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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  July 22, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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an explosion at a dippin' dots ice cream plant in kentucky left ten people injured. police in paducah say the blast took place as a truck was unloading liquid nitrogen that is used to freeze the ice cream into dots. all of the injured were able to walk out of the building on their own. a community in ohio is mourning the death of a teenage
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girl who drowned at a water park. one of her teachers calling the 14-year-old victim that was about to start high school, a rare gem. authorities are looking into what went wrong. abc's andrea fujii has the details. >> reporter: this morning, questions how a 14-year-old girl drowned at a water park after being under water for 30 minutes before lifeguards found her. >> there was a 14-year-old girl that went under water without a life jacket and never came up. >> reporter: emergency crews were called to the land of illusions adventure park in ohio, after someone reported seeing a girl slip under the water. >> how long has she been down there? >> we've been looking for, like, 12 minutes now. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy said it took lifeguards half an hour to find mykiara jones and pull her from the water. >> it was pure chaos. when we were in the water, when the lifeguard did come over, he
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was yelling, trying to get other lifeguards. and it took time for him to get people's attention. he started blowing whistles at that point. >> reporter: after trying to resuscitate her, they flew her to a hospital where she was later pronounced dead. though the water park, which looks more like a lake than a traditional theme park, does provide life jackets, authorities say mykiara was not wearing one. mykiara was about to start her freshman year of high school in dayton. teachers remember her fondly. teachers remember her fondly. >> mykiara was a great student. she was a great human being. and i'm truly -- truly saddened, that this happened. because she could have done anything she wanted in life. >> reporter: the water park said out of respect for mykiara's family and their employees who are dealing with this tragedy, they closed the park yesterday. they also said they are fully cooperating with state and local officials who are investigating how this happened. mona? andrew? >> andrea, thank you. it's that time of year again
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when bears seem to be looking for food in some pretty strange places. so this guy, in the tie-dye shirt, wanted to get a bear out of his car as soon as possible. he opened the door, while another guy made as much noise as he could. the bear took off. the guy said the bear did so much damage, that the car broke down on the way home. and it looks like nobody was injured. that's probably most important. >> my god. this is like a chaotic scene that i can only imagine. that's some quick thinking, right? >> maybe the bear just wanted to see what tunes they had for their road trip. >> a lot of psychedelic tunes there. coming up, getting up close and personal with a great white shark. that's later in "that's wild." but, first, dating gone wild. why so many people are looking for threesomes. isn't this a family show? that's next on "world news now."
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>> that's right. but it's less than finding the one on the dating app. they're looking for more. here's abc's ellen lopez. >> reporter: rev is looking for love. but is still looking. scrolling through dating apps. 2, too young. they pretty much open anything. >> reporter: in search of a second match, to add to her existing one. >> so, right now, i am currently in a polyamorous relationship. i have an amazing partner who i love so much. we've been together just over two years. and it's polyamorous. and he's married and has a family and has two children. >> reporter: after being cooped up quarantining, many americans are ready to get out and mingle. throughout the pandemic, the number of users on dating apps hit an all-time high. the top 20 dating apps had a cumulative average of 17 million daily users. 2 million more than the year before. with one option in particular, seeing a wild surge.
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>> we had a threesome. and i just never left. >> excuse me. >> does this conversation involve me? >> reporter: the app field says between 2020 and 2021, it has seen a 670% increase in singles listing threesomes at the top of their wish list. according to a study done by kenzy institute researcher dr. miller, that's the most common sexual fantasy among americans, with some 95% of men and 87% of women having fantasized about sex with multiple partners. >> in our recent survey, we actually found that 52% of americans, the majority, said they tried something new in the bedroom during the pandemic. and the people that tried new things are actually much happier than those who didn't. i think that's also part of where this interest is coming from in threesomes and being a little bit kinkier. it's a way of interjecting that novelty to try to get the spark back in a relationship and keep it going.
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>> reporter: it's referred to as ethical nonmonogamy. for rev, honesty is a big selling point. >> i wanted the freedom to really allow relationships and dynamics to be the best dynamic for me and that person. >> i'm david. >> i'm mark. >> i'm ray. >> reporter: they call themselves x9x26x. after three years of a two-way love story, david and mark branched out for more. >> at the end of the day, i feel like jealousy is kind of like a disease. for me, i had to eliminate the whole jealousy and have an open mind. >> reporter: for rev, the jealousy is of a different type. >> i want my own husband. i want my own family. i want my own children. i know that's where my jealousy comes from, is that my partner has those things and i don't. >> reporter: the endless swiping, a step closer to the goal of having a family of her
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you nto usaafo the everse mortgage solutions. call now! ♪ ♪ time now for "that's wild." >> that's wild. >> we're kicking things off with a parliamentary crisis in spain. hold on to your hats, because lawmakers were sent scrambling after a rogue rat -- welcome to new york city -- started scurrying around the chamber floor. grown men and women were caught on video shrieking he is sight of the rodents. >> that's just a normal wednesday. at one point, the speaker was forced to appeal for calm in the chamber. we don't see the rat on video, but witnesses say it was a, quote, considerable size. yeah. it's always bigger when you start to tell the story whether it's a bug or a rodent.
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>> it is really this big. >> in new york, it really is this big. >> a rat for that. next, to getting up close and personal with a great white shark. >> this was wild. it happened to a diver in south africa. and, thankfully, he was in a cage. >> that was my australian accent. that's why i will never do it again. the shark teared at a piece of bait, it actually scraped on the side of that cage. >> i guess this is what you want, right, if you're getting into a cage and you're trying to get as close to sharks as possible, right? >> i guess so. the shark experience. is it shark week? no? >> i don't know. >> no. i think we would have heard about it. "sharknado" would have been on repeat on some channel. >> and good thing the cage worked, otherwise, this would be a different story. next, to a bull alert. this is on long island, of all places. >> okay. this is wild. a runaway bull caused a bit of commotion in new york.
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at one point, even briefly shutting down a major highway. >> it was reportedly escaped from a local slaughter house and was part of a sacrifice at a celebration when it bolted out of there. >> new york's long island, that's bull. just kidding. at last report, that bull was still on the loose and it will go to a sanctuary once it's captured. finally, what would a "that's wild" segment be without a check in florida. >> you could probably have a whole segment of "what's wild" in florida. police were called to remove an alligator from a shopping mall in largo. two officers managed to restrain and apprehend the little guy. >> that's you how i get pulled out of a shopping center, after i shop until i drop. and they're like, no more. no more. >> it is small enough to just pick up with your ha the reptil released with no charges. maybe he was going to the rain forest cafe.
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that's just rude. okay? this is an equal opportunity mall for everyone. >> i think the officers in florida double as animal
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, actress and author, emilia clarke. plus, a performance from singer-songwriter alessia cara. also, creating the perfect table scape as we continue "live @ home week." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> ryan: good morning, good morning. >> kelly: good morning. >> ryan: that was quite a little -- >> kelly: sometimes we do a spin. >> ryan: it is wednesday, july . >> kelly: deja and i have a
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