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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 17, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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"nightline" will have continuing coverage of the crisis unfolding in afghanistan in the coming days. that's if for us this evening. you can watch all of our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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the now in hiding.
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east bay congresswoman barbara lee shares her thoughts in a war that she voted against 20 years ago. >> a family and bay man speak to us. their desperate plea to get the school direct that is announced two separate classrooms with covid-19. >> abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. >> live breaking news. >> that breaking news is the white house is expected to recommend booster shots for all vaccinated americans. the additional dose would come eight months after the negotiable vaccination. an noum could come this weekend depending how quickly the f.d.a. acts. supplemental shots, those boosters could start the middle of next month. among the first to receive them could be healthcare workers, first responders and nursing home resident departments. we'll have more coronavirus coverage later on in this
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newscast. president biden: it remains today what it has always been. preventing a terrorist attack on american homeland. >> president biden is defending his decision to pull troops out of afghanistan as new images emerge on the unfolding crisis. this shows more than 600 people packed into a c-17 cargo plane escaping to ga qatar. tonight evacuation flights have stopped. dan: the taliban seized control less than 48 hours ago. we begin with morgan norwood. reporter: chaos unfolding in kabul. desperate afghans clinging to military planes leaving the airport. officials shot and killed two armed men.
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at least one u.s. military service member injured. the pentagon saying there is no indication the shooters were members of the taliban. the president admitting the situation is now a crisis but doubling down on the withdrawal of u.s. troops. president biden: i stand squarely behind my decision after 20 years, there is never a good time to where you u.s. forces. the truth is this did unfold quickly than we anticipated. reporter: 20 years collapsing in a matter of days. >> the taliban are out in force. you see them at detcht checkpoints around the city. we have been driving for five minutes. what is noticeable is we have not seen one woman out on the streets 368 reporter: the president signing off on deploying at least 6,000 troops assisting
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the emergency evacuation of almost all u.s. personnel, american citizens and afghan who is supported the u.s.-led mission. ama: tens of thousands of people, american since the and afghan allies still need to be evacuated. we spoke to bay area families about their loved one whors in danger and congresswoman barbara lee who voted against it 20 yorse ago. reporter: barbara lee says she is working today and night to make sure american citizens and diplomats can evacuate from afghanistan. >> family rass terrified in the united states about what is taking with their loved ones in afghanistan. reporter: many in bay area. >> we cannot locate him. he is still stuck in afghanistan. >> his brother is u.s. contractor in afghanistan hiding with his employees. >> their lives at risk.
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it is a feeling of despair. >> she says herunt i afghanistan is trying to protect three tage daughters from taliban soldiers. >> she has so much fear and trepidation about her daughters being ripped out of her arms literally because that is what's happening. reporter: 20 years ago, representative lee was the only member of congress to vote against the war authorization. >> some of us must say let's step back for a moment. let's just pause just for a minute and think through the implications of our actions today so that this does not spiral out of control. and i knew then like i know now there is no military solution in afghanistan. reporter: she supports president biden's decision to withdraw troops. >> we know in another 20 years we would yield the same terrible results. reporter: lee says there will be plepts of time to analyze how this crisis will take hold. >> i want to make sure people get out and the get the visas.
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the immediate issue is protection and safety and evacuation of everybody. reporter: tens of thousands of people still need to be evacuated. dan: doctors, family in afghanistan is sharing their story about the terrifying situation there. we spoke with their son and brother who is living in bay area. >> it is not good now. we feel so scared. reporter: we can't show you the face of this young woman living in kabul. she fears retal great nation the taliban. her brother works for roots of peace. a nonprofit. she says the streets are not safe. >> we don't know what will happen next week or the next day. reporter: her mother was a well known long 250eu8 sfgs in kabul -- physician,er pr
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she will not be able to achieve anymore. it is a very tough situation. reporter: some parents are facing atrocities by militants. >> they were raped. they got returned back to their family. it is a tense situation. we are really afraid. we know what's happening now. the taliban are searching home by home to ask for the gold, the money, the girls. that is something that is a concern. she had to move from one location to another location. >> yes, of course, i want to go out. >> this family desperate to get out of the country. their special immigration visa in pros. they hope the u.s. military will stay and protect them. >> they were very brave to tackle this. thank you so much and be safe. >> thank you so much.
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>> abc 7 news. dan: wednesday, president biden will sit down with george stephanopoulos for an interview. you can watch that on abc 7 on world news tonight. you can find the latest stories and reporting and much more about the situation in afghanistan on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. scroll down and download the app on your favorite streaming device. ama: pg&e like will will have to cut power tomorrow night due to wildfires. commerce across 18 counties have been notified. most in butteand shasta counties but the warning includes more than 2300 customers in the bay area, mostly in napa county. power could be out through wednesday afternoon. what kind of conditions can we be expecting?
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dan: andy is tracking those conditions. >> we are talking about strong gusty winds developing tomorrow night around this time. adds you notice here much of northern california and parts of central california under high fire danger with red flag warnings and fire weather watches. solano county area lake and mendicino county, 11:00 p.m. tomorrow number 11:00 a.m. wednesday. we are looking at the humidity dropping as low as 10%. when you combin it with gusty winds and record dry fuels any fires that develop will quickly spread and when you look at a closer view where the fire danger will be the highest, it is looking like parts of the north bay going into wednesday morning which includes napa county. i'll be back with an hour by hour look at the wind forecast. dan: thanks a lot. the conditions sandy is talking about are fueling the dixie fire in northeastern california. cal fire tonight said the fire
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intensified this afternoon pushing further east by strong wednesdays. evacuations have expanded to include more areas. the dixie fire has burned more than 570,000 acres. it is only 31% contained. we still have a very long way to go. in meantime, governor newsom will meet with the e.p.a. minister tomorrow to discuss climate change and the wildfires. they will convene at the site of last year's lightning complex fire at big basin redwoods state park. we'll have coverage of that. you'll find our wildfire tracker on abc >> i'll detail two schools hit hard west covid-19. ama: calls to resign. why san jose's mayor says the sheriff needs to step down.
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ama: a body found off the san
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mateo coast has been identified as a grandfather san francisco. jean fung. her body was found on jun 10 near pedro point in pacifica. authorities used d.n.a. to identify her. dan: education and the return to the classroom is a big part of our effort to build a better bay area and despite being back for only a week, oakland unified has seen dozens of new covid cases across several campuses. as j.r. stone explains some students and staff are now in quarantine. reporter: at oakland high school covid warning signs are out but nothing that mentions the classroom of students and staff that is now in covid-19 protocol after at least three people tested positive for covid-19. >> i expect people to catch covid but not the first week. reporter: he was in a mask and face smeeled when we talked
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with him. he is not sure which classroom is quarantined but is being cautious. at oakland high a total of 16 students and staff members tested positive. montclaire elementary has three positive cases and is under quarantine. there are five total cases at the school. >> it is alarming but not surprising. reporter: parent wes spoke with though are not ready to pull their kids out. the districts and doctors remaining optimistic. >> so far we haven't seen any cases since school opened that we know are community transmitted within our schools. >> most of the kids get it from the community. the school is actually a very controlled environment. reporter: as for the kids, they are also staying strong. >> it couldn't really concern me because it wasn't my class. so i'm not really tripping over it. >> i think i'm be ok as long as i keep my mask on.
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reporter: to put this in perspective, we're talking about 68 covid-19 cases at around 80 different schools in the district encompassing around 35,000 students so the numbers still very low. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: tens of thousands of students headed back to school today in san francisco. for some, it was their first time in a classroom in a year and a half. there are several safety measures. primarily students have to wear masks. lunch breaks will happen outside. depending on the school, parents may have a special guest greet them. the superintendent and london breed. >> they learn a lot socializeing with each other and they really wanted to be with each other. ama: the school district is making accommodations for students with medical conditions. the distance learning is being made available. dan: tonight we learned a vaccinated staffer in governor
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newsom's office tested positive this week. they did not come into contact with the governor we understand. in a memo that went out to staff, all employees will be required to get fully vaccinate birthday by september 1. speaker anthony rendon says those who don't could get fired. san francisco will rope a mass testing site at seventh and brandon street. they will administer 500 tests a day seven days a week by appointment only. ama: a political bombshell today in the south bay. sam liccardo called for the resignation of sheriff laurie smith. he cited a number of reasons why. ongoing corruption scandals, accused of demanding campaign donation for carry personals.
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jail guards beat michael tiery to death and andy hogan was badly injured during jail transfer >> county tax pay have invested a lot of money in that jill. it is still a place of horrible suffering ama: she says she will respond in her own news conference tomorrow morning. dan: in the north bay, a family of six, and four kids had to be rescued. they were hiking in hills. it was warm that day. one by one family members were air lifted from the oak hill mine trail and brought to a community park in town to be taken to the hospital. they are all said to be doing just fine but it is a reminder
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when it gets that warm, be careful. ama: yeah. but we may have a cooldown coming? >> tomorrow it is going to be cooler. i want to show you the concern that is coming up in just about 24 hours. fire danger rising. winds gusty in the hills. low humidity and with record dry fuels it is concerning. take a look at the hour by hour forecast. it is a down sloping wind. going into wednesday morning, 38-mile-an-hour wind if you look at the hour by hour humidity, 13% humidity down to 15% in fairfield and that is concerning. now the changes are going to be brought about by this area of low pressure that is diving southward. it certainly will help to brings cooler, cleaner air tomorrow. air quality now, mostly good. a few spots are moderate parts of the north bay and south
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bay. the worst of the air quality around the wildfires. the smoke picture to is pretty good for -- forecast is pretty good for most of the bay area. the smoke from the fires up north will be brought back down into the bay area tomorrow night and wednesday when it is going to get smokier here locally so be ready for that. you are seeing a hazy sky now. tuesday good air quality for wednesday. showing you fog by the coast. tomorrow morning you will be waking up to fog near the coastline. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. it was hot once again inland. tomorrow you will get a break from that. you can see that fog over san francisco. better air, cooler weather tomorrow. fire danger rising tomorrow night and we are looking at hazier skies and smokier conditions for your wednesday. tomorrow morning, don't be surprised if you run into a
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little mist and drizzle. fog layer is about 1,000 feet pretty complessdz. and then it is a clean sweep as you will notice for the afternoon and evening as the offshore winds develop. temperatures will be in the 50's and 60's out the door tomorrow afternoon. it is a cooler day so as hot the 90's and a few low hundreds we say today. -- saw today. 64 in half-moon bay 74 in san jose. it will be better with the cleaner air. temperatures coming down tomorrow but the winds will be cranking between tomorrow night and wednesday so fire danger with smoky air wednesday. still gusty with another round of winds coming in on thursday morning and keeping those hazy skies around. a wide range of temperatures with noticeably cooler weather for the up coming weekend when our warmest spots are in the mid 80's inland.
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♪ ama: a surveillance camera caught the eye of a nosy goose. the animal was wandering around in a backyard when it spotted the family. the moose decided to take a closer look and bumped it with its nose. just saying hi. dan: sports is next. >> the giants are rolling in august. that trend will continue tonight. back-to-back jacks against the mets. part of kris
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>> now it is time to -- >> rise and shine. >> we're celebrating traveling all across the country. rise and celebrate with good morning america's rise
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and shine tour. >> sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> bryant's giants has a good ring to it. they are even more d now. brgiant. kris bryant is indeed giant. two-run blast to the veggie garden. giants up 4-3. brandon belt pitch hitting. that is gone. then bryant again. back-to-back jacks. his 21st of the year. they are fired up at oracle park. 6-3. still in sencht. brandon craumbd. -- crawford. whatever he is eating, i want some. the fans chantsing m.v.p. for good reason. the giants maintain a four-game lead over the dodgers. a's in chicago taking over the white sox. hammond three homers in past two games going deep off keuchel.
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the a's up 1-0. to the second. it is a 2-0 game. mat olson looking for the knockout blow against keuchel. inning over. tied for two in the fifth. gimenez. tim anderson scores. 3-2 sox. this is why they call it the hot corner. a's down 4-2. tying run at second here. in eabt. craig kimbrel strikes out chapman. hendricks on for the save. strikes out the save. resistance futile. 5-2. in most cases, preseason football pretty meaningless. jimmy garappolo started k.c. saturday. a series of work. he was done. it was the 80-yard touchdown to sherfield showing the
1:37 am
mobility, the arm strength that is so tantalizing. so what was the reaction from jimmy g.? >> said this before. our quarterback room, we got a good group. all of us coming together. whether it was trey or josh came over and was asking questions, i got to problem answering them and helping them out. >> there is something i can learn on every play out there. that jimmy ran or i ran or josh ran. >>
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ama: all right. that is it for tonight. thank you so much for watching. dan: for all of us here, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy kimmel, guest host, maren morris. willie nelson. how about that? ama: nice. have a good night.
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georgia, flash flooding and tornadoes are also a threat. fred will move into parts of the carolinas and the mid-atlantic region before heading into the northeast later this week. and stay with us because we're just getting started on this tuesday morning. coming up our medical expert weighs in on covid vaccine booster shots for everyone. plus the government is launching a formal investigation into tesla's autopilot systems. and later the terrifying al gator attack caught on camera in front of children. you're watching "world news now." lligator young man: thanks for having us this weekend mrs. garcy young woman: yeah, thanks mom mother: of course and thank you guys for these gorgeous flowers, so thoughtful. young woman whispering: hey, did you bring the... the condoms? young man whispering: what's up? young woman whispering: condoms ...for for. why would i say condor? condoms! condoms.
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