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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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or preparing for a long weekend, with wind picking up. the governor issued a state of emergency for nevada and plumas county's. >> reporter: images of devastation. the fire tore through, reducing building after building at home after home to rebel. >> we stood outside yesterday and watched the trees go up. >> reporter: the dixie fire has exploded in size and is the third largest in california history. as eerie as the pictures are, no one has been hurt or killed in the flames. many people got out just in time before the fire closed in on their homes. >> ice i came outside and saw the smoke and said john, we need to shut down. he went to get our cat and house was already on fire. he had to drive through flames to get to me.
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>> reporter: chester may be the next town that gets raised. it is surrounded by the dixie fire and according to the world quality index, has the worst air quality on the planet at 834. the threshold for air becoming hazardous is 300. residents are preparing for the worst as they grab their belongings and evacuate. >> we will be okay. they will get new toys and everything, but it is >> reporter: the river fire has also left a trail of destruction. it is near colfax and is wiped out 100 homes and is threatening 3000 more in nevada and placer county. those evacuated are waiting to return, but some people artie know what happened, including one man who watched as the wildfire raced to his property. >> it is completely gone. our neighbors, great neighbors, leveled. >> at least three people, including a firefighter have
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been injured in the river fire. it has burned 2600 acres and is 30% contained. it's not just california burning this summer. last month was the worst july on record for wildfires, when you include the entire world. fires released 343 megatons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. the previous high was in 2014. scientist started keeping records in 2003. get live updates on all the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. find it on our website, smoke from those fires has started to move into the bay area. you can see the haze on our cameras and the air could get worse. abc7 news reported dustin dorsey spoke to a wildfire professor who shared a troubling thought about our air quality, going forward. >> reporter: lake tahoe is normally one of the most picturesque places in california, but as the wildfires continue to burn,
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this is what south shore looked like this morning. similar views in northshore and reno. resident connor rounds has to wear a mask just to go outside. he says it doesn't even look like home anymore. >> yesterday it was clear skies all day and today, a lot darker than it normally would be. normally you would be able to see the mountain, the forest, the hills, the ski run. you can't see any of that right now. >> reporter: parts of california saw the worst air quality in the world on friday. and plumas county, there was an aqi of 834. the director of san jose's universities wildfire research center says favorable wind conditions gave the bay area relatively healthy air, but a wind shift is caused the smoke to travel hundreds of miles south and he says it is just the start. >> we are getting into critical fire weather patterns. the next couple of months could be pretty challenging, not only for communities, but for our firefighters.
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>> reporter: he has looked at fire models and says climate change and drought are contributing factors in a troubling prediction he has for californians going forward. >> residence of the western u.s. are going to have to get used to smoky skies and bad air quality, as we go through the next few decades. the fires are burning hotter, more intensely, so they are creating a lot of smoke and it can really impact communities, so we have to get used to that, unfortunately. >> reporter: dustin dorsey, abc7 news. >> the next few decades sounds ominous. let's get to spencer christian. i woke up this morning and thought this was a bad allergy attack. i went out and smelled the smoke and thought, here we go again. >> the thicker, more harmful smoke is in the higher levels of the atmosphere around the hilltops and above. down at the surface, we are helped by the onshore flow an keepinouquality relatively moderate thgrll ditederate tgood air qua the near surface air quality
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will show some improvement going into tomorrow night. as we continue to have that onshore flow pushing eastward a bit. in the upper atmosphere, we may not get that helpful flow until sunday and sunday night into monday we will probably see a cooling. once again the air quality is not going to be great, as long as the smoke is moving in this direction. again, the heavier, more harmful smoke is in the atmosphere, but enough has reached the surface that we need to exercise caution. >> spencer, thank you. developing news with vaccinations. the fda is rushing to authorize additional doses for those who have weakened immune systems. governor newsom said today, at this time the state is not going to require teachers to be vaccinated in order to return to the classroom. the u.s. recorded more than 120,000 new cases today, the highest daily count in exactly 6 months. a new cdc study finds the
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vaccine offers more protection, even for people who had covid- 19 already. the study found on vaccinated people who were previously infected were twice as likely to get reinfected than those who had the va initial infection. right now, only about 50% of those eligible to be vaccinated in the u.s. have received the shot. president biden said he will work to get even more people vaccinated, including adding more incentives. >> america can beat the delta variant. just as we beat the original covid-19. we can do this. so wear a mask, where recommended. get vaccinated today. all of that will save lives. >> as the virus continues to mutate, some scientists believe the covid virus is actually here to stay and we will have to learn to figure out how to live with it. abc7 news reporter leslie
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brinkley has a sobering look at the potential danger of these new variants. >> these vaccines are remarkable in terms of how well they work. but you know, on the pessimistic side, i think this is going to become what is known as an endemic pathogen. it is going to be around forever. we are not going to wipe it out. >> reporter: he has an evolutionary biologist and an expert in dna sequencing to study the evolution of microbes. what does he think of the evolution of covid at this point? >> right now i am sufficiently worried about what is happening now. i'm not even spending a lot of time thinking about how i can get worse, because it is really quite bad right now with the number of unvaccinated people we have. again, hundreds of millions of people around the globe that are infected. each one of them provides a breeding ground for new 1028 to show up. >> reporter: eventually, herd immunity could kick in, but for now scientists are monitoring not only delta, but lambda, and
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beyond. >> there will be other letters that show up and some of them will be minor. maybe even less spreadable than the delta variant or lambda variant, but some will probably spread even better. things that i worry about for monitoring for the future include more virulence, that is actually making people sicker than the current ones. and, you know, new variants that are able to get around the vaccine or the natural immunity that people have. >> reporter: he believes the best defense we has is routine testing of asymptomatic people. he is concerned about people refusing to mask up or get a vaccine. >> does concern me more then new variants, because they create the breeding ground for coming. >> reporter: from the east bay,
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leslie brinkley, abc7 news. as we told you a few minutes ago, the fda plans to speed up authorization for giving a booster shot to certain groups. i had a chance to talk with special correspondent dr. alok patel about this on our 3:00 p.m. show, getting answers. >> it is mostly those with a weakened immune system or above the age of 65. one thing to differentiate, it is not necessarily based on the fact these vaccines are no longer working against the delta variant. they work extremely well, even against this variant, in preventing hospitalizations and deaths. >> he went on to say boosters are being considered for people who did not have a robust immune response from the first vaccine. it is not recommended that everyone rush out and get one. he says if you have an individual concern or underlying medical condition, talk to your doctor. the san ancisco health rtmentisarifngits effort to provide what it is cas
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those who received the johnson & johnson one dose vaccine. those who want one must self attest that they consulted with the doctor before the dose is administered. the department says it is not necessarily recommending a supplemental dose at this time, but as cases arise, a lot of people are wondering where to go to get tested again. has a map where you can find testing sites in your area. all you have to do is click on the green icons to find open sites where you live. back to school. parents and one district are getting bad news. the programs facing big cutbacks. cyber protection. hospitals are now being stressed by cyber attacks. what is being done to keep
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oakland public school students will return to in- person learning on monday, but some parents are encountering a bit of a snag. they have only three days before school starts and afterschool programs are short staffed. that makes it difficult for working parents. education reporter lyanne melendez is joining us live with details of anhepricent. re this ever happened to me. for parents with jobslike ours,
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is a real problem. here's how we got here. some programs had to cut staff during the pandemic. many of those people are gone.a now, staffing to pre-pandemic levels has proven to be a challenge. at hillcrest school in oakland, the grass has been cut. the classrooms have been set up to welcome students in the playground is back to school ready. then came the email from the principal to parents, regarding adventure time afterschool care. they are facing a staffing shortage so severe that right now they are not able to stay fully staffed. adventure time has 26 locations in the bay area and all are struggling to hire staff. in the meantime, parents like adam miller are being asked, if they can, to delay putting their children in the afterschool program. >> we are lucky enough we have flexibility, so we did volunteer to have our daughter
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start later to help out. >> reporter: priority will be given to families in the following categories. essential workers who must work outside the home, especially medical and childcare related. single-parent families and kindergarten students. the problem is not exclusive to adventure time. tracy gonzalez's daughter attends school in walnut creek. she is anticipating a rough start to the year. >> switch gears every day, every hour, every minute. >> reporter: the issue extends to the high school level, as well, according to fremont high school. >> we ask teachers if they could volunteer time afterschool to support this. >> reporter: oakland unified is encouraging people to apply for work to these programs. >> i would encourage anybody, go to this job. it is a really fun job and you can get a lot out of it. >> reporter: in the meantime, miller is counting on his community for help. >> we will try to work with the parents to do some sharing until it is possible to bring
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her back. >> reporter: i had a phone conversation with the director of adventure time extended daycare. she admitted they are scrambling to find people. just last week we did a story on how many school districts are struggling to find teachers and para-educators. let me tell you, this is a national problem. in the newsroom, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. governor newsom was in san bernardino today to address the safe reopening of california schools. the governor toward classrooms and spoke with students about the return to in-person learning. later he met with the media to talk about the $124 billion budget commitment to public education, which he calls transformational. >> afterschool for all and full summer immersion. we have been talking about that for decades in the state of california. quite literally, three or four administrations prior have talked about the importance of
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afterschool for all and summer school for all. this year we fully funded it. >> the budget includes the creation of transitional kindergarten for all and the creation of college savings accounts for every low income student in california. the u.s. department of education is extending the moratorium on federal student loan payments. it had been set to expire next month. the extension will now go through january 21. the salvation army and walmart are teaming up to collect school supplies. representatives are standing outside several local walmart stars, like this one in fremont. the salvation army says items are not in the budget for some families, because they struggle to buy the basics, like food and clothing. >> these are for people and children. that is why, without the donations we cannot do this program. >> the salvation army will take
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whatever you donate and put it into backpacks for those kids. the weekend is upon us, so let's check in with spencer and see how the weather is looking. >> it is hazy and warm right now. poor air quality in many locations. air quality right now across the state. areas of northern california, north and west. you see the direct colors. red and purple indicate poor air quality. in the bay area, especially near the coast and the bay, we have moderate air quality indicated by yellow and green. as you move east you can see how the air-quality declines. right now we are helped closer to the coast the marine layer and onshore flow. the cooling flow. air-quality advisory remains in effect through tomorrow for baa even as we look ahead to sunday, monday, and tuesday, although there may be an improvement, it does not look like we will get to the green
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15 to 25 mile-per-hour winds still helping keep the air- quality from declining. it is hazy right now. there is smoke in the air. 67 in the city. oakland, 73. low 80s in mountain view and san jose. 77 in palo alto. 62 at pacifica. hazy at the golden gate. looking out over san francisco. breezy at the golden gate. 87 in santa rosa. 91 in novato. napa, 79. mid-90s in fairfield, concord, and livermore. looking west from emeryville, a hazy view there as well. we will see areas of fog and patchy drizzle overnight. it will be warm again especially in the inland areas. a littlesssmoky as redes a bit and the heat drops off a bit on sunday, as well. here is the forecast animation
4:20 pm
taking us through the overnight hours. it won't be the deepest marine layer, but we will have an increase in clouds and fog pushing across the bay and there may be spotty drizzle in the early morning hours. during the mid day we will see mainly hazy sunshine, much like today. overnight low temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s and tomorrow's highs will range from about 65 in half moon bay to 67 in san francisco. oakland, 72. some locations will reach the upper 70s. low to mid 90s and the inland east bay. the north bay will see mid to upper 80s. here is the accuweather seven- day forecast. cooler and less smoky on sunday, but then we get a gradual warming trend beginning on monday and then tuesday, wednesday, mid-90s inland again. it looks like the end of next week could be warm once again, with upper 90s in the inland areas. larry. >> thank you, spencer. dinosaurs invade the south
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receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. the oakland a's drive to the postseason took a huge hit this afternoon. major league baseball has suspended outfielder ramon laureano 480 games without pay
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after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug called nandrolone. 80 games will extend through the rest of this season, the playoffs and part of next season. the 27-year-old outfielder expressed shock in a statement, saying he would never knowingly ingest a banned substance and put the game he loves that risk. disney plus is not just on your tv or mobile device. it is live and in san francisco today and at pier 27. >> dion lim is live at the stories continue to her. what is happening out there? >> reporter: maybe the question should be, what is not happening, because everything is happening out here at pier 27. look at this little guy, a baby yoda from the mandalorian today. this is certainly an event for all ages and it is basically a celebration of disney plus and the stories continue.
4:25 pm
i'm taking you behind the scenes with the reasons why. it is a celebration of all things disney plus, with the stories continue summer tour. it is a place for all kinds of fans. >> him and grandpa dave were watching mandalorian this morning. >> reporter: this morning? isn't it early to be watching disney plus? you can play games and win prizes. the anticipation, what will i win? check out some disney plus memorabilia. there are costumes all over this area. for example, this one was used in the movie, cruella, worn by emma stone. and marvel themed art. this has a personal connection for you. >> yes, it does. i went to the boys and girls club growing up. being able to paint this and donate it back to the boys and girls club and the bay area means a lot to me. >> reporter: everything is a continuation of a story,
4:26 pm
especially for one of the stars of the new turner and hooch, which picks up after the original movie. in the reboot, she plays erica, dog trainer for the u.s. marshal who trains a 90 pound hooch. she spills some behind-the- scenes secrets. >> it brought a lot out of me to meet the dog and make a relationship with that dog. it is very, very, very slobbery. sometimes they did add slobber. >> reporter: there are games for family members, young and old, and if you need a break you can relax right next to my friend here. if you are looking forward to the next disney plus release -- >> coming up next her, i am so excited. for the asian representation happening in that movie. >> reporter: or you are just here to get your custom set of mickey ears or custom souvenirs. remember, these stories don't have to end. just take a picture so you can remember the special day. back out here live, you can see some of those custom mickey
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ears being made. i am donning my own pair right now. if you want to get in on the fun, it lasts until 7:00 tonight, here at pier 27 and it continues tomorrow from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. live in san francisco, dion lim, abc7 news. >> you are right, there is a lot going on out there. protecting the u.s. from cyber attacks. the newest kinds of targets and what tech companies are doing to help. i am 7 on your side's michael finney. michael finney. a look at managing type 2 diabetes? on it. on it. on it, with jardiance. they're 22 million prescriptions strong. meet the people who are managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk with jardiance. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c.
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moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. abc7 has been covering the many problems with california's employment development department, since the start of the pandemic. >> now 7 on your side has gone deeper with the special investigation called roque, wi howthedlifi toio chael finney is here with more on the impact it had to lives. >> reporter: we have spoken with hundreds and hundreds of workers who are left to fend for themselves by the edd. one family really stood out. they took a hard hit. covid, job loss, then the edd cut them off. here is what you will see in our special report. >> this just is too much. too it will push somebody over the edge.
4:31 pm
>> it felt like they were trying to take something from me, not giving me the money. i started accepting the fact that they are just not going to give me the money. >> i am sitting there sick and still have to pay things. >> we are drowning. we are drowning. >> oh yeah, 2020 is over. 2021 is going to be so much better. then that happens and really, this is the way we start off the year? >> well, darian got it first. his ears were hurting, his eyes were hurting, his face was hurting. we got him tested the next morning and it came back with covid. my son texted me. it was like midnight and he said mom, what is this? it was a message. your edd benefits have been suspended due to possible
4:32 pm
fraud. there was no warning. there was no warning at all. >> i think they did it so they would not have to pay people as much. that is the only reason i could think of to cut off thousands of people for no reason without giving them notice or anything like that. >> when he showed it to me, i was like, this cannot be possible. this is insane. how could he be suspended for suspected fraudulent activity? i did not even know was suspended. >> i didn't even know mine was suspended. >> a couple days later, he didn't look at his messages. then he looking got the same messages the same night. >> my son is a college student. we are all living together. we quarantined the room and wiped everything down, but it was too late. the next day someone else got sick and then someone else got sick. we could not stop it, no matter
4:33 pm
what we did, keeping everyone quarantined to their rooms. we started dropping like flies. >> we are trying to deal with being sick and trying to get tested and make sure everybody is okay. trying to figure out the food situation and water and who touched what in the house. you know, lysol and everything. it is too much. it will push somebody over the edge. we are already struggling, drowning, and then we have to deal with the edd. >> i hear these stories and i really appreciate the difficulty that people are going through. i get calls from mothers all the time. >> i was really sick and i am trying to help them. they are all quarantined and we are trying to figure out who to call. >> i can't really even step foot outside my door. >> the stress and pain that people are going through is not lost on me.
4:34 pm
>> instead, they went out and froze everyone's account and are asking for the information after the fact. it is like ready, shoot, aim. >> are basically at their mercy, waiting for the next message, the next step of what you can do next to try to prove who you are. we have no control over any of this and on top of that we are getting sick. >> the legislative office tried to interact with edd and we were told we can only elevate one case per week among our constituents, asking us to decide who gets to put food on the table, who will pay their rent, will not deplete their life savings. putting us in an impossible situation. >> reporter: you will see their entire story, plus the stories of many others and how the train jumped the track in our special report. right now on our connected apps, wherever you stream.
4:35 pm
>> stressful, just watching these stories. i can feel my anxiety rising, michael, as you hear from each member of the families. >> reporter: it is tough, it is. >> all right, thanks so much.
4:36 pm
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time now for the four at 4:00. you can see spencer joining us.
4:38 pm
a new update is raising privacy questions. apple plans to scan all iphones for images of child pornography and is explaining how it will do it. >> reporter: apple's latest attempt to fight sexual predators online is raising concern among privacy advocates. >> there is some concern to be had here, no doubt. >> reporter: apple says it is rolling out a software update this fall that will allow the company to detect images of sexual abuse stored on apple devices and the cloud. some critics calling at bulk surveillance of apple devices. experts say the software uses a matching technique which scans for photos already documented by the national center for missing and exploited children. >> they are making mathematical algorithms, so they can match these photos. yes, they are scanning photos in a way, but not the way where they are actually looking at photos. >> reporter: according to
4:39 pm
apple, even the company cannot see what is being scanned and tell something is determined illegal and the company says there is a one and 1 trillion chance of an image being intentionally flagged. >> i think the intention is good. like most things as consumers, we need to keep our eye on it carefully, but based on the technology and how they are going about this, i think the benefit outweighs the risk for now. >> reporter: abc news, new york. >> you guys, i know there are some risks, but when you think about it, 25 million or so images out there seen by the national center for missing and exploited children, that is per year. the internet must really foster this, so got to do something, right? >> like he said, the intention is good, i can't argue with that. i can understand the concern about privacy, because we don't know exactly how this is going to work, right?
4:40 pm
>> obviously we want to get rid of child pornography and this is one method to try to limit it. the question would be all right, what is the next thing they are going to be looking for or not even tell us that is being observed? there is all sorts of stuff happening on your phone we have no clue about, so it feels a little bit like big brother. for an obvious good cause, in this case, but you just wonder how we are moving the line a little bit in terms of protecting the individual users. >> i worry about security, as well. they have the controltry to keep my photos in one spot. if there is a security breach, where does that end up? in the wrong hands. you know. it is so hard. >> it is complicated. we will move on. we told you about unruly passengers on planes and now the faa is asking for help to win this. they want airport restaurants to stop serving alcoholic drinks to go.
4:41 pm
regulations prohibit the consumption of alcohol not served on planes, but some airport concessionaires have been offering alcohol to go and some passengers have been bringing their own booze on the faa says alcohol is often a contributor factor in the surge of aggressive behavior. spencer, you probably fly or than most of us at this point. do you see a lot of people bellying up to the bar as you head into the terminal? >> yes, i do see that. i've been fortunate, i do fly a lot as you mentioned, back and forth to the east coast. i have not seen behavior like this on my flights. i hope never to see it, but i see a lot of people knock down drinks at the bar and they usually seem to fall asleep on the plane. that is better than becoming violent, i guess. >> certainly, yeah. >> if they got rid of that, is there a limit to how much alcohol you can buy on a plane?
4:42 pm
that is what i was wondering, because when i read that story, the guy who had to be taped down, they said he had three drinks. i assume that was purchased on the plane. you can buy drinks on the plane, most flights, right? >> it is at the discretion of the flight attendants, they can cut you off. >> but why sell it at all? the fact it is at their discretion means more fights, because they are cutting you off. >> that will escalate things as well. >> why are we inviting this? >> people want alcohol on the flights. >> should they? >> yeah, because there are people who would want to smoke on the plane. >> and q, ama. >> some people are nervous flyers. they want something to to edge off. >> benadryl and other options. >> let's go straight to the pharmaceutical route, because that is much better. if flying on an airplane is to team for you, how about heading to the edge of space? virgin galactic reopen general
4:43 pm
ticket sales for an out of this world trip. the only requirement, a lot of money. for a modest $450,000, you can fly 50 miles above earth to the edge of space and experience unparalleled views of earth and several minutes of weightlessness. the first commercial flight takes off next year. >> i will tell you right now, if i am going on that thing they better have alcohol for me because i will need it and a lot of it. >> i am only going if i can take my colleagues with me. >> and then does he duck out at the last second? >> you would pay $1.8 million to take the four of us? spencer. >> does anyone here to go up in space? >> no. >> i don't even want to be on a plane, you know me. >> terra firma for me, baby. ra, a different ride that
4:44 pm
is also not for the faint of heart. oh brother. where is the alcohol on this? the cycling attraction in china takes riders nearly 1000 feet in the air and they ride across, well, it looks like more than one wire. yeah, that is very sturdy. this is at a theme park, famous for its highflying activities. they also have a glass bridge and a swing. that is all i will hear. wants to go on that? >> nope. >> actually i think i could go for that. >> really? >> look how beautiful that was, right? and it gives you that thrill like you're going to fall and tip over, but you are supported. >> you hope you are supported. >> i could do that with the right teammate.
4:45 pm
>> all roads lead back to the airport bar. >> you know this is a friday edition of the four at 4:00. >> all right, nobody wants to go to space. >> kristen. >> she will do
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4:48 pm
>> sorry. >> that's okay. 92 cases in which ransom was demanded. >> a vulnerability was made public this week. abc7 news reporter david louie looks at the growing war with cyber criminals. >> reporter: cyber criminals are always looking for a vulnerability involving any device connected to the internet. >> right now they are more sophisticated than our ability to defend. >> reporter:'s company discovered a serious one before bad guys did, involving pneumatic tubes used to transport drugs and biological samples quickly in hospitals. it released the details after working quietly with the manufacturer on a patch. in this case, federal regulators were unable to intervene. >> it is not considered a medical device, so they cannot make hospitals go ahead and make the improvements needed. >> reporter: cyber security firms say hospitals, private companies, and the government need to work more closely
4:49 pm
together, as the intrusions go beyond asking for ransom. consumers have become targets, too, with attacks on a meat processing plant and an oil and gas pipeline company that impacted the public at the pump. >> now we're talking about people lining up at gas stations and that is a material change in the cyber landscape. >> reporter: a new collaboration was unveiled that seeks to get amazon, google, microsoft, and homeland security to work more closely. the infrastructure bill includes $1 billion for cyber defense. however, security experts point out defending our tech infrastructure has unfavorable logs. 100% success is needed for complete protection, while cyber criminals can keep attacking until they finally find a vulnerability. >> reaches are here to stay and the notion that there is a product or amount of money we can spend to drive the number down to zero, that is probably
4:50 pm
not going to happen. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. now to a different sort of cyber future, robots ready to take over. they might take over your running group, how about that? a rocot rotocompete in a ur in about 53 -- cassie is up and moving pretty good. learning during the race to control its own pace, so it is a smart robot. ultimately researchers hope to use robots like cassie to deliver packages, manage warehouses, and help people in their homes. it looks like a sci-fi movie, like 50 years from now. we will have all these things running around. like a rumba, but a robot. >> that is kind of scary. the weather is not scary, but we are concerned about the air quality. smoke is working its way into the bay area. we can expect areas of fog and
4:51 pm
drizzle overnight. the marine layer and onshore flow will be helping a little bit. hazy sunshine and warm tomorrow. smoke and the heat will recede a bit on sunday. overnight, low is mainly in the upper 50s and highs tomorrow will range from the low and mid 60s at the coast to upper 70s around the bay shoreline. mid-90s and not as warm as today. here is the seven day forecast. cooler on sunday. we expect an improvement in air quality by sunday, but next week will be gradually warming and by the end of next week, back to the upper 90s. >> thanks, spencer. so we were in the future without robot dog and now we are going to the past. dinosaurs are back and you have a chance to mingle with them. jurassic quest is a drive- through animatronic exhibit s sirst up county fairgrounds. close with more than 70 true to life dinosaurs withr to choose from. >> we have a lot of popular
4:52 pm
dinosaurs, like the t rex that everybody loves. we have the largest carnivore ever to walk the earth and we also have prehistoric reptiles. they are not dinosaurs, but lived in the age of dinosaurs. one is megalodon, a 50 foot prehistoric shark. >> the experience runs through august 22. you need to buy tickets in advance. tickets are not sold on site. >> imagine being overserved at the airport bar and then driving through there. what is happening here? let's get out of here. if a movie may be more your thing this weekend, we have an action-packed option for you. >> the suicide squad is back
4:53 pm
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so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. "the suicide squad" is back in theaters with a new leader. our sister station in los angeles has a look at the ragtag group of antiheroes. >> what are you guys doing? >> we are here to save you. >> you are going to save me? >> it was a really good plan, too. >> i can go back inside and you can still do it. >> that is patronizing. >> reporter: several super
4:56 pm
villains join a special task force for a dangerous search and destroy mission to do what they must, which is of course, try to save the world. margot robbie, idris elba, and john cena are part of the violent, comical, and very visual r-rated world. >> this movie is huge and ambitious in what it is trying to achieve. >> i think it is trying to get out. >> we had the biggest sets ever in a warner bros. movie in the history of the studio and we got to build them all and it makes the moviemaking process so much more enjoyable and so much more real than doing everything cgi all the time and it really isn't more expensive, so it is great to be able to use practical sets. it takes planning. >> he is so incredibly prepared, that it is like doing a high wire act, knowing there is a
4:57 pm
safety net. so if you fall he will totally catch you and make the fall look amazing. >> the vision is ferocious. the guy has an imagination that is literally from another galaxy and yet he is one of the most decent, generous, beautiful souls. >> reporter: gunn is best known for writing and directing the guardians of the galaxy franchise. for this film, he got permission to use every dc comics character he wanted. >> you're going to risk the entire mission? >> is coming from a guy who wears a toilet seat on his head. >> it is gritty. it is so fast and slow at the same time, but it gives you that experience and i think that is that sense of wonder and mysticism, because it does have the grit of a 70s war epic, but has the vibrancy of an animated spectacle. >> i just wanted to make the biggest action adventure movie. >> reporter: you can see "the suicide squad" in theaters and on hbo max.
4:58 pm
in los angeles, abc7 news.
4:59 pm
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size continues to burn in northern california we are seeing the effects in the bay area. smoke is impacting our air quality. viewers from across the bay area have been reaching out to tell us their skies are hazy and they smell smoke. good evening and thank you for joining us. let's get right to the our meteorologist with the latest. >> that smoke is shrouding the bay area and i want to show you live pictures first from walnut creek so from the east bay where you can barely see anything, to the south bay where you are noticing san jose


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