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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 13, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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recall election, the newsom campaign shifting into high gear. the governor kicked off a four day statewide campaign today, and volunteers were phone banking to rally support. by democrats, including mayor london breed and the district attorney. their message, democrats of all spectrums oppose the recall. >> we are united in our support for the governor. liz: governor newsom spent time laying out in his remarks what would happen if the recall came to pass. >> he is to the right of donald trump. to the right of donald trump. that is what is at stake in the selection and don't think for a second you cannot do damage in that role. liz: elder campaigned in san jose on thursday at a church known for defying a lockdown
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order last year. today, he drew a contrast with newsom, saying as governor, he would repeal all statewide mandates. >> at the state level i will not require any kind of public worker to wear masks or have a vaccine. i think that is an assault on freedom. liz: with ballots in the mail, newsom's team asking democrats to vote no on the first part of the recall ballot, and leave the second part blank. one of the few democrats running as a replacement opposes that strategy. >> they are gambling with californians for one year by saying vote nothing on the second question. liz: we asked newsom about it. do you ask them to second part blank? >> i will not vote on the second question, i am not on that ballot, i will simply vote no and i could not be more clear. a vote no does not --
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liz: they should leave it blank? >> the second question is moot and does not matter. liz: today's event was the start of a four-day campaign swing for newsom across the cantor that a cost -- across the state. larry: let's go over the strategy for the next month for both sides. president biden and vice president harris might come to california to campaign along with newsom. what more do we know? liz: governor newsom was asked about that and specific details are being worked out what we should expect both the president and vice president harris to make in person campaign appearances in california sometime in the next few weeks before the recall. this is part of newsom's strategy to bridge the en keep talking about between democrats and republicans, trying to get democrats energized to vote. newsom's team has 7 milas 7 mils
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democrats across the state. meanwhile, close volunteers across the state to recall him. larry: we keep talking about turnout, we get ballots in the mail, you just have to open your mail. that is it it is easy. liz: it really is and that is what democrats are banking on. every registered voter will get a ballot in the mail and they are hoping because it is easy, they will get the turnout they need. larry: thank you. you can check out the documentary about california's last recall in 2003, it is called total recall. you can find it on our app. >> moving to the covid surge, the daily case average in the u.s. about 114,000 good that -- 114,000, up since june. here in the bay area, contra costa county issued a new order requiring first responders show
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proof of vaccination or be tested weekly. this includes law enforcement, firefighters and medical personnel who go into high-risk facilities like hospitals, jails and nursing homes. >> all of these places are at risk for outbreaks and have a lot of vulnerable people in them. first responders coming into those facilities as part of their normal duties, if they are not vaccinated, they put residents and patients at risk. >> the order goes into effect september 17. the centers for disease control has approved booster shots for those with weakened onion systems. >> the initial dose -- systems. >> 11 yeses, zero knows. the record edition adopted. >> the motion passes. >> if you were wondering what an mrna vaccine is, there are two
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either and moderna. appl those who got johnson & johnson. larry: dr. patel is a member of our vaccine team and joins us live along with the newest member of the team, i guess. we will see how she does the next three or four minutes but we are hopeful. >> she asked to join, she said i want to impart my opinions as well here larry: -- as well. larry: so she is already speaking, a miracle child. the cdc decision today, talking about boosters for those with compromised immune systems. what about everybody else? >> not yet, larry. there is a possibility in the future and that's what dr. fauci and others have talked about, we need to look about her ability, but for now the data doesn't support getting those with weakened immune systems, like hiv or transplant recipients.
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one thing not talked about is there is no doctor's note needed or health records needed. this is based on the honor system. everyone will be on the honor code to say they have a weakened immune system. larry: little alora will be a wa example of this in a few years, students are going back to class and because they are too young to get vaccinated, we are seeing cases rising come out of control in places like texas. will this excellent in -- escalate in california? >> it would be unrealistic for people to say i expect to see zero cases. right now in certain school districts in the bay area, we have seen a couple of outbreaks. it is important to look at details like contact tracing. did the kids get covid on school grounds? what did mask wearing look like? what age are the kids and are they symptomatic? we also need to talk more about ventilation, which i'm not
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seeing. i think we are in a stage of prevention and we need to make sure we are not letting fear override the reality that kids need to be at in person learning and we need to keep them safe in that atmosphere. larry: is it reasonable to say some sort of increase should be expected because we are congregating together, or the kids are, in larger numbers? dr. patel: in some districts, we can expect that. one thing to be prepared for it, aside from me saying please get vaccinated for the 140 fifth time, is contact tracing. we also need to be testing more aggressively, especially when we have unvaccinated individuals. people point to numbers in england, they had really low rates of outbreaks in elementary schools, even among unvaccinated and unmask populations. they are testing a lot more than we are right now. larry: using a spike of testing requests in your own practice? dr. patel: absolutely. i am seeing a spike of people
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needing a test because of exposure, especially with the delta variant, but also a huge increase in people who had exposures in general. saying i was with a friend or i was at work and all of a sudden someone tested positive and we are worried. it is pretty rampant. if you are vaccinated, your odds of getting symptomatically must severe illness are magnitude lower than if you are unvaccinated. larry: thank you for your time, have a great weekend, give alora a hug for me. dr. patel: she is giving you a virtual hug. larry: so cute, have a great weekend. dion: san francisco will soon require proof of vaccination against covid-19 to enter many indoor businesses. in many cases, you can show your vaccine card or a photo of your vaccine card as proof, but as fraud rises, many businesses will rely more on the state's digital covid-19 record. julie has a look at how it looks
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and what to do if your digital record is incomplete. >> the state of california has a record of your covid vaccination, that's how they know how we people have been vaccinated statewide. you can check your record by going to the screen. enter your first name, last name and date of birth. you need to provide a cell phone number or email. create a four digit pin to access your vaccine record. verify your identity by checking the box and clicking sub at. you will get -- looking submit. you will get an email. click on the leak and enter the pib you created -- the pin you created. it will give you a qr code that can be scanned by businesses. if your record is correct, you can take a screen grab of the record and keep it on your phone for future use.
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if it is incorrect or incomplete, click on the virtual assistant, answer some questions, and upload the photo of the vaccine card you received when you got your shots. dion: something else to keep in mind, it can take several weeks to update your record, so you may need to show both your paper vaccine card and digital record as proof. if you have lessons about covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc 7 vaccine team. had to our website --to our website. larry: in the east bay, a grass fire threatening homes. sky seven over crow creek. it appears a backyard shed did catch fire. firefighters working to keep the flames from the main home. another homeowner could be seen using their own hose as the fire burned near the fence. firefighters were able to put out the flames, but a lot of smoke kids -- smoke could be seen in that neighborhood. dion: just ahead, flexible future. covid changed how we work, and
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what will work look like in a post-covid world? and a big weekend ahead, the escape from alcatrazreturns, hog covid safe. and a couple planning to get married, but their wedding ended up being totally unexpected. spencer: the hayes remains and he kicks up. i will have the ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. expand your options...and your perspective. ♪ ndadntures. and ma fi rds enjoy the open d t ndadntures. r y suvs.
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larry: the workplace keeps changing in response to the pandemic, but there is no magic or meal as to whether hybrid, remote or an office work is the solution. one of the bay area largest software companies is listing -- is enlisting employees to reinvent the future of work. we have an inside look. david: as some companies keep pushing back back to the office target dates, others are tapping into the collective wisdom of employees to chart the future of work. software company sap has 4000 companies in the bay area in four locations. >> employees feel more empowered, they feel more part of the company. they feel, i have the power. david: sap says 90% of employees want to return to the office. some of them are involved in a power -- a pilot program that
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empowers them to create schedules and even point out problems that impede productivity. >> the wi-fi was not that good d so we raised that to the team, they contacted i.t. and they are working on it. david: employees are able to provide comments via an app. >> we've had audacious ideas, could we transport people here and there, maybe everyone can fly in and out. certainly things that might require new technologies. david: the pledge to flex focus is designed to create a 100% flexible, trust-based workplace in which everyone is empowered, even deciding where they -- when they work while meeting regulations. while it has a global footprint, sap is trying to figure out what is best in each office. >> local working styles and cultures are different across the world. it is great we can do this hyper local approach. david: with that approach, as ideas come in, employees say they are acted upon quickly.
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dion:er long pandemi l delay, the first major athletic coet to the e escaperoal triathlon is back, and not the only event happening on the bay. cornell bernard joins us live with all of the details. look at the sea behind you there. cornell: it feels a lot like pre-pandemic 2019. check it out, the escape from alcatraz triathlon back in san francisco. 1700 athletes getting ready to compete and hopefully cross the finish line on sunday. not far away, olympic class assailing also on the bay. >> they are ready to jump off of the boat into the bay and embark on their escape. cornell: endurance next with a little insanity. >> you swim, bike, run, make friends. cornell: final touches to the finish line or the escape from
4:17 pm
alcatraz triathlon, combining swimming, biking and running. it was canceled in 2020, but this athlete is thrilled to be competing again. >> all out from the word go. i want to put myself in as much pain as possible and raise -- race hard. cornell: although the event is outdoors, covid protocols are happening. >> we will have hand sanitation stations, social distancing and encouraging people to wear masks in and around the event. >> i got all the vaccinations necessary. cornell: this triathlete from montréal is competing in the first -- for the first time in two years. >> i believe the organization has done every thing possible to make it safe. cornell: also on the bay, u.s. elliptic level sailing events. >> we are trying to build a strong base of domestic strength
4:18 pm
leading up to the los angeles olympics. cornell: a day on the bay like old times. >> listen to the lifeguards, thank the volunteers and we will see you at the finish line. cornell: see you at the finish line. he makes it sound so easy. fewer athletes this year year yr of international travel restrictions, but still a lot of folks competing. the fitness fest is happening tomorrow and sunday. it is open to the public, don't forget your mask. dion: great reminder and really nice to see all that activity. thanks. speaking of events, the three-day sailing we kicked off in san francisco. organizers held an event at chrissy field to mark the start, including stem activities and beach cleanup. the primary sponsor says the company is trying to lower its carbon footprint. larry: new data from the national oceanic and atmospheric and ministration shows july 2021
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was the hottest month everrded. the comne ocean suace temperature was 1.67 ay it breaks the previous record set in 2016, and then tied in 2019 and last year. meanwhile, smoke from california wildfires creating bad air all over the place. an air quality advisory extended through the weekend and smoke is expected to impact the bay area. a few of our cameras picked up roundish colored skies in the bay area today. this is primarily the east bay. also noticeable on the san mateo bridge and sky seven. spencer christian, what is the situation headed in to the weekend? spencer: and the haze will hang around. the only encouraging thing about the smoke is the heaviest and most harmful smoke is in the upper atmosphere, but some of it is working to the surface and we
4:20 pm
have to contend with that. breezy conditions right now helping at the surface to move some of the smoke out to the east. not good for folks on the path of the smoke, but good for those of us near the bay and the coast. right now, wind speeds up to 24 miles per hour in san francisco. this is our near surface smoke forecast, this is the smoke i was talking about. in the north bay, quite a bit of it. much of the remainder of the bay area, because of the sea breeze, seeing the smoke blown away from us. that will be the pattern into tomorrow. quite a bit in the north bay already. in the upper atmosphere, there will not be much change. the colors getting darker and darker, representing thicker and thicker smoke, and potentially more harmful to our health. the next 24 hours, very little change in this pattern, it will continue collecting in the upper atmosphere. let's look at current conditions, breezy at the
4:21 pm
embarcadero. this is our air quality forecast. we have an air quality advisory in effect through sunday because of the buildup of wildfires smoke. it appearsarea, some that is a hopeful outlook. looking at the advancing marine layer. 64 degrees in san francisco, oakland 70, mountain view, 78. palo alto at 61. the view from emeryville shows the marine layer deepening along the coastline. good news in terms of refreshing the air. 79 in santa rosa right now. 88 in fairfield. mid 80's in concord and livermore. the view from our rooftop camera, really breezy. some sprinkles overnight as passing, high clouds containing moisture, most of it offshore but some of it will pass ovll. d
4:22 pm
heating up next week. these areas, a lot of moisture, some of it the remnants of tropical storm kevin, and some of it monsoon moisture from the desert southwest. that pattern will continue. in the evening and late night, you might see some better chances and higher elevations. let's look overnight low temperatures. upper 50's to low 60's mainly overnight. highs tomorrow, upper 60's at the coast, low 80's around the bay shoreline, up to 100, 102 in the hottest inland spots. heat advisory from 1:00 tomorrow until 8:00 p.m. tomorrow for lake and mendocino county. high temperatures pop-out about 100 degrees -- top out at about 100 degrees in the hottest areas over the weekend. but it cools down nicely in the middle of the week. dion: just ahead, the future of
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does your vitamin c last twenty-four hours? only nature's bounty does. new immune twenty-four hour plus has longer lasting vitamin c. plus, herbal and other immune superstars. only from nature's bounty. larry: time for consumer news, michael finney is here with a look at the headlines. michael: interesting day. airbnb will officially no longer use arbitration in sexual assault or harassment claims. the company said it is changing
4:26 pm
its terms of service to codify what it had already been doing since 2019. in a statement, it wrote, since january 2019, we have not asked a court to force any of the very few cases involving sexual assault or harassment claims by hosts or guests into arbitration. airbnb expects to release its new terms of service in the fall. hyundai and kia are recalling more than 600,000 vehicles because of damaged latches can prevent the truck from being opened from the inside. federal safety standards have required interior trunk release latches since 2001. the recalled vehicles include certain hyundai accents, sonata, hybrids and kia forte and they will replace the latch free of charge. wendy's is trying something new,
4:27 pm
they plan to open 700 ghost kitchens over the next five years. ghost kitchens are restaurants that make food only for delivery and do not have dining rooms for eat in service. the ghost kitchens will offer a smaller menu with more targeted and profitable items and allow the company to move into urban locations where a standalone store isn't feasible. these are around san francisco right now, i walk by one every evening on my way home. larry: a big proponent of these, guy fierro. -- fieri, restaurant might not be able to make it. have a good weekend. dion: speaking of fast food, it's not just wendy's changing the face of it, check out the new taco bell defy, as it is called. it has four drive-thru lanes and delivery drivers.
4:28 pm
all of it is is expected to open in minneapolis and could expand if successful. this is the future of food. larry: not the future of my food. dion:oh. larry: sorry, i crushed that. if you like it, it is great. more to come. just ahead, arnold schwarzenegger takes on anti-masters. dion: and the situation in afghanistan continues to deteriorate. the
4:29 pm
4:30 pm
moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: the security situation in
4:31 pm
afghanistan continues to deteriorate as the u.s. finalizes a full withdrawal from the come -- the country. the taliban is gaining a lot of ground. we have the latest. faith: overnight, new video showing ariel balls -- aerial bombs exploding over kandahar. thousands of american troops headed to kabul to help the staff at the usmc and thousands who assisted the u.s. mission leave the country. >> this is a specific, narrowly focused, tailored mission to help with the safe, secure movement of the reduction of civilian personnel. faith: the taliban rapidly seizing control of at least 15 provincial capitals in one week, and three major cities in the last 24 hours. presbin underntse pressure ton to withdraw americt rrorist attacks, which sparked
4:32 pm
america's largest -- longest war. former president donald trump made a deal to remove all american combat troops. some fear that afghanistan could again become a haven for terrorists. >> the potential for growing terrorist capabilities and threats deep in the heartland of afghanistan, the way bin laden did, is very real. faith: the president expressing confidence in afghan troops. >> the likelihood the taliban will overrun everything and owning the whole country is unlikely. faith: right now, the taliban controls two thirds of the country, gains leaving families displaced. videos showing many flooding the pakistan border on friday, trying to escape. >> we are on the brink of humanitarian disaster. faith: about 1000 u.s. troops arriving in the region to process special visas for afghans who assisted the u.s. but thousands more, families in
4:33 pm
need, pleading to be evacuated. dion: the fallout from the withdrawal is not playing well in certain parts of the bay area. as our reporter explains, many afghan americans feel betrayed. reporter: in the midst of suburban fremont and newark, more than a taste of little cabell -- kabul, lives in a new country. today, they are hurting. >> i am disappointed and stunned. reporter: that from an afghan american who came here in 1977. the last 20 years, he has watch the u.s. in afghanistan, trying to rid the region of terrorists. a few weeks ago, the withdrawal and now a temporary infusion of 3000 marines just to protect the american embassy and its people and advancing taliban. >> we believe this is the prudent thing to do given the rapidly deteriorating security situation in and around kabul. reporter: none of this lays well
4:34 pm
with afghan americans, including one who spoke to us while on a road trip today. >> does this remind you of vietnam? the fall of saigon is happening now in kabul. reporter: insurgents now control more than half of the country, taking over major cities and closing in on the capital. for those here who know and love people they are, they worry. the war has already cost 40,000 civilian lives, and now fear of taliban reprisals. >> i think there will be a lot of carnage and bloodshed. >> we have handed over the country to the terrorists we said we would never negotiate with, and we did negotiate and we gave them the country. reporter: that is the undercurrent in a bay area suburb, half a world away from an old home, and yet still so connected. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. larry: a really difficult situation. coming up, fighting the sunday's gary's -- sunday
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dion: time for the four at 4:00. we will start with former governor arnold schwarzenegger calling out anti-masters and those against -- anti-maskers and those against being vaccinated. >> my freedom is being disturbed here. screw your freedom, freedom comes with obligations and responsibilities. you cannot just say i have the right to do xyz when you affect
4:38 pm
other people. dion: look at the phases of the other two people. [laughter] what you did not hear is schwarzenegger calling the people who think their freedom is more important than the freedom -- safety of others she mucks. i think it grabbed attention. spencer, maybe this is the smack on the side of the head some people need. spencer: let's hope so. i might not use language is so colorful, but he is right that along with freedom comes responsibility. it is not all about me and my freedom. i encountered someone recently when i had some work done on my car who was not wearing a mask and everyone else was, and he said i am a freedom guy, spencer. i said do you wear a seatbelt? he said yeah, but that is different. right on, arnold. [laughter] dion: not to mention, for example, mask wearing, getting
4:39 pm
vaccinated is a two-way street. it is not just about you. spencer: right. dion: i just love some buddy who can call it like it is. larry: that's what i was going to say, he is old enough and has enough money to say what he wants. if you don't like it, i am the terminator. [laughter] a southern california congressman has an ambitious proposal that put a lot of money in workers pockets. he wants to reduce the workweek to 32 hours. once someone hits 32 hours, they are entitled to overtime under the fair labor practices act. part of the reasoning is the worker shortage many businesses are currently facing. ea wldnticeilsoe woulsi up for that.w i think a lot of people realize what was truly important in life during the pandemic and are still realizing that.
4:40 pm
and that it gives them more time with their family or for their health and well-being. honestly, you have a healthier, happier person and they will put out better work. larry: spencer, this would increase your work. [laughter] are you still ok with this? spencer: i don't want to go back to 32 hours a week. [laughter] shorter hours and higher wages is what i want. dion: that's what we all want. [laughter] moving on to the sunday scaries the feeling of dread before the beginning of the workweek. rebecca jarvis has more. >> everyone in my house gets bummed out about mondays. rebecca: that is known as the sunday scaries, and a new report reveals they are at an all-time high. >> they are eating my joy. rebecca: the report saying 66% of professionals experience this
4:41 pm
and 41% say the pandemic has caused them or made them worse. >> now more than ever it is difficult for americans to determine what their mondays will be like. we don't know when regulations will change, responsibilities will change. rebecca: this maryland mom has a major case of sunday scaries. >> sunday night looks like everyone is in mourning or dreading what is coming the next day. rebecca: she says the next week and a half has made sunday's more stressful for her family. -- last year and a half has made sunday more stressful for her family. >> making sure my kids have the ppe they need or my husband has it when he is going to work. it is a lot. rebecca: how can we enter the week calmly? >> meditation, slow journaling and even a soothing sunday playlist can help. sunday scaries anxiety, restlessness and irritation, so movement and hanging out with friends can help.
4:42 pm
dion: ok. i don't know how applicable those strategies are to people in the news industry. [laughter] this sunday scaries thing is real. >> it is, i did not know there was a term for it. it is definitely real. i am curious, what is slow journaling? it feels slow to begin with. [laughter] i should meditate more and larry will agree. >> ohm. larry: i will not and not comment further. -- nod and not comment further. but i will be more serious, if you can find a job you love, you would not be scared of mondays. for young people trying to figure it out, find something you love and can get paid at reasonably well and you will not be scared. >> i like what you said because i remember early in my career, i would dread it so much and i would feel a headache coming on. it was such a, i don't want to
4:43 pm
be in this environment, and i knew something was wrong and it wasn't the right fit. larry: now you are with us. look at the smile. >> is the smile being happy to anchor with larry? [laughter] larry: oh, there will be a conversation during the commercial for sure. a growing trend that will take some of us a while to figure out, people, mostly gamers, by close --buy close that do not exist. one person is selling japanese-style commandos -- kimonos virtually. they are sold on block chain via people are making money s they exist in the virtual world. this is been going on a while,
4:44 pm
because if you are a big-time gamer or even not big-time, but you can buy tools and things that help you in the game. dion: exactly, and i think people need to separate virtual versus something you can touch, they are totally different but that is not the point. it is hard for people to understand. spencer: i've seen a lot of people wearing clothes that should not exist in the real world. [laughter] larry: that is a good point, spencer. -- dion: that is a good point, spencer. larry: virtual dion would be smiling right now. >> is virtual dion working with you? larry: again. >> i love it. >> i love it. larry: ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. your perspective. ♪ ♪ew smeadventures.
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we're committed to making every cancer patient... a survivor. this is the moment we double our efforts. together... we stand up to cancer. tune in saturday august 21st at 8/7 central larry: many of us are looking for ways to give back. what if it was as easy as buying barbecue sauce? that is what a napa valley chef intended. dion: he turned his passion for cooking into a recipe for success. ♪ >> i think it always is nice to be able to have a core of why you started. mine was to give back. so in those times when it gets challenging and tiring, when you are working a 60, 70, 80 hour week in a restaurant, and you
4:48 pm
still need to fulfill orders or do product tasting or sampling or create a new thing, it is challenging. ♪ our support this foundation, no kid hungry, bigthat keeps ifor us. man. that is going to be super good. i would say i was cooking roughly when i was eight or nine. my first dish was a pot of lentils. we grew up eating a lot of lentils and hot water cornbread. i clearly remember my siblings being outside in the summer, and i would be sitting on the counter beside a stove with a pond of lentils cooking. that is when i learned about flavors and tilting flavors. -- golding -- building flavors.
4:49 pm
we are from kansas city, moved out here when i was 23 years old. prior to that, i was living in france. when i was there, i told my roommate at the time, going to work for chef thomas keller. he was like ok. no, i'm going to do it. and i started working my way up from a line cook, sous and eventually exec sous. i had this sauce already from back home and i had already been giving to this foundation and they help orphans and widows in 10 countries and africa. i had -- in africa. i had been giving to them but i was making minimal money per hour. to continue doing that in
4:50 pm
california, i needed to figure out a way to produce a way to continue this. i am a chef, i have this sauce from kansas city, where barbecue is a thing. how about i try to tweak this, finesse it? so that it is something people might put in stores. that was the idea. ♪ four flavors, it goes hand in hand with texture. i did not want a big something that overpowers what you are using it on. i wanted something looser, more of a chef's sauce goes great with what you barbecue, but forced -- first and foremost a goes with what you are making. we kept testing with all of the chefs and i am really happy and proud of this one.
4:51 pm
i could be a little subjective but i think it is a solid sauce. i haven't seven-year-old and a nine-year-old and when we are out here cooking, they are fully into it, the sauce, they love it, they pick up a spoon of it. we have a packer who produces our sauces for us, but they try to get involved, and we have handwritten cards and every order. they try to be part of that. it is fun. i tell everyone, whether you buy our items, and something that works for you, help and support them as well. dion: that story made me so hungry. larry: i love his life story, it is fantastic. dion: the food looks pretty good. maybe some grilling and chilling this weekend. spencer: i will be heading out for some after the weather. tonight, more passing, high clouds, maybe a low cloud as well.
4:52 pm
overnight lows in the upper 50's low 60's. tomorrow, it heats up inland with highs around 100 degrees in the hottest spots. bay shoreline, in the 70's. sunday will be about as hot as a saturday, but it starts to cool down on monday with easier conditions, and by the middle of the week, we are back in the comfort zone. larry: thank you. if you ever wanted to get a tattoo, like maybe a tiny triceratops -- so cute -- today is the day. studios across the country are offering discounts on tattoos. today is friday the 13th. >> it is a notoriously spooky day, so would like to have everyone come together and do spooky tattoos. larry: moth and dagger have been offering discounts on friday the 14th 2015. dion: a wedding is always a special occasion, but for one
4:53 pm
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california! for expert help with all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today. dion: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, shark tank, followed by 2020 at 9:00. and don't mi a ns 110. tlscial events, especially weddings, have been delayed or canceled because of the pandemic. for one area there's -- theirs came with big surprises.
4:56 pm
>> when i walked in to get married with my wife, just her, myself and the witness, it was a whole ceremony planned. reporter: jeff was not at a chapel, he was at a hospital in san francisco, where fatima was about to have their first child. >> she wanted to get married before giving birth. reporter: get married she did. they initially delayed because of covid, and after years of trying, she got pregnant. >> i am stepping on the edge of the carpet with rose petals down that the nurses and doctors threw down, and we started crying with joy. reporter: a hospital wedding organized by the nurses and doctors in attendance. >> i think that was th and smiles and the tears. reporter: while the nonalcoholic
4:57 pm
cider toast was special, what happened around 24 hours after was the icing on the cake. fatima went into labor, which lasted into thursday, when she gave to their son, logan. >> i am a dad and i am happy and i don't think there are any words that can explain it. just happiness, pure happiness. reporter: logan was born 4.5 weeks premature, but according to dad, he is healthy, happy and beautiful. as for jeff's recommendation to others? >> don't give up. we did not think it was going to happen and it did and we are blessed. we prayed. we were given a wonderful blessing in our life. don't give up. dion: just so happy to see them smiling behind those masks, and also to know their baby is doing ok. such a blessing. that is it for this edition of
4:58 pm
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dion: 17 months after schools in san francisco were closed because of coronavirus, students will be back in classrooms on monday. dan: thank you for joining us. education is a key par key par y building a better bay area, especially during the ongoing pandemic. this emphasis go department of health had to sign off on each school to make sure the proper safety measures were in place. our education reporter is in the newsroom with a look at what the first day of school may look like. leanne: i envision happy children, what a coincidence. tampa and cisco unified announced on march


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