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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> the first day back or bay area students. the best way to help them keep safe. >> a push to get younger people vaccinated. the possible timeline for ages five to 11. >> tornadoes sweep through the area. >> broadway back in san francisco. the return of hamilton made this pandemic. >> good morning. >> we want to start with a check on our forecast. mike: how about a bit of a warming trend. not everyone will heat up with the inland neighborhoods will feel the brunt the next several days. you can see a broken deck of clouds as we look from our camera. winds considerably slower.
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the onshore breeze has backed up just a bit. that will have some haze in it. blue skies we have been used to in between the fires are going to be gone. it will be hazy into the afternoon hours. we have mid 70's to mid 80's around the bay. mid 80's to low 90's in the south bay. look at the inland neighborhoods, mid 90's. it is going to get warmer. i will show you that coming up. reggie: back-to-school for thousands of students. all of for in person learning. >> as part of our area, we are focusing on how to keep students and teachers healthy. amy hollyfield is live.
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amy: back-to-school excitement in moraga. we talked about keeping kids safe from covid, but another focus. the police department wants to remind everyone that we haven't seen large groups of children heading back to school in a long time, so we need to be mindful of the police department put out a warning reminding everyone to slow down. don't text and drive, and also wanting to prepare everyone for traffic congestion we have not seen around the schools in a while. and then there is the issue of keeping kids safe. doctors say it is key the adults and parents and teachers get vaccinated. wearing masks is importance -- important. >> i think it is inevitable there will be more covid cases among children. but as we know, most children
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who get covid do relatively well. the vast majority do not have dramatic symptoms. >> he says the med med med not sure why it impacts kids differently than adults but that is typically the case here he recognizing returning -- recognizes returning to work has a risk. -- typically the case. he recognized returning to work has a risk. parents will be seen that when they're excited kids jumped out of bed and get ready for in person, full-time learning. reporting live in moraga, amy hollyfield, abc seven news. reggie: the academy of pediatrics is urging the fact scenes be approved as soon as possible. >> pfizer says it willfizer say
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total of two months of safety data and efficacy in month, with shots possibly going out at the end of the year. right now children are being hospitalized with covid-19 at a rate of almost four times higher than a month ago. there are more than 40,000 cases. dr. richard besser spoke on gma this morning and agrees with the american academy of pediatrics recommendation for the fda to approve it as soon as possible. dr. besser: i think the as soon as possible. as a pediatrician, i want to make sure they are getting all the safety data they need, to know if i'm recommending these they are truly safe. hopefully they will have that information soon. >> you can watch more coming up. across the u.s., more than 450 covid deaths reported each day,
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up by more than 50% in the last week. the situation is particularly bad in florida, where state officials have requested an additional 300 ventilators from the federal government. >> today is day two of the new school year. there was a makes -- mix of nerves and excitement. they offered reassurances that the kids would be safe inside the classroom. we spoke with a teacher who said what many people wanted to hear. >> we can never shut down our school again. >> spent a lot of time washing hands and eating slowly and spreading out and learning why it's important to wear a mask. >> parents we spoke with seemed happy to have their kids back in the classroom and some expressed a need to focus on the learning loss some experienced. during an online form the
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superintendent of instruction said the pandemic uncovered what he called an piercing -- an embarrassing fact. >> our kids should have access to the top technology but yet a million students did not have a computer. as you might expect, many students struggled. >> he said the lessons learned will be applied. we chronicled the challenges of remote learning at one oakland high school and you can stream all seven. download it free free free freee fire, apple tv, and android. reggie: more masks are being mandated. those who are unvaccinated will have to wear masks outdoors. all employees for gilead will
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have to be vaccinated. nearly 200 san francis employees are pushing back against the city's covid mandate. the city will require all city employees to get vaccinated once the shot gets full approval. many letters have saying it infringes on people's rights and many deputies and firefighters may resign the city enforces the vaccine requirement. if you have questions getting a booster shot, you can ask the vaccine teen. submit questions on our website. kumasi: the cleanup begins for those living in the chicago area. look at the video of the funnel cloud, one of several tornadoes that swept through last night. the weather toppled trees, damaged
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pg&e revealed the power poles that may have started the dixie fire were expected in may -- were inspected in may and there were no problems. the dixie fire is the second fire in the history. the monument fire started sunday and started -- scorched more than 50,000 acres. the river fire is getting a handle on. signs as the zone expands. those who left their homes are worried if they will have anything to return to. >> it is scary, but you see all the
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reggie: a new tourist attraction putting people on edge.
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the inspiration behind it. kumasi: a dog and puppies in a bust what they are saying about the suspects. reggie: care from the stranger who tried to stop a brazen
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reggie: we are hearing from the good samaritan who got shot twice trying to stop a brazen purse snatching. more business owners talking about what they need in order to say stay for. >> calm everyone down and de-escalate the situation, then it got out of hand really fast. dion: it only tooky tooky took his active shooter to kick in after he heard women screaming and chinatown saturday afternoon. >> i would not expect this to happen in broad daylight. there was a lot of police presence around. dion: he was out shopping with
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his mom when he targeted people. one person was pistol whipped. you can see in this video the moment he shot into action and was shot twice. this incident comes on the heels of a number of attacks in chinatown including two violent robberies at night and harrison last month. just days earlier a julie shop owner witnessed two women get their purses snatched. >> i couldn't see get snatched. i felt so bad. i really wanted to stop them. dion: according to the chamber of commerce, businesses are now closing early. >> first they closed at six and then five and now we have to close at four. dion: while he recovers he has
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no regrets shares a word of caution with others. >> if you are getting robbed, think about your safety purse. don't think about your possessions. kumasi: included the recovery of a dog and puppies. this is gucci, the french bulldog, who was stolen along with four puppies from an owner's home. police found the dogs as part of an investigation into three suspected street gang members. the suspects are linked to multiple serious crimes in the city. >> lease -- for us it is a win. these three had five carjackings, robberies, various shootings they were associated with as well as a burglary. kumasi: in addition to the dogs,
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police seized equipment used to make ghost guns, high-capacity magazines, a ballistics vest, narcotics, and more. police are looking for three more puppies. reggie: a new tourist attraction in zillman put you on edge. it features a glass floor on its 42nd level. you can step onto the glass floor and enjoy the incredible view. it opened over the weekend and people got a preview and said the beautiful view help them ta. it was inspired by the 100 and third floor of the willis tower in chicago. kumasi: i have not been to that and i am not going to that are you? reggie: no, i don't need that. kumasi: mike: what do you think? mike: i will do it for both of
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you and take some pictures. >> you don't feel nervous? mike: yes. kumasi: take one for the team. mike: i used to be afraid of hearts but part of my overcoming that would be to do that. i would do it, absolutely. herehereherehere on. mostly clear. we will have a whole lot of sunshine, even the coast will see sunshine but there will be a twinge of haze. fewer clouds tonight as we continue to compress and dry out the marine layer. it will be mild in most neighborhoods. inland, milder in places like antioch, pittsburgh. the rest of us will fall back into the 50's near 60. the weekend, above average is to start and then we will ease the heat down to average levels.
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it is this area of high pressure that will bring us a heat wave, not only here but the entire west coast. if we had set highs last month, this would have done it. that gives you an idea of how hot it is going t be. 80 to 90 down in the south bay. 70 worked 85, most the mid to upper 70's on the peninsula. mid to upper 70's along the coast. northbay, mid to upper 80's. cloverdale north, 90's to 100. as you head inland, 94 to 98 degrees. here is my seven day forecast. two to four degrees and tomorrow before you know it, in the 80's and then staying in the 80's and 90's before sunday and then 60's at the coast. 80's and 90's inland.
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kumasi: can can can can c reviews? the shady things happening to customers. and the final rose, happily ever after
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kumasi: seven things to know this morning. number one, back to school for bay area students. oakland went back yesterday. students in piedmont going back and the same thing for castro valley, sam around and east side -- san marrone, and east. reggie: lover for -- level for covid list for israel and others. you must be vaccinated first. kumasi: number three, recall ballots could be getting to your mailbox soon. the polls will be open but because of the pandemic come every voter will be getting a mail-in ballot. reggie: number four, pg&e
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revealed the power poles that mastered the dixie fire were inspected in may and there were no problems. that fire has been 420,000 acres and is the largest in the state history. mike: above average today from san francisco to livermore, most dangerous eat tomorrow and thursday. excessive heat watch up kumasi: number six, and equipment fire and the richmond fire is slow down. number seven, a herd of elephants wandered hundreds of miles from their habitat and they are closer to home this morning. 150,000 people have been evacuated to prevent them from being disruptive -- disrupted. reggie: some amazon viewers
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trying to boost reviews by tracking down customers and getting them to delete bad reviews. some people have been offered refunds worth more than the actual product to remove the negative review. amazon said it is a policy violation and does not sell customer information to third parties. instagram will have can view. it is on long -- unsure how long that will last. kumasi: bachelorette katie is off of the market and is now engaged. >> will you marry me? kumasi: yes -- >> yes. kumasi: all right. this was a proposal on the season finale of the bachelorette last night. blake was a former contestant.
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despite joining the season late, he won her heart and got the final rose as she says their love has grown stronger every day. this morning, a lot of fans talking about the fallout from katie and greg's breakup, which was last week. last night they reunited and she accused him of being on the show for acting exposure. katie is on gma to talk about her happily ever after. and you can watch that here at 7:00. reggie: whilst would you go on that show? -- why else would you go on that show? kumasi: for love. greg had some good tears when he got kicked of. reggie: -- did you see that? reggie: ask me that again. kumasi: because of the pandemic, the -- it has been two years since we have seen the
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bachelorette -- since we have saw the bachelor show in mexico. you can watch to see who pairs up with who. the season premiere is set for monday night right here on abc seven. reggie: do you watch the show? kumasi: i don't watch the show, but there were some nuggets and greg getting kicked off, there were some nuggets. reggie: it sounds like more than a nugget to me. coming up, the chain giving away $50 million. kumasi: a new irs warning about the tax child credit. the scam you need to know about. reggie:
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area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: staying safe at school
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as bay area districts kickoff the new year. the new guidance coming from the california department of public health. kumasi: travel warning, looking at sfo, the seven countries the cdc changed to a level for advisory. reggie:peloton is making a big n it. welcome to tuesday, august 10. kumasi: we want to start with a check on our forecast. mike: our air-conditioner is not going to be running quite as efficiently as it has the last couple of days. the closer you are to the bay and coast, a more -- a little bit more relief. less than eight miles per hour for the rest of us. looking at the broken cloud deck , seeing more stars than clouds this morning. high-pressure building in.
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it has dried the atmosphere and is heating the atmosphere and we will have a touch of hayes as smoke will be rolling through. temperatures above average. 84 in san jose. 89 in santa rosa. look at the mid 90's inland. it gets warmer. i will have that, coming up. reggie: start of the school district for a handful of bay districts. there have been confirmed cases of covid-19 but no plans to shut down. amy hollyfield is live with guidance from the california department of public health. amy: kids are coming back in moraga and other areas. medical ofsionals teinwexpect tf covid cases ithe protocols are d the focus is keeping kids in
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school. they say keeping schools open is the priority. brentwood has been an example. they have been open for two weeks no talk of shutting down schools. the focus is keeping kids in the school setting and in activities. >> i think the overwhelming likelihood is for any individual child, it is safe to go back to school. the majority of observers believe the benefits to children in education significantly outweigh the potential risks of going back to school. amy: official same to to to to kids safe it is essentially adult in their lives, parents, teachers get vaccinated and it is essential that thethe doctorp in mind that the overwhelming
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number of kids who get covid have mild cases. reporting live in moraga, amy hollyfield, abc seven news. kumasi: sonoma county is hosting a virtual webinar on the return to school. it will talk about the county effort and parents can also ask questions and learn more about the safety measures schools are taking. it starts on the county of sonoma facebook page and the first date is thursday. reggie: we want to help parents and students be prepared for all of the changes. kate larsen spoke to parents and an expert about keeping kids safe in the classroom. kate: as alarming new levels reached, bay area parents are preparing for the school year. >> we are worried. >> we are concerned. kate: his son is starting. >> we are going to we are go
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and we were teaching him how to use hand sanitizer and of obtaining distance. >> you can replace these. kate: i was wondering how i can maximize my family's mask shopping. why is it what last year is not good enough now, and i think that is a very understandable frustration. i think we are all feeling that. the delta virus is changing the game. kate: the doctor and specialist says the best kind of mask for your kid is -- >> a mask they can keep on. kate: but the most is an n95 and a cloth mask. her youngest son is too young to be vaccinated so u.s. additional protection in the classroom.
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>> face shield and goggles i protection. kate: she recommends getting back to the basics of frequent handwashing and sanitizing. >> i think it is good on multiple levels even for other viruses. kate: as for testing she says do it if there is direct exposure. >> any respiratory symptoms are they have a fever and feel sluggish or have diarrhea, that should get tested. kate: because the delta rise --- symptoms rise quickly, they come in four to six days rather than the five to seven days with the original variant. i'm kate larsen, abc seven news. kumasi: the first of three pop-up vaccination clinics. today's site will be in redwood city and another clinic held this thursday at skyline college. the third will be friday at the college of san mateo. all three will be open from
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10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and the clinic is open to everyone. reggie: planning your next vacation, avoid these hotspots. the cdc has added seven more countries to its level for travel advisory. here they are on your screen. it includes france, iceland, israel, and thailand. we explained with this travel means. jobina: level four countries o o the highest and will have high levels of covid-19. if you must travel to those countries, you should be fully vaccinated. even vaccinated, you are at risk of getting and possibly spreading covid variants. many are keeping travel domestic for now. >> not at any just timing and pandemic wise. >> for now keeping it close to home. >> i don't know whether the rest
5:37 am
of the world is ready. jobina: the cdc recommends that you take a covid test three to four days after you return from those countries and follow state and local guidelines. reggie: norwegian cruise line plans to sail out of florida again on sunday. it will depart from miami after a federal judge ruled cruise lines can require passengers to require proof of vaccination for they get on. >> a federal judge saying norwegian cruise line can now require florida passengers to provide proof of vaccination before boarding, going directly against governor ron desantis' orders. >> this is a victory for the cruise industry, at least for now. >> days ago, colonel, -- carnival and princess announced masks mandatory regardless of vaccination status
5:38 am
. this morning, nearly all of the companies say they are trying to figure out how the new ruling applies to them. >> a number of cruise lines returning to florida in the fall and will continue to watch and see how it plays out. >> coming up, and abc news exclusive. we will talk to the president and ceo of norwegian cruise lines. kumasi: the pentagon says it will seek the president's approval to require 1.4 million active military members to get the covid-19 vaccine. the pentagon could move the pet -- the deadline up if it gets full fda approval sooner. kumasi: a final vote on the $1 trillion infrastructure bill. white house website breaks it down state-by-state paired for california, leads of dollars for highwood programs, bridge replacements and public transportation. senator say the bill would
5:39 am
create millions of jobs over the next several years and they are working on a $3.5 trillion budget resolution. both will head to the house next month. kumasi: the recall election is just over a month away, and we break down what you could see on the ballot that could be confusing to voters. reggie: video showing how this driver left with a package. but first let's get a check of the weather with meteorologist michael finney . mike: not in the -- not much in the way of clouds. some at the coast will try to leak through. but they are later arriving, which means they will quickly retreat. if you are out running errands, you are going to have some hot cars. thinking about exercising, take some water. i've on the bay, a small craft advisory into the evening hours. right now -- out on the bay, a
5:40 am
small craft advisory into the hours. no fog on the deck. i think it is going to be quiet for your weather during the commute. speaking of quiet, low amounts of pollen. that is good. 56 in san marone. 59 at pittsburgh. near 60 in livermore and areas inland. san jose, 60. 50 seven in san francisco. napa at 52 degrees. watch -- 57 in san francisco. napa at 52. watch the clouds heading into the lunch hour. into summer clock -- into still 65 versus 97 in antioch and livermore. a nice 76 in oakland. temperatures fall mainly to the 60's, 70's, and 80's through 7:00. the warming trend begins today.
5:41 am
i will show you how hot it is going to be. jobina: a crash in pittsburgh involving multiple cars. this is eastbound before hillcrest avenue. emeryville showing off 80. definitely filling in with the headlights. a couple mass transit updates. starting today, the j church and f market lines will be replaced by bus bridges through friday. that is due to the richland bridge rehabilitation project and bart still having a problem with their equipment on a train, causing a 20 minute delay. while among the subject of if you have a complaint, consummate, or issue involving bart, the general -- complaint t
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reggie: less than two month after the suicide condo, -- condo collapse, a condo has been evaporated -- has been evacuated, deemed unsafe. they were put on notice for several violations including damaged columns and a structural concerns. and engineer from them -- an engineer found them not to be structural. kumasi: berkeley has new funding to crackdown on illegal alcohol sales. they have been awarded $75,000 from the state aired agent from the state department of alcohol and beverage control will work with berkeley police to stop
5:45 am
alcohol related crimes, specifically sales to minors and intoxicated customers. reggie: upheld 86 million dollars of damages for a livermore couple two years after the jury found the makers of roundup caused their cancer. they sprayed the weed killer kik roundup for the home for 30 years. both developed non-hodgkin's lymphoma. the husband diagnosed in 2011 and the wife in 2015. this was the current -- this was the third judgment against them. governor newsom was to clean up the homeless camp conditions and has funding to clean up and secure areas under caltrans control. governor newsom responded to questions about the next month recall election. governor newsom: we are
5:46 am
investing millions of dollars to get out the vote and working with communities and continuing to do what we can and door knocking and do what we can to remind people what's at stake. reggie: election date for the recall set for september 14. polls will be open but because of the pandemic every voter will get a mail-in ballot. kumasi: they could be arriving in your mailbox soon. there are only two questions to vote on but sums they they are confused here on question one, you are voting yes to recall governor newsom or know to keep him in office. if more than 50% vote no, then question two has 46 replacement candidates won't matter. the newsom campaign is urging them to vote no and leave question two blank. >> voters will be confused by the campaign and the reality is a lot of voters feel like it is a civic duty and most will fill out both questions on the ballot. kumasi: question two is winner
5:47 am
take all, the winning candidate would be the one gets the most votes. there are 46 candidates in the race. you can check out the documentary about california's last recall in 2003 called total recall, and you will find it on the abc seven bay area app which is available for apple tv and other devices. reggie: the pandemic has changed the way people work out high-tech home to virtual classes. that leaves jim's wondering whether they will survive or go by the way of arcades, video rental shops -- gyms whether they will survive or go by the wayside of arcades and video rental shops. peloton thinks the home trend is here to say and build their first factory outside of ohio. the say sales have gone up 140% in the first three months of this year. kumasi: not bookstores.
5:48 am
second of all, i think you are going to have to add more of an experience to the gym, something you can't get at home. t is. i go to a couple of classes and one of them definitely has seen a drop off, but the other one is almost totally full every time i go. it kind of just depends on what the class is, and i think that peloton has cut into the cycling classes. i can see why. it is neat when you are home that they can take you other places and right through european cities or park or mountain ranges are is school. i enjoyed. peloton is only taking you to the new york studio. mike: they don't do that? reggie: no. mike: it
5:49 am
reggie: ok. mike: let's talk about hot. san jose, a few clouds and in the distance. sunshine today and a warming trend. i am tracking smoke and monsoon moisture that will ring storms over the sierra -- that will bring storms of the sierras. we will have a little bit in the lower but no air alert. the area of high pressure will be record high temperatures once again up and down the east -- west coast, especially in seattle and portland, where they would be setting all-time record highs if they hadn't set all-time record highs last month. we will get a touch of it but mainly inland. a sea breeze keeping most of us from overheating. temperatures around 90 in
5:50 am
gilroy. 84 in san jose. mid to upper 70's for most of the peninsula. mid to upper 60's along the coast. near 70 and downtown, south san francisco. upper 60's northbay coast. 96 to 102 from cloverdale. 74 today. berkeley the cold spot. as you had inland, 94 to about 98 degrees. we fall back into the 50's and 60's, comfortable at night. the most dangerous heat tomorrow and thursday. in mendocino county, highs of two one hundredths. we can get 100 and east bay neighborhoods wednesday but mainly to upper 90's thursday through monday. upper 70's to low 80's around the bay and mid to upper 60's at the coast. kumasi: if you love mowing
5:51 am
it is a game called "lawnmowing simulator." it allows you to write your favorite lawnmower across the countryside and there is a career mode where you can start your own business. it is available starting today. reggie: that is so niche. kumasi: very. reggie: do your thing. new at 6:00, the best airport rankings are back. grounded for a year because the pandemic and a certain part of the world dominated the list. kumasi: child tax care scam, the warning or presidents. reggie:
5:52 am
california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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reggie: an unexpected porch pirate caught on camera. watch as this amazon delivery
5:54 am
driver fakes delivering a package she puts it down, takes a picture, and picks it up again. she got a notice saying her package was delivered and she never found it and now we know why. she contacted amazon and got a refund. kumasi: a consumer warning for families eligible to receive the new tax payment. the irs running parents they could be the target of a new scam. this is a text message with a link to apply for the child tax credit. the irs is saying it is fake. scammers trying to take advantage of americans by attempting to gain information. the irs does not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, text messages, or social media to request personal or financial information. good morning america will have a full report coming up at 7:00. a workplace shift caused by the pandemic has led to a game maker
5:55 am
to close its san francisco headquarters. it will look for someone to sublease the building. the company using a hybrid model with many employees remaining at home. reggie: domino's is giving away $50 million of free food. it to challenge delivery apps. domino's calls the extra fees a disappointing surprise. so customers who order on the domino's site may get an added new items for free, including pizza, cheesy bread, or chocolate lava cake. it will be added to one in 14 orders. you will have a 7% chance of inning. mike: 7%, ok. here is a look from sfo. it looks interesting. a little bit of haze in the air. highs average today good averages 67 to 89 your today will be around 69 to 95 -- 67 67
5:56 am
89. today will be around 69 to 95. some of the smoke leaked into the marine layer. weilda did the bulk of the will be in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. look how it spreads. more neighborhoods tomorrow. it will not look pretty outside at times. kumasi: new at 6:00, jennifer hudson transforming from one all-time voice to another this friday. our snake he continued to aretha franklin songs and you have to see where she is performing. reggie: live in the east bay, more schools returning to the classroom but the leader of the public schools say there is one embarrassing fact in the state of education today. kumasi: more vaccine mandates being announced, one bay city
5:57 am
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>> the majority of observersityo believe the benefits to children and education outweigh the potential risks of going back to school. >> back-to-school safetyk- another round of parents loading up the backpacks amid an
6:00 am
alarming rise of covid cases amid children across the country. >> a suspicious test forced to shut down. concerns about the company's professionalism. >> the new tourist spot with american inspiration. >> good morning. we are starting with mike. mike: hi, everybo the warming trend continues. you can see the lack of clouds we look back towards downtown san francisco. look at the lack of wind. all of us less than 10 miles per hour. we are shutting down the free


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