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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 17, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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in grizzly flats and two people been injured. thank you for joining us. anchor: we found out that the pg&e shut also beginning now. more than 10,000 bay area customers could lose power tonight. anchor: it comes hours before red flag warning takes effect, a clear sign of how high the risk is now. let's get to leslie brinkley with who could be affected. reporter: dangerous winds coming. pg&e told me they are moving forward with a preemptive power shut off the customers, starting 6:00 for the next couple of hours. those customers have been notified yesterday and today that the power is actually being cut off. of those 51,000 in northern
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california, 10,000 customers losing power or right here in the bay area. perilous dry brush and drought conditions will be amplified by low humidity and high wind, with the red flag warning for the east bay hills in the north bay. pg&e warned that public safety power shut also possible. >> the majority of the customers are in the sierra foothills and other counties. >> over 50,000 customers are facing power outages. things look tame in the morning with a few notified. by afternoon, the numbers were nearly 7000 and napa. 1800 customers in sonoma, in 1000 in solano. 18 added in alameda, 334 in
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contra costa county later in the day. pg&e says they have been able to narrow the scope of the outages. >> we are not seeing the very large outages we had seen a couple of years ago. reporter: the fire department is asking for the public's health. >> don't use power equipment and tools outside and rye grass. don't sit idle on the side of the road and potentially cause the hillside to catch on fire. reporter: parched land and wind torched it nearly 30 years ago, destroying 3000 homes and killing 25. roofing fire patrols will be in the east bay hills overnight. pg&e says that when this red flag warning ends tomorrow around, :00, they have plans in place to begin turning power back on to those 10,000 customers who are expected to
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start losing power now. anchor: thank you. let's bring in spencer christian. anchor: give us the details. spencer: i will start with that now. this is in effect from 11:00 until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon for higher elevations of the bay area. 8:00 tomorrow night for the higher elevations of solano in these counties. we expect wind gusts from 45 to 55 miles per hour over the higher elevations, the higher peaks. humidity will be dangerously low. the wind out of the north will be drying out. 10% to 15% humidity. any fire that starts can spread rapidly. i want to give you a current look at wind speeds at the surface, 20 to 30 miles per hour for the bay area.
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going into the day tomorrow and afternoon, you will seek us increasing in many locations. that is why napa county is at the highest risk at the moment. despite the fact that wind will be pulling smoke down into the bay area with the significant increase in smoke from the fires down north, the bay area, and pushing eastward, despite that, the forecast for air quality looks fairly good. moderate for the next few days. by saturday, possibly moving into the good air quality category. i will give you a closer look later. anchor: thank you. you can see live updates with our wildfire tracker. we are tracking air quality on a website, anchor: the state attorneys general will look into the grant
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case and the he has been accused of roughing up the person and escalating it. the attorney general decided not to file charges. the family as the california department of justice to review the case. anchor: after days of chaos, the u.s. says they have stabilize the situation in kabul, securing the airport, allowing a nonstop international airlift to resume. it helps to evacuate 5000 to 9000 people per day, with americans given priority. u.s. officials say the taliban has given him assurances that those wanting to leave are given safe passage to the airport. >> our commanders at the airport are in communication with
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taliban commanders on the ground outside the airport. there is communication between them and us. anchor: there are efforts to oversee the security of the airport. thousands are waiting flights out. the fall of afghanistan takes on a personal meaning for veterans who served there during the war. wayne freedman spoke with one soldier injured there several years ago about his thoughts on the u.s. withdrawal and what is happening now. reporter: first, the conflict, now more than ever, we are beginning to hear from the still-conflicted. >> i am one of many. reporter: he drove to fairfield just to talk. on many american soldiers who came home wounded. the last few days have been tough for him.
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>> i think it is wrong and terrible to see the things we are saying. it is heartbreaking to see the people who trusted us to be there for them. to see them chasing an airplane down the tarp break -- tarmac is heartbreaking. i have seen that up close. reporter: he did not serve long, but long enough. >> i was on eight days. reporter: on the eighth night, a bullet from an ak-47 found him. he still keeps the met with the entrance on hold. >> feel it whole entry, political accident, just like -- bullet hole entry, bullet hole exited. just like that. reporter: he was injured so badly that he has to have his right leg amputated and replaced with a prosthetic so he could walk. in short, he has earned the credibility that comes with his
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opinion about the american withdrawal. >> i am i am i am i am i am frustrated, and helpless, all at the same time. everything i did in the military was practiced and rehearsed, and now, it doesn't look planned. it looks sloppy and hasty. reporter: that is what other veterans are saying about the end of the war. he will always have the purple heart on his arm, and in his heart, lifelong questions about with he and so many others accomplish. >> i am not sure. i don't know what we did, if anything. anchor: tomorrow tomorrow tomorm to tell you about an abc news exclusive. president biden will sit down with george stephanopoulos for his first interview since the withdrawal from afghanistan on world news tonight, tomorrow at 5:30 pm right here on abc 7. >> encouraging news when it
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comes to the coronavirus in california. the test positivity rate dropped to 5.8%. also encouraging, check out this graphic new cases in the bay area. after rising through july in the past few weeks, the average has hit a plateau. i reporter spoke with two of the state's top doctors who say there is a light at the end of the tunnel. after the past couple of months, it is hard to believe. reporter: it is. silver lining in the face of covid is something we rarely report on, but when it happens, it is significant. the case rates are increasing, but the rate of increase is slowing, especially here in the bay area. after two months of a dramatic surge in california, two doctors say there is a glimmer of hope in the bay area is the first to see it. >> the light is at the end of the proverbial tunnel.
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>> the bay area is leading the way in an early peek and coming down. reporter: two doctors suggest the bay area is showing signs it may be the first major metropolitan area to peak, as cases and hospitalizations are trending down. >> it was from 10 cases to 200 and 80 we are now 220. -- 280. we are now 220. reporter: our found the trend across the bay area in california. >> it is increasing going up the curve, but the rate of increase is smaller. reporter: two weeks ago, there was a 22% increase in cases, but the past week that dropped to 7%. he said this is our reward for indoor masking and people being more careful. >> in two weeks, we will start
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coming down in cases. hospitalizations are pressed around the early or middle of september because they lag. reporter: a promising sign around the time the fda is expected to approve booster shots for everyone. the announcement will happen any day now, but the rollout will be immediate. >> probably mid-september, probably not for everyone. reporter: he says anyone who got their shots more than eight months ago will be eligible for a booster shot. we saw before. where the j&j people fit and is an open question. reporter: do you think people expect the same side effects with the booster shot? >> on average, the same or maybe better. reporter: he expects the booster rollout will go smoother than the initial one, assuming the
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process starts in mid-september. if you are not in a priority group, boosters will likely be available by late fall or early winter. will last and what happens if you don't take it? reporter: given what we know now, we will need it likely every eight months or a year, but there is not enough data to support it. if you don't get a booster, the chances of contracting the virus are significantly higher. he says the efficacy of the vaccine may drop from 95% to 50% after eight months, and at that point, the risk depends on how careful you are. anchor: just an added layer of protection. thank you. we are less than one month away from the recall election. if governor kevin newsom loses, it does not necessarily mean a republican takes over. republican takes over. i get it,
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and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. watch me! get real relief with cosentyx. anchor: breaking news, a train hit a car. we are live overhead. take a look at the scene. sadly, the driver did not survive. there were no injuries to anyone on the train. it happened around five: p.m it happened around 5:30. we will let you know more
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information as we have it. anchor: one candidate is dropping out after suffering a heart attack. he expects a full recovery and needs to focus on rehabilitation and healing. his name is still on the ballot for the september 14 election. we have heard from people asking for guidance on what to do about that second question on the recall ballot and who should replace governor newsom if he is recalled. many republicans are running to replace him, but also nine democrats. in addition to the 23 republicans, there are nine democrats also on the ballot. the leading democratic option is a 29-year-old, real estate investor from ventura who has made millions on his youtube channel. >> it is time for better, stronger, leadership for california. reporter: another candidate is a retired analyst and former member of the san francisco environmental commission.
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what would you do on day one? >> work to push the legislature to the left. i support fundamental change. i am a democrat. >> there is also daniel watts from san diego. you will remember he was the college student who ran back in the 2003 event using money he one wheel of fortune. >> wheel of fortune. >> he supports newsom and plans to vote no. if he loses, he wants your boat. why did you decided to run? >> i saw another candidate or prominent politician addressing two big problems, college affordability, and free speech and the lack of respect for it. >> there are six other democrats running, a physician, a yoga instructor, and college student promoting his campaign on tiktok. >> education from social security, childcare. >> governor newsom has urged
6:18 pm
democrats not to vote on the second question leave it blank. >> you vote no. the second question doesn't matter. >> they say it's important to vote for backup candidate. >> they say leave it blank. if you do that, you are voting for larry elder, because that is what will happen. anchor: neither party has endorsed an alternate candidate. the l.a. times editorial board has come out against the recall, but they have backed the republican saying he is the least-bad option. anchor: mandatory water restrictions could be coming to california in a matter of weeks. we were in santa cruz, as the governor checked out the aftermath with the head of the epa. his focus was on the wildfires, but attention shifted to the drought gripping the state. >> you asked about mandatory at the moment or voluntary, as we
6:19 pm
enter year of drought, a water season starts october 1, we will likely have more to say by the end of september as we enter potentially the third year of this drought. anchor: arougrgcyas ties.dec >> a new climate report places san francisco and a top five list. i will explain.
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anchor: hot days may feel worse than they are. we have reported on practices that are making cities hotter than they otherwise would be. drew tuma joins us live with a look at heat islands. drew: urban heat islands. you might be surprised which bay area city made the list. watching the cool color gray fog rolled in, it may stretch your imagination to consider san francisco a heat island, but not when you consider the criteria. >> we are saying that geography and landscape if it was not the way it was, you would be colder. drew: in a recently released study, climate central rank san francisco number five on the list of the top 20 urban heat islands nationwide. the index ranks the heat
6:23 pm
patterns in the city against its natural outline area, focusing on the man-made factors that he'd it up. >> the things that heat it up. -- the things that keep it up. it points to things the trap hot air, building and road materials that absorb heat. in a scarcity of natural environmental coolers. they say that can add up to 87 degrees increase in average temperature during summer months. the forces that come together to create urban heat islands can be complicated, but luckily there are things cities can do to cool things down a little. one person with the san francisco asteroid institute is working with the city as part of a large-scale planning project called next-generation urban greening. >> to help them figure out how to maximize urban greening, tree canopy, stormwater
6:24 pm
infrastructure. drew: san francisco has introduced programs that allows storm water to penetrate sidewalks, but the challenge is to denser and sometimes lower income neighborhoods, where the buildings and sidewalks were not laid out to accommodate trees. >> it is a challenge with the affordability and housing crisis , because we need to make the cities denser, but we need to make them greener at the same time. drew: solutions include reconfiguring sidewalks, adding roof gardens, and adding heat reflective building and road material, challenge that would take planning, perhaps block by block. >> you can think about the changes we need to do that. >> we know we expect the claimant to continue changing, so we can better build for the future. drew: according to climate central, several desert cities in the southwest did not make
6:25 pm
the list, because even though they are warm from natural heat, the building materials and layouts take advantage of the cooling opportunities available. anchor: thank you so much. coming up next, an update on breaking news come a people evacuating because of the fire burning right now in el dorado county. anchor: also, are we done with distance learning? anchor: tomorrow, join us for a new event featuring the life and career of kobe bryant. airs wednesday night at 10:00.
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6:29 pm
she talked to people who evacuated the area today. reporter: people are panicking. i panicked a little bit. >> my dad can't walk. my grandbaby. reporter: lines of cars, the gas station, bled into the street, tuesday morning, nearby parking lot, safeway, packed, people trying to stock up and get out to safety from the fire. >> i just grabbed the baby and my dad, my dog, papers, here we are getting gas. reporter: the road was at a standstill for four miles, with people panicking. sharesheriffs deputies directed people under the highway. >> i had to leave my cats. that is not a good thing. that is not a good feeling. >> we knew the fire was bad. we knew it was close. reporter: she says that when she was notified of the evacuation
6:30 pm
warning, she packed up her family, hoping to get ahead of the traffic on highway 50. >> we have been monitoring facebook. we have a private radio club we belong to, like a community watch. we have stayed in contact on the radio. reporter: they packed photos, documents, essential items. they plan to live in the trailer until it is safe to return home. >> hopefully everything is good and we can go home. anchor: we will keep you posted. pg&e's sawdust began about 30 minutes ago. more than 10,000 bay area customers could lose power. here is how it breaks down in the five counties. most affected customers are in napa county, calistoga. sonoma, solano, contra costa, and alameda county's on the list. the shot that could last until tuesday. anchor: let's get back to spencer christian. anchor: you are attracting this
6:31 pm
closely. spencer: let me give you a look. high fire danger. 11:00. north bay terrace beto's, diablo range until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, but 8:00 p.m. tomorrow until and other counties. humidity will be dangerously low , 10% to 15%. when the costs to 45 miles per hour in the higher elevations. -- wind gusts hour in the higher elevations. were looking at 25 to 30 miles per hour now, but they are going to increase. they will increase out of the north. notice the near surface smoke forecast shows heavier smoke filtering into the bay area, pushed by strong winds through the bay area and flowing through into thursday. despite the increase, the air
6:32 pm
quality management district calls for modern air quality friday, and perhaps even good air quality saturday we will monitor it and keep you posted. anchor: thank you. we are focused on back-to-school. with the spread of the d variant, there has been an increase in parents asking children be enrolled in independent study programs. anchor: it's not online learning like we knew it. that no longer exist. in recent weeks, school districts have been pushing for in-person learning, but will now they switch gears? anchor: our senior education reporter looks at what is being offered. reporter: the jury is out on the effects of online learning. >> coming back to school, i am not the only one who can't do online. >> i have my own schedule.
6:33 pm
i can focus. reporter: distance learning became part of our vernacular, but on june 30, it expired. california lawmakers would no longer fund it as they safely reopen. >> today is a day to celebrate. today is the day to reconnect. >> governor newsom and several other lawmakers have said they fully expect schools to read open and 1 schools to be opened and they want kids in school, even with concerns about the delta variant. reporter: districts were told they had to offer an independent study plan for those who had no option other than continue with remote learning. >> 200 throughout the system, so it is a small amount considering the amount we work with. reporter: this is west contra costa unified. >> right now, 75, but it will be
6:34 pm
based on the enrollment numbers. reporter: independent study has been an option in california for decades for a small number of students. >> it has been seen as this tool to push students who are not performing highly or have behavioral problems out of the school system because it does have a low level of oversight. reporter: san francisco unified will offer it to those students medically fragile, basically following the language found in senate bill 100 30, which authorizes independent study for a student whose health would be put at risk bite in-person instruction. the difference this time is have to make the independent study programs better with more oversight. here is what one of the oakland unified school members had to say. i is that program now? are you ready? >> we are not ready. reporter: some have chosen to
6:35 pm
use outside vendors to administer the remote independent study, but oakland and other districts have an issue. according to mike hutchinson, those who sign up for independent study could lose their school assignment. >> we have students who have compromised immune systems. we have a lot of students who cannot get vaccinated. it is not available to them. the only safe thing is to have a different option. reporter: he has introduced a resolution that would guarantee the school assignment once they can safely return to in person learning. the san francisco parent site despite the limitations of independent study, they should have the right to choose. many kids are not necessarily medically fragile, but don't feel comfortable being in school with the delta variant spreading. because the information is evolving, many minority groups who don't speak the language are not well-informed.
6:36 pm
when a person from the institute for quality education said institute have to do better convincing parents that schools are safe. >> in order for families to make those decisions, they need appropriate information about protocols, access, drop-off and pickup and logistics. reporter: school districts are here to serve families and their children. >> i need the community to demand more from the leadership and hold us all accountable. anchor: we have we have we have discussion this friday at 4:00 p.m. right here on kabc7. anchor: next, technology helping students in real-time. they don't have to wait to find out to find that students are not up to speed. also. >> moved to another state, that is the end of your relationship with your therapist. anchor: it is a rule some say it
6:37 pm
is archaic. no
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mary farmer elementary school. classroom doors and windows will be open and students will eat lunch outdoors as much as possible. as kids returned to the classroom, teachers are anxious to see if they are up to speed after a year of remote learning. teachers in the bay area are discovering a free software program developed by a teacher that allows them to monitor lesson progress in real-time, making assessment faster and allowing instant intervention. our reporter shows us how it is making a difference. reporter: tracking student achievement has always had a lag time because testing is done weeks and months later. welcome to a new world of real-time learning assessment. teachers across the bay area think formative for be important as students return after months of remote learning. >> when you use feedback in your classroom and give students insight into what standards they are falling behind on on a daily basis, you can have better
6:41 pm
outcomes for everyone. reporter: it incorporates a lesson plan and allows a teacher to monitor students responses, almost as if they are peering over the student shoulder. >> all they have to do is doo and we have immediate insight and then they are stopping and talking about it now. reporter: they correct wrong answers with coded displays. a teacher can see a student struggling to write a math formula. the concept is to intervene and enhance learning. the basic software is free and winning praise from this math teacher. >> we get live data from them they are taking the tests, so we can see what they write, upload as they are taking it, so we can address the needs almost immediately. reporter: formative was started by a former science teacher.
6:42 pm
research indicates the feedback and accelerate learning as much as eight months per student. anchor: we face we face we facee e up here, success depends on the choices you make.
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anchor: summer calling -- there are those calling for patients and their therapist and moving out of state. we explain how people believe it is needed during the pandemic more than ever. reporter: after being furloughed from her job and her grandfather passing away, she decided she wanted to start therapy. >> i got to the point where i need to do this for me. reporter: she was traveling between california and oregon to help her mom move. >> it wasn't until i make my point that i was told i had to be physically in the state of california. i was super disappointed. it took a lot to make that phone call. reporter: while telehealth is an option for many, it is not allowed for psychologists licensed in california if their patients are across state lines. >> people want to continue with
6:46 pm
their therapist and other states. people want to access that expertise, and they are baffled about why that is not allowed. reporter: psychologists are licensed in the state they practice. a model that does not recognize reciprocity between states especially during a pandemic is archaic, has been stated. >> that is the end of your relationship with your therapist at a time that it is crucial to have that continuity. reporter:reporter: she created a petition advocating for the compact which allows for psychologist to practice across state lines. 22 states have effectively enacted legislation. four more states have enacted it, but it is either not effective or under further review. it also provides access to appropriate care for anyone looking for help. the california board of
6:47 pm
psychology would discuss it at a public meeting next week. it is legislation that could help people like her. >> it will put the patients first. anchor: if you are looking for help and don't know where to stop, go to for a list of local resources. very easy to help reach out and take that first step. anchor: absolutely. let's talk about the weather. fires across estate state, power shutoffs. i know you are tracking it all. spencer: yes. one is the build up of smoke in the atmosphere. this is a look at our current temperature. 64 in san francisco. 67 in oakland. palo alto is 75. you can see the haze in this view. a.d. in santa rosa. 68 in napa.
6:48 pm
-- 80 68 in napa. the sky does look less smoky from this view, but the buildup is increasing. gusty wind and low humidity is the pattern contribute into the red flag warning for high fire danger. we expect smoky skies for the next two days. here is that goes into effect from 11:00 for most of the bay area until 3:00 p.m. tomorrow afternoon, but some counties, 8:00 p.m. tomorrow night the northbay mountains, east bay hills, the salon arranged. guess the 45 miles per hour. -- gusts to 45 miles per hour. fires may start and spread rapidly in the highest threat is for napa county. overnight, clear skies, apart from the haze and smoke. windy and low temperatures in
6:49 pm
the mid to upper 50's. upper 60's at the coast tomorrow. mid to upper 70's around the bait and upper 80's to low 90's inland. hazy skies will linger into thursday, but a cooling trend starting thursday through the weekend. high temperatures below average for this time of year, mid to upper 80's inland low 70's around the shoreline. a gradual but modest warm-up beginning early next week. anchor: thank you. anchor: let's get over to larry for sports. larry: scary. chris bassitt hit in the head. it looked really bad. he was wheeled out and taken to the hospital. we
6:50 pm
california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running. sign up today.
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larry: good evening. chris bassitt hit in the face. he was taken off the field in a cart. he hits a line drive that strikes him on the right side of his head. there was a lot of blood, which we will not show you, but the players were in shock as he was attended to. you can see him in excruciating pain. he was carted off.
6:53 pm
the ball was hit at 100 miles per hour. fans may remember 2012, he ended up with a fractured skull, but return the following season. chris bassitt has been the best this year. he is conscious and going to the hospital for x-rays. his wife, daughter, and mom were believed to be at this game, so he has family support. they are trailing 8-0 in the fifth inning, but this score does not matter. we will keep you updated tonight at 11:00. after a couple of homers, kris bryant was scratched tonight against the mets because of a tight hamstring. he has been everything they could've hoped for. he can play most positions, power, strong arm, and is a natural fit in the clubhouse. he was asked about his comfort level and the possibility of his agent negotiating a contract extension so he remains a giant
6:54 pm
for many years to come. >> it is super new to me, being here, playing with these guys but something feels a little different about it. it feels right. that is what the giants organization is all about. they want people who are good people, go to work, keep their head down. we are not flashing. we go out and do the job. we win and move on to the next one. that is a good feeling. >> he's not, let you sign something before you get the open market is he? >> i run the show. larry: i like that. i run the show. i don't know they will get a hometown discount, but they want to keep temperature. the nba goes back to a pre-pandemic slate. some dates. the worries open next season they can select or sans october 19. the home opener against the clippers on october 21. there will be a christmas day match up with chris paul in the
6:55 pm
suns. one more here. he has a quick trigger on the three. scored 16. finished with 18. warriors had a big lead in the third. watch that guy. he could shoot. he had 16. trying to show he can be a backup point guard. he finds moses moody for the slam. the lakers won the game. where is my jonathan coming up i like? he did not play in this game. you don't normally see this, but check it out. the trail blazers. between the legs on a dunk? you see this in the contest, but rarely and again.he is a rookie. 44 inch vertical. he shows it off here. ebn tweeted, my goodness. the whole league is thinking that. nfl, 49ers cut to 85, and one was the quarterback who came out of ucla as a first round pick by
6:56 pm
arizona in 2018, but was battling for the third string job, which he did not get. the raiders with big news, mandating fans in vegas must show proof of vaccination. that will allow them to go inside and not have to wear a mask. it has less than 50% of the population vaccinated, so there may be some fans turned away. >> i think people forget we are in the middle of a pandemic. it is not over yet. we are willing to make the tough decision. we hope not to lose our fans, because they are the most important thing to us. > i hope to see as many fans with no mask. they can make more noise that way. i encourage everybody i know to get the vaccine come and join us. larry: we will see how it plays out. sports on abc 7, sponsored by river rock casino. one note, 49ers, nick bosa reported to be got vaccinated. the team is 96% vaccinated at
6:57 pm
this point. if we could get the whole universe is 96%, we might be done with the pandemic, but we have a long way to go. anchor: yes. great. thanks. anchor: coming up tonight, back to back episodes of home economics, then don't miss the news at 11:00. anchor: that is it for us for now. thank you for watching. anchor: have a great night. ♪
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the "sesame street" gang will teach us all about nutrition on today's "jeopardy!" right, oscar? yeah, and they'll be wasting their time, too. [ laughter ] yay! [ laughs ] this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a welder originally from anderson, indiana... a meteorologist from milwaukee, wisconsin... and our returning champion-- a switchboard manager from albuquerque, new mexico... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!"--alex trebek! thank you, johnny. i'm all alone right now, but not for long. the "sesame street" characters will be joining us soon. michael and lizard are the challengers to craig. we had a weird game yesterday. started off badly, ended badly,
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but the double jeopardy! round was terrific. let's see what happens. here we go. ♪ the categories in play in this jeopardy! round are as follows... and finally... each response will be a spanish word that starts with the letter "s." craig. "s"pañol, $200. michael. - what is salsa? - yes. the days of world war ii for $200. lizard. - what is the bismarck? - yes. i'd like days of world war ii for $600, please.


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