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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 12, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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this with my wife? we are already there. [laughter] good morning, america. the fda expected to authorize a third shot for some people jt hours from now. boosters on the way. as the delta variant surges across the country, hospital admissions hit their highest level in six months. multiple states request federal help. mississippi warning its hospital system could fail within a week and in florida, 200 more ventilators deployed. doctors saying patients are younger and getting sick at a more rapid rate. plus, the new guidance from the cdc about vaccines and pregnant women. dr. fauci joins us just ahead. fred ahead. the storm named fred lashes the caribbean now on a path towards florida as severe weather slams the midwest.
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reported tornadoes touching down and from coast to coast, dangerous heat. more than 120 million americans on alert for life-threatening temperatures. rob is tracking it all. overnight, afghanistan in crisis. the taliban retaking more and more territory, militants controlling two-thirds of the country. now fears the capital could fall. the latest right now. resignation fallout. new york governor andrew cuomo still facing a possible impeachment battle as his replacement takes center stage poised to become new york's first female governor. summer travel slowdown. as covid cases surge, a drop in tsa screenings. airlines reporting rising cancellations. what one expert says if you already have your trip booked. can you still get a refund? catch of a lifetime. >> you caught a shark. >> oh, my god. >> a fisherman hooking a great white, the moment caught on camera. why sharks are so close to the
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shore right now. ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ and double "jeopardy!" the game show naming not one but two new hosts. executive producer mike richards and actress mayim bialik, how they will carry on the legacy of alex trebek. good morning, america. it's great to be here with amy and eva on this, what, friday eve. >> friday eve. >> that's right. we are so excited. we have not one but two new "jeopardy!" hosts and we'll have much more on that announcement coming up. >> very exciting. first, a lot of news to get to this morning. as the delta variant surges, abc news confirming that the fda is expected to authorize a third booster shot for immunocompromised people just a few hours from now. >> this comes as hospitals across the country reach their breaking point. take a look at this.
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the university of mississippi medical center converting a parking garage into a field hospital for extra space. the state reporting more than 3,000 positive cases on wednesday. we'll hear from dr. fauci in a moment, but first, we begin with victor oquendo in gainesville, florida, with the latest. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. the fda is expected to give the green light on a third shot but here at this hospital, where 92% of their covid patients are not vaccinated, they're still pushing people to get their first shot. one nurse from a packed icu telling me what they saw last year now feels like a warmup. this morning, abc news confirming the fda is expected to authorize a third booster people today.nocompromised - the cdc advisory panel then set to meet friday. director walensky could green light the shots soon after. the news coming as the cdc confirms more than a million people have already reported getting a third shot even without fda authorization. this flight attendant is participating in u.c. davis'
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booster trial. >> working as a flight attendant, i'm exposed to a lot of people in a confined space for periods of time and you need to protect yourself, and right now, the vaccination is the key aspect of our efforts to withstand the pandemic. >> reporter: the desperation to get another shot comes as the delta variant surges across the country. hospitalizations now at their highest level in six months, more than 17,000 icu beds in use across the country, and multiple states requesting federal help including louisiana where critical care nurse mary delayed getting the vaccine until she recovered from surgery and radiation for breast cancer. >> you don't want to end up this way. it's the scaredest i've ever been in my whole life. you take breathing for granted. >> reporter: mississippi warning its hospital system could fail within a week now asking the
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government to send the floating hospital that docked in new york city at the height of the pandemic. in florida, where the strategic stockpile delivered ventilators earlier this week, patients are much younger, getting more sick at a rapid rate staying on ventilators longer. >> this is the second major surge. this surge is actually much bigger than anything that we have seen before. >> reporter: this 38-year-old says he was waiting to get the vaccine but this morning, he's urging others not to wait. >> just go ahead and get it. it's worth it. i mean i wish i had gotten it. otherwise i probably wouldn't have wound up in the hospital like this. >> reporter: and the cdc is now urging pregnant women to get vaccinated pointing to growing evidence that the vaccine poses no increased risk for miscarriage and no safety concerns for pregnant women or their babies. amy. >> victor, thank you. joining us now is dr. anthony fauci. dr. fauci, thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> so we know now that the fda
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is expected to authorize those booster shots for people who have compromised immune systems. do we know exactly who is eligible for the shot? can you walk us through that? >> yes, i mean, the fda will come out with the final determination but it will almost certainly be people who have transplantation and who are on immunosuppressive drugs for that, therapy for cancer, people with advanced hiv disease, and people who are receiving immune suppressive therapy for a variety of diseases such as autoimmune diseases. you know, that actually encompasses a relatively small proportion of the population, around 3% or so of people would fall into that category. >> and so there are a lot of people who are now asking is this just the first step towards authorizing a third shot, a booster shot for everyone? >> well, what we need to do is to realize that you have to follow people, which we're doing in realtime, namely, a
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nonimmunocompromised, either an elderly person or a younger person, and follow them in realtime like every few weeks to a month to determine if their level of protection goes below a critical level, and if and when it does, and it's likely that it will because no vaccine is going to last forever, we're going to be ready and have a plan to be able to get those individuals the additional dose that they might need. >> all right, so, likely in the future we all will be getting that booster shot. a lot of people already wondering would you have to stay with the same shot you got initially so if you were moderna you had to get a moderna booster shot? have we figured that out yet? >> obviously the strong recommendation would be to stay with the shot that you have. originally gotten, but we're doing studies now which are mix and match studies to sort of show that it is unlikely that there's going to be a problem going from one to the other. >> dr. fauci, you've been talking about it and we've been
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reporting on it, there's so much fear about where we are headed with this variant that we're all dealing with, the delta variant. it's believed we could reach up to 33,000 new covid hospitalizations by labor day. that's four times where we are right now. do you believe those predictions will, in fact, come true, and if so, where are we headed? >> you know, predictions really can be modified by what you do in response to them and that's the reason why you see myself and many of my colleagues out there talking about why it is so important to get those 93 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated who are not vaccinated. we have a solution to this problem. so there are a lot of things we can do to not allow this acceleration of cases to just keep going up in a very sharp inflection. we have the capability and the power to stop that. we just have to act on it and the first step in that is get vaccinated. >> and speaking of those who are unvaccinated, we know that there
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is a relatively low amount of pregnant women who have been vaccinated and the cdc now issuing new guidelines for those pregnant women now recommending a vaccine. a lot of people are concerned of course, about the safety of doing so. talk to the pregnant women out there, and let them know what the right choice is. >> well, the right choice is to get vaccinated without a doubt. we have experience with tens of thousands of pregnant women right now and there's no safety signal of any concern. and that's the reason why the recommendation that pregnant women should or could get vaccinated, nothing against it or should get vaccinated. right now the recommendation is that they should get vaccinated. >> all right, dr. anthony fauci, we certainly appreciate your time this morning. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> eva. now to that triple threat. most of the country on alert this morning, severe weather in the midwest, heat waves on both coasts and a tropical depression on the path to florida.
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rob is tracking that. good morning to you, rob. >> hey, good morning, eva. we'll start with the severe weather. it was another rough day for the midwest and the northeast with heat and humidity fueling these storms over nearly 400 damaging storm reports leaving over 900,000 without power this morning. >> reporter: overnight, severe storms sweep across the midwest. with the town of pulaski, wisconsin, as these images show atornado on the ground. >> it's starting to touch down again. >> reporter: in one day, at least four powerful twisters in the badger state after nearly a week's worth of storms battering the region. severe winds up to 60 miles per hour downing trees and shattering windows. homeowners fortunate to escape. >> a pretty loud boom. right away came outside and see everything just falling apart. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, relentless rain causing flash flooding. high water stranding cars and shutting down traffic. this one immobilized in mud.
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first responders on the scene to rescue those stranded in stalled cars. one dead during severe storms there when a large tree came down on a driver on the road smashing the car's roof. the passenger taken to the hospital. this is a very slow-moving front so a lot of people that got hit the past several days will get hit again today and heat and humidity will build things up. here's where they will fire most likely today and isolated tornadoes are a possibility but damaging winds and certainly some hail from kansas city all the way into the northeast and the heat and humidity as we said kind of fueling this especially across the midsection of the country. so we've got that -- those heat advisories there, and the heat advisories and heat warnings across the northeast with the humidity, and it will feel like 105 in new york, 106 in philadelphia. actual temperatures in the northeast possibly breaking some records in portland. here's fred. it's now a tropical depression, but will regain strength as it heads toward florida over the weekend. the track and the intensity, there's a lot of uncertainty here, but all of florida will be
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impacted this weekend and something we have to watch and prepare for very closely. michael, back over to you. >> we keep an eye on that, rob, and make sure you hydrate. now we're going to turn to new york governor andrew cuomo still facing a possible impeachment battle after announcing he will step down over allegations of sexual misconduct. now his successor is speaking out for the first time. erielle reshef has the details. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. some tough talk from lieutenant governor kathy hochul addressing governor cuomo's resignation and distancing herself from the man she will soon replace. the first woman poised to be governor of new york making it clear it will be different when she's in office. >> the governor and i have not been close. no one will ever describe my administration as a toxic work environment. >> reporter: lieutenant governor kathy hochul addressing the attorney general's explosive report which determined governor andrew cuomo fostered an environment rife with fear and harassment, claims he denies. >> no one who is named as
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anything -- doing anything unethical will remain in my administration. >> reporter: hochul telling reporters she was not aware of any of the allegations against the governor prior to the report. >> regarding his decision to step down, i believe it is appropriate and in the best interest of the state of new york. >> reporter: at 62 years old, hochul is a mother, a lawyer and served in congress before later running for lieutenant governor with andrew cuomo. and the woman about to make history made a promise to new yorkers. >> i will fight like hell for you every single day like i've always done and always will. >> reporter: and hochul clearly sending a message even with the bag she carried into the capitol that read kindness is cool, intelligence is irresistible. integrity is everything. she will take office less than two weeks from now, amy. >> all right, erielle, thank yo. the taliban seizing control of more and more territory with all u.s. troops set to withdraw by the end of this month, concerns
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are growing that the militants could take the capital. ian pannell has the latest on all of this. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, amy. this is starting to sound familiar, right, the taliban advancing once more. now taking their tenth major city this morning closing in on kandahar in the south and of course their main target of kabul, the capital. they're now just 80 miles away and, of course, it's home to the u.s. embassy and hundreds of u.s. troops. overnight, video released by the afghan government apparently showing air strikes on taliban positions in kandahar, but their efforts aren't doing enough to slow them down. in a video released by the militants displaying what appears to be some of their growing arsenal, a helicopter left behind by retreating government forces and a treasure trove of humvees and heavy equipment as a former army base now under their command. the speed and ferocity of their takeover is bewildering. gunfire echoes through many
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afghan streets as terrified residents are forced to run for their lives. and the militants parade their victories, here in the western city of farah, taliban fighters patrolling the streets. and in the north, another video showing their white flag hoisted high. they now control almost two-thirds of the country. well, that u.s. military assessment also suggesting the capital could be isolated in as few as 30 days and, of course, all u.s. troops will be out by the end of the month but the plan is for the embassy to carry on running. given the speed of the taliban advance you got to think the security situation for the embassy staff is under constant review. michael. >> security is first for sure, ian, thank you so much. now to those surging consumer prices. the cost of ordinary items are on the rise. rebecca jarvis joins us with what's driving up costs and what it means for your bills. good morning, rebecca.
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>> reporter: good morning, michael. we are seeing those price increases really across the board on goods and services, but they are slower price increases than what we had seen earlier this year and in the summer. here's the look at things. in groceries you're seeing prices go up on meat, poultry and fish by 5.9%. on dining out, you're seeing prices up 4.6%, and gasoline, you just heard that motorcycle behind me, well, gasoline prices are up 41.8%. he's paying a lot more for that ride today than he did a year ago. now, the bottom line here is that prices are going up for the most part across the board but there's one area where we have seen prices going higher that didn't see prices significantly higher last month and that is in the area of used cars. those prices are up 41.7% this year, but last month the pace started to slow down and the bottom line here is that supply shortages are really driving things higher and we're
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expecting to see even greater price increases in the future. companies like shake shack just this week said they're going to hike prices between 3% and 3.5%. the small businesses out there, they were surveyed just this month. 44% of them, michael, say they'll hike prices going forward. >> when you said shake shack is hiking prices, i saw some lips at the desk go, mm, just like at a little upset about that, but i got to say there is good news out there. if you're seeking a job there are over 10 million job openings right now. >> reporter: this is a job seeker's market, and that's great news if you're an employee. for employers out there, part of the issue here is that the cost of not being able to find that labor increasing wages, we are starting to see those costs being passed along to the consumer. the delta variant is a big wild card here because if people actually help moderate prices d- but going forward, the question now is, how long do these price increases continue? the federal reserve, michael,
7:18 am
believes that this is temporary whereas other economists see them continuing to rise, michael. >> we know the public hope is temporary. thank you so much for that, rebecca. >> nobody likes to pay more for we'rfollowing a loof other headlines this morning, including the summer travel slowdown. some airlines are now facing lots of last-minute cancellations. what to know if you've already booked tickets. and the this man hooking a great white shark on his line. going to tell you what happened when he tried to reel it in but first back to rob. hey, rob. hey, michael, you said get hydrated, right? either that or get wet. they did that in philadelphia. heat index was 105. the kids got in the fountain. any way you can cool off, excessive heat warnings, heat index forecast brought to you by amazon.
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and we'll be right back.
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like me. what we value most, shouldn't cost more. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. >> off to a nice start. i am julian glover. sonoma county's fight to conserve water during the drought has escalated. state you leaders have directed to not take water fromto almost. those affected include dry creek in the lake sonoma watershed. sonoma county say many -- says many have not complied. >> we have been focused on the same stating issue in vacaville all morning long. a deadly crash on eastbound 80, past not tree road. all lanes are blocked there.
7:24 am
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>> good morning. let's talk about your commute. the marine layer has been compressed down. you will find patchy fog on the peninsula. a little breezy near the delta. that will back toward the golden gate as we head toward the evening hours. the air quality is moderate. there will be smoke in midair and -- middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. the warming trend is on's today and tomorrow. look at how hot it gets this weekend. >> coming up on "gma" the new signs of trouble in the travel
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♪ 9 to 5 what a way to make a living ♪ ♪ barely getting by ♪ ♪ it's all taking and no giving ♪ welcome back to "gma." that is dolly parton's classic hit "9 to 5" has everybody at the desk swinging this morning and the country superstar is really working overtime announcing a brand-new project unlike anything she's done before. lara will have all the details in "pop news." that's coming up in our next hour. >> always love the dolly parton update. can't wait for that. we have more on that. first the top headlines we are following right now, the headlines on the pandemi news confirming the fda is booster shot for rize a third - immunocompromised people just hours from now and this comes as hospitalizations hit their
7:31 am
highest level in six months, multiple states requesting federal help. also right now that weather triple threat, tornadoes touching down in the midwest and tropical depression fred lashing the caribbean. the storm is now on a path to florida, plus, more than 120 million americans are on alert for dangerous heat. rob is tracking all of that this morning. and then the biden administration is taking action to protect consumers from rising gas prices. the president is asking the federal trade commission to look for any illegal activity that could be causing prices to rise while oil prices fall. as it stands, gas prices are about $1 per gallon higher than they were a year ago. plus, take a look at this. a surfer and a shark catching the same wave in south carolina. the shark just feet away from the 15-year-old as it rides the water. we are told that was a spinner shark which thankfully they're not considered a threat to humans. coming up, another close encounter.
7:32 am
if you feel like we're seeing a lot of sharks, we are. we're going to explain why we're seeing more of them. also, that double "jeopardy!" the game show officially announcing not one but two new hosts, all the details, that is coming up, michael. >> looking forward to that. now to signs of a summer travel slowdown as the delta variant spreads. tsa screenings are down sharply with some airlines saying cancellations are on the rise. transportation correspondent gio benitez has the latest for us. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, michael, good morning to you. we have been seeing a huge number of travelers and we still are, but this morning, that enthusiasm for travel appears to be stalling and in some cases, even dropping. this morning, after months of soaring passenger numbers during the pandemic, new signs of a potential slowdown amid a new surge in covid cases. the tsa reporting it's screened the lowest number of people in almost two months on tuesday and southwest airlines saying this week it's seeing more cancellations now blaming the spread of the delta variant.
7:33 am
industrywide experts say demand is flatlining for domestic flights and dropping for international. >> demand for searches for international flights is down about 12% since mid-july. >> reporter: the demand in searches is dropping so much that it's already affecting ticket prices. the average roundtrip ticket has already dropped by about $30. >> we're expecting domestic air fare to continue dropping another 10% into september. >> reporter: and hesitation to travel seems to be growing. >> we are seeing an uptick in users purchase for cancel for >> reporter: ingrid was supposed to fly this weekend to see her nephews for the first time in two years. but now she's canceling her trip. >> if i were my brother, looking at the news and seeing how florida is a hot spot, i think it would make me nervous absolutely. it's unfortunate that we're going to have to almost essentially lose another year,
7:34 am
family reunions and memories, but the most prudent thing for the sake of my nephews who are both under 12 and can't get vaccinated themselves would be to hold off on any travel. >> reporter: epidemiologists say you and your family may not need to cancel your trip but you do need to consider the risk. >> it's not that you can't travel at this time. you just have to be thoughtful about what you're doing, how you're doing it, who you're going to be around, and when you come home be careful if you've been somewhere where there's high rates of transmission that you're careful around people you come home to that may be vulnerable. >> gio, what are airline cancellation policies like now and can you still get a refund? >> reporter: so, michael, if you purchased a refundable ticket, and those are usually a little bit more expensive, you can get a full refund but if you did not get one of those refundable tickets, you can still get a full flight credit from most major airlines, just make sure you're looking at that
7:35 am
expiration date. >> make sure you check out that expiration date is right. thank you so much. amy. well, michael, now to the catch of a lifetime caught on camera. a fisherman hooking a great white shark off a beach in cape cod. will reeve is joining us now with more on this story. goo morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, amy. also caught on camera, live right now just under a mile off the beach here in long island. those are live sharks. so that's going to set up our story that took place in cape cod. imagine you're on the beach with your family hanging out. you have a fishing rod stuck into the sand. all of a sudden it bends and run over and see what's on the other end it's great white and heck of a story. >> oh, a shark. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: this morning, a fisherman getting the shock of his life. >> you caught a shark. oh, my god. >> reporter: snagging a great white on his line just off cape cod. >> people were swearing and screaming and everyone on the beach looked both ways and standing up, up near the water's
7:36 am
edge. it was basically like it turned into mayhem for a moment. >> reporter: 25-year-old matt piesak was hoping for a bluefish or a bass on sunday when he was fishing off the coast of massachusetts. the shark likely attracted to his bait. >> a shark is usually never going to grab your bait. they're huge. they feed on large prey so chances are you caught a fish and the shark bit your fish off the line. >> reporter: the shark taking off as soon as matt applied pressure to the line. >> the whole thing was absolutely bananas. it was really exciting and i was happy that my family was there to be a part of it. >> reporter: and further down the coast in new york on wednesday, multiple sharks sighted on long island. swimmers there asked to leave the water. sharks come to feed on the east coast during the summer. shark sightings and encounters increase often closer to shore. >> we know the white sharks are on the beaches in pursuit of
7:37 am
seals and certainly within a casting distance throw away, so i expect this kind of thing to be happening fairly regularly. >> reporter: chris and his team are on a 22-day expedition to research great whites in the northeast, but to study them, you have to corral one first. once the shark is on the ship, the tagging and sampling begin before the shark is let back out into the ocean. >> the most comprehensive look at any white shark in history and the academic coming together with the fishermen to make sure we're proud of the ocean we leave behind for our kids. >> reporter: experts say that warming water temperatures in the northeast likely also contribute to the increase of shark sightings and the increase in duration of shark season. it is incredibly rare to encounter a shark when you go to the beach, but when you do go to the beach look out for seals because that means shark food. if you do go in the water make sure to stay close to shore and swim in groups whenever you can, guys. >> sounds so inviting, will, thank you. >> i swim in water where i can see my feet.
7:38 am
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hosts to replace the late alex trebek, "jeopardy!" executive producer mike richards and actress mayim bialik are the new hosts. t.j. holmes is here with all the details. good morning, t.j. >> stra, "jeopardy!" is about to start its 38th season, and this will be the first of the 38 that started without alex trebek at the helm, so this is a much anticipated announcement that we get of who will be the new host but in classic game show fashion, the announcement came with a, but, wait, there's more. >> reporter: the search is over. so who is your new "jeopardy!" host? >> a fun final "jeopardy!" category to wrap up the week, american rock bands, players, here's the clue. >> reporter: him and her. >> but being the next "jeopardy!" guest host, dream come true. >> reporter: "jeopardy!" surprised fans with not one but two hosts. ♪ ♪ i give you a piece of my mind ♪ former "blossom" and "big bang theory" star mayim bialik and
7:43 am
current "jeopardy!" executive producer mike richards. richards will take over as host of the long-running daily syndicated show while bialik will handle "jeopardy!" primetime and spin-off series and the anticipated announcement comes nine months after the passing of alex trebek who hosted the show from 1984 -- >> welcome to america's favorite answer and question game, "jeopardy!" >> reporter: -- until his death last november. over the past few months the quiz show has featured a rotation of celebrity guest hosts including two very familiar faces. >> i'm honored to be here. ah, guest hosting "jeopardy!" >> what a thrill for me to be here on this stage. >> reporter: bialik and richards both did guest hosting stints as well. though behind the scenes, most recently richards is no stranger to hosting gigs like "divided." >> your clock starts now. >> reporter: "the pyramid." >> thank you, everyone. welcome to the "pyramid." >> reporter: and even reality shows like "beauty and the geek." i spoke with him in march about his "jeopardy!" guest hosting
7:44 am
gig. would you be open to the possibility of hosting this show? >> the main focus that we're all looking at as the standard-bearers for this show is what's going to be best for the show. >> reporter: he recently came under fire for a 2010 lawsuit while he was executive producer on "the price is right." one of the show's models claiming richards and other producers discriminated against her after she became pregnant. something he denied. the suit was later settled out of court. earlier this week richards addressed it in a memo. obtained by "deadline," reading in part, i want you all to know that the way in which my comments and actions have been characterized in these complaints does not reflect the reality of who i am. i will not say anything to disrespect anyone's pregnancy. >> let's start with a little romantic dinner music, shall we? >> reporter: meanwhile, wednesday bialik, who is also a real-life neuroscientist -- >> it's very exciting. >> reporter: -- shared what it means to her and her family. >> i am a second generation american and my grandparents are immigrants.
7:45 am
never really had a command of the english language. it's a tremendously bizarre and humbling and surreal experience. >> reporter: now, i have to address this, guys. some "jeopardy!" fans were hot because the sentimental favorite was, of course, levar burton of "reading rainbow," of "star trek" fame. there he is, he did get a shot at hosting. he said, look, no matter the outcome i have already won just being able to be there so he was not the pick. now, remember, mike richards wasn't even supposed to guest host. he only did it because of covid, and they had to push some of the things back so he ends up being the host but, remember, when he was hosting, the headlines said fans are drooling over mike richards. mike richards becomes an overnight sensation. fans want stone cold fox mike richards to host. he knows that show well. >> he was really good. i watched his run at it and i thought no one knows the show better than him so i'm excited. >> a new era for "jeopardy!" >> thank you, t.j.
7:46 am
>> it will be fun to watch. coming up, with the delta variant surging the cdc urging pregnant women to get vaccinated and dr. ashton is here to break it down. and next, our "play of the day." we did it again. we did it again. verizon has been named america's most verizon has been named america's most reliable network by rootmetrics. and our customers rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power. number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. that's why there's only one best network. that's why there's only one best network.
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balance anything from, you see it there, a mango to a strawberry and cream, to a lemon. yeah. this is incredible. the 4-year-old labrador retriever who can do this trick with almost anything has almost or has more than 400,000 followers own social media. my dog would eat that stuff off his nose. >> wow, that's pretty good. >> what can your dog do? >> ah. >> good question. i'm going to go home and see if he can do that. can't wait for that video. >> eli -- enzo, he's got some work to do. i have eli manning on the brain. >> i'm sure eli will appreciate that. coming up next, "deals & steals" with must-haves for your kitchen and home. we will be right back.
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and it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. the way it should be. carmax. welcome back to "gma." it's hot in the east, hot in the west. another fire in california. this the monument fire, 62,000 acres burned just 3% containment there and rescuing animals yesterday. record heat expected today in portland and seattle. up and over 100 degrees without humidity. coming up on "gma," the hunt for a man living a double life. the mastermind behind a massive fraud. authorities asking for your help. meantime, local news and weather for you next.
7:55 am
"good morning america" is sponsored by carmax. te way it should be.
7:56 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: we will get you out of the door on time with joe with a look at traffic. >> thank you. just a moment ago, the smoke disappeared. at the bay bridge toll plaza there was a fire on the shoulder as you come off the ramp. you might be able to see a tiny flicker in the center of the screen. fire crews are behind the on ramp. we are working on that. the meeting lights came on at 5:48. moving smoothly on the san mateo bridge. back to this awful situation evocative. -- vacaville. eastbound 80. mike: low clouds and some mid-level clouds. speckles possible this morning. we will have a mixture of warm temperatures in the high clouds,
7:57 am
except for the coast with the low clouds linger. hotter this weekend. >> coming up this morning on gma, pregnancy and covid vaccines. the cdc urging pregnant women to get the shot. what you need to know this morning.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. boosters on the way. the fda expected to authorize a third shot for some people just hours from now and dr. fauci talking to "gma" this morning, plus, new guidance about the covid vaccine for pregnant women. the cdc recommendation and what women should know if they haven't had the shot yet. dr. ashton is here to break that down. fred ahead. the storm named fred lashes the caribbean on a path towards florida and from coast to coast dangerous heat. more than 120 million americans on alert for life-threatening temperatures. rob is tracking it all. have you seen this man? the convicted criminal living a double life. a computer salesman who masterminded a massive fraud then escaped from law
8:01 am
enforcement more than 20 years ago. u.s. marshals chasing fresh leads and looking for your help to find the fugitive. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ diy's dynamic duo with brooke and brice gillum, looking to take your home improvement up a notch. simple tips to transform your home even for your pets. and "descendants" are back and this time they're animated. cheyenne jackson and booboo stewart join us live and they're saying -- >> good morning. >> good morning, america. good morning, america. good morning to those two as well. we're glad you're starting your thursday with us. great to be here with amy and eva. >> almost through the week. coming up, the countdown. that field of dreams game. two major league teams will face
8:02 am
off in the ballpark, but already a grand slam there. more on that ahead. then this morning we have "deals & steals" with bargains for your home and kitchen and tory johnson has that all for you coming up. first, a lot of news this morning starting with the pandemic. the fda expected to authorize a third booster shot for immunocompromised people just hours from now as hospitals across the country reach their breaking point. victor oquendo is in gainesville, florida, with the latest. good morning, again, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. our team went inside the hospital here in gainesville where the medical director told us that this current surge is bigger than anything they've seen before. this morning, abc news confirming the fda is expected to authorize a third booster shot for immunocompromised people today. the cdc advisory panel then set to meet friday. director walensky could green light the shots soon after. the news coming after the cdc
8:03 am
confirms more than a million people getting a third shot, even without authorization. it comes as the delta variant surges across the country. hospitalizations now at their highest level in six months. more than 17,000 icu beds in use across the country. amy spoke with dr. anthony fauci about who will be eligible for a booster shot earlier this morning. >> we know now that the fda is expected to authorize those booster shots for people who have compromised immune systems. do we know exactly who is eligible for the shot? can you walk us through it? >> yes, the fda will come out with the final determination but almost certainly be, for example, people who have transplantation and are on immunosuppressive drugs for that, people on therapy for cancer, cancer chemotherapy or advanced hiv disease or receiving immune suppressive therapy for a variety of diseases such as autoimmune diseases. >> reporter: the cdc is now
8:04 am
urging pregnant women to get vaccinated pointing to increasing evidence here that the vaccine poses no increased risk for miscarriage and no safety concerns. amy. >> all right, victor, thank you very much for that. we're going to turn now to that weather triple threat with severe weather in the midwest, dangerous heat on both coasts and a tropical depression on the path to florida. rob is tracking all of that for us. good morning again, rob. >> reporter: hi, good morning, amy. you really can feel the heat and humidity building already fueling the storms in part. yesterday we had nearly 400 damaging storm reports including four tornadoes. here's one of them in pulaski, wisconsin, just outside of green bay. this one did some damage. we also had damaging storms across michigan. over a million customers without power. most of them coming in michigan. you see scenes like this, trees downs, power lines down and one came down in western pennsylvania on a car and there was a fatality there. the passenger went to the hospital. sad and dangerous stuff happening again today,
8:05 am
slow-moving front so we'll see it from kansas city all the way through the great lakes and into western parts of new york as that front triggers the storms with the heat and humidity. my goodness. we have a heat wave in the northeast, northwest where we could see records fall. today hotter than yesterday in philadelphia and new york and stretches all the way down into the deep south. fred off the coast of cuba right now heading towards the florida straits and do expect it to strengthen. our confidence level on intensity and track is not quite there. all of florida will be impacted. i'm heading down there later today. eva, over to you. >> a busy week in the weather department, rob, be careful down there. turning to that highly anticipated field of dreams game. you're looking live at dyersville, iowa where the new york yankees and chicago white sox will face off in the ballpark, you know, the one surrounded by corn fields, inspired by the beloved movie, but last night little league players, they took to the field and take a look at this grand
8:06 am
slam. >> deep to left field, it is gone. >> who needs a fence when you have a cornfield, right? he hit it right into the corn and his teammates rushing from the dugout to celebrate. cinematic moment. >> a grand slam. clear the bases. all right. coming up next here on "good morning america," the delta variant surges. the cdc sharing new guidelines. now urging pregnant women to get vaccinated. dr. ashton is here to break that down. and the story of a criminal mastermind on the run for more than 20 years. now authorities are asking for your help to track him down. plus "deals & steals," tory johnson bringing major discounts on home and kitchen product, up to 70% off. we'll be right back. ♪ there she is, miss america ♪ ♪ there she is your ideal ♪
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sign up today. ♪ i'm gonna soak up the sun ♪ ♪ i'm gonna tell everyone to lighten up ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this thursday. with "soak up the sun," the sun is out here in new york city so it's a perfect song for that and tomorrow on "gma," sheryl crow will jin us live for our summer concert series bringing a special performance of that great summer song and much more. all right. we are looking forward to that but first we're looking forward to "pop news" with lara. hey, lara. >> hey, amy. good morning to you all and we are going to begin on this beautiful morning with the queen of country dolly parton. taking her love of storytelling from the stage to the page. the superstar singer announcing
8:12 am
her first novel "run, rose, run" will make its debut next year and, guys, she has a pretty good mentor to help make sure this book is great. best-selling author james patterson co-wrote the book that follows a young woman who moved to nashville to fulfill her dreams of becoming a star but the source of all her amazing heart-wrenching songs is a brutal secret she has done everything to hide. patterson says working with dolly was a hell of a lot of fun, his words and if you're looking for the perfect music to set the mood for this mysterious novel dolly has it covered too made a brand-new album to go - along with the book based on the characters and the situations. you can order -- you can preorder "run, rose, run" right now, it hits book stores march 2022. also, michael b. jordan just landed his first romantic drama starring in "a journal for jordan" about the real-life story of charles monroe king who
8:13 am
writes letters to his newborn son jordan while he is stationed in iraq. take a look at this. >> you need to put all that away. i haven't had my coffee yet. ♪ donl me, love ♪ >> dear jordan, just take one look at your mother. >> marry me. >> yes. >> whoo! >> that will tell you what i think beautiful is. ♪ i'm ready ♪ >> your father wrote that. ♪ i'm ready ♪ he wrote this whole thing just for you. >> not only are we getting michael b. jordan in a romantic movie but jordan posted the trailer on instagram writing it's a once in a lifetime love. it's also not often you get a chance to be directed by one of your idols in denzel washington.
8:14 am
chante adams, i think we got one. i think you do got one. it is set to hit theaters nationwide this christmas. very exciting. and how about a rebel yell, guys, in honor of billy idol? the icon giving us new music and new video for the first time in almost a decade. take a look at his latest called "bitter taste." ♪ hello, good-bye, i was staring in the devil's eyes ♪ ♪ should have led me way back by the roadside ♪ ♪ it's a bitter taste ♪ >> it's a look back on his nearly fatal motorcycle crash 30 years ago. idol telling "rolling stone" that accident was a huge wake-up call. reminding him to leave behind a bit of his irreverent youth to become a more attentive father and more sensitive musician. he is set to release "the
8:15 am
roadside" september 17th. it's available for preorder right now. and finally this morning, we have a new twist for you on a wedding tradition. these guys, well, they call themselves the flower bros. there they are. instead of having little girls carry baskets of petals this bride had the bros use fanny packs ready to go packed with petals and they really made the most of their stroll down the aisle. strutting his stuff with his fellow bro over the weekend. that video racking up nearly 7.5 million views online. i believe we have just witnessed the make of a new wedding tradition. thank you, bros and back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you, lara. >> thank you very much for that. we move on now to our "gma"
8:16 am
cover story, and those two big headlin headlines. the covid-19 vaccine. the cdc updating its recommendations for pregnant women and earlier dr. fauci confirming that the fda will soon authorize that third dose of the vaccine for immunocompromised people. dr. jennifer ashton joins us now with the very latest. let's first start with the news about this third dose, this booster shot we've been hearing about. who specifically will be eligible or should get the shot? >> we have to wait and see over the next day to two days but in general that term weakened immune system or immunocompromised, we think of some major groups, people with organ transplantation, people undergoing chemotherapy for cancer or people living with hiv/aids or who have an autoimmune condition or are on suppressive medications but have to remember pregnancy is immune compromised and so is older age so we have to wait and see exactly who gets into that criteria initially. >> speaking of pregnant women new recommendations for them as well. they should absolutely get this vaccine. a lot of pregnant women were on
8:17 am
the fence about this deciding not to get vaccinated and hearing now they should. >> right. so last week we heard the ob/gyns, top professional organizations imploring women to get the vaccine in all stages of pregnancy then just yesterday we heard the cdc urging women who are eligible in all three trimesters, women who are considering being pregnant and women who are breast-feeding to get vaccinated. what changed is brand-new data suggesting no increased risk either of miscarriage early in pregnancy or in later stages of pregnancy of any untoward safety signals and we know what the risks of covid are in this population so that's why they made this new recommendation. >> all right. and what do we know about the vaccine as it pertains to fertility, breast-feeding, some of the other issues surrounding pregnancy. >> this myth took off on social media. right now, again, they have data on tens of thousands of pregnant women and natural history of covid over the last 18 months and here's what we know at this point. number one, women who are
8:18 am
vaccinated do pass antibodies to their newborn both in later stages of pregnancy and in breast-feeding. there has been no demonstrated impact on the ability to get pregnant, on fertility, on conception, on menstrual cycle, again, these background rates of things will continue to happen. they're looking for an increased rate of any of those things in women who have been vaccinated and so far there has been no indication of such. so can things happen by coincidence, yes, but there is no evidence, no proof that there is an increased risk so the benefits far outweigh any potential risk. >> you're not only protecting yourself but your unborn child. >> thnk you very much. now to a 23-year-long manhunt. authorities asking for your help tracking down the criminal mastermind living a double life. this season, season two of the abc news podcast "have you seen this man" hosted by sunny hostin tells the story. will reeve has the details. welcome back, will.
8:19 am
>> reporter: hey, michael. that's right. the u.s. marshals want your help in catching a fugitive so watch closely, have you seen this man? ♪ you're watching some of the only known video of convicted con man john ruffo. >> hey, you got it on. >> reporter: the u.s. marshals want you to look and listen closely because they're asking fugitive from justice. >> now join the global manhunt. >> reporter: the popular abc news podcast "have you seen this man?" is back for season two. abc news senior investigative producer matthew mosque is alongside the u.s. marshals as they hunt for john ruffo, an unassuming brooklyn computer salesman who masterminded an enormous fraud. >> it's a crazy story. he was the ultimate double life person. and sentenced to 17 years in te- prison in 1998 after swindling banks out of more than $350 million. shockingly, he was allowed to report to prison on his own and
8:20 am
that is when he seized his opportunity. >> you won't believe this. he took off. he didn't show up to surrender. >> reporter: on the day he was to become a prisoner he turned in his ankle bracelet, took out $600 from an atm. left his car at new york's jfk airport and vanished. 23 years later the marshals are now chasing fresh leads. a tip that this furniture salesman fits the description and sends them to his store but could the most promising lead be found on grainy footage of an l.a. dodgers game. >> here he comes in to score. >> reporter: four rows behind home plate. >> based off that video footage determined the exact seat that that person was at. >> is that him or not? >> reporter: you'll have to listen to the podcast to find out the answer, and you can find out manchester more about this fugitive search when the hunt
8:21 am
for john ruffo becomes a series on hulu this fall, and the u.s. marshals want to hear from you. any information, call the number that we should be splashing up on the screen. there is a $25,000 reward for that information, michael. >> fascinating, will, thank you for bringing that to us. the first episode of "have you seen this man?" season 2, available now wherever you get your podcasts. new episodes drop every wednesday. now back to rob. hey, michael, as you know this is the time of year where parts of florida get thunderstorms. look at this out of ft. myers of lightning yesterday evening, cloud to ground, cloud to cloud and just a spectacular show there over the airport. you expect more today and of course tropical storm fred heading in that direction.
8:22 am
now to "deals & steals" picking up great products for the kitchen. point your cell phone camera at that qr code there on your screen and tory johnson joins us now with a recipe for savings. hey, tory. >> hi, eva. we're going to start with a really fun one here. this is wall pops. it is the easiest way to transform any room in your home with its peel and stick diy decor. so for the first time we're debuting their peel and stick string wallpaper which just means that it's textured, elegant, upscale. we have the peel and stick resin tiles to create an instant back
8:23 am
splash. no sticky residue, easily removable and replaceable so if you change your mind or you move a lot, this happens to be great for rental properties, huge assortment that you will find online and our selection today starts at $12.50. next up we have the perfect way to become the best bartender or mocktail maker out there, right, tory? >> yes, absolutely. this is barsys and it thinks for you. so you select the drink that you want to make and you put this smart technology to work. the coaster changes colors when it's time to start and stop pouring each ingredient and the mixer automatically swirls. you have access to a library of thousands of recipes of cocktails and mocktails. no experience required. you can become an at-home bartender in an instant and at half price because our deal is $74.50. and a "deals & steals" favorite. this is nonstick. this is what i need to be cooking with.
8:24 am
>> this is green pan, yes, one of the original nonstick ceramic companies. you can upgrade your kitchen with this baby blue. it is high performance cookware, durable, scratch resistant, that beautiful color looks really gorgeous in the kitchen or when you're serving on the table. we have a fry pan set or a ten-piece set. today the prices start at $50. >> after you cook on that you need somewhere to put it. this is a different approach to storing food this morning. >> yeah, so this is dalcini making its debut. these are modern food storage containers, easy to use, clean and store. they're stackable. they also have a writable surface that will work with any washable marker so you can mark the date, the contents, leave little love notes. no plastic paint or dyes and all is dishwasher, oven and freezer
8:25 am
safe and start at $12.50. >> these cookies, i'm hungry and i think amy is over there eating them if i see correctly. >> these are nunbelievable made in america. we have their new keto-friendly low carb options in a variety of flavors and regular artisanal ones for every cookie sold, they donate a meal to somebody in need. the company says it's approaching 1 million meals donated which is pretty fabulous. our bundles today start at $15. >> and after all that cooking and eating, this is what we all want to do, take a nap. >> sleep. so from sheex we have their breathable fabric that's moise wicking, so that you don't get sweaty in bed for the wrong reasons. plastic -- elastic all around the fitted sheet so it stays in place. wrinkle resistant and we have a
8:26 am
huge assortment online as well. everything today from this company, 50% off ad free shipping from sheex. >> temperature controlled sleeping, very, very important, tory. we, of course, have partnered -- everyone is laughing in the studio this morning. we partnered with them on these deals.cageth on our website. don't miss tory's biggest "shark tank" deals event with more than two dozen brands all available on we'll be right back. >> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, it's time to set your summer weekend on fire. with sheryl crow performing for you. ♪ every day is a winding road ♪ >> announcer: sheryl crow tomorrow on "good morning america's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards.
8:27 am
area. >> today is move-in day for students at cal state, east bay and hayward. this is the first time students will be living on campus since march of 2020. classes start next week. now, checking in for a look at our traffic. >> we are going to start here with a live look at walnut creek. that southbound traffic on 680, it is slow. there is a stall that is making things slower. we don't have an estimated time as to when this all will pick up. the bay bridge toll plaza is slow as well. we saw a delayed backup, but it has arrived. >>
8:28 am
zzz op bsf pop pbloop the day can wait. enter the golden state with real california dairy.
8:29 am
>> we had some immeasurable sprinkles earlier this morning. granted, it was at 820 feet, but the moisture did make it to the ground and punch through that mid-level dry air that kept the rest of us from getting sprinkles. mainly some clouds and a large summer spread. air quality is going to be hazy, but mainly in the mid to upper parts where we will find the smoke. our warming trend is on pause today and tomorrow, but look at this weekend. >> we will have another news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes but you can always find the latest on our app and at ab ♪ keep reaching and i'll keep coming back ♪ welcome back on this thursday morning, everybody. there's so many people who started home improvement projects during the pandemic. but with shipping delays and rising prices it can be hard to get what you want. but, of course, lara spoke with a couple who can help. hey, lara. >> hey, michael. it's true. as you just said, so many people moving, working from home. renovating more popular than ever but as you said demand is up, prices up. shipping delays at an all-time high. not to worry that's where brooke and brice gillum come in. they have the best ideas honestly that i've seen in a long time. ♪ >> reporter: he is a dentist by
8:31 am
day and interior designer whenever time allows. she is a pharmaceutical sales rep who blows off steam by sanding, painting, you name it, brooke does it. that's exactly why chip and joanna gaines gave them their own show on the magnolia network and why we asked them for easy to do at home projects. >> we'll make something you can have in your family room to store pillows, blankets, whatever you want in it. >> everybody is into those wicker baskets that can be so expensive. they're like, $50, $75, even $100, the bigger ones. you guys have an inexpensive way to create that basket. >> i do one dab of glue. >> reporter: buy some rope at the hardware store, a glue gun, cardboard box. if you want to take it up a notch add a brass accent. >> i created a real mess. >> you're very good. >> reporter: we joke but in this duo's side hustle of upcycling furniture brice has the big ideas and brooke gets her hands
8:32 am
dirty or gluey in this case. >> tip, glue your end before you put it in here and it won't fall out. >> the brass really dresses it up. >> i thought so too. >> this is a cardboard box and a piece of brass and some rope. what a great idea. ♪ >> i bet that people would never guess these planters are made of this. >> we kept finding planters were boring or really expensive so we needed something we could -- that was a lot more affordable we could have and go in our house and be modern. >> what are these? >> pipe fittings, they'll connect the pipe together. we'll bend it pretty tightly and need something to hold it in place. >> reporter: just $20tings will enough for four planters. >> let it sit in the sun, it will help it be more pliable. take your fitting and put it in one end here push it in.
8:33 am
then bend your other side to it. >> you don't need to work out when you make any of these. brice, how are we doing? >> you could be more aggressive. more like rope. >> okay. >> how is yours coming along? >> mentally i'm doing very good. >> reporter: and what about your furry family member? yep, brooke and brice have a project for them too. all you need is a picture frame. some pvc piping and a little glue. i feel like this is a children's game like connect four. >> what we'll do is line all of these up and then we're going to glue them in. >> sand it down to rough up the surface so glue totally adheres to them. >> hard to imagine this could turn into something attractive and functional. final result. >> let me show you.
8:34 am
>> i need one of these for my riva. great job, guys. >> yep. i do. a big one. "making modern" with brooke and brice premieres friday, september 10th. streaming exclusively on discovery plus and the magnolia app. so great to work with them. back to you guys in the studio. >> those were great tips. >> i loved them. >> and riva looks very nice and calm there. you know, nothing wrong with riva. >> for a change. >> all right. lara, thank you so much. coming up, we have the stars of the new "descendants" movie joining us live. we'll be right back. ♪ adore you ♪
8:35 am
8:36 am
8:37 am
we are back we are back with a save the date. this friday you are invited to "descendants: the royal wedding," the first three disney channel original movies that became the most popular movies among kids, and now those characters are back and in an animated special. >> joining us now are stars booboo stewart and cheyenne jackson. gentlemen, thank you both for joining us. >> hey. >> booboo, i want to start with you. you've been involved with the franchise from the beginning. you're one of the core four who are all descendants of all the baddies.
8:38 am
you were brought in to play a good guy. tell us about that? >> totally. when i initially got called to read for brought me in to read for prince ben. i guess they didn't see prince ben in me. they were like, you should come back and read for this other character, jay, he's the bad guy and i was so confused, but he's the good guy and i was like, this is very interesting so i got to play good and bad. it's pretty fun being able to play both, i guess. >> pretty fun hearing strahan saying disney baddies. cheyenne, i know you have twins, they're almost 5. have they watched you in "descendants" and what do they think? >> they have. they're finally at the age where they can see stuff i'm in and call the whole disney franchise "descendants," they call it hades and i think that's apropos and works for me. >> booboo, when cheyenne joined
8:39 am
the cast of "descendants" did he make a big splash? >> oh, my gosh, when we knew cheyenne was coming on board our director loves him and so there were so many whispers throughout the set, everybody is like cheyenne is coming. that when he showed up everyone was like, this is right. >> love it. >> cheyenne, we'll put you on the spot and hear a new song in "the royal wedding" called "feeling the love." you willing to sing a few bars for us on national television. >> i mean, it's really early over here in l.a. but, sure. ♪ i'm feeling the love, love, love, you make me feel the love ♪ something like that. >> i'd like to hear you in the afternoon if that's your morning voice. amazing. >> i can barely talk in the morning. i'm amazed you can sing in the morning. as you guys knows this series has an incredible fan base, super fans out there. we have a question from one of your superfans so take a look.
8:40 am
>> my question is for both of you. what is your favorite part about being animated characters? >> i think something that's really great about this animation they have done to the characters is that it looks like we're in these classic disney films, the look of the animation is reminiscent of "snow white" and the classic animated films and i love being able to see all of our characters being taken in that way in the disney heritage. >> yeah, it's so fun, i mean that's why all those apps are so popular, what do you look like as a disney character? actually we got to see it and they would send us renderings and it's all about the eyebrows and hair and really just so fun and i think the disney fans are going to just love this. it's such a great homage to the "descendants" characters we created an a wonderful wrap-up to the story. >> speaking of the story,
8:41 am
booboo, if you would, just to get fans even more excited i know they're so into the series but what's the takeaway? there's always a good takeaway in a disney film and a disney series. what would you say this one is? >> you know, this -- especially just coming from the song "feel the love" you get a wrap-up of the sense of the world of "descendants" and feel all the characters and the last little bit of here we all are together and, yeah, just a beautiful nice little bow tie on the story and to involv the family and the wrap-up is just perfect. >> i love that. booboo and cheyenne, thank you both for. >> you disney baddies. i'll say it again. >> disney baddies. "descendants: the royal wedding" airs this friday on the disney channel following the premiere of the new film "spin" around 9:40 p.m. eastern. all right. let's take it over to rob. okay, amy, what better to
8:42 am
top off a disney show with a little rainbow. you had one in d.c. yesterday. rough storms in the afternoon after the heat but frank sent this in. a full rainbow from left to right after the showers rolled through and the sun set. very nice there. more heat coming today. heat advisories and warnings posted. that less humid air slow to get to the east coast and temperatures today will be even hotter than yesterday. d.c., philly, new york city will feel like 105, 107. boston, heat emergency. a dangerous time. not cooling off till saturday. now, let's go back over to lara. we have u rking me >>ou know what, am happy to and so is riva
8:43 am
and right now we're talking about wearing work clothes again but what when our kids? what do they do? pajama bottoms may not make the cut when they head back to class. this segment is sponsored by dick's sporting goods where we took three young influencers to help us find the hottest looks in back to school fashion. here you go. >> reporter: when kids get back to school after a year of virtual learning, making sure you have the coolest look is more important than ever. so our sponsor dick's sporting goods invited three spokespeople and social media influencers to their house of sport in knoxville, tennessee. letting them pick their ideal outfits for back to school milestones. kat rodriguez has over a million followers on tiktok, and,0 on instagram. >> the outfit can say a lot about you. >> reporter: she's looking for a first day of school outfit that will wow. >> clothes attack people and it's a good thing or a pattern
8:44 am
is appealing to the eye. >> reporter: after going through the racks and trying on multiple combinations, the third outfit was an easy "a." >> true to me. loud colors. you want to look good and shoes are personally my favorite because they're stylish and got the nice colors going on but nice simple. >> reporter: 16-year-old ian is excited to get back to school. on tiktok he is followed by more than 1.3 million people and, oh, 185,000 on instagram. ian is looking for the perfect outfit to wear to a friday night football game. >> i look for something that's comfortable and has good fashion altogether. >> reporter: the look he picked. easy touchdown. >> all matches in the colors, the blues, whites, black, all that, the top, it's nice. it will keep you warm. the jordans look clean. anybody wants jordans. >> reporter: now he is set to catch game under the lights. and 17-year-old caroline manning reaches nearly 500,000 on tiktok
8:45 am
and over 200,000 on instagram and looking to stand out for her school photo. >> school picture day can be extremely nerve-racking. i think we've all experienced it but the best way to go into it is with a positive mindset. dress for you and yourself. >> reporter: caroline choosing to go all in on neutrals letting her natural beauty shine. >> the look that i picked out is super cute. i've got a matching adidas sweatshirt and joggers and they're going to look really fresh with these adidas classics. >> reporter: shopping made even easier at dick's sporting goods with one hour curbside pickup and as for these social media stars they're ready for the new year. such cute looks. thanks, guys. and coming up, bobby flay bringing his love of italy to his newest restaurant. who is hungry? i know riva is. "gma's" before the bell sponsored by dick's sporting goods. every season starts at dick's. sponsored by dick's
8:46 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ give grandma kisses. mwah. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan.
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some real face time. just an amtrak away.
8:48 am
>> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, it's time to set your summer weekend on fire. with sheryl crow performing for you. ♪ every day is a winding road ♪ >> announcer: sheryl crow, own america's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards. welcome back to "gma." let's go back to rob who is taking us to las vegas. hey, rob. >> hi, well through the television but there's food involved so it's a great combination. you know bobby flay from his tv show and of course many of his top restaurants. this segment is sponsored by caesars rewards. flay has opened up a new eatery inspired by one of his favorite places in the world and mine too italy bringing the flavors of the amalfi coast to the las vegas strip. have a look. ♪ award winning chef bobby flay has been making mouthwatering e. it'snbelievabl epter: andy restrants for ov
8:49 am
now chef flay is bringing passion to each plate with his newest restaurant inspired by his travels to the coastal shores of the mediterranean. >> i've been obsessed with italy for the last two decades. really an exciting moment for me to kind of bring that to life. >> reporter: inside the world renowned caesars palace in las vegas, amalfi by bobby flay brings rich pastas and bold flavors and fresh seafood and dish display inspired by the region. >> my plan is to transport you to the amal si coast. the first thing the server will say we have this fish market. would you like to see what fish is available tonight and you pick out your own fish. we cook it to you and deliver it to your table the way you want it. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: for this special reservation our sponsor caesars rewards inviting "gma" to make one of the most popular dishes. spaghetti zucchini with toasted zucchini. first toast the zucchini. >> sliced zucchini, start with
8:50 am
one layer so each one hits the bottom of the pan and gets niced and toasted. >> reporter: next get the water boiling. >> i take a little bit of salt, we have some spaghetti, spaghetti right in the boiling water and take the pasta out and let it cool on its own. >> reporter: now start on your pesto sauce. >> the peppers, i love the flavor of these so i steam them like this and combine it with classic pesto ingredients, fresh basil, pine nuts, fresh garlic and parmigiano-reggiano cheese and you get shishito pesto. >> combine the ingredients. >> that magic comes in there so you can see it's a handful of
8:51 am
ingredients. zucchini, the pasta, the pesto, fresh basil, parmigiano-reggiano and there you go. >> that looks just outrageous and a little classic chianti with the pesto. mm-mm. we'll be right back. "gma's" taste of italy is sponsored by caesars rewards. every way you play.
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>> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. oh, thank you for watching, everyone. we hope you all have a good day. >> yes. who is buying breakfast? >> you are. >> okay, i got you. ♪ leave the light on ♪ ♪ i'll leave the light on ♪ >> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, it's time to set your summer weekend on fire. with sheryl crow performing for you. ♪ every day is a winding road. >> announcer: sheryl crow. tomorrow on "good morning
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america's" summer concert series sponsored by caesars rewards.
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>> good morning, everyone. here's a look at traffic. >> back to walnut creek and 680. this is our sloth spot stretching from concord all the way southbound. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the backup is pretty much all cleared up. a slow stretch in the east bay from berkeley through emeryville. >> chance of sprinkles now pretty much moving on, going to be over the ocean. thunderstorms over the sierra later on. just a touch cooler this afternoon, probably will not notice it because ofsunshine. hottest temperatures in lake and mendocino counties, this weekend for the rest of us. >> now it is time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. we will be back at 11:00. we will be back at 11:00. is live with kelly and ryan. today, from the series, this is us, susan kelechi watson, and a performance from billy ray cyrus featuring firerose. plus, a tasty lemon primavera, courtesy of fresco by scotto. also, host of the new series well done, sebastian maniscalco joins ryan at the co-host desk, all next on live! and now here are ryan seacrest and sebastian maniscalco. sebastian maniscalco. great to see you, buddy. thank you. nice to be here. [stammering] two guys at the table. i know, it's crazy. wow, this is great. it's thursday, august 12th. filling in for kelly is sebastian maniscalco, our good friend. thanks for having me.


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