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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 4, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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places handing them out today for free. well now that hot girl hot boy summer has been canceled let's get into the cookies. let's just get into them. >> still have hope. >> me too. >> i'm not ready to let go. >> mike, we can eat cookies. good morning. you're watching abc 7 mornings live. we're going to check in with mike nicco. >> let's take a look at what's going on with our winds. the sea breeze is cranking up. and that is why you see the cloud cover already over to the east bay hills and starting to topple the east bay hills and head into the east bay valleys. we have clouds that'll spread through the morning commute. it'll be a little slower to get back to the coast where they'll keep half moon bay at 60. 63 in san francisco. 68 in oakland. 70s for the rest of the bay. 75 in san jose. 78 in napa. 82 in santa rosa. mid to upper 80s we're going to
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try toe eliminate the 90s from all neighborhoods. around ukiya and lake port before they come back for the weekend. i'll have that forecast coming up. developing news in the east bay, it could be the discovery that no one wanted to make. the body of a berkeley runner likely found after intense searching for nearly a month. a volunteer spotted the remains yesterday at pleasanton regional park. it is believed to be those of 37-year-old philip kreycik. this morning abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live at the search site. amy. >> reporter: hi there, kumasi. yeah, his car was found here in the molar park ranch staging area. authorities say his body was found about 250 yards off of this trail. it is such a remote area with such thick terrain that it's so rough in there we could only get video of it from up above in sky 7. how did he get so far off the trail? one investigator i spoke with
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speculated maybe he fell. they will be investigating to try to find out as much as they can about philip kreycik's disappearance. the father of two from berkeley disappeared about three and a half weeks ago. it was on july 10th. a saturday. he went for a run in pleasanton and was never seen again. first responders and volunteers who have looked for him all say they are just heart broken. >> once we heard that they found philip, it was, you know, it's devastating. especially for the community. this just doesn't happen a lot here. >> reporter: police and sheriff's deputies had said in the pleasanton ridge park very thoroughly. they had called it an unprecedented search involving multiple agencies, hundreds of people, drones, helicopters and search dogs. investigators say they will now be looking into trying answer the question why wasn't he found sooner. a volunteer out looking yesterday found the body.
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it has not been positively identified but policeay do believe it is kreycik. they are hoping the coroner will be able to tell them the cause of death in the next day or two. at this time they do not suspect any foul play. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield. we use the abc 7 news to send out a push alert about the latest developments in pleasanton. you can sign up for our alerts so you'll be the first to know about breaking news when it happens. now to the covid-19 pandemic. this morning not only are more americans in the hospital because of the delta variant but more kids are getting sick. jobina is at the live desk with the latest on this summer surge. >> thank you. this is causing a big concern for some doctors. 56,000 people are hospitalized with covid-19. the most since february. hospitals are now being pushed to the limit from florida, louisiana to missouri. covid cases in kids are on the rise as well. cases in children have nearly doubled in the last week to 72,000. >> the troubling part of this is that we're in it early
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august. with fall sports and school around the corner, that could be obviously a very potent combination. >> in an effort to fight the rising cases, new york city will soon become the first city in the country to require proof of vaccination. you'll have to show proof at restaurants, gyms and entertainment venues starting on september 13th. reggie. >> thank you. now bay area health officials say they are exploring the possibility of doing something just like new york here in san francisco. supervisor matt hainy supports the idea of requiring people to prove they are vaccinated before taking part in indoor activities. san mateo county supervisor feels the same way. >> if you're going to go indoors and at this critical time when cases are going up and up and up. you should be vaccinated and you should be able to demonstrate that. >> the county of san mateo has not officially taken a position on doing this. like the other counties i
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believe it's something seriously being considered. >> both supervisors hope the demand for proof would encourage the unvaccinated to get the vaccine or risk being left on the outside looking in. new at 6:00, other major u.s. events aric maaing the move to require proof of vaccination. organizers of this year's met gala say its attendees have to be fully vaxxed before showing up to the ball. they'll also have to wear masks except for when they're eating or drinking. and the sundance film festival is announcing a mandatory vaccine policy. the park city, utah event will take place the last ten days of january. a's fans will need their masks when watching games from certain places. the team is now requiring masks inside the tree house, the tavern and the stomping ground. if fans are in a suite with members of different families they'll also have to wear masks. the giants have not updated guidelines for oracle park. san francisco is upping its effort to get people vaccinated
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by offering mobile vaccination clinics that will come to you. >> if you have at least 5 to 12 people who want to be vaccinated, we will bring our doctors and nurses and equipment and other resources to you. all you have to >> 84% of those eligible to be vaccinated in san francisco have received at least one shot, but the city says minority communities, particularly black and latino communities are lagging. it would like to increase that number. this morning millions of americans will be able to stay in their homes. the cdc just issued a new eviction moratorium. it will temporarily pause evictions in counties where there is substantial or high level of community transmission. that'll be in effect through october 3rd. that is three days past the date of california's moratorium expiration. the warriors promising new rookies missing from the court for their first last night.
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you won't have to worry, you'll get a chance to watch them sooner than you think. >> california's drought growing more dire. the water mandate in effect for a large swath of the state. new perspective putting you at the scene of last month's deadly collapse in surfside. police body cam showing firsthand reaction of the moments right before. and what we're going to take a look at weather wise, you can see behind me we have the marine layer there and it's bringing in really clean air. so the run of nonspare the air days continues through at least friday. we do have warmer temperat you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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complex fire. the governor will join u.s. agriculture and forest service officials and they'll be talking about how the state is managing materials like trees and shrubs that can fuel fires. from the state water resources control board has cut off thousands of farmers from tapping into the state's rivers and streams. it covers those who are in the sacramento, san joaquin water sheds which is most of the central valley. this is one of the state's most drastic moves so far. yeah, it's very unfortunate. we had a good rain season that filled our rivers and reservoirs, it didn't fill the water that we're taking out from underground. and that's why this drought came on so much faster and why it's going to be so much worse than the last one. here's a look at the traffic this morning. and as far as more cloudiness, it's pretty good. there's limited fog up around santa rosa. visibilities four miles. that's not too bad. there's a north breeze, a breeze across the north from
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the golden gate bridge from the san pablo bay and into the delta it's going to get stronger. a milder afternoon if you're taking mass transit. temperatures in san francisco from 52 in sunnyside and the sunset to a lot of54s and 55s. temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere. let's talk about what to expect through the day. 50s to near 60 along the coast. 57 around the bay to 66 to 72 by the time we get to 4:00. 56 inland. 77 at noon. notice, 80s. we'll be missing the 90s for a couple of days. they're back in the accuweather seven day forecast. i'll tell you when coming up. here's a look at the morning commute with jobina. >> good morning. what is happening here? do you see this live picture of the bay bridge toll plaza? it's basically empty. no metering lights on right now. really interesting to see for a weekday because that hasn't been the trend. i will continue to keep an eye on that, let you know if things change. live picture here at the richmond san rafael bridge. we're starting to see steady flow of traffic for people
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making their way westbound into the north bay. there's also a slowdown in san jose right now. we're looking at a crash here, does not look like injuries are involved on southbound 101 past alum rock avenue. we also have a stall on westbound 580 coming out of tracy. right out of grant line road. you can see that drive time is going to be around 44 minutes. kumasi. thank you, jobina. happening tonight warriors fans will get their first nba look at the team's two top draft picks. we're talking about jonathon kaminga and moses moody. they were both out of last night's game. the dubs were still able to win in overtime 89-82. both are expected to suit up tonight against the miami heat. it is national cookie day and you know we have the took hookup with all the deals out there to score a free treat. a hike through a national park quickly turns into a nightmare. the video from zion showing why you'll want to have a walking
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stick. some mysterious art just popped up on a dry hillside in the north bay. there's a stretch of freeway where you can get a glimpse. we'll take a short break
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newly released body camera footage shows the chaos and confusion of first responders in after that terrible building collapse in florida. jobina fortson is live with more of this chilling video. >> the videos are from the body cameras of three police officers who were at the just minutes after the champlain towers south. >> it collapsed. fire rescue is on their way. this is huge. i mean hue moneys go. >> i was in there with my
6:16 am
family. >> i'm in this penthouse 12 which is at the top. i'm on my phone with my -- sorry, my. no, the whole back is gone. >> screams of people shouting for help can also be heard. 98 people were killed when the 12 story condominium building collapsed in the early morning hours of june 24th. investigators are still trying to determine what the cause of the collapse was in surfside, florida. >> thank you. walnut creek police are going to beef up their presence at the nordstrom at broadway plaza in an effort to try to stop grab and run thefts. nordstrom asked walnut creek for help and will reimburse the city. officers will have to volunteer for that assignment. in the east bay, oakland police chief leronne armstrong says his department is making progress in reducing violent crime. the chief addressed the issue during a zoom news conference. when he took office homicides were up 100% and now they're up
6:17 am
58%. >> 75 homicides is still unacceptable. there's more work to do on behalf of this department. i just want residents of oakland and the community of oakland to know that we are focused and that we are doing our best to manage the spike in violence. >> in the past week the department says no lives were lost to violence. the chief says he's reaching out to the community through rallies and working with oakland's violence prevention department. a dry hillside in the north bay has transformed into a larger than life canvas. look at this. miguel sosa shared this photo of a face etched into dry grass. drone view 7 gives a nice glimpse at this anonymous sketch from high above and this is just past the miller creek exit. now we've called around but so far no identity on the mysterious artist who is behind this project. cookies are good every day, but today we have a day
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dedicated to a specific one. the best one. it is, yes, it is national chocolate chip cookie day. to help you celebrate some businesses are offering pretty sweet deals. insomnia cookies and subway giving away free cookies. you do have to buy food to get those. famous amos says new options include chocolate from belgium, coconut from the philippines and hazel nuts from it the mediterranean. now make your case. >> i personally like oatmeal raisin cookies. >> really? >> uh-huh. they bring me joy. >> i like oatmeal raisin too. buat one of the most hated cookies. you understand that. >> no. >> one of the more unique cookies. >> nobody likes this but me? >> people don't like oatmeal raisin. >> they seem to always be the last one on the plate. >> why are they everywhere then? >> jobina. jobina.
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>> because nobody wants it? >> you hear what she said? >> it wasn't nice, friend. >> come here and say that. come on. >> i'm in the cafeteria. >> it's cold in the studio. i was just saying they're available because no one eats them. love you. >> that's it. that's so true. >> that was not nice. >> it's not nice but it's it's >> that's fine. more for me. >> no one come to me and tell me about snicker doodle. that's the most basic cookie. >> it's just a sugar cookie with cinnamon. that's all it is. >> chocolate chip. >> mike, what's yours? >> any italian cookie. with the apricot in the middle, dunked in chocolate. >> fancy. >> okay. >> that's kind of my favorite. just reminds me of my grandparents when they'd come visit us. they worked at an italian bakery and they'd bring them and it was just something special from my childhood. >> i'm still hurt. >> i might share mine. >> don't get in your feelings.
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>> i'm sorry. the italians don't make an orange, whatever you said. oatmeal. >> oatmeal raisin. >> sorry. we don't do that. i was going to ask reggie if he does a crush impersonation, but we're short on time. riding the waves, dude, of the cooler air. look at the clouds moving over the east bay hills. terrible, i know. still employed by disney. he's a look at our headlines. slower sunshine, milder today as you can tell by the clouds. milder breezes through tomorrow. hottest afternoons will be friday and saturday. high pressure that brought us heat inland is moving away. this low is bringing us a cooling on shore breeze that will spread to our neighborhoods today and tomorrow. it'll bring a little bit more humidity to our hills and try to abate the fire danger that's going to be greatest in the sierra the next couple of days. look at our temperatures. barely some 80s around los gatos. morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid70s. as you head up the peninsula, mainly in the 70s.
6:21 am
we do have 68 at menlo park and san bruno. clouds more stubborn today. mid60s downtown. we have some 70s in the north bay. vallejo, napa, petaluma. for the east bay, we have 60s, upper 60s berkeley, oakland. 70 to 73 elsewhere. if you're going to the game, quick turn around with this two game set. 12:37, mostly sunny. 68 degrees by the end of the game. a's and padres there at the coliseum. heat escaping the east bay. look at these 80s. mid to upper 80s. let's see when it returns. we have even cooler weather tomorrow. then the heat rebounds with some mid90s inland friday and saturday. mid70s near 80 around the bay and mid60s at the coast. that's as warm as it gets in our seven day forecast. >> all right. thank you, mike. now let's check in with ginger who is live with what's coming up on gma. good morning, ginger. >> hey there kumasi. hi, reggie. mike. everybody talking cookies. i love it. how about we go ahead and drop into the first story that we
6:22 am
have to get to. yes, that is governor cuomo and here in new york facing growing calls to resign. including from president biden. that's after that blistering report that find he sexually harassed 11 women and deteriorated a hostile work environment. one of cuomo's accusers is going to join us to discuss. as the delta variant spreads, there's new hope in the race to vaccinate. the fda is said to be weeks away from approving a pfizer shot. a summer skin warning from hugh jackman. he's got a message for all of you this morning. plus a super star lineup, ryan reynolds, he said hi to me so it's fine. everything's fine. john cena and we've got really good deals and steals all under $20. >> nice. >> yeah, so you're fully recovered from that? hello? >> yeah. for the one moment i'm like i am blake lively. yes, i am. i'm blake lively. hi, ryan. that hasn't left my body yet.
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oh my god. >> oh no. hikers climb to safety after almost being swept down a river. this is in zion national park. it happened on july 23rd when the national weather service issued a flash flood watch for the park. mckayla lamb-ramirez shared this video and it showed walkers staggering at the narrow section of the park. a man can be seen rushing to try to help a woman but falls with her. another person also tumbles into the water and can be seen struggling. fallout growing from a fight on a frontier airlines flight that ended in a passenger being duct taped to a seat. 22-year-old maxwell berry facing charges accused of unruly behavior on the flight from philadelphia to miami
6:26 am
saturday. police seaberry had been drinking and groped flight attendidn'ts. the passenger who shot this video said the crew did the best they could. >> they were very professional, in my opinion. they have to restrain him. he was a danger for other passengers or himself. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m. on gma, why the airline is facing some major criticism for its handling of the crew members involved. american airlines passengers will now have one more option to keep you entertained on your next flight. they're adding tiktok to their in flight entertainment. the airline says passengers will be able to get 30 minutes of free tiktok access. so you can search your favorite topics. maybe it's travel tips. or maybe it's one of those dances the kids love. i don't know. american says free tiktok will be available on their single aisle planes equipped with viasat wi-fi. republican recall showdown.
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. top stories right now at 6:30, fearing the worst for an east bay father. a grim discovery now just adds to the growing mystery on that pleasanton trail. plus closing in on full pfizer approval. we could be just weeks away from the fda giving its full vaccine go ahead an and why it might be a major step in the race to vaccinate.
6:30 am
another mess on van ness. a major traffic closure just started minutes ago in san francisco. jobina is tracking everything you need to know for your commute this morning. rihanna's rule. the businesswoman, musian, icon, adding a w tlto her resume this morning. >> work work work work work. good morning on this wednesday, august 4th. you're watching abc 7 mornings live on hucheck in with mike nicco. >> reporter: on this wednesday we're looking at a pretty stout marine layer. east bay hills camera the way it's pouring through the east bay hills. this is going to bring relief to all of us. the winds are fastest at our higher elevations and through the delta that 28 miles per hour wind at fairfield. look what happens during the afternoon hours. that wind and its cooling effect spreads across more of ho th90e most part gone except around lakeport. mid to upper 80s inland.
6:31 am
we have morgan hill around 88. about 68 to 72 around the bay. and low to mid60s along the coast into san francisco where the clouds will remain the loungings. >> thank you. investigators are working to piece together what may have happened to a missing runner in the east bay. a volunteer found a body in pleasanton ridge regional park believed to be philip kreycik. that's where he went for a run last month and never came home. amy hollyfield live for us in pleasanton. >> reporter: his car was parked here at the molar ranch staging area. police described the trail he set out on as groomed and manicured. the big questions are what happened to him and why did it take so long to find deof the a he was found from sky 7. an area of pleasanton edge regional park that is too rugged for us to get to on foot. the body was found near a tree
6:32 am
police are working to positively identify the remains but they feel confident it is philip kreycik who disappeared three and a half weeks ago on july 10th after going out for a run. sheriff's deputies say they are just heart broken. >> our community search team that has never given up out there. we're heart broke. we wanted to bring him home alive and safe. so to deliver this news today is hard for all of us. >> reporter: police and search and rescue crews had said that they had searched all areas of where he could be very thoroughly. officers had said it was odd that that hi not found him. no trace of him. now they will work to answer the question of why it took so long to find him. it was a volunteer searcher who discoveredone inoras speculating maybe kreycik fell and that's why he was so far of firsthit to hear the cause of death from the
6:33 am
coroner. at this time they do not expect foul play. reporting live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. a local hospital's plan to offer booster shots to people t johnson vaccine has attracted attention of the cdc, fda and white house. what san francisco general is going to do now that its plan has become a national controversy. >> after abc. 7's story aired, the cdc, fda and white house had something to say about san francisco's decision to offer a supplemental pfizer or moderna shot to people who got the single dose johnson and johnson vaccine. >> we know different localities will be making different decisions. >> reporter: the fda and cdc issued statements saying cdc does not recommend additional doses or booster shots. use of a covid vaccine outside the scope of the specified conditions of emergency use would not be considered
6:34 am
authorized. san francisco general's chief of emergency medicine first shared the news about the extra mrna vaccine on abc 7. >> i was surprise the at the amount of attention it got only because this has been a discussion for a lot of people for a while. >> reporter: in a press conference san francisco health officials were clear they're not recommending the extra dose, but rather accommodating special requests. >> i'm very supportive of san francisco general decision to allow people that got the j&j shot to get one of the mrna shots as a booster. >> despite what the white house, fda and cdc said? >> i don't necessarily disagree. they're saying there isn't data to say you must do this. i agree with that. >> despite the controversy, new york city's health department e- mailed citing abc 7's report. they said they've had similar discussions and wanted to know how the hospital came to its decision and addressed concerns about liability. >> there's a lot of places
6:35 am
thinking a account this. new york department of public health is one of many. the evidence we have suggests it may help, won't hurt. doesn't it make sense to consider this? >> the extra shots are expected to be available in the next week at san francisco general. kate larsen, abc 7 news. full fda approval of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine could be just weeks away. a senior white house official tells abc news it could happen by early next month. the fda granted emergency authorization late last year. experts say full approval could reduce fears about the safety of the shot and encourage more people to get vaccinated. it could accelerate the approval process for vaccines for kids under the age of 12. last week president biden said he expects a decision by early fall. a new survey finds most unvaccinated americans believe that covid-19 vaccinations are more dangerous than the disease. the kaiser family foundation survey found 53% of the
6:36 am
unvaccinated people believe the vaccine is more dangerous. 14% said they will definitely not get vaccinated. it's the same number as in december despite a recent surge in new cases. there are fewer who are likely to wear masks in it public. department of medicine chair dr. wochter says we may never get to herd immunity. for san francisco that was reaching 75% of the population vaccinated. our fight in this pandemic will be constantly changing. he says the need for ramping up vaccinations has never been more important as we may always be fighting new variants. >> delta was worse than alpha. alpha was worse than the original. it's not at all impossible. probably not even unlikely that we won't have a variant that's even nastier than delta and begins to evade the vaccines. we are at about 75% of san francisco immunized. probably about 80% with immunity based on either vaccine or prior infection and we're still seeing a heck of a surge.
6:37 am
>> now decides a mask mandate, it's possible we could reach a point where we need additional restrictions on bars and restaurants in terms of capacity limits and social distancing requirements. yet some reopenings are still happening. here in san francisco, libraries are going to reopen to full in person service. eleven neighborhood branches will reopen by august 17th and the main library will resume its pre-pandemic hours after labor day. new york governor andrew cuomo facing calls to resign. we are hearing from one accuser in a brand new interview. you're looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. down by about 160 points. another update on the markets next. ryan reynolds, who just said hi to our friend ginger zee talking about his new disney movie. >> very jealous of ginger zee. i love his deadpool character. let's take a look at what's going on. let's open the weather window
6:38 am
and see what's going on from mount tam this morning. gorgeous sunrise above the marine layer which is a little taller today and taking in more neighborhoods. that's why we have a cooling trend. eventually the clouds will be slower today. pull back to the coast. bringing us a sunny afternoon around our bay and inland neighborhoods. also a milder one for exercising. if you're going to be out on the bay, of course it's breezy through the delta and those fast winds will back their way to the golden gate during the afternoon hours and it'll be quite choppy there also. here's a look at the cloud cover. you can see it just sitting right above the, what was it? south san francisco. the industrial -- i forget what it says there. you can see it. tree pollen. weed pollen. all detenow. uv index high. we're cloudy across the south bay. temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. we do have santa teresa at 60. los gatos about 67 degrees. most of us in the 50s this s ths morning. it's going to be more stubborn
6:39 am
trying to get out of the bay. there's still a couple of areas of fog rolling across the golden gate and through the san bruno gap. by the afternoon hours all that is back to the coast. most of the 90s are gone. wealth of 80s inland. 60s to 70s around the bay. 60s and 70s for most neighborhoods by 7:00. even some 50s along the coast. we'll see how long this reprieve lasts coming up in the seven day forecast. the metering lights are officially on at the bay bridge toll plaza. they came on at 6:12. it looks great out there a nice situation. not going to run into a big delay. live picture of the san mateo bridge. traffic is beginning to get busy for people making their way westbound. i do have a new crash i'm following. no slow down yet. injuries havebeen reported. a car did overturn in fremont on northbound 880.
6:40 am
also happening today, we have a major headache if you're driving in or through san francisco. the intersection of south van ness and mission street just closed for a repaving. well it closed around 6:00 this morning. it's expected to snarl traffic trying to get to 101. it'll be closed foweekend and weekday until monday. if you're not familiar with the city, you can see just by this video here the number of cars going by, how busy it usually is. everyone is being asked to avoid the area. that's drivers, bicyclists, even if you're walking. muni will reroute five bus lines. this is part of the improvement project. if it tried to do the repaving in sections it would take two months. so instead it's going to be five days you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross.
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she's agreed to pay nearly $23,000 in fines over ethics violations. >> at no time have any of the things related to this stipulation had any impact on the decisions that i've made as mayor. my hope is over time i've been able to prove that. >> the violations are tied to three things. receiving contributions for a 2015 pride parade float. a letter in 2018 to then governor brown advocating for her brother in prison and accepting money in 2019 from nuru for car repairs. if the ethics commission approves the agreement next week, the mayor will pay the fine. governor andrew cuomo is facing calls to resign. president biden and house speak yes nancy pelosi is joined by the governor's four
6:44 am
northeast states and those calling on cuomo to resign. the investigation released by leticia james found 11 women were telling the truth when they said the governor had touched them inappropriately. cuomo denied the allegations in a taped statement. one of the victims named charlotte bennett told investigators cuomo came on to her after she disclosed a previous sexual assault. she spoke to george stephanopoulos about cuomo speaking to her directly in his statement saying bennett and her attorney heard things he did not say. >> it wasn't an apology and he didn't take accountability for his actions. he can't once apologize and say he didn't do anything wrong. he blamed me and said that i simply misinterpreted what he had said, but his line of questioning was not appropriate. he was coming on to me and he insinuated that survivors of trauma and sexual assault can't tell the difference between
6:45 am
mentorship and leadership. and sexual harassment itself, which is not only insulting to me but every survivor who listened to him yesterday. >> you can see george stephanopoulos' entire interview with charlotte bennett coming up at 7:00 a.m., which includes bennett calling for cuomo to be impeached. the new york assembly speaker has said cuomo can no longer remain in office. reggie. >> thank you. republican candidates hoping to replace governor newsom in the recall will face off in their first televised debate. it comes as the chronicle is reporting that actress and activist jane fonda explored running on the democratic side but the idea fizzled as she failed to file paperwork before the deadline. tonight's republican debate is happening in orange county. the two best known candidates won't be there. caitlyn jenner has been filming an australian reality show.
6:46 am
conservative talk radio host will be at a fundraiser. >> i think that's fine, but just understand that if you produce things in spanish and call that latino outreach, that is insufficient. the majority, almost majority of the latino voting bloc is young. a lot of us don't speak spanish. >> christian arano says what could help newsom is an appearance by vermont senator bernie sanders who won the state's democratic presidential primary largely because of his support among young latinos. the liberty high school district is seeing more covid- 19 cases among students. still the district says it is committed to staying open. five more covid cases were reported yesterday amongst students a total 30 30 30 30 have tested positive. five staff members tested positive but they contracted that in the community and didn't show up to school. josh becker is urging
6:47 am
districts to require educators and staff members be fully vaccinated or undergo frequent covid testing. he says now is the moment to create a wall of safety around our children. >> it's incumbent on us to put our kids first. to do everything we can to let our kids come back to in person learning so they can compete and by the best in a global economy. >> becker made this announcement in east palo alto. local leaders were there urging members of the latinx community to be vaccinated. the school district start as new year in less than two weeks. last night district leaders answered questions from parents. 1000 people tuned in to the zoom meeting. in it parents were told eligible students should get vaccinated. masks will be required indoors and students should stay home when sick. the district's goal is to everything in place to prevent an infection. >> that each family has to
6:48 am
decide the risk of having their child stay at home versus covid. and we in public health as well as the medical world do believe school is the best place for children. >> the district says parents will be notified if there is a positive case at school. your morning money report. another wave of big name companies changing vaccination and masking policies. the risk inside tyson foods, microsoft, gap, genentech and the three big detroit auto makers. the ones on the left are requiring proof of vaccination. the ones on the right are reinstating mask mandates. apple's online store now has a new look. the site was down for about an hour yesterday but returned with new features. the store now resembles the same app store on your ipad and iphone. apple restored the old dedicated store tab in the navigation bar. let's take a live look at
6:49 am
the new york stock exchange. we are starting down still now by about 170 points. it's a big day in the effective to keep lake tahoe blue. drivers have reached the major milestone in their trash recovery project. clean up the lake has been working to remove thousands of pounds of trash at the bottom of tahoe's east shore. an update is planned for today to share how that's going. organizers are expected to show the trash they've pulled from the lake. now to the extreme drought plaguing cities and towns across california. a key piece of the solution may be reducing water use not just where you live but also you work. sales force tower is utilizing a water filtration system. it will filter an estimated 30,000-gallons a workday or 7 to 8 million a year. this six step filtration process will take dirty water from daily operations and return it as clean, nonpotable water and use it in toilets and
6:50 am
drip irrigation. whatever it takes. >> uh-huh. it's better than not flushing. okay. that's a resounding yes. so let's move on. >> let's. >> forgot i stay here for a second. there we go. so we've got the roof camera. winds on the ferry building are starting to become unfurled once again. bringing us a cooling trend en today and a more robust marine layer. that means the clouds will eventually go back to the coast. these faster and milder breeze will take some of the heat out of the last couple of days. this cloud blanket returns with a better chance of drizzle. so far it's been mainly along the coast. about 100th of an inch along the marin county coast and also
6:51 am
right around pacifica also. above and below average highs. we'll turn this heat around like we had today. we have 80s in los gatos, morgan hill and gilroy. low to mid70s. peninsula around 70. redwood city is always the hot spot. near 60 along the coast with the most stubborn clouds. south san francisco. sausalito. upper 70s vallejo, napa. low 80s for the rest of the north bay valleys. lake and mendocino counties. berkeley, oakland, san leandro, hayward. trying to take the 90s away for a day. mid to upper 80s. outdoor dining, still around 80 inland. dropping into the 70s. it'll be 6:00 degrees in line with everybody else. make sure you have a jacket then. good sleeping weather tonight. back in the 50s.
6:52 am
more green along the coast. that's our better chance of drizzle during tomorrow's commute. that'll lock in our coolest day which is thursday. then friday and saturday we'll warm above average, but just those two days. back to average sunday, monday and tuesday. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine all seven days of the forecast. kumasi. >> thank you. in the north bay the king of flavortown is back at it again. this time celebrity chef guy fieri popped his head up at the sonoma county fair. fieri spent at least $30,000 at sunday's pig auction. he and his friends bought 16 pigs which he says they're going to be donating to charity. fieri lives in sonoma county when history not touring the country for food network and has frequently donated time and meals to bay area restaurants and organizations. rihanna has officially joined the billionaires club. forbes estimates the grammy winner is now worth $1.7
6:53 am
billion. and it's not really from her music. forbes says the majority of her money comes from it the value s >> super successful cosmetics line which when it was launched drew lots of praise because there were something like more than 40 shades for all range of skin tones which is something that at the time i think no other real new cosmetics lines had been that inclusive. >> now rihanna is the richest woman musician in the world and the second richest female entertainer right behind oprah. >> i see rihanna. >> riri. >> let's say riri. whatst her best song? >> i like umbrella. >> it's hard to beat that. >> just so fun. and the video. she has a lot though. >> she does have a lot. i was just reviewing her song half of it, do you remember
6:54 am
that song? >> how's it go? ♪ you saw me on the television ♪ ♪ linen, that's what it is. i always like that song too. >> she has so many good ones. >> at least nine. >> we enjoy what she gave you. new at 6:00, we're hearing from ryan reynolds talking about his new disney movie. >> it's called "free guy." >> you play a bank teller who becomes a character in a video game. >> yeah, bank teller who works at a bank that gets robbed 355 times a day and, you know, gets shot, stabbed, run over. one day realizes he's a background character in a video game and he starts to become sentient and unify the other background characters to become agents of change. >> oh. >> i like that. that sounds interesting. yeah. the conversation with ryan reynolds continues on gma at 7:00. "free guy" hits theaters next
6:55 am
friday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. i haven't been back to the movies yet. maybe this will do it. >> yes. you should go to the one with the seats and the snow. >> oh, the seats that move. >> time. take your time. ever since we had that video, that's all i want to do. what movie can i go that'll really be like -- >> can we go to that? >> i'm ready. >> during this break
6:56 am
california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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team usa is ready for the olympic games, and so is erica! she's got the fastest internet, with wifi speeds faster than a gig. so when all of team usa is going for gold... ...her wifi can power it all, and more. i. love. you. can your internet do that? cheer on team usa with wifi speeds faster than a gig. or, get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months. switch today. it is 6:57. if you're just joining us here are the seven things to know this morning. number one, police in it concord are investigating a deadly shooting at an apartment
6:58 am
complex on pine street. the coroner was there but police have not said at this time how many people were shot. number two, the body of a missing runner is believed to have been found in the east bay. 37-year-old philip kreycik went missing last month while out for a jog. authorities trying to figure out what happened to him. number three, san francisco says it is exploring a new york city-type of mandate requiring proof of vaccination for a range of indoor activities. the hope is the demand for proof will encourage people who are not vaccinated to get the vaccine. number four, full fda approval of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine could come by early next month. experts say full approval could speed up the approval process for covid-19 vaccines for kids under 12. number five, a break from summer heat as temperatures will be several degrees below average. not only today but also tomorrow. number six, bringing you a live picture from emoryville showing off 80. things are moving niecely there. bay bridge toll plaza is clear.
6:59 am
number seven, today is national cookie day. to help you celebrate some businesses offering some sweet deals. insomnia cookies and subway giving away free cookies with purchases. >> now let's be very specific about this. it is national chocolate chip cookie day. because national cookie day is saturday, december 4th. >> okay. >> so let's celebrate chocolate chip cookies and leave the oatmeal raisin out of the conversation. >> we celebrate oatmeal raisin every day. >> something about the raisins. it's like the neighbor that gives out raisins on halloween. >> oh! >> why y'all coming for me today? >> i didn't say a thing. just want you to know. >> i stand by my oatmeal raisin cookie. >> friend. >> thank you. nice and nourishing. >> they're so good warm. they really are. >> thank you. >> yeah. >> i was about to say that.
7:00 am
>> kumasi, they are good. if there's no chocolate chip left. thank you. >> or any other flavors. [ laughter ] good morning, america. breaking overnight, pressure mounts on new york governor andrew cuomo to resign after that scathing report. governor cuomo under fire. the president calls on him to step down. >> i think he should resign. >> the new york attorney general outlines the charges in detail saying the governor created a, quote, hostile work environment rife with fear and intimidation. >> i believe women and i believe these 11 women. >> cuomo defiant denying the findings. >> i never touched anyone inappropriately or made inappropriate sexual advances. >> one of his accusers joins us live. also this morning, sources


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