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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 6, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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>> the north bay is not doing much better. this is a view from atop mount tam. >> for the smoky skies, blame the wildfires hundreds of miles away. they are not threatening our homes, they are threatening our health. thank you for joining us, i am ama daetz. >> and i am larry beil. you are watching abc7 news at 6:00 live on abc7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> let's get to meteorologist spencer christian with a look at the air quality. >> areas north and east have poured to hazardous air quality, represented by the darker colors. orange, red, purple. in the bay area, especially the coast and the bay, we have moderate air quality indicated by green and yellow. that is thanks to the seabreeze. over the east bay hills, you can see the quality drop significantly. let's take a look at the near surface smoke and the near surface smoke forecast.
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some of the heaviest and most harmful smoke is in the upper atmosphere, but some of it is reaching the surface. we have a favorable wind flow, the seabreeze, that is expected to carry some of that smoke eastward. it may not provide much improvement in air quality. but it will keep things from getting worse. in the upper atmosphere, the forecast for that, the heavier, more harmful smoke will linger tomorrow. not until sunday do we expect a more favorable wind flow to move that smoke eastward. it may not be enough to bring our quality up to the good rating, but at least it will keep it in the moderate zone, exactly what the forecast calls for. tomorrow will be another air quality advisory day. through next tuesday we expect air quality not to get worse than the moderate level. >> all right, spencer, we will see you in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. track the air quality wherever you live on her website, we have a map constantly
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updated with conditions and you can also use our abc7 bay area app. the u.s. reported its highest single day covid-19 case total in six months. more than 120,000 new cases reported this morning. california reported more than 14,000 new cases today. every single state in the country is reporting high or substantially high transmission. that is the threshold at which the cdc says you should put a mask on indoors. as the coronavirus continues to mutate, some scientists believe the virus is here to stay and we will need to learn with it. abc7 news reporter leslie brinkley has a sobering look at the potential danger of new variants. >> vaccines are remarkable in terms of how well they work, but on the pessimistic side i think this is going to become what is known as an endemic pathogen. it is going to be around forever. we are not going to wipe it out. >> reporter: he is an
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evolutionary biologist at uc davis and an expert in dna sequencing to study the evolution of microbes. what does he think of the evolution of covid at this point? >> right now i am sufficiently worried about what is happening now, that i am not spending a lot of time thinking about how it could get worse, because it is quite bad right now with the number of unvaccinated people. again, hundreds of millions of people around the globe that are infected. each one of them provides a breeding ground for new variants to show up. >> reporter: eventually herd immunity will kick in, but for now scientists are monitoring not only delta, but lambda and beyond. >> there are going to be other letters that will show up and some of them will be, you know, minor. maybe even less spreadable than the delta variant or the lambda variant. some of them will probably spread even better. it is scary right now. i think the things that i worry about for monitoring for the future include more virulence,
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which is actually making people sicker than the current ones are. g ou th or ants that are ab the natural immunity people have. >> reporter: he believes the best defense we have is routine testing of asymptomatic people. he is concerned about people refusing to mask up or get a vaccine. >> those things concern me more than new variants, because they create thththth all of the variants to keep coming. >> reporter: from the east bay, leslie brinkley, abc7 news. a new cdc study finds vaccines offer more protection, even for people who already had covid-19. this is a topic we brought up with dr. alok patel today, part of our abc7 news vaccine team. >> there are people who say i had covid in the past, i have natural immunity, i'm okay. guess what, natural natural
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plus vaccine acquired immunity keeps you better protected, as this new data shows. >> california is on the brink of having 55% of the state population fully vaccinated. again, that is the entire population, not just those eligible. that adds up to 21.5 million people, as you can see on our abc7 news vaccine tracker. smaller community testing clinics in underserved areas are getting overwhelmed. now there is pressure on the city department of public health to expand site capacity. abc7 news reporter stephanie sierra is live tonight, tracking the latest. >> reporter: the number of covid tests administered across the city has more than tripled in the past month and pop-up site serving areas disproportionately affected by the virus are starting to turn people away, because the demand is so high. the demand for covid testing is surging across the bay area,
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especially in san francisco's mission district. >> i saw two or three cases pop up with my friends and they tell me they went to a club, started feeling sick, got tested and came out positive. >> reporter: he says the lines to get into the missions to pop- up sites of more than doubled. >> covid kills people and i think it is very important that everyone get tested. >> reporter: he could not get tested, because the site reached capacity. >> it exploded. >> reporter: susanna rojas is with the latino task force. she says two weeks ago the mission district had only one covid testing site that was open three days per week. now due to heightened demand the mission has three sites with expanded hours and it is still not enough. >> now we are seeing about 300 people per day. >> reporter: the first location is open saturday to tuesday. the second location is only open on thursdays. >> on thursdays, we see up to
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550 people. at 701 alabama. >> reporter: so you are essentially maxing out every day. >> s. >> reporter: there working with the city to meet demand in districts disproportionately affected by the virus, including the mission, an area that has reported 381 new cases in the past two months. the only district surpassing that his bayview hunters point, with 500 new cases. that is the highest case rate across the city. >> we expect testing demand to increase like it did for the fall and winter surge. >> reporter: she hopes the city will reopen mass testing sites to alleviate the impact on smaller community sites, but the department of public health says a final decision has not been made and they are still monitoring the situation and the need to. the latino task forces also requesting more space in hotels that are reserved for patients to isolate and quarantine, partly due to the positivity
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rate from the sites we showed you that have increased from 5% to 8% in the past couple of weeks. life in the newsroom, stephanie sierra, abc7 news. >> are pharmacies also seeing a spike in demand for testing? >> reporter: we did reach out to walgreens and cvs and both reported significant spikes. walgreens even says the testing volume has doubled, just in the past month. both say they can meet the demand for now. they are also considering expanding. and they also, of course, provide pcr and covid testing kits you can do at home. i mentioned i took on this week. very easy to do, so i highly recommend it. the cheapest one i could find is about $24. >> thank you so much. if you are curious where you can get tested in the bay area, our team compiled a map of every testing site, clinic, and pharmacy open across the region. you can find it at
6:09 pm oakland public school students return to in-person learning on monday, but some parents are encountering a snag. the afterschool programs are short staffed, which makes it really hard for working parents. education reporter lyanne melendez joining us live with details of the latest predicament. >> reporter: you can relate. for parents with jobs that are not flexible, this is a real problem. here is how we got to this situation. some programs had to cut staff during the pandemic. remember that? so many of those people are long gone. now, staffing to nearly pre- pandemic levels has proven to be a challenge. at hillcrest school in oakland, the grass has been cut, the classrooms have been set up to welcome students, and the playground is back to school ready. then came the email from the principal to parents, regarding adventure time after school care. they are facing a staffing shortage so severe that right now they are not able to safely staff any of their school sites
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at full capacity. adventure time has 26 locations in the bay area and all of them are struggling to hire staff. in the meantime, parents like adam miller are being asked, if they can, to delay putting their children in the afterschool program. >> we are lucky enough that we have flexibility, so we did volunteer to have our daughter start later to help out. >> reporter: priority will be given to families in the following categories. essential workers who must work outside the home, especially medical and childcare related. single parent families. and kindergarten students. this problem is not exclusive to adventure time. tracy gonzalez's daughter attends school in walnut creek. she is anticipating a rough start to the year. >> switch gears every day, every hour, every minute. >> reporter: the issue extends to the high school level, as well, according to fremont high school. >> this year what we did
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them to volunteer their time after school. >> reporter: oakland unified is encouraging people to apply for work with these afte it ia really rewarding job. >> reporter: in the meantime, miller is counting on his community for help. >> we will try to work with the parents to do some kind of sharing until it is possible to bring her back to adventure time. >> reporter: a stressful situation. i had a conversation over the phone with the director of adventure time extended day care. she admitted they are scrambling to find people. you know, just last week we did a story on how many school districts are struggling to find teachers and para- educators. this is a problem in the bay ba area, but also a national problem. >> a multilevel problem, as well. besides putting out a call for help, is there anything else these programs are doing allure staff back in? >> reporter: some programs are offering hiring bonuses for new
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staff. i don't know what adventure time has planned, but i will say that i have read that other programs are giving retention bonuses for those who came back to work and also pay raises. but like we reported before, that is also happening at the school district level, where they are trying to hire more educators. >> clearly they need more people. we will see what happens monday. thank you. the pandemic has been especially hard on seniors and retirement homes. they have been unable to travel or visit friends and family. tonight, see how technology is helping with the isolation. and then, the dixie fire took out a town and then exploded in size overnight. it keeps california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy.
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new details now. alameda county sheriff's investigators are ruling out foul play in the death of philip kreycik, the berkeley runner whose body was found tuesday, almost a month after he vanished. preliminary autopsy results showed no signs of traumatic injury. officials say they are unlikely to determine cause of death, due to the decomposition of the body. at this point they suspect some sort of medical emergency while out on the run. kreycik disappeared july 10. the longtime music director announced he is undergoing treatment for a brain tuner. he tweeted today he was diagnosed and underwent successful surgery. he says treatment will continue
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for the next several months, so he has to step back from public appearances until november. after 25 years, he stepped down from the symphony last year but has continued involvement in other symphonies nationwide. a's. the drive to the postseason took a huge hit, because major league baseball suspended outfielder ramon laureano for 80 games without pay. he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs. the 20 six-year-old expressed shock in a statement, saying he would never knowingly ingest a substance and put the game he loves that risk. now to california's wildfires and it is a busy august. there are at least 16 going right now and they have burned more than 800,000 acres. you can see that indicated by an orange flame on this map. the dixie fire is the largest at more than 432,000 acres. the wildfire is spreading quickly and will likely become the second-largest in
6:17 pm
california history. flames burned through the town of greenville, reducing most of it to rubble. reporter giacomo luca tells us people are already focusing on rebuilding. >> i've been here since 1973 and it is hard to stomach this. >> reporter: a longtime business owner and county supervisor, kevin goss, saw his town for the first time since it was reduced to ash and debris. >> now that i see this, i am better. this is sad. >> reporter: despite the widespread destruction, he is committing to rebuilding. >> it is a slow, arduous, long process that is going to be painstaking. >> reporter: a process 76-year- old woody knows all too well. he survived the camp fire, california's most deadly and devastating fire, in paradise. he is here today to offer support from his town, still rebuilding from the 2018 fire.
6:18 pm
survivors there are collecting donations to send to a town that suffered a similar fate as theirs. >> the people that had to run from this fire, like we did, it changes you. you are not the same. >> reporter: meanwhile, the dixie fire continues uncontrolled. the firefight continues as cruise clear areas in the burn scar. >> my heart goes out to people who lost their homes. i am just glad i can come appear and assist the firefighters. putting these trees down. >> reporter: trying to make it safe enough for folks to return home. >> that was giacomo luca reporting. the dixie fire currently ranks as the third largest fire ever to burn in california. at 432,000 acres, it is closing in on the second-largest fire ever, the 2018 mendocino complex. number one in state history was the 2020 august complex, the
6:19 pm
only california fire to burn more than 1 million acres. a complex is a term for a series of fires that started around the same time and place and then they merge. you can see live updates on all the fires burning in california with our wildfire tracker. you will find it on >> obviously it is hard not to notice the smoke from all the fires. at least one expert says this might be a regular occurrence. if you are in the lake tahoe area, there is a distinct haze from the dixie fire and nearby river fire. dr. craig clemens from san jose state says we should expect more days like this in the future because of drought and climate change. >> i think residents of the western u.s. avenue to get used to smoky skies and bad air quality as we go through the next few decades. these fires are burning hotter, more intense and they are creating a lot of smoke. it can really impact communities. >> the worst air in the world right now is in plumas county.
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with the intersection of van ness and mission shutdown. the major intersection is repaved. they can get the whole thing done in five days of it closes completely, otherwise it would take two months to do this. the intersection is supposed to open at 6:00 a.m. on monday. that work will get done and reopen. >> that will be impressive. spencer, the forecast including the smoke, it was so bad. the east bay is socked in. >> we are getting help with the air quality near the coast and the bay from the seabreeze, but once you go to the inland valley, that smoke is there. regions to the north and west have the poorest air quality right now. hazardous in some spots, indicated by the darker colors. we have green and yellow around the bay area, especially the regions closer to the coast in the bay.
6:24 pm
over the hills to the east bay, much poor air quality. stronger wind flow would help. wind speed up the surface, only 15, 18 miles per hour. some stronger breezes later in the evening would be helpful. notice the smoke mixed in with the low clouds, looking westward from emeryville. 64 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 69.77 at mountain view. san jose, 79. palo alto, 73. a cool 68 in pacifica. once again, lots of gray sky. clouds and fog giving us that view. clouds and smoke i should say. napa, 78. 89 in fairfield. concord, 93 and 90 in livermore. the view from walnut creek, more gray sky and smoke mixing with clouds. these are the forecast futures.
6:25 pm
smoke impacts continue through tomorrow. smoke and heat receipt on sunday. that is good news. moderate air quality remains for the next four days. we expect low clouds and fog to continue to push over the bay and the haze will be with us tomorrow, as well. expect another hazy, sunny day tomorrow. it will be warm again in inland areas, but not as warm as today. overnight low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s. more upper 50s than mid-50s. tomorrow, 89 in morgan hill. the peninsula, upper 70s. 79, redwood city. mid-60s at pacifica and half moon bay. downtown will max out at 67 degrees tomorrow. in the north bay, highs of 86 in santa rosa. 87, east bay. 80 in the inland east bay. highs in the low to mid 90s. 92, walnut creek and concord. the further east you go, the warmer it gets.
6:26 pm
antioch, 95.96 in brentwood. the accuweather seven-day forecast, notice we cool down on sunday and it will not be as smoky as today, thanks to a shift in the wind that will carry smoke eastward. not much of an improvement in air quality, but at least it will not get worse or is not expected to. the middle of the week next week and the latter part of the week, temperatures climbing to the mid to upper 90s, so it will warm up. enjoy the cool down on sunday. >> thank you, spencer. the calendar says summer, but it is fall for students, because they are going back to school. what happens if there is a covid outbreak on campus? the future possibility of zoom school, coming up. covid vaccines. san mateo county give out copies instead of real cdc vaccination card that thousands of pe
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building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. as the delta variant spreads, more venues are
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requiring proof of vaccination to enter and the cdc vaccination cards are the most universally accepted proof. however, it turns out tens of thousands of people who got vaccines in san mateo county did not get one of these official cards, which i will most certainly lose now that i took it out. >> carries the question, what did they get instead? 7 on your side's michael finney has this >> reporter: this can affect anyone who got their shots at a mass vaccination site in san mateo county. instead of getting the official card with data handwritten on it, they got instead to sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper with photocopied information. well now at least one cruise line says that is nowhere good enough to get on board their ship. >> 8 1/2 by 11, it is xerox
6:31 pm
paper. >> reporter: she was among the first to get a covid vaccine back in january, at the san mateo county event center. >> it was amazingly quick. i thought everything was fine and easy and no big deal. >> reporter: until four months later when she and a friend booked a cruise. the carrier and local government required proof of vaccination to get on board. >> when i got my two vaccines, i was only given a photocopy of the cdc card. >> reporter: it turns out san mateo county did not provide cdc cards at the vaccination site, where about 100,000 people received their shots. instead they give out photocopies on sheets of paper, one for each dose. jane contacted the county health department with this question, is this her proof? >> they said you are fine at what you have is legitimate and you should be able to use that anytime, anyplace, anywhere. >> reporter: so she contacted the cruises. >> they said that will not do, we will not take a photocopy of the card.
6:32 pm
>> immigration officers denying entry. it did not appear to be authentic. >> reporter: we showed her documents to a cruising expert. >> the paperwork you showed me, there is no way to determine the authenticity. these documents can be doctored. >> reporter: he says photocopies raise suspicion as possible fakes. >> you really need to have those cards, because right now it is being universally accepted, when americans are traveling to foreign nations. >> reporter: which brings us back to jane. not only was she worried about getting on the cruise, but local venues are requiring proof of vaccination, too. we asked the county health department why it gave out photocopies. a spokesperson says they were not intended as official proof. the pages included a second dose reminder and information on vaccine side effects. official proof is on the state website. but jane's record on the website was wrong, showing she got two different vaccines. >> i want to tell them i have
6:33 pm
this, but i can't show them something that is incorrect. >> reporter: after we got involved, the county not only corrected her record, but gave her this, and original cdc card. now she is off to barbados. >> i will take a deep breath, get a cocktail, and say thank god i am here. >> reporter: san mateo public health officials say they are now giving out the original cdc cards to everyone, but if you have a photocopy you can request a card or get your official proof on the states website. i posted the link you need at >> so they were trying to help everybody, figuring you would lose this card, but a big piece of paper, you will not lose that. it makes sense. >> reporter: there is always something. >> when we see you, we know there is always something. thank you. the 7 on your side team finished putting together a fantastic program. a abc7 originals documentary
6:34 pm
about the crisis at the edd during the pandemic. it is called "broke" and you can stream it right now on our abc7 bay area connected tv app which you can download for apple tv, roku, fire tv, and similar devices. many area school districts are getting ready to return to in-person learning, including oakland unified starting monday. but is it safe and what happens of a child or staff member gets covid? melanie woodrow has the story. >> sanitizer, cleaning wipes. lots of extra masks. >> reporter: oakland unified school district will welcome students back to school monday, august 9, and teachers are ready. >> when i come in i have to fill out a form that i am feeling okay. so there are protocols in place and we will have a tent on site if students feel sick, that they can go to and then they
6:35 pm
have rapid covid testing. >> reporter: from covid testing to mask mandates to anyone inside a building. >> it will be very hot some days, so you might want to take it off, but i will try to keep it on as much as i can. >> reporter: school officials are highly encouraging vaccines, though they are not mandatory for students or staff. here is the plan if there is a case of covid-19. >> isolated home, quarantine for 14 days. beyond that, anybody that might have been exposed can stay in class as long as they get tested twice, if they don't have symptoms. if they have symptoms they have to stay home. >> reporter: the spokesperson says there are no plans to return to distance learning in the event of a covid-19 case. the secretary of education is encouraging parents and caregivers to be vigilant about making sure children in schools are following their in-person plans. >> make sure, as parents, that you are ensuring the school is
6:36 pm
following the strategies they are supposed to follow. >> reporter: while visiting an elementary school, governor gavin newsom noted children are thrilled to be back in school. >> everyone of these kids raised their hand when we asked what they preferred, be back in the classroom or be back online. one child raised their hand. >> reporter: a school year and a new opportunity to take learning back inside the classroom. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. oakland technical high school held a pop up vaccination clinic for kids today. those 12 and older are eligible for the vaccine. they partnered with kaiser permanente to help children get vaccinated before the first day of classes on monday. >> is kids go back to school, we want to make sure every child 12 and older is vaccinated. that will be the only way to keep our other children who cannot get vaccinated safe and keep all of us safe.
6:37 pm
>> they vaccinated about 100 kids at today's clinic. both the pfizer and johnson & johnson shots were available. if you have questions about the covid vaccine, all you have to do is ask the abc7 vaccine team. submit your questions at next, saved by silicon valley. california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. (“lovely day” instrumental) my heart failure diagnosis changed my priorities. i want time for the people i love. my heart doesn't pump enough blood so my doctor gave me farxiga. it helps my heart do its job better. farxiga helps keep me living life and out of the hospital for heart failure. do not take if allergic to farxiga. symptoms of a serious allergic reaction include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. stop taking and seek medical help right away.
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the dow and s&p 500 all-time highs on the back of a strong july jobs report. the dow closed up 144 points. the s&p was up 7 points. nasdaq closing down 59 points. the latest jobs report was better than expected. 943,000 jobs were added in july, the biggest increase in almost a year. the unemployment rate went down to 5.4%, still well above pre- pandemic levels of 3.5%. president biden sees it as a success. >> what is indisputable now is this. the biden plan is working. the biden plan produces results in the biden plan is moving the
6:41 pm
country forward. >> according to the department of labor, jobs were predominantly added in leisure and hospitality, local government, education, and professional and business services. on top of dealing with covid-19, hospitals and healthcare facilities have been under siege by cyber criminals. there are reports of 92 cases in which ransom was demanded. a new vulnerability was made public this week by a silicon valley security company after a patch was done. abc7 news reporter david louie takes a look at the growing war with cyber criminals. >> reporter: cyber criminals are always looking for a vulnerability involving any device connected to the internet. >> right now they are more sophisticated than our ability to defend. >> reporter: they discovered a serious one before the bad guys did, involving pneumatic tubes used to transport drugs and samples quickly and hospitals. it released the details after working quietly with the
6:42 pm
manufacturer on a patch. in this case, federal regulators were unable to intervene. >> it is not a medical device, so they have no case in making hospitals go ahead and use the remediation that is needed. >> reporter: cyber security firms say hospitals, private companies, and the government need to work more closely together as the intrusions go beyond asking for ransom. consumers have become targets, too, with attacks on a meat processing plant and a major gas oil pipeline company that impacted the public at the pump. >> now we're talking about lining up at gas stations and that is a big change in the landscape. >> reporter: a new collaboration was unveiled at six to get amazon, google, microsoft, and homeland security to work more closely. the infrastructure bill in congress includes $1 billion for cyber defense. however, security experts point out defending our tech infrastructure has unfavorable
6:43 pm
odds. 100% success is needed for complete protection, while cyber criminals can keep attacking until they find a vulnerability. >> they are here to stay and the notion that there is a product or amount of money we can spend to drive the number down to zero, that is probably not going to happen. >> reporter: david louie, abc7 news. coming up next, the beneficial side of technology. see how it has helped homebound seniors travel the world during i get it, maybe you can see just fine. but as a vsp® premier program doctor, let me tell you, everyone needs an annual comprehensive eye exam- like a vsp wellvision exam®. i see things you wouldn't expect to see in an eye exam, like the early signs of serious health conditions
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disney plus is not just on your tv or mobile device, it is live and in san francisco this weekend. the stories continue summer tour, taking over pier 27 with a celebration of all things disney. plus, games, prizes, movie memorabilia and costumes. there is something for every disney fan there. dion lim got a chance to check it out along with some super fans. >> him and grandpa dave were watching mandalorian this morning. >> reporter: this morning? isn't it a little early to watch disney plus? >> never.
6:47 pm
>> never too early. >> it has not been at my house. >> the tour continues tomorrow at pier 27. the hours are 11:00 into 7:00 p.m. and as you know, disney is the parent company of abc7. stack the pandemic has been hard on seniors in retirement homes. even with the vaccine family or traveling is difficult. but one retirement home found ways to let residents travel the world. >> reporter: when frank diaz was hired as a tech concierge in napa, he expected a typical job. >> i mainly thought it would be phone problems. >> reporter: it was not long before frank became the go to guy for lots of things. >> it is ringing right now, okay? >> reporter: with limits on visitors, he helped residents stay connected with family with face time and assume. >> having them understand, they can start picking things up little by little. >> reporter: one day frank noticed one of these stashed away, a pair of virtual reality
6:48 pm
goggles. after getting the headset hooked up, frank had the idea of using it so residents could do the traveling covid was preventing them from doing. >> we will be putting the vr headset on clay and sending him to france. >> come with me on a journey to paris. >> we went to different places in the world. it makes you feel like you're in someplace that is real high up, up in the hills. >> their plan was to take a cruise to alaska. they can go to alaska on the headset. or cruising the caribbean, you can go with the headset. >> reporter: traveling virtually was fun, but soon something deeper started to unfold. the residence started to take frank into their past. >> the majority have been requesting places they have been to already, for the memories. >> you feel like you are right there. the first time i went was in the early 60s, which is where
6:49 pm
my father's side comes from. i feel like i am right there, live. >> listening and experiencing their stories, what they are telling me. it is nice seeing their reaction when they are living in the moment. >> something will spark a memory of, oh, remember that time when? it is a great program to start a conversation. >> so cool. the virtual-reality trips happen every thursday. you might want to go somewhere else now because of the air quality. >> spencer, virtual reality is a lot better than reality, reality. looking over your left shoulder. >> it's not a good reality, we have the smoke and wildfires mixing with the clouds. the sky looks gray and kind of ugly. of course it poses a health threat if it builds up to a certain level. a look at the forecast. smoke impacts continue through tomorrow. the smoke and heat receipt on sunday, that is good news.
6:50 pm
moderate air quality will be with us for the next four days. overnight we see low clouds and fog at the coast. it will be hazy overnight with lows mainly in the upper 50s. highs tomorrow range from mid- 60s at the coast to upper 70s on the shoreline, to low to mid 90s inland. it will still be warm and lunch tomorrow, not as hot as today. you can see cooler and not as smoky. seasonal pattern on monday, but a warming trend begins tuesday and by the end of next week, high temperatures back in the upper 90s. the summer sizzle returns. let's hope i than the air quality will be a lot better. >> i hope. thanks, spencer. all right, i am in for dan. chris alvarez has sports and apparently fans want to know every single detail about trey lance every single day. >> the only thing i don't know is what he ate for breakfast. >> get on that. >> i know, we need to know.
6:51 pm
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or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm,
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together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. abc7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> if the season were to end today, the oakland a's would be playing on the road in boston. however, the season is over for
6:54 pm
ramon laureano, who has been suspended 80 games after he tested positive for for in a statement he said he was shocked. the a's, playing tonight against the rangers. in milwaukee, the giants open a set against the brewers. garcia digs this pitch to left and it is gone. 1-0, milwaukee. a nice play. that was lovely in the third. check out this play in the fourth. center field and the catch of the year. things into the wall. he was okay. last check it was 1-1. full highlights at 11:00. andre is back in the bay. mvp andre iguodala, returning to the warriors. the 37-year-old reportedly signing a one year veteran's minimum deal which allows some
6:55 pm
salary-cap versatility this off- season. he will provide leadership for the young guys. in an interview he highlighted his relationship with the fans, the organization, and the bay area as the reason for returning. steph curry said welcome back, bro. kevin durant, expected to sign a four-year, $198 million extension tomorrow. entering his third season. he missed his first season and played a total of 47 last year. kyrie irving and james harden also expected to sign extensions. tomorrow is dwight clark day. they will celebrate by opening training camp for an expected 20,000 fans. all the buzz has been about the battle with trey lance. today, kyle shanahan has the same message. trey lance will be the backup.
6:56 pm
but in a quote that broke the internet, coach says you can expect to see trey lance on the field. >> i mean, try s and we are in a situatio don't see them competing. he will play for us this year. i mean, situationally, he is going to play. that doesn't mean he will be a starter or anything, but he will get plays and have to prepare for that every way possible. it is not a problem on the team and not a problem and we are discussing what we want to do. >> sports on abc7, sponsored by river rock casino. i mentioned the 20,000 fans expected tomorrow. you think putter was buzzing now, wait until tomorrow. >> a shocker he will play. that's why they drafted him. >> exactly. >> go back to sleep, nothing to see here. start coming up tonight, at 8:00 it is shark tank.
6:57 pm
20/20 at 9:00 and do not miss abc7 news at 11:00. that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us, i am ama daetz. >> i am larry beil, for spencer christian, chris alvarez, all of us here at abc7 news, have a good night and i hope to see you again at 11:00.
6:58 pm
i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind. but that one call got her a tow and rental... ...paid her claim... ...and we even pulled a few strings. making it easy to make things right: that's what we're made for. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. get a quote today.
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usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. ♪ this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a college access program coordinator from philadelphia, pennsylvania... a labor and employment specialist from denver, colorado... and our returning champion-- a phd student from new haven, connecticut... ...whose 12-day cash winnings total... [ applause ] and now here is the guest host of "jeopardy!"-- david faber. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert, and welcome, everyone. what a great week. who gets to do this? i wanna thank everyone
7:00 pm
on the staff and crew here of "jeopardy!" they've been so helpful and supportive, and believe me, i've needed it. i've had so much fun. and how lucky am i to have been a part of matt's incredible run. we're gonna see if that can continue today. welcome to our challengers, patrick and madeline. let's play "jeopardy!" with these categories. we'll start off with... and in this, we want you to name the show... our final category. matt, as you have been, lead us off. novels, $1,000. matt. what's "all quiet on the western front"? - that is correct. - oceanographic, $1,000. and you hit a daily double. [ applause ]


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