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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 13, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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ready to verify your vaccine. san francisco, the second major u.s. city to take the step. we are live with where you will need the proof and t gup nsis gy f and this bay area couple celebrating two wonderful beautiful moments in the hospital. a store you will see only on abc seven. >> thanks for waking up with us. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven live hulu and wherever you stream. >> checking in with mike with a look at our forecast. mike: good morning on this friday the 13th. let's take a look at what is going on weather wise and what you will see. a little moisture to the north. that is what is left over from yesterday's morning sprinkles. there are monsoons over top of us so high-level clouds out there and low level clouds showing up. visibility is pretty good.
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the winds are up a little bit. 24 in fairfield, you can see a draw in the clouds from the coast. temperatures close to average from upper 60's in the coast in san francisco, mid 70's to low 80's around the bay, ailey 80's in lin dunn tilde east bay. it will be hotter tomorrow and another chance of sprinkles coming up in the forecast. see you in a bit. >> our top story this morning, no vaccine and no entry. in one week, san francisco will mandate full vaccinations for many indoor activities. >> this applies to bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs, and gyms. indoor events with more than 1000 people will have to verify vaccination status. another important date is october 13, when employees at these businesses have to be fully vaccinated. abc seven news reporter amy is live with the plans on how to execute this. >> yes, it will apply at the che center. they say they plan to enforce it. the first time they will be using this is september 15, the
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next concert scheduled here. the city of san francisco has announced this plan, proof of vaccination required for indoor activities starting tomorrow -- starting friday. the county health department will help educate businesses but enforcement will fall on the businesses. this will mean gyms, restaurants, bars will have to ask people to show they are vaccinated. it does not include retailers like grocery stores. some business owners tell us they worry this will cost them some customers. >> we don't want to deal with confrontation from anybody on their political views or religious views or whatever views they may have as far as the vaccine goes. i am here to feed people. [laughter] >> the golden golden golden gole association says businesses like hers will have to ask to see customer's vaccine cards and picture id to make sure they match. 70% of san franciscans over 12
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are vaccinated. officials are hoping this will motivate the rest of the city to go ahead and get vaccinated. this large venue plans to enforce it but another down the road will not. oracle park says you can come to a giants game without showing proof of vaccination because it is an outdoor venue. you would need to show it to get into the public house restaurant or the stadium club. amy hollyfield, abc seven news. >> thank you. there are some exemptions to this mandate, including people picking up to go orders and children under 12 who are not eligible for the vaccine. >> san francisco's health order extends vaccination requirements to certain health care providers who were not included in the states order. the city will require workers at adult centers, residential care facilities, dental offices, home health aides, and pharmacist to be all vaccinated by october the 13th. the cdc now poised to recommend a covid booster shot to
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immunocompromised people. this comes after the nda authorized the third shot yesterday. we have more on who should get this booster shot. >> good morning. people in transplant patients, those on chemotherapy and they can suppress their immune system and are vulnerable to the covid-19 virus after fully vaccinated. that is why the fda decided to authorize giving a third shot of pfizer or the moderna vaccine. this morning, the cdc is expected to recommend a booster shot of people at high risk. dr. fauci: these are for people who almost certainly did not get an adequate response to properly protect them in the first place. >> fully vaccinated people do not need a booster shot at this time. the delta variant continues to spread in the u.s.. florida and texas account for 40% of the country's new hospitalizations. julian: thank you. a health service plan is
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people $100 when they convince someone to get vaccinated. the helping hand referral program is open to anyone ages 14 years or older. the person must not have been previously vaccinated for covid-19. they must also make an appointment using a unique website and code provided to them. they will be paid $100 total as a check or gift card after each person you help gets vaccinated. you have to register on the county's health and services website. one of the ways you are able to prove your vaccination status without having to carry around the card is with the state's digital vaccine record. we have the full breakdown guide on how to get the personalized proof right to your phone as a qr code. we have the info on our website, kumasi: for the first time, the nation's highest court makes a ruling on a vaccine mandate. supreme court justice amy coney barrett denied a request made by a group of students to block
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indiana university's vaccine mandate. barrett handles emergency matters from the state and acted alone in her ruling. the move could mean similar vaccine mandates will also be upheld. indiana university requires students to be vaccinated by the start of the fall semester or under weekly testing. julian: to the recall election of gavin newsom, now almost exactly one month away until the final votes are counted. governor newsom is set to begin a vote campaign today swinging across the state kicking it off in san francisco. we have confirmation both the president and vice president are working on potential in person events on behalf of the governor. the president tweeted that newsom is a "key partner in fighting the pandemic and help build our economy back better than ever." it comes as newsom's opponents are kicking their canes -- their campaigns into high gear, leading a republican to hold a rally yesterday. >> when i get elected, assuming
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that there still are face mask mandates and vaccine mandates, they will be repealed right away. julian: caitlyn jenner also a big name among republicans to unseat newsom. jennifer was in venice touring there. >> i have not been to mainstreet where my sons home burned. >> everything i own is ashes or twisted metal. kumasi: going back to greenville. now that the smoke has settled, it is a tour open town. neighbors share their state of mind. julian: also this morning, two major milestones for one bay area couple. hospital staff coming together to make a special moment even better. mike: let's talk more about the smoke. by opening the weather window on the south end, you can see it. an advisory has been issued by the air-quality district because of the smoke. for the most part, it will be
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kumasi: developing news north of us in butte and plumas county. the dixie fire has burned more than 5000 acres. this is video from a camera that shows a fire burning east of lake almanor last night. more than 500 homes have been destroyed there. ken donald says his home and all of his belongings in greenville were reduced to ashes. >> it has to be ok because what is the alternative? sure i got a cry and i'm heartbroken yeah, but that is not going to rebuild greenville. kumasi: tomorrow marks one month since the dixie fire began. it is currently 31% contained. julian: air quality is top of
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mind as smoky skies and hazy skies are in part to the north bay's nt space because of the wildfire. as mike said before the break, not bad enough to trigger one of the air alert days but people who are more sensitive should stay indoors today. one to get to my for another look at the forecast. mike: north and east bay have the greatest concentration of low-level smoke while all of us will see a lot of upper-level smoke to start today. as we head toward sunset, we could get a little push of clean air but it is temporary. backing its way toward us and hazy are day for tomorrow. another reason to stay inside if you can, along with the building heat. 58 at san ramon, 57 in lafayette , everybody else in the 60's until you get to antioch. how about elsewhere? mid 50's to low 60's. 50 five to 61 degrees in san carlos and san jose. your activity planner today, exercising and errands, it will be warm to hot.
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sunshine will be strong, cars will heat up. not much is this weekend but they will be out there. as far as your day planner for today, not much of a change through 7:00 except for more low clouds spilling through our coastal valleys and lower elevations into the bay. those will pull to the coast and we will have high clouds, sunshine, and hayes with temperatures close to the average. 76 around the bay to nine inland. we drop five to six degrees through the evening hours. we will take a look at the weekend forecast next. kumasi: good morning, everyone. we start in the south bay. have a crash at san jose causing a slight slowdown on north on one before mcandrew road. speech or dropping to 46 miles per hour and the chp is selling -- telling us there's no delays. just a heads up for super commuters. it does not look like it but meteor -- metering lights turned on at 5:42 this morning. it is friday so we expect things to be light at the toll plaza. things are moving as well headed
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westbound on the richmond center fell bridge. i will let you know if anything changes. kumasi: thank you. new census to evade -- data revealing trends of the makeup and bay area cities that grew the most in the past decade. julian: plus we are burned it down to its frame but fetching more than $850,000. we hear from the listing agent about why this land is so sought after. kumasi: has we had to pray, let's take a live look outside. 39 this morning
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julian: welcome back. the mother of a teen who was killed 15 years ago will be joined by sf pd today on her son's unsolved murder. the 17-year-old was shot
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near grove and baker street in 2006. aubrey's mother will be there this afternoon to hand out liars. the mayor's office as previously -- has previously offered a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. kumasi: a local couple whose wedding was delayed because of the pandemic is celebrating two milestones. hospital staff helped them arrange their i do's before they had their child. jeff noon as and his new new new bride -- the wending at children's hospital in san francisco was organized by nurses, doctors and attendance. >> i was standing at the edge of the carpet with rose petals down that the nurses and doctors threw down. she starts crying and i cry with joy. >> i think that was the best moment, seeing their faces. and seeing the smiles and tears.
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kumasi: about 24 hours after this ceremony, fatima went into labor and it lasted into yesterday when she gave birth to their son logan. logan was born 4.5 weeks premature but according to dad, he is healthy, happy, and beautiful. when new parents bring a baby home, there could be worry about how the pets might respond. here is how it turned out for a family in texas. this is eight-month-old toby the dog and three month old baby girl zone. in this video -- zane. in this video, you can see toby moving his mom's -- moms hand away from the baby. tony loves his tiny human. #bestfriendsforever. julian: this next guy spent time in jail for climbing to london's tallest building. he is back at it again. he scaled a 23 story tower in
6:18 am
london, days after he scaled a 36 story apartment building in dubai. he served three months in jail for climbing the u.k. tallest building back in 2019. this is crazy. he says he does these risky climes to bring attention to climate change. he says. that looks a lot like donkey kong. [laughter] what you expect them to do? kumasi: it did have a little thing that looked like it made it easy, didn't it? julian: he's got built-in ladders. [laughter] mike: that looks easy. julian: right. granted he didn't have a harness and i would never do that. let's talk about what's going on. mike: it's friday. friday the 13th, and nothing unusual in the studio so far. mount tam looking down at some of the clouds. we have gremlins this morning and it has been funny.
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clout, hayes, and sunshine with a chance of a sprinkle this afternoon and continuing during the overnight hours. it will be wilder because of that. once we get on the backside of this pringles, hazy sunshine and the risk of heat illness rising through the weekend. here are the remnants of tropical storm kevin. that is what is making a beeline for us and future radar shows increasing clouds heading through the morning into the early afternoon hours. a few sprinkles possible. they will dry before they reach the ground. once the sun sets, they have a better chance of reaching the ground as the more prominent area of this moisture moves through 11:00 through 4:00 in the morning. then it moves to the north and we see increasing sunshine and in its wake, warmer temperatures for tomorrow. upper 70's to mid 80's from gnocchi. this is san jose at 83 and 93 in morgan hill. afternoon sunshine, 79 in santa cruz. mainly mid to upper 70's for the peninsula. how about 64 to 67 along the coast and 67 to 70 around san
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francisco. south san francisco and south toledo. her easy, mid-60's for the north bay. inland, mid toirng with 100. a comfortable day for the east bay. 73 at richard. hercules at 78. oakland at 74 but than 88 castro valley. 90 to 94 degrees inland. tonight, we dropped to the mid-50's to mid 60's, but out on highway four near antioch and in the hills, mid 60's to mid 70's. our hottest day is tomorrow and sunday with hazy sunshine. moderation monday but above average. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we get back to where we should be. julian: "good morning, america" coming up at 7:00 on abc seven. kumasi: rob marciano has a look at what is ahead. >> great to be with you on this friday. we have lots coming up on gma. the situation in afghanistan escalating overnight, the taliban militants seizing
6:21 am
afghanistan's second biggest city. fears are gro biggest city could fall in weeks as the biden administration announces it is sending back and thousands of u.s. troops. the latest now. also ahead, breaking news shots for immuno compromised people. ac/dc panel is set to meet on recommendations. this as some countries are on the brink of collapse. then the big wind for britney spears and her fight for her freedom. her father saying he is willing to step down as conservator. what is next for the superstar. on this summer friday morning, sheryl crow will be joining us with one of her performances on this summer concert series. that will be a tree. plus much more comin
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[ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ]
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[ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ] the day can wait. enter the gold reday. julian: europe just recorded its how to on record.
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temperatures on the italian island of sicily reaching 120 degrees on wednesday. they had the fans out there. the city of syracuse a hit the blistering record as an anti-cyclone dubbed the lucifer, because they are dealing with heat there, sweat there italy. cyclones occur when air sinks rather than rises, resulting in warm and dry weather. this way, the hottest temperature in europe was 118 degrees. that was athens in 1977. how do i do with that description of an anti-cyclone? mike: fantastic. great job. anticyclone is an area of high pressure is all it is. julian: helpful information there. mike: i like lucifer. that was pretty ingenious. how about something fun? how about fireworks? the giants game tonight, rockies are in town again. they won five to six in a row. dropping to 66, 45 the first
6:25 am
page. hopefully over by 945 time. let's take a look around the state. traveling to the sierra, thunderstorms are possible. even smoky or conditions than what we are dealing with. the threat of thunderstorms will continue today. look at our lightning strike indicator peppering around mount shasta and down the sierra. as far as any thunderstorms today, tomorrow, sunday, you can see in the same area. julian: thank you, mike. a new census data shows america's more diverse and multicultural than ever. the number of people who identify two belonging to two or more races more than tripled since 2010. people of color representing 43% of the total u.s. population now . in california, the hispanic population became the largest racial or ethnic group in the state for the first time. now accounting for nearly 40% of residents in california. in the bay area, we have learned which cities have grown the most over the past 10 years. dublin, brentwood, gilroy, pitts erg, and the population in each
6:26 am
of those cities is increasing by more than 20%. since stata will be used for the next 10 years to redraw congressional districts. that is why this matters. california is losing a house eat for the first time because it is growing more slowly than other states are. nationwide, population growth was the slowest in about 100 years, since the great depression. kumasi: new details on the burned out home in walnut creek that sold above the $850,000 asking price. the listing agent says there is high interest in the property. >> i had eight offers that come in -- came in. i probably had over 75 to maybe up to 100 phone calls, emails, and attacks on this prortkumasid by fire and will need to be torn down and the next owner will likely need a contractor, architect, and designer. she explains why the property is worth so much money. >> it was a four bedroom two
6:27 am
bath home in beautiful neighborhood in the northgate school area. it is close to the park, walking trails, everything. unfortunately, it had a fire. kumasi: it didn't have two. ok. [laughter] she says she is still getting calls from people who want to make backup offers. julian: i guess you have to have the vision. kumasi: right? it's possible. julian: that's a lot of vision to have there. new at 6:30, covid testing for students. the school district plane ahead of the new school year on monday. kumasi: one? -- one doctor joining a ucf panel saying we may need to treat our future outlook on the virus different. mike: it is 6:27 as you join us on this friday, a beautiful shot waking up with us. we will take a couple minute break and be back after this.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. julian: making news at 6:30, the taliban taking over. itppears t msion inafghantaisot. the pentagon pointing out the reasons they are concerned. kumasi: the covid vaccine verification coming to san francisco. the list of places that will not accept a negative covid test starting next week. julian: is this really the future of fashion? new sign stressing up digitally may be the fad that is here to stay. kumasi: [laughter] you gotta dress up in real life, mike. [laughter] sorry. good morning, everybody. it is friday, august 13th. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. checking in with you, mike. are you sad about it? mike: just my playing close.
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kumasi: your stylish sweaters. mike: i miss those. [laughter] i really do. happy friday the 13th. sure. here's a look at what is going on. a couple things to unpack, the winds are blowing, 12 at sfo. that is not too bad, 29 in fairfield. that will keep us from overheating. sothey will move back to the cot as the winds let up a little bit during the mid morning to mid afternoon hours. we have a nice breeze into the afternoon which will come down during the evening hours also. not a bad day to be outside. temperatures are a little rough inland. low to mid 90's there, mid to upper 80's in the north and south bay, mid to low 80's around the bay with upper 60's at the coast in san francisco. enjoy. kumasi: the pentagon sending thousands of troops back to afghanistan to help u.s. citizens evacuate the capital city. this is coming after afghanistan's second-largest
6:32 am
city fell to the taliban. >> the taliban has taken control of 12 provincial capitals in one week. it has seized in the second largest city in the country. een wried about the sety of an citizens there where the u.s. embassy is. it has sent 3000 troops back to afghanistan to help them leave. experts say the countryollapshef the taliban militants. >> the potential here for growing terrorist capabilities and terrorist threats deep within the heartland of afghanistan way bin laden did is very real. >> those who have particularly had any affiliation, direct or indirect, with united states personal programs, projects, and so forth are any imminent -- are in imminent danger. kumasi: last month president biden said it was unlikely the taliban would take over after dennis tam. he planned to have all u.s.
6:33 am
troops out of the country by the end of this month. the white house is staying silent about the issue now and pentagon officials are refusing to call this latest deployment a, mission or official evacuation. julian: thank you. you will soon need proof of vaccination handy going inside many businesses in san francisco. in one week, bars, restaurants, theaters, clubs, and jim's jim -- gyms will require vaccination. large events like at the chief center will require proof you got the shot. a negative covid test will not cut it anymore. amy hollyfield is live this morning. good morning, amy. amy: good morning. the che center is saying it will be enforcing this. it will be requiring to see vaccine cards. they will start this on september 15. that is the next time there is an event scheduled here, a concert, september 15. have that in mind if you are coming to the che center.
6:34 am
this will be the rule for indoor places like restaurants, bars, gyms and entertainment venues in san francisco. and you cannot show a negative covid test in place of a vaccine card. you must show proof of vaccination or you will not be allowed in. some business owners say they are worried this could cost them customers enter also worried about enforcement. it will be up to the businesses to enforce this. most people, most business owners we interviewed fully support the new mandate. >> we are already a health driven industry and this gives our clients that one more piece of assurance that they are going to be safe when they go into a gym and workout. amy: one major venue in san francisco will not require vaccination. that is oracle park, saying you can come to a giants game without a vaccine card because it is an outdoor venue. you would needed for the stadium's gotham club or public health's restaurant -- public house restaurant.
6:35 am
all across the city for indoor venues, expect to show your vaccine card and a photo id so they can compare and match. this does go into effect next friday. retailers like grocery stores are exempt from this mandate. live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. julian: a big change to get used to. all sports and entertainment employees from sharks will require to be vaccinated. but not the players. as of now, the sharks require ticket buyers to show the test of vaccination or negative covid-19 test. kumasi: the state is recommending not mandate students be tested for covid, leaving up to school districts to decide to implement safety -- safety measures. by now, everyone knows could testing for covid is an important way of tracking the spread of virus -- the virus but not everyone is recommending students be tested like ellie unified will do once a week. here is san francisco's plan. >> right now, they are not
6:36 am
suggesting surveillance testing which means testing when people are not symptomatically. instead, if somebody has symptoms, we will refer them to where they can get a test and we will ask them to quarantine if they have been exposed. kumasi: oakland unified is testing -- has 10 testing sites available to students and staff if they choose to be attested -- be tested. possible, due to the surge in covid cases, san jose-based zoom is out with a new plan to help students pay attention. its new focus mode allows teachers to see all of their students, but students cannot see their classmates. zoom says it should emphasize should help prevent kids from being distracted. julian: that's an interesting idea. there is a growing shift in how we think about the future of the coronavirus. that's going from fully eradicating into merely managing it like how we think about the flu. >> i think it will require lots
6:37 am
of vaccination mandates, lots of ongoing vaccination. it is not just a one-way vaccination. there are new generations happening. i think about how many years we continue to vaccinate against polio and measles despite the fact we do not have the disease. we need to remember this may become part of our routine immunization scheme going forward for many years until we finally control this. julian: that is dr. carlos del rio, an infectious disease expert in atlanta speaking at a ucf form yesterday. the doctor stressing improving vaccine rates in underserved communities to cut down on the pandemic timeline. kumasi: right, one of the top stories you find on our website is our conversation with another top infectious disease expert. a professor of epidemiology at boston university recently tweeted equations explain why the delta variant is making it mathematically impossible to beat the virus now.
6:38 am
even if they 100% vaccination rate. that discussion as well as a place to find answers on vexing questions of your own is at abc 7 news -- julian: more of our top stories we are following. the big win for britney spears, new analysis on her next steps for freedom. kumasi: and holiday package pinch. the possible added fees for you to send your letters and nail this year. julian: futuristic fast food. taco bell's newest location rethinking your drive-thru experience. kumasi: let's take a live look at the big board of the new york stock exchange. up 45 wanes. another update next. julian: the escape from alcatraz tradition returns to san francisco. joe been a is telling you about it and all of the fun but hers, she has a look at traffic. jobina: i do. good morning, everyone. happy friday. we have good news on the traffic
6:39 am
front. no major blocking issues to report, no crashes as well. we will start with live carriage -- live cameras. you can see the headlights are westbound toward the maze. headed that way and toward the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights came on at 5:42. i want to give you an overall look at the bay area here. you can hardly see any redlines. our usual one out of tracy for commuters, a slap a -- slight patch in word that is about it. happy to report that positive news. i think mike has a positive forecast. mike: i hope so. it will get quite warm this weekend, especially inland. you can see we have a gorgeous sunrise above. the marine layer is just now pushing through and filling up most of the bay. cool to mild conditions for the kids off to school. 58 to 61 this morning but by 3:00, we will be near 90 inland. mid-seventies aromid 60's at th. air quality is not an issue.
6:40 am
everybody is green but look to the north and east. that is where it will be smoky for most of the weekend. it is even worse in washington, oregon, and idaho and western parts of montana. i'm keeping an eye on the north bay and east bay and also parts of the santa clara valley for some of the lower-level smoke to creep in as we head throughout the day. we have an advisory but not a spare the air alert. tonight clears up but it returns tomorrow to the same areas and lingers longer tomorrow. by tomorrow evening, the marine layer clears it up. you see smoke on the horizon making for the colorful sunrise over the south bay. moderates, healthy for all of us friday, saturday, and sunday. temperatures on the peninsula, you can see low clouds pushing through coastal valley, 55 in redwood city to belmont and--el w clouds will go back to the coast cudme levels, 60's, 70's, 80's, near
6:41 am
90 inland, then falling back this evening. we have a chance of sprinkles for the cloud. -- clouds. i will show you future in your seven-day forecast. we want to show you other high temperatures. sponsored by disney's free guy,y playg eaters. it is the feel-good movie of the summer and has a gigantic arc. >> free guide is the most fun i've had watching a movie all year -- guy is the most fun i've had watching a movie all year.
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save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 36 months. ends monday. kumasi: legendary singer tony
6:44 am
bennett has called off his followed tour. the tour was set to start next month and did not include any california dates. last week, the 95-year-old performed in two shows with lady gaga, announced as his last new york public performances. there has been no official reason given for the cancellation. earlier this year, his family revealed he is battling alzheimer's for nearly five years. julian: this morning, a major victory for britney spears in her fight for freedom from her father's control. jobina is at the live desk with the latest developments. jobina: after 13 years, a stunning reversal from jamie spears who has agreed to step down as britney spears's conservator of her estate. a court filing from her attorneys says mr. spears intends to work with the court and his daughter's new attorney to prepare an orderly transition to a new conservator. the popstar is finally getting what she has asked the court for. after telling a judge she
6:45 am
umatized by the conservatorshi father for abuse. her lawyer has not asked to end the conservatorship altogether. legalist dan abrams expands why. >> the reason is likely to get jamie spears out is step one. if you file to end the conservatorship, jamie spears then could object and say i do not think it should end. he is part of the inner circle there. that leads to a trial. kumasi: britney spears -- jobina: britney spears's attorney says there's an ongoing investigation into her father's conduct over the past were teen years and spears wants to see him in jail. she tells abc news he is looking forward to taking the sworn deposition as soon as possible. julian: new developments in the murder of a six-year-old boy in san francisco. they arrested a second suspect. just six years old, he was shot and killed on the fourth of july last year in the bayview
6:46 am
neighborhood. police identified two suspects, both 18 years old. investigators arrested they sean lumpkin and james harbor. both of them facing murder charges. six weeks after san jose unified voted to remove police from campus, the schoolboard voted unanimously to bring the back for afterschool events. the move comes despite objections from community members. the agreement allows the district to hire s j pd officers as security guards -- sjpd officers as security guards for dances. kumasi: now for your money reports. a spooky scare hiring fair happening today at six flags discovery kingdom. the amusement park is looking to hire more than 200 positions for its fried fest halloween events. that starts september 25. six flags is hoping to find its next scare actors to be zombies or gatekeepers or even makeup
6:47 am
artists. if you are at the park this afternoon, you can watch people audition at harbor stage and the scare fair will be held tomorrow. despite the surge in covid cases triggering new signs of a summer travel slowdown, many americans are planning international vacations. but you could have problems if you need to renew your passport. with longer than normal wait times. usually a renewal takes anywhere from six to eight weeks. right now, the estimated time is 18 weeks. >> one is still pandemic and covert related issues in so far as staffing. we are not quite at full capacity for the processing teams as we had been before the pandemic. one is the fact that many folks are excited to travel again. kumasi: to speed up the time by at least four to six weeks, experts say you should pay the $60 for what is called expedited processing, which basically drops you near the front of
6:48 am
the line. let's look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. yesterday, the dow and s&p 500 saw a third straight day of highs. this morning, we are starting up by 92 points. julian: it is friday and that is certainly something to be excited about. that means our guide to giving you a better weekend in the bay area. kumasi: we know things are constantly evolving with the pandemic but one thing is certain, there are plenty of safe and fun activities u.n. your family can do to create a better weekend. julian: here are some of the best ideas out there. jobina: it is time to twirl, darling. the san francisco ballet's long-awaited return to the stages here. this friday and saturday, you can catch a thrilling blend of dance and poetry at stanford live's amphitheater. all visitors must show proof of vaccination or negative covid test within 72 hours of the show. can wifre group wketh ce fr thez afrancisco
6:49 am
triathlon and it will take over the streets and water from world champions to olympians and participants of all ages. 2000 triathletes will compete in the 40th anniversary of the event. you can watch the action at the park where there will also be expo, food trucks, and a beer garden. if you have someone under the age of 19 with you this weekend, they can ride you knees for free starting august 15. -- unis for f f f f f 15. just get on and ride. the free program is getting up and running just-in-time for san francisco unified students to return to the classroom. kumasi: on the front page of the website, we put together a bunch of covid friendly events happening all over the bay area. it is up on so julian, what we do do do
6:50 am
friday, we talk about what we're doing for the weekend. kumasi: i'm going to sit down. like reggie was sitting down last week i'm going to sit down because last weekend i did too much. this is my recharge weekend. jobina: i feel it. mike? mike: that was my last weekend. we will do a movie night with the bubble tonight. that is after spending time with friends in the new house and who knows what saturday entails. that is just today. jobina: just today, ok. julian, what are you doing? julian: i'm not the man with the plan. i'm with come aussie, i'm sitting down this weekend -- m kumasi. that's about all i got. kumasi: what about you? jobina: honestly the same thing. [laughter] kumasi: you've been doing a lot of entertaining. jobina: i was on a 10 day excursion. [laughter] julian: yes you were. kumasi: mike, have fun for all of us. mike: i will try.
6:51 am
jobina reminded us we live in a tourist city where family comes to visits and do not care they work at 4:00 in the morning. [laughter] kumasi: what is sleep? mike: you are young and fine. let's move on and take a look at what is going on. heavenly sunrise this morning from sutro tower. we have to talk about your accurate weather highlights. hazy sunshine, clouds, seasonal highs and a chance of sprinkles this afternoon and overnight. a warm weekend first, especially inland, with hazy sunshine continue. that's continuing. here are the remnants of kevin. let's take a look at future radar this morning. you can see the increase in mid and upper level clouds through the morning. if you spreckels possible into the afternoon hours. a better chance after the sun sets at 8:00. if you are out this evening, you may get a drop or two on you. as we head through tomorrow morning, you can see this chance moves to the north and dissipates.
6:52 am
that will open the door to increasing sunshine and heat for tomorrow and sunday. and he lining out of this complex is likely going to be confined to the higher elevations to the north end he used with the moisture and monsoon moisture sneaking up that way. we have the usual hotspots in the south bay. 92 to 93. 83 in san jose. afternoon sunshine, 79 in santa cruz. mid to upper 70's for the peninsula. 64 to 67 along the coast. upper 60's to near 70 for downtown, south san francisco. mid 60's to low 70's. breezy into sausalito. 83 most of the northbay valleys. very nice for the east bay, 70 three in richmond and berkeley -- 73 in richmond and berkeley. that is the gateway to real heat, 90 to 94 degrees inland east. if you are dining out tonight, we have our fastest breezes at 6:00 so it will not feel as warm as temperatures.
6:53 am
a colorful sunset because of the smoke and high clouds. into the 60's and 70's by 9:00. 50's and 60's, mid 50's to mid 60's, tomorrow morning when you wake up. hottest tomorrow and sunday. we try to break the heat a little bit. warmer than average monday. tuesday, average -- tuesday, wednesday, thursday, back to sunshine and a few passing clouds. he much a mainstay. kumasi? kumasi: thank you, mike. the u.s. postal service wants to send you more to send packages and letters. it is proposing a temporary rate hike to offset rising handling and delivery costs. it would go into effect poor -- for priority mail and first class service october 3 through december 26. the postal regulatory commission still has to approve rates. julian: talk about wants to make fast food even faster for you. a restaurant franchise is planning a new two-story drive-through made just for people who have already ordered and paid for their food through the app.
6:54 am
customers will use a qr code to receive their order from a lift system from workers on the top floor. the goal is to get food into the hands of people quicker and contact-less too. they launched a summer. kumasi: a new study finds the younger generation is interested in renting close. researchers at washington state university surveyed nearly 400 gen zers between -- born between 2000 and 1992. they said they want to be fashion about you not want to own -- do not need to own a product. the study is published in the journal of sustainability. julian: new at 6:00, how about this fashion trend, clothing you can even physically wear? hear us out. it is called crypto fashion, a part of the fast-growing world of non-fundable tokens or an fts, people buying one-of-a-kind
6:55 am
items online. a 23-year-old from new hampshire tells reuters he made $15,000 to $20,000 designing unique japanese inspired virtual kimonos, virtual, for their people and their online avatars. they have created similar virtual accessories for online games. gucci sold non-nft clothing for avatars within the game roadblocks. isn't that the game -- roblocks. isn't that the game were kids are buying also so stuff with their parents credit cards? could you imagine for a virtual gucci outfit? kumasi: i think the avatar should be stylish. it is your representation. you need to look good. julian: so you swiping the black card for some upgrades for your virtual avatar? kumasi: i wonder if you can combine the two stories we did and rent. can you rent the gucci and avatar? [laughter] julian: she said i want to look
6:56 am
good but i don't want to pay full price virtually. kumasi: [laughter] true. julian: you can watch all of our newscasts live and on-demand through the bay area connected tv app available for apple tv , android tv, tv, tv, tv, download now and start streaming. kumasi: heading to break, look at this. julian: this is gorgeous. screen shot this. kumasi: it is 5:56 and we are going to linger here for a moment because it is stunning. we will be right back.
6:57 am
california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today.
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kumasi: if you're just joining us, number one, the pentagon sent troops to afghanistan to help evacuate americans at the u.s. embassy in kabul. the taliban is taking over more cities, coming closer to the capital. julian: the fda authorized pfizer and the dharna booster shots for the immunocompromised. the cdc is expected to issue a recommendation saying at-risk people should get a third shot. kumasi: one week from today, san
6:59 am
francisco will require full vaccinations for many indoor activities. proof of vaccination will be required at bars, restaurants, entertainment venues, and gyms. campaign across the state to get people to vote no on the recall. yesterday, the top republican candidate held a rally in san jose. mike: we have a chance of sprinkles this evening and temperatures five to 10 degrees warmer this weekend. jobina: this is the last day for bus bridges in place because of the rehabilitation project. kumasi: and are you hungry? a slice of preserved cake from ernst charles and princess diana's 1981 wedding just sold for 2500 bucks. the winner picked it up yesterday and took it home on the train. [laughter] julian: preserved? so it has been in someone's freezer for 30 years? julian: 40 years? kumasi: you can eat cookies for
7:00 am
a long time. julian: and those are not royal. mike: those dosing good morning, america, on e in afghanistan escalating overnight. taliban militants seizing afgha city. in one week the taliban taking at least 15 provincial capitals, now fear growing that the country's biggest city, kabul, could fall in weeks, as the biden administration announces it's sending back in thousands of u.s. troops for the emergency evacuation of americans from the u.s. embassy. the latest right now. breaking overnight, the fda authorizing booster shots for immunocompromised people. now a cdc advisory panel set to meet this morning as cases across the country hit the highest one-day total since nu


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