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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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whoa. here you go. (in unison) thank you mckayla! dude, get it. i'm not getting it, you get it. you threw it. it's your frisbee. geico. switch today and see all the ways you could save. school. how do we keep them safe inside the classroom? the steps you can take to protect your kids. >> a lot of time washing hands and eating slowly. >> getting honest about education in the time of covid. a teacher gives us an insider perspective inside the classroom. pg&e reveals updated information about whether the utility may have a possible role in the dixie wildfire, the largest in the nation. >> code red for humanity. the biggest take away from the
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climate change study and what we can do to minimize the damage. >> weapons, drugs, puppies. >> wielding a better bay area. >> students in oakland return to the classroom today. >> another local dealing with a rapidly rising covid case rate. >> you're watching abc seven news at 5:00. an east bay school district is dealing with riving -- rising covid rates among students and teachers. >> melanie woodrow found how districts are planning to deal with outbreaks. >> every monday, brentwood union updates its covid-19 cases and exposures.
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since students returned less than two weeks ago, they have already reported 19 positive covid-19 cases, 17 students and two staff members. follow all state guidelines to prevent the spread of positive cases at the school and that it has no plans to close schools. the district is not alone. we spoke with representatives from several school districts around the area who have the same response. >> the protocol has changed dramatically. the emphasis being that all schools will stay open and all students will have access to in person instruction. last year's focus was shelter and protection. this year it is full integration of activities within a school setting. >> sonoma county is requiring
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students to wear masks in doors. while a personid-19 not iniall others who had contact could return immediately, so long as they were masked when the contact occurred don't have covid symptoms and agree to testing. local health officers make recommendations regarding school shutting down. >> if it is being transmitted from a school site, the health department would look at it cautiously. schools will still operate. >> hayward says that it has plans to -- should they be needed. >> abc seven's ev
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a better bay area. lois peña is part off and brings expert exiles -- advice. luz: reported among children, yet the data is clear that the majority of children do not experience severe disease. has many as 35,000 students are going back to in person class in oakland. we had a frank conversation with the director of pediatric medicine. >> it is inevitable. >> transmission of covid-19 depends on local transmission rates. >> what is your suggested scenario? >> the first is to get every eligible person vaccinated which
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includes children 12 and older. the second step makes clear that every child and teacher wear a mask in the school. the third step means that if there is an exposure to a child in the community that they stay out of school. in the fourth is making sure that they space out children in the classroom as much as possible stop >> the best way to protect children is to make sure that their parents and teachers are fully vaccinated. >> why is it that children are less severely impacted? >> we are uncertain why children are less acted by the virus. -- less impacted by the virus. >> do you think that the past year of and online classes weakened their immune system?
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>> i don't think so but there may be long-term effects we have not teased apart. >> cases many of the cases will not be severe and less they have pre-existing health conditions. >> those with the most severe infections have been kids who are overweight. >> is it safe to go back? >> for any individual child it is safe. the majority of observers believe that the benefits of children and education significantly outweight the potential risks. >> let's talk about a timeline. when are you going to see the first cases of covid-19? >> i think we will start to see cases within a month. >> the american academy of pediatrics is urging them to expedite an approved vaccines
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for children five years and under. they will have two months of safety and efficacy in september. in the newsroom, lose peña -- luze peña. >> making a series of visits across the state to reinforce the importance. >> this is important for our students, they deserve and need in person instruction. even though there are challenges facing us, this school is taking into account the needs of our students to ensure that they continue to learn. >> he is holding a statewide virtual town hall on wednesday tongue people it is not too late to get a shot. >> leanne melinda spoke with a parent and teacher. after sony struggled with
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distance-learning, kids and parents are happy that we are back to normal. >> there were veryxcited. they had masks on. from day one, we gained the trust epic parent and teacher. -- the trust of a parent and a teacher. 17 months later, they shared with us this moment of returning. >> we will be successful. >> reassuring words from oakland students prepared to enter the classroom while facing much uncertainty around the delta variant. >> just want to be safe. >> excited, it is past due. >> mayor libby schaaf to had this to say. >> we cannot shut down the
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schools, our babies need to learn. >> there needs to be an adult or someone responsible with the children. >> we met reginald mosley working from home while supervising his children. this is what he said a year ago. >> for working parents, for single parents, that is rough. >> as in person learning resumes, he says that schools need to focus on the learning loss that some students experienced. >> the first couple of weeks, the teachers do an assessment. providing the results of that assessment to parents. i would like to see that. >> this was olivia univac a month into distance-learning. >> the classroom will be in your home and i will be your teacher. >> today we met her outside the element or school after spending the first day with her kindergarten class. >> we spent a lot of time
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watching -- washing hands and eating slowly and spreading out. learning why it is important t'. that's what i learned from the pandemic. >> manzanita seed is a k-5th grade school. none of the kids there are vaccinated. when she says everything is done at a slower pace, it means they are really making sure that kids know the importance of the protocols. leanne melendez. >> as we look for signs that the latest coronavirus search is slowing down, there is a significant one today. the positivity rate dropped to 6.3%.
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doubled in two weeks. 16,000 are still threatened. th. to get live updates on all the fires burning in california, with our wildfire tracker, you can find it on our website. >> united nations climate report released today is issuing what it called a code red for humanity. in its strongest language the report says the impact of human caused climate changes severe.
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emissions today, global warming is expected to rise to 1.5 degrees celsius within two decades. the worst impact would come if temperatures keep rising, passing even for degrees celsius. the reports as we have a short window to stop things getting worse. >> the biggest take away is that although climate change is real and important, there are things that we can do. we need to rapidly reduce emissions down to zero. >> report was produced by 234 authors from 266 countries who analyzed 14,000 scientific reports. >> a cache of guns, well. part of a big bust. >> bart wants to hear what you have to say.
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the head o
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>> a recent gang bust in the south bay included the recovery of a dog and a puppy. they arrested three suspects following a long investigation. as dustin dorsey explains, the animals were seized along with weapons and drugs. >> with an excited pant and a speedy run, gucci the french bulldog is reunited with her owner again. she was stolen from the owner's home in february. last week gucci in one of the puppies were found by police. these are the investigators posing. the dogs owner does not want to be identified but is happy to have them home. san jose police found the dogs as part of an investigation into three suspected gang members.
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>> for us it is a big win. the suspects are responsible for 10 violent crimes in the city. the various shoothe various shoh associated with as well as earlier. >> this is what the police seized, equipment used to manufacture and assemble ghost guns, a ballistic vest and narcotics, and a fully automatic handgun, just one of the illegal guns that police obtained. christian camarillo says the department is happy to get the illegal drugs and weapons off the streets but wants to bring the remaining lost puppies home to their owner. >> i know how much these dogs mean to their owners. very smart dogs. this isn't done because there are three puppies that the owner would like back. >> if you have any information about the missing puppies,
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contact sjpd. >> the family of a man who died in the hands of police -- the city are named in the suit filed on behalf of his family. police were called to the home in december when his mom reported he was having a mental health episode. officers took him to the ground. his family has compared what happened to the death of george floyd. >> he did not deserve what happened to him. nobody deserves that. >> the city has not issued a response to the lawsuit. >> do you have a complaint or complement or issue involving bart? they want to hear from you. part of announcing that bob powers is read launching his listening tour starting this wednesday.
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the tour was put o was march of 2020 because of covid-19. >> the post office is delivering another price increase. >>
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>> a lot of people really want to make sure that they don't get the coronavirus. some are being dishonest to get an additional covid vaccine shot. >> you could see this coming. there have been reports suggesting that mixing different vaccines can be helpful. michael finney is here. >> while many americans are refusing to get a covid vaccine at all, there are others lying to get a third shot, or a second one for those who have had the johnson & johnson vaccine. less than 1000 americans have
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received a covid booster and it is reported that some consumers have told authorities that they have not been vaccinated when they have, or are using alternative ids to get in line for a third shot or second for johnson & johnson. the u.s. government has not approved a booster for anyone although boosters may soon be made available to those with weakaned immune systems. right now my first class stamp costs $.55. the price of a postcard will go up from $.36 to $.46. this is the second rate increase this year. have you ever been tricked into buying a prescription when you thought that you were making a one time purchase? the federal trade commission says that it is cracking down on bad actors. when offered a free subscription
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, you should know that it will not cost you anything unless you agree to go along with a paid plan. this has been a problem for a couple of decades. it is nice to see the fcc finally saying enough. >> but they said free! [laughter] >> exactly. >> let's get a c get a c get a c weather. >> we had a nice day we will find those temperatures warming as we head to tuesday and especially into wednesday. that marine layer is pretty deep. we will find fog spilling into the bay shoreline likely after midnight. the air quality is nice in most areas. green is good to go. all in all, any smoke that we had over the weekend and last week will stay out of the bay area. air quality tomorrow and wednesday will fluctuate between good and moderate.
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there are no air quality concerns coming your way. the numbers with the onshore breeze in the 60's and 70's. tomorrow, we are getting even warmer than that in the hottest spots. by 7:00 p.m. we are in the 60's close to the water. overnight tonight we will fall into the 50's and 60's again. there is the marine layer coming back. 57 in oakland, 59 in san jose. let's our by other -- hour-by-hour. coastal clouds with fog around the shoreline. it looks like the marine layer will pull back quickly. tomorrow morning we are all seeing sunshine away from the coast. 84 in san jose, 80 tino.
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-- cupertino. downtown tomorrow, close to 60. the north bay 87 in santa rosa, 86 in sonoma, 96 in cloverdale. 75 in oakland. 80 in union city. inland tomorrow, mid to 90's. 95 in concord, 94 in pleasanton. we're in this pattern of morning fog and afternoon sunshine. by wednesday, we are into the upper 90's. that pattern will hold at least through saturday. by sunday and monday, it's cooler, but no excessive heat in the next seven days. >> when we come
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this is video from the perseid meteor shower in oregon. it will peak wednesday at 11:00. you don't need a telescope to see the shooting stars. all you need to do is find a clear sky away from city lights. >> a good start today for an annual back-to-school event. community it is more than school supplies. >> the folks at sacred heart are doing an amazing job providing food and other services like afterschool programs. world news tonight with david muir is.
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taco bell's fry force. now serving at a taco bell near you. tonight, the alarming surge in covid cases here in the u.s. hospitals under siege. and what they're now seeing in children. the virus targeting tens of thousands of children, with the u.s. now reporting more than 100,000 new cases of covid a day. hospitals again nearing the breaking point. in arkansas, for one, just eight icu beds now available. in austin, texas, tonight, reports just six icu beds left. florida tonight requesting 300 ventilators from the federal government. and with the new school year already getting under way, doctors urging the fda to authorize vaccinations for children between 5 and 11 as quickly as possible. dr. jha standing by to answer your questions tonight. the major fires in the u.s.


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