here, all she knows there was red flashing but that could have been anything. so, it was the neighbors that got them out, really. >> reporter: jr stone, abc 7 news. developing news, gaining strength as it roars towards florida.
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elseace -- elsa is now a hurricane. over the past day with tropical storm force the storm hit parts of florida with heavy rains and winds in addition to battering florida elsa is expected to bring tropical storm conditions to portions of georgia and the carolinas as well. of course, abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian is tracking this. a category 1 storm. spencer we are seeing hurricane warnings tonight? >> we are indeed. hurricane force strength. it is a category 1. the hurricane, the graphic did not make the update yet. making landfall during the morning hours. across northern florida and southern georgia and coastal carolinas. this graphic shows how much rainfall is expected in the hardit hit areas, those areas in yellow and orange indicate areas that may receive 3-6 inches of rainfall that, of course, could produce extensive flooding. may see red in there that may
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see eight inches of rain in this storm. it will weaken to tropical storm force once it moves over land. it is still a powerful and damaging storm. >> okay, thanks a lot. the stormy weather slamming florida is complicating search and rescue efforts of the collapsed condo building. mary gonzalez tells us crews recovered four more bodies today. >> rescuers in surfside florida working through blinding rain and brutal winds from hurricane elsa. searching for the more than 100 people still missing. >> they were forced to pause for a little bit. about two hours because of the lightning. this is to protect the safety of our first responders. they resumed as soon as it was safe to do so. >> crews combing through new areas at the collapse site, now accessible after the remaining tower was demolished on sunday, finding several more victims. seven others killed in the
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collapse, including a family laid to rest. >> we know they will never be apart. >> reporter: at the scene the crews continue to collect evidence investigators hope will eventually explain what caused this catastrophe. for the heroes scouring the rubble around-the-clock, their focus remains on the victims and the families still desperately holding out hope. >> we are in a search and rescue mode. it is an active investigation and we are focused right now and the primary goal is to bring closure to the families. >> marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. i will turn your attention now to the coronavirus. the dangerously transmissible delta variant is spreading at an alarming rate. now biden is announcing a new effort to get shots into arms. >> millions of americans are still unvaccinated and unprotected. and because of that, their communities are at risk. their friends are at risk. the people they care about are
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at risk. this is an even bigger concern because of the delta variant. >> reporter: the delta variant of covid-19 is now the dominant strain in new cases across america. >> since early may, virtually every covid-19 hospitalization and death in the united states has been among the unvaccinated. so, if you are vaccinated you are protected. but if you are unvaccinated you are not. >> reporter: now facing a new front in the battle of the coronavirus pandemic, president biden is launching new strategies to get shots into arms and he hopes prevent more covid-19 deaths. including expanding vaccines to primary care doctors and to family care doctors who focus on younger americans. rolling out more mobile vaccination clinics. bringing in vaccinations to more workplaces and mobilizing new teams that the president is calling covid-19 surge response teams. >> these teams are made of
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experts from fema. cdc, the center for disease control and prevention. and elsewhere across our government, other groups. and they are going to help states that are having particular hrar problems to prevent, protect and responds. >> san jose reached a new vaccination milestone. the mayor says as of last night 85% of eligible residents received at least one dose. the mayor says the city is first among the 10 largest cities in the country to reach that important benchmark. a lot more to come here. a wild video of a smash and grab at a san francisco neiman marcus. what they are saying about this outrageous heist. a suspected home intruder shot and killed. the police reveal new details about the suspect. and, disneyland is cutting prices for the first time since reopening. how you can snag a discount on tickets.
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all of that and more coming up. first here is a look at what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live wi guest host wanda sykes. >> watch this because i said so. when was the last time you got a speeding ticket. >> they can pull me over and i ask them if they want a signed cd for their kids and
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another high end heist in san francisco caught on video. look at this. 10 people stealing handbags from a union square department store. abc 7 news i-team reporter explains why an added layer of security was missing on that day. >> reporter: in less than a minute 10 individuals ran out of union scares neiman marcus, their arms filled with high end handbags many with security rope still attached. >> we believe they are organized groups. >> this is not criming of opportunity this is not somebody that is down and out. >> reporter: three get away cars sped off at a nearby security guard took cellphone video. we saw similar thefts around the city including this walgreens last month. the mayor says arrests have been made. >> he was apprehended. he was arrested and he is currently
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charged. >> reporter: stores like target say the rise in theft reduced operating hours. >> closing down and limiting hours is not a solution. we need to look at how do we make it safer. >> reporter: the city has given the district attorney and police chief until the second week in july to come up with solutions. >> we need to take action and we need to take action now. >> reporter: the district executive director telling the i-team ambassadors were not on duty yesterday. even when they are, there are two or three of them walking on the beat. they are not certain if unformed officers would of made a difference, either. >> could that have made a difference? >> reporter: a spokes tells the iteam, the safety and welfare of our associates and customers is our top priority. we are relieved no one was harmed. we are cooperating with the
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police department in their investigation. neiman marcus dealt with this in the bay area before. you might recall that a group of people stole handbags from the neiman marcus in palo alto in may. a police department spokesperson tells me that detectives are definitely exploring the possibility that the cases are related and they are reaching out to sfpd. in the news room, back to you. abc 7 news insider weighed in on this heist. he is as it is not out of the question that we could see more stores close because of this theft. >> you know, money is like water, it sinks. these stores do not have to make all of their money in san francisco. it is cheaper for them to close down and make money somewhere else. >> as you can see they are fairly organized. new details, a man shot and killed a home intruder in fairfield. the third similar case,
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actually, in less than a week. when no one answered the door this morning the intruder began to kick it in. a couple in their 60s were inside. the man grabbed a gun and shot the suspect. two similar incidents happened recently in modesto when two armed homeowners killed intruders. in the south bay, a major infrastructure project gets under way tomorrow morning. crews get started on making quake upgrades at the dam. they will build a tunnel to allow it to release more water in the event of an emergency or a storm. construction is expected to land two years. nap a meantime, offering homeowners cash for their grass to save water during the drought. the city is launching what it calls flip your strip to get people to ditch lawns. people can receive up to $2 a square foot for removing them. others can get $1 with maximum
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rebate of $750 for a single-family home. a drone shows the dramatic effect that the drought has had on the salt and sea. it is california's largest lake situated in riverside and imperial county. as it dries up it leaves behind silt that is blown into surrounding areas including farms. it shows farmland as far as the eye can see. we just know it is bad and spencer, bad far earlier than we might of expected. >> that is true. a long way to go. >> it is sad to see that. we have a long way to go. here in the bay area we are in a drought. we are under comfortable weather conditions i am happy to say. here is a look at the wind pattern. it is unusual. we got breezy, quite breezy conditions in san francisco and fairfield and points southward. the wind is calm in sonoma, santa rosa. so if you don't like the wind the north bay is the place to be. here is the view. across the embarcadero. 55 degrees in san francisco
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right now. upper 50s at oakland and mountain view. 60 degrees in morgan hill and 55 at half-moon bay. lovely view, looking along the pay bridge, the view is not obscured at this point by fog. you may see some later. upper 50s in santa rosa, napa, 60 at fairfield, and 57 at livermore and the view from our officer from our roof top camera. forecast features are these. fog and drizzle will return overnight and and in the morning hours, risk of heat-related illness, overnight we will see fog and low clouds pushing across the bay and a few areas of spotty drizzle are likely as well near the coast and bay. at 5:00 in the morning as the commute gets underway lingering fog and damp spots on the roadways, we will have a sunny day inland and over the bay.
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temperatures generally in the middle ol in the north bay locations down to 50 degrees at santa rosa and 52 at napa. highs tomorrow in the south bay. mainly in the middle to upper 70s to middle 80s is what i should say. 76 in san jose, 85 in morgan hill. nice and mild to warm in the south bay. mild on the peninsula with highs at 72 san mateo. high of 64 degrees. north bay, look for highs at 82. san rafael and sonoma, east bay high, 70, oakland, 74, castro valley and the inland east bay will have highs mainly in the middle to upper 80s up to about 90 degrees at fairfield and brentwood. here is the accu-weather seven- day forecast. here comes the heat. starting on thursday we can expect four consecutive days of inland highs at or above 100 degrees. we will see lower to middle
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80s, only lower to middle 60s on the coast. not much warming on the coastline. the temperatures will moderate a bit on monday. by next tuesday, the temperatures should be back in what we call a typical seasonal range for this time of the year. >> yes. freezing at 96.
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the happiest place on earth just got a little more affordable. the theme park is offering offe discount. visit disneyland or california for $85. disney is also offering a deal on multi-day tickets and a discount on its hotels, cketbe redeemed through september 30th. all right, stay with us. chris alvarez is here with sports. coming up in sports we have all of
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your bay area baseball highlights and ginnas played, was it enough to bring the bu
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giants half a game lead. the dodgers lost for a second straight night they had a chance to gain ground. the national champion women's basketball team player throwing out the first pitch. just a little bit outside: on the hill, giant giants with a chance to walk it off. stard wi , no then, making the catch and giants lose. a's in houston.
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always everywhere. they are deep in the heart of texas. scoring 3 in the first. here comes houston. alvarez, two-run shot. astros within 1. a's get three-1. now, the rbi knock. oakland led it after 2. 5th inning, alvarez, a second homer, three-run shot ties it. part of a 3-hit five rbi day. ending his night. houston adds three more in the 6th. 9-6. for the first time since 2006, the nba finals does not have kobe bryant, lebron james or curry in it. giannis, look at the block, 20 points and 17 rebounds, chris paul waited 16 seasons to play in the nba finals, worth the wait. cp3 had 16 in the 3rd quarter alone. a game high, 32, as he
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to the lane. suns win. taking a 1-0 lead. brady and rodgers, now, giving his team the early lead, what a shot that was, mickelson and brady led briefly but could not pull away. brady missing the putt right here. can not believe it. leading the back 9. rodgers for birdie and the win on 16. that goes. they raised more than $2 million and six million meals
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and that is our report for all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel. chris bridges, see you tomorrow. good night
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