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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 12, 2021 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>> stopping the surge of covid-19 cases, the interview with dr. fauci talking about a timeline >> for booster shots. >>the cdc has new recommendations for pregnant women. >> new information from moderna about how it's shot stands up to the delta variant. >> and a heat wave hitting more than 2 million americans. we are talking about the extreme weather. julian: good morning. thank you for being here. you are watching abc mornings live on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you watch this morning. francis: it is good to see you. julian: what a surprise. francis: i will be here tomorrow, too. so, hey. mike, let's talk about the forecast. mike: no surprise, it will be warm today. not as warm as yesterday. we still have a heat advisory,
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so t he littlbi sea breeze that will bring the temperatures may be a little bit cooler than yesterday. you can see the 24 mile per hour wind in fairfield. we definitely have clouds hugging the ground this morning, so watch out for the fog for the morning commute. mid to upper 60's from the coast into san francisco. mid 80's around the bay. 83, san jose. inland, mid 90's. our hottest temperatures are this weekend. i will show you those, coming up. >> this morning, cal state is welcoming people back to campus after months of distance learning. our reporter amy hollyfield joins us on campus with what students can expect for move-in day. amy: this is the first time students will live on campus since march of 2020. it's a big day.
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and the faculty and administrators say they plan meet the students where they are, academically and emotionally. they know it will not be. it is quite a contrast from a year ago. this is last july. this line is full of people waiting to get covid tests. they had set up a test site here. the fire department was testing 5000 people a day, what an image of how far we have come. today, this will be back to a college campus, full of emotional parents as they drop off their kids. that will start at 9:00 a.m. classes start in a week. and they will offer different support options, like peer men touring. they -- mentoring. they will also have a nap room with a sound machine.
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so, they will do what they can to support the whole student and do whatever they can to get them to graduation. it is a big day for these kids. i will call them kids. young adults. julian: thank you. the city of berkeley is mandating vaccinations for all of its employees. it will affect more than 1500 city workers. the city manager says the new policy will take effect on october 15. >> today, the fda is expected to authorize booster shots for immunocompromised people. >> those who may be under treatment for cancer, it could include those who are organ transplant recipients. >> this is coming as the u.s. is now averaging more than 110,000 new covid cases every day. if the fda gives this the green light, it will be up to a cdc panel to make a recommendation on who should get the booster shots. dr. fauci is on gma talking
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about the eventual plan for booster shots for everyone,and if you will need to stick with what you initially got. >> the strong recommendation would be to stay with the shot that you have, that you originally got, but we are doing studies now, mix and match studies, to show it is unlikely that there will be a problem going from one to the other. >> you can watch dr. fauci's full interview coming up at 7:00 a.m. on gma. at least one million people have received on authorized booster shots. julian: a new study has shown the moderna vaccine is more effective against the delta variant compared to pfizer. >> get any shot, if you have the option, but it is possible in this specific study that moderna might be doing better. julian: the moderna vaccine was 76% effective on average against the delta variant, the pfizer
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vaccine at 42%. >> there is no evidence this money that pregnant women should get a covid vaccine. our reporter explains why the cdc is stepping up its recommendation and the consequence for unborn babies whose mothers it covid. >> the cdc is now urging pregnant women to get vaccinated. the strengthened guidance comes from new data that shows no increased risk of miscarriage in early pregnancy and no safety concerns late in pregnancy, with an mrna vaccine. >> early on, it was understandable to wait for more data. >> but now, with a safety data from thousands of women, this ob/gyn says this to expecting mothers. >> i would recommend getting the vaccine as soon as possible. i think it is the best thing you can do for you and your baby. >> according to the cdc, only 23% of pregnant women have gotten the shot, even though they are more vulnerable to
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severe infections. >> we have taken care of patients in the icu, that have been on ventilators for a long period of time, have had to deliver early. and the long term consequences of having such a severe infection during pregnancy for their baby is, you know, is still unknown. >> one consequence is known. in the largest study of its kind, a team of ucsf researchers showed that pregnant women infected with covid are 40% more likely to have a premature baby. and for very premature births, below 32 weeks, the risk increased to 60%. increase of cases we are seeing among pregnant women, we think these findings are really critical to get out to people. >> this epidemiologist helped with the study. it looked at women not vaccinated at the time. women of color face a disproportionate risk. >> we need to approach things
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with an equity lens. >> this mother, months pregnant with her second child and fully vaccinated. >> i was encouraged to get it. i trust the scientists and doctors and i feel confident i will have the antibodies to pass onto my newborn. >> if you have any questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. go to our website. julian: we have an update on the dixie fire. it has destroyed more than 1000 buildings, half of them being homes. this is video from last night. the fire has been burning for 29 days, charring more than 790 square miles, about the size of los angeles. crews are making progress because of better weather conditions. some warnings were downgraded
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last night. it's about 30% contained. >> now to the heatwave in the u.s. more than 2 million americans are facing extreme weather today. we have the heat impact. >> the heatwave stretches coast-to-coast, from philadelphia to seattle, and many areas that are usually in the 70's could hit triple digits this week. portland could hit 107 today, 50 degrees higher than average. climate change is contributing to the extreme temperatures and intensifying the drought situation. here, people in wine country are worried about the water supply. >> 44 years and this is the first time i have seen such a critical situation. >> the temperatures are fueling more than a dozen fires in the state, including the dixie fire. firefighters are being spread
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thin as they tried to put out the flames. here is mike for more. mike: they have more than 5000 people working the dixie fire and they are still barely getting containment on it. let's talk about the smoke. no spare the air, moderate air quality all the way through saturday. it will be hazy again, but most of the smoke, as you take a look, are going to be exactly there, not low near us. this will continue through tomorrow. there's one or two times i am concerned, especially for the northbay. the closer you are done napa county, mendocino county, the more likely you will see the smoke. tomorrow, that could filter into the east bay and south bay. if you are heading out friday evening, we will have a good evening on the way. so let's talk about the commute. we have a little bit of fog. it's breezy. and the breeze will pick up as
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we go into the afternoon. a little bit smaller for the summer spread today, just barely. 56 around sunset, to 58 degrees, so not much of a change for san francisco. we are in the mid 50's, mid 60's just about everywhere right now. 68, pittsburg. we will have a mixture of low clouds and high clouds today. the doppler is a little active right now. by the time we get to 4:00, temperatures will be above average. it will be 60's and 70's and low 80's by 7:00. the hottest temperatures will be this weekend . that is coming next. jobina: a major crash in vacaville. this is involving multiple cars. someone was ejected from one of the vehicles. you can see the slow down. this happened moments ago on eastbound 80, past not tree road. -- nut tree road.
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the golden gate bridge is where they have issued a wind advisory, but you may only see a slight slowdown was you traveling northbound across the golden gate bridge because of roadwork. that will be picking up. and here is a picture at oakland, showing you 880, the headlights moving south. julian: ok, thank you. a surfer's close encounter with a shark. >> amid a spike in crime and oakland, the governor's response and pleas for help. julian: something questionable in a city park.
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julian: the governor says additional law enforcement support is going to oakland to help with crime. our report explains how community leaders have pleaded for a state of emergency. >> the mayor and i had a conversation about a more formal
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request she has made, and i told her that she can count on that request. reporter: the california governor referring to a request made by the oakland mayor for additional law enforcement support in oakland, due to escalating violence. >> we are responding to our residents and their demands for more law enforcement. reporter: her request came after chinatown's chamber of commerce president sent a letter to the governor requesting a state of emergency be declared in the wake of recent violence. >> we want you to bring in the highway patrol. reporter: the state of emergency will not be declared. the governor says the state is investing more than $400 million to help with crime statewide, much of the money being offered to cities in the form of grants. >> all of those supports are new, available, and additional
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law enforcement support will be forthcoming in oakland. reporter: that will come in the form of chp patrols, news that comes a day after the chief of police in oakland talked of the challenge and importance of having enough officers. >> you have to have enough resources to be able to respond. if you don't, you potentially send the message to those that want to commit crime, that oakland is the place to do it, and that is the narrative we want to fight against. kumasi: a new documentary about high schoolers in oakland will premiere today on hulu. it focuses on the class of 2020 and challenges they have faced. >> this will impact our students. >> the $6 million on police. >> we do not feel safe wit police, it can be triggering. >> i do not think that they serve and protect us. kumasi: yesterday, we spoke with the director, peter, getting
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answers. an he said that he learned howd is flawed >> we have a we have sense on where you do the -- on education in this country. and these are students that struggled with this. the achievement gap and all these issues lead the students -- leave the students with a poor narrative on the potential for success. at the same time, they have this resilience to them. kumasi: "homeroom" is a streaming right now on hulu, owned by disney, our parent company. affordable housing is coming soon for teachers and staff. the school district ground yesterday. the project will include more than 50 units, all renting for below market rates, allowing employees to live close to work. >> with this construction, we
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will make the city the first to contain two faculty and staff housing developments. kumasi: these units will be able to generate solar power. they will have water saving technology and electric car chargers. construction is expected to wrap up in early 2023. julian: wildlife officials want your help identifying the woman here in the pink shirt. she was photographed feeding a coyote raw meat. she may have thought she was helping an animal, but animal control explains that this can be harmful. >> i makest -- it make wildlife lose their wariness of people and they begin to see people as a source of food. julian: do not feed the coyotes or any other wild animal. if you are caught feeding them, you could be fined up to $1000. do not do it. kumasi: a server had a really
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close encounter with a shark and did not even know it. oh my goodness. this is from south carolina, and live video shows the acrobatic sea creature behind the surfer. a mother shot video of her son who was out there surfing. they did not even see the shark until they watched the videos later that night. apparently, ethan was not scared because he kept surfing for the next few days in that same area. he said, we are cool now. julian: that was a tiny shark. kumasi: look how it flipped. julian: but how tiny are the teeth? that is the question. kumasi: oh my gosh. mike: you know who is vacationing there next month? kumasi: you? julian: you have been warned.: .
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julian: please. mike: ok. you will see a video of me, you will know something happened. in san jose, it is looking quiet outside. but we do have sprinkles possible. we have clouds and sun as monsoon moisture moves overhead. it will put a halt to our warming today, better than we get heat this weekend. a cooling sea breeze will restore order on monday. now here is a look at doppler 7, no doubt there is moisture in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere, but where we live it is so dry. the driest air is around 5000 feet. and relaveumidity at 35%.much ne over us, but look how it blossoms over the high country as we get into the afternoon and evening.
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again today, mainly clouds with upper 70's and mid 80's for most of the south bay. 74 to 84 on the peninsula. mid 60's at the coast. 70's downtown. 85 degrees in santa rosa and vallejo. 100 in lakeport. then we go from 70's to 80's. 90's, inland. we fall back into the mid-50's and make 60's tonight. my seven day forecast shows a degree or two tomorrow, then we take off on saturday and sunday, with 100s inland, 70's at the coast. back to average by tuesday and wednesday of next week. julian: jeopardy is kicking off for its 30th season in just over a month and it will have two brand-new hosts. the main host, and actress he ie
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version, and specials, too. th bothey -- they both say this is truly an honor for them. it will air weeknights at 7:00 p.m. right here on abc7. congratulations to them. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. julian: an airline stepping up its menu with a local favorite. kumasi: the demand for domestic
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know. one, the fda will be meeting today to authorize covid booster shots for people with a weaker immune systems. the cdc may approve this as soon as tomorrow. julian: two, students at stanford will be required to undergo weekly covid testing, regardless of vaccination status. it will start on sunday. kumasi: three, today is move in day for students at cal state east bay. this is the first time students
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will be living on campus since march of 2020, classes start next week. julian: more water restrictions have been ordered in sonoma county. some people have been told to stop taking water from the russian river. those affected now include the dry creek watershed. mike: here is a look at the weekend forecast. friday will be nice, temperatures close to average. but then low 70's in san francisco to 100 in the north bay and east bay by saturday and sunday. jobina: the crash we have been following in vacaville has been confirmed by the chp as a deadly crash, all lanes are blocked on eastbound 80. kumasi: google employees who have decided to work from home could lose money. reuters is reporting that the company will cut the pay of remote workers, depending on how far they live from the office. julian: a hotel group says it will not follow the trend of employers mandating vaccines for
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workers. >> we have an ethnically diverse workforce and there is hesitancy in some communities and we are afraid of discriminating against those individuals in an environment where we are struggling to find its staff. julian: the intercontinental hotel group owns the intercontinental in san francisco as well as other hotels. the ceo says ihg will not require worker vaccinations because of the employee shortage, in addition to new travel, there is more group and corporate bookings. the delta variant it is a starting to impact air travel. here is our reporter. reporter: this morning, after months of soaring passenger numbers during the pandemic, there are new signs of a potential slow down amid the surge in covid cases. the tsa has screened the lowest
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number of passengers in nearly two months. southwest airlines reported seeing a recent uptick in cancellations, blaming the delta variant. demand is flat nine -- demand is flat nine -- is flatlining. >> we are down about 12% since mid july. reporter: hesitation to travel seems to be growing. coming up at seven a clock a.m., what you need to know before booking your next trip, including the latest on cancellation policies. that's your gma first look. kumasi: delta is upgrading its in-flight menu for business and first-class passengers. it will be teaming up with restaurants across the country, including a local chain here. they specialize in greek food, so they will be serving is chicken salad and present greek yogurt, among other dishes. it will be available on delta
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starting in september, from mexico to boston, logan international order jfk airport. julian: i am just happy to hear that you can get more than a pack of peanuts. ok, coming up, it is 1h2th 12thh august, but we are talking about fall flavors. pumpkin spice is returning, and a new item that may surprise you. kumasi: are you looking for a job? you could help with the recall election. julian:
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions, this is abc7 news. julian: requiring proof of vaccination to enter indoor spaces, the california city drafting a plan right now. kumasi: and anger over vaccine mandates, the group trying to send a message to local business owners. julian: from a testing site back
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to a regular college campus, we are alive this morning as students move back in. kumasi: water woes, sonoma county's fight to conserve water is escalating. julian: good morning. it is 5:30 a.m. thanks for being with us here on you are live on abc 7, hulu live thursday. and wherever you watch this morning. kumasi: good morning, mike. mike: remember this pringles we talked about yesterday? they are showing -- the sprinkles we talked about yesterday? they are showing up on the doppler, but drying up. the best chance of those showers continuing over the ocean as the monsoon moisture brings is a mixture of high clouds and low clouds this morning, then mostly high clouds for the afternoon. they will try to shade us, but we are still a little bit above average. 68, san francisco. 74, oakland. san jose, 83.
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santa rosa in the mid-80's. and mid 90's inland. the hottest temperatures continue to be in mendocino county, where we have her highest risk of heat illness. kumasi: today, the fda is expected to authorize booster shots for immunocompromised people. the cdc could officially recommend the extra shot as soon as tomorrow. we have a look at how this could help the public. jobina: 2.7% of the population is immunocompromised, including cancer patients, people on medication that could suppress their immune system and health officials worry that the immune response from the current two shots, or the johnson & johnson vaccine, are not high enough and vulnerable populations, so the fda is getting ready to authorize a booster shot. in the meantime, the delta variant continues to spread in california, especially bad in los angeles county.
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the l.a. county city council members are urging people to get vaccinated. >> you not being vaccinated impacts the health of everybody else, so the argument that you have the right to not get vaccinated does not work anymore. jobina: the city council wants people to provide proof of vaccination to enter most indoor spaces, including bars, retail stores and movie theaters. it has also asked the city attorney to draft the legal language needed before the final vote. julian: today, back to the books for students at cal state east bay. they are moving back on campus, which has been shut down for a year and a half. amy is on campus this morning with more on the vaccination requirement for the faculty and students. amy: it is going to be a different year. how does a board game lounge sound? that will be one of the many
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offerings to track to meet students where they are, after a year of isolation, to help them academically and emotionally start this new year after the pandemic. here's examples of what they will be offering to help them with their emotional and academic needs. they will have individual counselors, financial aid, food pantry and emergency funds available. mindfulness workshops, nap areas with sound machines -- i need to talk to abc7 about getting one of those -- some exercise space and other things. those are examples of how they have changed their approach and a support structure around each student, students who have been through a pandemic. they will be required to have a covid vaccine to attend classes here. the first ever to be required the faculty will also be required to be vaccinated. classes start next week, but
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moving in starts today at 9:00 a.m., a big moment for these students. julian: ok, thank you. stanford university will require weekly covid-19 testing, regardless it will start on sunday. they also require vaccines for all students. the fall quarter will begin on september 14. kumasi: teachers in california have to be vaccinated or be tested regularly. the governor is calling this requirement a bold step to helping the pandemic, and it extends beyond the teachers. >> all of the staff, credentialed staff, peer educators, the bus drivers, custodial staff, the folks that are good to go to supporting the entire school ecosystem. kumasi: the california teachers association supports the requirement and claims at least 90% of members are already
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vaccinated. schools must be in full compliance with the public health order by october 15. julian: community and state leaders are encouraging everybody to get vaccinated, including dolores porta. -- fuerta. >> we have to come together, ot only to save -- not only deceive save ourselves, but everybody else. if we do not all get vaccinated, we will never reach herd immunity. julian: this department of education townhall last night helped get answers from experts, including the surgeon general and a school superintendent. it included a $100 gift giveaway for those who pledged get vaccinated. kumasi: activists are protesting agait s with warning to businesses who might require proof of vaccination from customers. >> this is dangerous and very
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divisive. it's discriminatory. i personally will not use the services, buy food from a business that requires a vaccine. >> it is unnecessary. if you do not want to go, do not go in, you do not have to start a huge deal and run them out of business. kumasi: more businesses and restaurants have started to require proof of vaccination. one website says it is out of an abundance of caution, requiring vexing cards for events. if you have questions about the vaccines, you can ask our vaccine team. head to her website. julian: sonoma county's fight to conserve water has escalated. state regulators have directed more rights holders to not take the water from the russian river, taking tsma couter saysan
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righ hrs not complied, but winemakers, even those not affected by the restrictions, are not happy. >> i do not like them changing the rules. >> it is frustrating, not just for us, but for the state. the only way to enforce is for somebody to make a complaint with the state, then somebody comes out and investigates. julian: lake mendocino is at its lowest point in almost the last 70 years. you can save water, as california faces its worst drought in decades. this lays out eight things you can do. it is on our website. kumasi: fake covid-19 vaccination cards online, the trick making them difficult to trace. julian: and a change for google employees, the impact on those workers who want to be remote permanently. but first, a look at the forecast and the heat wave that
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will be ruling through. mike: i was just looking at the latest drought monitor. just dropped, exceptional jumping from 46 to 47%, so the highest drought category. it is the worst, if he will, going up another percentage point, getting us closer to half of the state covered. not much has changed in the bay area. we still have almost all the northbay, almost all of the east bay, it is just san francisco, santa cruz and santa clara county that are not quite covered in the highest category. our reservoirs continue to fall about 1% to 2%, compared to theiras beeinstay throughout the summer, and it will continue this weekend. at the hotter it gets, the more evaporatu get. the hot breeze acts as a hairdryer and it evaporates water even faster.
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near 60 in danville. 70, antioch. under partly cloudy conditions. mid-60's just about everywhere else. as we go through the day, high clouds will try to move on and take the sprinkles with them, but then more high clouds for the afternoon. that's why today will be about two degrees cooler than yesterday, around average to above average. if you are out, watch out for the hot pavement and hot cars. today will be mild for the yardwork. i will show you the bursting heat for the weekend, coming up. jobina:jobina: we are following a deadly crash in vacaville. all lanes closed on eastbound 80, past nut tree road. you can see the purple line, traffic being diverted at orange. to the west, we want to let you know that eastbound 37 is closed between walnut street and
5:40 am
vallejo, because of road work. it will be closed until 6:00 a.m. that will also be in place later on. here's a look at the san mateo bridge. traffic moving in both directions, no problems as you go to the peninsula, and the east bay. here is a picture of the golden gate bridge,
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kumasi: the governor has the authority to issue emergency orders for shutdowns. a challenge was rejected yesterday from lawmakers, their lawsuit claiming that the government exceeded his authority last year when he issued an emergency order for mail-in ballots. a judge initially sided with the lawmakers and an appellate court later overturned the ruling. julian: republican conservative
5:43 am
talk show host larry elder will make a campaign stop in the south bay today. he's leading in the polls to replace governor newsom. he is also the top fundraiser among the republican challengers. he's scheduled to speak at a rally at the calvary chapel in san jose at 4:00 p.m. san mateo county elections officials are looking to fill positions for the recall election, including an, office assistant, tech-support, warehouse technicians and field technicians. for more information on those openings, we have it posted on the county's registration website. that's for san mateo county. kumasi: as a schools, businesses and travel destinations require proof of vaccination, there are concerns about fake vaccination cards. our reporter spoke with a cybersecurity expert about how
5:44 am
people are selling and buying them. reporter: offers to purchase fake cards on apps. this is what some of what was found recently. this is a cybersecurity expert. >> for those people who are adamant against being vaccinated they're finding opportunities in not being limited in what they can do while still not getting vaccinated through buying these fake vaccination certificates. reporter: levine says the fakes look like the real thing. >> especially in the united states where we only have a , physical paper copy it's not that hard to forge. reporter: it is not just locally. check point's experts have found the cards available internationally as well. >> there are whole countries that are saying you can't go indoors anywhere unless you show proof of vaccination. reporter: the cards are often for sale in bitcoin according to levine, who says the digital currency is difficult to trace. >> bitcoin is easier to get away with these crimes. reporter: and interest is
5:45 am
growing. >> we have seen a big increase in the number of people who are following these groups, who are joining these groups and we can only assume there's a big increase in the number of people who are purchasing these vaccination cards as well. reporter: we checked in with schools and employers requiring vaccines to ask how they'll verify the cards are legit. california state university east bay says they're finalizing details of how they will review the vaccination cards that students and employees submit. while smaller companies like bay area start up neverland tells us they'll do their best to spot fake cards by following any official guidance they can find. a developing concern as the number of places requiring covid-19 vaccinations continues to grow. melanie boudreau, abc7 news. julian: google employees who choose to work from home couldn't get a pay cut. routers is reporting that employees one hour away from new york city would be paid less if they decide to work from home, bu colleague, working from
5:46 am
home in the city would see you know pay cut. hoe from sanra couldsee it when. the company says that salaries have always been determined by location. kumasi:pice everything craze happens every fall, but this year there is a new item that may cross the line. neeson foods has introduced pumpkin spice flavored noodles. it is described as the perfect blend between sweet and savory, whiith the seasoning and whipped cream topping. the noodles will be sold at walmart. and dunkin' donuts has revealed its fall menu, revealing a pumpkin cream cold brew and pumpkin flavored donuts and muffins. that new menu will roll out on wednesday. mike: iwaonol.ispe?
5:47 am
mi i a aal o.ku can do that. julian: but the cup of noodles -- whipped cream? can we take the lid off of this whole pumpkin spice, it is really squash. it's cheaper. mike: [laughter] kumasi: do not ruin pumpkin spice. julian: [laughter] mike: i am hoping the people who are obsessed with pumpkin spice already know that. thank you. julian: [laughter] mike: let's talk about the weather. you can see low clouds. they are hugging the ground, so watch out for reduction in invisibility the closer you are to the coast. 280, the golden gate, that could make it to the coastal valleys. also possible as you head out on 13 and 24, running into lower
5:48 am
visibility. a small chance of sprinkles. if you get on our app, you may have seen the live doppler 7 is active. monsoon moisture will bring us clouds and haze, smoke mixing in. no chance of sprinkles tonight. hot sunshine and the risk of heat illness is rising this weekend. you can see the moisture, the best chance over the ocean. that's not reaching the ground. if you are worried about lightning, don't. you will see it blossom here, but mainly over the high country as we get into the afternoon. low to mid 90's for gilroy. 78,-83 for bay. 70's on the peninsula. 60's at the coast. upper 60's for south san francisco. and tonight, rocky's in town. it will be 59 with a breeze.
5:49 am
we will have mainly made up use -- upper 80's through the valley. 100 in mendocino county. mid-seventies to low 80's for our east bay. at 90 to 96 inland. good news, tonight climbed back into the 50's and 60's. and tomorrow, a couple degrees cooler than today as we will be back to average. then take a look at the temperatures this weekend. thankfully, this is only two days out of the seven that will be exceptionally hot. julian: firefighters in southern california traded in fthei -- traded in their fire hoses for lawn equipment as they tended to the lawn of a man that collapsed while mowing the lawn. they say he should not have to worry about his lawn when he returns from the hospital. kumasi: that is so sweet. tinder is bringing singles together again with an interactive experience, swipe
5:50 am
night. it's coming back. thsi is how it works -- this is how it works. users can follow along with a mysterious storyline and pair up with other singles in the fast chat. they will be able to chat about the story, clues, and to solve the mystery together. you will find this in the explore section. this is their second swipe nig ht. they say 20 million people took part in the first one. mike: interesting. kumasi: what is the video? mike: i was distracted by that the entire time. there's a lot going on. kumasi: a lot to talk about. mike: i wonder if anybody actually met someone. kumasi: probably. julian: how about tinder, but for pets? you have to see this approach to get people to fall in love. kumasi: and a warning about a bank scam, thieves finding new
5:51 am
ways to lure victims. the phone call you need to. julian: we are learning more about the path
5:52 am
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julian: initial jobless claims fell in the labor department's weekly report released a few minutes ago. 375,000 employment claims filed last week, down 12,000 from the previous week. claims have decreased to just above 2.8 6 million, down from 3 million the prior week. we take a look at how investors are reacting as the markets open up. kumasi: hackers have been stealing unemployment benefits from thousands of debit cards
5:54 am
during the pandemic, now scammers are using the fear of that fraud to lure victims. viewers have received calls and text messages from people claiming to the be their bank. david barnett thought it was a real bank employee warning him. he said to move his money to another bank. then the skimmer guided him on how to use the zelle app to transfer his money to chase. >> as i was doing it, there was a voice that said, this seems unorthodox. why would i be transferring money into another account? but i suspended my disbelief i made the transfer. kumasi: half of his life savings ended up in the imposter's account. fortunately, bank of america contacted him with a letter, granting him a full refund. julian: oh my gosh.
5:55 am
wow. listen to this, scientists are learning more about the path of an asteroid coming towards earth. a spacecraft just completed a mission of collecting data from the asteroid, and the information will help scientists predict the path of the giant rock, which is expected come near the earth in 2035. the odds of impacting the earth are low, but nasa will continue to monitor its orbit. kumasi: this morning, a pizza delivery 200 miles of above the earth. a special cargo ship just docked at the international space station and the shipment included fresh apples, tomatoes and kiwi, along with a pizza kit and cheese for the astronauts. mike: you are telling me that they have a toaster oven or a microwave? kumasi: i do not know.
5:56 am
maybe that was in there, too. julian: sobering statistics. mike: we just lived through our hottest july ever in california. the four hottestact, aust of lat year, we have had a record warm temperatures across the entire state. the only reason july was cooler than june was because of us in the bay area, we had a sea breeze that brought the temperatures below average, until you got to the east bay. but not as hot as the rest of the state. kumasi: an out-of-control wildfire crisis on the other side of the world, in the region you would not think to be very hot. and a warning of severe consequences for pregnant women who refuse to get the vaccine.
5:57 am
the number of mothers turning down the shot and a study showing why they should get it. hulu going inside the halls of oakland high school. we spoke jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds
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wellness boosting, proven quality night's sleep we've ever made. and now, all smart beds are on sale. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 24 months. only for a limited time. >> building a better bay area, this is abc seven news. kumasi: making news right now at 6:00, boosters on the way.
6:00 am
the fda expected to announce authorization for extra protection, but only for some. julian: back on campus, we are saying hello to students today for the first time in quite a while. >> it's definitely going to get worse. kumasi: a dangerous heatwave moving in this morning. dangerous temperatures coast-to-coast. julian: it will be a rush on those fox fans today. good morning, -- box fans today. good morning. kumasi: let's check in with mike to talk about that heatwave. is it impacting us? mike: a little bit. my wife and i were at a local hardware or home improvement store and i saw about 20 of those rooms standing air-conditioners. you might want to get them now


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