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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it nieppedz to increased risk of miscarriage and the state of hawaii is reinforcing restrictions after an uptick in covid cases so it's back to 50% for indoor capacity of dining and social gatherings. >> a bold step to reign in the pandemic. governor newsom said all california teachers and employees, public or prievment must show proof of vaccination or get tested weekly. lawyer rhode island -- laura has more. >> the this was the first day of school here at wagner ranch elementary, exciting day for students and statue and while early in getting settled into their karass -- classrooms, the governor was making an announcement that, everyone who works in a california school. >> just days am telling abc 7
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news it would be left up to local districts. governor gafn newsom announced that all california scoop pleas would be required to show proof of vaccination oren gauge in weekly covid testing. >> over the last few days we were able to land very confidently yesterday and today we were formalizing this now. >> the now. comes with the support of the california teachers association, which claims thrives 90% of its members are already fully vaccinated. >> imencourage all who can to get vaccination named. vaccines work and keep our communities and students safe. >> a similar move made by oakland unified a day earlier. >> the decision was made to ensure that we are doing our part to keep our schools safe as well as the broader community. >> those teachers who choose not to get vaccination named will
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keep their jobs as long as they agree to weekly testing. >> if it were to go beyond that, i believe there would have to be ex-emphasises for memory reasons. >> there are those whose first reaction won't be happy with it we popped our me, and of those responding, m -- 787% said they were in favor of a vaxx or test requirement. >> governor newsom would not rule out a stricter vaccine man date in the future. >> if we want to end this pandemic and disease, we could do it in a month. that's a choice. >> the governor would not call have a -- this a strict vaccine mandate yet. he said he wants to see how the policy plays out to give it a chance and he did not resume out the possibility that at some point in olympics could become a
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man date. that is, either get vaccination named or you don't worry work here. >> our insider phil was also at today's announcement. this is a big deal for the statement of california. i think california and hawaii respect only two states with a mandate like there so far. >> that's right and krafer is not just for public schools like hay but -- hawaii but for prieft schools as well. we saw the gosm sort of becoming the pole arp opposite of ron desantis, the governor of florida, who is against masking and is not man day. ing any times of mandates in that direction. so you can see this is playing into, well, the recall that's coming down the line, the election and positioning the governor as a ed lueer rafer than somebody who's reacting. >> so let's talk about the recalm. what impact do you think this
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will have on that election and where do the unions stand in terms of -- i think we heard 87%. i've heard somewhere around 90%. where 10% feel comfortable with the testing as opposed to a mandatory vaccine. >> that's part of the out here. if up don't get the vaccine, you can still get tested and still go into work. no. the case for workers in san francisco, who have been given until october 15 to be vaccination named, that's two shots, or they could be facing being sent home, losing possible kpiand tmi three out of four california yadges over the age of 18, the voting age, are vaccination named so the governor and his folks have to figure that they're behind something like this. that 30% to 20% that are opposed
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to mandatory vaccination named, recommending vaccination nateed, any time of vaccination naitded at this point, he's not probably going to get nose votes anyway. he's getting the schools open as smoothly as possible. trying to get them from having shutdowns or big spreads in the next couple of weeks and showing leadership in the meantime. whether it works, only time will tell. >> the question is can you get nose perot vaccine people to turn out? >> there and -- is and that's the big question, but those parents that are concerned and wanted to see some sort of leadership out of newsom, that's what he's giving them. some of this is a compromise, all right? he's going to say you can test as well. he's playing to that base and possibly also just trying to be
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governor of california yes we were trying to get the kids back in school and saying this is the away i to do it. balls everyone seems to agree that vaccines are the answer and that is, like he said, we can get over this if we vaccinate. >> phil, if you can come up with a spot for turnout, everyone politicians will be at your door. >> there's not a vaccine mandate at amtrak. the nation's passenger railroad announced it will require itself 18,000 employees to be vaccinated against covid covid by november 1 tor, again, be subjected to weeky -- weekly testing. checks vaccines are the best way to protect ourselves, our families and customers. stanford university will require weekly covid-19 testing regardless of vaccination status. the s nday stanford announced it monday,tnh
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to date testingul vaccination named individuals. >> now growing concerns about fake covid-19vaxx cards. yemeni woodrow spoke with a cybersecurity expert about how people are selling and buying them. >> office to pumps fake covid-19 vaccination cards on apps. this is what mples found recently. a cybersecurity expert for the company -- >> those those people who ared a minutes against being vaccinated, they're finding opportunities at not being limited at what they can do while still not getting vaccinated. >> she says is fakes look like the real thing. >> especially in the yiets where we only have a physical paper copy, it's not that hard. to forge. >> check point experts and found the cards variable international
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little as well. >> for whole countries saying you can't go indoors anywhere without showing proof of vaccination. >> it's also available there bit council. >> built council is a lot elser to get away with these crimes. >> and interest is growing. >> we're seeing that big interest in the number of feature following and joining these groups and we can only assume that that means that there's a big increase in the number of people purchasing these fake vaccination cards. >> we checked in with scoops and employeers requiring vaccinings and krafer east statement university east bay says they're finalizing details of how they'll are you ever the submitted cards, while never lenlt tells us na'il follow nil official guidance neck find. a developing concern as is number of places requiring covid-19 vaccinations continues to grow. >> there's news from a
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clinic study sucking that the mo derian air vaccine is more effective against the debta variant that's the fielzer vaccine. >> people should not read in as fieltzer or johnson and johnson not being effective. the numbers are exchanging but hey, if you have the option, get any shot available to you, it's possible that right now in this specific. steve: that mo derian air might have been don't a little bit better. >> the study mound the mo deriana vacation was 32% effective against the -- 52% effective against the debta variety. >> the company says it's dane down a network of some 300 facebook and instagram accounts
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originated in russia farm spremedzing misinformation about the astrazeneca and pfizer vaccines. one claimed the astrazeneca vaccine would turn inteem into chimpanzees. and people are believing that? ok, if you have something other than cham championship panel diseep kresse -- questions, ask our abc team. >> parking problems? it could soon get even harder to find a spot. don't be the -- field the animals. how it could lead to tragedy. flying high, the new
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♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. >> two grim mime stones for the massive dixie fire in four california counties. it has charred more than 500,000 acres. destroyed more than a thousand structures. crews are making progress. the fire is more than 30% contained. firefighters cleaning up a small fire on mount tam. this is video from moments ago. a vehicle caught fire near east peak and that sejt nearby brush
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afire. a little bit more than an acre did burn. crews say they've stopped the forward progress of that fire. you can see live updates on all the fires burning in california at abc 7 >> san francisco police are investigating how an fich shooter alarm was set off on treasure island by mistake. swarms of police responded just after 11:00 this morning. someone in the building triggered the alarm to report an active shooter but after officers searched they determined there was no threat in the building or anywhere on treasure island. >> san francisco animal care and control is once again urging people not to field the coyotes in the city's parks. tim joins us to explain what the behind the stip's latest plea and one woman in particular. reporter: this all comesas photd vetoing the coyotes in vernal
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heights. that, o, is a big no-no. sharing your snacks is definitely not encouraged. >> this is moorm a human cause problem. >> after this woman was flaffed appearing to seems to be raw pleament. >> we've not been able to find her and we're hoping someone in the public can tell us who she is so we can reach out to her and ask her to stop doing this. >> she said coyotes getting into the habit of accepting food from humorrings is problem malt i guess. >> fielding coyotes and any wild live, it makes them lose their natural wariness of people. they begin to see people as a source of food. >> donahue has this to say -- >> coyotes are pretty reserved. we don't really think they will
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attack somebody. >> donahue said that several people have been spotted fielding coyotes in multiple places across the city, including golden gate park. that incident led to a coyote having to be lethally removed. you could be finalled if you're caught feeding while live. >> the wright brothers may have put kitty hawk on the map. the bay area could be the area for another aviation first. yowrnld scoring how aichuation continues to boost our economy. two new tests are priesmedding proofer of its promise. >> anticipation is growing that this all-electric aircraft could be in early stage production next year. with its ability to do vertical difficultoff and landing, na see it as a perfect riled share trrmt craft. they went public today on the
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new york stock exaifng. off a new long-range test flight. that distance is key to their goal to be an airplane taxi as much as. >> having that ability to priesmed a really transformational service across a range of different trip distances is what drives huge value for our customers. >> their goal is to start zero emissions ride sharing in 2024. jennifer -- jeff is the chief test pie. >> we have the range to put those naysayers out of the picture once and for all. >> the company also completed noise tests to show noise levels on the ground are lower than what others kreevment. >> the noise not only needs to be quiet but it also needs to blend into the background of the communities we operate in.
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>> they believe the design has hit the mark to be able to karen carry four passengers and a pilot on a single charge at a speed of up to 200 miles per hour. >> to have a eullsable range and usable pay load. that hash a real balancing act. >> na home to start production next year. abc 7 news. >> wow, that thing looks pretty cool. so does this. keep your eyes on the sky. perciad meteor showers, from midnight tonight to dawn on friday. the showers are expected to peak with up to 40 shooting stars per hour. they will be more visible this time of year because the moon is in a crescent fails and should be setting early. spencer, my plan was to call you so we could enjoy this together at midnight, 1:00 app, 2:00 app. you can jump in on the calm so
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we can bond over it. >> yeah, i'm looking looking forward to the call, seriously. my phone will be turned off, by the way. you by invite you to calm. [laughter] >> every hour on the hour. >> high clouds moving over the bay area tonight so they might interfere a bit with your view but it will still be worth your while to look. friend polyp onshore flow. 29-mile-per-hour gusts at s.f.o. and this is having the effect not only of cooling us off in the bay area but keeping the smoke at a healthy enough level that our air quality is still considerrered moderate to good. the cooling effect, virtually all bay area locations are seven degrees cooler than activity yesterday. we have a building marine layer along the coastline but it's not very deep or widespread yet.
4:20 pm
69 in oakland. 79, 0 at sphoj. 60 at pacifica. here's a view at the golden gate which ills sphrailts what i was saying earlier about the marine layer not being so widespread yet. lots of blue sky here but the low clouds are expanding and pushing out over the bay. -- 89 at santa rosa. low ninth at con cord and from above the marine layer, you can see the expanding low clouds. high complowmedz will also increase tonight and tomorrow. mimed to warm in the next couple of days with hazy sunshine and inland heat returns over the weeivelgd. our forecast information taking us through the yoirchlt hours. you'll see the high clouds in the early morning hours. a little moisture will come in with those as well. there maes tomorrow and friday where it feels a bit
4:21 pm
humid. highs, tomorrow, mid sixth at the coast. only mid 90's tomorrow in the warmest inland areas. still have a heat advisory in effect until 5:00 p.m. tomorrow for all of lake county. highs could reach 105 degrees. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. a weekend warm-up. saturday and sunday, inland highs to around 100. near seferlts on the coast and then a cooler sea breeze on monday, bringing temperatures dow jones a little by mid week. >> tackling steer times in the moimples. a muslim actor on what he's doing to make a change. >> some big news for social security resim yefnlts. that ir going to see something
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>> michael joins us now with a look at today's consumer headlines. michael, a lot going on. >> great news for a lot of retire yis. the upcoming social security cost of living adjustment is expected to be the highest in decades. analyst expect a possible 6.3% increase in 2022. that's the highest since 1983. earlier in year, it was just
4:25 pm
1.3% or about $20 a month. the official cost of living adjustment is calculated based on the consumer price index for only if months of july, august, and september. 60,000 pounds of frozing -- frozen, raw, breaded and stuffed chicken products due to possible salmonella contamination. it was sold up the millford farms and kirk woofed brands with broccoli and cheese and chicken cordon blew as best of used by dates february 4, 2023. eight states have been linked to the economicken products. you've probably struggled with getting some products due to coronavirus causing supply campaign delayles.
4:26 pm
60% of surveyed american always -- adults say they've been unable to get a product they will wanted in the past few months and 67% have seen significant delayles in receiving something na ordered online. >> yeah, it's a problem. we have to live with it. >> and karns. we can't get cars without the chips. >> the commission are the key. thank you, michael. >> this could be the biggest they want ever in the clemento occurrencey. the haack was blamed only a vulnerabilities in itself system and in a surprising twist they've gotten some of the money back. they say they'very crouped nearly $5 million. it's not clear who haacked them and who is returning the money. >> the affect a new bill could have on california if it goals through. >> plus, you probably know how >> plus, you probably know how difficult it is to find this is an epic bbq barbeque burger.
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>> building a betterplay bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a huge step today in the effort to provide affordable housing for teachers and staffers working if the jefferson elementary school district in daly city. the project will contain 54 one to three-bedroom units, all renting for below market rates, allowing employees to live near where they work. >> with this construction we'll make this the first city in california to table two faculty
4:30 pm
and statue housing developments. [applause] >> the units will be able to gene rate solar power. they've have water-saving technology and also electric car chargers. construction is expected to be completed sometime early 2023. >> in the south bay, parking is becoming a problem for san jose residents. the stipof san jose is now proposing a a new policy change that could make it an even bigger issue. dustin with more on the city's goal to move on there a car-dependent society. >> the village oak shopping center is very popular among south bay residents. the problem is, on most busy days, there are no places to park. >> makes it difficult to plan out your day. >> it's like running nascar out here every day. you have to get here at certain times and then when you're here,
4:31 pm
your friend might call you, hey, you want to go play basketball? you can't for fear of losing your parking place. >> he says his complex and others have to pay for a spot in parking. >> what we're really trying to do here is enable an urban environment that's more focused on people and buildings instead of having a lot of parking lots and circus parking. >> the transportation of -- department of transportation spokesman says parking costs the city a lot of money. he homes the plan will reduce costs and create a less car dependent society. >> i don't know how that's going to work. it's going to be a problem. it's already a problem and it's just making it worse. >> in won't make it so that
4:32 pm
somehow parking disappears. we're right-sizing the parking. making sure we have a robust conversation about what's really needed and reducing that number to the amount need and would not less and not more. >> the change calls for developments to have plans in place to support other forms of transportation as well. >> the largest infrom structure investment in more than a decade was approved by the senate this morning. it provide there were 1 trillion to rebuild america's detear rating roads and bridges and mumps -- much more. >> carr stands to receive tense of billions to upday. fills cal insta structure and supersafe, clean drinking water. >> details on what will be funded will be up to federal agencies but in california the funds could go to reducing bide fire risks and complete --
4:33 pm
completing the bart extension to san jose. the bill now goes to the house. lake secretary marty walsh is along with u.s. representative marta sonya. na freezing rained a library union -- union. nape will train mechanic, and other jocks that will be in demand if bill is eventually signed. >> this is a luge transform active period in our country's history. >> we need more of this around the country. we need to make sure that rumor america has opportunities as well. we need to take this in the bay area and scale it up. >> na both emphasize the need to ensure no one is left behind as in bill emphasizing infrom structure projects that there needs tock good wages and benefits and training now. they also visited the facility
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>> it's official, "jeopardy" has a brand-new host. in fact, two of them. sony pictures announcing that mike richards will take over for the late alex trebek with actress may andersen hosting from time to time time special.
4:37 pm
>> welcome to gem yep, everyone. >> his final audition came on the air and so did hers. >> correct. >> we knew her first as blossom and then as amy only ""the big bangtheory"." may andersen is also a new world. solomon:tists who earned an ph.d. as an difficult. mike richards will host the daytime game after he ailed his on-komara tryout earlier this year. >> american rock bands. here's the clue. >> richards has spend decades behind the salvages at game shoals and will continue as the executive producer but when the news leaked he had been charged to host, report charged a bias suit filed a decade ago against "the price is right" at a time when he was the executive
4:38 pm
producer. jeff -- he wrote the complaints do not reflect who i am or how we work together on the price is right. richards and bialik emerged as natural charges after an extensive search to replace the late alex trebek, the host for 36 sentence before his depth due to pang raptic cadgesser at the age of 80. trebek always maintained the contest ants were the true stars here and both new homes are expected to continue that tradition. >> spencer christian was my first choice all along. >> michael jackson too. >> but didn't work out. >> spencer, start us off. >> from their performance that i've seen so far during the weeks they were filling in or trying out, i think they're pretty good choices. they were both very good, as were other guest hosts.
4:39 pm
i don't have an argument with either of them. >> drew? >> i have to be a little hodges. i was surprised when i heard richards got it because we had such big names who were reportedly trying out for the show. i do love m, ayin -- mayim. le imreally enjoyed her time on the show. i would say initially i was surprised but happy. >> i think a lot of people think that ken jennings was wronged. he himself did make a comment. recognize when dick cheaney led the vice president usually search committee and then he said, hey, look, i found me. and ken jennings referred to mike richards has having done that. >> lavar burton had a huge following with people supporting him. >> i really thought it was going to be him. >> i think burton and jennings probably happened the most love so we'll see how these play out
4:40 pm
in terms of rating. rudy giuliani is on cameo getting paid for a customized video messages. >> a agreementing that i can bring to someone that would be bring happiness to therrian day. i would be delighted to do it. >> a shoutout fragilian accosts $199, in line with what other celebrities charge, including sarah palin. you any they'd charge more because -- fees are very expensive. >> is anyone's day better because you get a $200 cameo from rudy giuliani? >> you sure it wasn't: 1.99? can you do cam orioles from jerame? [laughter] >> not high res. >> what, too soon, too far? i'm joking. >> it was just right.
4:41 pm
>> clearly it was a joke, i laughed. >> how much would you will pay for a four-bedroom home that was completely gutted by fire? one such home is available to you if we have the video of it. it will be fun to see. there it is. it's about $850,000. would you pay that? that's how much this rumored home on tamros drove is going for. apparently the garage burned down, part of the roof clamsed during two back-to-backfires. everything though the listing says it's more than a fixer. the two-story mostly will probably not be on the market very long. you can see the framing is still intact is to -- if you're -- you have to be a real contractor but you could build it out and have a fantastic home, i think. >> you're not buying the home, you're buying the lot. >> the location. it's a really good location.
4:42 pm
>> people will buy something, knock it down nave and demo or rebuild. it depends only if ump to rebuild applause the $850,000. is that less atlanta $2 impact, what's possible only the street? that's crazy. >> what are the insurance people thinking? >> i don't know but the whole thing didn't burn. you could and i actually did this once where you had the framing and we just build out -- built out the interior. >> i don't know, i wouldn't try to rescue i. >> no, you just knock it down. >> a strong gust might blow that one down. >> it might. look, here's something we all love, right? i don't know about right but the punch kin spice everything craze happens every year but this fall there's a influence one. neeson foods has introduced
4:43 pm
pumpkin spice flavor cup of noodles. the perfect blend of sweet, save rhythm and spice with pumpkin seasoning and a whipped fopping. the limited edition will be sold at walmart in october. today, dunkin' donuts unveiled its fall freeze feet. duncan's new menu rolls out a week from today. let's focus on the pumpkin noodles. who wants to start? >> i'll say i'll try everything once so i will try it. >> yeah, and i would like you to tell me how you'd try it. >> i'm try it. >> many team due enjoy the combination of sweet and savory in a meal. i'm not a fan of it. i like savory foods just savery but i may not be in the majority mere. i haven't been a majority all my life. [laughter] >> that's what makes you so interesting. normally i'm like you, drew, i
4:44 pm
would fry anything once but himself, pumpkin in the noodle -- noodles? that's just trying too hard. >> just get a pumpkin spice lata and calling it a day and threaten have your noodles on the side. >> i still want to hear drew's remove. >> review. >> herck do it on facebook or somewhere. >> do it on social, drew. >> i taught you
4:45 pm
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>> now to our series california dreaming where we look at the issues of california dreaming. >> when millions of californian children return to school, they'll also be getting a free lunch. >> during the pandemic, california became the first state in the nation to offer free meals to all students and now there's a movement to make these meals heather. >> a school meals for all was considered almost an impossible dream until the pandemic came along. whether children were eligible or not, the cricket of california started fielding all students and in some caseles sending food home to their families so what was thought to be impossible just actually
4:48 pm
happened. >> when school starts in the fall every public school student in california will be able to get their lunch for free, regardless of their families's income. >> it will be paid for with the state's unexpected bunt surplus. >> to ensure every student has a healthier meal at scoop to learn and leave the. one silver lining of covid has been to people are starting to see that schools are the larges- >> sorry about that. audio stu but -- issue but it is so great that kids, all students, can get the free lunch now and breakfast at school in california without that stigma of being oh, i'm a free lunch kid. it's great. >> we'll get the audio squared away so we can run it again later. suspensioner, what's happening with the forecast? >> things are looking pretty
4:49 pm
good. we didn't get much extreme heat today and looks like we won't tomorrow. we have lots of high clouds passing over so tomorrow may be a little bit has but it will be bright skies. joint lows with some low clouds noer the coast and high clouds over all regions. it will be pretty mild in most neighborhoods during the joint hours then tomorrow look for high temperatures from mid to upper 60's near themid ninth in. warm but not a hot day but there is hot weather on the way as you look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. nall happen over the weekend. low eighth around the bay scoreline. near 70 on the coast then a nice cooling pattern will begin on mondays. >> actor known for his roam in rogue one, a star warrers story
4:50 pm
is teaming up with several organizations to create $25,000 fellashiples for muslim story tellers. he tells us why this is so important for muslimings. >> he portrays a drummer who loses his hearing. ahmed points out he's one of few muslim actors who play an unremarkable muslim roam, calling that a low promised lands. >> it doesn't paint an overall picture of progress if most of the portrayals of husband limbs on screen are still non existent or entrenched from toxic,ster tim cam, two-dimensional perform trails. >> he teamed up with leaders and organizations to study the problem and address it. nail commissioned a study that looked at 200 popular films between 2017 and 2019.
4:51 pm
>> we knew that the representation of husband limbs in popular culture and media was really bad. >> the. steve: found less than 2% of speaking roles were muslim characters event 1.1% of husband limbs in u.s. films were muslim, most were men and their characters were momently -- mostly linked to violence. >> most of the community is black and only like 5% of husband limb merges on screen are black. gnome numbers are incredibly compelling. >> people believe a story, a story that we have to look at ourselves and ask whether we are come lift in perpetbasementing this. the islam phobia industry is one whose measures is cost in blood. >> they've now laurened a fellowship to support emerging
4:52 pm
mulls limb directors and screen writers, including a $25,000 award. >> muslims in america are this diverse, robust dynamic community who haven't happened the same opportunity as others to tell their storiles. to tell their storiles. not just about being his limb, why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema or atopic dermatitis under control? hide my skin? not me. by hitting eczema where it counts, dupixent helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of eczema. and that means long-lasting clearer skin... and fast itch relief for adults. hide my skin? not me. by helping to control eczema with dupixent, you can show more with less eczema. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis,
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>> back to our series california dreaming. the subject is school lunches. >> we have family mealed too. >> school meals for all was considered almost an impossible dream until the pandemic came along. >> whether children were eligible or not, the school districts of california started fielding all students and in some cases sending food home to their families so what was thought to be impossible just actually happened. ♪ >> when school starts in the fall, every loom student in california will be able to get name lunch for free regardless of their family's income. >> the program will be paid for with the state's unexpected budget sur plus. >> school meals for all was needed to ensure every student has a healthier meal at scoop to learn and deloatch. one silver lining of covid has been that people are starting to
4:56 pm
see that schools are the largest restaurant in town. this etch a lot of buying power. >> school districts of bargainig power to solicit the school supply chain. school food can be freshly grown, pro cured locally, prepared from scrap. a very organic and regenerative product. >> we're at the mark happen -- mark happen elementary scoop. we intend to cook 100% of our meals from scratch. we've recently added a chef to make our food better. >> as you can see, we have some fresh burgers, we're able to get a nice gripped texture. this is actually fresh ground beef that our team is seasoning up. having recollectioned vegetables, different tex cultures and flavorsful.
4:57 pm
>> our burger can almost be as good as in imburger you'd get from an outside restaurant and in some case it's better because the products we're putting into the burger are topnotch. >> they're good ! >> in burger is the best i've ever tasted. >> the time of flavor on the bottom. a little bit salty, sour and spacey and super good. >> that is bomb. >> they're learning to love real food and delicious ingredients. these kids are foodies. >> my home for the future is that every kid at school can healthy have healthy, nutritious sustainable food and that's it's their favorite meal of the day. >> this is a way to shift the system. >> when it comes toniu tradition as sustainability. what starts in california often we see the nation start to do. we're basic live redesigning the system with students and farm every and fresh, delicious food at the center.
4:58 pm
>> you can stream auto of our california streaming stories on our abc bay area tv streaming
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, findings ing solutions. this is abc7 7 news. ama: get vaccinated or get tested. governor newsome calls the requirement a bold step to rein the requirement. i'm ama daetz. dan: and i'm dan ashley. ama: today's amounsment means school employees join the growing list for those who must get vaccinated or tested. >> we think this is the right thing to do. we're doing never our power to keep our kids safe. if we want to end this pandemic and disease, we can do it in a month. dan: governor newsome says it wod


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