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tv   ABC 7 News 700PM  ABC  August 8, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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tepera. madrigal, on the i.l., but a cub moving toward. and it's hard for fans to drink in the prospect part of it. they did get some good, young controllable players. minor leaguers in most cases, for the stars they sent else where. but when it becomes clear that you're not going to re-sign somebody, as opposed to just letting them walk as a free agent, the cubs made moves. it's unsettling for fans, but it was a necessity this year. a little dribbler back to the mound. >> alex: as a fan, it's hard to focus on what you're getting. you focus on what you've given up. and buster talked about earlier,
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the relief you get from a salary point of view, the flexibility that you gain, plus the prospects, it will put the cubs in a position to be able to strike and strike quickly. jed hoyer, a guy who has already won multiple championships, i like them, i'm bullish on the cubs for the next three years. maybe not next year, but for the long term, i like what they're doing. >> matt: tepera goes through his old uniform efficiently in the eighth. sunday night baseball will head to the ninth after this from our abc stations.
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gillette proglide. five blades and a pivoting flexball designed to get virtually every hair on the first stroke. so you're ready for the day with a fresh face for a fresh start. for a limited time get a 5th cartridge free. >> matt: tomorrow, our espn plus game, the reds and indians,
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coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. to get espn plus, go to or download the espn app. a battle of ohio tomorrow. it's a reds team that has bad intentions to overtake the san diego padres for that last wild card spot in the nl postseason race. i say bad intentions, that means they're on a mission. >> alex: that's right. >> matt: abreu leads things off in the white sox half of inning nmber nine. it's been all white sox tonight. as he sends a fly ball out to shallow center. ortega is on it, and one is gone for kyle ryan. it started with the first pitch of the ball game tonight. >> alex: a fastball that never got there. a home run by anderson, setting the tone. and jiminez, another big fly, and then the change-up by
7:05 pm
vaughn. about 105 off the bat. two-run homer, 5-0 before you could blink. >> matt: goodwin gets a plate appearance. he came on defensively an inning or so ago. batting in jiminez's spot in the order. the white sox are ahead 9-3. it's been raining for an hour and a half. do you see how many people are still in the park? just under 40,000 paid tonight. many of them if not most are still around, despite the score and conditions. >> alex: as a here, you knew the biggest star for the cubs was wrigley field. it's a big treat to come here. for us, we just love coming here. that's a luxury that 29 other teams do not have.
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they show up, if they win, with the cubs, they show up either way. >> buster: when the trades went down, social media, maybe fans were unhappy there. maybe blogs, that sort of thing. but they're still coming to the ballpark. >> matt: it's been fun for us to be here tonight for sure. three balls and a strike, the count to goodwin. the last time the white sox were the exclusive national game on abc, as they are tonight, darrell boston stole the base. it was august, '86, against the red sox. and the first base coach stole a base. it was a 1-0 win.
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two gone for yoan moncada. going back, reliving some of those thoughts we had during those white sox/cubs trades, nobody saw sammy sosa for george bell going the way it did. bell was a brand name slugger. he would play only two more years with the white sox. and that is about as lopsided a deal as one could ever think. that's brock for broglio type one-sided. >> alex: two great dominicans, trading locker rooms. >> matt: line shot out to center, handled by ortega. and the cubbies are down to their last shot. headed to the bottom of the ninth. all white sox on the north side.
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>> matt: oh, abc baseball through the years. monday night baseball, some of the great moments in the history of the game. some of the great animations and fun packages in the history of the game. everything from reggie's three-homer world series game, the famous call, we showed you the lawless bat flip, the earthquake game. it was great having al michaels with us earlier to go through some of his memories of baseball on abc. it's been a lot of fun for us to be with you tonight as well. all white sox on the field tonight. three outs away from finishing off just their third ever three-game sweep of the cubs at wrigley field. neither of the co-closers is needed, it will be jose
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will have a chance to wrap things up tonight. deichmann, alcantara, and the pitcher's spot. we mentioned the co-closers. after the acquisition of kimbrel from the cubs, a lot of people were wondering when would it be hendriks, when would it be kimbrel? >> buster: that's right, and tony la russa said there will not be a closer controversy. when kimbrel was a free agent before he signed with the cubs, he made it clear, he wants to be the closer. he wants to rack up saves. but in the midst of the 2021 season, when the white sox have an opportunity to win, i think they'll just work it out. hendriks told the white sox, i don't care if i pitch the first
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or the last inning, just use me when you want to use me. >> matt: swing and a miss by deichmann. this wasn't the '98 padres getting stuck with a waiver claim on myers, when they already had hoffman. they wanted co-closers this year. >> alex: and la russa brings the stability and confidence to take a complicated situation and say, we're not going to have a controversy. and everybody just stands put. >> matt: look, one of the teams that they might find themselves matchup potentially, milwaukee. we had a white sox/brewers game a couple of sundays ago. they have some pretty heavy hitters in the back of their bullpen. why not load up on high-leverage
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ninth inning guys. >> alex: and i think the difference and why the white sox are great contenders to win a world title this year, most teams with a bullpen that strong are not as strong with the starting pitching. that's not necessarily true with the white sox. they have four horsemen, righty, lefty, righty, lefty, and the three-headed monster. seven pitchers can bring you the title. now they have back end help. >> matt: we can get along, right? cubs fans, white sox fans. >> alex: buster, going into next week, the dodgers and mets are struggling a little bit. what team do you like better going into september and october? >> buster: dodgers, no question,
7:14 pm
with their depth. they have a lot of health questions, but the mets are right now in absolutely a free-fall. and we don't know, as we move forward, what they're going to get out of degrom, or what they'll get out of lindor. lindor told reporters yesterday, he didn't have a timetable for when he's going to come back. degrom has spoken positively about feeling like he can pitch in september. but let's face it, whatever plans the mets have had have changed repeatedly this year, as he's had setbacks. >> matt: a late swing by alcanta alcantara. and the cubs are down to their final out tonight. your point is well taken on the dodgers, too. bellinger's shoulder has given him a lot of trouble. kershaw, injured.
7:15 pm
betts was hot out of the break. and by the way, they traded for max scherzer and trea turner. it's an embarrassment of riches. >> alex: the payroll is about $270 million. they've become the modern day yankees. they spend more than anybody. with the mets, a lot of excitement, picking up baez. hits a home run early, but goes five at-bats, five for 5. maybe trying to do a little too much, too early. >> buster: it's new york, alex. you know a little bit about that. >> alex: indeed. >> matt: 0-2, the count. andrew romine, the pinch-hitter, down to the cubs' final strike. it's been a white sox story on
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the north side chicago this weekend. they sweep a three-game series across town. terrific starting pitching, a part of the story. as cubs batters struck out 45 times over the weekend. today, it was big hitting in addition to a strong start. that guy, eloy jiminez, saying hi to mom. sending a couple of baseballs over the ivy as souvenirs tonight as well. two homers for him in a four-homer night. the last six games in this ballpark, the white sox have struck for 20 home runs. a runaway 9-3 victory for the visitors tonight. when we come back, we'll wrap things up from wrigley field. white sox, 9-3 winners over the cubs this evening. we'll be right back. we want to be the first to give everyone the joy of 5g, to be the first to giver everyone the joy of 5g, to be the first to giver everyone the joy of 5g, by giving every customer a new 5g phone.
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>> matt: a 9-3 victory for the white sox over the cubs. they finish off a three-game sweep, and increase their terrific record over sub-.500 teams. 50 of their 56 wins have come from those teams. after the deals, after the deadline fire sale on the north side, the white sox have established themselves as the dominant brand right now in the argument of windy city baseball. they're going to be back on television tomorrow over on espn. a look at the upcoming week of games. tomorrow night, giolito and the white sox against the twins at 8:00 p.m. wednesday, dodgers and phillies. and sunday, we'll be at citifieciti field for the dodgers and mets. welcome back, with alex rodriguez, matt vasgersian.
7:20 pm
the white sox just flexed their muscles big-time. >> alex: they did. in the first inning, five runs. jiminez, 3 for 4, two homers, five rbis. he was a big star tonight. >> matt: they checked all boxes. great starting pitching, the on onslaught in the first inning. jiminez, an rbi double, and then a second homer. >> alex: he looks good. very impressive night for jiminez. >> matt: as we mentioned, just the third time ever that the white sox have come across town and swept three from the cubs. you know, the dominant brand usually ebbs and flows. and the cubs were kings in chicago for such a long time
7:21 pm
recently. it's the white sox's story now, as their third series sweep another this ballpark has come to an end tonight. in a dominant, lopsided 9-3 victory. now it's time for the cleanup crew to go to work. and good luck getting out of here tonight. we're still in the neighborhood, after all. traffic, a little slow leaving wrigleyville. white sox and twins tomorrow on espn. the final score tonight, 9-3, sox. we'll see you next week for the dodgers and mets. coming up next, "the chase." thanks for watching.
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>> this is abc seven news. >> dire predictions becoming grim reality. it is already shaping up to be an intense wildfire season. in addition to fighting the flames, emergency crews are now looking for the missing. you are watching abc seven news. happening right now wildfires are raging across california. the most destructive include the river fire. the monument monument monumen trinity county. it is now at 76 square miles. by far the largest in the is the dixie fire. it has now burned over 46
7:28 pm
acres. overnight, the dixie fire became the second largest in california history. the city of richmond has sent firefighters to plymouth county and this group pulled a 24 hour shift fighting the flames. people who have not left yet are preparing for the worst. >> i don't know what will happen. it is hard to make a home for myself here. the winds will take this where it wants to go. anchor: here's a look at the largest wildfires in state history. all of them have happened in the last three years. the august complex last year scorched over one million acres. a complex is a term for a series of fires that start at the same time in the other same location. we have a look at the dixie fire's aftermath in greenville.
7:29 pm
reporter: every single home in this community looks like this. brought to the ground. through the destruction, we are seeing remnants of people's everyday lives. kitchen appliances, the car behind us is still in the driveway. you can see all that remains of it right here. this fire moved through this area incredibly fast authorities fear that not everybody made it out. they are searching for people. we spoke to a close friend of one of the missing people last night who says they are urgently trying to crack -- tracked down a friend. it is raging on with no relief in sight, burning in area size of houston. only 21% contained. 14,000 structures are still threatened, close to 400 already destroyed. four firefighters have been
7:30 pm
injured, one still recovering in the hospital. pg&e safety equipment might have started the fire. a federal judge ruled that the company has one week to explain how it might have had a role and how they believe the fire started. they want a list of every fire pg&e may have been responsible for the season. evacuees we spoke to are just trying to get by. they did not just lose their homes, they lost their entire communities. 70 were born and raised here. they just do not know what to do next. anchor: you can get the latest information on 18 major fires in california on our interactive fire tracker map. shifting to the air quality, that has improved today. for most of the bay area. there are parts of the north bay where there is still a
7:31 pm
noticeable brown haze. can honorees to bay hills camera. smoke from wildfires in northern california have drifted down to the bay area, which is why we saw the bad air this weekend. we see how are -- long the haze will stick around. spencer: we have less smoke in the air right now that we did yesterday. thank you to a vigorous sea breez. to the north and east, the air quality is still poor to hazardous. let me show you the air quality forecast. the surface is being blown eastward. that pattern will continue through tomorrow. in the upper atmosphere are being blown eastward by airflow in the upper levels.
7:32 pm
the air quality is improving. we will have to keep watching it day by day. anchor: that sounds good. do not forget, you can track the air quality where you live on our website. we have a map constantly updating conditions. you can do it wherever you stream using our app. one person is dead and another injured following a shooting overnight at a house party in sunnyvale. police say it was at an airbnb rental. neighbors complained about loud music. gunshots were heard as they waited for more officers to arrive. neighbors and investigators say they were up to 200 people at the party and most of them were in their teens. one man described what he heard and the chaos that followed. >> we heard a few shots go off.
7:33 pm
the sudden you saw kids running like maniacs. one girl ran up and she was sobbing saying somebody got shot. we ended up taking a girl inside of our house because she was frightened. anchor: no arrests have been made. airbnb has not responded to our request for comment. we are committed to building a better bay area. education was one. of the focal points. it is back to school tomorrow for oakland students. for many, it will be the first time they have set foot in a classroom in 17 months. maks are required for all students and staff. school district is not requiring vaccination for now. the state superintendent of instruction will be visiting some schools, along with other guests. monday morning, we will have live team coverage as oakland unified goes back to school with in person classes.
7:34 pm
our reporter will be live at a school and we will also be tracking traffic conditions. that is tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. two from napa died as the plane went down on thursday. sightseeing excursion of a holland america cruise ship. poor weather conditions put off the recovery efforts, but crews finally made it to the last -- crash site yesterday afternoon. a northbay interest -- restaurant group is giving cash in incentives to employees. ee to be working. reporter: a busy sunday brunch
7:35 pm
crowd for this restaurant in santa rosa. the topic of conversation was vaccinations. >> i have been vaccinated. i feel strongly that anything we can do to get our community healthier is a good thing. reporter: she is one of seven sonoma eateries raised by a restaurant group. getting all of them vaccinated is the hope. >> most of our employees have been vaccinated. there are a few people who are still hesitant. reporter: about 59 employees have not gotten the shot yet. management had an idea, a cash incentive. >>'s restaurant is giving away gift cards as a lottery. reporter: employees hoping to enter the lottery need to be fully vaccinated by the end of august. $1000 gave him enough in sensitive -- incentive to get the shot. >> i want to save my life.
7:36 pm
reporter: the restaurant group is trying to avoid making vaccinations a requirement for all ways. date say they got the idea for the cash prizes from the governor. anyone who got at least one vaccine dose was eligible for a state lottery. a cash incentive is not so bad. >> we just want everybody to be safe and healthy. reporter: customers support vaccinations for restaurant workers. >> i respect those who feel that being vaccinated is not something they want to do. under the circumstances, in this type of environment, it might reporter: the cash drawing is september 1. anchor: amazon is enjoying -- joining that campaign. frontline workers can win a new car or even have a million
7:37 pm
dollars. this means everyone from those who work at fulfillment centers to whole food grocery stores are eligible. amazon previously had offered up to $80 for vaccinations. the company employs 1.3 million people. if you have questions about the vaccines like getting a booster shot or a test, you can ask our vaccine team. submit your questions at our website. just ahead, you will have another chance every week to become a millionaire.
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this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece
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is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. anchor: all eyes on the smoke. hopefully the blowing it out of the bay area. spencer: it is starting to do that. let's freeze this moment in time and keep every day like this. 25 mile-per-hour winds in francisco. that smoke is being blown eastward. good news for the bay area. we should have moderate air quality over the next few days.
7:41 pm
our rooftop camera. 60 degrees and san francisco. 57 degrees at pacifica. you can see the skies near the coast becoming increasingly cloudy. 70 degrees in santa rosa. 78 at livermore. you see a lot of low clouds moving out across the bay. the sea breez continues to bring us improving air quality. here is our forecast animation for the overnight hours.
7:42 pm
by 5:00 tomorrow morning, there will be lingering low clouds. a mainly sunny day over the bay and inland. overnight low temperatures will be mainly in the low 50's. relatively mild at the coast. oakland will top out at 72. 89 at morgan hill. here is the seven-day it will start warming up rather significantly. inland highs in the upper 90's. up to 100 in a couple of locations. temperatures will only gradually taper off for the end of next week. anchor: good weather for this, a lively celebration san
7:43 pm
francisco's japan town. ♪ we were there for the street fair which took over most of post street. there was live music and a car show. there were the usual street vendors. one thing notably absent this year were good stalls. that was an intentional move by the organizers who are thinking about the effects of the pandemic. >> i had to tell people, this year we are helping our merchants and restaurants making sure they get the foot traffic needed to survive. anchor: good move. this was the 47th year for the street fair. if you are a fan of whale tails, fremont was the place to be. they turns up the heat with the
7:44 pm
annual partial. -- car show. owners showcased their wheels in one of the mostisshows in the b. >> they take pride in these projects. a lot of these guys are first time owners of these cars. they get together and talk cars and parts and motors on a long. anchor: they are one of the main backers of the event that got started more than 30 years ago. the show was extended to the entire town. mondays will get a little luckier. powerball is adding a new drawing. with more drawings, the people behind powerball say players can expect the jackpots to climb faster. no one won last night's drawing.
7:45 pm
it stands at $241 million. >> coming up in sports, the a's sweep the rangers. the giants another battle with the brewers. john
7:46 pm
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chromebooks are seriously easy to set up right out of the box. just sign in with your gmail and bam! all your files are right there. now get after it. cause you're good to go. switch to setting up the easy way. switch to chromebook >> at least once a year, brandon belt it's on a serious hot
7:48 pm
streak. he is locked in. his fourth homerun in five days. you know you are in milwaukee when you have a sausage relay race. go little chorizo! two run shot ties the game a gag four. tommy la stella also activated off the il this week. the giants take the lead. what a great sign that is. tellez flies one to left. escobar was on first, goes past second, but forgets to tag on the way back. that is a double play. the giants win 5-4. two the coliseum, a's going for
7:49 pm
the weekend sweep of the rangers. murphy doubles to left. harrison is out but the a's challenge the call. he is safe. 3-1. top fourth, there is harrison again flashing the leather. the body language says what a play that was. harrison has been such a good find at the deadline. brown toward the coliseum bart track. way gone. they sweep the rangers. they started 10 game road trip with a series in cleveland starting on tuesday. the 2021 pro football hall of fame hall of fame induction ceremony.
7:50 pm
they are looking on. lynch played 11 years in tampa and four in denver but began at stanford. he encouraged unity across the country. >> i advocate that we take the lead of football and huddle up as a great nation. let's find the common ground from our shared values. one person can make a difference . i encourage each and every one of you to be that person who provides someone else with the belief that they can be great. may god bless you all. >> what a great speech. more to come, including tom more to come, including tom flores representing the raiders yoknow when at ross and find just what you need... to make any space your space? (sighs) yes! that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget.
7:51 pm
at ross. yes for less.
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>> a couple of men who loom large in raiders history either entrance into the hall of fame today. he played 11 seasons in oakland. tom florez was not only the first latino quarterback in pro football, but the first head coach, winning a couple of super bowls with the raiders. this speech was heartfelt.>> thn my hometown, we have people from there.
7:54 pm
a long way to come. how did you get here? not an easy place to get to. i have been trying for a long time to get here. >> he is the man. excited to see the quakes back home. look at him get a goalie. he had a great chance. he is denied. that is a seven match unbeaten streak. the focus is strong.
7:55 pm
on the seventh match point, you see the applause all the way around. collins doesn't even celebrate. more of a relief than anything else. great speeches all the way around. he is right down the street from fresno. represent. anchor: we were all very amused. coming up, you can say hi to the president next time you go to disney world. we check out the newest addition to a attraction about american to a attraction about american managing type 2 diabetes? on it. on it. on it, with jardiance. they're 22 million prescriptions strong. meet the people who are managing type 2 diabetes and heart risk with jardiance. jardiance is a once-daily pill that can reduce the risk of cardiovascular death for adults who also have known heart disease. so it could help save your life from a heart attack or stroke. and jardiance lowers a1c.
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geico. save even more when bundle home and car insurance. anchor: this is kind of a big deal. tomorrow, and major intersection in the heart of san francisco is set to reopen. it has been a huge headache. the good news is the intersection is set to reopen tomorrow at 6:00. it would have taken a couple of months to pave the area had done it in section steady and all at once over the last five days. this is part of the larger improvement. finally, a new exhibit has been unveiled at disney world. >> i do solemnly swear.
7:59 pm
anchor: looks pretty real. the animatronics president joe biden made its first appearance at the magic kingdom this week. creative teams have been working to add him to the hall of presidents attraction. recorded the audio of his oath of office. looking ahead to tonight at 11:00, robberies in chinatown. a couple describes the moment a good samaritan came to the rest -- rescue. in a new investigation shows how the governor's office micromanaged an independent state agency taksed with looking after pg&e. all that coming up tonight at 11:00. that is it for tonight. be sure to join us at 11:00.
8:00 pm
for now, thank you so much. ♪ ♪ >> this is california. and to some, it's not the home they remember. >> there's been some fairly ominous trends of late with more folks leaving the state. >> the biggest threat that our state parks are facing is changing climate. >> 28 state parks were affected by wildfire. [ indistinct conversation ] >> the people no longer cooperate with the police. they've given up on the institution. >> it's crazy to think that we are still having to fight for equal rights.


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