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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 13, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit >> even in san francisco, the most vaccinated city in the
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u.s., herd immunity may never happen, so what is next? what the pandemic means for you moving forward. >> some restaurant owners pushing back against the upcoming vaccine mandate. it is a story that will make you smile. nine you will woman has ad mriet children's hospital in the scope. ok ke. >> possibility of showers. the forecast is coming up. abc seven news at 11:00 starts right now. >> live breaking news. >> that breaking news is from the fda tonight. the agency just authorized a booster shot but only for certain immunocompromised people that may face added risk of covid-19. the fda says, after a review of available data, it determined a third dose of the moderna or pfizer vaccines could increase the protection of this vulnerable group. other fully vaccinated people do not need a booster, at least not at this time.
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ac/dc panel is expected to vote to recommend the third dose when it meets tomorrow and we will let you know immediately. thank you for joining us. i am dan ashley. san francisco will become the first major u.s. city to mandate full vaccinations for many indoor activities. >> we are not out of the woods as it relates to covid. we are still going through it. yes, we are sick and tired of the but it is not sick and tired of us. >> this new requirement includes bars, restaurants, clubs, theaters, and james. indoor events of more than one thousand people must verify that status. the mandate will take effect next friday customers a week from tomorrow and employees have until october 13. while the vaccination mandate is being welcomed by many restaurant owners in the name of safety, cornell bernard explains that some are worried that enforcement could cost them customers. ♪ >> thursday afternoon jazz at
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the restaurant. most tables are outside. starting next week, owners may ask proof of vaccination from customers to protect staff. >> this will put pressure on people who have not been vaccinated if they want to go out and live their life. >> gyms will be required to ask members for proof of vaccination. the owner says it is a must. >> we need to take every caution possible to stop the delta variant in its tracks. >> mandate comes and san francisco is seeing a sharp rise in new covid cases and hospitalizations. >> we are working understaffed as i speak. >> she is not prepared to serve guests and checked their vaccination status. the cafe on the embarcadero which just reopened after a 13 month pandemic closure. she fears enforcing the mandate will mean a loss in taurus business. >> we don't want to deal with confrontation from anybody on
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their political or religious views or whatever views they may have as far as the vaccine goes. i am here just to feed people. >> the restaurant association says businesses will be required to check that may parsons idm vaccine card matched to let them inside and if customers refuse -- >> they are welcome to leave or you can put them outside. >> the compliance team will help with educating businesses but enforcement will fall on business owners and that is what danielle is worried about. >> we have enough issues going on as it is now. >> abc seven news. dan: there are some exemptions to the new mande and they include people picking up to go food orders and children under the age of 12 who are not yet eligible for the vaccine. san francisco's health order extends vaccination requirements for certain health care providers who were not included in the state's witness.
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the city will require workers at adult day centers, residential care facilities, dental offices, home health aides, andarcis bfy vaccinated by october. chase officials will comply with the requirement for the next event on september 15. many entertainment venues required proof of vaccination but also accepted in a negative covid test instead. that will no longer be the case in san francisco. since they are an outdoor facility, vaccination proof will not be required but it will be required in the public house restaurant and in the stadium's gotham club. all entertainment employees will be required to be vaccinated. that includes event staff at the sap center and san jose sharks coaches, but not the players. they require ticket buyers to self attest vaccination or to produce a negative test. and because of the delta variant and all of the concern it has
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caused may shift in thinking has started from eradicating covid as we hoped canal managing covid, -- to now managing covid, like the flu. kate larsen is in the newsroom was more onaninng wee in a race. data indicated that while vaccinated populations like call-up no were outrunning the virus, but instead are still being studied, the delta variant beat us to the finish line and herd immunity is no longer a realistic goal. what is next? because cases have reached such a fever pitch, they brought back the grand round with the executive associate dean of the emory school of medicine in atlanta. >> pandemics end when they end. kate: in the meantime, we can
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control the immediate impact of the virus to our behavior. an infectious disease specialist reference asia, where people embrace masking. have your choices that increase transmission will result in more covid cases. vaccines are part of this. as we look to the future, he says this. >> it will require lots of vaccination mandates, lots of ongoing vaccination. it is not just one way of vaccination. i think about how many years we continue vaccinating against polio and measles despite the fact that we don't have the disease. this may become part of our routine immunization scheme going forward for many years until we finally control this. >> yes, he said years. dr. del rio is worried that if we do not address health equity issues locally and globally by improving back in rates in underserved minority communities, the pandemic is going to hang around even longer.
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i am kate larsen, abc seven news. dan: sobering news. thank you. the dixie fire burned another 10 square miles today. the total is 805 square miles so it is huge. this is video from apg&e camera showing fire activity used of the lake tonight. over 500 homes have been destroyed with thousands of structures still threatened. the fire is 31% contained. the monument fire has exploded in size to 72,000 acres. it is burning in the shasta-trinity national forest. this time lapse video shows the fire burning on ironside mountain, very year he looking at night -- ee wildfire smoke is drifting into the bay area. how long can we expect that to continue? sandy patel is tracking the conditions for us. sandy: i wish i had better news for you but it looks like smoke and haze that you are looking at
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in this timelapse is going to hang around tomorrow. take a look as we show you this time lapse we had the fog down below but we also have all that haze and smoke in the upper parts of the atmosphere. air-quality advisory through tomorrow for wildfire smoke. moderate air quality expected the next four days. the winsted pickup over the higher elevations. 29 miles per hour. that is helping to stir up the atmosphere enough to have good air quality across most of the bay area. moderate in san jose. the wildfire smoke reading on health the air quality near the oregon and california border. keeping tabs online doppler seven because we have thunderstorms moving from the sierra nevada into the reno nevada area and off our coast, a couple of sprinkles. i will let you know why those sprinkles may be in the were cast for your friday, when i come back. dan: that would be nice. the recall campaign is heating up with the election about a month away.
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tomorrow. governor newsom is set to again a four day phone campaign across the state with a kickoff in san francisco. the president and vice president are working on potential in-person events on behalf of gavin newsom. president biden tweeting in part , governor newsom is leading california through unprecedented crisis. he is a key partner in fighting the pandemic and helping build our economy back better than ever. it comes as newsom's opponents are kicking their campaigns into high gear. >> when i get elected, assuming that there are still face mask mandates and vaccine mandates, they will be repealed right away. >> larry elder held a rally at t calvary church in san jose on thursday. he is the leading republican candidate among a field of 46. that includes caitlyn jenner, who was in venice, touring homeless and cannons. she was askedbo i don't like thi
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am seeing put on people to have to get vaccinated, even to travel and this and that. i would encourage people to get vaccinated if they think that is the right thing to do. >> mark launched a statewide recall to her. -- tour. he fears newsom has made the statement safe. >> i cannot see the wholesale destruction of the criminal justice system in california when -- without raising my voice. that is why i hope people support the recall of gavin newsom. >> the campaigns are moving full steam ahead to election day. >> this is going to be a month of voting for the main thing gavin wsr any other candidate has to do right now is just get peoples attention so that when that ballot comes through the mail, they don't throw it away. they actually fill it out and return it. >> we have all we need too
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about the upcoming election including this ballot explainer. we can vote by mail or head to the polls on september 14. dan: up next, a story to make you smile. here at the children's hospital in san francisco. i will show you what it looks like. >> major new developments involving britney spears legal battle. what her father has just revealed. if you build it, they will come. a field of dreams becomes a reality. it is a great story. all of that is ahead but first, here's a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live with sarah silverman. sarah: i am sarah silverman. i will assume you are plotting. >> how are you enjoying this? sarah: it is really fun. it is so easy. i can't leave that this is what jimmy has been doing all this time. --
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dan: just six weeks after san jose unified voted to remove police from campus, the school board voted unanimously to bring them back for afterschool events. this move comes despite objections from community members. the agreement allows for the district to hire san jose police as private security guards for events football games and dances. the deal lasts through the end of the year. new developments. spears won a major victory today
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in the ongoing legal battle over her conservatorship. her father agreed to step down as her conservator. he has controlled the popstar's life and money for 13 years. this does not mean she is out of the conservatorship her father has agreed to cooperate in transitioning that role to someone else. it has all been very intriguing. the pandemic has been a challenge for everyone. countless special events, especially weddings, have been delayed and canceled altogether and for one bay area couple, their i-do's came with big surprises. a story you will see only on seven. >> this is jeff nunez and his now wife fatima. it may look like just another wedding picture, but this is far from that. he would never realize where was taken, who was there, and what was about to happen. >> when i walked into get married with my wife, her, myself, and the witness, there
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was a whole ceremony planned for us. >> but jeff was not at a chapel. he was at the children's hospital in san francisco, where fatima was 49 and about to have their first child. >> the patient mentioned she would like to get married before giving birth. >> jeff says they initially delayed their wedding during covid and then after years of trying, fatima got pregnant and soon, they were in the hospital. >> i am standing on the edge of the carpet with rose petals that the nurses and the doctors threw down. she starts crying, i start crying. >> a hospital wedding organized by the nurses and doctors in attendance. >> i think that that was the best moment, seeing their faces, and seeing the smiles and tears. >> while the toast happened 24 r this was the icing on the cake. fatima went into labor which
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lasted into thursday when she gave birth to their son, logan. >> i am a dad. i am happy. i don't think there were any words that could explain it. just pure happiness. >> mogen was born 4.5 weeks premature, but according to dad, he is happy, healthy, and beautiful. as for jeff's recommendation to others -- >> do not give up. we did not think it was going to happen, and it did. we are blessed and we pray and we were given a wonderful blessing in our life that we are going to nurture and take care of. just do not give up. >> abc seven news. dan: and our congratulations. what an exciting time in their lives. new marriage, new baby. good for them. sandy: let me show you what it looked like tonight at sunset. i wish i could give you better
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news but it was a beautiful sunset. it came with the smoke and that is why it was red. obviously, the haze contributed to it. the sunset was at 8:05 sunday, we will see another sunset like that. those fires in northern california just putting out a lot of smoke which is why we have been dealing with it here in the bay area as well today. as you look at the hour-by-hour forecast, you are going to have some smoke around occasionally tomorrow morning. when the sea breeze picks up tomorrow evening, it will push some of that smoke out of the picture so if you want to step outside tomorrow night, that will be a good time to go. 9:00 a.m. saturday, we pockets of smoke in the north bay and the east bay going into the afternoon hours. in the upper parts of the atmosphere, the smoke and the haze anger for your friday and really going into saturday, there might be some heavier smoke in the upper parts of the
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atmosphere as we start to see the heat cranking up. temperatures right now anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. as you look at a live picture, it was there a minute ago. fog is taking over. sprinkles, isolated showers into tomorrow. easy skies again and it will be eating up inland this weekend. temperatures today were in the low 90's inland except vacaville into the 100 spirits tomorrow, we will notice temperatures remaining in the 90's inland. some fog. we are watching two areas. this is the first one. remnants of tropical storm kevin. keeping an eye on that and watching the monsoon moisture coming in from the southeast. the reason for all of that is when this all comes to god there -- together, there could be an isolated shower at 5:00 a.m., just like this morning where we have trace amounts in marin county. there is a possibility that if the remnants come together, there is a slight chance of a shower later in the day. certainly isolated showers and
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thunderstorms. temperatures in the morning in the 50's, 60's. watch out for the fog in the afternoon. looking at hazy skies with numbers ranging from the mid and upper 60's co-side to the low 90's inland as you take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. you will see what is in store, a hazy one for friday. mornings wrinkles and maybe a slight chance later in the day. it heats up inland with temperatures soaring into the 100 spit upper 60's, close side. the good news about our bay area climate is we have quite a variety and we will keep it going for next week, although it will be cooler going into tuesday and wednesday. so there you have it. we try and please everyone and we have a little variety coming your way. dan: full-service.
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>> cal state east bay in hayward
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welcome students back to campus today for the first time since the pandemic. it was a big moment. greeters help students move into their dorms.tes e covsafetyroco. a negative test was hired before move-in and vaccinations will be required next month. >> my feelings are being taken into consideration and it seems like a have a family that actually cares about me even though i am not with my actual family. >> i am really excited. it was long overdue. just do my thing. dan: cal state is making students feel welcome with an upgraded wellness center that includes nap rooms and sound machines to help zen out between classes. the fall semester begins next wednesday. i wish they had not rooms and sound machines when i was a student. that sounds nice, very restful. larry beil is here with sports. larry: bui bui bui bui will come. the field of dreams game, as good as the movie with a
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fantastic ending had
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>> sports on abc seven is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> this was all about logan webb tonight. giants took their team photo yesterday. smile and say first place, best team in baseball. for thinning, bases-loaded. almost hits a grand slam here. 200 20 pounds, he has some pop. the giants open up the lead on what turns out to be a long single. lamont wade junior sends everybody else home. that ball is annihilated. his 15th to make it 7-0. plenty of run support. struck out eight. you will get nothing and like it. the giants win their fifth in a row. now five up on the dodgers. the a's and the indians in cleveland. nobody catching catching catchig
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chris bassitt grew up in cleveland and looked very much at home. his league-leading 12 victory. it has been a mate party -- mar te party. they scored some more and some more. 12-0 in the eighth. that is a two run double. he has three rbi's. or team-0. let's go to the night -- 16-0. the a's coast to their seventh in a row. largest final margin for a shutout win in franchise history. julie ace will hit it out of the park with their old of dreams game in iowa based on the all caps costner movie and he was right there to watch this. all that and they will come. yankees and white sox emerging from theld in turnersville, iowa. storybook ending. two run walk up into the corn.
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fireworks. good night. game over. drive your tractor home safely. the white sox beat the yanks 9-8. esn me.aroppolo -- 4rs it will be the pro debut for lance, who just turned 21 back in may. >> first time we talked to them, we were going to offer him a beer and i realized i would be supplying a minor so we definitely did not so you forget about it. he does not look like a 21-year-old. >> ab sieves --
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dan: that is our reports. ♪ ones that can hang with me and ones that are scared ♪ it's the city so nice, they
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