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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  July 13, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, there. you are watching getting answers, live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we ask experts your questions every day at 3:00 to get answers for you in realtime. today we will take a look at if people really are disillusioned and moving out of california in large numbers. the answer seems to be no if you look at where people are hired for work. using task rabbit. that is interesting. also, covid-19 whiplash. california's changing rules about wearing masks in schools and
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breakthrough covid-19 cases. we will answer your questions and talk to marin county health officer matt willis. but first, we have an abc 7 exclusive and e he onof wed story on the ne kthroughcases, a ca c-1g had interview with him shawn will join us live. until he does so i will run a little bit from kate's report, an exclusive. >> reporter: in june, after a year of pandemic stress. shawn and his wife decided to go to vegas. fully vaccinated and drove to avoid planes, once they got there -- >> i took the option to take my mask off. >> reporter: when they got
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home he started to feel sick, he and his wife tested positive for covid-19. >> it was frustrating. we spent 1 1/2 years avoiding this thing and it was scary. i mean, i brought home the life-threatening illness that has been killing people around the country. the only thing worse than that is knowing gave it to my kids. >> reporter: too young to be vaccinated. their 7 and 9-year-old kids had congestion and low grade fevers but shawn was sick in bed. >> i am confident if i did not have the boost of the vaccination i might not be standing here talking to you right now. >> reporter: they are okay now, part of a shifting pattern in breakthrough covid-19 cases of 9 covid-19 patients at the hospital this week, two were vaccinated. of 13 covid-19 in marin hospitals two fully vaccinated. >> right now we are 1 out of cases among
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those vaccinated. >> reporter: vaccinated people are older with underlined conditions they are doing well compared to the unvaccinated. >> it is not an indictment of the effectiveness of the vaccine it should serve as a reminder to us the variants are real. >> reporter: shawn would get the vaccine again but he says he would do one thing differently when it comes to his mask. >> even though i am allowed to take it off, i shouldn't have taken it off. >> reporter: back to you. >> all right, so, let's go ahead and talk to shawn again. his story is so dramatic and contains so much useful information. shawn thank you for joining us. i just want to say, look, so glad that you have recovered and so thankful you are making the time to talk with us and yeah, you are what they call a breakthrough case, someone vaccinated yet caught covid-19. so tell us, when did you get vaccinated? >> i was vaccinated in may. >> okay.
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which vaccine? >> i received the moderna vaccine. >> you got the vaccine and then i guess it was a month later you decide to go to vegas? i assume you did not travel much through the pandemic, it was a treat for you and your wife? >> exactly, we have been staying pretty much at home or going to our essential work the whole time for a year and a half. >> i am sure it was a big mental step for you to get over to go to vegas, a place that is crowded. what kind of precautions did you take? did you fly, drive? >> no, we decided to drive. we were using hand sanitizer, using our masks and then when we got there, we took the option to take our masks off, unfortunately. >> i see. that was everywhere? even where you were in crowded places which is so much of las vegas of the strip certainly. >> yes. unfortunately yes. is is mask optional pretty much everywhere there and i took the option.
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>> okay. you did not wear your mask at all there. and i assume others did not wear their masks either pretty much? >> i could probably count on two hands the number of masks i saw. >> how many days were you there? >> about three. >> that is it. then you came home, back to hollister and how much later, when did you start to get sick? >> a couple days later i noticed symptoms like congestion and runny nose and took steps to get tested and go to the doctor. >> okay. did it get very severe for you or would you say it was like kind of like, a flu? what was it like for you. >> >> reporter: they say everyone's symptoms are different. mine was like an extreme sinus infection, i had extremely painful nasal swelling, worse than anything i ever had. >>and you got a test and they told you that you had covid-19 were you stunned? what was your reaction? knowing you were fully vaccinated and you
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caught covid-19. >> i was shocked. i felt like i was having another sinus infection that i tend to get. it was alarming. >> how about your wife? she went with you, did she get sick? >> yes. she did, also, and after we got home we discovered that so did our children. luckily the rest of the family was able to avoid infection. >> wow. >> what did it take for you to recovery? stay at home and you recovered on your own? no greater intervention needed in your case? >> i did have actually a bacteria sinus infection that was treated with antibiotics and successful. but mostly it was a lot of bed rest. it was amazingly exhausting. >> i can i just ask you, i am glad bed rest did it and you got better but what was it that went through your head, right? some people that would look at your case, shawn, maybe your vaccines did not work for you, that is not how you look at it
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at all, what do you think? >> no, i am a person who gets chronic sinus infections and i have asthma with a pre-existing condition, i could have been dead if i was not vaccinated. >> so you believe that you would of had a lot worse case of it if you did not have your vaccine, right? >> yes. and the disease that i experienced on its own was already some of the most extreme symptoms i ever felt in my life. if it was any worse i doubt i would be here. >> do you know if you had the delta variant? >> i don't know yet. there is a test being run but i have not received the results yet. >> okay. >> i am sure researchers are interest inside reaching out to you to learn more because you are a breakthrough case. they do happen but, you know, it is uncommon still. so, are you willing to work with researchers? interested in being part of the studies is
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that something you are looking at? >> i am in contact with my county public health officials and i have a case active there and they are working to do their best to protect the public. >> okay. what about your kids, right? i don't know if they are at a young enough age where they did not get it, not eligible, are you eager to get them shots even though they have had it now? >> yes. my kids are too young to be vaccinated. i am very eager to get them vaccinated as soon as it is possible. >> okay. >> what about a booster, is that something you are looking at if and when it is something that is recommend if it is? >> yes. i am willing to follow any recommendations from someone smarter than me. [ laughter ] >> okay. well, i don't want you to blame yourself too much, shawn, because, you know, if you just look at the numbers you probably felt like, of course, i would be safe. so, what is it that you are going to change at this point? because i assume before you went to vegas you started to maybe not wear
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your mask, you know, in public places because california did lift that mandate by june 15th, are you going to do anything different now? >> yeah, i have decided that when i get an option to reduce my mask wearing and sanitizer i am not going to take it. i am going to continue to act like the disease is alive and well because it is it. >> and your final message to your viewers watching you today, shawn? >> if you can get vaccinated, do get vaccinated. >> all right. shawn fruit, our hollister resident who is one of the breakthrough cases we are hearing about, someone fully vaccinated for more than a month and still caught covid-19, fortunately you recovered and hopefully you will not be suffering any longhaul symptoms, keep us posted. i really appreciate you taking the time. >> thank you very much. ricomingnext marin county's public office will
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talk to us live, we will talk more about breakthrough cases and masks in schools and answering your covid-19 questions. we will ta
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welcome back. covid-19 whiplash. california's changing rules about wearing masks in school. they said they would ban banned from school if they did not wear it but then they came back changing it. dr. willis, thank you for joining us. >> hi, good to be with you. >> we want to get to schools in just a bit. i want to touch on breakthrough cases in the bay area such as the one we saw from shawn fruit. i know he is in the south bay. his case was he was fully
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vaccinated with moderna, went to vegas, was not wearing a mask, came back, he did catch it. he feels like wearing, having gotten vaccinated reduced his symptoms and made them less severe and thankful he did have it. i have to ask you, what do you think about cases like these? it seems stunning to a lot of viewers but in the science field you do expect some of these cases, correct? >> that is right. i think shawn is right. he was infected, he was ill but did not require hospitalization, if i am reading the story correctly and that is probably in large part due to the fact that he had been vaccinated. this is someone who had chronic medical conditions according to his report. put him at a higher risk for hospitalization. he was infected. we do expect some people who have been vaccinated to be infected. it is a 95% effective vaccine.
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that means, you know, 1 in 20 people vaccinated will get infected. it is really important to think about, you know, when we think about vaccination, what is it doing for us in terms of our immune system. it is creating antibodies that help us fight off infection, yes, and so the majority of people who are vaccinated will not even become infected if they get exposed. but for those who do end up getting infected where the antibodies do not fight it off, the next layer of protection is even more important. that is the protection between having been infected, so ill you require hospitalization or pass away. the vaccine offers protection against all of those things. even if breaks through, more importantly you are protected against severe illness and death. >> have you had breakthroughs in marin county as well? 1 in 20 i assume the answer is yes, right? >> that is right.
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we have had 130 in marin. we ask our hospitals and clinics to report to us the vaccine status on every case. and as we see reports coming in we are checking in our records to see if that person was vaccinated. about 130 times. >> before i move on i want to ask you about the delta variant. is it gripping the marin county in the sense that bigger percentage are the delta variant, is that what you are seeing there, too? >> absolutely. the pattern we are seeing across the nation and the bay area it is more stark in marin. we have, 80% of our cases over the past week were the delta variant. we were among the first counties to recognize and delta variant activity going back a couple months. 20% and it has been progressively increasing week bye-week since then. by now it is far the dominant variant in marin. >> i want to switch to schools
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now. it seems like the state is now saying, so this is a change, now they are saying they will not issue the mask rule for all in schools, right? that they will let local counties and school districts decide. what do you think you will require in marin county. >> well, i think, i think it is important to recognize that the language in the state law still says that masks are required in schools for staff and students regardless of vaccination status. all schools in the state of california. that language did not change. what has changed is a nuance around enforcement. that is, it is up to schools to determine how they will enforce it especially with regards to what had been the language that children would be excluded who did not cover their faces. that was the language as of, 2:00 p.m. yesterday afternoon. the language was that children who are not covering their face would be
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excluded from the school under the california law. >> but that changed, right? >> that element changed. but the requirements to cover their face in schools did not change. the law still says students and staff, regardless of vaccination status, must cover their face k-12 in the state of california. what has changed is the ability for the local health department or the requirement for the local schools to determine what their enforcement policy will be around that rule. >> i am going to raise this question, right. if that is what stands there are a lot of parents and kids who are quite dismayed because some are saying hey, we got vaccinated and so that we don't have to wear our mask in the classroom with our friends but now, you know, the state is saying that we will still have to. that it is on us in order to protect those that will not get or can't get vaccinated that it is
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not fair. are you hearing that? >> yeah. i think we are hearing, there is another one where i think you are hearing strong voices on both sides of the spectrum. some people are saying it is too much. some are saying if we allow children to be unmasked or staff who are vaccinated to be unmasked in school settings it is not safe enough. so, you know, it is not unfamiliar for us to try to find that balance point between two perspectives on this. for us, in marin, we have had out breaks in the last couple minutes driven by the delta variant. 26 cases out break, all attributed to the delta variant. i think there is a rational for this to cover our faces as we are seeing more of the delta variant spread. importantly, no one is questioning that we should be covering our faces for the younger ones, anyone that can not be
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vaccinated. remember, elementary schools, children under 12 are not eligible to be vaccinated. those schools none of the children will be vaccinated. i think where it gets more controversial is middle and high school where some students will be vaccinated and others would be not. and the state's recommendation is that in those settings everyone cover their face. partly because, what you have is, you know, potential for stigma and singling out individuals who may, whose parents did not vaccinate them. if you have a sticker or more aware to show they were vaccinated or not and what that would mean in terms of the stigma for that individual in school setting it is a sensitivity that the state has brought to this. and so in marin we are planning on adhering to the state regulations that require facial coverings in schools all of the way up to
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12th grade. >> right, so, do you hope for further clarification or a change in any aspect of what the state seems to be suggesting now? >> i think that is the first step. really, seeking clarification in what is, what does that language mean for us at the local level. when it is requirement it is phrased as a state law that people cover their face. but then again it is up to locals to determine what they want to do with children and staff members for that matter who refuse to cover their face and compliance with that state law. and we need to know more about what is available to us in terms of the enforcement tools at the local level to come up with our own policy. that will be the work of the next few days. >> all right, marin county has some of the highest vaccination rates, right? many pockets are 90% fully vaccinated. given that, do you still think you have places where you can pick up,
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so to speak, and if so, what do you have to get them? >> yeah, you know, if you asked me three months ago if we would be at 90% i am not sure i would of predicted that the success that we have had. it is excellent. at the same time i would not of predicted at 90% we would still be seeing so many cases among unvaccinated people. i think that is because of the delta variant. we are learning more and more as we go. yes, so, i think we will and we must increase our vaccination rates even further if we want to limit the spread. we are seeing increasing numbers of cases, getting increases of people coming to the hospital those are unvaccinated people. mostly infected by the delta variant. so that remaining 8% of people who are eligible who are not vaccinated are an important priority for us. we are working with our health care
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partners and mobile vaccination units trying to close that gap. >> really, eye-opening that the delta variant is causing 80% of cases in marin county. indeed keep sending out that message. thank you very much for your time and insight. great talking with you. >> thank you. bye-bye. >> bye-bye. this is an interesting one for us to ponder. are we seeing a mass exodus out of california and the bay area? or are we not? cast rabbit says no. what does -- task rabbit says no. what do they have
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if there were a button that would help you use less energy, breathe cleaner air, and even take on climate change... would you press it? so, let's do this for our onair audience in three seconds. we have been hearing a lot about mass exodus out of california and san francisco often citing crime or the cost of living, is that actually an accurate picture of what is happen something not a scientific study looking at data from a poplar app offers an interesting snapshot. joining us, sharing what task rabbit has
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learned is the ceo, onya smith. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me on. >> task rabbit, use it to hire people, list jobs and who will take it and connect people that way. tell me how looking at who is getting hired for what is telling us where people are going. >> so, we have seen a huge increase in moving jobs all over the nation but in san francisco as well, so, when we look at moving data from last year to this year we doubled it. it is really exciting. honestly what we would expect to see. >> are you seeing san francisco is actually one of the top cities where people are moving into? we hear a lot of about the departures. >> yes. but what we are seeing in our data is different. we are seeing 15% more people moving in than moving out of san francisco. we see this type of trend in some of the
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ancity ig cities, too, like where the move ins are higher than the move outs. >> i see. so, would you generalize to say california has a whole or just the big cities are attracting newcomers? >> so, california as a whole as well has seen a lot of move ins, at least on our app. we see a lot of people requesting coming into the cities, all of the cities in california saying we need help, we need help with moves. >> okay. are you seeing different numbers between apartments and home move ins? >> we are, actually. so, in san francisco we are seeing 40% apartment move ins than housing, that tells me cities are still vibrant and san francisco in and of itself is a vibrant city. >> right, to me that suggests young people, too, young people coming in that is what every city needs as well. there has been a labor shortage, we reported on that in all industries, and that is
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increasing prices for independent contractors. are you seeing that on taskrabbit? >> well, we are seeing on taskrabbit we have a lot more demand and people needing help with tasks as part of the delegation of the economy. we all are stuck at home and all of a sudden there is a lot to get done. a lot of tasks to get done at home. and with that comes a lot, increase in demand there is definitely some pricing pressure we are seeing. >> that is the capitolism. don't go away. i want to ask yo i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth.
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we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪
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thank you. thank you very much for
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joining us, we talked to a man who was as a breakthrough tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the battle over voting rights in this country at a pointing point. president biden today saying new state laws pushed by republicans are the most significant test of our democracy since the civil war. asking republicans leading these efforts, "have you no shame?" tonight, the governor of texas now saying he will arrest democratic lawmakers who have left his state in their efforts to block a vote there. also tonight, news on the coronavirus. the states where the delta variant is surging tonight. also this evening, news on the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine and on the pfizer vaccine, after talk of a potential booster shot, a third shot, where things stand we'ral we come
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