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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 8, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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it ready for a bay area heat wave. multiple days of above average temperatures. how hot it will get. elsa is on the move. the storm headed up the east coast. new covid-19 variants emerging around the world. the delta variant now the dominant strain of the u.s. will hear from experts. now is a good time to look for a job. the incentives up for grabs. good morning. you are watching abc 7 warnings on abc 7 mac. hulu live wherever you stream. we aren't going to feel at this morning. you will notice the cloud cover is less extensive and the winds are slower and the drizzle, there wasn't much of it this morning on my commute. that will be likely the way you will have it also. you can see the temperatures warming above average.
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64 half moon bay. 60 san francisco. 86 san jose. antioch in fairfield and lakeport, in the 60s. heat warning starts tomorrow. most dangerous days will be tomorrow, saturday, and sunday, and also into monday for solano, lake and mendocino counties. 102 to-115. high risk of heat the next several days. some of you might be wondering if you felton earthquake last night and you did. in napa county. magnitude 3.6 quake struck just after 12:30 pm. no reports of any damage. the bay area is protective because of high vaccination rates but the contagious delta variant is the dominant strain in the u.s., hitting the unvaccinated hard and america's heartland.the white house sent
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search teams to missouri and colorado to help medical workers get a handle on outbreaks there. this is coming as the global death toll has passed the 4 million mark. reporter amy hollyfield live in east bay with information on how to stop the cycle of new infections. >> reporter: health officials are not worried about the summer search they are seeing. one many did not see coming. there watching hospitals and noticing that many of those who are hospitalized are unvaccinated. the delta variant is the dominant strain in the united states. some parts of the country like missouri and utah are seeing a jump in cases. we see a spike at home in sonoma county. the health officer said 72% of the county's icu beds are full and 13 of those patients have covid-19. the last time sonoma saw numbers like this was in mid
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doctors said they are surprised to see this happening. >> i would have thought we would have a more break before the downslope in august. >> the good news, deaths in the bay area due to covid-19 have almost disappeared. there is an average of one new data day for the nine county region, the lowest death rate we have seen since the start of the pandemic. officials give the credit to the vaccine. everyone dying now from covid- 19 is unvaccinated. reporting now in concord, amy hollyfield. the mask mandate at the california state capitol has been reinstated after a covid- 19 outbreak. >> we take health and safety very seriously. for us we are strengthening the mandate. >> lawmakers and employees will have to mask up regardless of vaccination status. la county has recommended that everyone go back to masking indoors as
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the delta variant continues to spread. governor gavin newsom said bringing back a mandate at the state level may not be needed. >> if we continue to get people vaccinated it will be unnecessary. this is a call to anyone who hasn't been vaccinated. >> marin county officials are helpful and people will heed the warning. marin county public health officer dr. matt willis said anyone in the county who has been hospitalized or passed away due to covid-19 has not been vaccinated. 75% of people in san francisco over 12 are fully vaccinated. 82% have received at least one does. the city is in a good place but the delta variant is a good concern. san francisco unified school district will hold another town hall meeting to talk about full in person learning in the fall. it is this evening at 5:30 pm on zoom and streamed on the districts facebook page. all students and staff will
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need to wear masks is the main take away. >> with masking and fresh air, we can keep all kids safe. there are very few in my mind who should be back in person. >> the district is encouraging everyone who is 12 and up to get vaccinated. a permanent vaccination site is open at burton high school. people can get the shot every wednesday and thursday. today, president biden will speak on the decision to pull u.s. troops out of-esque afghanistan. he will meet with his security team to receive an update on the progress of the drawdown. the u.s. military handed control of bagram air force base to afghan security forces 20 years after entering the country. violence in afghanistan is rising, with the taliban taking control of more territories.
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evacuations and road closures have been lifted in mendocino county for the boiler fire. this vegetation fire broke out near redwood valley yesterday afternoon. it burned 80 acres and 20% contained but at least one home was destroyed. the cause is now under investigation. tropical storm lsat making its way up the east coast and it's causing heavy rain, floods and tornadoes. >> the storm will hit the carolinas. this is charlotte, north carolina. elsa strengthened to a category 1 hurricane before weakening to a tropical storm. ana rivera from wtvd is live in wrightsville beach, north carolina. >> reporter: it is not really the ideal day for a beach day today. take a look at these conditions. it is raining hard and the wind is blowing hard. you can see the waves that do
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not compare to california but they are dangerous right now for north carolina. look at yesterday. some families making the decision to pack up their beach vacation. they knew they wouldn't be able to enjoy the last day and they wanted to avoid elsa. some are sticking it out today. the general feeling is that they will see some sunshine on the other side of this. ocean rescue said their guards are not going to be in those stance today and they will avoid the rain, wind and lightning to make sure they're safe and they're asking everyone to stay out of the water. let's look at what's going on. you can see precipitation is heaviest in the sand hills of north carolina and headed to the low country of south carolina. it is moving north of myrtle beach up towards moorehead in wilmington. wtvd is in raleigh. she is a
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bit away from home. look at where else is going, towards rally with winds at 40 to 50 miles per hour. with that rain it will saturate the soil. there is a ton of pine trees in north carolina and they have very shallow roots. that is why they topple so easily in a storm system. it will hug the coast and go all the way up to greenland over the next 72 hours. rainfall lesson we saw earlier but we had some areas of 4 to 8 inches. more flooding is on the way for the eastern seaboard and there could be flight delays. back at home, hot cars. exercising safer early. it's going to be hotter inland for yardwork. hopefully you got it finished yesterday. everything is the same with pollen and uv index. high on the uv index. this is as comfortable as it gets for temperatures. mid to upper 50s in this at bay and just about everywhere else.
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there is that fog developing from bodega bay at 49. walnut creek making a run into the 90s today. enjoy your mid 50s. they will last through 7:00. you can see upper 70s to upper 90s from the bay to in the neighborhoods. that is a 20 degree jump over yesterday. it will be tough going out there. we go to the golden gate bridge where you have the four lanes in the southbound two lanes because of the overnight construction and road work on the bridge. that has been picked up and you can see cars going into san francisco. it is foggy. i needed windshield wipers across the golden gate bridge. otherwise traffic is smooth the flowing. this is the san mateo bridge, things are running smoothly for a 17 minute drive from 882 101 westbound. the early morning commuters are up at tracy, five baby 580 over
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japan is expected to place tokyo under a state of emergency through the summer olympics as a city is dealing with a surgeon covid-19 cases. an emergency order would begin monday until august 22. olympic competitions and ceremonies will likely be held without fans. spectators have already been banned. a decision is expected tomorrow. four people expected indicted for the assassination
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of haiti president jovenel moise . his wife was flown to a hospital for treatment. they shut down the international airport. haiti's ambassador to the u.s. described the assassins as armed commanded does who speak english and spanish and said they were english dea agents. >> we are talking about mercenaries, foreign mercenaries. >> katy has been gripped by political unrest. opposition leaders were disputing the end of the presidential term. u.s. capitol police are opening a field office in san franciscog the attack and dc. the plan is to investigate threats made against members of congress. the total threats so far and 2021 are double what they were at this time last year. the new field office will help give the agency a western base.
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the fence around the u.s. capitol could come down tomorrow. this is the latest measure in place after the insurrection. capitol police board has to approve the plan before this fence can come down. donald trump sueing facebook, twitter and youtube. he was suspended from social media in response to posey made surrounding the january 6 assault on the capitol. the former president likely faces a tough fight because internet companies have a right to enforce their terms of service and suspensions like this don't actually violate first amendment rights. >> the cruise will industry will crews again from that ported seattle. 300 employees departed for alaska on a simulated cruise yesterday. the first real cruise will lead seattle july 19. passengers may notice changes like expanded medical facilities, on board tested
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areas, >> we want to make our guests feel safe and it will give them a great vacation. >> passages leaving from the port of seattle who are old enough to qualify will be required to prove they got the shot. a giant cat is turning heads in tokyo. >> this is wild. look at that. ■ this is a 3-d cad on a massive hi-rez billboard. it is perched above one of the city's busiest train stations. the video changes during the day. in the morning it is startled awake and in the afternoon it is meowing and at night it is sleeping with its heads resting on its paws. it is being live streamed on youtube. it is nighttime in tokyo right now. the cat does show up between ads during the day on the
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billboards. right now it's not showing anything. >> it is raining. cats don't like water. >> that makes sense. >> i love that. >> i can't be bothered with this wetness. >> i think it's really cool. what is next. >> robots. >> some animals i don't need to see in 3-d. like a bear. wouldn't that be scary? >> i am into it. >> a bear up in tahoe. 3-d. >> enough of that. real-life. they are in your pool and hot tub. open up your car. we still have cloud cover in oakland. not as much drizzle as yesterday. this is the trend. dryer this morning and brighter
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and warmer this afternoon. very high heat risk inland. we go from high to very high this weekend. finally we get back to average but it will take until wednesday of next week. high pressure asserting more of its influence over our weather. fewer clouds at night and dryer cool in the valleys. when you climb in elevation it will get warm with lows in the 70s and 80s. the rest of us in the 50s and 60s. above average highs from san francisco inland. the coast will stay close to average. low to mid 80s for the south bay and low to mid 90s in moscow does, morgan hill. mid to upper 70s san bruno and san mateo no. mid 60s allowed the coast and 70 downtown. upper 80s to low 90s to the north bay. 100s in cloverdale and lakeport . east bay, 75 richmond, 78
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oakland, 83 fremont. 94 in san ramon. 100 showing up in fairfield. antioch in brentwood, just a one. no oranges in the high elevations, 70s and 80s. most of us will be in the mid- 50s to mid 60s. it is day one of at least four days. we will be above average. by tuesday and wednesday we are back where we should be. tonight, game two of the nba finals. we have you covered for the drama. the phoenix suns led by chris paul game one in the best-of- seven series over the milwaukee bucks. nba countdown is getting you ready for tip off starting at 5:30 pm. right after the game, you can catch after the game with abc 7 sports director larry beil. let's talk about soccer.
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fans got a chance to get vaccinated at paypal park in san jose. santa clarita county set up a clinic last night before the match betweeamica and atlas f.c. anyone who received a shot got free tickets to the game. the goal was to reach one of the hardest hit communities in the country. latinos make up 50% of cases in the county. >> this is an example of getting into a sport that is popular in the latinx community and getting the people here and offering them the vaccine right next to the stadium. it's awesome. >> last night's match was paypal park's first international event since the state reopen. coming up, the seven things to know this morning. >> two words, signing bonus. the incentive up to grab. a scary for situation for
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we are coming up on 5:22 am. these are seven things to know.
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temperatures are 10 to 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. from 70 in san francisco to 97 in livermore. the hottest days are still ahead of us. barreling at the east coast bringing rain and wind and the threat of tornadoes to the carolinas. one person died in florida when a falling tree had a driver. no more survivors expected in the surfside, collapse. now this is a recovery mission and not search and rescue. if you live in marin county , new drought water restrictions start next week. you can only use sprinklers spr once a week. drip irrigation allowed twice a week. tonight the san francisco unified school district will hold its final town hall to talk about the return to full in-person learning in the fall. stf d stts ar we he pangrk inthe richmond, san rafael bridge both directions. expect minor delays. this is
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the toll plaza looking good. vaccinated americans no longer need a negative covid-19 test for a hawaiian vacation. the state is dropping the test requirement as of today because of increasing vaccination rates. you need to upload your vaccine card to the travel website ahead of the trip. close call for one family in utah. a hoverboard caught fire in a home last month. a home security camera capture the moment the hoverboard exploded right as that boy was passing by it. you can see his mother trying to put out the flames that you posted this video on facebook adding that the kids chair and kitchen rug also burned. she said the battery cells in the hoverboard shot out like shrapnel starting smaller
5:24 am
fires. her husband used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. what in the heck. >> i am glad the kids are okay. >> that was close. that e scooter company can no longer off great in san francisco. scoot violated its permit by using subcontractors without permission. sfmta didn't renew the permit and is firing the company -- finding, i should say, more than $500,000. they had to move out the e scooter's this month. they're working with the city to resolve the issue. the reopening of the economy has left companies scrambling for workers. employers are offering incentives to bring people in. >> reporter: ngma first look, the big new incentives for saying yes to a new job. >> i saw they were offering a $500 signing bonus and i was
5:25 am
thinking i can maintain this for the summer. >> jason maybury who graduated from high school recently just landed a job working as a host at julio's mexican restaurant in maryland. he knew he needed to work this summer to save up for college but had no idea it could be so lucrative. he is not alone. restaurant workers, hotel cleaners, truck drivers and warehouse stockers are many jobs attached to signing bonuses of hundreds or thousands of dollars. coming up at 7:00, we will tell you what you need to know to get the job you want with the perks you are hoping for. i am rebecca jarvis, abc news. the social media up letting you apply for jobs with a video. a 16-year-old hit by a bullet while riding a minibus. not just bad for business. the organized crime like this
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has an impact on all of us. we have a friend every morning who has one of those coin searcher things. it's early for our friend. we will check in. attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. now at 5:30 am, former rescue mission to a recovery effort.
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the high emotion as crews marked the search for survivors. the variants compete against each other for susceptible host. the delta variant is going to win. >> the contagious delta variant now the dominant strain in the u.s. how to keep it from spreading. mike is tracking multiple days of above average temperatures. the timeline for the bay area heat wave. good morning. it is thursday, july 8. abc7 mornings on abc7. hulu live wherever you stream . we jumped 10 to 20 degrees compared yesterday but the most dangerous heat is friday, saturday, sunday, and monday for celano, lake and mendocino counties where it will be the hottest. 110 to 115. the rest of us will be 102 to 110. k
5:30 am
he iless. over the weekend so a lot of us won't be working outside. if you are, stay hydrated. the winds have backed off. we are losing free air conditioning. we have cloud cover and no drizzle. 77 cisco. what sticks out are the hundreds. antioch, thayer field, lakeport, doswick and is spread. the good news, okay. not sure where we are right now. get a covid-19 vaccination and avoid hospitalization and death. because of that indisputable fact our bay area covid-19 numbers are generally great , nero zero deaths. amy hollyfield is live in concord. permit good morning. the good news is that deaths are almost nonexistent in the
5:31 am
bay area. we are averaging one death a day to to covid-19 in the nine county region. some icu units are still filling up and that is a concern to some doctors who are surprised by this. sonoma county icu beds at 72% capacity. 13 at the patient's in icu have covid-19. county health officials say all of the patients are not vaccinated. a surge in a few states across the country like missouri and utah. it is the delta variant that is the most dominant strain in the u.s. >> if we had more people vaccinated interstates or more naturally acquired immunity, we would see less transmission. less transmission we have, the fewer variants. >> he said he would've expected
5:32 am
to see a longer break in cases. he thought it would be until august before we saw possible surge. the last time sonoma saw numbers like this was in mid- february. the death rate is the lowest we have seen since the start of the pandemic. officials give the credit to the vaccine, saying just about everyone who is dying from covid-19 is not vaccinated. reporting live in concord, amy hollyfield. in surfside, florida. once was once a search and rescue effort is now a recovery mission. we have more the difficult decision to end the search for survivors. >> reporter: crews at the site at the condo building collapse in surfside are no longer searching for signs of life. some of the rescuers in tears last night holding a moment of silence as they marked the end of their search efforts. >> it is with deep profound sadness that we made the
5:33 am
extremely difficult decision to transition from operation search and rescue, to recovery. >> for 14 days, the crews battling brutal conditions including fires and storms as they search for survivors in air pockets, only to find remains but no survivors. officials based the decision to end the search on a number of factors. >> it includes the building collapse itself, the pancake, which gives you the lowest probability of survivability. coupled with the fact that it gives you very little bull voids. >> this is your bedroom now. >> 82-year-old zulu yet is living in a friend's apartment. her home of 22 years and her belongings are gone. >> i came out with a pajama and housecoat in my purse.
5:34 am
>> abc news, new york. san francisco police investigating a shooting that happened on a muni bus. a 16-year-old boy was hit while he was lie riding my 25 on treasure island. the shot was fired from outside of the bus. the bus was stopped at the time. the teenager has a gunshot wound to his leg and is expected to recover. california attorney general's office will investigate all police shootings that resulted in the death of a person who is not armed. until not, a local police department would do its own investigation. under a new law, attorney general office is required to take over. 's teams will be sent to scenes immediately and police departments should comply. >> we expect cooperation and commitment to a full and complete investigation. we will have people on the scene to make sure that will happen.
5:35 am
>>'s deaths that are not result of shootings are not covered under this law. in the east bay, oakland is gearing up for a community rally in the wake in the uptick in violent crime. standup for a safe oakland is happening saturday. we talked about the event. the goal is to show residents you can be part of the solution. >> we have a tremendous problem in oakland that we need to address in a collaborative manner. it includes community. it is so important to the way in which we go forward with solutions around the violence problem. saturday we will be working with community to talk about how they can help us moving forward. chief armstrong said he believes oakland can soffits crime problem and is encouraging to know your neighbors to build trust.
5:36 am
the department has been restructured to help officers better respond. everyone is welcome at the standup for safe oakland event on saturday from 12:30 pm to 2:00 at the lake merritt amphitheater. mayor london breed and representatives from bridge housing are holding a grand opening event at advance 490 this morning. the development is that 16 and vanness. the city of martinez is getting a financial burst courtesy of the american rescue plan. city officials were presented with a check for $4.78 million and that is just a portion of the $9 million that they will get from the government. >> they can use this money for covid-19 related issues. they will be able to help the community. this is an investment in the community and a big step in helping us get back to normal. >> covid-19 has been difficult for all members here.
5:37 am
we will use the money for economic stimulus and investment in critical infrastructure and to help with some of the digital divide issues in our community. >> the money will db dispersed in two payments over two years. the city council will determine how the money will be used. cleanup california. the governor is saying this. governor newsom and caltrans came together to kickoff the clean california initiative. the governor said the state is making a $1 billion commitment to clean up and beautify streets and transit centers across the state. >> it is to dirty. time to clean up the state. >> i believe this effort will revive pride in california. >> the effort will create thousands of jobs. at risk youth that people who were homeless will get priority. marin residents will face tough new water restrictions
5:38 am
starting next week. the water district board voted unanimously to allow most to turn on sprinklers on one assigned day a week. drip irrigation will be limited to two and assigned days a week. violators can face fines as high as $250. the rules come three months after the district started mandating a 40% reduction in water use. it is not just a shocking scene. the impact that organized retail crime can end up having on all of us. applied for a job on tictoc. the company is taking to the social media platform to look for candidates. first, a check on that weather with mike nicco. >> we have a little bit of fog around river road. windsor and when no one debt to santa rosa, it will be around for the rest of the morning commute. visibility is down to a mild. visibility on the vapor. it's a little easier than the
5:39 am
last few days. not as much drizzle as the was the last few days. you will find if you pockets and fog. the ferry ride will be breezy and cool this morning. everywhere for mass transit. places like england neighborhoods could be returning to 90s and 100s this afternoon. dress appropriately. look how squashed the marine layer is. barely topping over the east bay hills. there has been nothing measurable. we've had up to a 10th of an inch. moderate air-quality which is healthy today, tomorrow and saturday, even with the rising temperatures. san ramon is 50 now but the high is 94. if you take mass transit that is what you have e you r tasa. melt away much faster and warmer 70s and 80s inland at noon. 70s and 80s around the bay.
5:40 am
90s and 100s by 1:00 inland. hotter weather coming up in the 7-day forecast. it morning. 5:40 am. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet so traffic is flowing nicely. a bit breezy as you approach the tunnel. otherwise you are looking at an eight minute drive from the tolls into san francisco. on 880 by the coliseum, headlights headed southbound. you can see traffic is moving at a good clip especially if you are headed towards the oakland airport. no delays on 880 over towards the airport this morning. overall green sensors moving nicely. early morning conditions at cons the central valley are pretty slow over the altamont pass. we have roadwork later today and for the next month on 37. i will update that when we come back after the break.
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retail crime is a growing trend. this video shows 10 people running out of a neiman marcus at the union square. they got away with the retail association said we are seeing real consequences. >> doors closing early and stores locking doors. an environment where it seems
5:44 am
as if there is no repercussions for these behaviors for these criminals. >> she said the bags will end up on an online marketplace. one thing that might help, the governor put f ornized re crime task force. california is still golden despite indicators there was a mass exodus of people. university of california study found that 18% of residents moved last year, up 2% from 2015. while elon musk left, affluent californians are the group that is most satisfied with the direction of the state. residents said they still believe in the california dream. >> it is unique to the 40 million californians that we have there. the question is whether people think their dream works for them. we saw by a margin that californians still do believe the dream is working for people. uc research found the
5:45 am
factors that make people consider moving our taxehousing the state's troubled employment development department will be getting more staff. lawmakers agreed to allow each of the 80 assembly members to hire two temporary edd staffers to help people struggling to get unemployment benefits. the backlog of jobless claims surpasses 1 million. use tictoc to apply for a job. 30 companies are accepting video resumes including target and chipolte. jobs up for grabs range from data engineer to video producer for the detroit pistons. for now this is just a pilot. tropical storm elsa put a damper on many people's vacations. >> a six-year-old girl was not amused in fort myers, florida. >> how do you like your first tropical storm? >> what do you mean by tropical? i hated.
5:46 am
>> jennifer weitz posted this on instagram. there on vacation now. she said nora wanted the storm to pass quickly so she could get in the pool. the resort offered them a discount because of the storm. i don't like it when kids are like that. i don't know. something about that attitude. >> i don't know. i feel like you have to turn it on when there is a phone in your face. >> just leave her alone. >> i think she was that way before. there it is. >> that is what mom said. , and. i've been there. >> tropical? >> good thing it is moving quickly. hopefully everything is turning
5:47 am
out okay. sfo, it is not very breezy and there is missed in the air but it is not as damp as it has been. less drizzle this morning will lead to more sunshine and warmth this afternoon. transition date to the heat wave. tonight if you live in the hills it will be warmer. for the rest of vets not as cold but comfortable. compared to this morning. the heat risk goes for moderate around the bay to very high inland. 90s on the south bay. while scott is an morgan hill. sunnyvale 81. low to mid 80s on the peninsula until you get to san mateo and then you get to the mid and upper 70s. mid 60s along the coast to near 70 downtown and sausalito. mid 60s for the north bay coast. 80s around petaluma, napa, vallejo. 100 and cloverdale and lakeport . 82 hercules.
5:48 am
75 richmond, 79. mid 90s to near 100 in the east bay valleys. 20 degrees warmer than yesterday. tahoe 89. the best chance for a record. 100s to the central valley. the only escape is heading to the coast the next several days. tonight the temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. friday through sunday with excessive heat warnings. accuweather 7-day forecast. at least four days of 100s inland. 90s monday. we drop to the 70s around the bay. you can check out the temperature air-quality and winds any time on your tv. real-time weather tracker lets you see current conditions across the bay area. they are live on our abc bay area connected app. just search abc 7 they area.
5:49 am
the otaa y is on top of the hockey world. >> second straight stanley cup. >> tampa bay overwhelmed the montrc last night and clench the cup. this was the first time they could do it where fans were there to celebrate. clearly that is what they did in the streets all my long. the lightning are only the ninth nhl franchise to win back to back titles. for the first time, the oakland city council had a study session look at the proposed baseball stadium terminal. the city is under pressure to draft a deal in two weeks. $12 billion development will keep the team in oakland and would be a catalyst for future
5:50 am
infrastructure. a major sticking point is the oakland a's desire to forgo guidelines when it comes to making affordable housing part of the plant. >> it's a bad idea and to me that is a shocking element of this. that -- i have difficulty swallowing. >> another potential someone block is the oakland a's request to create a special task tax district. the city opposes that. oakland mayor libby schaaf thanked the participants and said the staff presentation showed how we can structure a development deal that ensures beloved oakland a's stay in oakland. not your typical la chase overnight. the gripping new video racing from the rooftops. police tried to nap the suspect . forget the cafeteria. there is a new way to get food
5:51 am
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today is one year since the death of actress naya rivera. we are hearing from her family . she went missing while boating on lake pyruvic north of los angeles. she was with her son at the time. he was okay. her sister is talking about her legacy. >> honestly i don't think she even knew the impact she had. people would come up to her all the time and say you saved my life. i don't think she understood what that meant. >>
5:54 am
up at 7:00 on gma. bill cosby want to jump back into showbiz now that he is at a prison. the disgraced comedians publicist said plans are in the works to get the cosby show star back on stage. his next act will include issues of criminal justice reform based on his own experiences. cosby was released from prison after the supreme court overturned his secs assault conviction on a technicality. california is joining dozens of states in suing google over its apt store practices. they say the company holds a monopoly on apt distribution in the u.s.. it takes ames at the fees google is charging developers for in app purchases. forget the cafeteria. >> self driving robots are delivering food on college campuses. grubhub join forces with
5:55 am
another company to deliver. grubhub will handed the transactions. what could go wrong. russian operated robots. >> spies? this is what's going on in walnut creek. 56 now and a high later at 96. you will return to something that will be pretty hot today. temperatures from nine degrees warmer than yesterday and 70 sentences go to 90 in livermore. 97 today. excessive heat morning. most dangerous heat is tomorrow, saturday, sunday, and monday. here is a look at our temperatures. notice around the bay and epikos, local sea breeze will keep you from overheating and the farther you are away from the water the hotter it will be. you will need something to stay
5:56 am
cool. beware of shrink inflation. so manufacturers are hiding prices. the shocking assassination of haiti's president. president biden calling it very worrisome. he is like a baby. he is very needy. he needs people. >> the battle over ernie the invalid. a couple had fight with instagram to get their cat the cloud it deserves. >> let's look outside from the east bay hills camera. we will be right back.
5:57 am
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beginning its toasty warmup today. we're taking a live look outside right now. mike nicco is going to be tracking neighborhoods that are going to be soaring into triple digits and he'll let us know when. the variants compete against each other for susceptible hosts and the variant that's most and right now that's the delta variant. >> delta dominance. the variant taking hold in some parts of the country but not others. the bay area leading the way with promising signs, except for in one county. plus west coast bon voyage. the new cruise underway to make your next vacation. it is thursday, july 8th. you're watching abc 7 mornings on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. the numbers are going up today. >> today is the transition day. if you step outside you may notice some areas not as cloudy. not as much drizzle. we'll start with a little bit of fog up around santa rosa. visibilities


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