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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 31, 2021 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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hospitals across the country are reporting a nurse staffing shortage. will they have enough personnel to respond to a fourth surge? >> it's been three weeks since a berkeley man went for a run in the east bay hills and was never heard from again. >> tracking a foggy and cool start to august tomorrow. at some point, you don't love anymore.
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>> hospitals are reporting a nurse staffing shortage because of the rough past year. the pandemic and its impact on our healthcare system is something we are focused on as we work to build a better bay area. luz peña spoke to medical professionals from san francisco, detroit and denver. >> reporter: after over a year of the pandemic, hospitals across the country are noticing a concerning trend. the medical staff is burned out. >> the expectation is the starting pandemic. >> you haven't had a vacation in over a year. >> no. maybe two days. no more than three. >> reporter: multiple hours of overtime a week, no sleep and no end in sight.
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as we approach the fourth surge. >> i don't know how staying that time. >> reporter: a doctor is reporting the biggest nurse staffing shortage of his career. >> i'm more worried about the situation where is nobody will come in. we can only open up beds when we have nurses to staff them. and in the emergency department we need a nurse for every three beds. when nurses can't come to work, 03 to shut down beds. >> reporter: in four to sick report, dr. caldwell is reporting an increase in 60%. some patients are now being redirected to other hospitals
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nearby. a the trend in denver and detroit are also challenging. >> we have empty beds but we can't get enough staff to safely take care of patients. >> reporter: in detroit, they're experiencing raw winds for hospital beds. sghoo there are a lot of tounts for nurses in outpatient settings in home care in public health. >> reporter: doctor caldwell is concern the nurses who left now are reaching their breaking point. >> do you think your medical staph is reaching that limit? >> i think we're closer to that limit than we ever have before. this is preventible. what we're seeing now is preventible.
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where does california stand with vaccination? 21.2 million people are vaccinated. 63% of those who are eligible. another 3.2 million people are partially vaccinated. 68,000 doses are being administered every day. the back to school countdown is on across the bay area. for kids getting back to in-person learning. many parents are trying to get their kids vaccinated before the third day of class. today a clinic offered shop >> i've been bugging my mom to let me do it because i really want to go back to school. >> reporter: aida is getting ready for seventh great. but she didn't come for the free swag. >> i think because i get
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vaccinated, i'll be able to protect other people around me. even if i do get covid-19. >> reporter: her mom is is is is believer. the vaccination clinic of hosted boy the memorial and kaiser permanente. where doctors are concerned about the rise of the mercontagious delta variant. >> we're offering the czechs today for everyone >> recognize is >> i have three young adults, two of them vabs nitted. my youngest is not. and i'm working on had he ever are yo are yo are single di. >> reporter: dappiel admit was skeptical at first. >> i really didn't do
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it, but >> now i see, shows happy and excited to get back to school. >> reporter: it "it will protect our country, city and schools." for kids that are too young to get the vaccine, means are their best defense. especially as they head back to school. masks will be man in oh, land public schools. >> if you have question about coronavirus vaccines, you can always ask the abc seven news fact crew. developing news out of san francisco, police are asking for the public's help after
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shooting that killed a teenager. a 16-year-old girl died at the hospital and a 45-year-old woman survived. >> any information that had been has that they think might help. rvllance, phos,hone rvllance, phos,hone call, conversations. u
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you can't help but see the face of missing berkeley runnerr phillip kracheck. posting signs and searching, hoping someone will see hisit >> we're hopeful. we're still hopeful. >> he's so incredible. he's a delightful person. >> reporter: gps data from search crews over the past few weeks, they found new locations they had not checked. saturday morning, law enforcement crews from 17 bay area agencies. they still found nothing. >> now we feel woef pretty much
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100% recovered where he could have been, should have been or would like to show up. >> reporter: the volunteer search effort wills. going back into the hills. they are facing a harsh reality. >> it's an incredibly slow journey of the but the support we have is deep. so much. >> with no new leads, investigators are still asking for public for help. a plea for help from belmont police. they try to locate a miss mother and three-year-old
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son. anna duarte left their home to visit forbes. georgia's home was parked near the toll. still ahead, the nhl is investigating a shark player. >> it's going to be a foggy start to august tomorrow morning. >> plus, the california restaurant desperate for workers. a robot turned to for help. you know when you're at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes!
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the nhl says it's launching investigate into player, evander kane, after his wife accused him of betting on games. she addressed the commissioner. kane isn't commenting on the accusations. the team has been in contact with the nhl. aan community. the event was organized by the group, asians
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are strong. its founders say 18 asian hate crimes have tripled >> right now i see a lot of leaders pointing fingers. and they're not taking ownership. that's not leadership. >> supporters held up signs saying asians are strong and be great together. a stockton restaurant owner found a creative way to make up for a staffing short she has hired a robot. though efficient, it's no substitute for a human interaction. >> by no means it's replacing employees. by no means it's taking somebody's job away. we still want to hire people.
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>> six people failed to show up for job interviews this week. the restaurant is offering compete inch wages. a michelin star restaurant in napa is adding a new twist to prevention requirements. the owner asks to show proof of vaccine or recovery from the coronavirus. diners need toa, toast when booking online. and the restaurant follows up with a phone confirmation. if you're a bacon lover, it could become tough to get it in california next year. the state starts to enforce an animal welfare proposition approveded by voters in 2018.
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it allows more space for breeding pigs, chickens and calves. getting a check of the weather now. >> tomorrow when august starts, we're gonna be very familiar with the fog. it's gonna be a cloudy start to the month. a live look from the exploratorium camera. partly cloudy skies at this hour. as we were talking, the marine layer is popping. it's gonna expand overnight tonight. with that onshore breeze, we're down to 68 in half moon bay. the same in the city, same in san mateo. 60 in heyward. 63 in san jose.
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down to 56 in snoers. santa rosa. we're tracking two areas of low pressure off of our coastline. they're gonna be the muscle-maker of our forecast tomorrow. it's gonna keep that onshore breeze with us. it's also helping to expand the marine layer as we speak. overnight tonight, we'll have that foggy coastline, and that is gonna fill in around the bay shoreline. pushing inland overnight tonight. numbers tonight mainly dropping into the mid to upper 50s. 55 tonight. 57 oakland. dropping to 53 that low in napa. hour-by-hour we go, timing out that marine layer. we'll stop the clock at 6:00 am. and there you can see the widespread low cloud cover. close to the coast, we'll likely find some drizzle. later in the morning, 10:00 am, that fog is pulling back to the coastline. still pretty cloudy over san
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francisco. heading into the afternoon, we'll find a lot of sunshine. it's a nice day, a lot of sunshine. 80 in san jose, 80 in santa clara. h around the peninsula 78 in redwood city, 78 in palo alto. half moon bay at 62 degrees. a high of 65. 69 that high in south san francisco. into the north bay, pretty comfortable for the most part. 78 petaluma to 83 rafael. 84 in calistoga. 75 san leandro. 87 in concord. 90 the high in live
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no issues with our air tomorrow. average for august tomorrow, fog first thing in the morning. slightly warmer monday and tuesday. wednesday being the coolest day of the week. then another warming trend. not too hot. we'll be i jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof? i'll get it. ♪ (upbeat music) ♪ ♪ ♪ whoa. here you go.
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simone biles has withdrawn from another event at the olympics. biles will not compete in the individual floor exercise final for monday. she already opted out of the all-around final. >> i want to
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i applaud simone. i could not physically dot skill. it was the brain, the body connection was not working that day in practice. and i just had to stop. and then a couple days later it was okay. >> biles has not yet decided on whether to participate in the balancing final scheduled for tuesday. she earned a bronze medal on that event in brazil five years ago. plenty of action on your saturday. we got quakes, a's and giants. and here in san francisco, a home run derby between the giants and astros. the special excit
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the newest giant, chris bryant was unable to get from washington dc to san francisco for tonight's game against the skrooz. she expected to be in the lineup for sunday. donovan solanowner solo blast to left on zack greinke. this is gonna start a home run parade. bottom of the third. astros up 3-1. wilmer flores had made an error earlier. two-run shot to left. all tide at three. lamonte wade jr's mom, emily in attendance. and here's her son. hey, mom, there's a baseball. way over her head. two-run blast to rig rig rig rig
11:30 pm
daren huff. fifth giants homer in this game. made it eight total runs in the ball game. most combined homers in a game. >> the guys, they gave me a nice cake. in the shape of a steak. >> is the cake made out of meat? >> i didn't cut into it. >> i thought it was a on the very funny. and i hope someone snaps a picture of it. hot day in anaheim.
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a's pitchers hadn't allowed a run for the angels in 27 innings until cole irvin allowed the shohei on, tanny double the third. ramon laureano, two ou outs.t oakland was 0 for 5 with runners in scoring position. left eight men on base. angels win 1-0. san jose earthquakes riding a four-match unbeaten streak. taking on the sounders. one of the top teams in the west. that was the
11:32 pm
game winner. quakes one one-nil. o come on ab7 news at 11:00. masks are wanted and required in las vegas. how casinos and tourists are responding. and some lawmakers are rallying to extend evacation protections nationwide. californians are still protected by the state. but it
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the delta variant surge is prompting the cdc to reverse its recommendation on masks. suggesting people go back to wearing them indoors. all of this after an outbreak in massachusetts where most of those infected were fully vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 101,000 new cases of covid-19 were reported across the country on friday. the most in one day in nearly six months. 47 states and territories reporting high or substantial community transmission. a startling internal cdc document suggests the delta variant is more contagious than the common cold or flu. the average person infected can infect as many as nine people.
11:37 pm
>> reporter: 75% of those coming down with covid-19 were fully vaccinated. the cdc recommending masks indoors for everyone regardless of vaccination status. >> this weighs heavily on me to have to do this. >> reporter: in new york state where 60% of the eligible population has received at least one dose of the vaccine, more than 3,000 new cases of the virus were reported on saturday. the highest weekly increase since the beginning of the year. still the governor insists. >> there will be no restrictions and no mandates in the state of florida. >> reporter: the white house noting four straight days of 700,000 doses. about three million people receiving their first shot in the past week. thousands of tourists on the las vegas strip got the memo
11:38 pm
about the state's new mask mandate. it doesn't matter if you are vaccinated or not. they want everyone to mask up indoors. guests were hel reminded that mavs are once again required. >> i'm fine with. it if you gotta wear it inside, that's fine. outside not so much. >> it doesn't bother me to wear the mask. as far as for myself with my family. >> the order applies to 12 of neb november'sincluding hotspot, reno and lake tahoe. eviction protection for renters across the nation ends today. tenants in california are still protected with a state eviction moratorium running through september 30th. in washington house lawmakers
11:39 pm
yesterday failed to pass a bill. supporters of the moratorium slept on t >> we're not just gonna let this go quietly. when the lives of actual people, that we're supposed to represent. actual whole people, human beings actually are at risk. princeton university's eviction lab say the moratorium is credited with keeping two million people in their homes over the past year. housing activists showed their support for eviction protection protections. they placed a symbolic eviction notice on the house there. they want pelosi to reopen congress to allow a vote on the extension of the moratorium.
11:40 pm
in a 19-year-old man has died after being released from life support days after he and a friend weree theater. please continue to investigate the motive. >> reporter: family and friends say all anthony wanted was to make people smile. today they are mourning his loss as the 19-year-old tick-tock star was pronounced dead. his family releasing a statement saying in part "with deep faith and the love of family and friends surrounding us, we are mourning the heart-wrenching passing of our beloved anthony. anthony's presence was a gift to all who knew him." family and friends gathering last night in a mater day high school in santa
11:41 pm
ana. another vigil for riley goodrich who was gunned down along with barahat while they were watching a movie monday night at a corona theater. >> it made a really big impact. everybody was here. with a lot of friends, family. >> reporter: goodrich's yelling at the accused killer. the young couple shot execution style. police finding a gun and goodrich's wallet at the suspect's home. they believe two lives were cut short in a senseless act of violence. >> it's devastating. we don't have a motive. there was no motive.
11:42 pm
crews gained some ground in the battle against the dixie wildfire. new numbers show containment is up to 30%. the fire has burned so far 381 square miles. flames have consumed 44 structures. the fire continues to move west. we need the rain. but what's going on in southern california this weekend is not what we had in mind. the skies absolutely opened up in joshua tree yesterday. thanks to a monsoon. the downpour caused flooding and more storms could be on the way. some areas have flash flood watches that left into monday. one of them is in the coachella valley. still ahead, today was national mutt day. a look at the san francisco organization that helped dozens of dogs find forever homes today.
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it is national mutt day. and dog lovers across the country are celebrating their mixed breed pets. dog rescue recognized the special day with its first adoption event after 19 months. some 70 dogs aging seven and older at the center on alabama street were looking for their furever homes. if you can'tu n ilhelpstill helpstill p out. how does your garden grow during a drought? a woman in san francisc helping build
11:47 pm
an urban agricultural movement. gardening for the environment began in 1990 during a drought. the garden's goal is to teach people how to garden. the executive director says water conservation should always be considered when it comes to gardening even without drought conditions. >> planting things that are tolerant to summer dry climates. california natives and other similar climate zones around the world. >> gardening for the environment has a garden training program in september. in the south bay, tomorrow is the final day for the gilroy garlic festival. it was another sell out day today.
11:48 pm
garlic lovers have to order online in advance. and there was still food available for order. onn the upper 80s to 90s tomorrow. along the nice day. we'll find that cloud cover spreading inland as we're sleeping. we do expect some coastal drizzle. we'll watch a lot of that cloud cover break down by 10:00 am. especially in the east bay. tomorrow also the first day of august. pretty appropriate. we'll hit 69 in oakland. 65 in the city. 80 in san jose. 85 in morgan hill. 90 in cloverdale.
11:49 pm
87 the high in concord. the seven-day forecast, average for august. morning clouds with sun on monday, tuesday. we drop back down wednesday. some cooler weather. maybe it'll warm back up thursday and friday. no extreme heat in the next seven days. coming up in sport, it's the summer of george kittle. his busy offseason in san francisco. this one's for mom. lamonte wade skwoourn talking about the special home run he hit in front special home run he hit in front of h is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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[goat does a sick vibrato] ♪ a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit the newest giant, chris bryant was scheduled to arrive
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in san francisco about 8:00 tonight. set to make his debut tomorrow afternoon. the series finale of the giants/astros series. bryant had 18 homers with the cubs which would be tied for the teameameameameameaa francisco. lamonte wade jr's mother happened to be standing in the right field arcade when her son came to bat in the fourth. his dad was also there. but mom was in the right spot. he hit a home run over her head and into the cove for his first ever splash hit there it goes. she was slightly pumped. >> i was kinda laughing saw her out there. tip dal my mom. my dad just let her go do her thing, and she was out there at the right time. they were all excited after the game. i think it's more about their being here.
11:54 pm
warriors kept their draft picks this week. moses moody with the 14th pick. the two will begin their warriors career in the summer league with a pair games in sacramento, tuesday, wednesday. >> here at chase center, the new culinary director, chad. congratulations to the promotion. tell me what i'm eating. >> it's one of the items we will have in our new concept. great flavor. we have stir fry noodles. pork. also we have
11:55 pm
our plant based wok special. ginger, garlic. and some of the acidity of the citrus.
11:56 pm
>> i'm hungry all over again. the 49ers begin training camp this week accident. two weeks from tonight, they're gonna host the chiefs in the preseason opener. frlz plenty of football story lines to follow all summer long. i decided to ask george kittle his top nonfootball open in the offseason. >> the best nonfootball? oh, my goodness. july fourth weekend. i went on a little trip with my wife. kyle's wife, i didn't realize how italian her and her family are. pet to go to the outer banks. one of my buddy's weddings. got to surf a little bit and ended up back in iowa for my wife's best friend's
11:57 pm
wedding. football's been on my mind the whole time. >> quite the summer for mr. woo! >> just had to get that one last woo into his sportscast. always. whenever he can. that's it for tonight, everybody.
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