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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 5, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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these people. >> and they provided just unbelievable support for us. >> reporter: the family thanked volunteers and search and rescue personnel who swarmed pleasanton regional park for three weeks, searching for philip kreycik, who vanished july 10 while out for a run during a heat wave. >> it is so easy for something to go wrong. >> the moment he went out, it was not particularly dangerous. it did get warm in the afternoon. but one instance led him down the wrong path. >> reporter: what appears to be kreycik's body was found in dense brush on a ridge top on august 3. are you hopeful that the biometric watch he was wearing might give you more information on what happened to him that day? >> i think so. i think that will give us more
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insight. i want to know, but i am also scared to know. >> things like that might be useful for providing help for people in the future who might be going out on a trail hike. >> it of course, my focus is always on the kids, to make this period as gentle for them as possible. >> reporter: have you told the 3-year-old anything about what has happened this week? >> i am working on that. we will tell them stories. we will show them pictures. they will grow up knowing what their father was like. >> their eyes emulate him. he is here.
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>> reporter: will there be a memorial for the public? >> we still have to cross that. we have to figure out what to do. >> reporter: in pleasanton, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> so tough for cke un in the parking garage at jack london square. that garage is located under the plank restaurant. the alameda county bomb squad is on the way. businesses and the hotel have been evacuated. trained traffic on the embarcadero has been stopped. we will keep you posted to the afternoon. the state issued two new orders today. one requires workers in healthcare settings to be fully vaccinated or receive their second dose by september 30. the other states visitors to hospitals, care facilities, and nursing homes must be fully vaccinated or present a negative test taken 72 hours before their visit. meantime, sources tell abc news
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the fda should have a vaccine booster plan ready in the next few weeks for the immunosuppressed population. this comes as the seven day average for new daily cases in the u.s. increased 43% from last week. abc7 news has confmeat sac started giving supplemental shots to people who got the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine. sky 7 was over a hospital staging didn't where people gather today before going in for the shot. some people without appointments have been turned away. the cdc has not recommended additional doses or booster shots, but san francisco department of public health and the hospital decided to allow the supplemental vaccines. local health experts weighed in today on what the delta variant means for us in this region. >> abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has a look at what is expected. >> reporter: at the start of the summer, all seemed well with respect to transmission
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rates. with august underway, there is now substantial transmission. >> a very quick change in a short period of time. >> reporter: that change may lead some to believe the vaccine is not working. local health officials say that is not true. as of august 3, there have been more than 44 million doses administered in california. 21.3 million people fully vaccinated. just 0.2% of postvaccination cases identified, though health officials admit -- >> tracking this data is difficult. >> reporter: the surge is looking familiar. >> we are nearing the summer surge levels from last year. we really want to keep an eye on that. we don't want to repeat the winter surge. >> reporter: to ensure that, local and statewide interventions and outreach have included masking guidance and vaccine verification in the bl ivate se ortein once per the delta
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variant is expected to subside in mid to late december. an infectious disease doctor and professor of medicine at ucsf says the vaccine does work against the delta variant. >> we are seeing protection against severe disease even with the delta variant. >> reporter: she says memory cells present antibodies that naturally go down with time. >> antibodies will lower, because if we kept all the antibodies in our blood stream from every vaccine, our blood would be as thick as paste. >> reporter: science supporting the effectiveness of the covid- 19 vaccine, as health officials encourage everyone to get vaccinated. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. today the city of san jose announced a new requirement for city employees. by august 23, workers must provide proof of vaccination or submit weekly negative covid-19 test results. in the future, vaccines will be mandated. the city says the new requirements are in line with recent recommendations from the
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santa clara county public health department. san francisco-based yelp has added a new feature to allow businesses to list if they have vaccine requirements or if all staff are vaccinated. yelp says it is putting measures in place to safeguard businesses from reviews that primarily criticize health and safety issues. moderna's president says he thinks booster shots will be needed this fall and researchers are testing a shot that targets covid variants. public health officials will make the decision on booster shots. dated today shows the current vaccine is 93% effective against systematic disease even after six months. if you have questions about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc7 news vaccine team. submit your questions at dramatic new developments as fires continue to tear through california. the dixie fire destroyed most of the town of greenville overnight.
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it is now the sixth largest fire in state history. morgan norwood has the latest on these fires. >> reporter: the town of greenville, california, swallowed by the exploding dixie fire. from the sheriff's office to the library, the fast-moving flames lev the background. >> we lost tonight and there are just not words -- >> reporter: in nearby chester, the dixie fire is closing in and thousands of residents are pulled to evacuated. one business owner watering down her nursery before the wall of fire approaches. >> i am setting up sprinklers on timers, that hopefully we can save this business and all these plants that depend on us every day. >> reporter: as california's
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sixth largest in history, the fire has burned for three weeks, destroying 222,000 acres. the forest service calling this fire season a national crisis. the congressman says something has to be done. >> in government we have not been able to get the job done. i will take up the fight even harder. >> reporter: meanwhile near colfax, the river fire is still raging. residence evacuating as the blaze scorches 1400 acres. that fire, at 0% contained. >> it is really scary. >> reporter: nearly 100 wildfires are burning in the west. 2021 is outpacing last year, which was the most destructive fire season on record. morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. this is what greenville looked like before the fire. the town was a living museum of goldrush era buildings. in a matter of hours, the fire destroyed buildings dating back to the 19th and early 20th
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centuries. you can see only a few walls are left standing. a dollar general store was left untouched. fortunately no lives were lost. you can see live updates on all the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. find it on our website, smoke from the fires is having an effect on air quality. let's check in with spencer christian for the latest on what this means in the bay area. >> the smoke is been blowing mainly to the east, away from the bay area. we had very good air quality, but now we have an advisory in effect through tomorrow as the quality is now listed at moderate. that smoke will work its way down to the bay area. here is a look at the movement of the smoke. shifting wind has brought more of the smoke down, so the darker colors indicate thicker smoke. moving down the region. the forecast indicates shifting wind will start to carry
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thicker smoke, darker smoke, away from the bay area to the east. going into sunday and early next week we expect some improvement, but still we have an air quality advisory in effect through tomorrow. starting monday, the great highway between lincoln way will reopen the cars for the first time in 15 months. san francisco closed at last year to keep it as an open space for cyclists and pedestrians during the pandemic. the great highway will continue to be closed on weekends and holidays. rising sea levels. how a look from spaces helping scientists track climate change. going electric. how you can help drive home a new future.
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now to the growing drought across the u.s. california, a dramatic difference in this week's drought map from one year ago. the darker the color, the worse the drought. 46% ranks in the worst category. 64.3% of the west is in extreme or exceptional drought. lake or ovilla is at its lowest level since 1977. the situation is so bad that the power plant may be forced to close for the first time in
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its history. it was just 4 1/2 years ago that water overflowed, damaging spillways. >> abc7 is dedicated to tracking the effects of climate change in understanding the ocean will have a critical effect as the bay area prepares for changes like sea level rise. as meteorologist drew tuma reports, experts are getting an increasingly accurate look at what media head from hundreds of miles up in space. >> reporter: for broad stretches of the bay area, sea level rises the climate threat on our doorstep. interactive maps reveal a shoreline increasingly vulnerable to flooding and even fractions of an inch can be critical. >> that can get us to a well thought out, much more comfortable adaptation to climate change, rather than have these events hit us and scramble to figure out what to do afterwards. >> reporter: she is with the san francisco estuary institute.
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the group has helped produce detailed modeling for strategies. she says the calculations used locally are part of a bigger picture. >> the more accurate the global models, the better off we will be. >> and lift off of sentinel 6. >> reporter: enter sentinel 6, launched last year. the satellite is a joint project of nasa and the european space agency. it has begun tracking rising sea levels across the globe with stunning detail. just ask josh willis of the jet propulsion lab in pasadena. >> they can give us an accurate measurement, with an accuracy of about one inch from 800 miles up. >> reporter: the sentinel 6 can see the ocean surface with a radar system to gauge sea level and other measurements. it is the most powerful in a series of satellites placed in
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identical orbit over several decades, giving climate scientists a way to look forward, by looking back. >> for climate, what we need is not just to know the sea level today, but what it is today relative to 30 years ago or longer. >> reporter: those comparisons of already documented an acceleration estimates could translate into anything from the height needed for new levees, to the tons of material to restore wetlands or san francisco bay. >> if you understand how quickly the water will rise and can project that, you can calculate i need this much mud to keep up with the sea level rise. >> reporter: while the pace may depend on natural and man-made factors, knowing what is coming is critical. even if the view comes from hundreds of miles in space. >> satellites give us the big picture, but the big picture is, it is warming, raising sea levels, and it will continue to happen for decades to come. >> reporter: in san francisco,
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drew tuma, abc7 news. >> the ofcial full name of that satellite is the sentinel 6 michael freilich,r the former director of the earth science division who passed away last year. we heard spencer talking about the smoke earlier. it bears repeating that hundreds of miles up, the satellite can detect changes of an inch. it is mind-boggling. >> it is mind-boggling, but so helpful as we try to adjust to changing climate conditions, but it is mind-boggling. current weather conditions, you may have noticed a gray hue to the sky. hazy, i should say, because smoke is filtering into the area. we have the usual onshore flow. breezy and gusty insps. 28 miles pehour san francisco. us aued egsterday. ght now, sev cooler than this time yesterday
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in many area locations. the coo effect of the onshore flow. not a lot of cloud cover at the coast. not a lot of low clouds, compared to yesterday. temperature readings, 62 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. mountain view, 73. san jose, 72. 70 in palo alto and 59 at pacifica. here is a view of the golden gate. right now we are seeing more blue than yesterday. the marine layer, somewhat weaker than at this time yesterday. 77 degrees at santa rosa and novato. napa, 73. 81 at fairfield. concord, 82. 77 at livermore. the rooftop camera showing high- level clouds, but lots of blue sky. these are the forecast futures. areas of low clouds and drizzle. not as much drizzle as this morning. we had measurable rainfall this morning. hazy sunshine and much warmer
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tomorrow. i said that because it was mainly drizzle, but a couple locations measured 1/100 of an inch or so. cooling begins on sunday. so have basically two days of warm-up coming our way. 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, a little bit of low clouds as the morning commute gets underway and then damp spots as we have more patchy drizzle overnight. not as wet as this morning and on we go to the overnight lows. low temperatures will generally be in the mid to upper 50s. relatively mild in some spots. high temperatures tomorrow will range from the mid to upper 60s at the coast. 71 in san francisco. 79 in oakland. in the south bay, 86. inland, the east bay is going to be hot. under hazy sunshine, highs in the upper 90s. up in the north bay, upper 80s to low 90s and here is the accuweather seven day forecast. warm on saturday, but a few degrees less warm than tomorrow. then a cooler pattern begins.
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breezy conditions on sunday. it continues into early next week and late next week, wednesday and thursday, we will see another warm-up. not a heat wave, but we will see mid-90s toward the end of next week. now and update nobody wanted. we were just telling you about lake oroville being so low, the reservoir, the levels, that they may have to shut down the power plant. it happened. in the last couple of minutes we got an alert that they had to close the power plant for the first time in its history. so, just a sign of things to come. of course, losing power for california is so devastating, as the power supply, due to a variety of issues, is always tentative. we will keep you posted. in the meantime, schoolkids of learned so many lessons and have endured hardship from the pandemic. for members of the renowned chorus, the summer is ending on a high note, because they are finally attending a camp after a year and a half of rehearsing
4:21 pm
online. abc7 news reporter david louie shows us how it has impacted the boys lives. >> ready, breathe. >> reporter: the chorus draws students from 100 bay area schools. they have not skipped a beat, rehearsing remotely over zoom, but they are finally doing something very special. >> i am very excited to meet them all, that i have not met in the past year and a half, because on zoom they are still tiny faces and boxes. >> reporter: 127 of them are finally gathering and person for a modified summercamp for fun, music theory sessions, and much needed bonding. >> socializing is an important part and when you know your group well it helps you sing better and you can collaborate better in every way. >> reporter: normally they would spend 7 to 10 days at an overnight camp as part of the
4:22 pm
ragazzi experience. they learn to cope with performing online with help from a device called jack tripp that helps with internet time delays. there was no solution to address the nature of harmonizing in person. he believes virtual performances are here to stay as a result of skills learned from the pandemic and with the ability to have a summer camp, this should provide a transition for choir students as they go back to school. >> children of all ages have lost socialization skills and we are excited to bring that back and be part of entering socialization back into a post pandemic world. >> reporter: the path forward is subject to the virus, but the hope is to schedule in- person performances and tours when possible. david louie, abc7 news. we are learning more about the new star wars hotel at disney world, including the
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all right, 7 on your side's michael finney is here now with a look at the consumer headlines. >> reporter: there is no let up for spirit airlines. the carrier canceled more than 400 flights today, roughly 51%
4:26 pm
of the entire schedule. the fifth straight day of cancellations for spirit. it scrapped more than 50% of flights on sunday. the airline blames problems on operational challenges including weather, system outages, and staffing shortages. that is about everything. the california attorney general's office is warning consumers to exercise caution when buying direct to consumer hearing products, including hearing aids. while hearing aids sold online or over the counter may seem more cost-effective, they may not properly address hearing loss needs. the attorney general's office issued other guidelines, including getting your hearing checked by licensed professionals. california lawmakers announced a new package to increase language accessibility within the edd. everybody applauded here. the reform and funding include an online translation portal in the top seven languages spoken in california other than english
4:27 pm
and translating all important documents into the top 15 languages. abc7 has been covering problems with california's unemployment development department since the start of the pandemic. now 7 on your side has gone deeper with a special investigation called broke. you can watch it right now on our connected apps, wherever you stream. >> so they are increasing, michael, the language accessibility and hopefully people who can answer the phones in as many different languages. >> if they will answer the phones. >> you are right, theytheythey in hand. thank you. now something for you foodies. mitchell and added 10 local restaurants to its california recommendations. the names are on your screen. they include a cal indian restaurant in palo alto and barbecue in oakland. the announcement comes just weeks before it is expected to
4:28 pm
release its 2021 guide next month. no stars were awarded last year because of the pandemic. a big step today in the fight against climate change. president biden driving toward electric.
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4:30 pm
building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. president biden takes a big step today to cut vehicle emissions and battle climate change. >> today i am signing an executive order setting out a target of 50% of all passenger vehicles sold by 2030 will be
4:31 pm
electric. and set into motion an all-out effort. >> the order is a target, not a mandate, and has the support of automakers and labor unions. the president also announced fuel efficiency and emission standards for vehicles through the 2026 model year, built on california's tougher regulations. >> the fully electric ford f-150 lightning was on display today in the south bay. abc7 news reporter dustin dorsey gives you a look at how ford transformed their best- selling vehicle to follow along with the president's plan for a zero admissions future. >> reporter: we have come a long way since the model t and now the ford motor company has captured lightning in a bottle, in a truck. on display for the first time in california, the fully electric ford f-150 lightning, the future of ev. >> this is designed to show people whbox thinking and d
4:32 pm
software development, so no better place to show off the tech savvy f-150. better storage space, towing ability, and faster speed. the lightning is the most technologically advanced truck ever. tech experts say it is also a step toward a cleaner country. >> i think this is a pivotal vehicle for the u.s. we have more coming, but i think this will be critical to getting the average person on board in the u.s. >> reporter: transforming the number one selling vehicle in the country is for doing its part as the nation hopes to move to a zero admissions future. >> there is a vision of the future beginning to happen. the future of the automobile industry that is electric. >> reporter: president joe biden signed an executive order setting out a target of 50% of all vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric. this follows a commitment from governor newsom to require sales of all new vehicles be zero admissions by 2035 in
4:33 pm
california. the president looks to car companies like ford to lead the way. >> ford will invest $30 billion by 2025 for a portfolio of vehicles in the thing they will have in common, they will do things gas vehicles never did. >> this is a watershed moment to transition customers from gasoline engines to electric. >> reporter: the ford f-150 lightning will hit the streets in 2022. in palo alto, dustin dorsey, abc7 news. with no electric cars on the way, how are electric car owners going to get them charged when they are out and about? joining me to discuss that now, the president and cofounder of volta. you folks make charging stations. it can take a while to charge a car fully, 30 or 40 minutes. you see time speeding up as we go forward with more manufacturers jumping in? >> thank you for having us on and i appreciate the question.
4:34 pm
i was down there in the previous segment, sing the ford truck. it is pretty cool. i think one of the things to keep in mind is how you think about fueling fundamentally will change and you are not trying to replicate the gas station experience and say i have to fuel up my car as quickly as i need to. what will happen is, 80 or 90% of your fueling will happen in your house overnight. then you will fuel up where you go anyway, in the background of your day-to-day activities. so, speed is important, but not the most important determinant as we think about how to build public charging infrastructure. >> let's say you are taking a longer trip and it would require more stations around the state, driving from the bay area to los angeles. how long is it going to take to get ramped up? i know we are much better than we were a decade ago when tessa was starting up and there really were not very many charging stations, but how much more progress can we make and
4:35 pm
how fast can we get there? >> this is a very important initiative that i think the administration also talked about today. the charging infrastructure is one of thekefactors. many consumers think about trips like that, san francisco to l.a., new york to boston, how do i do that with my electric vehicle? a couple of things are happening. one, the ranges are expanding, so the need for charging become slightly less. also the way people plan trips also changes and you do something along the way. you can go to a rest stop and now charge a battery with a meaningful, fast charge, in enough time that it does not really materially change your trip time. what is also important is to think about when you are normally driving your car, the average american drives 23 miles per day, and we think about the edge cases of a very long trip, but that is not
4:36 pm
where the bulk of the miles are used from a consumer perspective. >> and electric cars ideally are for short trips. that is where they operate best. although they are fun to drive. i've got one myself. the acceleration is like lightning. i want to ask one last thing, at the risk of giving away what i think is a million-dollar idea, i think charging cafes are going to be a huge business opportunity in the next 10 years. where you don't just grab in chips and a drink. you plan a 30 or 40 minute experience to get your latte or whatever you want and relax a little bit more. do you see that? >> you may have looked into our secret business plan, because behind me in our office is what we're building is one of the ideas for fast charging hubs. we welcome you to come visit us, but the point is well taken. the basic idea of how we think about transportation and this idea of charging is a much bigger change coming in the economy than we all expect. the simple comment that you
4:37 pm
will no longer go to get your fuel, you will fuel where you are, sound symbol but is actually profound in terms of the amount of people in the economy it impacts. we look forward to having you in our cafe when you are ready and that is a very interesting idea. >> well, i guess it was your multimillion dollar idea, because you are doing it. i am just thinking about it. awesome, i can't wait to see it. all right, chris wendle, president and cofounder of volta in san francisco. and we will be enjoying a latte somewhere along the line at one of your locations. thank you. >> thanks very much. speaking of enjoying, a return to live music. excitement as venues reopen it's a new day. and it's coming at you fast.
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♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. time now for 4:00. we have chris and spencer drango's. thanks, by the way, for bringing those desserts. they were delicious. it is a move many fans did not see coming. you may not recognize them, but jeopardy executive producer mike richards is the front runner. he is reportedly in advanced negotiations to become the permanent host. since the death of alex trebek, the show has seen a series of guest hosts, including fan favorite levar
4:41 pm
burton. a spokesperson would not comment specifically on richards' status. i have seen him and he would be a fine choice. great personality. does not make himself a star, but the players, i think that is in the vein that alex trebek was. anyone else have thoughts? >> i think it was a great job during that week or was it longer? >> i think it was two weeks. >> my favorite was ken jennings, but i see nothing wrong with this choice, if he is the guy. >> i am kind of surprised. i would have thought it would be ken jennings or levar burton, given his popularity. i wonder if the jeopardy people are leaking this out to see what the public reaction is before they name their final choice. >> may be. i started out wanting can and now i like him on the chase. a great venue. leave jeopardy for mike
4:42 pm
richards and i think it is a win-win. if you build it they will come. a week from today is the field of dreams game to be played in an iowa cornfield, just like the movie. the teams were custom uniforms inspired by the clubs that they wore in the early 20th century. major league baseball built a ballpark told about 8000 fans near the original movie set in dyersville. iowa residents can enter a lottery to buy tickets. one winner paid $375, plus $21 in fees, so it is pricey to get in, but look at that. tickets are now going for upwards of $1300. it is pricey, but i know you would certainly be down for that kind of adventure, given how much you love baseball. >> i think it is a great idea, like hockey does with the outdoor series and putting games in different places that are not always there. i would have the minor league teams there. maybe they could do this every
4:43 pm
year and find a spot where there are not major league teams and put games in those areas. >> i agree. i am a huge baseball fan and anything we can do to boost the popularity of baseball among younger people, like this idea, i am all for it. >> they need to speed up the games. forget mustard on your hot dog, what about mustard baked into the bun? fringes has teamed up with a company incorporating the condiment into the dough. they are golden in color, soft in texture, with a distinct, yet subtle tang, that does not overpower. will only be aiin new york city, saturday, the way, is national mustard day. i don't know, cleaner. who likes this idea? >> i like mustard. i like to apply the amount that i want on the bread, but i see
4:44 pm
nothing wrong with this idea. >> it is worth a shot. give them points for creativity. what is it really going to taste like? do you want more flavor or less mustard flavor? they could go small, medium, or large if you want more mustard. >> they should've brought hines into it and baked the ketchup into the buns. >> it could be next, who knows. new details about disney's long-awaited star wars hotel. the immersive experience at disney world includes an out of this world price tag. two people staying in a standard room at the galactic star cruiser hotel will spend about $4800 for two nights. admission and food and beverages are included. at least you get the food costs. the hotel opens next spring. disney, as you know, is the parent company of abc7. spencer, those are like your
4:45 pm
prices. >> you know, it looks appealing, glamorous, and fun and all that. it is a big price tag, but i am sure people will jump at it. that will keep us employed. >> that is the key thing for us. i better get a personal visit from chewbacca. you know, what this is going to cost. how about your kids, kristen? i know they are getting older, but still. >> they are getting so old that i think if you guys want to go, you pay for it. take mommy and daddy there. >> good
4:46 pm
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we're at our best when we stand together. that's when we make the impossible possible. that's what stand up to cancer has done. because you stood up. because of you, survivors are out there. we're making the impossible... possible. we're committed to making every cancer patient... a survivor. this is the moment we double our efforts. together... we stand up to cancer.
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tune in saturday august 21st at 8/7 central the independent, san francisco's world-renowned music venue has hosted live performances for 60 years. the venue usually puts on 200 shows per year, but obviously had to go dark during the pandemic. now they have reopened after being closed for 16 months and we have a backstage pass. >> you see the effect live music has on people. a really powerful force, that is healing and sanctimonious. really a powerful emotional experience for the crowd. >> music is roots, our poles, heart beat.
4:49 pm
>> we all felt scattered to the wind, which was a very surreal feeling and it happened with the snap of a finger that went on for so long. so when the word came down that we would have a show, it was a whole spectrum of emotions. i was so happy and it really felt like it signified the ship is getting back to land. i got the best responses from people who were like, i cannot wait to come home. that is what a lot of people are saying, come home. >> check, check. >> this room has been a live music venue for 60 years. over the years it has been different places. it was the club where nirvana played. it was the justice league. we opened in 2004.
4:50 pm
the sightlines in here are all really great. wherever you are standing you have a great view of the artist. it feels very personal and with our state-of-the-art sound and lights, it takes it up a notch and it is like a really special experience in here. >> i have been to a ton of concerts and this is where it is at. it is intimate, sound worthy, and you get the full music experience. that is why artists come here. >> i love coming to shows here, i love playing here. >> definitely going to make it worth everybody's while. >> the music itself is really fun. so we felt like it was a good way to get things started with a dance party. >> i really think people come here to have a good time. the bands come here to have a good time. >> to play music together and be under one roof and feel all
4:51 pm
of that energy is such a sweet reunion. >> this has been a huge aspect of your life taken away from you and to get it back is very rewarding. you know, like coming back home. >> it is the people, experiences, the live music. it is the sound, it is everything. >> it's all about having fun and celebrating that we can be doing this again. i saw the way people reacted in a live setting and how a beat i play could make people get up and dance or make somebody fall deeper into the lyrics of a song. that really connected with me. >> responding to a note in a very real way, it is life. it is very beautiful. >> we believe that music is this powerful force in people's lives. we want everyone to be part of this experience and that is something we seriously, really, really strive for and we have
4:52 pm
not got to do that for a long time, so it is going to feel really, really good to be doing that again. >> all right. so events are back. enjoy them, but do them as safely as possible. in the meantime, let's see how the weather is looking. >> we have a big warm-up tomorrow. it will be hazy because of wildfire smoke. it won't stop the warm-up. upper 90s. mid to upper 60s on the coast. fairly warm on saturday, but a few degrees cooler than tomorrow and then a cooler, more seasonal pattern beginning on sunday. >> thank you, spencer. coming up, when art imitates life. >> it definitely opened up scars that have not fully healed. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts.
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so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. coming up tonight on abc7, at 8:00, holy moly. at 9:00, when nature en stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. now to the series, "grown- ish". it does not shy away from addressing social issues of the day. upcoming episode spotlight topics that have made headlines this past year, including black lives matter protests. our sister station in los angeles spoke with some of the cast members. >> we are peacefully assembling
4:56 pm
and have every right to do so. >> reporter: a special "grown- ish" two-week event will follow the students as they react to the news of another unarmed black man being shot by police. while cast members agreed they were grateful to be incorporating these important and timely storylines, several actors admit they had a tough time shooting what was sometimes heavy subject matter. what made it easier to deal with is the fact they all had each other to lean on. >> i feel like we had to be there for each other. in big and small ways. making sure we all had the emotional space to go through all of the feelings and having to process this surreal moment of not only what was happening in our real world, and watching the lack of justice being enacted, but also having to witness it and react to it as her characters. >> when stuff gets real you are off the cause? >> no, i am absolutely on the
4:57 pm
cause, i just don't understand why those people think that looting is the answer. >> those people? >> it definitely opened scars that have not fully healed. being on the set kind of made me an emotional wreck, but i have to give kudos to my entire cast for being there and uplifting one another, all were feeling the same thing at the same time. >> i am super honored to be part of a show that is willing to tackle real life issues. shooting the episode i was teary-eyed the whole time. being a young black man in the industry who does not have to deal with as much because my status or things like that, it was very reflective for me. >> reporter: "grown-ish" airs thursdays at 8:00 p.m. on freeform and you can see it on hulu on fridays. abc7 news. meantime, you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc7
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yep, they're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. disrupted by the pandemic, kids in oakland will return o the classrooms on monday. >> though in-person, things will still be very different because of covid safety measures. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm anna gates. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. how administrations are responding to covid is a focus of ours as we work to build a better bay area. we got a tour of fremont high which was just remodeled and will welcome more than 1,000 students. abc 7 education reporter, leanne melendez, joining us now to


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