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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> dixie fire destruction. chilling scenes that we have sad lie seen before as basically an entire northern sierra town is reduced to ash. the fire fight may start to affect us here. that air quality is something to keep an eye on today. beautiful as mike is following that and the chance you might be using were windshield wipers as you head out. >> it is thursday, august 5th. you are watching abc mornings. a lot of us did see wet roads when we got up this morning. >> yeah. windshield wiper almost the entire commute for me and you know that's 35 miles. it's impressive how widespread it is. here's a look. look at their solar panels. they are wet. we've had 0.04 of an inch in san francisco. june 14th we had drizzle. as you head into the higher
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elevations, and it doesn't take much. you'll run into this drizzle and the reduction in visibility. most of our valleys we're doing okay. what is going to happen this afternoon? it's going to be our coolest afternoon with 60s along the coast. san francisco. richmond. oakland. 70s until you get to places like morgan hill. inland east bay where we have 80s. a break from the summer heat. the air quality could tank quickly. >> thank you. this morning that wildfire emergency to our north. an entire town essentially wiped off the map as the fire tears across plumas county. jobina with more. >> reporter: just heart breaking. much of the town of greenville has burned to the ground. you can see some of the destruction in this video. the town's sheriff's office, jail, library, stores, restaurants and hotel have
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reportedly been destroyed. home after home burning. the dixie fire has destroyed d more than 278,000 acres. it is burning near almanoir. local congressman doug lamalfa got emotional during the facebook video. >> we lost greenville tonight. there's just not words for how us and government haven't been able to get the job done. we'll take up the fight even harder. >> that's hard to watch. the three week old dixie fire is now the eighth largest fire in state history. the fire is still only 35% contained and this morning pg&e has alerted state regulators that its equipment may have sparked the fly fire before it merged with the dixie fire. >> thank you. just
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fire -- >> this is just behind folks' house.. >> placer and nevada counties. you can get the latest information on the 18 major fire on our website. our exclusive wildfire tracker lets you click and zoom around the map to see what firefighters are up against. happening today, the family of missing runner philip kreycik is planning to speak publicly. a searcher found a body matching the description of the 37-year-old father and husband on monday off a marked running trail on the northern end of pleasanton ridge park. this morning that's where we find amy hollyfield live with the very latest on this investigation. amy. >> reporter: kumasi, we're hearing more from officials about the area where he was found and how this could have possibly happened. we can show you the area from
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above. we've got a view for you from sky 7 and it really shows you just what thick, rugged terrain this section is. this section of the pleasanton ridge regional park. a captain with the district tells us they get hundreds of calls every summer from people who get lost in the area. they accidentally turn on to a trail that's been carved out by animals. it's just really worn down grass and dirt, but that veers them off of their intended route. >> they can look like very inviting for someone that it might be an existing trail and it's not. a lot of times you can get disoriented out there. where you think you should be making say a right turn you end up in a completely and you unfamiliar area. >> reporter: philip kreycik went for a run in this area nearly three aniolly hocell service is very spotty in the area, although he had left his
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phone in the car. a volunteer searcher found the body on tuesday. now investigators are trying to figure out why it took so long to find him and how this happened. we are expecting his family to speak publicly this morning about this discovery. while investigators are still busy trying to trace his movements through his smart watch that he was wearing. they're trying to figure out his time of death and his movements. we're also waiting for the coroner's report to give us official confirmation that it is him and cause of death. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. now to the covid-19 pandemic and the spread of the delta variant. a new projection from the cdc shows just how bad the could get. >> the cdc predict as number of covid patients in the u.s. may triple by the end of this month and hit 200,000 new cases per day. the delta variant accounts for
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93% percent of covid cases. hospitals are feeling the impact. the highest infection rate is in louisiana where hospitalizations are up nearly 500% in the last month. this morning on gma, dr. anthony fauci explains how people who opt not to get vaccinated can affect the health and safety of others. >> people who say i don't want to get vaccinated because it's me and i'll worry about me, i'm not having any impact on anybody else. that's just not the case. because when people don't get vaccinated it allows the virus to circulate through the community and when it does, even if it doesn't make a particular vigil, they may be asymptomatic, that person is still a vehicle for the spread to other people. as long as the virus continues to spread you give it ample opportunity to mutate. >> dr. fauci says mutations give more rise to variants that could be more dangerous than the delta variant. you can watch the full
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interview with dr. fauci coming up at 7:00 on gma after abc 7 mornings. >> thank you. people who are not vaccinated may soon be banned from most indoor spaces in los angeles. the city's looking at a no shots no serviceman date. kind of like the one in new york city. so here is a look at more companies that are changing covid policies. sutter health is joining kaiser in requiring workers to be vaccinated. netflix will also require all employees and visitors to have the shot. mt tam racket club is requiring vaccinations for employees and masks for guests. public schools in marin county will require teachers to be vaccinated or they'll face weekly testing. the 18 school districts in marin county were given this guidance. mosts of the teachers and staff are already vaccinated but they lack real recorded data. san jose unified has issued a similar policy. now san francisco unified has not mandated vaccines for teachers and staff, but it is requiring them to report their
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vaccination status. state senator josh becker of san mateo county is continuing to work with school districts on this. >> i've gotten a lot of messages both from districts themselves, from teachers and parents who would like to see this happen. >> because the legislature is not in session, lawmakers are leaving it up to school districts to issue those requirements. an east bay business refusing to comply. what top prosecutors are looking at for one bowling alley. here's one idea for getting others to get vaccinated. one home's halloween decorations to encourage people to get the shot. with the mask mandates back, what's the safest ones to wear? top local doctor has a few reminders for you. here's a live look from our roof camera. you can see a burst of drizzle as the scene looks fuzzy because of that. so as we're heading throughout today it's going to be our coolest afternoon. keep an eye on the air quality. it could deteriorate quickly.
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at ross. yes for less. welcome back at 6:11. if you follow me on social media you'll know yesterday morning i was watching this high resolution near surface smoke model and it had a dramatic change that showed our air quality was going to get pretty bad. let's take a look at what it's seeing today. starting at 7:00 this morning. we're okay. but as we head through the afternoon hours, look at this. some orange, even some red starts to show up, especially in the east and south. that's some of the smoke being drawn into the marine layer that's going to move into our neighborhoods. it gets even worse tomorrow as orange, red and purple move in during the morning. then possibly the east bay and south bay as we head into the afternoon and evening hours. we'll keep an eye on that. right now we have an air quality alert no spare the air being issued. look at all that drizzle
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falling in san francisco. temperatures locked in the 50s. 60s at noon everywhere. 60s and 70s at 4:00 with a little bit of sunshine away from the coast. if you're worried about the air quality and by that forecast you should be, so track it any time with our realtime weather tracker. it shows you current temps, wind speeds right on your tv. this tool is live now on our abc bay area connected tv app. download the app wherever you stream. just search abc7bayarea. good morning. so yes, the bay bridge toll plaza is packed right now. metering lights turned on earlier than usual at 5:20 because of an earlier crash on the bridge that has since cleared. the damage has been done here. the backup goes well into the maze and almost to emoryville. our richmond san rafael bridge and that is westbound traffic you see here. that's beginning to pick up and we do have an issue still in fairfield. a crash we were following has
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cleared on westbound 80. but the speeds are still down to around 8 miles per hour. reggie and kumasi. >> thank you. big honors for ten bay area eateries. a group of restaurants getting a major distinction. a high speed chase in the north bay. see the strange spot where the suspect tried to run and hide. it might be one way to change some minds. one man's elaborate halloween decorations, including a giant
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this was wild. a reckless driver caught on camera by the sonoma county sheriff's office helicopter. highway 101 next to petaluma. eventually the car ended up crashing into another vehicle and the driver took off. the helicopter followed him the whole way. you'll see as he jumps over there. he tries to get to a target?
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that's what you're seeing there. he ends up behind a target in the storm drain. and they caught him. the chp reported the suspect was driving a stolen vehicle. in the east bay a popular bowling alley is defying the bay area's indoor mask mandate. the owner of danville bowl posted they're not enforcing the rule saying quote if you like to wear your mask inside, feel free. if you don't want to, that's okay. abc 7 news spoke to some customers who say they are fine with this policy. >> it's his business. he owns it. he's had to suffer through having to close down through covid. we can make the decision whether we want to go in with a mask or not. >> well, the contra costa distributor's office sees it differently. they are aware that danville bowl is refusing to comply with indoor mask mandate, and they also say he could face a fine. masks are flying off store shelves again as mask mandates come back. which one gives you the most
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protection? ucsf infectious disease specialist says your best protection will come from wearing two masks. a cloth mask against your skin and a surgical mask on the outside. studies have found that it adds nearly a third more protection with up to 94% blockage. another option is wearing a cloth mask with a filter. new at 6:00, halloween is still months away. but a man in raleigh, north carolina has his decorations up already. this is an effort to get more people vaccinated. this is jesse jones' front yard. a skeleton is surrounded by tombstones that read it wasn't a hoax and i listened to trump. jones says urging others to get vaccinated is personal. his mother-in-law recently died of covid-19. >> nobody should go through what my wife went through watching her mom die like that. if you're not vaccinated, you
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are not a patriot. you're endangering america. >> jones works as an attorney. he says 14 of his clients have died from covid-19. as well as a former employee who did not get vaccinated. all right. bay area foodies need to cross these restaurants off their list because michelin has added ten local restaurants. and the names of those restaurants are right here on your screen. they include ettan, one of my favorites horn barbecue in oakland. this is coming just weeks before it's expected to release its 2021 guide next month. we'll have to wait and see if any of these restaurants earn a michelin star. no stars were awarded last year because of the pandemic. friend. >> tell us more. >> have you been to any of those restaurants on the list? >> no. >> only one i've had is horn barbecue. let me tell you. >> say it. >> it's just delicious. and listen, i had their barbecue at an event because if
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you try to go to the actual restaurant you need to wait. be prepared because the line is like wrapped. >> okay. >> i'm still going. >> still going around. >> wraps. >> still waiting. >> but it's worth it. it's so good. so flavorful. >> what was it that you really liked? >> what did i have? what did i have? i forgot. >> was it traditional or is it a different spin on what you would expect? >> no, it's just good old. it's like west coast barbecue they say. but it's just good barbecue to me. >> but it's the sauce, not the dry rub? >> it's the sauce. >> good. we don't do this dry rub. >> no, that's why i moved away from st. louis. i couldn't handle the dry rub. i had to leave. >> i'm going to get back to y'all with what i had had. i can't remember the name. it on the plate. then i went back because they had macaroni and cheese and greens and they were like, we ran out. >> stop. you've had your share, ma'am.
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please share with the others. please share with the others. i can't wait. >> so good. >> all right. i see a date in our future. all four of us. jobina can come too; right? >> i don't turn down food. >> all right. let's do it. here's a look at walnut creek. even some of the drizzle and mist hanging around inland east bay valleys this morning. it is widespread. it's windshield wiper inducing. make sure you can pry the windshield. hazy conditions as smoke increases. fewer clouds tonight. less drizzle and cooler when you step out tomorrow morning. the weekend looking nearly average. we'll continue to track that air quality which could rapidly worsen starting today and especially tomorrow. we've got this low to our north and what it's inducing is a a nice thick marine on shore
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bringing us that measurable drizzle and also the coolest afternoon in our forecast. with some low to mid80s. morgan hill and from santa rosa northward and that's it. otherwise we have 60s and 70s for our coast, bay and rest of our neighborhoods. you can see the spreading of the coolness throughout the state. very dry air and areas that are already on fire are under a red flag warning which includes paradise, mineral, south lake tahoe down to mammoth lakes. temperatures tonight, a little bit cooler back in the mid to upper 50s. let's take a look at my accuweather seven day forecast. look what happens tomorrow. we jump about 8 to 12 degrees. it gets rapidly hot. we taper that just a little bit saturday. breezy and cooler than average sunday and then monday, tuesday and wednesday we'll have
6:22 am
building warmth once again.. >> i had brisket. >> oh. >> the best thing ever. >> mike is making noises. i don't even know what's going on. >> ginger, you have to go to horn barbecue the next time you comeo thbay area. o talabout it. >> i haven't had it in a long time. oh, thank you. >> we have to talk about what's coming up on gla. but you look good, girl. >> yes, she does. >> thank you. thank you. it's washed and blown out so yes, it's different. one of our crew members was just asking when did we hire j. lo. >> that's what i'm saying. >> keep saying it. so besides some wavy hair we do a lot to get to. we have to talk about the wildfire emergency to close to all of you. really from chico up to the oregon state line. more than a dozen wildfires burning just in that region.
6:23 am
we know the dixie fire which we have will car on the ground for took the town of greenville. it exploded 20,000 acres in 24 hours. unbelievable fire and we'll see more of that. i'll have that forecast. also ahead, the latest on the pandemic. healthcare workers pushed to the limits as the delta variant surges. cases could climb back to 200,000 a day. he's going to join us with the latest. and then we're rising and shining from ohio. lots of buckeyes around here. i mean it in the candy form. i've seen them all over. i'm trying to avoid. also we're at the pro football hall of fame as the nfl preseason can gets a kickoff. tori johnson back with more summer savings. you'll see it all coming up on gma. just need my fan. >> flip it. >> yes. get the fan. >> yes. don't be fooled by the rocks that she got. i love it. so good. >> right? >> right? >> featuring fresh artisan bread,
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this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines the and put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden.
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coming up on 6:26. the drought monitor came out. it is thursday morning. there was one change, can you see it? it's very minor. how about a hint? monsoon. all right. let me flip this here. the extreme went from 89 to 88. that was because of the monsoon showers. for us, nothing has changed whatsoever. our lake levels continue to drop by 1 to 2% per week. now we're anywhere from 56 down to 19% of capacity. we'll have more. it is dangerously low. >> thank you. there is, here's a potential energy saving game changer in the kitchen. a dishwasher that you stick on top of your counter top. imagine this. like dinner time cleanup. works without a plumbing hookup. it can clean. it can dry. it has three full place settings and the designers say it saves about 4000-gallons of water every year compared to
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washing by hand. it also saves on plastic waste because it uses special cleaning cartridges. >> huh. that's fascinating. next, bill gates back in public this morning. the billionaire is getting candid on everything from his jeffrey epstein connection to the recovery process if in his recent divorce. the update you'll want to hear about vaccine protection. >> it's time for a whole new team of people in california. >> four republicans running in the recall of governor newsom shared their vision for the state. the top moments from the first campaign debate. let's take a live look outside at 6:27. where's our friend that's usually out on the beach? don't see him today. >> he's taking a break, i guess. >> we all deserve a brea
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making news now at 6:30, to you in our w results on the effectiveness of its vaccine. you're vaccinated but you still want a covid test. we're seeing demand go way up again at bay area sites. there's a tool you can use to find the one closest to you. it's thursday, august 5th and you're watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. we'll start by checking in with mike nicco. >> thank you. good morning. let's take a look at what's going on outside. i want to take you to our camera and show you especially the solar panels there.
6:31 am
look how wet they are. .04 of an inch of drizzle in san francisco. the last time we had measurable drizzle was june 14th. san bruno mountain. oakland hills. even around martinez in the theh hills there. to the west of widespread drizz morning. look what it does to our afternoon temperatures. well below average. 60s along the coast. san francisco. richmond and oakland. 70s and 80s elsewhere. the 90s are coming back quickly. i'll show you that coming up. >> thank you. still awaiting official identification the family of missing runner philip kreycik plans to speak publicly today. amy hollyfield is live in pleasanton with where the investigation stands now. amy . >> reporter: police are saying
6:32 am
it looks like philip kreycik was about a mile off of the route he had planned. it looks like he possibly took a wrong turn and if he had stayed where he was it would have taken him right back to his car. looks like he took a wrong turn. they're still looking into this trying to piece together exactly what happened that day and why it took so long for them to find him. this view from sky 7 just shows how rugged the terrain is in this section of the park where he was found. a captain with the east bay regional park's district tells us they get hundreds of calls every summer from people who get lost in the area, saying sometimes people will take what looks like a path but is really just worn down grass and dirt from animal movement. that veers them off their planned route. it was also very hot the day that philip kreycik went for that run. they're wondering if possibly he was disoriented from the heat or did he have an injury. did he fall? these are all scenarios they will consider. they hope to get information
6:33 am
from his smart watch. find out maybe his movement, possibly the time of death. there was an intense search ndr search dogs, drones, helicopters. police say they had searched that area very thoroughly and now they'd like to know more about why they weren't able to find him. today we do expect to hear from kreycik's family. they are expected to make a statement this morning. so much support coming in for that family from both law enforcement, volunteers, the community, friends and family, everyone sending their thoughts and prayers to the family. live in pleasanton, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new this morning, moderna has released new data showing many people are still protected from covid-19 even months after getting vaccinated. a study found that the vaccine is 93% effective six months after the second dose.
6:34 am
this morning on gma, the esai what this new data means for protection against the delta variant. >> we do know that the vaccine has efficacy and protection against delta variant right after you receive it. but knowing whinformation on right now and certainly given what we're seeing with delta the way it's ripping through the country and our communities we need to be vigilant. >> you can watch more of this at 7:00. moderna is currently testing a booster shot. at the same time it's also developing a flu vaccine. researchers want to create a single shot that prevents covid and the flu that people would get once a year. business and health experts will be meeting to talk about how the delta variant could impact our economy and our reopening. this comes as the mutation of the delta variant called delta plus has been detected detected clara county. the mutation of the prominent
6:35 am
delta variant is circulating among the unvaccinated. the county dashboard shows almost 50 total cases of mutated delta variants including 46 cases of delta plus. >> we can have additional variants that will be even more infectious. we may build up sufficient immunity in the u.s. population and hopefully globally that we'll start to see reductions in disease. >> in a statement to abc 7 news, santa clara county says there is currently not enough information to indicate whether the delta plus is more concerning. new at 6:00, masks or no masks in schools. arkansas' republican governor asa hutchinson is changing sides. he's lifted the ban on mask mandates which he just signed into law a few months ago. the governor spoke about the decision this morning. >> my position is the same that we don't need masks in school
6:36 am
whenever they have access to vaccine, but those under 12 are where we're particularly concerned about. they can't get a vaccination and so the school should have the option in order to protect those children. local schools can make the decisions as to whether it should be masks for those under 12. >> arkansas is one state being hit the hardest by the delta variant. only 37% of the population there is fully vaccinated. in the north bay, sonoma health officials ordered all emergency workers to be fully vaccinate record get weekly testing. last night sonoma county expanded the california health order. in four weeks all fire, law enforcement, emergency medical workers and staff at disaster shelters have to be fully vaccinated or get a test every week. >> keeping the work force healthy in the city limits is very important to make sure we have our full effect available. >> part of protecting our
6:37 am
community is making sure that we aren't transmitting a virus that can be very severe. >> santa rosa fire says 65 to 70% of their staff is vaccinated. santa rosa police says 75 to 80% of their employees have gotten the shots. jobina is at the live desk with what the bay area is doing to prepare. >> every county is working on expanding covid-19 testing capacity adding more pop up clinics and negotiating with labs to open new sites. sonoma county has seen demand for covid tests go up from 1000 tests per week to 10,000 tests per week. it's partnering with four healthcare providers for faster service. >> we're talking to our laboratory about going back to weekend staffing and running tests on the weekend so we don't have a lag. >> hoping we can mitigate some of the wait times. i expect those to unfortunately continue to go up because we
6:38 am
were down to fewer than 2000 tests now we're at 5000. if we expand up to 7 or 9000 a day we're going to continue to need to expand. >> san francisco health director says the health department is exploring all possibilities. as of right now the county remains focused on providing covid tests in clinics. skilled nursing facilities and shelters. there's been no mention of mass testing sites. contra costa county like many other counties is working with contracted vendors to increase testing. the abc 7 news data team has created this map on your screen right now showing every testing site, clinic and pharmacy offering covid tests in in the bay area. locations marked in green are open. you can find this testing site tracker on more top stories coming your way. electric executive action. major companies joining president biden on the white house lawn teasing a major announcement to attack climate change in the u.s.
6:39 am
cancellation chaos. thousands still stranded by spirit airlines in terminals across the u.s. they now have an idea to try to fix the issue grocery store shortage. the west coast extreme drought is close to causing a major price spike for one of your every day meal staples. let's take a live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. starting up by about 163 points. another update next. say hello to the star wars hotel. disney building a brand new world. but how much is this going to cost? >> uh-huh. uh-huh. >> a lot? duh duh duh. if you follow me on social media you'll know we've been following the smoke and thankfully it's been moving north and to the east. unfortunately for those folks they've been dealing with unhealthy air quality. that's about to change. you can see by the air district's new forecast they have moderate for us today,
6:40 am
tomorrow and saturday. they also issued an air quality advisory. air quality alerts this time of year are usually for ozone. but because we have fire season all year round they issued an air quality alert. here's why. here's the near smoke forecast i saw yesterday morning. it's about face bringing us, look at this, moderate to almost thick levels of near smoke this afternoon in the east bay and the south bay. it gets worse starting tomorrow morning. we're up around red and even purple and that lasts throughout the afternoon into the evening hours. if you have plans to be outside tomorrow, make sure you follow our air quality tracker. it's on our app. we have dampness this morning though. that's the biggest issue for your commute. weather wise, let's see if it's causing issues out there and turn it over to jobina. good morning. it may be because we've seen a lot of issues this morning. one right now that's unfolding is a crash on the richmond san rafael bridge in the eastbound direction.
6:41 am
eastbound 580 at the mid span you can e e speeds tracking around 18 miles per hour. big backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. i've been mentioning that metering lights came on earlier than usual at 520 because of the crash on the bridge that has cleared. the backup remains and then a live look here in oakland showing you our 880 coliseum came
6:42 am
when that car hit my motorcycle, insurance wasn't fair. so i called the barnes firm, it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million
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happening today the biden administration is set to announce new action to slow climate change by reducing climate warming emissions from cars and trucks. the goal is for half of new car sales to be zero emission vehicles by 2030. a senior administration official called it a paradigm shift for the country and the industry. representatives from it ford, gm and chrysler's parent company are expected at the white house today for this announcement. notably, tesla is missing from the invite list and we aren't sure why. transportation is the country's largest source of greenhouse gases.
6:44 am
you can see more of abc 7's climate watch coverage on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. go to the climate watch row to see videos on how to prepare for the heat and drought to wild fires and poor air quality. download the abc 7 bay area connected tv app wherever you stream. more trouble for travelers on spirit airlines. spirit has canceled about half of their scheduled departures. jobina fortson has more. >> traveling on spirit airlines has been a mess for the past few days. kumasi just mentioned more than 300 flights were canceled today. more than 400 flights were canceled yesterday. leaving passengers stranded. spirit blamed cancellations on westbound, system outages and staffing short annals. >> we've had fuel shortages. weather. diversions. when they snowball, probably got to stop everything, move airplanes around, start again. >> spirit is trying to fix the
6:45 am
staffing shortage by offering double pay to flight attendants who pick up extra shifts. if you plan on traveling, check the status of your flight before you leave. american airlines and southwest have also canceled flights in recent days because of weather and staffing issues. >> thanks. more people are getting vaccinated at sfo. here's a live look at the airport this morning. since late may the sfo medical clinic has been offering free johnson and johnson vaccines. so far it's given more than 30,000 doses. a new trend the airport is seeing, vaccine tourism. nonu.s. citizens are now booking most of the new appointments. the clinic has administered 1000 doses to people from 58 countries. now for your morning money report, the u.s. labor department released the latest weekly jobs report and it has positive numbers. 385,000 unemployment claims were filed last week and that is down about 14,000 from the week before. and it's right in line with what economists expected. continuing claims decreased to nearly 3 million and that's the
6:46 am
first time that has dropped below 3 million since the pandemic began. target is adding to the list of retail employee bonuses. null and part-time workers will be able so take undergrad degrees. there are 250 business-related programs at more than 40 colleges and universities. target's also offering up to $10,000 a year. walmart made a similar announcement last week. now let's take a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we're still up by about 155 points. the dating app bumble is supporting survivors of sexual assault and harassment. mashable reports the app is teaming up with the trauma support site bloom to offer courses on mental health topics like creating boundaries and managing anxiety. users can receive up to six therapy sessions and that the
6:47 am
support. bloom says it hopes the initiative sets the standard for the online industry and beyond. the tools will be available starting next year. a las vegas nurse is going above and beyond her call of duty. brooke johns has been a nurse for two years and on her days off she returns to the hospital to provide a little extra care for patients. she brushes and braids the hair of anybody who wants it. johns says that this all started about five months ago when she did the same thing for a friend who was in the hospital and she says it's something therapeutic about the human touch that can help people heal. two people just landed a really good job. we now know who won the contest to work at murphy good winery. abc 7 news was there last week. one of the winners is right in the middle of your screen. veronica and lindsey chosen out of 7000 applicants. murphy good winery tweeted that announcement. the new employees get to craft their own roles. the position pays $10 tour a
6:48 am
month for a year. it includes free housing, plus wine for the year. congratsto them. ddeal. >> yes. i want to know how they were able to pick. >> e videos d that story evbuls requality. >> w there an interview process or just the videos? >> yes. >> i think that story wayne did was during the interview process. but congratulations. >> now do the work. >> which is what they want. >> and also drink wine. >> is it work? is it work? come on. it's what we all want to get paid to drink wine. free housing. >> nice. >> congratulations. we're happy for them. let's take a look weather wise. it's been a gray morning out there. so far that grayness is bringing us clean air along with that drizzle. just up to the north.
6:49 am
lurking. look at that unhealthy air that spreads into oregon. idaho and montana and minnesota and heading towards new england. once we've been talking about so much gray. let's look at sunshine. you have to go up 2500 people to get it. widespread dress really lead to our coolest afternoon. air quality advisory out. we're watching that smoke in the north. should increase today and more so tomorrow. could become dangerous tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be hotter than today. we have this low to thank for this marine layer. this coolness and this moist air coming off the ocean. you get on the backside of that with the counterclockwise flow and the northerly winds are going to encrews our smoke tomorrow. enjoy today. nice day to be outside. hazy as smoke arrives. 71 in cupertino. 83 in morgan hill. 74 in redwood city. mid60s for downtown and
6:50 am
sausalito. 76 to about 83 degrees. for the east bay, 66 in this berkeley to 72 in hercules. 70s around san ramon and pleasanton. we'll drop into the 50s. it'll be cooler with less drizzle and not quite as much cloud cover. look at this red flag warning till 10:00 this evening. areas that are on fire are under critical fire conditions. so things could spread rapidly today or even new fires could start. how disheartening is that? we jump nearly 8 to 12 degrees tomorrow. we're spiking from our coolest day to our hottest day and then temperatures taper through the weekend and be warmer than average next tuesday and wednesday. reggie. >> thank you. new developments in california's drought. water levels reached a record low at one of the state's biggest reservoirs. the california state water project says levels in lake oroville reached 262 feet on tuesday. when the lake is full the water level should be about 900 feet.
6:51 am
low water levels could trigger a shut down of lake oroville's power plant. it provides electricity for 800,000 homes in the area. new at 6:00, this extreme drought could affect your next slice of toast. drought crisis is slicing into wheat production. the u.s. and canada grow more than half of the world's wheat. farmers are readying for a sharply smaller spring harvest. the u.s. harvest is expected to be down more than 40% from a year ago. last night we got to see four of the people who want to replace the governor. they are john cox, kevin faulconer, kevin kiley and doug ose. the candidates tackled mask mandates and problems with the edd not answering calls. >> just answer the dam phone.
6:52 am
all right? just answer the dam phone. >> i do not favor mandates. i favor educate. you're not going to mandate your way out of the coronavirus. >> of all the 50 states we have the harshest lockdowns. we had the longest school closures. we were the last to open just about everything. >> it's 99.9% survivable by people who are in decent health who aren't elderly. >> the debate was held at the nixon presidential library. it was hosted by fox 11 los angeles. voters will start getting ballots in the mail in just a few weeks. the election set for tuesday, september 14th. you can always find the latest recall headlines on our website new at 6:00, former microsoft chair bill gates speaking publicly about his connection to jeffrey epstein and in his recent divorce. he says he regrets spending time with epstein. >> had several dinners with him. hoping that what he said
6:53 am
getting billions of philanthropy for global health through contacts he had might emerge. when it looked like that wasn't a real thing that relationship ended. it was a huge mistake to spend time with him, to give him the credibility of being there. >> gates did not comment on the wall street journal article that claims his connection to epstein led to the end of his marriage. gates says he and melinda are still trying to work together on their foundation. the couple's divorce finalized this week. new at 6:00, one of the raiders all time great players will be inducted into the nfl hall of fame this weekend. tonight charles woodson will be honored during the hall of fame game in canton, ohio, along with 14 others including former raiders head coach tom flores. they will be inducted in the class' 2021 and 2020 classes. woodson played 11 of his 18 nfl seasons with the silver and black. this morning he spoke with gma
6:54 am
about the honor of being inducted. >> this is an incredible moment for myself and my family as well. you mentioned that i grew up not too far from here so it's pretty cool to me that this amazing place was right here just a stone's throw from where i grew up at. and also amazing that i played in the nfl 18 years and my first time ever going to the hall of fame museums just last week. >> you can watch the entire interview coming up at 7:00. disney revealed new details about their long awaited star wars hotel, including really big price tag. family of four can expect to pay $6000 for a two night stay at the galactic star cruiser hotel at disney world. admission to disney's hollywood studios and food and bench are included. the hotel opens next spring. >> now friend, i did some digging. >> okay. >> when they say food and beverage they do not alcohol.
6:55 am
does that change things? >> it always changes things for me because daddy needs a drink. or three. however, i mean, i'm not going to try to say this is an inexpensive thing. it's extremely expensive. however, it is a fully immersive experience. so they're trying to make it like you're on a cruise but in a fantasy world. so there's no windows. it's all just space images projected everywhere, including in your room. you dress up in outfits. >> okay, outfits. >> you have all the characters surrounding you from the star wars universe. i mean it's a whole >> you're transported. >> right. and you will pay. >> for drinks. >> that too. >> up next, the seven things you need to know today. >> a live look outside. it is 6:
6:56 am
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it is 6:58. if you're just joining us, number one, this morning much of the town of greenville in plumas county has been destroyed by flames from the dixie fire. that fire has consumed more than278,000 acres. the fire is 35% contained. the cdc forecast that covid infections may triple by the end of the month sitting 200,000 new cases per day in the u.s. the delta variant accounts for 93% of coved cases. moderna has released new data showing its vaccine is 93% effective six months after people get their second dose. number four, the family of philip kreycik plans to speak
6:59 am
publicly this morning. the body of what is believed to be the missing runner was found monday. kreycik vanished while jogging july 10th. number five, widespread drizzle this morning. you can see how wet those solar panels were. up to a tenth of an inch in some areas. even up into h y. it is very packed at the bay bridge toll plaza right now. metering likes coming on at 5:20. number seven, broadway is back. live performances of pass over started last night. this is a limited nine week engagement that reopens broadway after a long pandemic closure. >> i'm happy to see that. >> absolutely. >> reminder that hamilton is opening in san francisco at the orpheum theater in five days. >> boots and cats. >> can we bring that back? i don't want to be a part of it but you two. >> no, you have to join. >> you are the beat boxing champ. >> yes. >> mike and i learned how to beat box a little bit from the
7:00 am
hamilton cast. no big deal. >> no big deal. >> just casual. >> it's what we do. good morning, america. overnight, the dixie fire tears through a california town as nearly 100 wildfires burn in the country. wildfire crisis. >> we lost greenville tonight. there's just not words. >> burning almost every building in sight. california's eighth largest wildfire ever burning more than 270,000 acres. residents forced to flee their homes. we're live on the ground and ginger with the heat threat ahead. the delta variant now responsible for 93% of all new covid cases in the u.s. healthcare workers pushed to their limits. louisiana faces its highest number of hospitalizations since the pandemic began. dr. fauci warns we could hit 200,000 cases a day again. he joins us today.


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