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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 9, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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news. >> a fiery crash in the east bay. what witnesses told about the driver. >> back to school in person full-time for the first time in nearly a year and a half. the hesitation from staff members. >> how many americans in the hospital with covid-19. we are hearing from an expert on how to protect kids. >> taking a live look outside. attracting a warming trend. when we can expect to see above average temperatures. >> welcome. you are watching abc seven live. >> we want to check in with mike. >> everybody, on this monday. waking up with increasing clouds this morning as we still have a little bit of onshore breeze. a 21 mile per hour breeze at fairfield. look for clouds on the commute.
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not expecting any drizzle. as we go through the morning, sunshine will return quickly and even at the coast we will see pockets of sunshine this afternoon. 64 at half moon bay, 66 san francisco, 70's around the bay, low to mid 90's and the inland, east bay. pretty close to average but warmer temperatures on the way and the possibility of smoke. we will talk about that coming up. >> new this morning, chp is investigating a hit and run crash in brentwood. you can see this car engulfed in flames. this happened around 11:30 last night. chp says the driver hit two cars and ran from the scene. that's when this car caught on fire. they were able to get it under control and witnesses said the driver appeared to be in. . -- to be impaired. >> about 40,000 americans are in
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the hospital being treated for covid-19 right now, a 30% increase from last week fueled mostly by the delta variant. states with some of the lowest vaccination rates, including louisiana, florida, mississippi, arkansas and alabama have seen increasing vaccinations. they are still leading the country with the most covid cases. >> we>> would not be in the place we are right now with its if -- with this if we got more people to take advantage of immunization. >> the rise in pediatric cases comes as communities grapple with mask policies. more children are hospitalized in florida with covid than anywhere else in the country. despite the governor's executive order preventing mask mandates in schools, some of the largest districts are still moving ahead requiring them. >> today is the start of a new school year for thousands of students in the bay area. in oakland, the district says
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masks will be required at all times inside. our reporter live at the oakwood academy of knowledge where students will arrive in a few hours. >> that message is front and center. when they arrive, they will see a sign posted saying masks are required. covid protocols are in place. safety first. this day is a long time coming, their first time back for full time in person learning. we talked to some parents who said their kids are excited and the parents already too. oakland schools will require masks inside all school buildings but the unified school district will not require vaccines. we talked to some teachers who do not feel like it is safe to return to the classroom. you will hear from one of those and also from a doctor who will address those concerns. >> to send them back now with the delta variant being such a game changer, it is more infectious than the common cold.
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it is a crime. >> even though there are increasing rates of hospitalization among children who have the covid-19 infection, those remain reassuringly low. >> the doctor says the best way to protect kids is to get them vaccinated or, if they are not old enough, for the adults in their home to get vaccinated. out of the about 36,000 students in oakland, 850 of them have decided to stay home and continue with distance-learning, but the majority will be returning to in person learning today full-time, a big day many have waited a long time for. amy hollyfield, abc seven news. >> with just one week left until the start of school in contra costa county, there will be a mobile vaccine clinic for students at rocketship in antioch. rocketship is a school that serves students in low income
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communities. students can drop by and get a shot this afternoon. >> with the number of k contracting covid rising, there is a doctor on good morning america today talking about a five-point strategy to make going back to school safe. >> we have to get everyone eligible vaccinated. we have to do a lot to improve air quality in schools, ventilation, filtration. third is testing. we have so much testing capability now, we should be testing every vaccinated person on a regular basis in schools. mask wearing has an important role in -- role and avoiding the crowded assembly halls and concerts. >> he says he is confident schools can get kids back to clay safely if they do those things. >> canada is reopening today. american tourists will be allowed back for the first time in more than a year and a
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half. you must be vaccinated and have a negative covid test. canadian officials are not messing around with restrictions. if you are caught with a fake vaccination or test document, you could face a fine of up to $750,000 or jail time. canadians are not allowed to come to the u.s. now. the u.s. extended its restriction of tourists from canada and mexico through august 20 two. >> the dixie fire has has has in area larger than new york city. thousands have been forced to evacuate. we are learning p&g may have federal and starting the fire. >> it has been burning for 26 days and has scorched 489,000 acres. according to the new york times, the fire may have started -- may have been started by a tree falling onto a pg&e powerline.
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a federal judge ruled the company has one week to explain how it might have been involved and where they believe the fire started. the flames have forced thousands to leave their homes. >> it is scary when you see all the smoke coming over the mountain. where is it at? because you cannot see it but you can see the smoke. >> we left behind a lot of stuff, the fire ravaged everything, there. >> dozens of volunteers with the salvation army have been making meals for evacuees. four people are unaccounted for in plumas county. three firefighters have been injured. we are getting a new report from the united nations with a dire warning about climate change. i am breaking it down for you in our next half hour. >> as the dixie fire continues to burn, you can track the air quality where you live on our website, we have a map updating conditions with temperatures and
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a seven day forecast. >> we started off friday pretty bad, didn't we? pretty badly and then it improved over the weekend. our smoke forecast. most will be elevated by there will be some in the north bay and central valley that will clear out. tomorrow, high pressure building to our south, and with a wind flow switching, there is the possibility that tuesday evening we could see elevated smoke. there's a slight chance of some low-level smoke tomorrow morning but it will stay below air levels. if you are exercising, watch out for strong sunshine today. quite a summer spread from the morning to the afternoon, from the coast to inland. going from 60's to 90's today. on the bay, there's a small craft advisory. here's some good news. for the first time this year, pollen all low to nonexistent so
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if you suffer from allergies, you will not today. mid 50's around san francisco. 52 in healdsburg, 60's around fairfield, walnut creek. tracy ad 63. here is how the day unfolds. quick sunshine. mid 60's at the coast. we stay at the make 60's at the coast to 70's around the bay and 90 inland at 4:00, near 80 at 7:00. probably as cool as he gets this week. i will show up.up. >> showing you 80 westbound. no issues or slowdowns reported from the chp or advisories, which is good because we have seen that consistently the last few weeks. showing you 880 at the coliseum
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camera, moving south. an overall look at the bay area. our usual slowdown coming out of tracy. in just under an hour, a major intersection in the heart of san francisco is set to reopen. repaving work has been underway at mission street for the past five days. the closure stretched to 12 and howard streets and has been a headache for anyone trying to get to highway 101, but the good news here, the intersection is expected to reopen at 6:00 this morning. the traffic authority says it would have taken two months to pave the area if they did it in sections. instead, they did all of it at once over the past five days, part of a larger improvement project. your commute is improving. >> you know i have been waiting to hear this. i am happy to hear it. thank you. the great, great grandmother celebrating her 100th -- the great-great-grandmother celebrating her birthday in an incredible way. >> the incentives amazon is
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>> the family of an antioch man who died after being held down by police will announce a lawsuit against the city and water officers. the family claims he died because of an illegal chokehold at the hands of police in december. an investigation found the officers did not act illegally. the attorney will announce the federal civil rights lawsuit this afternoon. >> new details about a shooting at a house party in sunnyvale. police have confirmed that the home on navarro drive was rented out on airbnb saturday night. one person was killed, another injured. an nbc reporter says officials are demanding answers. >> i remember one girl sobbing, saying somebody got shot, hit. >> neighbors reacting to the sunnyvale shooting scene that left one person dead and another
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in the hospital saturday night. >> we saw a bunch of kids walking that looked like they were definitely minors, holding alcohol, you know, in states of consciousness, whatever. >> sunday, police confirmed that the house where the shooting occurred, beyond this yellow tape and patrol cars, was an airbnb rental rented out for the night, some even telling us that advertisements for the party were posted on social media, police saying there were between 150 and 200 people in attendance, many between the ages of 16 and 19. >> i overheard some people saying just, they, were going to go to the party, but saw so many people and never went in. >> the shooting is the latest here to happen at a home rented out on airbnb. you may remember holly when -- remember halloween of 2019,
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where an incident prompted airbnb to put a ban on so-called party houses. we reached out to airbnb concerning this rental but have yet to hear back. city officials want answers. >> i want to know what is legally possible for us to restrict and require from vendors like airbnb. >> some we talked with said that, even with restrictions, anything can happen. >> any time you have a short-term rental, it is going to be vulnerable to something like this happening. >> it is nothing that you would ever imagine in this sleepy kind of neighborhood. it was totally unnecessary. it did not have to happen. >> as to the shooter or shooters in this case, no arrests have been made and police have not released any suspect descriptions. in sunnyvale, j.r. stone, abc seven news. >> sunnyvale police are asking anyone with information about the shooting to call detectives. the number is on your screen. >> more warehouse workers will be required to wear a mask.
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tesla is requiring employees at its battery factory to cover their faces regardless of vaccination status. the same goes for 900,000 amazon warehouse employees. both policies go into effect today. this is in response to rising covid cases and concerns about the delta variant. >> amazon is joining the vaccine incentive campaign with prizes. people can win a new car or five under thousand dollars. anyone from people at the warehouse to whole foods workers are eligible. they previously offered up to $80,000. the company employs 1.3 million people. >> a northbay restaurant group investing thousands of dollars in cash gift cards, hoping more of its employees get vaccinated. the stark reality restaurant group employs about 475 people at seven different sonoma county eateries. it is trying to avoid making vaccinations a requirement so it
5:17 am
is taking a nod from governor newsom's vaccination lottery. each of the restaurants will give away three gift to vaccinated employees. anyone who wants to enter has to be fully vaccinated by the end of the month. >> most of our employees have been vaccinated but there are a few who are still hesitant or procrastinating. >> the stark reality restaurant group estimates 59 employees have not received the shot. the drawing starts september 1. >> mondays will get luckier starting in two weeks when powerball adds a new drawing. this new edition of the jackpot will be up for grabs mondays, wednesdays and saturdays. you can expect the jackpots to climb faster and to see more cash prizes and jackpots over time, so no one won saturday's drawing. the jackpot for wednesday's is $241 million.
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>> a florida great-great-grandmother just turned 100 and is celebrating. she is still going strong as a guinness world record holder. she is the oldest female competitive power lifter. she can dead lift 165 pounds. she can bench 65. edith said she did not start lifting until she was 91. >> i would pick up a few bars and it got to be fun. i think i became more aware of the need that people have to be recognized for who they are. and it is the most beautiful thing. >> wow. edith is a former dance teacher. she said she is preparing for another competition in november where she expects to win another trophy. she expects to receive applause and enjoys that. >> not only is she weightlifting but she is looking good while doing this. >> she has the singlet on, the whole thing.
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>> everything. >> all in. looks incredible. >> edith does not yell. y >> let's try it. >> grace and dignity. >> may be a chair, umbrella, a picture of something -- a pitcher of something. she can encourage me. i like that. as far as weather goes, summer is back. we have a repeat of last week as temperatures were below average. not the case this week. a look at san rafael, where we see increasing clouds today but the pattern of those pulling back to the coast and giving us average temperatures will happen. the summer spread today of about 30, 30 five degrees. building warmth tomorrow through friday, but when that happens, the winds will also switch so i will be watching smoke and monsoon moisture tuesday-friday.
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right now, not an issue but it could be. something to keep in the back of our minds. this load to the north and the extension of that, the trough, bringing onshore flow, keeping us average today and pulling the smoke away, but as it builds to the north, that is when the heat comes in and the wind could change direction and bring smoke. enjoy the sunshine in the south bay. santa clara 79, 89 morgan hill. heading up the peninsula, most in the mid-to upper 70's. 81 in rapid city. mid-60's along the coast with pockets of sunshine today. mid to upper 60's for san francisco, sausalito. mid 80's for most of our valley. heading over to napa, milder at 79. east bay, 71 at berkeley, hercules, castro valley. as you move to the east bay valley, low to mid 90's today for our hottest temperatures.
5:21 am
tonight, comfortable. we fall back into the 50's. maybe not as much cloud cover as this morning. you can see a couple of degrees tomorrow, a couple more wednesday, thursday, friday. upper 90's inland. temperatures will taper just a couple of degrees saturday and sunday, bringing us back to average. >> if you are a fan of whale tai ls, foldable doors or windshields, fremont was the place to be. they turned up the heat with the annual car show for classic cars. owners showcased their wheels in one of the most visited shows in the bay area. there were vehicles from the 1930's to now. >> they take parade in these -- they take pride in these projects and a lot of these guys are first time owners. they get together and get to talk cars and parts and motors all day long. >> the flying a c c c the main backers of the event
5:22 am
that got started over 30 years ago. the show was extended to the entire town this year. nice. coming up, seven things to know this morning. >> the fight in florida over vaccine passports. a judge's new ruling about cruises. >> cybersecurity experts reveal the easier but effective combinations for passwords. >>
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. it is back-to-school for students in oakland, the first time since the pandemic began the kids will be back on campus full-time. oakland unified says masks will be required inside all school buildings. reggie: dr. anthony fauci says he is hopeful the fda will give full approval to the coronavirus vaccines by the end of the month as new wave is devastating parts of the country. kumasi: it is possible that pg&e equipment may have had a role in starting the dixie fire.
5:25 am
the flames have burned 489 thousand acres. it is now the second largest wildfire in state history. reggie: an alarming new report from the u.n. finds the earth's climate is changing at a rapid and intensive time -- and intensifying pace. scientists say we must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse emissions. mike: warming trend. look how we build a couple of degrees through tuesday, wednesday, even thursday and friday. jobina: we have a car on fire and crashed on this island. you will run into a slowdown on westbound 37 on mare island. kumasi: canada reopening to american tourists today, so if you want to visit, you will need to prove your fully vaccinated and get a negative covid test. reggie: new advice about passports. cyber purity -- cybersecurity experts say it is better to use
5:26 am
three random words than a complex series of letters, numbers and symbols. random words create unusual letter combinations that are more difficult for hacking software to guess. good luck with that, because most of the time you will need symbols and numbers. otherwise it will not take it. today's national book lovers day. you can celebrate by reading. share photos on social media. use the #nationalbookloversday. kumasi: astronauts put on their space olympics as the tokyo games wrapped up. they showed off their zero gravity moves in a series of videos. they had synchronized space swimming, space field hockey, and a gymnastics floor routine without the floor. reggie: coming up, your chance to pretend he live oan we will explain. kumasi: a new way to connect with others. the future facebook is rolling out after months of testing. reggie: a story will only see on
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>> this is abc7 news. reggie: the fourth wave of covid-19 devastating parts of the u.s.. the new prediction on the next hotspots. >> just get it. get it. because i have seen what it can do. kumasi: a nearly 90-year-old woman encouraging everyone to roll up their sleeves and get vaccinated. the tragic events that led to this church opening its own clinic. reggie: a big day in oakland. kids getting ready to go to school in person full-time for the first time in more than a year. the precautions in place. kumasi: code red for humanity. a new report on the alarming realities of climate change. scientists are saying it is not too late to make a difference. reggie: good morning.
5:30 am
abc7 is live right now on abc7, who live and where you stream. kumasi: we want to begin with a check on the forecast. mike: it is never too late to make a difference, especially if you plan to live another 10, 20, 30 years, because that is when we will start to see the effects of what we do today to mitigate climate change. don't we want to leave the world better for our kids, grandkids a little haze in the air. you can see that in san rafael. we have a little bit of an onshore breeze, 23 miles per hour in fairfield, the less of us less than 10 miles per hour. today pretty close to average per the average high in san francisco is 67. we will be around 66. san jose spot on at 81. 91 at napa, a degree warmer than normal in concord. 72 in oakland, so spot on. enjoy the average weather because i have my eye on average
5:31 am
-- on warmer temperatures and the possibility of smoke returning. reggie: for the first time in more than year and a half, oakland public schools is reopening for full in-person classes. education is a key pillar in our effort to build a better bay area. the return to school during the pandemic is something we are following closely. amy hollyfield is live at the oakland academy of knowledge. hi. amy: good morning. kids will be greeted by a sign warning them about all the covid protocols, telling them what they need to do, that masks are required, social distancing is required, that they need to be safe and aware of covid. we talked to some parents about returning to school. many of them tell us they are excited. their kids are excited. they are ready. oakland unified school district will require masks inside all school buildings but will not be requiring the vaccine or a negative covid test, and this concerns some teachers as the
5:32 am
delta variant drives up the number of cases. we talked to a teacher who has decided to continue with distance learning because of fear of covid. we alsoough a ha of doing everytng we tt udents the best education possible, and to just dohat -- and to just throw that all away weeks or months before they themselves can get a vaccine i think is cruel. i think it is wrong. >> even though there are increasing rates of hospitalization among children who have the covid-19 infection, those rates remain reassuringly low. amy: the doctor says the best way to protect kids is to get them vaccinated if they are eligible, or, if they are not old enough, for the adults in their home to get vaccinated. out of the about 36,000 students in oakland, the district says about 850 have decided to stay home and continue distance learning, but the majority will
5:33 am
be returning to full-time, in person learning today, a big day many have waited a long time for. kumasi: thank you. hospitals and part ofuntry are h covid patients and are running out of icu beds. the bidento sondates. this comes as predictions, as to which states will be the new hotspots. >> thousands of patients nationwide are getting care. the average number of hospitalizations is at 8000 a day, the highest since february. that's up more than 300% since last month. houston is down to just 46 icu beds. >> it is impacting all of us, and it actually is beginning to threaten health care for people with other problems. >> dr. anthony fauci says he is hopeful the fda will give full approval of the coronavirus
5:34 am
vaccines by the end of the month. the fda has only granted emergency use approval of the pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines and as school begins, former fda commissioner scott gottlieb predicts florida, illinois and north carolina could be the next hotspots. reggie: a florida church taking action after taking a hit from covid. six members of impact church in jacksonville died from covid in the span of 10 days. the pastor says the members were all healthy but not vaccinated. now he is leading the effort to get his congregation to get the shot. >> four of the six were under the age of 33, the youngest being 24. >> i have a 70-year-old -- 17-year-old daughter in the hospital not doing well, at a 42-year-old granddaughter getting over it, at 809i would not make it. >> this was the church's second
5:35 am
vaccination event. their first in march helped about a hundred people get their first those. >> a federal judge citing with norwegian cruise lines, winning a preliminary injunction that allows norwegian cruise lines to ask florida passengers for proof of vaccination before boarding a ship. the governor of florida has been fighting vaccine mandates. vaccine -- norwegian argued vaccination is required to safely resume operations. reggie: governor andrew cuomo has resigned as the governor faces a possible impeachment amid sexual assault allegations. the committee that would handle and impeachment meets today. >> and this morning's gma first look, new york governor andrew cuomo and the looming threat of impeachment, now facing a
5:36 am
potential misdemeanor charge over allegations he groped his former executive assistant. >> she filed a complaint alleging criminalducty the governor that was sexual in nature. >> details from a report released by the state attorney general saying cuomo allegedly harassed 11 women and cuomo denies any misconduct or inappropriate advances, his lawyer striking back against the claims. >> he did not grope her. there was evidence provided by several individuals to the attorney general about the potential motives for her to have made that claim. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., legal analyst dan abrams ways and live with what is next for cuomo. abc news, albany, new york. kumasi: infrastructure deal has cleared a major hurdle. final passage could come as soon as tomorrow morning.
5:37 am
last night's but was the largest showing of gop support so far with 18 republicans voting yes. the house is in recess but is expected to consider the package when it returns next month. coming up, taliban takeover. the situation in afghanistan and the u.s.'s pledge to help. reggie: now is your chance to pretend to live on another planet. the year-long mission nasa is recruiting for right now. but first, meteorologist mike nicco. mike: isn't that a hotel at disney world? reggie: it is the star cruiser. mike: which one is cheaper? i will take that one. reggie: i cannot wait to see the story. mike: here's a view of the walnut creek camera. that's mount diablo in the distance as we look to the west -- or the east, as normal this morning. i like the shot. thank you for dialing that up. clouds this morning, but mainly sunny in the afternoon.
5:38 am
breezy than choppy. some narrow breezes through the straight right now. those will back their way all the way to the golden gate bridge. maybe a little choppy this afternoon. dress accordingly. a beautiful shot of the clouds they continue to pull in from the coast. a nice rainbow. air quality will remain moderate today, tomorrow and wednesday but i am really watching tuesday. tomorrow morning, there may be more hays in the year. -- more haze in the air. something we have to keep an eye on. running from mid-50's to low 60's in the inland east bay neighborhoods. low 50's to mid 60's just about everywhere else as well. you can focus on the cloud cover, see how quickly it pulls back to the coast. 60's around the bay, 80's showing up at noon inland and then we were meant to the 80's and even a few 90's in the east bay and around clearlake and lavert hill.
5:39 am
60's at the coast and around the bay. a comfortable evening around tap, 60's, 70's and 80's. we will show you the heat wave coming up. how about the commute? jobina: i will look at the maps and a slowdown, a slight one, on westbound 37 at the mero island offramp. there is a car that has crashed into a tree, on fire as well. crews are responding. it looks like the police are heading to the scene so i will let you know if we get more information on that. a life picture from the san mateo bridge as traffic begins to pick up westbound. no issues or advisors to report. a clear run at the bay bridge
5:40 am
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but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. kumasi: to afghanistan and the rapid success of the taliban. the militants now control at
5:42 am
least five major cities and airstrikes are not stopping them. jobina: the taliban is steadily sweeping away the defense of the afghan government. footage shows entire markets on fire. fierce fighting and airstrikes were not enough to stop their advance, turning one city into smoldering wreckage. five cities have fallen to the taliban since friday. they are pushing further into the country's second-largest city. >> the taliban cannot wait. they have the options, the capability. we have given that away. >> the taliban, they are killing everybody. if they control afghanistan, afghanistan will go back to 21 years ago, no schools, nothing. >> this comes just three weeks before the final pullout of u.s. troops. they have already pledged to evacuate thousands of afghans who have helped the military. reggie: two people from the bay
5:43 am
area are among those who died on a sightseeing plane crash in alaska. both the individuals from napa died as the plane went down thursday. one was a former public defender, the other or nurse and instructor -- the other a nurse and instructor at pacific union college. poor weather conditions put off their recovery effort, but cruise finally made it to the crash site saturday. kumasi: two couples targeted in a brazen daytime robbery in oakland's chinatown are thinking a good samaritan for his actions. the stranger who intervened ended up being shot twice. here is an interview only see on abc seven news. >> it broke out along eighth and franklin in chinatown in oakland saturday afternoon, when armed men in ski masks targeted the people saturday afternoon. as seen on video, the suspects
5:44 am
grabbed the two women's handbags. one person in the group grapples to get his girlfriend's purse back. >> i kind of reacted immediately to try to get them off of her. >> and his pistol whipped in the process. -- and his pistol whipped in the process. a good samaritan walks by. he falls to the ground as he is shot twice in the arm and thigh. >> i appreciate the good samaritan for jumping in at helping because i might not be alive if not for that. >> mr. chan and his friends have this morning given recent attacks. >> i can recommend to get involved in that way if this happens to other people - to to not get involved in that way at this happens to other people. there might be knives or guns. >> the good samaritan is recovering and appreciates the support of the community. >> in the south bay, police are
5:45 am
asking the public to be on the lookout for a stolen dog. this is bo week, a two-year-old australian shepherd. he was on north santa cruz avenue friday afternoon when a woman took him. she drove off and a black mercedes-benz suv. bowie is recognizable because his eyes are different colors. if you know anything, you can call police. >> facebook rolling out its new prayer feature after months of testing. you can ask fellow facebook users to pray about things like job interviews, illnesses and other personal issues. facebook says that if a person posts our request, a person can tap in an i prayed button. some religious leaders say it is a new way to gather faithful, but others say it raises privacy concerns. reggie: if you have always wanted to pretend to live on another planet, here is your
5:46 am
chance. nasa is looking for people to join in on a mars simulation. you will be living on a mockup of mars and the johnson space center in houston. paid volunteers will do the same thing asked ron stu. spacewalks, food restrictions, communication blackouts and simulated equipment failures. candidates should have a degree in science, engineering or math. applications due by september 17. this sounds like absolute -- hmm. mike: i have the degree. kumasi: mike is ready to leave the studio. reggie: this is basically big brother, the tv show. mike: do you vote people off? do you have challenges? do you get head of household? reggie: that sounds like there are a lot of challenges. 750 square feet and there's three other people with you? mike: that's called living in san francisco, isn't it? reggie: can't you leave?
5:47 am
mike:mike: will matt damon be there? reggie: do not get me started on matt damon. kumasi: anyway, mike, you apply. do not let us steal your joy. mike: do you think i can get time off or that? kumasi: yes. i support you. i am not your boss but i support you. mike: i will remember that when i talked to the boss. here's a look at what is going on. san jose 10 one at 880 and you can see hardly any cloud cover off to the east. we have a summer spread. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, 60's at the coast, 90's inland. clouds, fog and haze tonight that will join that, especially the fog and haze, different than this morning. it is vi intowle see the extension, the trough and the onshore flow keeping us comfortable, keeping
5:48 am
the smoke away but once high-pressure pressure starts to build backwards toward us, it could steer, definitely will steer heat, but could steer some smoke too. looking right now to be in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. we will spare ourselves from spirit the air days. fingers crossed. 89 morgan hill, san jose, gilroy, los gatos in the 80's, everyone else in the south bay upper 70's. along the coast, the spread is much narrower, 63 or 64. mid 60's northbay coast, but looking at 79 to about 85 through the northbay valleys. for the east bay, 71 at berkeley, fremont 78. and lend -- inland, c the hotspot at 95. chico and sacramento today
5:49 am
not much smoke around the state except for the usual areas to the north. upper 50's tonight. we could have smoke return tomorrow but right now it looks like it will be in the middle parts of the atmosphere. the big story moving forward will be the warmer than average temperatures through friday and back down to average saturday and sunday. reggie: new at 6:00, the start of a spectacular show dazzling the night sky and it is not over yet. the best time to catch a glimpse of a meteor shower. kumasi: the climate change report out overnight. the steps we can take to change the trajectory. reggie:
5:50 am
5:51 am
kumasi: an alarming new report on climate change. the united nations finding the climate is changing at a rapid and intensifying pace, calling the situation a code red for community.
5:52 am
the climate and environment is a key issue we are focused on here, and despite the dire warnings, scientists say we can still make a difference. >> the report from the u.n. panel predicts warmer forecasts for that when he first century than in 2013. -- for the 21st century then it's when he 13. -- admissions -- emis to be limited to limit warming. the world will cross the 2.5 degree mark in the 20 30's according to the report, earlier than predicted. >> it is indisputable that human activity is causing climate change. human influence is making extreme climate events like heat waves, droughts and heavy rainfall more frequent and severe. each of the past four decades has been the warmest on record since preindustrial times. those kinds of trends are indisputable. >> the report says warming is
5:53 am
already accelerating the rise of sea levels and shrinking ice, so it can be done? climate scientists say we must take immediate action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. the u.n. secretary general is calling on governments around the world to invest in low carbon solutions. leaders will discuss the findings and solutions at the u.n. climate talks in glasgow in november. >> abc7 is dedicated to fighting climate change. you can see more of our coverage on the abc7 app. >> jury selection for the sex trafficking trial of r&b star r. kelly is said to get underway today. a judge will question potential jurors in new york city after the singer was charged with abusing women and girls for nearly two decades. rammy award winner has denied ever abusing anyone as
5:54 am
recently as last month. >> the football hall of fame fam will have to do without leonard skynyrd enshrinement concert because of covid. guitarist tested positive, forcing the band to cancel its next four shows. people will be able to hear brad paisley and jimmy allen. anyone who bought tickets to hear sweet home alabama played by leonard skynyrd will get a refund. >> the hall of presidents is back open at disney world and now, the animatronics president joe biden is making an appearance at the magic kingdom. >>, joseph robinette biden junior, do solemnly swear. >> they have been working for the past few months to add him to the hall of attractions. he recorded the audio of his oath of office that is now used
5:55 am
in the attraction. disney as a parent company of abc7. mike: i was quickly educated on the latest news on matt damon and i apologize for that. i did not know that news, so, reggie, think -- thank you for letting me understand about that. and mendocino county. air quality is pretty good right now around us. it will remain that way. it may get up to yellow but we are not expected to see reds and oranges we are seeing in other areas up north, the sierra. we are watching low-level smoke, throughout the day, but watch tomorrow as we get haze as the onshore winds taper and upper level winds will start coming out of the southeast, so you can see mid and upper level smoke role in late tuesday. it could hang around until
5:56 am
wednesday. right now, looks like the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere, not the lower parts where we would have to be concerned about it. there you go. kumasi: thank you. uber and lyft prices hit hit hit all-time highs. a new report showing how prices compare. reggie: a fire consumes a car in the east bay. look at the heavy smoke and flames. what led to this crash. kumasi: the dixie fire now the second largest in california history. as investigators look into how it started, pg&e is explain how it may have been involved. reggie: it is 5:56. coming right back.
5:57 am
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>> this is the result of a ca cd withea smo and flames. police are saying about the driver responsible. >> a major intersection in san
6:00 am
francisco will reopen to traffic. the improvements drivers will notice. >> as a parent i'm excited for the social interaction and learning in classrooms. a part of bringing children back to these campuses. >> reactions from oakland parents and teachers about in person learning as the delta variance spreads. kids are returning to classrooms today for the first day of school. good morning, it is monday, august 9. we start with a look at your weather. mike: i have a forecast i think you will like. nothing extraordinary today but through the seven-day forecast it will get hotter with a slight chance of smoke coming back. clean a


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