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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 9, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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area is taking responsibility for our ability to impact the climate. climate change is the topic of a sobering report released today by the united nations, concluding the world has warmed faster than previously thought. >> this report tells us that recent changes in the climate are widespread, rapid, and intensifying. unprecedented in thousands of years. >> we see the effects of climate change right here in california and the bay area. drought, wildfires, smoky skies. wayne freedman has more on the risk of wildfires now that climate change may be impacting them. wayne: after decades off warning, forecast by the intergovernmental panel on climate change are proving to be accurate. the bad news, that all of us are living with the consequences. >> almost everybody is seeing direct impacts that have already
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occurred. wayne: seeing those impacts strongly now. most recently in the dixie fire which continues to spread and to destroy at an alarming rate. >> the heat developed by the fire would create the moist air to rise up and create huge columns. wayne: steve souter brought back this photo after 13 days on the fire lines after a quarter-century of fighting fires, he had seen them grow more intense every year. >> the fires are moving much more rapidly than we have ever seen before. wayne: most experts see rising n temperatures and longer summers as inevitable with increased risks in areas like santa rosa. it is a classic wildland urban interface. the city just cleared this area, part of a community wildfire protection plan that provides
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nearby homes a fire break and defense. >> what made this place one of the first you dealt with? wayne: if projections remain accurate, in the best case, we can expect the world to keep forming for two more decades. faced with that, this kind of project offers at least a fighting chance. >> there's areas all across the city that need this type of work. wayne: or else. in santa rosa, wayne freedman, abc seven news. larry: experts believe climate change is among the factors contribute into the dixie fire and it right be burning for nearly a month, fueled by heat, drought, and fierce winds. it is the second-largest fire in state history. only last year's august complex fire remained bigger. the official list of evacuations is eight pages long.
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calfire does not expect that to be fully contained until august 20. you can see live updates of all the fires burning in california. >> tonight, we brought in a team of weather experts to talk about climate change and its impact in the bay area. we have spencer christian along with drew tuma. drew: heat and wildfires are the priority as we head deeper into fire season but another long-term threat, one from rising sea level, may be just as devastating. reading projections from the united nations climate report is like watching an invading army heading for san francisco bay. rising tides threatening along sections of shoreline. >> we are looking at anywhere from two feet to five feet of sea level rise by the end of the century in san francisco bay and for the bay area, we are basically ground zero for sealevel rise. drew: the executive director of
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the san francisco estuary institute, which has produced detailed maps of what those changes might look like. at a full five feet, cyclical flooding coupled with other impacts of climate change could begin to cause havoc. >> we faced the triple threat of sea level rise, rising groundwater, and low land flooding from more intense storms. wayne: he says the threat includes critical infrastructure from major freeway stay water treatment plants -- free ways to water treatment plants. david lewis with the environmental group save the bay says the report lends even more urgency to the need to restore natural wetlands to help absorb the increasing tide. >> we have a tremendous opportunity in the san francisco bay area that other places do not have. we can restore a lot of marshes that will provide natural shoreline protection and also keep the day healthier. drew: he says planning opportunities could prove critical to some bay area cities
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which have sunk below sea level and are vulnerable to flooding. one of multiple climate threats that now can only be viewed with an increasing sense of urgency. the report also underscored the continuing threat of rising sea levels because of melting glaciers and similar factors. scientists believe, at least in the short term, that it is likely to be irreversible. let's switch to the weather and bring in spencer christian for a look at what we can expect over the next couple of days. spencer: relative to climate change, one of our great concerns in the bay area is wildfires and in recent days, we had smoke filtering into the bay area air. we had some improvement today thanks to a friendly sea breeze blowing onshore and pushing a lot of that smoke to our east. right now, moderate to good air quality across all of the bay area with the yellow and green dots indicating moderate to good air quality. we have a favorable wind flow.
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our forecast for the surface smoke means it will push to the east and northeast. folks in the path of that smoke will find that uncomfortable. we will have improving quality through tomorrow. in the upper atmosphere where the more harmful smoke has been collecting. we have a favorable wind flow that will push the thicker smoke to our east and north. the forecast is pretty good through tomorrow but later in the week, a big warm up coming our way. things may change air quality wise. i will have the forecast a little bit later. larry: turning to our work to build a better bay area by protecting our health. we have good news tonight to report from today's estate release of coronavirus data, the test positivity rate went down, dropped to 6.3% on friday. the rate is 7.1%. monday's case counts are usually high because they include the weekends but today's total of
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roughly 10,000 is the lowest monday in four weeks. we continue to see hospitalizations and icu numbers increase. the chief of emergency medicine at san francisco general hospital says he does not expect to see his hospital get overwhelmed. >> i don't see any indication that we will get overwhelmed. we are bracing for a significant surge but i strongly suspect that we in san francisco will be ready for it, particularly if we can react and continue the trend downward in the positivity rates. larry: it announced its first cobit deaths in months. two people died from the delta variant. both were unvaccinated and in their 70's. >> oakland unified held its first day of class today. teachers welcomed students back with many reassuring them about the efforts to keep them safe inside the classroom. one kindergarten teacher we spoke with shared what her day was like. >> spent a lot of time washing hands and eating slowly and spreading out and reading about
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why it is important to wear a mask. i covered a lot less than i normally would on the first day of school but it is ok. that is what i learned from the pandemic so it was better. >> parents we spoke with seemed happy to have their kids back in the classroom. others expressed the need to focus on the learning lost some of those students experience. two of the state's top officials were in the bay area today, weighing in on the long-awaited resumption of in person instruction. laura anthony has that part of the story from the east bay. >> this is an important time for our students. they deserve and need in person instruction. laura: state superintendent tony fairmansit tokld hool as an oppy to reinf the importance of a return to in persoclid a resurgent pandemic. >> even though there are many challenges facing us with the variant, this school district
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has taken into account the needs of our students and put all the safety measures in place to ensure our students can continue to learn. laura: school districts will make testing available. along with support services to deal with the trauma and learning loss many children experience during remote instruction. governor gavin newsom told us he is confident that california schoolchildren will be able to remain in person even without the availability of vaccines for younger students. >> we are going to hold to our high standards and we are going to continue to be as vigilant as we possibly can in terms of what happened at school sites but moreover continue vaccination efforts. laura: while state employees in health care workers are required to get vaccinated, teachers will not be, at least for now. >> what about mandates for teachers? >> that is something that is bargainable at the local level. laura: in the short term, the main message from the state will be to encourage, not require, vaccinations for staff,
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students, and their parents. >> on this wednesday, we are holding a virtual town hall for californians, saying it is not too late as ours pulls are beginning to open, to get your vaccine. we will keep lifting the message up over and over and over and over again. laura: laura anthony, abc seven news. >> abc seven, called the challenges of remote learning at one oakland high school last year. you can stream all seven episodes of the docuseries and do it right now. download the free abc seven bay area streaming tv app for your roku or similar device. larry: your recall the ballot may have arrived and while those only two questions, it is enough to confuse some voters. we will get you some clarification tonight, also ahead. >> we close at 4:00. before, we would close at 6:00. and then we were close at 5:00. now, we have to close at 4:00. >> closing early, it's one thing
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covid-19 cases were reported among children yet the doctor says data is clear that the majority of children do not experience severe disease. as more than 35,000 two dense to going back to in person classes in oakland, we had a frank conversation with the head of pediatric pulmonary medicine at lucile packard children's hospital at stanford. he says covid cases will happen. >> i think it is inevitable. >> the cdc says transmission of covid-19 in schools depends on the local transmission rates. what is your suggested scenario children who are back in school? >> four straightforward steps. first is to get every eligible person vaccinated, children 12 years old and older. second step includes making sure that every child and every staff member, and every teacher wear a mask in the school. third step means if there is an exposure to covid in the community, that a child or staff
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member experiences, that they stay out of school. the fourth is making sure that space out children in the classroom as much as possible. >> the best way to protect children is to make sure their parents and teachers are fully vaccinated. even though in many places, they will be a symptomatic if infected why isn't that children are less severely affected by covid-19 than adults? >> we are uncertain as to why children are relatively less affected by the virus in adults. but it has been pretty clear that since the onset of this pandemic, children have been less severely affected. luz: do you think the past year of social distance in an online classes in a way weakened their immune system? >> there might be long-term effects we have not teased apart. luz: many of the cases will not be severe unless they have pre-existing health conditions. >> those with the most severe infections have been kid who are
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significantly overweight. luz: based on all this, is it safe for children to go back to in person classes? >> the overwhelming likelihood is for any individual child, it is safe to go back to school. the majority of observers believe the benefits to children in education significantly outweigh the potential risks of going back to school. luz: let's talk about a timeline. when do you think we will start seeing the first cases of covid-19 among children who went back to the classroom? >> i think we'll start to see cases within a month. luz: even though it is uncommon for children to experience severe disease from covid-19, the american academy of pediatrics says more data needs to be collected on long-term impacts of the pandemic on children. that includes physical health of infected children as well as mental health effects. abc seven news. larry: how close are we to the
6:17 pm
fda authorizing a vaccine for kids younger than 12 years old? luz: very close. we learned the american academy of pediatrics is urging the fda to expedite and approve vaccines for children five years to 11 years old. pfizer said they will have a total of two months of safety data and efficacy month. -- next month. larry: thank you. >> currently, all of the covid vaccines only have emergence the authorization from the fda. pfizer's could become the first to receive full approval. dr. patel is part of the vaccine team. kristen asked him how full approval could sway people. dr. patel: it will be a game changer in two factors. there are a lot more businesses out there. universities, and hospitals will be able to mandate the vaccine and this will hopefully silence anyone out there who says it is an experimental vaccine and it has not gone through enough approval. we will hopefully see 10 times
6:18 pm
as much data compared to the emergency use authorization and it will convince those people. >> if you have questions about the vaccine, you can ask the team. submit your questions at abc seven larry: today, canada fully reopened to vaccinated americans. there are several stipulations. vaccinated americans showing covid-19 symptoms will be turned away. agents can randomly select travelers or covid-19 testing on the spot. on vaccinated children are not yet eligible for immunization and can cross into canada with vaccinated parents but they remain subject to testing. >> we will have the hottest day of the week before the weekend. spencer is tracking the temperatures in the seven-day forecast. you can see the climate watch coverage on the abc seven bay area
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the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> back in business, 12 hours ago, the intersection reopened to traffic. it had been shut down for five straight days for repaving. it was either that or be closed for months. sky seven flew over the road today and it looks nice. this intersection is a major one in the city and it does lead traffic onto 101, so i'm sure everyone who travels that area is super happy to have a backup
6:22 pm
in. larry: that is impressive. they do it in five days almost as efficient as a spencer christian forecast. [laughter] ama: i knew somhi that was coming. spencer: larry is my agent. in case you didn't know. there was a look at our improving air quality. green blocks up there on this panel. this particular graphic for a a while. tomorrow, we expect good air quality in the north bay, south-central bay, and moderate everywhere else, which is not bad. on wednesday, good air quality in the south-central bay so for the next oakland a's, we don't have many concerns about declining air quality. we are looking out the warm-up we have been talking about that will happen. most locations are anywhere from two degrees to five degrees warmer at this time yesterday. there is more warming coming our way. here is a view looking back at part of the skyline of san francisco and lots of blue sky low is beginning to move out
6:23 pm
over the skyline. it is 63 degrees in the city. not, 74. 62 in palo alto. we will correct that later. pacifica, 61 degrees. looking at the golden gate. mary's face? >> most efficient forecast in town. looking at the golden gate, low clouds, a sliver of blue off in the distance. 74 degrees in santa rosa. mid to upper 80's at fairfield. i made a mistake. i'm looking down onto the low -- they push out over the bay and golden gate. warmer pattern for the week ahead, and it is going to be sizzling hot and some of our inland areas later this week.
6:24 pm
we will notice an abs abs abs thick clouds and heavy clouds near the coast in the early evening but those start building and deepening overnight. tomorrow morning, we will have as the commute gets underway, lingering low clouds and fog at the coast. it might obscure visibility a little bit but that will turn back to the coastline. -- burn back to the coastline. though temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50's. relatively mild in some spots. tomorrow, look for sunny skies with warm conditions in the south bay. highs in the low 80's. 91 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, highs ranging from upper 70's to mid 80's. on the coast, it will be warming up as well. downtown san francisco will top out at 68 degrees tomorrow. 87 at santa rosa. oakland, 75and, 75 castro valley, 82. that is where you will find the hottest weather tomorrow.
6:25 pm
mid 90's in virtually every location perhaps up to 98 in brentwood. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday, inland highs in the upper 90's to near 100. 80 or above around the bay shoreline. upper 60's to near 70 on the coast and as we get into the weekend, temperatures beginning to use up just a little bit on sunday and monday. mid 90's inland. that is quite warm. upper 90's to 100. larry: as your agent, you are making it tough for me here. [laughter] come on, give me something to work with. spencer: doing my best. larry: a stolen french bulldog and puppy reunited with their owners. suspects caught and police found a lot more than dogs during the arrest. >> i don't consider myself a hero. they can call me a hero if you want to. >> it probably will. this humble hero speaks only to abc seven news about why he jumped in during an armed robbery in oakland's chinatown
6:26 pm
and whether he would do it again.
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an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc seven news. larry: days after this brazen purse snatching in chinatown, the good samaritan who was shot twice as he jumped in to help speaks only to abc seven news. >> they are also showing us the length they are going to to stay safe. here is dion lim with a story that you will see only on abc seven. >> and de-escalate the situation before it gets out of hand, but
6:30 pm
then it really got out of hand really fast. >> it took only seconds for this man, who wants to be identified as mr. lee, for his active shooter training to kick in after he heard women scream saturday afternoon. >> i would not expect something like this to happen in broad daylight with lots of cameras around. a lot of police presence around. >> he was shopping with his mom when he saw two couples targeted in a violent purse snatching pad one man in the group was pistol whipped. you can see the moment when he jumped into action. at was shot twice in the armpit and the leg. >> this was someone who knocked me out. dion: this comes on the heels of a number of attacks in oakland's chinatown including two violent robberies at ninth and harrison last month. one block away -- earlier, a jewelry shop owner witnessed two women get their handbags snatched.
6:31 pm
you can see the owner pick up a stool and hurl it at the suspects as they get away. >> could not see another person get snatched. really wanted to stop them. a number of businesses are closing up early. >> before we close at 6:00, then we close at 5:00, and then we close at 4:00. sometimes, a little earlier, it is so dangerous. dion: he says he has no regrets but shares this word of caution with others. >> think about your safety first. do not think about your possessions. dion: in oakland, dion lim, abc seven news. >> that video is unreal. not everyone will put themselves in harm's way but there are lots of ways you can be an ally. go to action to get started. larry: the recovery of a dog and puppy. san jose police arrested three
6:32 pm
suspects following a long investigation. the animals were seized along with weapons and drugs. >> with a speedy run, gucci, t , french bulldog, is reunited with her owner once again. she was stolen along with her or puppies in february. -- four puppies in february. these are the investigators posing with the happy pups. the dog's owner does not want to be identified but says he is happy to have them back home. they found the dogs as part of an investigation into three suspected gang members. they were linked to multiple serious crimes in the city. >> these three suspects are responsible for over 10 violent crimes in our city. they range from violent carjackings to robberies, various shootings that they were associated with as well as well as a burglary. dion: police seized equipment
6:33 pm
used to manufacture and assemble ghost guns, illegal high-capacity magazines, narcotics. and a fully automatic handgun, just one of the illegal guns obtained. the public information officer says the department is happy to get the illegal weapons and drugs off the streets but go wants to bring the three remaining lost puppies home to their owner. >> i own a french bulldog. i know how much these dogs mean to their owners. very smart dogs. obviously, he is happy. he is relieved. but at the same time, this is not done yet. >> if you have any information about the missing puppies, contact sj pd. >> it is the first day of school for oakland students. san jose students start next week. we asked how comfortable do you feel at school right now? nearly half said not at all. a quarter were not very comfortable.
6:34 pm
what happens if someone on campus does have covid? every monday, the school district updates its covid-19 cases and exposures. since students returned to school less than two weeks ago, they already reported 19 positive covid-19 cases. evan teen students, and two staff members. there have been 56 students exposed to a positive case of covid-19 who have not tested positive. four staff members demonstratiee symptoms of covid-19 who have not tested positive. it intends to follow all state guidelines to prevent the spread of positive cases at the school and that it has no plans to close schools. the district is not alone. we spoke with representatives from several school districts around the bay area who all have the same response. >> the protocol changed dramatically within the california department of public health guidelines.
6:35 pm
all schools will stay open. all students will have access to in person instruction. that is this year's focus. last year's focus was shelter and protection. this year's focus is full integration of activities in the school setting. >> sonoma county is requiring students to wear masks indoors paid anyone who experiences covid-19 symptoms would be isolated and tested while a person who tested positive for covid-19 will not initially returned to school, others who had contact could return immediately so long as they were massed when the contact occurred, do not have any covid-19 symptoms, and agreed to twice-weekly testing over 10 days. local health officers make recommendations regarding schools shutting down. counties have the option to do more but not less restrictive than cd ph advisors. >> if it is being transmitted from the school site, then they would look at it. i'm sure the health department with a look at it cautiously. when it is brought in from the
6:36 pm
community, widespread in the community, schools will still operate. >> the school district has plans to operate temporary distance learning programs should they be needed. melanie woodrow, abc seven news. >> coming up next, how confusing can two questions get? wh
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>> governor newsom travel to berkeley. he called the conditions no place for anyone to live in hailed the new funding to clean up and secure areas under caltrans's control. he also responded to questions about next month's recall election, following his get out -- calling his get out the vote efforts unprecedented. >> we are investing billions of dollars across the state, working with diverse communities to do what we can to make phone calls, knock on doors, and do what we can to remind people what is at stake. >> election day for the recall is set for september 14. polls will be open but because rry:se blotsould . nfed a part of t isadmittedly c. josh haskell from our sister
6:40 pm
station in l.a. explains. josh: this is far from a traditional election. instead of voting governor newsom over another candidate come on question one, you are voting yes to recall newsom or no to keep him in office. more than 50% vote no, then question two, which lists 46 replacement candidates will not matter, but even if you vote no, you can still take part in question two. voting for a replacement candidate. although newsom's campaign is urging voters to vote no and leave question two blank. >> if 50% or more of the voters vote yes on that first question, someone will be elected governor, so it is your choice on whether or not you want to weigh in on who that is going to be. josh: the field to replace him includes 24 republicans and nine democrats but no big name democrats. the governor's campaign says voting no and skipping question two is the only way to block what they call a republican power grab. >> voters will be confused by
6:41 pm
those requests by the newsom campaign to vote no on question one and leave question two blank. a lot of people feel like voting is a civic duty and most people will probably fill out both questions on the ballot. josh: question two is winner take also the replacement candidate could receive sos 20% of the vote and still be elected. -- receive as low as 20% of the vote and still be elected. >> it is not that confusing. it is different from what you normally see in a full-scale action but if you take a look -- election, but if you take a look, the voters will find naked navigate -- they can navigate it pretty well. larry: you can check out the documentary about california's last recall in 2003. gray davis. he was a governor. arnold schwarzenegger took his place. the documentary is called "total recall." you will find it on the abc seven bay area app on apple tv and other devices. >> there is a lot of summerlike
6:42 pm
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6:45 pm
melissa pixcar visited a nonprofit working to make it a little bit easier. >> our mission is to improve the quality of life with physical disabilities by providing sports and recreational programs. >> about working here is getting to be there when folks realize that they have another option to recreate. disability is really a title. it does not tell me about that person and you can have the same diagnosis but have different levels of mobility, different interests. when you participate, we will spend some time getting to know you and showing you the different equipment that we have and find the best fit for you. >> organization. we are dedicated to providing
6:46 pm
sports and recreation programming for people with physical disabilities and vision impairments. we have a team sports program and that includes wheelchair basketball, sled hockey, gold ball, and power soccer. we also have a fitness program which is now virtual. adventures and outing program. day trips to various destinations throughout the bay area and it gives people a chance to get outdoors and do things like hiking, archery, go to museums. >> the magic of beyond the staff. it is the folks who come here, the energy they bring, and the way that they inspire each other. our center has over 80 adaptive hikes in addition to the kayaking program. we have something that will fit here. >> i was able bodied when i was born. when i was turning 18, i got shot, unfortunately, and that is what led me to being in a wheelchair.
6:47 pm
first year was pretty bad. it was depressing, and i went into wheelchair basketball where i met a lot of people similar to me, which made me feel like i was not alone. over time, i got more confident. >> every single person should have the opportunity to play sports, to recreate, it is just an important part of life. the benefits really go on and on. improved health, improved fitness, improved independence, teamwork. you get this whole socialization piece that is an friendships. let's not forget fun. it is a lot of fun to play and compete in that is what we offer here. >> when people come here, we are focusing on things they can do. that is the way we should all live our lives.
6:48 pm
some fun and have accessibility. larry: absolutely. let's get to the forecast. i want to make a correction because -- this is legit. e mp ilto ande was a mistake in spencer took the blame. it was not spencer. it was a computer. it was a machine, not the man, the myth, the legend. mr. christian. spencer: i just wanted to show i am fallible but that has not happened yet. [laughter] here's a look at what is going on with the weather. we are going to have expanding low clouds and fog overnight that will be hanging around until the morning commute. former pattern for the week ahead. much warmer, with a sizzling summer heat developing in our inland area spirit overnight, nice and mild and pleasant with overnight low temperatures in the mid to upper 50's and then tomorrow, high temperatures ranging from upper 60's at the coast upper 70's around the shoreline to mid 90's inland. those mid 90's will become upper
6:49 pm
90's to near 100. wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday, look for highs around 99 degrees. the hottest areas areas a we will have more moderate pattern next sunday and monday. >> your excellence matched only by your modesty. chris alvarez is here with ah a look at sports. chris: coming up in sports, a big weekend for the giants in milwaukee as they post best record in all of baseball plus the warriors began summer league play. play. hi grass looks great, zeus! hey could you maybe trim the hydrangea too? sure thing, kevin. do you want me to do the boxwoods as well? no. finding the right person for the job isn't always easy... ...but when you have an insurance question, you can always count on your local geico agent. they can give you personalized advice and could help you save hundreds.
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>> abc seven sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: the nba summer league is back and good news for the warriors, who drafted two teenagers. james wiseman, jordan poole, mychal mulder, sitting courtside in vegas, second quarter in transition. attacks the rack and finishes with left hand. step back fadeaways three. looking like stefan clay. back to coming there. dribble, drive, aggressive move. get out of my way. that is two points and the flower. so nice, we show it twice.
6:53 pm
defense and steel leads to the showtime on the other end. 76-70 five, warriors late in the fourth it highlights at 11:00. former third overall entering his 10th season after stops in washington, chicago cama and orlando. five rebounds per game after injury issues. he says he is ready to roll. >> be part of this team kerr. it is a great opportunity for me where i am at in my career. anything i can do to help the team, that is what i am therefore. bringing veteranship. be part of a winning culture. chris: the a's and the giants are off today. they are 71-40 one now. the orange and black rallied over the brewers on saturday and sunday to take the series. brandon belt returning from the
6:54 pm
injured list with four home runs in three games. a nine-game homestand with plenty of momentum. >> we are playing good baseball. it is almost kind of like a playoff atmosphere in a way right now. all these close games. clancy never feel like you are down out of the game. i think the confidence comes from a lineup that keeps coming at you and we believe in each other. >> brandon crawford was pretty good as well. stanford football opening the season in just under a month. they will take on kansas state at at&t stadium in arlington, dad visited john lyncwbo ahead of the pro football hall of fame induction. winch highlighted how some of his time down in the farm changed his life ever. >> one day, i received a call
6:55 pm
from bill. this is bill wash. -- bill walsh. you were our best offensive player. shocked, i said to him, coach, with all due respect, i played safety for one year and i played half snaps. how could he possibly arrive at that opinion? he said simply, the film. i watched it. you can be a safety in the nfl. >> so special for him, and for stanford. such a great representation of what i think stanford is about, what stanford sports are about, particularly football. on top of that, just excited that as a coach, you love to be part of a young person's journey. chris: sports on abc seven, sponsored by river rock casino. have the 2020 class on saturday. yesterday, the 2021 class. charles woodson, john lynch, and
6:56 pm
then tom florez, my guy outside of fresno. everything around fresno. long-awaited 84-year-old man. he deserved it. i was so happy to see him get his due at the hall of fame. larry: his speech was funny. he had a bunch of one-liners in there. it was pretty good. if you walsh does not make that call, may john lynch is going into the baseball hall of fame at some point because he was a terrific baseball player at stanford as well. >> john mentioned how one person can change a life and bill walsh did that for him for sure. >> coming up tonight on abc seven at 8:00, the three hour season finale of the bachelorette and then stay with us for abc seven news at 11:00. that will do it for now for abc seven news. thank you for joining us. larry: for all of us here at abc seven news, have a good night, and we will see you at 11:00.
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it's a bit nerve-racking to be on this iconic stage, the same stage that alex trebek stood on for 37 years. i mean, that is humbling, to say the least. so i also get to share it with this man right here, matt amodio. 13 straight "jeopardy!" champion days for you and over $400,000 in the bank. that's phenomenal. kristen, brian, good luck to you. let's start with "jeopardy!" and begin with these categories... and... matt, you're the star. pick away. literature, $1,000. - matt. - what's "wolf hall"? - correct. - buckingham, $1,000.


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