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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 5, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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yep, they're on it with jardiance. ask your doctor about jardiance. disrupted by the pandemic, kids in oakland will return o the classrooms on monday. >> though in-person, things will still be very different because of covid safety measures. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm anna gates. >> you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00. live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. how administrations are responding to covid is a focus of ours as we work to build a better bay area. we got a tour of fremont high which was just remodeled and will welcome more than 1,000 students. abc 7 education reporter, leanne
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melendez, joining us now to talk more about those measures. >> reporter: come monday, the safety measures include wearing a mask, larry, whether you are vaccinated or not. speaking of vaccinations, oakland teachers and staff must inform the district of their vaccination status. and that's all they are required to do. >> our kids are going back to school on monday. >> reporter: the celebration was led by oakland mayor libby shaf. >> reporter: the newly remodeled fremont high school was picked as the venue, symbolizing a new beginning as the district resumes in-person learning. kendall irving was in seventh grade the last time she stepped inside a school with other students. she is now entering ninth grade. >> i am definitely excited. and i hope that i can make a lot of friends. >> reporter: because the school has been remodeled, there are plenty of windows and air purifiers to maintain proper
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ventilation. the items we have become accustomed to such as masks, shields, wipes and hand sanitizers are included in every courtroom. classroom. >> people, we have to keep wearing these masks. vaccinated or not. and if you are nonvaccinated, go out and get vaccinated. >> reporter: teachers and will not be required to be vaccinated by this district. oakland said it will take its cues from the county and state. alameda county supports vaccine choice. >> we will continue to strongly encourage and provide support around vaccination. >> reporter: the mayor said she stands behind a mandate for all public employees and teachers. >> we have to do our part, in particular with people who are
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working with children who are too young to have the choice to have vaccinated. >> reporter: she added that those who are not vaccinated should submit to weekly covid testing. socalical is requiring that a california is requiring that all state employees show proof of vaccination. kaiser and the oakland unified school district are cohosting a free vaccine clinic at oakland technical high school tomorrow afternoon. they're offering the one-dose johnson & johnson vaccine and the two-dose pfizer vaccine to residents 12 and up. kids between the ages of 12 and 17 will need parental consent. this starts at 3:30 in the afternoon and goes until 6:00. >> >> abc 7 news has confirmed
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zuckerberg hospital started giving pfizer or moderna shots to people who received the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine. some people without appointments were turned away. the cdc hasn't recommended additional doses or booster shots. however, san francisco's department of public health and the hospital decided to allow the supplemental vaccines. new orders from the state today. all california healthcare workers will be required to be fully vaccinated or have at least received their second dose by september 30th. previously it was announced they could test weekly as an alternative. that is no longer an option. the other order states that anybody who visits a hospital, care facility or nursing home must be fully vaccinated or present a negative covid test taken 72 hours earlier. the latest covid numbers are out in lake county. they are not good. the county since july has become the state's pandemic
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ground zero. >> reporter: there is no certain shelter from covid or its variants anywhere in this world, even the isolated places. they know that all too well right now in lake county. >> it came back. pretty worried. numbers are going up. >> reporter: covid has made a second call in this insular county of 60,000 people who share the oldest natural lake on this continent. a case of beauty and now a virus. lake county had the lowest number of covid cases of anywhere in california. now the opposite has come to pass with almost 62 cases per 100,000 people. they are the worst in the state. >> it's scary. scared to see what's coming, how bad it's gonna get. >> reporter: in a barbershop, nick solario echos concerns by many business owners. in the midst of summer, main street looked anything but busy today. and not as quiet as in the string of 2020 when lake county shut down ahead of the state. businesses closed and police patrolled on foot to keep them that way and it worked.
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so what happened to bring covid back now? the county traces those higher numbers to when the masks came off. >> everybody kind of congregates together. but i think it's everywhere. i don't think it's just us. >> reporter: that's troubling in a county with a 52% vaccination rate among eligible people. it falls well below the state average. >> politically we're pretty split. and everyone who's been following the story knows that this issue has been politicized. >> reporter: this afternoon we spoke with county leaders via zoom. they are worried. >> we have lost -- businesses have lost productivity. everything that we've clawed back from, we can lose again. >> reporter: and in the community, that in the past five years has lost and recovered so much. there's resilience in the genes of lake county. they need it now.
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napa county announced it will now require you to wear masks indoors, in public places, even if you have been vaccinated. so napa joins seven other counties that enacted the mask mandate on today. earlier this week we brought you the story of this antimasking group going to local businesses and start recording their interactions and post them on youtube. that group has targeted even more retailers and now may have violated the law. >> reporter: maskless men heckling people outside a san jose business. if that wasn't enough, try dealing with it inside. at least three different times, but different men from the same antimasking group. despite very clear signage. >> when they refuse to leave, i say i'm gonna call the cops for trespassing. i'm not doing this anymore. >> reporter: this shop is only
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one of a number of businesses targeted by the group which refused to provide their names and contact information. they record their actions and post their videos on youtube. here the group that recycle books. the rose garden public library. and vallejo store in valley fair mall. >> we have asked them to put on masks and offered them masks. they refuse. they took an item from one of the shelves and went up to the counter, threw money, hitting one of our employees. >> reporter: i reported on them earlier this week. since then they have been calling local businesses, recording phone conversations and posting them to youtube. in california we are a two-party consent state, meaning the other person needs to know they are being recorded. without their consent, that is a
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violation of the law. one shop file would a restraining order. others are exploring legal action and say they've identified the names of other members. >> i'm worried about my health. >> are you really? >> yes. >> reporter: antimaskers or not, her store's protective measures aren't going anywhere. >> we have breaking news now, developing in oakland. police are investigating a suspicious package found in the parking garage at jack lemon square. the garage is located under plank restaurant. the bomb squad is on the way. businesses in a hotel in and around the square have been evacuated and train traffic on the embarcadero has been stopped. evacuation ord issued as the rages through four northern california counties. most of one historic town was destroyed just 24 hours ago. >> reporter: this is some of
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what's left of greenville in pumace county. the dixie fire roared through this gold rush town on wednesday night, wiping out 75% of it. fast-moving flames levelled buildings, leaving just smoldering ash and metal on the ground. this fire has been burning for more than three weeks. it grew by about 15% overnight. 800 people living in greenville were told to evacuate. >> we lost greenville tonight. us in government haven't been able to get the job done. >> reporter: the dixie fire is now the sixth largest in state history. destroying more than 322,000 acres. four of california's other five largest wildfires were all in 2020. >> you can see live updates on all of the fires burning in
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california with our wildfire tracker. you can find it on our website, coming up at 5:00, the family's emotional search for closure. >> taking a look outside over the golden gate. sandhya patel will have a look at your joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this. cosentyx can help you look and feel better by treating the multiple symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections—some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms,
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the family of phillip krachic confirmed today that a body found earlier today is that of their loved one. today the family spoke with abc 7 about how the community brought them solace. >> we lost a son but we gained a huge family. i feel so close to
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so many of these people. >> and they provided just unbelievable support for us. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more on how the family is expressing their gratitude. >> reporter: phillip's wife and parents showed their strength and love and emotion this morning in pleasanton. and they came together to thank the community for holding them up during the three-week long search for phillip. >> there's no words to truly express how difficult this is. and how much we appreciate everybody's help. hug your family. because you really don't know what's going to happen the next moment. >> reporter: fill sxip his wife, jen, live in berkeley.
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>> i just love. i just love the people we've met here. >> reporter: they describe the moment they got the call tuesday that he had been found. >> it broke us. but we had each other. it made us really grateful to the people who persisted even though there was not so much hope. >> when you're hoping miracle, you don't realize that it -- that hope has been carrying you on and on. >> reporter: his father, keith, said now they will turn their attention toward raising phillip's kids the best way they can to follow in their dad's footsteps.
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check your mailbox. all californians can soon expect to see a sample ballot upand coming gubernatorial election. each county's ballot is gonna look a little bit different but the questions remain the same. shall gavin newsom will recalled from the office of governor? in order for newsom to be removed from office, 50% or more of voters need to mark yes. regardless of how you answer the first question, you are asked to choose from more th candidates. if newsom is recalled, the candidate with the highest number of votes will take over his term. as for the real ballot, counties will mail those out by august 16th. you must postmark them by september 14th. you can vote in-person if you want. coming up, as the climate
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letashia granner is at the san francisco estiary institute. restoring wetlands to absorb the tides from sea level rise. but she says the captainivations used locally are part of the bigger picture. >> the more accurate the global models become, the better off we're gonna be with our planet. >> reporter: sentinel 6, launched last year. the satellite is a joint project of nasa and the european space agency. it's begun tracking rising sea levels across the globe with stunning detail. just ask josh willis. >> an accuracy of about one inch from 800 miles up. >> reporter: sentinel 6 views the ocean surface with an ultrasophisticated radar system to gauge sea level and other measurements. it's the most powerful in a series of
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satellites placed into identical orbit over several decades. giving climate scientists a way to look forward by looking back. >> for climate, what we need is not to know just the sea level today. but what it is today relative to 30 years ago or even longer. >> reporter: those comparisons have already documented an acceleration and sea level rise. for local planners, those estimates could translate into anything from the height needed for new levies to the tons of federal needed to restore material needed to restore wetlands. >> if you understand how quickly the water is gonna rise and you can project that, then you can calculate i need this much mud to keep up with that sea level rise. >> reporter: and while that pace may depend on natural and manmade factors, knowing what's coming is critical. even if the view comes from hundreds of miles in space. >> satellites give us the big picture. but the big picture is it's warming, we're raising sea levels, and it's gonna continue to happen for decades to come.
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the all-clear has been given arch a suspicious device investigation at jack london square. police are letting reened. to wertrts being weather with sandhya. >> let's talk about how our weather is changing today. we had a nice break from the hot weather. that's all going to change tomorrow. we're gonna really feel it. and we're gonna possibly experience some smoke down to the surface. let's talk about what's happening. an air of low pressure to our north has been bringing us the cooling sea breeze. also the deep marine layer. measurable drizzle for parts of the bay area today, and some lightning strikes up to the north. it's also kicking up the winds. we do have red flag warnings from shasta to sierra, sacramento valley until 10:00 pm tonight. gusty wind, humidity and extremely low humidity and extremely dry fuels means any fires that develop are gonna
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blowup fast. they already obviously have fires burning up in northern california. we're seeing that nice onshore breeze right now, 13 miles an hour in san francisco. 23 at sfo toward fairfield. 22 miles an hour. and re a lskro beamera stillreed low to mid-60s from san francisco to oakland. it is a chilly 59 in pacifica. the winds are pretty much light there where the sun is shining right now. 81 in fairfield and concord of the today our warmest spots like vaccaville only got up into the upper 80s. exploratorium camera, it is a great view as we look toward the transamerica pyramid. spotty drizzle tonight. areas of low clouds overnight. areas of sunshine, hot inland tomorrow. and the heat will return saturday but cooler on sunday of the the worst of the air quality
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with the smoky conditions around the oregon/nort the bay area wee still dealing with nice, good air quality thanks to the sea breeze. but the models are expecting a change later on tonight going into tomorrow as some of that smoke begins to drift into parts of the north bay and the east bay. so be prepared if you do smell smoke to close your windows and doors. air quality advisory remains up for wildfire smoke through tomorrow. moderate air quality expected the next four days. live hour-by-hour forecast will show that you we'll have the low clouds tomorrow morning. and then it pulls back to the coast. and then hangs around near the coastline. morning temperatures in the 50s, 60s. i think we'll see limited low clouds compared to this morning. afternoon highs upper 60s. coast side, breezy. but hot and hazy. and upper 90s expected. accuweather seven-day forecast, hazy and hot inland. and we back off those temperatures a bit on sunday before warming it back up a few degrees. our typical spread for next week. 60s to 90s.
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going to great lengths to make sure fans are safe when they return for the 2019 season. >> as it stands right now, we have the mask mandates that are indoors. i know there's been a lot of sdug around vaccine pass ports. if that were to happen, we're prepared for it. that is not happening right now. >> the 49ers will get a preseason run-through on saturday when they welcome 20,000 fans for an open practice. theres still no vta service to the stadium. fans will get to enjoy a new exhibit at the 49ers museum which opens tomorrow for the first time since the pandemic began. and football season starts tonight. they're playing the hall of fame game. the dallas cowboys and pittsburgh steelers. football is back. >> anything that feels normal, larry. i love it.
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receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. tonight, new details on plans for covid booster shots. the highly contagious delta variant driving the deadly summer surge. a senior government official telling abc the fda is expected to have a plan for booster vaccines for immunocompromised americans in the next few weeks. the white house reporting half of new infections are coming from seven states with low vaccination rates. among them, florida. the state leading the nation in hospital admissions. cases rising among children. fears of staffing shortages with doctors and nurses pushed to the brink. but florida's governor rejecting calls for mask mandates and other restrictions. how he's going after president biden. and raging wildfires exploding in the west. dangerous heat and erratic winds fueling the flames. in california, the state's


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