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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  August 15, 2021 9:00am-9:59am PDT

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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. >> moving forward. finding solutions. >> this morning, the taliban on the outskirts of afghans capital city as personnel are being evacuated. we are talking with a nonprofit that helps farmers in afghanistan. she is now worried about her staff who are fearing for their lives. good morning everyone. it is sunday. we are goingngngng on thenfding a good morning eve.
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the low clouds and fog have moved across the bay. it's moderate air qua qua hayes. that ion viry that continuethrough t dwe will conte wind picks up and we will get better air quality. a look at the current conditions in the east bay and south bay. a couple of live pictures show you that we are under wildfire smoke. it is 57 degrees in san francisco. there is a look at oakland with a sunny start for you. already well into the upper 60's. we are calling for a hazy and warm afternoon. it back into the mid-90's.
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low 60's at the coast and we will talk about that trend that get started and how cool we are going to get in a few minutes. >> now to the fast-moving horrifying events in afghanistan where the tele-band has now reached the capital city of kabul. as the pentagon spe spe spe spee into kabul to get our people out. >> the delavan releasing this video -- the taliban releasing this video. all routes are sealed off. millions of afghans bracing for the militants to take over. helicopters could be seen taking off and landing near the u.s.
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embassy as the emergency evacuation gets underway. s e stets ofal . insurgents inching ever cogent -- ever closer. >> people are worried about taliban treated us before. now we just want peace. >> in just over a week, taking all major cities. the taliban white flag is flying over places. as the taliban approaches the capital, many are desperate to escape. afghan traffic desk -- afghan translators who supported the military during the near to decade war. --two decade war. >>
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others. it is our turn to be helped. >> president biden saying he will rush an additional 1000 troops to afghanistan bringing the total to 5000 to help evacuate afghans who helped the u.s. as well as u.s. personnel on the ground. this as is atr reives growing criticism for how they handled the withdrawing of the troops in the first place. >> as much as i would like us leave afghanistan, i believe right now is a mistake. >> watching in anger and horror as the country is left to crumble. >> we are about to seed control to the exact --cede control to the exact, only now they have had 20 years of experience and now they are going to be in control.
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liz: secretary of state kerryryy secretary of state blinken defended. >> we went to afghanistan with one mission and mind -- one mission in mind. we brought bin laden to justice a decade ago. al qaeda has been this -- diminished. the capacity to attack us again from afghanistan is, does not exist. we are going to make sure that we keep in place in the region the capacity, the forces necessary to see any reemergence and to be able to deal with it. in terms of what we set out to do in afghanistan, we've done it. now, all along the president had a hard decision to make and that decision was what to do with the remaining forces that we inherited we came to office that were in afghanistan with a deadline established by the previous demonstration to get them out by may 1. that is the decision he made.
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liz: charity that helps farmers in afghanistan is keeping a close eye on the events unfolding right now. routes of peace founder has it afghan employees who are fearing for their lives. you may remember heidi, s aturedn k a to afghanistan. heidi joins us now on zoom. thank you for being here. give us the latest on your staff. where are they? how are they doing? >> thank you. it this has been not only a kies -- a crisis, it has been a catastrophe. i manage over 350 afghan employees and multiple provinces in afghanistan. most of my staff and surrounding provinces are fleeing out because of the terror that is
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happening, unspeakable terror. concentrating in kabul. over 500,000 idp's, internally displaced people, are concentrating in kabul taliban -- in kabul city. i have heard horrible reports. he saw a woman holding a baby in her arms. she was weeping. he said what is wrong. she looked up and said my baby just died in my arms. i fled from the province and we have no milk. roots of peace is not only managing a harvest, we are managing the people on the streets who need our help especially the women where the catastrophic unspeakable assaults that are happening to them right now. liz: you just mentioned the root -- the work that you do.
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can you just described some of what your staff has been doing their or decades now? >> we've been turning minds --mines to vines. whn funding from the daughter of walt disney, we were able to demine the planes. after the mines were out, we needed to replace them with agricultural crops and high-value crops. it was able to lift the grapes off the ground after decades of war. we exported those fresh fruits to new markets, india, dubai. the situation has vastly changed. i am hearing atrocities from the women especially.
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liz, it's so hard to repeat this on camera. i heard this and i think the world needs to know. not only are the women according to the doctor that i spoke to yesterday, they're not only being raped but they are being branded with hot iron. after being raped, these young girls 14, 15, 16. it branded. as a ceo, as a leader, i voice. it is a humanitarian voice. it is not my decision whether it's right or wrong to pull out. that's to the decisions of others. my job is to deliver upon a harvest of hope and i am determined to do that for the sake of afghan people. liz: this is a very dire situation for not only your
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staff but thousands of people, women there in afghanistan. you have written a letter to president biden. what are you asking of him? >> i am asking, thanking him or sending 3000 now 5000 troops to hold the airport open. i thank him for bringing out the interpreters, but please mr. president, please. the 300 afghan workers who dedicated faithfully for 20 years to an american ngo led by a woman, their lives are at-risk. these keep the airport open long enough to provide an airplane to get my staff and their immediate family out of danger. working for a woman ceo funded by the united states government is a double risk. liz: i feel for you so much right now. what do you fear could happen to your staff if they are not able to make it out? >> i've gotten probably 100 emails overnight. they are threatening their lives
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. to behead them. to go house by house to find out. to destroy our computers and put the information on the icloud because of that information gets out that they work for an american ngo for a woman, their lives are at risk. as a mother and grandmother, i would do every thing i can to protect my afghan family. this is family to me. this is a crisis today that i wake up to on sunday morning. what i had planned several weeks ago was gathering in my backyard of afghan american friendship and today it will be much like a funeral. afghan families that i have been able to, who work for me. i have not seen him since i was able to get he and his family out of there several years ago. we will gather on this hill on's -- in solidarity for the afghan people.
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liz: how can folks watching this help? what can people do? >> roots of peace $20,000. what roots of peace is going to do with that is with the international displaced people, we are going to provide tents, blankets and milk so those babies don't die. and rice. many of those implementing partners have fled because it is dangerous for them. what we can do is to successfully provide a stream of delivery for those emergency products. please donate to roots of peace. we are asking global citizens around the world to join us as we plant a seed, a flower, and
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olive branch on the 20th anniversary of the advent of 9/11. let us truly gather as human beings and plant the roots of peace on earth. liz: ceo of roots of peace. thank you so much. we are praying and sending all of our love to all of your staff in afghanistan. we hope for their safety >> thank you. -- we hope for their safety. >> thank you. liz: let's take a quick break. lisa: look at the haze. temperatures are in the mid 60's and warming up to the near 70 -- to near 70. smoke visiting us throughout the afternoon as well as heat. we will pinpoint its temperatures and talk about a cooldown coming up. liz: we are one to talk about the new fallout over fears of the delta variant.
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that's yes for less. get the best bargains ever for every room and every budget. at ross. yes for less. liz: covid-19 cases are starting to trend downward. many events in the bay area are being canceled or postponed. >> this was the last time the great dickens christmas fair was held in 2019. >> people from all over tried to reach out to us and ask us please do the show. this is our holiday tradition. >> shannon says after canceling the large indoor event, they were ecstatic this excited to bring back 2020 one. given that it takes three months of prep and construction, they had to make up decision now for
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december production. >> we realize we would not be able to keep our performers as well as the public as safe as we would want to, we may dedicate -- we made the difficult decision to cancel this year. >> they are planning to do a virtual and drive-thru event in its place, in the meantime several shows were canceled last week and other promoters have been canceling or hesitant to schedule events there. >> it's hard for our club to not be able to do that and no what the climate is going to look like in a week or two weeks or a month. >> doing what she can to keep the place afloat. >> i will keep doing this and keep working. we care about it. >> covid cases shot up after the reopening in june. >> if the trend continues, we
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should be beyond the peak and cases. hospitalization -- >> he says he expects the trend downward to continue for now, but it's hard to predict what may happen if vaccination levels don't increase. >> with continued transmissions, not just the rest of the world but right here in the united states every two weeks there's an opportunity for new variant to emerge. liz: the car the palace along with free covid vaccines. the event got its start in san francisco's mission district. sharply painted and customized cars took center stage. organizers wanted to encourage patrons to get vaccinated. >> there's a lot of people in our community that just don't
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trust the government. they don't trust pharmaceutical companies who in the past have used them as guinea pigs. >> organizers gave out customizers -- customized low rider masks. >> the dixie fire is showing no signs of show -- is showing no signs of slowing down. his burned more than 550 4000 acres in total and it remains 31% contained. the weather held -- one of the firefighters entered last week. dozens of supporters were on hand to welcome him home. he was injured by a falling tree and is expected to make a full recovery. three other firefighters have minor injuries. lisa, we are in mid august.
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september is on its way. that is typically the time in october when we see the worst fires in the state. lisa: we have been saved by our stea o fwer d have original of high-pressure that has allowed for some of the wind to lighten up and to trap the wildfire smoke from the upper atmosphere down toward the sophist. it's also allowing to drift to the bay. here's a look at doppler seven where the fog was evident among the coast out over the bay. look at the hazy conditions to the north. they are getting a little bit closer to the bay area and that's all due to a wind shift. look at the air quality right now around the east bay and south bay. looking at the haze, even at ba. those upper elevations.
9:22 am
the bay area doing etter than the folks in the north bay from northern california. hazy conditions in the mountains. this is what it looks like right now. 9:00 where you can see the darker shades to the north of us. as we get to the afternoon, a very little change will occur. by tomorrow, this all gets swept to the east of us and our air quality improves. it's going to tickle while 4 -- it's going to take a while for the temperatures can -- to come down. 58 degrees downtown. 52 degrees in oakland. numbers warming up in the south bay with sunshine. a look at san jose where we can see a mixture of the haze and some clear sky. 64 degrees in novato. to purchase climbing quickly and compressed grain layer, you can
9:23 am
see it here. a little more compressed. it will allow our temperatures to climb to the 80's and 90's inland. we will look for a warm day although the haze comes into play throughout the rest of the afternoon. the coast, you will have the clouds. as the system sets up along the clouds giving us a better rents --rinse. looking at the heat advisory. some mergers have been about 101, 104. that will be another hot day. much cooler with 60's and the high clouds, breezy wind. 76 degrees in richmond. a breezy afternoon in oakland. looking at 96 in concorde. antioch, we are in the triple digits again. san francisco a little bit below the average which is in the upper 60's today.
9:24 am
we've got the haze and the hot water inland today. we will still be warm tomorrow. looking at that cooling trend to continue into tuesday. we are going to allow conditions to stay rather stagnant with 60's up the coast and low 90's inland with much better air quality. liz: just ahead, if you think it's tough to find parking now, it could get even harder in san jose. why the struggle for a spo
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liz: fewer people taking public transportation and more people are driving. dustdustdustdust ca dependent society. >> the shopping center is
9:27 am
popular among south bay residents. there are places to eat, shop and places to live. there are no places to park. >> it makes it really difficult to plan out your day because you have to a lot for parking further away from the building. >> you got to get here at certain times. when you're here, your friend might call you and say you want to go play basketball and you can't because you want to lose your parking space. >> he says is complex and many others have a waitlist just to pay for a spot on the property. >> what we are trying to do herr is enable an urban environment that is more focused on people and buildings instead of having a lot of parking lots and surface parking. >> he says parking also costs a lot of money. it costs developers upwards of
9:28 am
$50,000 per parking space. money he says comes back on the consumer. the city hopes this plan will reduce costs. >> i don't know how that's going to work. it's going to be a problem. it's already a problem. it's just making it worse. i don't know what we don't do about that -- i don't know what we gon do about that. >> making sure that the development community has a robust conversation about what's really needed. reducing that number to the amount needed. not less, not more. >> developments in place to support other forms of transportation as well. liz: still to come, come, com destruction in haiti following the 7.2 earthquake that has killed hundreds of people. the rescue efforts underway right now.
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liz: we're going to start this half-hour with another look at the weather so let's get right over to lisa. lisa: you are looking at a hazy walnut creek. temptress today and tomorrow going to be the worn dish are going to be the warmest you have seen in a while. looking at modern air quality today, tomorrow and even intothd even parts of the higher elevationscloser to the bay, wen
9:32 am
great shape. you can see from this picture that it is awfully hazy. 67 degrees in mountain view. the clouds are with us downtown. the breeze kicks off and we will see a partly cloudy day in the city with their -- better air quality. it's cooler in santa rosa. it is 68 degrees in livermore. we are touching the 80's and who will be in the mid to upper 90's. by 6:00, the fog is back. we've got some haze out there. some mergers will be in the 60's and 70's across the bay this afternoon. we will talk about will be spread that cooling inland in a few minutes. liz: now to the crisis in haiti. people spotted sleeping outside overnight worried about aftershocks. the seven to quake has killedha.
9:33 am
hundreds more missing. abc news reporter julia mcfarland has the latest. >> hundreds out -- hundreds are dead after a devastating disaster hit haiti. 7.2 magnitude earthquake turning buildings into rubble. striking miles west of the capital. around 8:30 a.m. saturday morning. the destruction leaving thousands injured. resources for residents scarce. >> we don't have electricity. we don't have water. >> rushing to the islands to birds -- to produce -- to provide aid. >> we are working and hoping for safe passage for humanitarians is guaranteed. >> residents searching for any sign of life. a woman and a child found
9:34 am
pulled from the rubble. another man covered in dust out over a destroyed building. the company drenched in political crisis. the president of haiti was assassinated a month ago leaving the country in a state of siege while the acting prime minister has declared a state of prime minister -- state of emergency. hospitals are already stretched thin. he and his family have been using their personal to rescue residents. >> we've been taking people from the airport. >> the quake estimated court of a million people. >> this earthquake is larger than the earthquake and the impact on human life are likely
9:35 am
to be very devastating. >> please, help the haitian people. >> naomi hit osaka osaka is half haitian. she said it hurts to see the devastation in haiti. i will give all the prize money to relief efforts. liz: haiti's capital of port-au-prince who felt the earthquake. the city is about 100 miles from the epicenter and it wasn't quit cap as hard as other parts of the country. the powerful quake did send people there running into the street. here is what that haiti resident said. >> a feel that something happened. for the first time, after this
9:36 am
experience i go straight to this today and go outside outside and start yelling. liz: now to your h this is an area of focus on our commitment to build a better bay area. an information about a supplemental dose. who is act act act act act act third dose now and where they are being offered. >> it's a new chapter in our fight against covid-19. >> i know the virus is very active. >> both the fda and cdc have authorized third doses of coronavirus vaccines to be given to those most at risk, specifically those who have compromised immune systems. >> active treatment for
9:37 am
being treated with immunosuppressant medications. >> while those might be some of the most common reasons, are -- they are far from the only ones. >> this is not my first time to the radio -- to the rodeo. >> jones has been living with undetectable hiv for years. he is trying to figure out if he is eligible for a third shot. he says he wants to keep everyone around him safe. >> what i think people need to understand is that we are not anywhere near done with this virus. >> if you qualify for a third shot, some have already begun rolling them out at public clinics. other pharmacy chains are also beginning to offer third jabs. physicians warn only those who truly fit into that current parameters should come forward. >> this is not something that everyone needs right now. they are trying to focus on
9:38 am
those who despite having been vaccinated are still extremely high-risk hospitalization and death. liz: if you you you you vaccine mandates, you can ask the team. submit your questions. a big comeback for niners fans. >> let's go niners. let's win. liz: levi stadium opened maximum capacity for the first time since january of 2020. we will have the latest on that coming up. let's get a live look outside. we will check in in in in in can expect for the day coming up. jason, did you know geico could save you hundreds on car insurance and a whole lot more? cool. so what are you waiting for? mckayla maroney to get your frisbee off the roof?
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fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? we must have a competent governor with management experience and outsider integrity. [sfx: bear roar] that describes only john cox. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ receive a chargepoint home flex charger or a public charging credit. see your volvo retailer for details. liz: the 49ers fans got to watch
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their team play a game in person at levi stadium. things are definitely different since the last time they set foot inside the stadium. masks are required indoors and that includes the bathrooms. proof of vaccination or proof of a negative covert tests are not necessary to get in. -- negative covid tests are not necessary to get in. >> i'm not worried and i will wear a mask inside the stadium. liz: fans were buzzing about the debut of what a tray lance. coming up, --trey lance why they were calling the bay area the trey area. lisa: the fog is trying to
9:42 am
clear, but we are going to have that haze linger into the afternoon. low 70's on this side of the bay. temperatures as much as 20 to 25 degr [ sfx: bzzz bzzz bzzz ] [ sfx: ping ping beep beep bloop bloop ] [ sfx: honk ] [ sfx: pop pop pop pop ] [ sfx: pop ping bloop pop ping bloop ] the day can wait. enter the golden state with real california dairy. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent. serious allergic reactions can occur
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so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. liz: welcome back. a couple of people hanging out. some folks looked to be having a nice family reunion. i love it when people hang out on the beach. later this morning, the a's will try to win their weekend series in texas. oakland faces the rangers at 11:35 a.m. the giants will try to take three out of four from the rockies. alex would is the scheduled picture. the first pitch is at last night the niners took on the kansas city chiefs at levi stadium. the highlights of that this morning.
9:45 am
>> good morning. it usually get excited footballa different story here on saturday night. the fans back at levi and the debut of rookie trey lance. george kittle among those not playing but always looking happy. a little rollout to depot samuel --deebo samuel. here comes trey. it's a kyle trent -- kyle shanahan staple. 45 yards downfield. it ends up being an 80 yard touchdown. what a debut. he is pumped. the fans are pumped. the sidelines are pumped. a touchdown for the rookie. some rookie bruises as well. includk.d fo t
9:46 am
got toet ud the and strength iwa asome to be out there playing again. i had great guys around me. i need to do a little bit better job getting those guys the ball. >> with my that locker room, the so excited for me. it was for sure special moment. >> i thought he had a good first half. still a work in progress. we are going to keep working on it. >> giants and rockies. they yoda ears. opposite field to right-center. one of nothing on an impressive swing. look at this guy's mask. bottom five side at one. austin slater, temper right back to the picture. giants hit into double plays
9:47 am
read the six game win streak is over. the giants fall. the a's and rangers from texas. sparky searching for peanuts. bottom five. a little pop to left. what a play that was. matt ostce. he's an all-star. instead of bashing, let's hug it out. a's put it away. it's seventh multi-homer. history in the arizona desert. diamondback starter started -- making his first start. he will never forget this. tossed a no-hitter against the padres. arizona wins
9:48 am
the niners and lions open regular season on sunday september 12. it's going to be a lot of fun.b. featuring the life of kobe bryant. superstar premieres wednesday on abc and you can check out detail kobe brown bryant -- kobe bryant for more content. let's get another look at the forecast. lisa: we have our usual deck of low clouds and fog, but we also have an upper level high pressure. that circulation around that is pushing the smoke into much of the bay area or haze. it much of the smoke is to the north and east of us. we usually see the hazy conditions in northern california. that big dome of high-pressure, we are getting some of that we had yesterday. current air quality shows the
9:49 am
greens, but the life picture tells a different story. the worst air quality up toward reading and mount shasta. it is going to be un torrow befo wmane air that pushes it of here. we are under the haze with the lightest conditions onfiltered . tomorrow afternoon, it's a hot one inland we have better air quality. you can't really tell where it is because of that air quality problem we are looking at the pollutants right at the surface being compressed by that ridge of high pressure. 58 downtown. 60's in san jose. 58 in pacifico -- 64 nevada.
9:50 am
-- novato. high-pressure brings the heat to our inland valleys. we are closer to the coast. that's why you see that find squashed look to the low cloud deck. we have the clouds. we are already clearing. the better air quality arrives tomoowit has been hot. over 100 degrees. 106 and parts of this area. also parts of cloverdale and clearlake. not too hot, but you have the haze around. the afternoon sea breeze helps you out. temperatures fairly similar today. low 80's in redwood city. downtown, we will have a mixture of low cloud deck with mid-60's. up in the north bay, 80's and
9:51 am
90's. at looking at 101 in c. as06esrd and 107 v. hercules -- a little warmer, but we've got that haze for you in union city. you had inland and we've got a combination of some 90's and triple digit heat. a lot like yesterday for you as well as mid 90's for fairfield. 100 in antioch and brentwood. the heat wants to hold on for another day into monday. we will get a stronger -- hold on for another day into monday. tuesday, it will be breezy and cooler along the bay. we cool off about 10 degreesut 1 inland. the coast remaining the same and that stagnant weather pattern
9:52 am
and sea breeze will be with us for the rest of the week. it's sad that everyone has a story to tell. n roote in where the --eastsi ae been selected to be shown in the nation's biggest film festival for high schools. how growing side shaped the stories that they are sharing now with a national audience. >> going up in eastside san jose supposes people to a tapestry of cultures and immigrants trying to succeed in a new country. students captured slices of air lives for a multimedia class. using document he -- documentaries and music videos. >> i see it when i get paid.
9:53 am
>> moved to the east side when he was four years old. >> this culture has been a part of my life and it's made me into the person that i am. i really just want to show how beautiful this city is and how beautiful all the heritage and culture is. >> a yellow america focused on the growth in asian hate in an interview with her best friend valerie. >> not enough action has been taken to prevent these crimes. >> i'm glad that i was able to stand up for our asian community through this documentary and opens up my classmates mind. >> their teacher said they were more than just video producers. they became content creators. >> they don't really see themselves reflected in today's media. often times, it's those stories they want to tell because no one else is telling them.
9:54 am
>> the other two projects selected were orange skies from the eastside and the alabaster awakening putting eastside san jose and the national spotlight. liz: very very very next, it was noah's great -- no escape from alcatraz that it -- but it still push people to their limits. their limits. [baby crying] i got it. i got it. ♪ ♪ getting some help with the little one, from her biggest fan. some real face time. just an amtrak away.
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9:56 am
liz: this weekend brought a chance for athletes to compete in san francisco's first ever escape event. the swim run short ce swim run w was designed to get more athletes involved and the winners were of san francisco and cuba city, wisconsin. nearly 2000 athletes will take on the 40th escape from alcatraz triathlon.
9:57 am
i am always so impressed with anyone who attempts to do that. lisa: especially where it's so hot, not close to the bait, but here at our valleys where numbers are already in the 70's. at looking at those hazy conditions, cooler up the coast. the next two days are going to be hot inland. the better air quality comes into play tomorrow. look at those numbers from mid 90's to 100 out by fairfield. look for upper 80's in santa rosa. head towards cloverdale am a we are well over 100. low 80's and san jose -- low 80's in san jose. still hot inland and the rest of the week features better air quality, cooler to put yours and marcy's no for the rest of the week -- and more seasonal for the rest of the week. liz: thank you for joining us. abc news you join us for that. have a great sunday.
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