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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 4, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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for all of us, we appreciate your time. right now, >> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live" with guest host wanda sykes! tonight -- nick kroll -- from the l.a. sparks, chiney ogwumike -- and music from macy gray and the california jet club. and now -- wanda sykes! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wanda: thank you! thank you, thank you, thank you! all right, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. hello and welcome to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm your guest host, wanda sykes. [ cheers and applause ] [ drumroll ]
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this is my third and final night filling in for jimmy, and we've been having so much fun, a lot of fun. as you know, i started a rumor this week that jimmy is in rehab for steroids. [ laughter ] i wanted to see if we could get it going. and it got going pretty good. [ laughter ] last night, i called on you to show jimmy you care by using the hashtag #jackedupjimmy. [ laughter ] and many of you answered the call. "sending thoughts and prayers to you in rehab, kimmel!" [ laughter ] "jacked up jimmy, i know it's tough, but you can get off those steroids. just keep working the program. love you!" "sorry about your balls." [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] i think we're all sorry about his balls. [ laughter ]
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unfortunately, i do have a sad update to share. late last night, jimmy was involved in a 'roid rage incident. [ laughter ] you probably saw it on the news. >> if you're just tuning in, what you're looking at is footage of disgraced talk show host jimmy kimmel leading police on a rooftop chase in nothing but his underwear. according to reports, earlier this evening kimmel took a massive amount of steroids and ripped the door off the rehab facility he's been staying in. authorities urge the public to remain vigilant until he's tranquilized. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: sad. jimmy is still on the loose. if you have any information about his whereabouts, please share them with our new hashtag, #jailbirdjimmy. [ laughter ] and jimmy, if you're watching this -- come home, man. your kids need a hug from your swole creepy biceps. [ laughter ]
11:38 pm
speaking of body transformations. north korean leader kim jong-un has reportedly lost 44 pounds. yeah, he did it by using p-90-execution. [ laughter ] if he's anything like my friends who have lost 44 pounds, he's about to write an anonymous post on facebook about his "weight loss journey." [ laughter ] this report on kim jong-un came from south korean spies. yeah. what kinds of spies are these? "uh, no new information on crimes against humanity, but kim's waist is snatched as hell." [ laughter ] [ applause ] in sports news, the tampa bay lightning won their second stanley cup in a row last night. [ cheers and applause ] yeah! did you watch the game? >> guillermo: no, i didn't, i
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didn't, yeah. sorry, sorry. [ laughter ] >> wanda: all right. and to celebrate, coors light did something unusual. after the game, they scraped the ice off the rink and made it into a commemorative beer. that you can actually drink! yeah. and if you're extra lucky, you might even find a tooth! [ laughter ] like a pearl in an oyster. that's not all. that's not all. did you see what the nba is doing? they ran this ad during the finals tonight. >> basketball fans everywhere are enjoying the nba finals and can't wait to celebrate their favorite team's victory in style. that's why this year, the league is releasing its own line of signature nba finals champagne. we start by taking the finest grapes from the dordogne region of france and crushing them to perfection. then we take the actual floor
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mops used on the nba finals court, wring the perspiration out into a bucket, and combine it with the grapes to make a deliciously unique sparkling wine. champagne grapes mixed wih real players' sweat, so you know it's good. nba finals champagne. it's gross. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: now that things are opening up and folks are getting back out there, i wanted to do my part to bring people together. i've said many times, i believe every white person should have at least one black friend. do you have any black friends? >> guillermo: one. [ laughter ] >> wanda: who? >> guillermo: his name is james. yeah. he's one of the grips. >> wanda: you got a work friend? a black friend? >> guillermo: yeah, yeah. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ]
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>> wanda: well, tonight, i thought i would take matters into my own hands. in a game i call "who wants to win a black friend?" [ cheers and applause ] i'm going to ask james about this friendship too, you know that. [ laughter ] >> guillermo: okay, no problem. >> wanda: okay. let's meet our white people. we have michael, brian, benjamin. hi, gang. >> hi. >> how are you? >> how you doing? >> wanda: all right, all right. so none of you have any black friends, is that correct? >> no. >> not really. >> no. >> wanda: so like what's the problem? >> i mean, i grew up in mesa, arizona. it's -- not a lot of people, you know -- >> wanda: you mean not a lot of black people? [ laughter ] >> yeah, you're right. [ applause ] >> wanda: okay. what about you, michael? how come you don't have any black friends? >> i don't have a great answer for that. maybe they're repelled by my red hair. [ laughter ]
11:42 pm
>> wanda: oh, so you're going to put it on us. [ laughter and applause ] >> yeah, pretty much. >> wanda: uh-huh, uh-huh. we're used to that. so brian, what about you, baby? you look like a, you know, hippie dude, you should have all kind of friends, you should have, like, black, asian, everything. people, i mean, you know. you should have it all. >> i should. but there's not a lot of black people, friends, that i would have that enjoy my hobby. >> wanda: what's your hobby? >> i like to go to where famous people died and where they're buried. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> wanda: you going to have a tough time playing this game, brian. [ laughter ] that's a hard thing to do, try to get a black person -- hey, you want to go to a cemetery or place where a murder happened? >> see?
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>> wanda: no. no, i don't -- okay, i get that, okay. but let's see if we can help you out. >> okay, cool. >> wanda: one of you is going to get a new bff, black friend forever. [ laughter ] but before we meet them, i need to know one thing. where were you january 6th, 2021? [ laughter ] [ applause ] anywhere near d.c.? no? okay, good. just making sure. [ applause ] all right. so let's meet brandon. hello, brandon. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello! >> wanda: all right. what's up, brandon? where you from? >> i was good. i'm from alabama. >> wanda: oh, you're extra black, that's beautiful. [ laughter ] >> yes, ma'am. [ applause ] >> wanda: this is beautiful, mwah, yes! brandon, do you have any white friends? >> at the moment, no. but i grew up with white people, you know in school, you know.
11:44 pm
so i got friends from the past. but not, no >> wanda: okay, all right. i'm going to take a "no," then. you have acquaintances, i got you. here's how the game is going to work. i'm going to ask these white people some questions. then based on their answers, brandon, you're going to decide which one you want to have as a new friend, okay? got it? >> gotcha. >> wanda: okay, cool. here we go. michael. what does b.e.t. stand for? [ laughter ] >> i don't know. >> wanda: don't you want to take a guess? >> no, i don't. [ laughter ] i'm afraid to say something dumb. >> wanda: all right. brian, what does b.e.t. stand for? >> black entertainment television. >> wanda: boom! [ cheers and applause ] he's got it! old, creepy brian came out --
11:45 pm
look at that. >> guillermo: yeah, he got it. wow. >> wanda: wow. benjamin. what's your idea of a perfect first friend date? >> first friend date. i think going for some food and just taking a stroll in a cool place. >> wanda: uh. brandon, how you feel about that stroll part? >> the stroll kind of -- questionable, you know. the food, i'm shopping with it. i like the food. what type of food? >> oh, um -- i like some southern food, i'm not going to lie. >> you're saying southern because of my skin? [ laughter ] >> oh, no. i love fried chicken, i'm not going to lie, fried chicken. >> tabasco, hot sauce, regular? which one? >> cholula. >> wanda: that's cholupa, we don't mess with that. >> i didn't know what it was, i just shook my head. >> wanda: okay.
11:46 pm
since you like food, brandon, let's do another food thing. so i'm going to give you another shot, michael. >> all right. >> wanda: michael, all right, you're having a barbecue, right? >> yeah? >> wanda: having a cookout. what food are you going to have ready, what food are you going to have for brandon, what you doing? >> 100% steaks, a little bit of chicken, probably some grilled vegetables with nice marinade. that chicken is going to be sitting for days in a nice marinade. it's going to be a good time. >> you been watching tiktok, i see. [ laughter ] >> actually don't have tiktok. >> wanda: follow-up question. should raisins ever go in potato salad? >> no, i hate raisins. i have a vendetta against them. >> wanda: okay, brandon, how do you feel about that? >> the fact that he said that, i think he going the right way, i like it. >> wanda: we good with this, okay. okay, one last question. i got time for one more?
11:47 pm
all right. what's your favorite tyler perry movie? [ laughter ] benjamin? >> i'm not going first. >> i don't know who tyler perry is. [ laughter ] >> wanda: oh! brian? >> i like the one where he plays that woman. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> wanda: michael? >> i don't think i can beat that answer, i like that one too. [ laughter ] >> wanda: brandon, anything that you want to ask them that i left out? >> if we was on a roller coaster, it was me, an infant, and an old lady, who would you pick first to get off if we got stuck? >> who would we pick to save first? >> yeah. me, your best friend, old lady, an infant? [ laughter ] >> that's a compromising question.
11:48 pm
on public television. >> you want to be my best friend. >> how well do i know the old lady? [ laughter ] >> how well do you know me? >> is she a relative? >> maybe. >> i'll go you. >> okay, cool. >> i'll go with the infant. >> okay. >> wanda: he's picking the infant. what about you, michael? who you picking? >> i'd probably pick the old lady because no one else did. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> wanda: see? brandon, i thought -- you were looking for your ride or die. >> as always, you feel me? >> wanda: you were looking for your ride or die, didn't happen. now it's up to you, brandon. which of these white people is going to be your new friend? will it be michael? brian? or benjamin? >> uh -- benjamin, benji. [ applause ] >> wanda: okay, all right. congratulations, congratulations, benjamin.
11:49 pm
why don't you get your new bff a fist pump? okay, y'all going for the hug, all right, i like this. see what i'm doing here? look what i'm doing. you off on a dinner for two to roscoe's chicken and waffles. [ cheers and applause ] thank you! hey, we have a good show for you tonight. from the l.a. sparks, chiney ogwumike is here. [ cheers and applause ] we've got music from macy gray and the california jet club. [ cheers and applause ] and we'll be right back with nick kroll. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome to allstate. (phone notification) where we've just lowered our auto rates.
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>> wanda: welcome back to "jimmy kimmel live." i'm wanda sykes. tonight, from the los angeles sparks, chiney ogwumike is here. [ cheers and applause ] i should let you take a swing at that, guillermo. >> guillermo: sha-nay obum-a-kay. >> wanda: there's no "b" in the name at all. >> i was close, right? maybe? >> wanda: a little, a little. >> guillermo: should i try again? o-womb-a-kay. >> wanda: i enjoyed it. it was good for me, thank you. >> guillermo: you're welcome. >> thank you for taking a shot at that. later, she is a grammy-winning singer with a brand-new song called "thinking of you," music from macy gray and the california jet club.
11:55 pm
[ cheers and applause ] next week, i won't be here, i'm >> wanda: i enjoyed it. but there will be all-new shows hosted by arsenio hall, phoebe robinson, and nick kroll. [ cheers and applause ] with appearances by seth rogen, megan fox, and lebron james too. and make sure to watch anthony anderson in primetime on sunday hosting "jimmy kimmel live nba finals game night" with his guest johnny knoxville. [ cheers and applause ] our first guest is a very funny comedian, actor, writer, producer, and last year, the "new york times" crowned him the "picasso of puberty." [ laughter ] he's in a new movie about the world ending. "how it ends" opens in select theatres and on-demand july 20th. please welcome my friend nick kroll.
11:56 pm
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wanda: look at you, nick. >> i like, i like. >> wanda: you clean up good. >> thank you, you too. >> wanda: thanks, honey. >> nice to see you. >> wanda: congratulations. you recently got married. >> yeah, i got married, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. >> wanda: and a baby. >> and i had a baby, yes. [ cheers and applause ] thank you, yes. a little less applause for the baby, it feels. [ laughter ] kind of a bigger deal, sort of irreversible, but thank you anyway. had a baby, he's like 5 1/2 months old. and it's been amazing. it's hard, having a child is not -- we're sleep training him right now. which, for those of you that don't know, it's when you make your baby lift weights while he sleeps. [ laughter ] and he's getting jacked. i want a jacked baby. >> wanda: you should, yeah,
11:57 pm
yeah. get on that stuff jimmy is on. >> that's what i'm saying. >> wanda: get a jacked baby. [ applause ] and he's cute, so cute. >> he's a real cute, a cute kid, i'm very happy. [ laughter ] there he is, look at that. >> wanda: oh, wow. >> that's an outfit you got us. you got us that shark attitude outfit. you got us a number of outfits for the baby, and here's a picture of him. he's looking pretty cute. >> wanda: yeah, that beard is really coming in nicely. >> yeah. [ laughter ] people say it looks a lot like my wife. [ laughter ] >> wanda: and -- where'd he go? >> now he's gone. >> wanda: he's gone, he's gone. are you going to let him watch "big mouth"? at what age do you think he should watch? >> "big mouth" is a very dirty animated show. [ cheers and applause ] thank you.
11:58 pm
for the dirtiness, thank you. i'll probably follow my -- one of my partners and cocreators of the show, andrew goldberg, has always said he'll let his kids watch it when they are the age of the kids on the show. 12, 13 years old. >> wanda: okay, that's good. >> you were gracious enough to be on the show. >> wanda: i was so honored you guys asked me to. >> wanda played the ghost of harriet tubman. [ laughter ] >> wanda: yeah, i got kicked out of the naacp. [ laughter ] but you know, anything for you, nick. >> yeah, thank you, wanda. >> wanda: yeah. >> yeah, we had it -- because we -- jordan peele voices the ghost of duke ellington. and he haunts my character's house. we did an episode about duke as a small child. we were like, who should haunt the young duke ellington's house? it was the ghost of harriet tubman. wanda was kind enough to do the part. and one of the writers of the episode, jack knight, who happens to be black, was pitching a joke, he thought it would be really funny if harriet tubman used the "n" word. it got somehow quieter just now.
11:59 pm
[ laughter ] >> wanda: everybody was like, aw, shucks! >> whoop! >> wanda: whoop, okay! >> which is what happened in the room when we were like, how do we get wanda to -- because we were like, that's really funny but how do we navigate that right now? so we actually had jack come to the record and, like, casually throw -- i mean, how do you -- do you remember? >> wanda: i remember it. i do remember it. it was so funny. because i was feeling as i was doing the script, i was like, this thing needs the "n" word in here somewhere. [ laughter ] and then we were recording. i saw jack, you know, in the booth. so i would do a take, then i would look in the window, and i just see jack. >> yeah. >> wanda: the producers, you guys are like this. >> yeah. >> wanda: like, i'm not going to ask her. so i'm like, oh, it's the "n" word coming, i know it's the "n" word coming.
12:00 am
[ laughter ] so i felt it too. i was like, this would be hilarious if harriet tubman said the "n" word. you know? you know she probably said it. >> oh, i mean -- >> wanda: transporting all those slaves back and forth? you know somebody was probably slow or somebody, oh, i'm tired. she like, you tired? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> yes. yes. so it's -- yes. all of those things. have you had that issue at all? >> wanda: oh, yeah, over at "the upshaws." it's on netflix. we know at netflix, we do whatever. >> yeah. >> wanda: but yeah, it was the same thing, i think we have two "n" words in the first season. and they were like, you know, we really was hoping this could be more of like a family -- and now we have to give it a different
12:01 am
rating -- >> oh, really? >> wanda: i was like, wait a minute, we say the "f" word, we say [ bleep ] and everything. you're going to tell me one [ bleep ] going to change everything now? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> yeah. and did it? no, you guys -- >> wanda: yeah, oh my god, yeah. >> you're picked up for season 2, so there you go. >> wanda: exactly, exactly. [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: the last time we actually hung out, it was at the emmys, right? which one was it? >> it was the creative arts emmys. >> wanda: oh. >> the "not good enough for tv" emmys. [ laughter ] that's the one they can say, it aired, the real emmys, then the week before they're like, let's stuff everyone in that room and we'll give out a bunch of awards for things that people love, but for some reason, you know, like standup. >> wanda: right.
12:02 am
>> you were nominated for best standup special. >> wanda: right. >> and you did not -- >> wanda: i did not win. >> you did not win. >> wanda: i was presenting another award for later in the show. i was like, i'm going to end up holding the emmy in my hand. [ laughter ] like you said, nobody knows who won. >> yeah. [ applause ] when i went up, you took this picture. >> i took that picture. >> wanda: nick took this picture and sent it to me. i was like, i'm going to go up and fake like i won. [ laughter ] >> yes. >> wanda: people congratulated me. >> yeah. it was a big win for you. >> wanda: big, big win. big win. >> did you -- and did you -- >> wanda: oh, i owned it. yeah, i was like, yeah, thank you! i wasn't expecting it. >> yeah. >> wanda: it was great. >> have you won an emmy yet? >> wanda: i've won, but for -- like i won for "the chris rock show," writing. i won a bunch of emmys for "inside the nfl." >> okay. >> wanda: yeah. >> just as you had always dreamed.
12:03 am
>> wanda: exactly, exactly. [ applause ] it's coming, it's coming. >> oh, it's coming. >> wanda: stick around, okay? we'll be back with more nick kroll after this. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ metro by t-mobile introduces... ...the big five g upgrade. ditch boost and cricket... ...and save half when you switch and trade-in. get unlimited smartphone data just twenty-five bucks. and a free samsung galaxy five g. all on t-mobile's five g network. only at metro.
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were you trying to go to the weed store? >> yeah. >> i kind of bought it out. >> like you bought all the drugs inside? >> they gave me a deal, i just cleaned them out. i just was like, i don't want to be without on the last day. >> all right. well, i guess i'll -- man. >> i could give you some, i'm not going to use all of it, obviously. it's not like i'm saving for a rainy day. [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: welcome back. i'm here with nick kroll. so that's from your new movie "how it ends." >> yes. >> wanda: tell us about the movie. >> a movie written and directed by zoe lister-jones and daryl wein. they came to me a month into the pandemic, like this is probably shot in like april, in l.a., when nobody was out in the world. and it's a movie about zoe's
12:09 am
character and her younger self on like the last day on earth as they wander around and like have this adventure. and obviously it was sort of a time capsule of like how it felt in that moment when we were all in our own homes, and i was like, yeah, i'll be in your thing, but like, i'll be very far away from you and be outside, and everyone when you watch the movie, it feels like a real regular movie except that you will notice everybody's got this physical distance apart from each other. and so, yeah, we shot it. so it's weird now, because it feels like a little bit of a time capsule of, oh, right, that was at this moment when it was so scary. but it's a very sweet, funny movie. it's got a great cast. and everybody, you know -- everybody figured out their way into it, you know? >> wanda: that's weird. you're shooting a movie about the end of the world during a time when we felt like, is this the end of the world? >> right, that's how it felt. so it was pretty easy to access. [ laughter ]
12:10 am
[ applause ] >> wanda: so tonight is my last night hosting. and next week you're going to be hosting? >> i'm hosting a show next week. do you have any advice for me? >> wanda: everyone here is great. >> uh-huh? >> wanda: you're going to have a lot of fun. >> uh-huh? >> wanda: keep your eye on guillermo. >> oh, i will. [ laughter ] >> wanda: i think the biggest piece of advice i could give to you is skip the breakfast burrito. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> wanda: stay away from that. >> oh, really? does that chair not absorb? >> wanda: it does not at all. [ laughter ] not at all. >> you fart in that leather chair, you're going to hear it? >> wanda: the whole world hears it. >> talking about your next movie -- rrrrrt! [ laughter and applause ] >> wanda: "how it ends" opens in select theaters and on-demand july 20th. thanks, nick. we'll be back with chiney ogwumike. ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
12:11 am
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12:17 am
sparks and espn, please welcome chiney ogwumike. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wanda: thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being here. >> hello, my friend. >> wanda: hello. >> i am so glad to be here, and more importantly, you are a wnba -- i don't even want to say superfan, but you're a real one. >> wanda: i am, i'm a real fan. >> i brought you a present. >> wanda: what? okay, all right. >> and it's gold. >> wanda: what? yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: thank you! thank you, thank you. >> i should have brought an extra small or medium -- >> wanda: it's going to be a little long.
12:18 am
>> it will be. >> wanda: but you know, it's eautiful, thank you.ow, it's thank you, i'm glad you did. that damn nick kroll didn't bring me a thing. [ laughter and applause ] this is lovely, i'll put it right there. hear that, nick? [ laughter ] so like you said, i am a huge fan of the game. and you and your sister are on the same team? >> we are. >> wanda: just tell people your story. your parents are immigrants from -- >> nigeria. >> wanda: nigeria, yeah. but you were born in texas. >> born and raised in houston, texas. our first sport was not basketball, it was gymnastics. fell into basketball. we knew we were not doing gymnastics, when on the uneven bars, my butt was hitting. [ laughter ] my mom's co-worker was, put them into a tall girl sport. basketball, fell in love with it. i have three sisters. all of us got drafted professionally. [ cheers and applause ] it's been a cool dream for us. >> wanda: wow, that's awesome.
12:19 am
>> now we got that double trouble on the l.a. sparks, neka and i. >> wanda: right, that's awesome. man, not one bum in your family at all. >> no, we don't accept that, not at all. >> wanda: and the nigerian culture is very important in what you're doing and with your upbringing too? >> yeah, nigerian heritage is very important to us. we always say we're very fortunate to have the best of both worlds. being nigerian and american, exploring both avenues of our heritage. [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: that's very good. i got to tell you, i love your documentary. "144." it was so good. if you haven't seen it, check it out. i mean, to me it just encapsulated women. when you put us in charge, you know? and you guys -- everyone had a voice. >> thank you. >> wanda: you all just came up with these decisions -- >> nice to see a woman in charge here too!
12:20 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: yeah, but i'm sorry, tell them about the documentary. >> yes. "144." i did not know -- i am a basketball player, i'm also an nba analyst and host on the espn radio show. now added another title, executive producer of "144," the documentary that just aired before the wnba season started. everyone knows 2020 challenged all of us in ways we didn't imagine. we saw from the wnba, i was not able to play based on health circumstances. but i was committed to uplifting the women of the wnba in that moment because i knew something special was going to happen. now my big sis is president of the players association, the girl here is vice president. so yeah, that's how we do things as a family. [ cheers and applause ] and so we were always talking to our union and our players, you know, throughout the entire pandemic. we tried to provide an environment for the players to have a platform to speak. and it's an amazing executive committee that we had.
12:21 am
you know, being outside of the bubble and seeing everything going on, i just wanted to leverage my partners. because there was a special story going on. so i was grateful that espn allowed me to shepherd that story, bring it to life, along with an amazing crew of three other women, our executive producers. people saw what happened in 2020 and the wnba helped transform the landscape of this country. >> wanda: it really did, yes, yes, absolutely. [ cheers and applause ] my opinion, my opinion, the wnba, it saved our democracy. it really did. i mean, what you all did in georgia with, you know, with senator warnock, and just all the -- >> and some t-shirts. [ applause ] >> wanda: yes, yes. it was just incredible, incredible. so not just what the league does off the court. i mean, the game. i love it. it's fun to watch. i don't understand, like how do we get more people involved in the game and show up to the game to support this league? >> yeah, i think there are a lot of preconceived notions when it comes to women in sport.
12:22 am
we need to stop doing that. >> wanda: right. >> we see the conversation happening with the olympics and especially black women in the olympics. we need to get rid of that, strip that down. there's a lot of hesitation that keeps people from thinking, should i go to a game or not? get rid of that. instead of hesitation, follow through on your shot. follow through. let's be real. our tickets are a little more affordable than the nba tickets. [ applause ] if you're able, if you're really able to go, just take a chance and you'll fall in love with the players because you'll get to engage with them. i promise you, when we're playing, we hear you. wanda, i hear you. i hear vivica a. fox who's always with the l.a. sparks. that's the beauty, we have champions out there, and this league embodies what champions should be both on and off the court, so why not? [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: right. i notice there are a lot of nba players in support of the league also. i see them wearing the orange jerseys, like lebron was wearing one. >> d-wade was just at our game. alvin kamara.
12:23 am
it's been great to see their support. i tell people, it's not like we need the validation, but it's great to divert audiences that might look past us, to bring them to our center court. so yeah, i mean, sunday we got a game, wanda. >> wanda: i'll be there, my wife and i will be there sunday. [ applause ] we're going to be there. and kobe. kobe was a huge supporter of the women's game too. >> yeah. >> wanda: did you ever meet kobe? >> i did. i was able to meet kobe, may he rest in peace. >> wanda: yes, absolutely. >> also gigi, who embodied the future of our game. there was a special moment that i didn't think about -- you know after you start laying in bed at night. when i was at stanford, a freshman at stanford university, you know your girl -- i'm a middle child, i always do the most. we actually played in the pac-10 tournament at staples here in l.a. so i was a freshman, all right, guys, i'm going to be the corny one, if we win the tournament, i'm leaving a letter for kobe. the top team was able to have the home locker room.
12:24 am
after we won, we're about to leave, they're like, you forgot about your letter. okay, so i got the game scouting report, wrote a little note, dear kobe, thanks for lending us your locker room, we're rooting for you, signed. so i slip it into the -- actually, i don't. my hands are too big, i'm a center. [ laughter ] i get our point guard to slip it into his locker. [ laughter ] you know, it's a nasty letter from a game scouting report. about a week later, we're at stanford university. shout-out to hall of famer coach tara vanderveer, all-time winningest coach in women's college basketball. the best human being. she goes after practice, hey, everybody! today i got a call from the lakers, kobe sent a message saying he got your letter, he wishes us good luck for the ncaa tournament. [ cheers and applause ] >> wanda: oh, man. wow. >> that truly was the attention to detail that kobe bryant had. he saw us. he saw greatness in us before we
12:25 am
even knew it in ourselves. i was a freshman. your girl was not a number one pick or anything. but that's what he brought to the game, that authenticity. he did not just talk the talk, he showed up through his actions. i remember that, and it honestly gives me the energy to keep driving forward. >> wanda: wow. [ cheers and applause ] >> so thank you. >> wanda: chiney's weekly podcast is called "chiney," and the sparks play the minnesota lynx this sunday at the l.a. convention center. i will be there. >> yes, you will. >> wanda: thank you, chiney. we'll be right back with music from macy gray and the california jet club. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ make it plain. extra ketchup, but no pickles. actually, pickles. one vanilla cone. and a sweet tea. hot chocolate. your largest coffee. i'm gonna need like-- ten egg mcmuffins please! one hamburger happy meal. make that two. make that three. -no pickles! a sprite and what else? oh and one more thing. 10 pieces mcnuggets, barbecue sauce. you've been loyal. we want to reward that.
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> wanda: it's time to put on some music and chill. with the song "thinking of you," macy gray and the california jet club! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ it's everything about you that i like you give me motion you give me butterflies ♪
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thinking of you i am thinking about you thinking about you too ♪ ♪ i am drinking and i am thinking of you i am thinking about you thinking about you too ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. you know when you're at ross and all those brands have her like... yes! ...and all those prices have you like... yes! that's yes for less! you've got this school year, and we've got you with the best bargains ever at ross. get your yes for less at our new store in east san mateo.
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12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, summer interrupted. with covid moving out, fun was back. and then came delta. the unsuspecting vaccinated getting sick. >> we were partying like it's 2019, pretending the pandemic never happened. >> but those who still haven't gotten the shot hit the hardest. >> i'm putting people that are my age and my parents' age in body bags. it is my worst fear for it to be one of them. plus beirut revisited. one year after the horfiplosion thousands homeless, a bride remembers that day. >> our life was about to


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