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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  August 19, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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>> movingor fward, fiinndg lusotions. >> i am chrians d see -- >> live on abc senev. we experts to esqutions everyday at 3:00 to get awensrs rineal-time. today we meet an erentpreneur whoas h helpingai hti long before the earthquake. we check in to see how he is doing, how they are doing and how you can join the effort. first, more signs the delta variant may be plateauing in the bay area. now what? joining us now is dr. alok patel. dr. patel so many new developments. >> so many. good to digitally see you as
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well. >> you have been working hard on two rounds to help us wrap our heads around the latest abutments. facebook friends could help me with this, try to guess which one is alive. >> the vaccines are still 90% effective at preventing hospitalizations, or only the fda will evaluate data before recommending a booster shot for everybody. not just the immuno compromise. >> so, folks, i am going to rule out b because that is absolutely
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true. the vaccines are effective at preventing hospitalizations. even with delta. i see some of you are saying c is the live. some say a. i think the cdc also needs to evaluate data. i am going to say c is the life. >> final answer? >> let me check. we have people all over the place. >> you are correct. you are astute. it is important for people to know this. this has been reported -- it is kind of a reversal in the order when it comes to recommending vaccines or any interventional matters. the white house give out first and made these boosters available for everyone. we need a co-advisor -- advisory committee to weigh in, which is
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probably going to happen around august 24. while there is evidence right now, as the cdc director suggested along with dr. fauci, to say everyone needs to get a booster, we still need the final approval and all of the data. number one is a sobering reality, 1.3% of people in lower income countries have received vaccine. that is unacceptable. we are never going to beat this if we don't address that yesterday. it is so important for people to remember, breakthrough infections and boosters possibly -- people need to remember these vaccines are doing an incredible job against severe illness, hospitalizations and death. >> sounds good. you probably saw me looking down. i was congratulating everybody who identified c. let's do another. >> i am applauding them. kristen: ok. >> i will never fault you for
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congratulating astute and savvy viewers. the theme of this is headlines from all over, which one is not true. a, ron monoclonal antibodies. b, 70% of covid since may. c, turkey turkey turkey t high risk list. the highest tier. kristen: this is tricky. i think b is true. iceland is doing well. once taken, it is between c and a. i see it entirely as possible so knowing governor desantis and
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florida, i know he has opposed masks and vaccine mandates and i think he is promoting monoclonal antibodies and regeneron, so i'm going to say a. before we commit come i want to check, many facebook viewers are saying a as well. a is the lot. >> a is the lie. these may seem random, but has an important my want to highlight. a, yes, we know certain governors are opposing mandates. but the issue is weird, it is weird to oppose a method of prevention such as vaccines and masks and be in favor of an expensive treatment like regeneron. >> how much does it cost per dose? >> it is probably going to differ. this is thousands of dollars.
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kristen: per dose? >> per dose. whereas your vaccine is free. there is an equity involved here because not everybody symptomatic is not getting monoclonal antibodies. it is weird to wait until the houses on fire to get fire extinguishers. prevention is what we need. there are headlines about special interests and why monoclonal antibodies are being championed. is important because breakthrough infractions that infections can break out in iceland, but if you look at how many cases they have, only two are hospitalized for that is important when you see surges. you've got to read between the headlines. c, there is irony countries at high risk -- guess what?
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that is a lot of u.s. states including florida, louisiana and texas. if florida were its own country, it would be in the top five in the world for infections right now. larry: kristen: -- kristen: looking at california, it seems we are doing better. in the bay area. a lot of people are wondering if we plan toed here -- plateaued here. >> i think the numbers are reassuring. i believe we went below 200. i did see reassuring news from dr. colfax about how this may represent a plateau. we also have a responsible crowd. after seeing headlines and worried sis -- statistics, i am glad people have noticed are wearing masks.
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it can be a function of that as well. i do not know if we can say delta has peaked, or behavior has influenced it. kristen: i have a lot more questions, but in the spirit have feuding viewer -- of putting bureaus first, let's get the questions. kevin wants no well those who are immune compromised to receive the shots still needing a booster past their journal -- past their supplementals, he wants no. >> if i understood correctly, the question is if people are immuno compromise, will they need an additional shot. there is talk right now after this booster, if it was to be recommended for everyone out there there may not be a need for long-term, annual covid-19
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vaccines. but -- kristen: you are saying something different from what the cdc and dr. fauci seemed to have said. >> what part? kristen: they are saying, our plan is have two -- have americans get a booster, does not suggest the need is there? you're not alone. i have her doctors say the data has not shown exclusively -- >> let's address that. to finish up, the people immunocompromised who are taking certain medications, they are in a different risk bracket. this is not specific to the vaccine. i can't make a generalization about the need for boosters. to what you said, yes, there is confusion. i openly acknowledge i am not
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immunology expert. i talked to colleagues, and there is early data from the white house, three studies about decreased effectiveness about affect a or moderate symptoms and hospitalizations. but, they are just as effective in preventing hospitalizations. that is something important. is this generalizable? there needs to be more data. we can't keep looking at waning antibody levels because we know antibodies are not the only element in our immune system. there needs to be more transparency intrudes of -- in terms of timing. people need to do their own risk assessment, then chat with their doctors. kristen: so much as i was watinchg dr. walensky and .dr fauci, theer werehe tse
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idsles aboutnt aibodies ingog do.wn keli you sai td,heres i- - we will tk almore in lia ttle bit.
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kristen: we are back patel. now that it looks leik were a adheedow tards a booster stho coremmendationro fm theed feral governntme after ehtig mthons, does -- dsnoe't ha tveo be the same vaccine? has th bateen fmeird up? >> thear ely recommendatio ins w sais that it is going to be the sa vmeaccine. there is data that will comoue t sineptember that may say it is
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ok to mix anmad tch. itay m be ok to get modnaer if u had pfizer. there is also da ptaendi ongver johnson & johonns. the eris less of a rusthh ere because hnjoson & johnson stardte troo ll out later inhe t spngri, around mah.rc pfizer and moderna w aasvailable in decbeemr. erthe isim te to wai wtith hnson & hnjoson, but it is's peop mleay say i a gmoing to get whevater boost ier need. i have sa tidhis now for the four tthime, we ear wtiaing to see mo dreata and remo antrsparency about t ehentire process so that t noonly canhe t publicno kw, but that health carero pfessiona tlso make recommentidaons. isten: hospitalsre a running out of icu beds. i saw sometnghi out of sacramtoen, i wonr dewhat is going tonhere. in t bheay area, we are doing pretty well, b iutt seems like rates e arthe hheigst compadre
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tove er in the pandemic tinerms of hostapilization. >> this pisroof that enev if u have a sstubantial populaonti vacnacited,f iyou do not get tohe t critical rethshold -- se omcounties arndou sraacmento arebo aut 50%. you take tt haand you dad on looseden resictrtions, it is tienrelyos psiblthe at can happen. it is a caioutnary terror -- cautioryna tale. we tentod be cufosing onta stes atth our media hotspot bs,ut any cotyun in the uncotry that is gh risk thwi a less than ideal vaccinatnio rate nca do what is happeng inthere. wh hatappe hnsere, if u yohave a hospalit full of covid patnties, it cseaus a chairen action to othepar tients. krteisn: thaist true. therise a ripple effect. what you think about the state
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ndate fo ervents wi 1th000 ople or remo? san jose ndmaating 50r o meor inordones ed to sw hovaccinatnio proof. we areee sing moref o that. what dyoo u think? i am okit whha tt. people are making rhas mpcoarisons ouabt vaccine sspaports to some youron cey and measesur -- draconian measures. we hadac vcine pasorspts for yesar,eo pple havshe own these cudoments when theyav he gone to iversityr oavtreled abrd.oa mesohow nowt ihas been politicized. thend ioor vaccein mandate, you canls ao showro pof of a negaveti test witn hi72 hours. thi ink atth is fair. also, if we are lktaing about vaccine and equity,f isomebody flying in wanos abt le to get e vaccin ce,an they wait ueaks oran c i get one otwr o
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tests? atth com iesnto the front as well. i sndta by vciacne mandaste for heal cthare works erand for teheacrs. kristen: in san francisco, indoor masmak ndates srtta tomorrow. if youan wt to go to a restauntra or grocyer sreto, you'veot g to showou yr vciacne. with raregd to t bheooster, shoulde w expect a multi-saitrn vaccine that covers dea ltand her variants,s i ttha whaist coming outex nt? >>he tre are talris radar about that. the osbothe boose thboosthe osbs is difficultot call thaat boteosr, it isor me the ltas shotn ia series of three. when youik le itac vcines we get rothughout childho,od hepitatis, therare e a lot of polio.
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one tou othf ree for loa t of ese otshs. this is not ueanhrd of to need thfie rst two shotsse, ems like prinimg our immune system. durabityli is erwhe we need to sedae ta on. the erare talris lookinatg spifecic shotss a well. kristen: we will see. a t loof kids aren ischo aolnd woi nder if youav he data ttha shsowhe wtherid ks who have cases ce omout ear they geinttg it in theom cmuni atynd bringgin it to hoscol? any evidence the schloo setting isid aing transmission? >> i wish this w masore clearly ported. we need itomprove contact in some of thoue tbreaks commite tehas been linked to the communy,it to the meho enrovinment. kids are coming ttohe school symptomatic the arere cesas of ki pdsassingt ito oneno ather. we saw thisap hpen in t ehetas bay. three cats tesdte positive in one classroomth, e entire
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classrmoo goeins he t quanartine. thiss i unftuornate,ut b it is also preventingth oer obrutksea omfr its i anoth rereason whye w ndee to be lktaing about teinstg. also, othefar ctors like mksas, dianstcing and vtienlation. kristen: i wan tto ask yowhu at eth maskeb date in soochls heer --ve en ican lifornia- -any evenidce masks stuntid k's growth? >> none. erthe is no evidceen at all to show maskstu snt growth. there is no evidence that cloth masks messit whxi odation levels. there are chireldn out there with undlyering condioitns who may tno be able to toletera a mask n,ot saying they're going to havtre ouble brtheaing dan oxygen, tbu they may have
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ouble wi sthenso iryssues. there arehi cldren whneo ed a doctoro tmake surthe ey safely wear a but in gener, althere arnoe reass onto bieelve yourhi cld's owgrth is stteund. it is --ut b butut b are goingo t plul kids at school yifou manda mteasks. your feelis ngaboutas mks are now tramping over youres dire to ha yveour kid's iinn person arlening. kuma:si dr. pelat, thank u yoso much. krisn:te good to tk alwithou y. up next, we wanto tturn our attentn ioto haiti. it is sfeufring aft aer massive earthquake that eyth have enbe inri csis for chmu mweade an erentpreneur kimang a fference. fference.
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ye, ahi mean the tnghi is, oppele like icgeo becae usit's juseat sy. bundngli for exalemp. you've g cotar insurcean here. d anhome insanurce here. y whnot... huscuuuzp.. t puthem togheetr. sa eveven more somehi tngs are stju better together, aren't the like t aeand but yowou uldn't bundle ju astnything. likesa, y... a porcupin e in a bloalon facto.ry no. th'dat be a i meanor f starter porcupesin are famslouy no good in t aeam geico. saveve en more whenun bdle meho ancad r kristen: haiti sufferi angfter a
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masse iv7.2 gnmaitudeua qke. 2000 injured -- 200da0 ta, juries a aret 12,000. hundreds misngsi. basic setit cies hardo tcome .y inrnteational help islo sw,ut b e onoxford are -- eon entrreepneur is mangki a fference. juniusro fm san franccois joining fusrom san fraisncco, jim. thas nkfor having me. kristen: it is q auarry the -- withhe t. iskrten: you'v' had lotofs contac dtsue to yo wurork. fobere we talkbo autt, i howre a th deyoing rig nhtow? what ishe t sto fryrom the lkfos tonhe gunrod? >> i have coa mpany a 1nd8. a looft people tonhe ground. fortunatel ty,he main cities
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where i owkn most people rewe fixed,y mstaff were allor wking ose cities. they a dreoing wlel a tndhey are mobilingzi to helphe t relfie effort. ndseing tewar down to the areas t. kristen: your compyan >>e d kristen:ow h did yound e up gog intoai hti? >> i went wndo there other peleop did in 20 a10nd ntwaed to vontlueer and lphe. coi ncluded quickly atth the st w tayoel hp to build remo relisience. we started c aompany wh itlocal haiaitns to delivea r lot of thingsha tt internatiolna ornigazatis onwerery ting to deliver. i lod veit.
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now were a doing iart ound the world. kristen: how doeths is work? how doest i rely onoc lal haitianus binesses d anstores? us note om the outside they idea is empower local entrepreneurs by providing their know-how and the tools and the money so that local entrepreneurs can provide clean water. it is a different approach that takes longer but ultimately i believe it builds must -- it builds resilience so that local entrepreneurs cannot only prepare for disasters there, but they can also respond to them. kristen: with global warming, more such disasters, the government not being the most secure their, sometimes it is hardly -- it is hard using local
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leaders. what are you doing right now in the wake of this quake? because of the infrastructure, you are able to get water out of folks who lost their homes. >> the short-term, relief wise, we are sending water. there is, as you mentioned, 70,000 homes were destroyed. mostly in rural areas. they have no resources. we are sending basic necessities now. switching to much more of the infrastructure building approach, setting of water treatment systems and helping the local entrepreneurs and local communities set up their own ability to respond. kristen: you're trying to do that on a global level too. people so i a lot of video if you win haiti, you swimming in haiti, one of many fundraisers who have held to help folks.
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what can we do here for folks who want to help haiti? >> if you know people in especially if you know people who are in the affected areas, the best thing you can do his send money. 2000 dollars cash community air will feed 100 people for weeks. it is the most efficient way to help people in haiti. if you do not know people in haiti, there are great organizations i trust such as product metta share. kristen: we will talk about t
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the bomb scare in the capitol. video of the suspect and his threats. the virus and the third shot in the u.s. and now the new and concerning study tonight. and the situation unfolding in afghanistan. there is breaking news tonight. desperation growing for thousands of americans and afghans trying to leave the country. and we have just learned inside the airport, 6,000 people have now been processed and cleared to board evacuation flights. the u.s. planning on 20 flights tonight alone. but the huge crowds of americans and afghans struggling to pass through taliban checkpoints. outside the airport, tallien ba fighters firing warning shots into the air. cracking down on afghans demonstrating against the


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